Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Amy Roloff Responds (sort of) To Reaction Of Roloff Cat Tossing Pictures

Amy Roloff has responded...sort of...to public reaction of the photos depicting her son Jeremy Roloff and his best friend that Amy has referred to as her "5th kid", Jacob Mueller, tossing the Roloff cat, Mo, towards the ceiling while Jeremy took pictures.


People have been posting the pictures all over Matt and Amy's Facebook fan pages as well as Amy's Charity Foundation Facebook page.


Amy Roloff made several comments Tuesday night which appear to be in reponse to the cat tossing. The most direct comment was in response to a person named Mary commenting on the picture:

Mary wrote: "awww poor cat! disgraceful and no excuses can make this behaviour acceptable!"

Amy Roloff then wrote: "No one is giving or making excuses Mary. But to make assumptions about something or someone by a picture or show and think you have enough in that choice I would think ... Hmmm. Have I met you?"

I have to say that personally, I am disappointed in Amy's response. There is not one word from her denouncing cat tossing or a critical word for Jeremy or Mueller throwing the cat. Essentially what she appears to be saying is that unless you know Jeremy or Jacob Mueller personally, you have no right to criticize them or deem the behavior to be mean, cruel, unacceptable, shameful, etc.

So if you see someone doing something that is unacceptable and wrong, you should not speak out against it unless you know the offender personally? I think that is ridiculous. It is not a rumor or speculation that Jacob Mueller threw the cat while Jeremy Roloff sat on the couch to take pictures of the airborne cat. I don't care if it's your cousin, your friend, your co-worker, a celebrity or a complete stranger -- if you see someone throwing a cat in the air you should say it's wrong. People should always speak out about things that are wrong -- especially when the victims are people or animals that cannot defend themselves. Does Amy honestly think people should not have an opinion and should stay silent when they see Jeremy and Mueller throwing Mo towards the ceiling? Apparently so.

Anyhow, that is my personal view regarding Amy's response.

Amy Roloff made other comments tonight that are obviously related to the cat tossing scandal.

Rick: Amy, my wife and I visited your farm in October, and we were really happy to see you and the family. As animal lovers it was nice to see Rocky getting around pretty good. How is he doing, is he still gettin along pretty good? I hope so, he seems like such a good dog. Anyway, I hope that all the family is happy and doing well.

Amy Roloff: Rick. Thank you for visiting the farm. Because we know the time and care it takes to have pets in ones life/family is why we just have family pets. We love Rocky and he's doing good. Still a little hard for him to get around because little arthritis he's a good dog. We love our Spike and Mo too - our cats.
On her charity foundation page, Amy made this post with pictures.


Amy Roloff: Not that these pictures I posted have anything to do with what I and my charity foundation does to support advocate for kids, I thought I would post since someone posted pics of our cat Mo. Family pets to love and do wonders and add to kids and family's lives.

Ahh Rocky still doing awesome and family dog, especially the boys.

Spike the cat and I. Mo sleeping in her nice corner of my office. Mollys cat


Rap541 said...

Amy J. Roloff Fanpage No one is giving or making excuses Mary. But to make assumptions about something or someone by a picture or show and think you have enough in that choice I would think ... Hmmm. Have I met you?

This was in response to someone commenting that the photos of the cat tossing were awful and no excuses could be made. But since Amy is chiding someone for making assumptions, it leads to the next obvious questions. Amy? What do *you* think of what Mueller and your son are doing? Good christian boys loving christ and boys will be boys? Do you have a problem with animal cruelty or are you on the "well, its ok if you don't like cats" train?

Are you suggesting, as others have done, that this was all staged for attention?

And why oh why, does no one from the Roloff family ever trot out the "don't make assumptions, you're judging and judging is hating!" nonsense when people make the assumption that the Roloffs are *nice* people based on whatever episode they've seen?

See, it's always struck me as assuming that assumptions about the Roloffs are just hunky dory, not one word of protest, not one chiding remark if the assumption is "That photo of Jer smiling makes me think he is a wonderful boy who loves Christ". Funny how that particular judgement never gets a protest. But show Jeremy laughing while his buddy throws the pet cat to the ceiling and shhhhh don't make any comment or else you're *making assumptions* and *judging*.

Yes Amy, people do make assumptions about people's character when they see photos of Jeremy laughing at animal abuse. People do make judgements.

If your major concern is making sure poor widdle Jer isn't judged, then yeah, people are going to make judgements about what you allow to happen in your home.

I personally wouldn't let Jeremy of the Big Loving Heart and Sensitive Nature near a pet of mine without supervision because he clearly enjoys mistreating animals and my *assumption* would be that as soon as my back was turned, he would do something nasty to my pets to amuse himself. Anyone with good judgement, upon seeing these photos, isn't going to let Jeremy near their pets.

After all, we can assume he's not hearing "Jeremy what the hell is wrong with you" from his parents since Mom seems more worried that her little widdle baby is getting harshed on.

For the record, Amy's response isn't "I don't approve of what happened" but "Don't judge, and its the editing".

David said...

Amy is flat out delusional about her kids. She is extra delusional about the twins. She is incapable of saying her wonderful first born did something wrong. I don't believe there is anything Jeremy could do that would cause Amy to say that Jeremy was wrong and should feel badly for what he did.

Rap - Excellent point about positive assumptions. Where were Matt and Amy to trot out that line when people were saying Jeremy had a sweet and gentle cat-loving soul after Matt posted the photo of Jeremy in the tree?

Christine said...

Well said Spirits and Rap!

What is Amy talking about?? What does knowing Mueller and Jeremy have to do with calling them cruel jerks after seeing them be amused by throwing the cat? We know what they are doing. We can see the pictures!

Pamela said...

Amy is definitely in denial about her --wonderful-- son and his friend.

The only thing I can make out of what Amy said is that she thinks they are good to the cats because they don't always throw Mo around the room. In Amy's mind, people are wrong to think the Roloffs and Roloff friends are bad to the cats because they don't always mistreat the cat.

Carol said...

"Family pets to love and do wonders and add to kids and family's lives."

Amy, that's the problem. People know that what Mo adds to Jeremy's life is nothing more than an object of amusement for Jeremy and Mueller to toss around.

Kim K said...

It looks like Amy deleted Mary's comment. Mary was right on. So is Spirits. And Rap. And practically every person that isn't a Roloff that possesses a conscience of right from wrong.

Sandra said...

"After all, we can assume he's not hearing "Jeremy what the hell is wrong with you" from his parents since Mom seems more worried that her little widdle baby is getting harshed on."

I really fear for Mo. I really do :( Now that Mo has got them in trouble, catching flack for it...God only knows what they might be doing to Mo behind closed doors.

Greg said...

Amy doesn't have a problem with people judging the safety inspector does she?

Christa P said...

I recently moved to the area. I've been looking for a fitness center that will be convenient for my schedule. I work shifts at the moment. It turns out Jacob Mueller works at the gym nearest me. I was considering joining, but not now. I love cats. It's something I feel I have to do to feel good about my own morals and principles. It makes me feel dirty to be around people that would do this to an animal. I'm certainly not going to be paying them. I let the gym know. I also sent a letter to the head office informing of them of my decision and why.

