Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Some TLC TV Ratings Since The End of Little People, Big World

We received some inquiries wondering if TLC will bring Little People, Big World back and the television ratings on TLC since the end of the Roloff Family show LPBW.

You can check out the full list of ratings for Little People, Big World Season 6 here:

As you can see, with the exception of the premiere (the conclusion of the cliff-hanger of Matt's dramatic collapse) and the series finale episodes, most episodes drew ratings between 1.0 million and 1.4 million. The single highest episode of season six was the finale -- "Moving Out" which received a rating of 2.238.

Here are the recent ratings for some of the other TLC related shows that people have been asking about:

Cake Boss: The Next Great Baker - 2.379 million viewers

19 Kids and Counting - 1.708 million viewers

American Chopper: Senior vs Junior (Discovery) - 3.157 million viewers

Lottery Changed My Life - 1.377 million viewers

The Kennedys' Home Movies - 1.442 million viewers

Say Yes to the Dress - 1.613 million viewers

Police Women of Cincinnati - 1.406 million viewers

My Strange Addiction - 1.154 million viewers

Toddlers & Tiaras - 1.195 million viewers

What Not to Wear - 1.449 million viewers

Cake Boss: The Next Great Baker - 2.341 million viewers

19 Kids and Counting - 1.616 million viewers

Say Yes to the Dress - 1.896 million viewers
Say Yes to the Dress - 1.906 million viewers

Four Weddings - 1.549 million viewers

Sarah Palin's Alaska - 2.457 million viewers
Sarah Palin's Alaska - 2.369 million viewers

William, Kate, and 8 Royal Weddings - 1.419 million viewers

My Strange Addiction - 1.772 million viewers
My Strange Addiction - 1.678 million viewers

Toddlers & Tiaras - 1.346 million viewers

Extreme Couponing - 1.113 million viewers

By the way, for those wondering -- Roloff family friend, Marty Klebba's new show on NBC - The Cape, the ratings are as follows:

Jan 31: The Cape - 5.343 million viewers.

Other network shows on Monday:

The Bachelor = 9.660
Castle (Repeat) = 6.218 million viewers
How I Met Your Mother (Repeat) = 7.263 million viewers
Two and a Half Men (Repeat) = 11.207 million viewers
Mike & Molly (Repeat) = 9.056 million viewers
Chuck = 5.574 million viewers
Harry's Law = 11.016 million viewers
Human Target = 7.745 million viewers
Lie to Me = 7.056 million viewers
90210 = 1.667 million viewers
Gossip Girl = 1.505 million viewers


Brandon said...

I'm surprised 19 Kids and Counting is still getting ratings significantly higher than LPBW.

Honestly I think TLC (or the production company, not sure which) made was sticking to the same old with LPBW. They should have booted that Producer Chris whats his name out with the same old dull and contrived formula and brought in some fresh blood with new ideas for the show.

I think there was still interest in the Roloffs lives if they had strayed from the same boring formula. Who knows? Maybe TLC tried to change it up, but the Roloffs were too attached to their buddy Chris?

Apologies to Amy, but the professionalism is lost when the people filming a "reality show" become BFFs with the participants.

Chris said...

All those TLC shows suck!

Expressed said...

Brandon, I agree.

I think the downfall of Little People was 1. Not enough Jer 2. How totally fake it became.

The low point for me was the totally laughable plot when they tried to convince the audience that Jeremy can't meet girls. He sits alone in the park in Portland and no girls want to meet him. So he needs to take a dating course to get more comfortable. Come on!!!!!!!!!! We all know Jeremy really has all these girls he's hanging around with all the time. Even Zach was going on prom dates with girls. But they do a whole episode about how they can't meet girls. Sheesh. It's like they tried to be as fake as possible. This is what their lives are really like, so let's show the viewers that it's the opposite.

David said...

Brandon, I see what you're saying, but I believe the Roloffs are responsible too.

They wanted more privacy. It's a lot easier for them to film contrived plots than show their real personal lives.

When people stop thinking they are seeing the personal lives, they lose interest because what's the point?

I do agree that the Roloffs tight friendship with Chris Cardamone and the crew didn't help the quality of the show.

Dana said...

They lost their whole programming when the Roloffs left. It was a big mistake.

I don't know why people make an issue out of them being friends with the producer. If you were working with people in your home, wouldn't you want to be friends with them?

Greg said...

What this shows is what a big fat liar Matt is when he alludes that it was their choice to walk away. It's not hard to see the show wasn't pulling in good ratings for the salaries they must have been paying the Roloffs.

Louise said...

I liked the Hayes family on Table for 12.

Patty said...

I only watched the Roloffs show on TLC. Other than Little People Big World TLC is useless to me!

Why don't they give Jeremy and Zach their spinoff show?

Rap541 said...

They lost their whole programming when the Roloffs left. It was a big mistake

Because ratings in the 1.0=1.5 range are BETTER than the higher ratings of some of these other shows, right Dana?

