Monday, February 28, 2011

The Roloff World Blog (Matt Roloff Blog Project) Review by Spiritswander

As Matt has mentioned on his Facebook Page, he has entered the world of blogging on Blogger.

People have been asking for the scoop on it, Matt's motivation and for my opinion of it? One of our frequent, pro-Roloff poster -- Dana -- posed this question: "Spirits, are you worried that you have competition in the Roloff blogging world with the blog Matt has been talking about?"

The answer would no. As we have stated many times, no one associated with Spiritswander makes a single dime off this blog. So it's not like we are the Burger King afraid that a McDonalds opened around the corner and will make us broke.

We do what we do and people seem to appreciate it. Our niche is that we are an independent site focusing on the Roloffs without an agenda. Our goal has always been to be a news outlet regarding the Roloffs and LPBW related people and items. We present all information - The Good, Bad and Ugly. We present it, sometimes voice if I feel it is a good, bad or ugly and then you, the reader, can decide for yourself what you think of the information. We have always subscribed by the theory that people appreciate knowing about the buzz, about what is going on. They like to know for themselves. They don't like to have information censored because someone doesn't want you to know something. So we attempt to pass along all information and be as honest and as real as possible.

Obviously the official Roloff and TLC sites have value for people interested in the Roloffs. People always enjoy hearing what they have to say publicly or the Roloff PR Spin. However, that can also be the downside of offical sites -- particularly Matt Roloff run sites. They are under the direction of Matt and (understandably) you're only going to hear what Matt Roloff wants you to hear -- what has been described as the 'Matt Roloff Spin'.

As for my opinion on Matt Roloff having an official blog they are associated with and why? I do have to wonder why Matt feels it is necessary? One of the stated reasons was to have a place for more expanded thoughts and Matt's Facebook posts need to be brief. Well, there is such a thing as "Notes" on Facebook pages (which basically is a blog post) that could serve that purpose if that was the real reason.

I have to agree with some of our frequent readers that concluded the same thing. It's no secret that the only consistent Roloff blog on the internet is Spiritswander. Matt hates that there is a source of Roloff information that he isn't in control of so....ta-da -- RoloffWorld.blogspot ?

As for the blog is being presented as a Roloff friend who has thoughts independent of Matt. A Roloff friend that talks to Camerino and has lunch with Matt and knows the ins and outs of Matt's day and blogs about it, as well as relays stories about how although Matt was sick and not feeling well, he still graciously chatted with an excited fan.

Matt then revealed that it's a person named Dallah who runs the RoloffWorld blogspot. If that name sounds familiar, it's probably because Matt has mentioned her before -- she is the admin of his Fan Facebook Page (you might recall Amy mentioning in a coffee chat that Matt has "tons" of staff working on his social networking projects).

Dec 15 Matt Roloff = Thank you .. Thank you to all the fabulous people on here that helped me with my facebook problem. ITS FINALLY FIXED!! yea!! A special thanks to Dallah who helps admin my facebook.

As I said, we always try to be real here, so let's examine together.

Let me ask, how many of you, have a daily blog about your real life friends for the purpose of posting about how wonderful they are? We have interacted with many real Roloff friends and associates over the years and I can tell you, real Roloff friends are not the type of people who are so in awe of their friends that they spend their days blogging all about them. And in fairness to Matt, he's not really hiding that fact since he did mention her name -- she works for Matt on his Facebook page.

So that's explains why the Roloff World blogger seems very much like a Matt Roloff staffer -- and if it is a Matt Roloff staffer then that means it is a Matt Roloff project.

We can share a few real details to give you an idea of what Matt is like with friends and information. Perhaps one of the most insightful descriptions of Matt came from a very close friend of the Roloffs. The exact quote was "There is no way, if it's not Matt's way. Matt is in charge of everything." Friends have reported that Matt has given them instructions that he doesn't want them speaking about the Roloffs (keep in mind, most of their core group of friends would be nothing but positive anyway), but Matt doesn't want them letting out any detail that he might not want the public knowing. Matt himself has spoken about this in the past - publicly posting that he would cut friends out of their circle if he found out they were talking about them (not necessarily anything bad, simply talking). It kind of makes one wonder what there is to hide, doesn't it?

By the way, it's not necessarily anything imporant. Matt likes to portray a certain family image -- such as a routine question about the music the kids like -- Matt says his kids listen to Gospel if a friend was speaking and someone asked them what music they listen to when they hang with the Roloffs and they say something like the Red Hot Chili Peppers -- while certainly not scandulous, it does have the potential to contradict the Matt Roloff wholesome family image he is portraying.