Abby said...

Amy is unreal. How can not expect people to call a spade a spade? They are being douche bags?

Brandon said...

Just once, it would be nice to hear Amy say

"I am very disappointed to find out what Jeremy and Mueller were doing to our cat Mo. I was very upset when I found out. You better believe that I'll make sure they never treat another one of our pets like this again."

It's called having morals and values, Amy.

Michelle said...

The Roloffs really let me down with all of this.

Anonymous said...

Amy is a douche bag even more so than Jeremy for not even acknowledging or apologizing that what her son did was wrong. is she not an adult? obviously only when it's convenient for the roloffs.

Vic Rattlehead said...

Nice attempt at deflecting the outrage by Amy but she fails on multiple levels.

What does Jeremy have to do to get her to say "Jeremy is wrong and I'm ashamed of him"?

Does he have to kill someone or something?

Does he have to rob a bank or get arrested with hard drugs?

Amy is so deluded about her oldest sons that it amazes me.

She actually thinks that those two bums are going to go anywhere (other than the welfare line) in life simply because they are "gifted" and "special".

The best thing that she could do for Jeremy and Zack is throw them out of the house and force them to stand on their own two feet after all the twins supposedly have money from the show so they can probably more than afford to live on their own without much trouble.

BeckyM said...

Amy - I see a photo of a man with a gun in his mouth. The next photo shows him dead. Since I don't know the man, I guess I can't presume to know that he shot himself.

Amy you need to go to Florida. The Casey
Anthony defense team is looking for jurors and you would be ideal! Your type of Crazy and Delusional would be exactly who they are looking for to rule that Casey Anthony is innocent of murdering her child.

Jerome said...

I wonder what Amy would feel like if she saw pictures of someone she knew "dwarf tossing"?

I realize there is a big difference between a person and a cat...but sometimes in todays world I like animals better than most people anyways...

selina said...

Amy is so not the person she portrayed on tv, she is a phony! we were all fooled.

Timothy said...

JTTMS, I think you're way off track. Rap nailed it. I don't think Matt and Amy care about what they were doing to the cat. They care about the bottom line, if it affects their image and criticism of their golden boy.

Call Mueller's parents? You're talking like this happened 10 years ago when he was ten. Jeremy and Mueller are 20 year old men.

Are there people with worse character than the Roloff family? No matter what they do, after they get caught, everything is always "a private matter". No go. When you're public figures like the Roloffs are and people know who you are, if you get caught doing something bad, like being cruel to the cat, you don't get to play the "it's a private matter" game.

Marie said...

The Roloffs don't know the meaning of the words "Do the right thing".

That point gets rammed home every time the real Jeremy gets exposed and people see his nasty side.

Selina, I agree with you about Amy. She does a wonderful job of portraying herself as a great person. She sounds great when she talks about the qualities people should have but she never displays them when things aren't going well or when people get a glimpse of the truth.

Elaine said...

I wouldn't trust Jeremy with my animals either. Imo, he shouldn't be allowed to have animals, that goes for Mueller too obviously.

Linda Sheappard said...

People that defend this kind of action have no morals of their own. There is nothing to be admired about defending a person regardless of what they did they wrong.

Carrie said...

I think Jeremy and Mueller are horrible people. Amy and Matt are obviously useless too. Molly is the only hope of a Roloff having a shred of decency.

Michelle said...

Good grief, I don't know who looks worse in that pic, Amy or Rocky!

Tammy said...

The Roloffs need a big dose of humility. They have nothing to be proud of considering the type of adults their children have turned out to be.

I hope somebody does look out for Mo's welfare. Jeremy and Mueller abuse Mo by throwing him. If Mo shows up injured or dead, who is at fault? People that did nothing.

Deb said...

The wrong assumption fans made, including myself, was assuming that the Roloffs were anything like the likable people they were portrayed as on the show and in the media.

They should be ashamed of themselves.

Mike P. said...

So now, the response to criticism is to be "Do I know you?"

While the response to (dwindling) praise will be a cooing "Oh, thank you!"

As Rap put it, praise AND criticism arise from a single source: the show and its collateral materials. In that case, the double standard is impossible to swallow.

The emperors have no clothes. One day soon, Matt and Amy will be strutting their finery, and a small boy in the crowd will shout that they are naked.

Amy will say: "Do I know you?"

tibewill said...

I have to agree with Amy on this one. Looking at those pictures, what do we see? Jeremy holding a cat, Jeremy not holding a cat with his hands out of the frame and then the cat in the air.
Most people are so quick to judge Jeremy poorly. How do we, most of whom do not know Jeremy, know for sure that Jeremy hasn't taught the cat to fly? Matt says Jeremy is talented and maybe THAT is his talent.Or maybe he is using his mind powers to make the cat levitate. Maybe this is what Jeremy is 'putting his mind to' and succeeding. So stop knocking him for being 21 and not having a job. Before judging him, ask yourself, have you managed to make a cat fly today using only the power of your mind?
But everyone is so quick to judge Jeremy as a douchey little thug who is cruel to animals and ignores the very real possibility that he has telekinetic powers.

Brandon said...

@Tibewill, correction, Mueller is holding the cat. Jeremy is doing his stuff from his comfortable position on the couch taking pictures of it.

LOL though. I'm so narrow-minded that I didn't think of the possibility that Jeremy taught Mo to fly. I bet he has always wanted to teach a cat to fly since he was 4 years old.

Chris L said...

Tibewill wins the award for best post ever!

tibewill said...

Oops - thanks for pointing that out Brandon.
Although that just shows how safe they were being - Jeremy is levitating the cat while Mueller is in position to catch the cat should there be a disturbance in the force or something else causes Jeremy to lose his concentration. Which of course would be near impossible.

Ashley said...

I would have respected Amy more if she had given Tibewill's explanation...

Tim S said...

The guy Chris Garza has created a "Save Mo Roloff" facebook page. This is the same fella that posted the pics all over the Roloff fan pages.

Chris Garza said...

This is Chris Garza. The person that posted pics of Mo on the Roloffs wall. I have been a fan of LPBW for years and I posted pics to let the parents know what their kids were doing to the cat. Now they have blocked me from making comments on their status. I am now thining I was duped for the 6 season I watched the show. They seem to be kinda phony.

Christa said...

Great Idea, Chris.


Sara said...

Seriously Mo is a beautiful cat and if he wasn't, no cat should be treated like this by these immature idiots that don't have a heart.

Lydia said...

Chris- looks like your blocked only from Amys fan page cuz that is the only one of the roloff fan pages that allows user posts to be seen, the other pages hide user posts and could be that they don't even know that the pics are there, you wont see them unless you look on fan posts.

Nancy said...

Chris, I appreciate that you posted the pictures, but suggesting that they are going to launch Mo in the trebuchet makes a joke of the whole thing.

It is something to be taken seriously. Throwing a cat and taking pictures of it like Jeremy and his friend were doing is not what good people do.