Btw could some of the rabid fans at least concede that SOME of these shows aren't the horror show that you think? The Duggars bore me to tears but... I'm pretty certain they're Christian... in fact unlike the Roloffs, they're pretty up front about it.

The Cake Boss shows aren't my cup of tea (all I like about cake is eating it)but at heart, its about a close knit family that clearly loves each other and works together.

Sarah Palin's Alaska - political views of everyone here aside - about a family that clearly loves each other and has a positive message.

Shows like My Strange Addiction or Toddlers and Tiaras are a bit more trainwrecky in my opinion, but they're also MUCH LESS EXPENSIVE to film. Likewise What Not to Wear, Say Yes to the Dress (and these two have been on TLC for ages) and lets also address the elephant in the room.

TLC is clearly moving away from child-centric shows. Look at all the shows that have been eased off to pasture. The Gosselin Horrors, Table for Twelve, Quintuplets by Surprise, LPBW... The only kid based show still on is Duggars Waiting on 20... and thats never been as expensive as say LPBW or Kate Gosselin's Freebie Show.

I think the only thing being buddy with the producers did was make the show less spontanious and more scripted. I mean, does anyone really believe that Zach and Jeremy just happened to meet a nice girl in Germany who just happened to invite them to sleep over and then her dad, who just happened to be the town mayor, who just happens to want to take two strange American kids to a pro soccer thing?

Aidan said...

Dana, looking at the decreasing number of viewers for LPBW, it wasn't a mistake to cancel the show. Even I got tired of the forced and hard to believe story lines and this is coming from someone who made an effort to watch LPBW everyday of the week when they used to have the full hour on in the middle of the day.

Also, if I was the producer, I would want to be cordial with the family but not friends. Once we were friends I would feel bad about showing anything negative and biases like that do not help any in "reality TV."

Christine said...

@Rap How can TLC be moving away from kid centric shows when the show with 19 kids is still on? :)

I'm just wondering, is the Duggars show less expensive than the Roloffs? Don't the Duggars travel?

@Aidan ITA. I think that's exactly what happened with the producer and the Roloffs. If he's best friends with them, is he going to show something they really don't want to be shown? Obviously not. If it's embarrassing or bad (I'm thinking of Jeremy and Mueller's clean cut, hahaha way of living. I wonder how many comments of Jeremy's he decided not to keep because it would make his boy Jeremy look bad?

TLC should have been on top of that and never let that happen.

From what I could find in the info section of IMDB and from what Amy has said, this Chris producer was not working on the show in the first season and that was the best. It was also the season that Amy said was the hardest.

Best season = season Roloffs liked the least
Bad seasons = Roloffs liked it because they were pals with the producer.

Rap541 said...

Christine - I am not a Duggar afficinado but.... they have shorter seasons, and they don't travel as much, and Dad Duggar is political so he has to be somewhat careful of freebies.

And frankly if Michelle doesn't announce the impending J-20 soon, I don't see the show lasting much longer anyway - their ratings are about what LPBWs was last year and most of the hook on that show is Michelle having a kid and that ended badly this last time (lucky the little girl is fine but it was touch and go for a bit)

BeckyM said...

@ Rap you forget the Toddlers and Tiaras show which is massive exploitation of children who have no ability to stop the camera.

TLC itself will be sued out the ying yang in about 8 more years when the Gosselin twins hit 18. I would help pay for their lawyer.

Rap541 said...

Becky - I agree about Toddlers and Tiaras, but for the most part, its rare to see a family on htat show more than once.... its a one time humilation.

And VERY cheap to produce.

Debbie said...

I don't like Todlers and Tiaras because I strongly dislike the attitude of the parents, but people that stick their noses in and make the call that parents shouldn't have television shows with kids are nosey and should mind their own business.

We have choices how we reaise our kids. Who are you to say the trade off of the money, the experiences they are able to enjoy, the positive lessons it teaches kids like to open up (is there any doubt that Zach became more confident because of the show?) are worth the negative aspects that come with it.

It is up to parents to decide. You might not make the same decision, but that's why we have choices. I might not think raising your daughter as a Muslim is right for the girl, but they have that choice.

I'm from Canada. In Canada in junior hockey kids 15 or younger if talented enough get drafted by teams and live with people they call billets. Some people think that's wrong for the child, but it's for the parents to decide if the career move is right or not.

If being on a television show isn't right for you and your kids fine, but don't criticize others for making different choices for their kids because parents make choices for their kids every day.

Susan Coles said...

Debbie, my biggest question is does it make the kids better or nicer people? I don't think it does. Are the Roloff kids better people for having the goodies that came with the show and the pressure?

I think it affected them all as people in a very negative way even if some of them might not realize it yet. Look at all the reports about how Jeremy and Zach treat people when the spotlights aren't on them.

I think they all would be better people without it, albeit with less money and "stuff".