Another story that gives insight into Matt and his control of information is a few years ago when fans on Matt's website wanted to ask Jeremy and Zach questions. A fan that Zach had accepted onto his real Myspace account years ago, volunteered to ask Zach questions and report his answers. The fan stated that Zach agreed. The next thing that happened was Matt's appointed staff stating that Matt did not like that idea and it was best that the questions and answers go through her. Matt obviously wanted to ensure that nothing was asked and nothing was reported without his knowledge. The result was that they were all very fluffy question and answers and one carefully crafted and phrased question about a controversial subject.

So Matt Roloff has a reputation of being very paranoid about people that know the Roloffs talking about them. And now all of a sudden, Matt is completely on board with a friend blogging about them. Not only that, but the blog has implied that Camerino might even write... and Jeremy and Zach might contribute too, so.....yes, I would say that it makes sense that it is actually Matt's staff, at least the person that works for Matt as his admin on his Facebook page.

I must admit, I did find it a little humorous that Matt states that the kids are eager to have Dallah share their all of their news. As one of our visitors already commented -- the Roloff kids do indeed know how to use computers and could -- if they wanted -- communicate for themselves -- especially the 20 year old adults. The explanation for that is probably best explained above. Matt likes to have all public comments and information that is released to the public from the family go through him and his staff.

Also, I think observant followers can probably determine for themselves just how eager the Roloff kids *really* are to communicate with fans. Matt was quite forthcoming about how Jacob didn't want him posting videos or pictures of them out together. On Amy's coffee chat, Zach's reluctance to give more than one word answers demonstrated his eagerness to participate. And I think a wise person can deduce how eager Jeremy was to communicate with fans from the coffee chat Amy held in the Roloff dining room while Jeremy was getting breakfast. Amy speaking to an off camera Jeremy and Zach put them on the spot "Hey Zachary, guys wanna come here for a sec? (Amy big smile as no one immediately comes)...yes I know...they lovvvvve it. They are begrudgingly coming. But that's why I love them, because they'll do it for their mom."

So now that the notion that the Roloff kids are "chomping at the bit" to have one of Matt's staff blog their own thoughts and stories for them is a little hard to swallow.

I think the logical conclusion would be that Matt is obviously in control of it all, everything goes through Matt -- regardless of what they will say publicly. There seems to be an effort to stress that Matt is not in control -- which I don't believe at all. That would completely go against Matt Roloff's style. Matt doesn't just let friends talk about them, employees speak, or even his own (almost) 20 year old sons without him being in control of the information.

I also note the disclaimer -- "The views and opinions do not necessarily reflect those of Matt Roloff." So since it is a Matt Roloff staffer most likely operating under the direction of Matt Roloff -- it seems to be a way for Matt to express himself, his spin on subjects without actually ever being held accountable for what is said.


Ashley said...

Don't they realize how bad it makes Jeremy and Zach look? It's not like they don't have hands!

Are they still trying to get fans to believe that they don't use computers?

Dana said...

The Roloffs are busy people. Matt doesn't have time to write long posts about what he's been doing.

I don't see anything wrong with a Roloff friend doing this for the fans.

Spiritswander said...


For the record, I didn't say there was anything *wrong* with it either.

Just pointing out that it is coming from Roloff staff and that Matt's history suggests that for anyone associated with them to write about the Roloffs means that he's in control.

Timothy said...

He wants the perception of an unbiased blog about the Roloffs but actually it is his workers. Arrogance much?

I agree with Rap's post about this. How pathetic is it to think that Jeremy and Zach are jumping up down with glee that Dallah can explain what they think about xyz to the people because they can't be trusted.

Katie said...

Timothy, it's either that or that they treat them like they are the Royal family. They need spokespeople to deliver their messages because they are too privileged to do it themselves.

Gah. The appeal of the Roloffs a long time ago was that they were regular people.

Now they're all about money and lies and social status and being snobs.

Expressed said...

I don't believe Matt about the kids being excited.

I remember a long time ago when Matt's Mod on his board said she was speaking to Matt on the phone, she asked Matt a question about Jeremy. Jeremy was in the room. According to her. Jeremy said from then on he wanted to answer all questions about himself. I don't know, maybe Matt's mod was lying?

But if Jeremy wanted to answer questions about himself, I don't believe that he's all stoked that Dallah his new best friend can write for him.

It's weird.

Greg said...

Expressed, it's not weird. It's because it is as Spirits explained.

I know you love Jeremy, but Matt doesn't trust wittle Jer Bear because Jer Bear he always makes messes that Matt and his team needs to clean up.

Jeremy doesn't have the guts to actually go against Matt's wishes and explain himself honestly for once because that might make Matt mad and Jer likes his free ride in life so he can play with Mueller all day and not work.

Linton said...