Chris Garza said...

Nancy you are right, i have removed that from the page.

M said...

Amy believes Jer, her kids and their friends can do no wrong. She to needs to grow up and remember who's the parent(oh wait she stopped doing that -empty nester with a kids in jr & hs). She just wants to be the "cool mom" and let her kids and their friends run wild on her property. Grow up Amy and teach your "kids" right and wrong before it's to late!

I may not personally know her but I can sure judge her! She is the one with the public media life! Your choice Amy!

John D said...

Celebrities think they are invinceable. Rules of behavior don't apply to them. They think they can do whatever they want.

Cat lover Taylor said...

Seeing people defend cat tossing turns my stomach. I read a person on Amy's facebook excusing it.

"to me this is not bad ...when you throw a cat up in the air he allways fall on is feet.. cats or strong animals ..there is worse things happen in this world today ..where people turn away and donot see..when they should see ..i do not think this cat is being hurt..maybe the cat loves that too..FUNNY..

Is this what celebrity fandom is? Defending cruelty because the person is on tv? If this is what takes to be a Roloff fan, then I want nothing to do with them. `

I don't understand some people. There are worse things in the world than throwing a cat so it's funny and ok???? It's cruel and it's mean. It doesn't matter if cats "always land on their feet". They are not meant to be thrown in the air for the amusement of two grown men.

Cat lover Taylor said...

PS. I've written a cat abuse center to get their advice about what Jeremy and Mueller are doing to the poor cat.

Melissa said...

I was discussing this with someone and wanted to share my thoughts here.

I love cats. I actually recently just took a homeless cat in. He was outside where I work. I fed him for about a year. He became really attached to me and me to him. He eventually let me pick him. It was so great to gain his trust of him through kindness. I worried so much about him, it gets so cold in the winter and cars and other animals and of course horrible people. So eventually I made the decision to take him in. He is such a wonderful cat! So loving! I would NEVER throw him or let ANYONE throw him in the air, let alone take pictures of it laughing at the poor cat.

I read Amy's response on facebook. I can't believe what she is saying. We can't have an opinion about two 20 year olds throwing a cat unless we know them personally? Oh yes we can. It's wrong wrong wrong.

Amy doesn't mind people having opinions on her family when people believe their image on the show and tell her she has great kids. But when we see Jeremy and his friend throwing a cat nobody should say anything??

I can't believe some people are justifying it. There are worse things in the world so it's not that bad? Cats land on their feet so it's not bad? This is insane thinking! If people don't speak out against things that are unacceptable the line of decency gets blurred and more and more people will think its ok. I'm not so star struck that I can't say when a celebrity does something wrong and cruel.

Arrgh, this gets me so wound up!

Cameron said...

Why did the pictures get posted on Amy's fanpage, and not on Jeremy's? He is a big boy and I think it interesting that people think he needs to be publicly punished by his mother.

Mike P. said...

This is a link to news coverage of Amy Roloff's speech Wednesday at Shepherd University:


In the story, she notes how mean people can be "because some come in a different package," and goes on to say later that "whatever difference we have on the outside, we're the same on the inside."

Interesting words from a woman who works offstage with a religion and theology that seeks still to debate the full citizenship of gay persons (now even to the point of rescinding gay-rights ordinances); who hosts--with her husband--fundraising events for the most right-wing, least charitable of Oregon politicians; whose web site has featured links to an organization not just rabidly anti-gay, but anti-Muslim, anti-Native American, anti-immigrant and anti-Planned Parenthood (reference is to the American Family Association).

Individual testimony, like Roloff's, is the building block of the human rights movement. But it has strength only when it embraces all other testimony like it. Otherwise, it is just special pleading. And hypocrisy.

Lisa said...

last summer Mueller had some posts on his facebook laughing about how they threw a shoe at a bird and killed it while on a camping trip.

Diane said...

Lisa, I don't think they threw the shoe to kill a bird. I think Mueller stomped on it. His (the bird's) life was snuffed out by a size 13 on the edge of a cliff (their nature hikes...) Then Mueller corrected the friend by saying he is a size 14.

Austin said...

@Mike P - Excellent post.

Greg said...

Cameron, probably because Jeremy doesn't even use his page. It might be the lamest attempt at a fan page that I've ever seen. He posted Thanksgiving greetings. Then he posted a Merry Christmas wish (one post "Merry Christmas"). Gee Jer, don't kill yourself by dedicating too much time to a fan page or anything.

Nate said...

Greg, You are looking at an impostor fan page. It isn't the real fan page of Jeremy Roloff. On Jeremy's real page he has posted several times and he responds to comments too. There are many impostor Jeremy's on facebook, twitter and myspace.

Diane said...

Greg, Jeremy fails at being a celebrity. Just like he fails at being a decent person.

Spiritswander said...


You are mistaken or fooled by the impostors.

Greg is correct. The real Jeremy fan page on Facebook is "Jeremy James", with the profile picture of Jeremy looking through a camera lens.

He has posted a total of 7 times since last August and has replied to comments about three times in those seven months.

Save Mo Roloff said...

They lost my support forever.

Save Mo Roloff

Save Mo Roloff said...


Derek said...

They should grow up. Amy should learn to say Jeremy did wrong.

Molly is officially the only Roloff that I like anymore.

You don't have to have met Jeremy and Muel to figure out what they are like.

CheriseCole said...

How many of you as a child that owned a cat never really tested the "cat's always land on their feet" theory? Yes, as a teenager you should probably know better... but as far as this is concerned the cat is still alive and well today. Don't you think this scenario has gotten a little blown out of proportion? I miss the "Real Roloff's." Back when it was reality not made up dramatized b.s.

I fell in love with the 1st season and wish the content of those shows would return. LPBW was my favorite show on TLC!

Wondering said...

Still haven't answered the question. Why not post on Jeremy's page? Everyone here constantly berates him for not speaking up or taking responsibility then when you accuse him of misconduct, you call on his mother to punish him. Could it be that your real beef is with Amy and this is the opportunity to ambush her?

Sandy said...

Wondering, for what it's worth, I sent Jeremy a message about it and didn't get a reply. I promptly sent a letter to TLC and emailed PETA. Jeremy never takes responsibility for anything.

Jeremy hasn't even posted on his page since January 25th.

The Roloffs know this site. Why doesn't Jeremy contact Spirits?

It probably doesn't matter. At this point Matt has probably typed a statement for Jeremy like the the one he did after the racist language stuff "My parents taught me to respect all cats and I totally do..."

Sandy said...

Cherise, I have never thrown a cat. If people have, I bet they were not over the age of 8 because most decent people learn right from wrong at a very young age. Jeremy is 20 freakin years old.

Melissa said...

Wondering, people that posted on Amy's and Matt's page are saying they've been banned.

Probably the same thing would happen on Jeremy's page...that is if he ever used it again. He hasn't replied to a wall comment since December 15.

Rap541 said...

How many of you as a child that owned a cat never really tested the "cat's always land on their feet" theory? Yes, as a teenager you should probably know better...