Rap541 said...

is there any doubt that Zach became more confident because of the show?

Honestly? Yes, there is doubt. Zach is in actually not unusually shy - the show implies that he is but the reality is that Zach is and was no more awkward or shy than an average kid, and like average kids who aren't on reality shows, he outgrew it with age.

Now I happen to agree, it's ultimately a parent's decision, but frankly, no one is saying the Roloffs don't have the right to whore their kids to reality tv for money - they're saying they don't agree that its a good idea.

And we as a society have every right to criticize people we feel are making bad choices.

Debbie - I don't see Matt or Amy hesitating to criticize others about their choices, so why are the Roloffs's every action under some sort of holy decree of perfection?

Matt himself like to rail how silly and dumb people are - shouldbn't you be on his facebook every time expressly stating "Matt, if its not right for you, fine, but don't criticize others for making different choices"?

I tire of the "Don't criticize! Its wrong to criticize anything ever, but if Matt mocks someone or something thing, bless him for it! Bless his every action and every word because Matt's perfect! Oh wait, he's not perfect but NO CRITICISM IS EVER VALID!"

Judy B said...

It will kill you to give Matt some credit, Rap. Matt pushed and nudged Zach to overcome his shyness. Remember when Zach wanted to stay in the house when they had people over and Matt made him go outside and introduce himself? Or all the early LP conventions.

Debbie is right. The show did help Zach. I think he would still have insecurities and shyness if it wasn't for Matt encouraging him all those years to follow Jeremy's example and be more social.

Zach didn't appear to be shy at all in the latter years of LPBW and by all the reports about Zach at LP events he is more social than the show made him appear. Even going on prom dates.

You have to give Matt and Amy some credit for helping Zach overcome his shyness.

Someone made a good point Matt inviting Jacob into his little you tube video. He's trying to get him more comfortable and to open up. It's a good way to be in life and Matt tries to help his kids overcome that. Some parents aren't successful, the Roloffs were.

Rap541 said...

Judy b - In fairness - the issue raised is how being on a reality show somehow broke Zach's crippling shyness.

Lots of kids are shy and much like Zach, they outgrow it. They manage it without reality shows. I trust you'll concede that?

No one said his parents never helped him (thanks for the hyperbole and word twisting) what is being said is Zach's shyness was in fact pretty average for someone his age, and like most people he seems to have outgrown it.... Since the vast majority of people who outgrow shyness do so without being on a reality show, the odds are against "Zach was cured by being on tv".

The odds are for "Zach grew up".

Notice how what Matt and Amy might have done to help him isn't really a factor in Debbie's origanal thesis that being on a reality show made Zach less shy so no one should ever find fault with the Roloffs ever? :)

Julia said...

I just saw a commercial on TLC for Monday nights.

The Roloffs have been replaced by the Unpoppables! A show about balloons???

Also on Monday TLC nights is the "Most Expensive Kids Birthday Parties".

Rap541 said...

Julia - you inspire me to repeat one of Matt's beloved boardies witty rejoinders that Matt loved and praised.

"If you don't like it, don't watch it."

More seriously, take your complaints to Matt - per him, he chose to end LPBW and inflict us with "The Unpoppables". If I understand the "Matt wanted out in November 2009" discussion, it's not TLC's fault that there's no more LPBW.... under this theory, the show would still be on if Matt hadn't wanted out.

David said...

Rap, I wouldn't bother trying to understand Matt's story about the show.

Everybody with an ounce of intelligence knows that's Matt's saving face. TLC cancelled it.

Rap541 said...

David I know - but if people are going to complain publically about TLC's line up and Matt claims the show would be on the air if he wanted it to be... then who is at fault here?

BeckyM said...

Just like I predicted The Cape is not going to last:

NBC reduces oderfor "Cape"

Brandon said...

You were right Becky. I thought of you when I saw that! :)

I wonder if Matt's friends ever puke when things aren't going their way, but they need to constantly listen to Matt tell the world how successful he is all the time.

You root for your friends, but the constant "I am so great" theme Matt presents must grate when life is not all roses.

Ashley said...

I've never actually seen Marty in anything besides Pirates. Is he a good actor? It sounds like The Cape was supposed to be corny? But is he a good actor that can play serious roles?

David said...

Ashley, the truth is there aren't many roles in Hollywood for people with dwarfism that aren't sideshow circus roles (Marty is comfortable doing those).

The dwarf actor that commands the most respect is Peter Dinklage.

If you had a project and you wanted a dwarf actor to play a real role that wasn't a joke, Peter would be the actor to call.

BeckyM said...

There's role out there:

Linda Hunt (NCIS - Los Angeles)


Those with talent get a job... those w/o do reality television.

Rap541 said...

Oh I liked Marty when he was on Scrubs and CSI...

Rap541 said...

I always liked Glenda Rubenstein on Picket Fences. She was also in Poltergeist.