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Amy Roloff Interview on Living The Dream Mom Blog

Last Thursday, Amy Roloff was a guest on Living The Dream Mom live radio show with Nina Frye.

You can listen to it on their site; it's located on the sidebar at the right.

Here is our summary of the interview:

*Amy states that she's real, she doesn't do BS, LPBW was a real show and unscripted.

*Life is just as crazy. Definitely calmer, seems to be slowing down. Biggest change is not as many people, crew, producers etc. Speaking engagements, hopefully writing a book.

*Why did it end? People keep asking. Nothing like this lasts forever. Amy thinks it was mutual. As a family they thought this was a good place to end. The boys were trying to figure out what to do, where to go and if they were tied to the family doing the show and wanting to move on and things like that.

*Was the show scripted at all? It's the hard thing for people to understand about tv, we don't live in a society that wants beaver cleaver. They take more dicier things and put it altogether and make it seem worse than it was. That's what made the show real, the good the bad and the ugly. But it is real and it is life.

*Regret the show? Don't regret it. Could we have done things better? You bet. Don't regret the show for the main reason why we did it. Maybe towards the end it didn't seem like that's why we did it, but it's a good place to keep going back to -- and that's educate and advocate for those with disabilities or those that look different and especially for Little People.

*Portrayed on TV as on the verge of divorce? Amy states "I think we will be fine." Are we going through rough spots like a lot of married people? You bet. We have had some issues and things we continue to work out, but we keep figuring it out. We are beginning to enter that empty nester stage. Other people are going through similar things.

*Jeremy and Zach are already in college. Amy wasn't quite as definite about it as she sounded on her Facebook Fan Page or in her Coffee Chat. This time she used words like "probably", "if all goes well".
Amy said she thinks "Jeremy will probably transfer to a college in the fall if all goes well." Amy thinks with the whole TV thing that it's been hard for them to make that decision, they've lived here and things have been pretty kosher for them just living their life.

*Molly is a junior, so she is going to start to applying to colleges in the fall.

*The twins will be 21 in May. People often wonder if they're behind. No, it's because she held them back in pre-school.

*Jacob is the typical teenager. She is definitely trying to get a handle on him. Amy says she tells the other three kids that they didn't do their job because they didn't prepare her for Jacob. But Jacob is a good boy, he's just a teenager.

*How did the kids feel when the show ended, did they miss being filmed? "No, I think they were all okay wiht it too. Jacob and Molly were kind of the kids that did it because that's what Mom and Dad said we're doing kind of thing. Jeremy and Zach understood it a little more and understood what they had to do, that it was a job and the dynamics with their friends -- I'm just so grateful to the parents of their friends were willing and let their kids be on camera. Otherwise their friendships wouldn't have happened and the show wouldn't have lasted as long because I wouldn't have wanted that for my kids if they couldn't have had their friends and did the things they wanted to do. We don't miss being on camera, with that many people around you and in your home, the consistency of the crew, overall, we had the same producers for the last 3 almost 4 years and a group of camera and sound people that were the same. That helped he longevity of the show.

*What are your thoughts on reality TV with little kids? "I think reality TV with little kids is fine as long as parents don't get into this mode where we have to do the show -- the income. It's probably more money than they've ever made. If there's no other thing they do or that they need their kids around to do it, I don't always think that's a good thing.

*You don't miss that stardom feeling of being on camera do you? No, the thing I would or will miss is that I've had a lot of great opportunities and met great people, through speaking engagements and started my own charity foundation. Wouldn't have been able to do all that without TV. Obviously with media, once you're out of the media, it's on to the next one.

*Cookbook has been in the works for the last two or three years, but with the show it took longer. It's in the beginning stages, she has sent out proposals, perhaps it will be out in the fall.

*They talked about her coffee chat. Amy said she loves to talk. She wants to use her celebrity for some good.

*A caller wanted Amy to speak at their conference in Orlando. Amy told her to email. Amy said people think when you're on television that you have a whole entourage of people, they might have one or two, but that's it. Amy said its pretty much me, myself and I. She has a great board for her charity. For her coffee chat, she has 2 people, her tech guy Rich and her VP Lisa. She loves travelling and speaking and would love to do that.

*Amy might have a new updated website in the next few weeks.

That was the end of the interview with Amy.

One of the interesting things about this particular interview was not just the interview with Amy, but the topic and the guest that followed Amy -- one of the people that run the popular Gosselin Blog -- "Gosselins Without Pity".

It was an interesting sequence of guests considering that is the big Gosselin blog and their issues with Kate and the Gosselin show.

It was interesting for me to listen to it since we are basically the only Roloff blog - well, now Matt is promoting his blog or the blog his staff runs, but we are basically the only Roloff blog that isn't run by Matt and his staff.

Some of the things that the Gosselin Without Pity blogger said are the same as Spiritswander. We don't make any money off this either and sometimes people don't realize that things get moderated and comments are rejected on both sides. Sometimes things are just blog bashing insults and sometimes comments submitted are a little too vitriolic towards the Roloffs and those things get rejected as well -- and sometimes people don't understand that.

One thing that I found surprising about the Gosselin blogger guest was that she said their blog wasn't just about Jon and Kate Plus Eight, it was about the larger issue that children shouldn't be on reality shows. So it was surprising to me that when they referred to Amy since she was on minutes earlier, she was so complimentary towards the Roloffs and commended them -- Pointing out that the Roloffs show was about educating for LP awareness and the Roloff kids were older.