Jeremy and Mueller are old enough to vote, old enough to drive and old enough to be refered to as young men.

Not children.

Not teenagers.

Let's not add to the excuses. Just because Jeremy isn't willing to *act like a man*, that doesn't mean he's still a child and still able to trot out "I was a stupid kid and didn't know throwing cats was wrong".

He's 20 years old and not mentally challenged. If he doesn't know that animal abuse isn't chucklicious "lets all laugh and make memories, bless our boyish fun" by now, then he needs to own the reality that he was a grown man caught acting like a piece of crap.

Yes, a grown man laughing and taking pictures while his buddy tortures his cat is showing the morality and decency of a piece of crap. While I would like to see Amy and Matt say something other than "Judging is wrong when you judge us, you negative nellies!", the reality is that Piece of Crap Jer is a man and as usual, when caught out, he's silent and has nothing to say.

Seems funny - he sure had no problem taking pictures of the event. WHat does Jeremy have to say for himself? He's not a little boy... although clearly he's not man enough to actually *act like a man*.

Don't worry, Jer-Bear, your fans will let your daddy and mommy speak for you, despite how completely babyish it makes you appear.

Rap541 said...

Wondering - Jeremy is clearly aware of the public outcry. Why hasn't this grown man taken responsibiliy for himself and spoken for himself?

I mean, the only reason I expect a statement from the parents is because in many interviws the excuse for the *adult twins* not interviewing is that the Roloffs have made a decision that Matt will speak for the family.

I'm perfectly willing to hear what Jeremy has to say for himself but frankly, its been what, seven days now? How much rehearsal does the big boy need? And how long does it take one of Matt's staff to type up an appropriate "Jeremy sounding" apology for "Jeremy" to post?

Lets see the grown man do a you tube video explaining himself. I mean, its not as though he's not capable. Unlike his computer use, where he claims he knows nothing, we all know Jeremy knows how to make a youtube video. :)

Brandon said...

Wondering, I'm with Sandy.

If you think people are at fault and not Jeremy for ducking this (like Jeremy ducks everything) I would suggest two things if Jeremy wants to take responsibility.

1. Jeremy post a You Tube video. No doubt that would be him. Jeremy has a you tube video. They obviously know how to post you tube videos. People are still disputing which are the real fan pages on facebook. I know and Spirits knows and you probably know, but there are people like Nate that think the popular fakes are the real pages instead of the seldom used real Jeremy page. Also it would give people a chance to see how genuine or not he seems.

2. After posting a you tube video taking responsibility, why doesn't Jeremy do an interview with Spirits if he really wants to face the music. Matt won't let him? Jeremy's a coward? Jeremy made another mess. Show some character and face some questions about it from someone that Matt doesn't control?

Nobody does this to Jeremy, just like with the language. Nobody did that to Jeremy. He gets himself into these things and hides. Then when people look to Matt and Amy to speak for Jeremy because he never is his own person, you complain that it's people's fault.

CheriseCole said...

If you look at the things PETA is dealing with (puppy mills, starving horse ranches etc...) this is nothing.... And you wonder why you have had no response from them??? They may have looked at it if the cat was actually hurt or died, but the point is that the cat was not hurt. Like I said before you all are blowing this completely out of proportion!

Spiritswander said...

BeckyM, could you send an email to spiritswander@gmail.com


Christine said...

I like the YT video idea, but Jeremy is a sheltered coward. I think whenever the fact that he's a jerk in real life shows, he thinks he's a victim, hides and waits for Matt to fix it so people will get off his back.

Vic Rattlehead said...

Matt & Amy Roloff-Making their money from slime and from filth.

RadioTV said...

I can't support these people any more. Being a Roloff fan is like sliding down the hill to Hell.

You're forced to lose your morals a little bit at a time. You know lying is wrong, but to be a Roloff fan, you have to excuse it.

You know being unkind to people who are fans is wrong, but you have to excuse it.

You know using nasty slurs are wrong, but you have to excuse it.

You know throwing a poor cat is wrong, but you have to excuse it.

Well, I can't and I won't. I don't care if it's some arrogant chap on t.v, he doesn't get a pass and I won't sacrifice my own standards to excuse things that are not right.

Counterfeit God said...

Cherise : How can you justify a comparison between the behavior of a child who at a young age probably wouldn't know any better and two 20 year old MEN who should more than know better than to abuse an animal but do it anyways just for fun and "something to do"?

People who hurt animals (or people) for fun or pleasure are classified as sociopaths, that is what Jeremy and Mueller are and they will never be anything else.

Cat lover - Taylor said...

Cherise, that is not true about PETA. They do not condone this at all. They recommend that individuals write TLC and the businesses and companies that support them because organizations expect to hear from PETA, but individuals have power too when they make their voices heard.

PETA made that point that people copy cruelty they see on tv, movies and the internet. Throwing cats is not something that anybody with compassion wants others to emulate.

Timothy said...

Cherise, your way of thinking is awful. There are *worse* forms of cruelty so it makes this acceptable. It does not. That's a scary value system to follow.

The cruelty in cat tossing is not only the physical, but that is part of it. You don't know that the cat wasn't hurt or couldn't have been hurt. My cat hurt it's paw jumping down (on it's own!) from a shelf she jumped up to onto a hardwood floor because she landed wrong. That is not someone throwing the cat. It's like saying my son jumped off a diving board, so you have the OK to push him off a bridge because he's fallen before into water.

It's also the mean factor of it. Like somebody said, do you think they consulted with the cat and made sure the cat was on board with their entertainment plans? Mo knew when Jacob Mueller picked him up that in the next three seconds big strong Mueller was going to throw him in the air while Jeremy took pictures so they could laugh their butts off at how cool it they are? It's despicable.

'Hey lets do something mean to an animal because there are worse things and the animal might or might not be physical injured. It's still mean but we don't care.'

It's scary that the people justify this. I can't believe it's denigrated to the point where some people are arguing that throwing pets is acceptable. This is what the Roloff family have come to represent. What a joke that they have a book called "Little Family, Big Values" in their name.

Carol said...

Just a thought on the talk about Jeremy's fan page...sorry "fans", but hasn't it become crystal clear that Jeremy doesn't belong on any medium that he has the power to influence people? He never displays any character. I think it's best that Jeremy stays away from people... and animals!

Timothy and Taylor, it's the celebrity obsessed culture. Jeremy Roloff was on tv. This is what Jeremy Roloff does for fun. Therefore to some poor souls it is acceptable. I guess all those shirtless Jeremy scenes paid off after all. When he is cruel to animals, it has earned him the loyalty of some. The Roloffs should be ashamed of themselves.

Rap541 said...

Cherise - So should we all be silent then?

Because that seems to be your point... Jeremy didn't KILL the cat, so SHUT UP.

I'm inclined to agree with Carol. Quite frankly, if it had been Zach or Jake caught doing this, the Jeremy fans would already be branding the two with "CAT BEATING SCUM" on their foreheads. But Jer-Bear is pretty so bless his every sick action.

