Saturday, February 26, 2011

Amy Roloff Speech at Shepherd University

This article has a nice recap of Amy's recent speech at Shepherd University in West Virginia.

SHEPHERDSTOWN - Amy Roloff told the crowd at Shepherd University that it had not been the ridicule, judgment, name calling and criticism from others that were most damaging to her potential, but rather her own negative attitudes about herself.

Roloff spoke to more than 200 people in the student center about overcoming adversity in recognition of National Recreational Sports and Fitness Day Wednesday morning in a presentation sponsored by Shepherd University Intramurals.

"I had to overcome my own attitudes and perceptions of myself. I had to believe that I was here for a reason and that I, even as a little person, had value," Roloff said. "To do that, I needed some sort of hope and some sort of faith. I had to understand that God doesn't make mistakes."

Roloff delivered a humorous and heartfelt presentation to the crowd of mostly students at the Storer Center. She focused her lecture around a quote from Mike Singletary, former NFL player who most recently coached the San Francisco 49ers. The quote, "Do you know what my favorite part of the game is? The opportunity to play," sums up the challenge for little people and lots of other people too, Roloff said.

"All anyone wants is the opportunity to play the game," she said.

Worrell felt she would be a perfect fit and described the event as a great success.

"I'm a big fan of the show. And she worked in education, she played sports and she coached soccer. And she's also a beautiful person," he said.

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Austin said...

I had to believe that I was here for a reason and that I, even as a little person, had value," Roloff said. "To do that, I needed some sort of hope and some sort of faith. I had to understand that God doesn't make mistakes."

But she has no problem supporting messages that tells another group of "different" people that God does make mistakes and you don't have value unless you get cured.

Amy knows how important that was to her. To believe that God had a reason for her. But she doesn't care about what a gay teenager is going through when the churches and organizations she supports is taking the very hope away from them that Amy says was vital to her development.

Christine said...

Austin, the Roloffs are full of contradictions.

-Don't say "midget".Words hurt.
-Jeremy says N (N word) and f*g (gay slur). People in charge of Matt's website say words don't hurt.

-God doesn't make mistakes, I have a purpose. Accept people for who they are.
-Accept that you're not natural, so pray God will change you. Don't accept people unless they pray to be cured

-Our teens don't drink
-Pictures, their own words and stories suggest otherwise

-We can only have so much stuff.
-They count off their 36 vehicles and machine toys.

-We love our fans
-Jeremy and Zach keep getting caught insulting fans with their friends.

-We are just like you.
-We are better in you. We don't need to wait in lines because our time is more important than yours even though you were there first.

-We love our pets. Pet lovers love us.
-Our cat gets thrown towards the ceiling

I am sure I am forgetting a lot of other contradictions right now.

Emma said...

Am I the only one that really can't stand the Roloffs anymore? Everytime I come to this site, I'm hoping to read something positive and enlightening about them for a change, but every time it's them being hypocritical money hungry leeches.

Sasha said...

Emma, I couldn't agree with you more. I'm a Molly fan and I think she is the only one that has her head on straight anymore.

Cookie said...

Nope Emma. You're not the only who can't stand the Roloffs anymore. Used to be I really kinda dug the family; I had empathy for Matt because I thought he got the short end of the stick from Amy and the kids seemed like they were typical. They've shown their true colors. They care about no one or anything besides themselves or their bank account. Matt deserves every bit of the disrespect he gets from Amy and those brats (although I don't agree with how she belittles him in front of them or enlists their loyalty). I'm baffled as to who would pay money or waste any personal time attending any lecture that Amy or Matt was speaking at. Seriously, what do either of them have to say that's profound, encouraging, enlightening or not a lie?

BeckyM said...

On one of the cat posts someone had posted a link to another site that had posted the cat throwing photos. One of the comments on that site was from someone who heard Amy speak at her college - she was not impressed.

It would be interesting to hear more from folks who encounter Amy as a speaker and what their personal impression was, especially if they were not a fan of the show instead of some PR crap that the school chursn out.

PS yes I worked for my school's PR dept as I was working on my Journalism degree. This is your standard interview insert "positive message here" quote story.

SherryJohnson said...

You must be an insider. When are they going to start showing the real roloffs again? Like the 1st episodes of LPBW. Thanks!

Cara said...

Emma, If you are a hammer then everything you see are nails and if you surround yourself in garbage then that is what you become. A positive perspective can be swayed when all it ever hears is negative.

David said...

Cara, if there is no garbage, you can't surround anybody with it.

The things that make Emma say that the Roloffs are hypocritical money hungry leeches are things the Roloffs have brought on themselves.

Take the cat tossing. You probably didn't want people to hear about that. Whether people knew or not, the fact was the Roloff cat was being thrown in the home by Roloffs and their friends. People not knowing only conceals the truth. If they weren't harassing the cat there wouldn't have been a problem. The Roloffs are creating all of their own garbage. Why are you blaming the messengers?

Susi said...

These threads are most entertaining. I've never enjoyed delusional commentary quite like this. Cara has a point.......