Personally, not trying to get into a blog war or anything, but it struck me as just a bit hypocritical, although I realize it would be poor manners to rag on the previous guest on the radio show. However, I just think that if that's really you're big issue -- that the Gosselins are horrible people for putting their kids on a reality show that they made money off of, I think it's a little hypocritical to commend the "other" TLC reality family for the same thing. Not all the factors were the same, but some of it was.

As both Matt and Amy have said, Jacob Roloff has basically had cameras in his life since he was old enough to remember -- 5 years old (as Matt explained once, the original pilots started filming around 2002). The Roloffs used to be quite vocal about their strenuous filming schedule, 6 days a week between 12 and 16 hours a day. Amy just gets done admitting that Molly and Jacob did the show basically because Mom and Dad said that's what they're doing. And Amy described Jacob as Amy and Matt as usually do - very difficult, very challenging, they don't really know how to deal with him, etc. Listeners to Amy's coffee chat heard that 3 weeks ago Amy say that Jacob thinks he hates her. Four weeks ago Molly said Jacob hates her (Molly) at that moment. Hmm..... What could possibly be a factor in his behavior/attitude? So I did find it odd to hear the big Gosselin blog who has made that their stated issue, be so complimentary towards the Roloffs.

In talking to a couple of people about this, our consensus to why people are much harsher towards Kate Gosselin than the Roloffs basically boiled down to different factors, but mainly because the Roloffs, especially on the surface, are so much more likable than Kate. Her personality is so strong that most people can't stand her. While on the show, Matt had his Goofy "Goobly Gook" quirky dad always doing crazy projects personality that people found funny and entertaining and Amy comes across as being too lenient, but ultimately loves her kids and she does have that nice down to earth personality in interviews that make people think "It would be lovely to have lunch with her and have Amy as a friend". It's not really until you really know more about the Roloffs that you could find that they might not be quite as honorable or quite as nice or as real as their first impression image suggested.

Personally my opinion on the subject is a little more passive than some people. While I think there are certainly some signs that it can be damaging for the kids, I also look at it as parents doing what parents always do - making decisions for their kids and sometimes it's not what you would do or you might think it's wrong, but parents do make choices for their kids. I sort of look at it as parents of these sports prodigies, perhaps tennis is a good example. The father of the Williams sisters, Andre Aggassi's father, Martina Hingis' mother, Jennifer Capriati's dad and thousands of others that we never hear of -- who all basically make the decision for their kids to take a normal childhood away in pursuit of becoming the next big thing -- sometimes they are successful, but the case can be made that it's not actually best for the child's well being - but ultimately, it is the parent's choice.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Amy Roloff Coffee Chat Summary; March 24

The entire Roloff family made brief appearances on Amy's coffee chat this week, with the exception of Jacob whom Amy said she was hoping would come on, but was still sleeping at 1:45:pm when they were wrapping up.

Amy's guest was a marketing and social media expert. They spent the majority of time explaining "Text To Give" -- you can donate to the Amy Roloff Charity Foundation via text on your phone. See Amy's charity foundation website for more details.

Amy explained that there wasn't a coffee chat last week because she had a speaking engagement. She flew home and then went to Santa Barbara, California with Jeremy. She said it looks like Jeremy will transfer in the fall. He's excited about it. Amy commented that on the trip she was trying to keep Jeremy focused on the college instead of how wonderful Santa Barbara was as a place-- that's what Jeremy was really into.

Zach showed up very briefly at the beginning. Zach, Jeremy, Mueller and a friend are going camping and canoeing for the weekend. They're leaving tomorrow at 8am. Zach and Mueller were on the way to the store to get supplies, while Jeremy was trying to find a friend to loan him a second canoe.

Amy asked Zach why Mueller was so pissed or why he was mad at Mueller? Couldn't quite figure it out. The gist of it was something about Jeremy, Zach and Mueller tracking mud and dog crap all up the stairs and on the carpets in their rooms. However, Zach and Mueller were leaving for the store and Jeremy was on a mission to get a 2nd canoe for someone, so Amy said she will clean up after the boys when her coffee chat concludes.

Jeremy came down to get coffee and said "Hi". They talked about the canoe/camping trip. Amy commented that they have 4 people, but still only one canoe. She suggested some friends to borrow it from. Jeremy said the person Amy suggested doesn't live close and said they could rent one, but it costs $70 per day. Amy said they are young people that don't have a job...I don't think Jeremy was too pleased at Amy's comment.

Matt made his appearance as promised. Amy said they are still together and things are going well. They are supporting each other's projects. Matt was here for Amy's coffee chat and Amy visited the dirt site for Matt's documentary. Matt has a 5 state speaking tour next week. Amy said it works out well because last week she was away on travel while he was home and this week it's the opposite. She said it's good because Jacob still needs parents.

Matt explained that there has been something strange happening with his heart, but they can't quite figure out what's going on. He talked about the dirt project. The short story is that Intel is building a plant and paying Matt to dump the dirt on land that Matt purchased. Matt said he has a plan to make it into "Pumpkin Mountain".

The video went off while Matt was on. When it came back, they said they would take a few questions for him. Matt asked for some tough questions, but didn't receive any. He was asked about if he's planning on expanding the stool business into Canada.