Funny how someone who is praised as a fine Christian and responsible and mature young man, an example that his brothers *should* be emulating, has nothing to say for himself.

Oh wait, I am not surprised at all, because Jeremy is an immature piece of crap who gets his jollies looking down on people, saying racist crap, and torturing animals. All while living like a slob at home with his mommy and daddy because he's still too much of a little boy to get a job.

Oh and for the record, no, I am not jealous of a grown man who acts like an infant and still needs his mommy and daddy to tend him as he's forever Blameless Little Boy Jeremy, who always trots out the "I didn't know any better" excuse."

For someone who *isn't* supposed to be mentally challenged, Jeremy's getting a little old to be this dumb. He's about two months away from being able to legally buy his booze... but he still doesn't know throwing cats is mean?

Or does he just not care? My guess, its the latter, and who is jealous of that?

Jocelynn said...

I completely agree. Well said.

"For someone who *isn't* supposed to be mentally challenged, Jeremy's getting a little old to be this dumb. He's about two months away from being able to legally buy his booze... but he still doesn't know throwing cats is mean?

Or does he just not care? My guess, its the latter, and who is jealous of that?"

I definitely would have boycotted the CODA charity game I went to if I had known this.

Greg said...

"Oh wait, I am not surprised at all, because Jeremy is an immature piece of crap who gets his jollies looking down on people, saying racist crap, and torturing animals. All while living like a slob at home with his mommy and daddy because he's still too much of a little boy to get a job."


Brandon said...

Well done Rap. You nailed it.

Rap, do you have a facebook fan page I can join? :)

BeckyM said...

@ Spirits - right back at you :)

This all brings to my mind is if they took photos of this - then what have they done when no photos were taken?

Note to Amy - If you think that this behavior to animals is acceptable and then you go about preaching your BS about tolerance and anti-bullying stance, I have nothing but contempt for you and Matt.

Guess what? This is going to effect your bottom line. Jer, being a public idiot, is decreasing the interest in you and your brand. That is the real reason why Jer is told to keep his mouth shut... but controlling someone who is 20 is going to get nothing but harder and harder... and these photos show that you have lost the parental battle.

Jer abuses animals. One step closer to doing something more serious (which IMO will happen).

Be ready to see Jer on televison again; in 15 years, Jeremy will on A&E's Intervention! A sad-wreck of a human being who will blame his television fame on a reality show as to why he is abusing drugs or doing whatever dumb thing he gets into.

Yuri said...

Rap, Why are you calling mentally challenged people dumb? My sister is considered mentally challenged but I would never call her dumb.

Rap541 said...

Its the action being called dumb, the act of cat throwing, Yuri. If you want to play PC games, feel free (tho I would point out how thats not ok with the pro-Roloff fans)

If you don't understand my point, let me spell it out. If I see a 20 mentally challenged person throwing a cat, I would correct them and explain why they are wrong, but because they are mentally challenged, I wouldn't assume they meant to hurt the cat. They may not have understand the cat could get hurt, and if I don't know what level they are functioning at, its unfair of me to hold them accountable simply because they are adults. A twenty year old with mental disabilities that allow them to function as an eight year old child is not a responsible adult.

Jeremy has no known mental challenges. Why is Jeremy treated as though he's not able to know any better?

A mentally challenged person who throws a cat may or may not understand what they are doing is wrong. Someone like Jeremy who has no apparent challenges (and I am waiting for the Roloff squad to start claiming he's brain damaged) has no excuse.

Throwing cats in the air for entertainment is pretty dumb, along with cruel and mean, you'd agree, Yuri? Because thats whats being called dumb... but thanks for your attempt to divert attention away from Jeremy laughing like a nasty piece of crap as his best buddy torments his cat.

Angela said...

There was a time that I thought Jeremy would be a cool person to know in real life. That he would be a fun person to hang out. Not anymore! I despise people that act this way with animals. Common sense tells me this isn't all that he's doing mostly likely.

Brittany said...

Jeremy and Jacob are probably very embarrassed over this whole thing and would like to put it behind them. What is the point of focusing on the negative.

It won't change anything. What done is done. They've been embarrassed by the comments. Jacob does not like being judged harshly by strangers and won't like this whole thing. They've paid the price of public humiliation.

If people continue to criticize them for an act that is in the past, then are you any better than what you accuse them of being?

Rap541 said...

Brittany - has either Jeremy or Mueller made a public statement?

Or are they little twenty year old boys, too embarrased and shamed to do anything but hide behind their mommies and daddies?

Jacob doesn't like being embarrassed? Then maybe he shouldn't be acting like an animal abusing peice of crap, how's that?

Jeremy is embarrassed? Well, maybe he shouldn't find animal abuse a laugh riot? How's that?

Heaven forbid these two men be treated like men... If anythoing convinces me that Jeremy Roloff and Jacob Mueller are immature little babies who have no idea what manhood means, its their inability to accept that actions have consequences.

Two men crying to their friends how embarrassed they are at being judged... funny how these little diapered babies can't possibly speak for themselves. Personally I doubt very much that either are *embarrassed* about what they did... I think they are embarrassed that they *got caught* acting like animal abusing pieces of crap... and I think they don't *like* their *earned reputation* as animal abusing pieces of crap... but neither have the maturity to admit they did something wrong so now they're crying how mean it is.

Oh well. Throwing a cat is pretty damn mean as well. Maybe, if these two animal abusing pieces of crap remember how *embarrassed* they were the last time they decided cat tossing was fun, perhaps they won't do it again.

Since god knows their mommies and daddies don't give a damn what they do.

nyc said...

"Doesn't like being judged harshly by strangers..."

Read our collective lips: WHO CARES?

And if they don't want to be judged, they should act like decent human beings and not subhuman idiots.

You apologists are beyond belief and comprehension.

Cookie said...

Brittany: You make an almost valid point regarding focusing on the negative. Instead we should focus on the positive. Here’s the problem with your argument. There isn’t anything positive to say when it comes to Jeremy. He’s a complete and utter idiot. Simple as that. Had Jeremy (not Amy or Matt or TLC) made a public statement about his incredibly stupid act of abusing an animal, I suspect this issue would have been dropped and we could of moved on to his next stupid stunt. Jeremy hasn’t done that. That speaks volumes about him. I expected nothing less from him or Mueller. BTW: This had nothing to do with Jacob.

Ashley said...

Cookie, Brittany meant Mueller when she said "Jeremy and Jacob". Mueller's first name is Jacob.

I'm torn on the public statement from Jeremy. I like the you tube idea. But honestly, what is the point when he doesn't mean it or is told to read something Matt wrote for him? It's not like they threw the cat 4 years ago and he can credibly sound like he's matured and learned that throwing the cat is wrong in the last week.

But I agree that some acceptance of accountability would be a step in the right direction. I don't agree that people should just drop it. When people do things that define them like animal abuse, people don't just forget about it when they have an opinion about a person.

Cookie said...

Ashley: Thanks for the correction. I guess I didn't realize that Mueller's first name was also Jacob.

Disregard my statement about this having nothing to do with Jacob. I wonder which brainiac cooked the idea up to toss the cat and take pictures. And then post them?