I didn't know who Dalla was bust that makes sense now. Sooo she's the one that posts as Matt on facebook, errrrrrr...."helps" Matt facebook because God knows how difficult it is to post on Facebook? Who could do that without an army of staff helping? He's only a mere mortal.

I think it's wonderful they are using blogger, Dalla doesn't need to pretend to be Matt? Cool beans!

Justin said...

Thanks for the info, Spirits.

More Roloff lies, huh?
This person is Matt's ADMIN on his Facebook.
But on the blog writes as though she is so shocked that Matt is pimping the blog on his Facebook - that she is the Admin on!

Kendra said...

Matt and Dallah should leave Jeremy alone. Anybody can tell Jeremy hates the fans. I dont believe he wants everybody knowing his business.

Everyone else needs to get off Jeremys back. Let him live without scrutiny. He's just a person trying to do write by Jesus. It's not for anyone to judge.

To the person calling Jeremy a snob, he has a right to hang around people with money. Admit if you could, you would too because rich people have more fun, you don't need to wait for stuff.

M said...

I read the first post and was bored. Another place for Matt to have his people lie to the fans. Been there done that...

Anyone else think they miss the spot light? All the fan pages, coffee chats and now a blog. Media who*es!

Rap541 said...

Kendra - just to be clear, the thing Jeremy is currently being scrutinized for, the cat tossing, is something that only he or his close friends could have publicized to begin with. So if he doesn't want everyone knowing his business, perhaps he should stop taking pictures and posting them? I assure you, there are many adorable photos of me giving the camera the fnger, proudly holding up a bottle of scotch etc etc... The reason my shenanhigans aren't publically discussed is because I don't post those pictures online. I don't really have a lot of sympathy for a grown man that plays the "I am a follower of Jesus, respect me" card and then has photos of himself in bed with girls and abusing cats posted around the net. That's number one.

Second, boo hoo, pooor Jeremy just trying to do right by Jesus... This and "Everyone makes mistakes!" gets trotted out whenever Jeremy screws up publically.... I'd give this more respect if Jeremy *ever* manned up and apologized. Right now, apparently he gets to grin and sin and we all have to say "good boy Jer" since his precious little personality can not possibly withstand "Jeremy you were wrong to do that".

If Jeremy isn't accountable to anyone for his behavior, then why is anyone else?

Greg said...

Rap, I know where you're going but I disagree. I don't agree with Kendra obviously but the point isn't the pictures getting out and Jeremy getting caught. It's that Jeremy says he's loving Jesus, he looks down on others, he gets praised for being a sweet and gentle cat rescuer. But the truth shows that he's a hypocrite and a fraud. A mean cruel and immature one at that.

If you said you were living for Jesus, didn't drink because you love God and there were pictures of you drunk holding shot glasses than I would think you're a hypocrite and all of that.But if you're not jumping on the soap box and saying something that isn't true then it's different.

Ashley said...

M, you're totally right. Why is Matt talking about her being a great fact finder??? She works for him! Her facts are whatever Matt wants her to say.

Christine said...

@Greg, I agree. He would still be the same person a jerk. A slur using, nasty jerk that insults his fans and is mean to cats. That's who he is. The only difference would be not as many people would know the truth.

For a guy that's always talking about Jesus he seems unconcerned that God is always watching.

Jason said...

It goes back to the point that they are such phonies that they do have so much to hide. Jeremy's entire life is about deceiving people.

BeckyM said...

My thoughts on Matt having a blog... big deal. So what? Who cares? It's just going to be another PR vehicle to keep himself and family relevant so he can perhaps sell some more farm dirt.

People all over write blogs - I actually have 6. People blog about what food they had for lunch, how many times their kid pooped in the toilet during potty training, or what clothes they bought. The blogosphere is full of flotsam and Matt can surely add to that.

Whether it is popular - and more then a few sychophants - remains to be seen.

M said...

If it wasn't before it's now pretty obvious TLC pulled the plug on them.

I love how they had no interaction with fans (besides paid speakings and when you buy their trucked in construction dirt at pumpkin season) during the show. But now that its off the air its all hey! I'm here! Watch my video of jacob and i buying more useless expensive crap, watch amys chats, read my fb fan page and the blog written by a girl that works for me! Yay!

Cookie said...

I can't wait for this twit to start tweeting. Or does he already? Can't you hear it now: I jwust got up a widdle bit ago. Vewy, vewy tired from flying from Antartica to home planning all sorts of deals. Big things to come. Stay tuned.

Was that 140 characters? LOL. Like what he and his twisted up family's doing affects my day and I need to hear every detail. Gawd. If this family wasn't good for the groans and the snipes, I really wouldn't have much to laugh about everyday.