Next up was Molly, who last night had returned from the school mission trip in Haiti. For just spending a week in Haiti, she wasn't very talkative about it. Amy really needed to press to get her to talk. She said the trip was fine and the flight home was long. After Amy asked her about what she thought of Haiti, Molly said that it's completely back to where it was before the disaster. She said it's not that they are recovering from the devastation anymore. It's just Haiti was so poor that it didn't take a lot to get back to where they were before. Molly was surprised the tent city was as clean as it was.

Molly was a little more forth-coming with her thoughts about college when asked about her plans and if she would move? She said she's thinking about colleges in California or Washington. She's not opposed to Oregon, but hasn't found a school that she likes there. She was asked about George Fox University since she visited there. Molly explained that she wants something different than Faith Bible. She has spent her whole life at Faith Bible so she wants to experience something different. She said she would like a private college, but a little less...religious? She doesn't want to attend a school where it's a requirement to attend Chapel service. She wants to attend chapel service because that's what she wants to do and not because she gets a credit for it. Molly said that's too much like Faith Bible and she wants a change.

Amy finished up the chat by mentioning that she was hoping Jacob would come on, but he was still sleeping.

They don't have the video recording of it up yet, but usually is eventually located at:

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Matt Roloff To Speak in Delhi, New York

Matt Roloff is coming to Delhi, New York for a speaking engagement that is free and open to the public on March 29th at 8 p.m. in The Okun Theatre. It is "An Evening with Matt Roloff: Leading an Extraordinary Life". It is being presented by the SUNY Delhi Student Programming Board and the SUNY Delhi Office of Disability Support Services.

"Matt operates a successful family farm, authored two books, was top salesman for Fortune 500 companies, and currently owns a manufacturing company specializing in mobility equipment designed for little people. He has served as national president of Little People of America and has since co-founded a non-profit organization that supports little people across the nation."

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Amy Thinks Jeremy Roloff Is Headed To Santa Barbara, CA For Photography School

If you follow, Amy's Facebook Fan Page, you already know that Jeremy Roloff and Amy took a trip on Sunday and Monday to Santa Barbara, California to check out a college.

A few months ago, Matt went with Jeremy to Santa Barbara.

You can see our original article about the photography school which Jeremy was accepted: The Brooks Institute of Photography (located in Santa Barbara, California):

In the months after, it seemed like Jeremy was luke warm on the idea, mulling over more local options.

A few weeks ago in a coffee chat, Amy said Jeremy was considering the Portland Art Institute and might move to Portland to be on scene for a lot of the hands-on projects. As recently as two weeks in a coffee chat, Amy said it looked like Jeremy was confirmed at a school in Portland.

Then came this latest Jeremy/Amy trip to Santa Barbara. Amy posted this today on her Facebook Fan Page along with the picture:

"Jer and I in Santa Barbara CA college visit. I think he's going/transferring in the fall. So proud of him."

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Molly Roloff in Haiti on School Mission Trip

As Amy has talked about for a couple of months, Molly is apart of a school mission trip in Haiti.

Amy posted a picture of Molly on her Charity Foundation page at the airport leaving:

The group:

They arrived in Haiti and provided these updates:

March 17

We have electricity.

We took a tour of the tent city. It was amazing. They have it very well organized with leadership. The people have little businesses set up, even a little movie house, food places, etc. The little kids all say, “hey you” over and over. They will come up and hold your hand as you walk around. Makes you appreciate everything we have.

We are on the rooftop and some of the kids are singing to us.

We are sleeping on a rudimentary cement floor that is very dusty.

Mosquitoes, noise and found a 3.5” cockroach on the floor near where I am sleeping.

There aren't any screens on the windows so we have a bat flying around our room! I'm good with that as long as he eats all the mosquitoes.

The sounds of mosquitoes buzzing in your ears at night take on a different meaning when you know that they could be carrying malaria.

March 18
Day 2 started with individual devotions at 5:00am. Group devotions at 5:45 and breakfast at 6:00. The plan for the day had us breaking out into two work teams: team one cleaning toilets and showers in the tent city and team two moving (metal) building materials over to the girls’ home to start building temporary shelters. Things are fluid here so both teams stopped their jobs and helped unload a truck of medical supplies from Doctors Without Borders. We worked side by side with the locals forming a long line to pass the boxes from the truck to the storage area.

We can't take a lot of pictures of the Haitians as they don’t like it. Apparently they all want to come to the U.S.. They think that if their picture gets taken it could end up on the Internet which the government might use against them.

Lunch was great. We give many thanks to the local ladies who cook for us. After lunch we moved (by hand) a whole lot of the metal building materials over to the staging site. We are working in over 90 degree weather with high humidity.

Another group of us painted the bathrooms in the “guest house” as there are more people joining us Saturday and Monday for a total of 60 people. We have limited water and bathrooms, so please pray for us.

The dads are sleeping on the roof tonight with the boys. Hopefully it will be cooler with less mosquitoes.

It’s been totally safe here. We have guards with us, but I doubt they will be needed.

The kids are working hard. They are truly amazing to see in action and our FEI (host?) commented on how hard they are working.

We appreciate all of your prayers.

March 19
A medical team from Chicago arrived today so the volunteer numbers doubled. Monday the 30 from Solid Rock will arrive. Showers are already a bit tricky with cold water, and one toilet, but with that many people meals/showers/bathroom breaks will be difficult.