Between him and Jeremy there might be two brain cells firing. I said might.

Rob said...

It doesn't make it any more acceptable if they plan on keeping the pictures on Jeremy's camera. It's the fact and the reality that this is what they do.

Jeremy better pray that he never misplaces his camera and someone finds it. God knows what else he has pictures of since this is an example.

Rap541 said...

Honestly Cookie - the sheer stupidity of this is why I think Brittany is wrong to defend these two gutless cowards and insist they've learned a lesson.

When was the last time we heard the "Poor Jeremy has learned a lesson even though he'll never be required to grow balls and admit he was wrong" whining? WHen Jer-Bear was caught making racist comments on the internet.

So lets be clear, this responsible, clever, chip off Matt's block already has gotten caught once posting stupid crap on line and knows he is something of a minor celebrity and *he allows pictures like this to be taken and posted on line*.

Sorry, but maybe if Jeremy doesn't want people knowing he likes it when animals are tormented, he should be smart enough to not post pictures of himself grinning and sinning. If he's embarrassed, and buddy Mueller is embarrassed? Good. They *should* be embarrassed. They *should* be ashamed of themselves and *maybe* the next time "throwing the cat" sounds like a funny laugh and memory to make... they just might remember this memory they made.

Since clearly, they either never learned "don't hurt animals" at home, or they just don't care as long as they get a laugh out of an animal's torment.

Cookie said...

Rap, I guess that's the baffling part of this whole topic. Take pictures of being an idiot tossing cats (or dogs or anything else that lives and breaths and isn't meant to fly)and then post them? Huh. Not to mention, that smug look on Mueller's face in the first picture is creepy. Not to mention, notice the cat's paws--they're definitely trying to hang on for dear life since I suspect this isn't the first time that poor thing has been treated like a flying squirrel. Really just a sad commentary on adult men (age wise at least) that just simply get their jolly's being abusive. I'm waiting for the pictures of them tossing Matt & Amy "just for snits & giggles". Imagine the outrage we'd hear from the pro-Roloff camp.

Timothy said...

Cookie, the disturbing part in my opinion other than the actual act, is the fact that they took pictures at all whether they were going to put them online or planned to keep the pictures at home.

They can't even say it was a split second lapse in judgment (if that's possible tossing a cat). It was obviously a planned out activity that I suspect they've done many times before and this time wanted to take pictures.

Cookie said...

Timothy: the whole incident is just a really sad commentary about the Roloff's as a whole and their "our pooh doesn't stink" persona. Taking pictures of any kind of abuse or control of another living being is really demonic. It's kinda sick and twisted really. Again--just look at Mueller's grin in the first picture. It really is disturbing. I just feel sad for the cat. I really do. This is not what cat's enjoy regardless of the folks who say that cat's land on their feet--they do when THEY'RE the one who's determined to jump--not when they're unprepared or being tossed mid air for ignorant beings enjoyment.

Brandon said...

Rap, Timothy, Cookie, sad isn't it? Being totally serious, if you described Jeremy to someone they might realistically think you're describing a toddler. Not just the maturity of "it's not nice to throw kitty kat", but Mom and Dad are expected to speak for Jeremy and make it all better.

Jeremy can't really be free to use computers because the internet is for big boys.

Sad that Jeremy is at this stage at...21.

Susan said...

Rap, you keep saying that Jeremy is laughing in the photos but he isn't. Why do you keep saying that? Are there other photos you are looking at?

Kayla said...

Susan, do you think Jeremy is protesting Mueller throwing the cat? By sitting on the couch taking pictures?

It's not hard to figure out that they think they're being cool and funny by throwing the cat.

Rap541 said...

Susan - what Kayla said.

Is *that* the official "unofficial" story now that "hey everyone does it", "well the cat didn't get hurt so...", "They are boys being boys!", "They aren't cat people so...", "They are cleverly twisting your tail, lols you stupes fr not seeing how Matt and Jeremy are cleverly engaging the public and staging this to generate more Roloff attention", and "No one protesting is *really* offended, this is Spirit attempting to get a tv show" hasn't flown?

Widdle Jer-Bear wasn't having a good time? Cause he sure seems to be "making a memory". Gosh, Jeremy taking pictures of something he doesn't like? Is that it?

Are we at the point where now the story is "Throw Mueller under the bus, *Jeremy* thought it was wrong!"?

If so, why all the silence from the Roloff camp?

If Jeremy is against *what his pal did in his own home as he sat on the couch taking pictures with a smile on his face* then lets hear from the big *boy* (not EVER a man, remember, when Jeremy is in trouble, he's always a little boy who can't be expected to know ANYTHING) himself on the topic.

Jeremy? Why were you taking pictures of Mueller throwing your cat? Why were you allowing that to happen in your own home? How do you feel about it? Do you think your bff was wrong? Will you say your bff was wrong?

But somehow I doubt Jeremy will have the chops to hang his best pal out to dry. No... widdle boy Jer will just stand silent with his head down behind Daddy and let Daddy and Mommy clean up his mess. Again.

(lil hint folks - people who don't find cat abuse "lols" wouldn't be taking pictures, wouldn't be smiling, and *wouldn't be allowing* their bff to do something nasty to a pet they love.)

Does Mueller know the plan is to sacrifice him for the love of Jer-Bear?

Anne said...

Rap, all Susan said was that you keep saying Jeremy is smiling. You can't see his face because of the camera so you're wrong to say he's smiling. No one can tell.

I think it's irrelevant because I think they are joking around for some fun because if Jeremy didn't approve of it he wouldn't be taking pictures, but you can't say he's smiling since you can't see his expression because of the camera.

Rap541 said...

Anne - does he look upset? Or is he taking a picture? Is Mueller smiling?

Are you seriously suggesting that Jeremy wasn't smiling? I mean, he usually smiles when he's "making a memory"?

But hey, lets trot it out - Jeremy wasn't smiling as he was taking a picture of hhis buddy *abusing his cat*.

Anne - Jeremy wasn't *stopping* Mueller, was he?


Anne - Jeremy was *taking a picture* - are you suggesting he wasn't having a good time? Are you?

The cat is being *thrown* and Anne, Jeremy is *taking a picture* of it. He's a *man*, Anne, agreed?

It's his home, right? Anne? Jeremy was in his home taking a picture of his buddy abusing his cat. Not *stopping it*.

Taking a *picture* of it.

Anne - you're right, who cares if he's *grinning* - he's watching someone abuse a cat and taking pictures.

And since you're refering to it as "joking around for some fun" - is this how you play with cats?

Anne? Got pictures of your cat tossing "joking around for some fun"?

WHere you are tossing a cat to the ceiling while "joking around for some fun" but *its expressly unfair to suggest you were smiling* even though you were "joking around for some fun"?

I am getting a real eye opener on Roloff Christian Fun! Bless Jeremy, huh Anne?

I mean, what is your "God Bless Jeremy" opinion? You've been surprisingly silent... although your comments on what constitutes joking fun are revealing :)

Anne said...