The team shoveled garbage, painted and built walls/roofs for the temporary housing. This afternoon we are heading to the girls home to play some Double Dutch jump rope.

Church tomorrow so we get to sleep in until 5:15, breakfast at 6:00. Service typically lasts most of the day.

Music, singing, dogs barking, roosters crowing are just some of the continuous noise all night long. It usually settles down about 3-4. The noise is like sleeping with your window open in New York City. The ear plugs we brought only put a small dent in it.

The team is in great spirits. We are blessed to serve these amazing people.

Please continue to pray for the team in Haiti!

March 20
Today is a day off for the team. Up at 5:15 for devotions then breakfast at 6:00. Fresh papaya, oatmeal, cereal, bread and peanut butter. They have bread and peanut butter at almost every meal. Not sure if that's Haitian or just extra supplies. We went to church not too far down the road today. Very lively church. One song was as long as our church's entire music set. I saw a chicken and a dog roaming about during the service.

Saw lots of people out on the streets today voting for the president. Garrett thought that one of the vehicles that we passed was one of the candidates. We hope to walk outside the compound after lunch - males only.

We just went for a long walk around the city here. Micha, Garrett, Jordan, Mr. Carbonari and Mr. Ballard along with our interpreter, Johnson. He showed us his house that his 3 month old died in during the earthquake. I said the house didn't look too bad and he explained that we were looking at the second floor. The first floor was pancaked. Sad story. We walked down to the beach and then back to the house. The girls stayed back and played games like moose, moose.

Please continue to keep the team in your prayers!

March 21
No post election violence that we have heard of.

The Solid Rock team showed up.

Lots of hard work today. One crew swept the paths in the tent city and shovelled garbage. This isn't like the garbage we are used to as all kinds of foul things can be found in it - the Forward Edge International Coordinator threw up while doing it. Our kids had real servant attitudes and had no problems.

Over at the construction site the team pushed 2 hours past normal time to complete all of the side and roof panels.

The only thing left is to put on the metal sheeting which is already under way.

Tomorrow: cleaning the camp toilets and showers, painting and metal sheeting, roofing panels.

It would appear the the popular choice for president has won and there haven't been any issues that we've been made aware of. 70% of the population is under 30 years old. The popular choice was a rap star.

Please continue to pray for the team in Haiti!

March 22

A great day here. Lots of work got done and lots of relationships being made. Solid Rock brought down enough money to do a Lords Kitchen feeding - where the camp kids get to eat a good meal for free. Our team helped out with the kids and feeding. The morning was started cleaning showers and toilets. The building crew finished off the twenty houses that they had been assigned at the beginning of the trip. The crew was very excited to help hand carry the parts they built to a house site about a quarter mile away.

After work we all went down to see some of the camp kids sing to us in a classroom tent. We handed out some of the things we brought and then went outside to play with the kids. They loved just being held or carried around. Playing jump rope is one of their favorite things to play. Our kids have a big heart for these Haitian children and what they have been through. Several have already talked about coming back.

Tomorrow we all head out to clean toilets and showers in the camp. We hope to get over to the area (Lambee) where the homes we built are going and to see the community they will be a part of. It is also our last day here. I am sure that many are looking forward to going home, but at the same time finding it difficult to leave behind their new found friends.

Please remember to keep the Haiti team in your prayers!

March 23
We are working on our final project. Painting houses to preserve the plywood. Nike is partnering up with Grace Village to build up the land. Combination of temporary and permanent housing.

Hot soup was delivered to the work site, except they forgot the spoons. We improvised.

It was a great day. It was an incredible week. Life changing.

See you at the airport!!

Please pray for the Haiti team as they will be coming home tomorrow (Thursday the 24th)

Molly and a teacher working in Haiti

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Amy Roloff Encounters Problem With Flight Attendants

Amy Roloff was on her way to a speaking engagement at the Women's Fair in Indiana for Saturday March 19

She posted on her Facebook Fan Page after her flight and vented about her experience on the plane. Amy wondered what flight attendants do anymore?

Amy Roloff = "Wow, got to airport record time. 30 min. Getting ready to board ... Second time this happened - flight attendants can not help with putting luggage in overhead? 'law'. Really? So I can't do what others get to do? Really?"

Amy Roloff
= "So what do flight attendants do on an airplane? There's no food, I bring my own water and if the plane gies down well we are all in trouble. So what do the do anymore?
Cause of height I can't lift and put in overhead and they can't help? Hmmm my next mission perhaps? Along with kids!"

Amy Roloff
= "The problem is it's law. Anyone needing help they are not required or need to assist. So unless a passenger can help I'm required to ck a carry on. Crazy. Doesn't seem right to me."

This is unrelated to Amy's specific case, but here is an article that interviews a flight attendant from their perspective re: the baggage issue (May 2010).

FareCompare: What’s a big problem on planes these days?

Flight Attendant: You want me to narrow it down to only one? [Laughing] The carry-on bags. They’re a hot button for a lot of passengers and crew. People abuse the policy, pushing it over the limits, because they don’t want to pay the checked-bag fees. I understand, but now so many people carry much heavier bags. Per company policy, we are to “assist” with these bags, not stow them ourselves.

“They just dump [their bags] at my feet at my feet and move on”

And I know what you’re thinking, big deal, it’s just one bag – but it’s not one bag. I may work three flights in one day. That’s three boardings, each with hundreds of passengers, and hundreds of bags. We never have enough storage, and the battles begin. Moving bags, lifting bags, assisting passengers, all takes a toll on your back, believe me. With my pay cuts since bankruptcy, I cannot afford to injure myself and risk being out of work. It’s that simple.

FareCompare: Are some passengers worse than others?

Flight Attendant: If I say, your bag is too big or too heavy, it has to be checked – well, everybody wants to argue. “I carried it on my last flight” doesn’t cut it. I wasn’t there, and it doesn’t matter. Or some customers don’t even ask for help with their bags. Instead they just dump them at my feet and move on, expecting me to take care of it. I cannot. You pack it, you stack it.

Some of our passengers with disabilities need extra help. This is where the waters get a little murky. I want to assist as needed, but sometimes I am pushed over all limits. Where do I draw the line? With minimal staffing, and minimum boarding time, I may not always be able to assist as needed. Some of our “high-yield” frequent flyers abuse the policies, and we’re expected to look the other way."

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Jen Montzingo responds to Zach Roloff Rumors and Accusations in Video

Jen Montzingo has responded on her You Tube Channel in video to the rumors about her and Zach Roloff; if you haven't seen it, you can check out story here:

Jen addresses the rumors, accusations and reveals some of the comments she has received as a result of this and responds to them. It's interesting to see some of the different comments she has received and very rare to see someone share such hurtful claims about herself and to be open with people about her feelings.

Part two gets even more personal. Jen reads emails and comments that were made about her; comments accusing her of using the Roloffs and comments that Jen's career is a credit to Matt Roloff.

In addition to stating that the rumor is not true (which was included in our original article about the rumors -- I clearly stated that both Zach and Jen say they are not dating), she gives her opinion of people commenting like this on celebrities.

In a comment she did confirm what we reported, that some friends seem convinced that there's something going on with them, but she says it's not true.

"Over the years, some of our LP friends have been like 'oooh, Jen, c'mon, we know you're dating Zach'....but they were wrong :) We get along good, talk a lot and have been great friends for a long time. People speculate from there I guess. I think too because we were seen together a lot. I've also gotten a lot of emails and messages over the years from LPBW fans asking and in the past couple weeks, especially in the last week to the point it became so many that I couldn't keep up and felt I should finally just make a statement. Especially when family members I haven't seen in ages emailed asking. He's going to make some girl very lucky but we are just close friends."

* "People are entitled to hate me and people might like me...everyone has the right to make commentary on a public figure because we've put ourselves out there, and I think it's completely different for children, but I don't want to go off on that tangent."

* "I want to read both sides, because I think if you're going to read the positive side about yourself in the media or your accolades, you have to be very realistic about your flaws, and I welcome those critiques because they make me a better person"

Jen also reads a comment she received that's similar to some of the opinions people left here, the sentiment that Jen can do better than Zach...

* "First of all we're not dating, but second of all, that's sort of nice to me that you think that, but you also don't know Zach so maybe I couldn't do better, but you don't know either of us on a personal level....but that's such a subjective opinion."

On reality tv stars in Hollywood (someone said she was lucky to be able with "hot" guys like Zach and Jeremy Roloff).

"The thing is, reality television in Hollywood is not respected at the same level, so I would never propose at walking into a group, oh I'm cool when I'm seeing major actors who are just brilliant, honestly we're such small potatoes, I'm barely even on the show. So that doesn't make me cool. I think what makes me cool is that I'm a decent human being and I worked really hard and got a Bachelor of Arts Degree and that I followed my dreams to can still think I'm not cool, but those are qualities that you can really judge someone by."

In Part two, some of the question/comments she received are quite pointed and critical. I think it's nice to see some genuine emotion.

Some of the comments Jen reads:

"You've always tried to use Zach and Jeremy for your own personal gain"

"It's sad that hangers on like you attempt to exploit the kindness of the Roloff family. It's people like you that make them jaded"

"Zach's never going to date you. As the son of Matt Roloff he has the pick of the litter, he is gold"

"It was possible in the past. Not now. Zach, Jeremy and Molly all wised up a couple of years ago that you were using them to catapult your own career in Hollywood. They weren't raised by dummies. Matt pegged you years ago...."

Jen also responds directly to the point someone made that Jen being in Hollywood is a testament to Matt Roloff:

"...but to say that I am who I am because of one person (Matt Roloff), who I am not even in a mentoring relationship with, to me is unfair to my work, I've also worked hard for this for any success I've had..."

Watch the video to see Jen's own response to all of those claims and more.

Part One

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Zach Roloff and Jen Montzingo Rumors

We always aim to share with you the buzz and things other people are talking about as it relates to the Roloffs, LPBW and things and people associated with the show or the Roloffs. People will often contact us about certain topics, either with information of their own or inquiring for more.

So we decided it's time share with you by doing a separate item on one of the more "gossip" type topics, that actually seems to be picking up more steam lately.

"Are the Roloff kids dating?" has always been a frequent question among fans. Of course, if you believe the show (and a lot of people wisely don't...) none of the Roloff kids have dated since about 3 years ago when Kirsten disappeared. The popular theory about that was that as the Roloffs gained more power that came with being on a successful show that had staying power -- they wanted more real privacy in their personal lives and that's why in the last few years there was basically nothing on that front and a lot of the episodes centered around more contrived plots. If you were the Roloffs, would you rather the show focus on your real relationships and who you're dating or far-fetched plots like runaway turtles?