Rap, read my message again. I was not saying that Jeremy was objecting or wasn't apart of it or wasn't having a good time. He probably was.

However, you said that he is smiling/laughing. Susan asked why you keep saying that because you can't see what he is doing other than taking the picture.

Rap541 said...

Anne - you've defended Jeremy before and then run away when the questions get hard.

Do you condone what he was doing in these photos?

Or will you sit silent and whine about "he's grinning".

Fine Anne, he's NOT grinning in the photos as he takes pictures of his friend abusing his cat.

Now... what is YOUR opinion of what Jeremy is doing? Should we *bless* him?

Do you think it's wrong?

Or will you sit silent as you do whenever the questions get tough?

Come on Anne - do you approve of what the "boys" (never men, Jeremy's *never* a man when he's in trouble, he's always a little boy) are doing?

Do you let your kids play with the pets this way with no correction?

Gloria said...

Holy Cow Rap, breath. It has been pointed out before that you often embellish things when you comment. And you always get attacking and defensive when people call you on it. You're showing us that you can dish it, but you sure can’t take it. You are wrong. You did say he was "laughing" numerous times and we can't even see Jeremy's face so that is something you made up. And now you are doing it again. In your responses you're going off on a crazy tangent that has nothing to do with the original comment/question to you. And why are you making up fiction about Jeremy throwing Mueller under the bus and sacrificing him? No one knows what Jeremy was thinking then or what he is thinking now, so any comments on that is assumption.

Brandon said...

Gloria, I think what you're doing is playing on semantics that will enable you to say Jeremy and Mueller throwing the cat is an embellishment and it's not.

Yeah, technically Rap should not say "Jeremy is laughing" because no you can't see his face...but anyone with a brain can see what is going on. It's two 20 year olds (hard to believe) having fun by tossing the cat and taking pics to cement their night of fun.

This is what Jeremy and Mueller do to entertain themselves.

Whether Jeremy is grinning in this one picture is not the issue. They're clearly having a good time by being cruel to the cat and that's the issue that you obviously don't care about.

Rap541 said...

Gloria - I know the *important issue* is that I have referred to Jeremy as "laughing*

Forgive me. He's merely watching and photographing cat abuse. :)

Bless him, right?

Gloria? How do you feel about Jeremy watching and photographing cat abuse?

Gloria? How about it? Bless him? Or is it wrong to watch (and photograph) animal abuse?

I mean, HE ISN'T VISIBLY SMILING. His expression is covered by his fancy camera as he watches a cat tossed to the ceiling.

How would you feel, Gloria, if it was your son sitting on the couch *watching* and *photographing* animal abuse?

And Gloria - for all you're getting on my case - how DARE you not chide everyone who has referred to the "Boys having fun" - we DONT know the "boys" are having fun, right?

Don't you have a problem with that? With the many many people who have referred to this as "boys having some fun"??

Do you, Gloria, think it's "boys having fun"?

Like Anne, you won't have the balls to have an opinion other than "stop picking Jeremy!"

Gloria - (and Anne) all you have to do to prove me wrong is to apply your stick fairly - right now you're not - if you have a problem with my "grinning and sinning" comment only because it assumes facts not seen in the photos, then you should turn your rightious indignation on everyone who has stated "the cat wasn't hurt", "they were just boys having fun" etc etc.

But you won't. Because those comments are "pro-Jeremy" and assumptions and judging are ok if they pump up the Jer-Bear.

Amanda said...

Whoever it was that was moaning because people were posting on the Roloff fan page they actually use (Matt and Amy's) instead of the one Jeremy never uses, will be happy.

Chris Garza or I think he said he was the creator of Save Mo Roloff, posted on Jeremy's fan page asking Jeremy if he was going to post the pictures he took of throwing Mo. A clever way of confronting Jeremy. Me and someone else said it's unacceptable.

Shockingly Jeremy hasn't responded. I wonder if Matt will have Dallah post a statement for him if that's how it works?

Greg said...

Gloria people should speculate all they want on anything about Jeremy. He's a gutless coward that never owns up to things he does or says.

Vic Rattlehead said...


The problem isn't that Jeremy can't speak for himself (most of what comes out of his mouth is either a lie or it's racist & homophobic) it's that he's too stupid to do it without further putting his foot in it.

Obviously Matt & Amy realized a very long time ago just how stupid their oldest son is and know that he's not intellectually capable of understanding why people so vehemently object to his behavior and they want to protect their stupid "boy" from ever hearing the honest truth that he's nowhere near as smart or talented as he thinks he is because they know that his self-esteem is actually very fragile and that his world would fall apart if he knew the truth about himself.

Counterfeit God said...

Now whenever I see a picture of Jeremy or read a report about something bad he's done I hear the strains of Avi Satani (the theme from The Omen) in my head.

He clearly has as very dark and evil side to his personality which they tried to hide from the cameras when TLC was making the show.

"I embrace the hounds of hell and the power they provide" (Iced Earth)

Gloria said...

Brandon, What I hear you saying is that it is okay to embellish on a story as long as you agree with the embellisher. That even though it is "technically" a lie it's just fine because it makes the story more entertaining for you and others. I don't agree. And technically speaking Brandon, don't put words in my mouth. Pointing out the way Rap repeatedly lies and embellishes in her posts doesn't mean I am trying to diminish Mueller or Jeremy's thoughtless behavior.

And Rap, How DARE I? Be Fair? Cut it out, you have me rolling on the floor with laughter. We can see that your comments often "assumes facts not seen" which, by the way is called conjecture. But do you need me to say that your not the only one? Okay, Yes Rap, you are not the only one, a lot of other people do it too. The difference is that you cram it down people's throats and if we don't swallow, you cram it harder and go in for the kill with a fanatical attack spree. I seems to be very important to you that you are believed. Back off Rap, we don't have to believe you. And I don't have to "Prove" anything to you either. I am not the one assuming anything here. As for the picture; a cat was tossed up in the air, with what looks to be the intention of getting a photograph of it mid air. That is what we 'see' from the photograph. But what we can't see and what we don't know is if the cat was hurt, or what the participants were thinking or feeling about it, then or now. Those are the facts.

Now before you start whipping of another tirade of a response, keep in mind that you continue to prove my point. You sure can NOT take it.

Lydia said...

If you don't go looking for the post on Jeremy's wall you wont see it. that is same it was for Matt's wall. People only see the page owner posts unless they click to look for other peoples and most people don't look for others. Jeremy probably wont even see it.

Christine said...

Lydia, that's how all fan pages work on Facebook. You click "Others" to see the wall. The person who runs the page knows to see the comment to look on the wall. That's how Amy's charity foundation page works. Amy always posts on the wall with her real profile.

Jeremy knows people post on the wall because he posted very brief replies about 2 times (months ago).

It seems like you're seeing if Jeremy is a coward that never takes responsibility, it's because he doesn't know how to use the internet. That excuse gets very old.

Other people are mad at the fans that posted on Amy's, Matt's and Peg's page. Someone was mad people didn't post on Jeremy's page for him to answer. Now you're saying don't blame Jeremy if he doesn't respond because he isn't smart enough to know that to fan comments are under the "Others" tab?