But alas, people speculate anyway because that's human nature. So the topic today, as it was in Amy's coffee chat from Friday, does Zach Roloff have a girlfriend? Since the beginning, on the show Zach has been portrayed as being too shy, not interested in girls, unable to talk to girls,needed to take a dating course and failed miserably, etc. Some fans wondered how accurate that was because in videos and pictures of Zach at some LPA events he didn't seem too awkward re: girls at the events.

Yet through it all, there have been little rumblings that Zach and Jen Montzingo were dating or more than just friends. It seemed to stem from an early episode of Little People, Big World when Zach -- who viewers were told never could talk to girls about anything -- ran up a significant phone bill with a girl in Seattle (Jen). Matt teased on the show that Zach secretly had a girl on the side, but kept it quiet because that's how Zach rolls.

Then, a while ago on her blog,, in an unrelated topic about why she enjoyed the LP conferences -- Jen mentioned that Zach was one of two very close LP friends she talked with regularly or almost every day.

Through the years when these topics would pop up about the Roloffs, occasionally people would mention things like the fact that Zach was Jen's date at her father's wedding. So there was sort of this underlying conspiracy theory from some people that they were dating, but it was kept a secret.

Of course, some people dismiss that, citing that it's a typical thing that fans with active imaginations get carried away with. And they're just friends. And they would point out that Jen is a handful of years older than Zach. Some people would say that Jen seemed more mature than Zach. And Jen's social views, which are much more liberal, seem to really differ from the conservative views of the Roloffs (ie. Jen is rather outspoken about her support of gay rights, etc, whereas Roloffs attend very conservative Churches that preach and practice the whole "Gay-Rehab" idea - where they teach that people who are gay can and should be cured of being gay).

Despite all of that, the gossip about Zach and Jen dating or being in a relationship always sort of floated around.

It seems to have really heated up in the last week or two. We've received some emails and comments about Zach's recent trip to Los Angeles -- the main point of the trip was to film the Tough Enough episode with the Statesmen Basketball team. However, we've received emails about that. Here is an example.

Hi Spiritswander,
I think all Roloff fans will want to know this.
My sister was in Los Angeles last week. She saw Zach Roloff out on a date with Jen Montzingo. She's the girl that ran up a huge phone bill with Zach on the show. She's been to the Roloffs lots of times to visit Zach. I also read he was Jen's date at her dad's wedding.

My sister wanted to say something when she saw them but she didn't want to interupt. She took a picture of them at a distance. I know it sounds creeper status but we don't see famous people alot. lol. She said they were definitely looking cozy and looked like they were having a great time.

The show is so fake! They made Zach seem like he was too nervous to talk to girls and couldn't do a thing but meanwhile he's dating Jen. My sister said they definitely looked like more than friends.

Why don't they admit this? Do you know why they are being secretive about it? I think TLC controls him and won't let him say he's in a relationship with Jen because that will make the show look stupid for saying that Zach can't talk to girls.

This "Zach dating" comment somewhat extended into the live chat on Friday when Zach was briefly on Amy's coffee chat and was reading questions. You can see that part of the video at approximately 0:23 into the video (when Mueller first sits down).

Zach answered "No". Amy said "No, Zach isn't really dating these days, but he has a lot of friends, he has a special girlfriend, but they aren't like dating girlfriend, but he has a lot of girl - friends, so Zach's just hanging."

So people are asking us for the scoop to be informed or our position on it...well, what you should know is that for Zach's part, he denies it to everybody. However, in researching this, and this honestly does come as a bit of surprise only because it does seem like the typical fan invented leaping to conclusions -- but honestly, many of Zach's friends, especially his LP friends, actually do believe that Zach and Jen Montzingo are "together" or "dating" or an "item" or whatever you want to call it. Zach and Jen obviously don't go around saying it and as stated, Zach denies it, but many of his friends think there is something with him and Jen.

To that point, if you watch the video of the coffee chat again, pay very close attention to Jacob Mueller. As Amy begins saying "No Zach isn't dating", Mueller rather quietly says "Yeah he is..." and then gives a sly little grin and glance over to Zach before looking down." That's basically exactly along the lines of what we were told -- Zach's friends think he does have something going on with Jen, despite what Zach may say or not say.

For Jen's part, someone on twitter tweeted that she is Zach's love interest. Jen tweeted the following: "what? no :) I have no affiliation w/TLC, except to say they are lovely. I am very much single, teaching & pursuing my dreams in LA :)"

So make of that whatever you want or don't want.

Speaking of Jen Montzingo, as mentioned above and as followers of our site or hardcore fans of the show keep up with LPBW online know, Jen used to live in Seattle, but moved over a year ago to Los Angeles to pursue her dream of being an actress.

Jen is in a brand new popular (it has approx. 200,000 views in 3 days) music video/short film -- Panic! at the Disco - The Overture.

You can follow Jen on twitter:

Friday, March 11, 2011

Amy Roloff Coffee Chat March 11 with Jacob Mueller and Zach

In this weeks Amy Roloff Coffee Chat Summary the main point of discussion will be rather obvious.

You can watch the whole show at the above link. In our summaries, we stick to the things that fans of the family and Little People, Big World are more drawn to, rather than the (non-Roloff and LPBW related) guests and cooking recipes, etc.

*Amy said her kids don't eat Chicken off a drumstick or the chicken wing. Molly won't eat chicken on a bone. Chatters asked her why? Amy said Molly has a hang up about it, Amy thinks she's just uncomfortable about the whole thing of where our food comes from.

*They will prepare the dirt in April for pumpkin season and usually in May is when Matt starts to get serious about pumpkin season.

*Amy said Matt is doing good and not doing good. He's the project manager of this big dirt project. He's great at dealing with the schedule of the dump trucks and the logicistics, but he needs to get up in the mornings at 5:30am. Matt doesn't like getting up early. Neither do the kids. Amy says the kids got that from Matt, although as she is getting older, she is getting more like that too.

*Amy described the dirt project again for people that don't understand. It's not on their own farm. Intel is building a plant. They need to dig really far down, then they need to get rid of all that dirt and find places to put it -- so Matt has one of the places where they dump it.

*Amy and Lisa Dixon were talking about how Amy sometimes mispronounces words. Amy said she always messes up "Chicken Parmesan". Amy said she always says it "Par-ME-sion" and Molly makes fun of her. A couple of years ago Molly was with her friends and Molly said "Par-ME-sion"...all her friends laughed at her. Molly said, but that's what my Mom has always called it!" So ever since Molly makes fun of Amy for saying it wrong.

*Lisa and chatters mentioned Amy pronouncing Oregon wrong. Amy was brought up saying Or-e-GONE. Lisa said it's supposed to be "Or-e-GIN". Amy told a story that when they went back to Michigan with the crew to visit her parents, her father, Gordon Knight, said "Or-e-gone" -- Amy told her crew come film it and had her dad say it again so people could hear where she got it from.

*Zach walked in. He said he just woke up. He told Amy he had the most amazing night ever, but he can't say on camera. He said it was the best experience he's had in his entire life. Amy said she would find out for herself later. She asked him if he lost money. Zach replied no, he made amazing amounts of money. Amy asked if it had to do with soccer, Zach said it could. Amy thinks they had a friendly game of cards/poker with friends.

*Jacob Mueller walked in. Amy said he's Zach's friend, but he's more than a friend, he's part of their family.

*Zach was reading the chatter's questions and answering. He was asked if he had a girlfriend. Amy said Zach doesn't really have a girlfriend. He has lots of friends. He has a special girl friend, but they aren't like dating or anything.

*Mueller just woke up. Amy didn't think he was at this big thing with Zach last night. Mueller said he was watching the Tsunami stuff on the news with Jeremy (Jeremy didn't make an appearance this week).

*Mueller said they usually wake up at 8am and go for a morning jog. Both Zach and Mueller need to work at 5am tomorrow, since today is their day off they stayed up late and that's why they were just getting up (at Noon)

*Amy said Jeremy always leaves his shoes all over the place. She knew she had company coming so she threw it all in a bag and put in the garage. Mueller's shoes were in the pile --Amy told him that's where he would find his missing shoes.

*Okay, the big topic this week -- you can watch it for yourself at the 28 minute mark -- it ends around 30 minutes.

Basically, it went like this:

Zach and Mueller were looking at the live chat questions as Amy was talking. Zach told Amy to answer this one. Amy read the question: "Jacob, what inspired the Mo tossing, you guys sure created some ripples"

Amy answered -- well, the thing is when people have their cat on the table, they'll brush it off the table, and she's heard so many stories of how people will get a blanket and throw their cat up so it lands on the blanket. The cat was injured or hurt. Tell me if I'm wrong, Mueller? I think Zach thought it would be really cool since he was sitting on the floor and had his computer camera angle up high..

Mueller said "And I was on my knees" Amy said so what you thought was 7 or 9 feet of Mo in the air was only really a couple of feet.

Zach "It was a picture joke and people got out of hand with it."

Amy explained that the other thing is that it didn't happen yesterday. It was like several years ago, Zach had it on his computer and posted it.

Amy said they normally don't do that to their animals. Mueller has like 10 animals himself. Mueller said he has 2 dogs, a basset hound and a German Sheppard and loves them very much.

So according to Amy, "unfortunately people took this one picture and made it a movie size screen and that's really too bad, but Mo is Mo and doing great. So it's not like we condone that. If these boys did that every single day to our pets then I wouldn't be cool with it"

Zach and Mueller left at that point. Amy did a segment about wine as she was cooking with a guest. Mueller and Zach waited for food and then Amy finished up talking about women that inspire her.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Zach Roloff and The Statesmen will appear in WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) Reality Show episode

Viewers of Amy Roloff's coffee chat on Friday heard her say that Zach was currently in Los Angeles that day doing something for a friend. People were asking what brought Zach to LA?

It turns out that Zach and the LP team Zach and Marty Klebba put together -- The Statesmen will be apart of an episode for the WWE Reality Show - Tough Enough.

The concept of "Tough Enough" is for contestants to train and compete for a WWE contract. The show originally aired in the early 2000's on MTV. It ended in 2003, but is being revived this year and will air on the USA network. Popular ex-wrestler Stone Cold Steve Austin and Trish Stratus were speculated to be the hosts and trainer for the new season.

The series is slated to start airing on April 11th.