Keith said...

Lydia, Facebook page owners and Admins get a report from Facebook every week telling them the stats on their page, how many new wall posts they got and stuff like that.

Besides it's not that complicated...

Brandon said...

Gloria, what I see you doing is intentionally being void of logic and all common sense.

Why do 20 year olds get together, throw the cat and photograph it? Because they think it's funny? Because they think it's a way to have an entertaining time?

It's like two people arguing. One punches the other. You describe the puncher as angry at the insult and punched the person. Well, do you factually know he was angry when he threw the punch?

Yeah, it is kind of assumed that when Mueller has that stupid look in the first picture and then his chucking the cat in the second with Jeremy placed on the couch to photograph it and then the third picture of the cat in the air, that they are having a good time and think it's funny.....because if they didn't...they wouldn't be doing it.

Brandon said...

By the way Gloria, do you realize that what makes throwing a cat in the air cruel is the act, not only the result? Do you get that? Nobody knows whether the cat was hurt, but if it wasn't, do you understand that doesn't make it any more acceptable? It's the act of throwing something around that does have feelings, does get scared, for your entertainment.

Lindsay said...

Update: I received a response from the letter I wrote TLC/Discovery. They said they are taking the matter seriously and have forwarded the concerns to all the appropriate network executives.

Rap541 said...

Gloria? I trust you do have have problem with people saying "the boys were having fun"?

Or "The boys just aren't cat people"?

Or "The cat wasn't hurt"?

I could go on - these are all embellishments of the photo that funny, you're not having a problem with.

Hey, Gloria - what am I not taking? Boo hoo, I am not an unemployed racist cat abuser... I'm not a little child who can't bear criticism even though I am old enough to drive... Sure seems like I am willing to engage my criticizers, like you, as an adult, unlike *Jeremy* who is hiding, and bless us, is such a precious little emotional bundle of nerves and embarrassment, he can't *bear* to speak for himself and instead has his friends and daddy's staff telling us all to hesh because he's sooo embarrassed and the more we draw attention to his childish, boyish, playful mishaps, the more he suffers....

*Btw - I notice that while you're insisting all that was seen was a cat being thrown, you have no issue with the "playful" and "boyish" embellishments... no doubt because of the picture it paints of Wee Widdle JerryBerry too innocent to understand kitty doesn't like rough play at twenty years of age.

Peter said...

Lindsay, you should scan the letter and post it so we can see it.

Eric said...

Peter. She won't do that because the 'letter' doesn't exist.

David said...

The Roloff agenda is really something.

Photos expose Jeremy and Mueller for what they are -- idiots that get their jollies by being cruel to a cat.

Mueller is holding the cat. Jeremy is taking pictures on the couch watching. Mueller is throwing the cat. The cat is high in the air.

Cue the Roloff defenders with the Roloff agenda. "It's conjecture" they shout. Amusing, isn't?

Lauren said...

I agree with Lydia. I admin on our companies facebook (great wolf) and we only occasionally view the posts made by others. We are more interested in the comments to our posts. Now with the new update, it is even easier to set the default view to only our posts.

Timothy said...

Gloria, your whole argument is pointless. Why are you so concerned with what Rap says anyway?

In case you haven't noticed, the pictures in question are right there in front of everybody to see for their own two eyes. Jeremy and Mueller are a couple of adults living their extraordinary lives amusing themselves by throwing the cat.

Or am I lying by saying they are amusing themselves? Am I specualting? Right, maybe this is a school prokect. Maybe they are studying instead of amusing themselves? How wrong to conjure up that they are amusing themselves by being cool dudes throwing a cat and photographing it.

David, you're completely correct.

Rap541 said...

To be fair, Gloria is correct in that I am assuming Jeremy gets his jollies this way. I assume that because he's taking pictures of his buddy torturing the cat when most normal people would have put the camera down and stopped it.

See, it's the taking pictures and not stopping it that make me think Jeremy is amused by it. After all, I am told, again and again, that he's a leader among his peers, and they all look up to him, so its not as though he has any social reasons to not intervene. He's not afraid of Mueller, he's not afraid to stand up for what he believes in etc etc etc.

So if Jeremy isn't amused by this event - where is his protest? Why was he NOT stopping this? Why was he "making a memory" of animal abuse?

And why are sooo many excuses being trotted out when the obvious way to resolve this is to have someone (Jeremy) explain what he was up to?

He's an adult, and he's old enough to allow these pictures to be posted..... It's very telling about the morality of the Roloff home that the only comment so far is from Amy asking us all "do you know me?"

Amy honey - if this is going on in your home and you don't have a problem with it - I don't *want* to know you. Actions speak louder than words. When your son, upon witnessing his buddy throwing his pet cat to the ceiling, decides the most appropriate thing to do is not stop it but to take a picture, yeah, there's something wrong.

Caring compassioniate people don't do this. Therefore I have to assume it was amusing to Jeremy. Or he didn't have the moral fortitude to stand up to his buddy.

Susan Coles said...

Rap, by now I think we all know that Jeremy and Mueller are still inseparable "BFF" because they are exactly the same. I recall a long time ago that fans would speculate the Mueller was the bad influence, egging Jeremy on, bringing out the worst. I don't believe that. I don't think either one forces the other to do things or is the 'bad one'. I think they both find tossing the cat hilarious.

To the twisted souls that think this is remotely acceptable because you assume the cat wasn't injured? It is not? God, how I wish there were requirements before someone could get a pet.

Do these people defending Jeremy think it's acceptable, kind and "not cruel" to lock a cat in the closest? Hear it clawing and meowing to get out, but keep it locked behind the door. Using your wisdom, the cat wasn't hurt so you do this to your cat? Or chase it with the vacuum cleaner? You're not hurting the cat, what's wrong with frightening it?

They are all mean things to do. Nice compassionate and decent people don't do things like that.

Susan Coles said...

Lydia and Lauren, seriously? I am not even going to ask you if you honestly think Jeremy hasn't said a peep because the lad doesn't know about it and has no idea how to read fan comments because I know the answer.

That's your defense to Jeremy hiding like a child. That he can't possibly know about it because he's too stupid or lazy know how to see a wall post? However, I'm only indulging you, because we all know Jeremy knows that people are upset.

Jeremy's reaction or lack of reaction to things like this is a huge indicator of Matt and Amy's failure as parents. Jeremy at nearly 21, doesn't only keep doing things that are wrong, but he never displays any character after the fact. He was never taught or forced to learn the lesson that there are consequences for his actions or that he should be accountable for the things he does.

Mary said...

This is the ''Mary'' being mentioned, I replied to her nonsensensical reply but she promptly deleted it and blocked me.

I think they were wonderful in the 1st season, then money got to their heads made them greedy and thinking they are better then anyone else.

The boys all seem like gormless oafs, which was in my reply to Amy, these are large men throwing a cat, my children at a young age had more sense.

Bottom line Kids emulate Parents, it's all in the way you raise them.