Contestants on Tough Enough often competed in team building exercises. Apparenetly one of the activities will be taking on The Statesmen in a game.

The Facebook Fan Page for The Statesmen posted about this in February:

The Statesmen: March 5th, The Statesmen are doing a episode of Tuff Enough for the USA network. They will be playing a game against 7-8 WWE wrestlers. The Big Show and Ron Artest will also be with us.
posted: February 9

If you're wondering about the TLC exclusivity contract with the Roloffs; we're told that wasn't an issue because this was minor - being a team member for a segment of one episode and it's representing a charity team.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Matt Roloff Speaks At Diversity Week; University of Portland

Matt Roloff was a guest speaker at the University of Portland for 'Diversity week' on Monday night. The University of Portland was one of the campuses that was featured in an episode of Little People, Big World, when Jeremy and Zach were visiting different colleges and universities.

Amanda Blas of The Beacon, has an article about Matt's speech.

At the end of the article it quotes Matt stating that he was just discussing with his lawyers about doing a Christmas Special for television.

Here are some of Matt's quotes from his speech:

- "Watch your thoughts, for they become your words. Watch your words, for they become your actions," Roloff said. "Watch your actions, for they become your character. Watch your character, for they become destiny. But what if we were to change the word ‘watch' to ‘craft'?"

-Roloff spent most his childhood in and out of hospitals. It was during those days that Roloff first experienced diversity, encountering people with various medical conditions.
"I was submersed in diversity," Roloff said. "At the time, I thought it was a bad thing. But looking back, it was a blessing to be surrounded by people so different."

-"I was so different that when I was born, the doctors didn't even want to show me to my mom," Roloff said. "They were so freaked out about my short arms and short legs."

- "I used to come home crying because people would tease me at school that I'm short," Roloff said. "And one day, my dad said, ‘So what? You are short!' And I thought about it and said, ‘You know what? You're right.'"

- "When it comes to diversity, there are two sides to the coin," Roloff said. "You can practice being the victim, or you can practice the other side to be the person who's accepting when people you encounter are different. I decided early on I wasn't going to be a victim."

- Having encountered many people who did not accept him because of his appearance, Roloff gave students some useful advice.
"Submerge yourself and practice celebrating diversity," Roloff said. "I would hope all of you at your age take the opportunity not to wait until later in life, but begin practicing now."

- "If you can wrap your head around a little person being equal to you, you can wrap your head around all kinds of diversity," Roloff said.

Though "Little People, Big World" has come to an end after being featured on TLC for six seasons, there is talk of the show's return.
"Right before this, we were on the phone with our lawyers," Roloff said. "They were talking about us having a Christmas special."

"In 2009, UP was featured in one of the show's fifth season episodes, "School of Hard Knocks," in which Roloff's twin sons, Jeremy and Zach, visit the campus with his wife, Amy. The twins ended up enrolling at Portland Community College, but UP may not be completely out of the picture.
"I noticed you guys have a photography department," Roloff said. "I'll have to let my son Jeremy know to check it out."

You can read the full article on The Beacon's site:

Friday, March 4, 2011

Amy Roloff Coffee Chat Summary For March 4

The video of Amy's coffee chat is up already, so we will keep our summary of this weeks edition of Amy's coffee chat brief.

A lot of it was Amy talking to two different guests and discussing spring cleaning and recipes. We will stick to more of the family things that people ask about that you might be interested in.

Amy hooks Jeremy up for summer sailing
*Amy's first guest was a ship captain that gives sail boat river tours from Portland. Amy told him Jeremy would love to do that. Captain Shane said he would welcome it because they are always looking for people to help in the summer who will work for free or cheap. Amy said Jeremy would love the experience of it. She was excited for Jeremy.

*People asked about Matt's health and results from the tests he posted about. Amy said Matt's health gets dramatic on Facebook, but he has had some issues lately with soreness in his hips. He's also been having heartburn and wondering if something is going on with his heart, so he wanted to get checked out, but he's doing good and keeps moving and doing things. Matt is spending most of his time with the big dirt project.

Jeremy and Zach's room
*People kept asking why or if Jeremy and Zach still shared a room. Amy answered yes they do.


*Zach is currently down in Los Angeles doing a project for a very good friend. Amy is somewhat nervous that he's travelling by himself.

Not much said about Molly this week. She has her school mission trip to Haiti coming up in March. Next year will be her senior year and then will be going to college in 2012.

Amy said she is having a difficult time with Jacob. She said she worries about him. She's trying to get him back into liking his mom. He's at that teenager stage where he thinks he doesn't like his mom.

Amy said Jeremy is helping Matt with the dirt project and will be doing that in the summer. She said they have a bit of news. Jeremy will be going off in the fall. They just had it confirmed that he got accepted at a place where he will go to in the fall enhance his photography and camera work.

Jeremy walked in at the end of coffee chat as Amy was serving pound cake. Amy said he was covered in mud -- working on Matt's dirt project. He didn't want to be in view. Amy commented "What, my Jeremy is shy now?" Amy told him about Captain Shane's offer that Amy organized. Jeremy said he's 100% for working with him and getting to help the captain sail on the 90-minute sail boat tours.

Those are most of the main points of interest. By the way, if you're wondering, according to people that were watching the chat that emailed us - there were no mentions of the pictures of Mueller and Jeremy tossing Mo the cat (this was the first coffee chat since people saw the pictures).