Friday, March 4, 2011

Amy Roloff Coffee Chat Summary For March 4

The video of Amy's coffee chat is up already, so we will keep our summary of this weeks edition of Amy's coffee chat brief.

A lot of it was Amy talking to two different guests and discussing spring cleaning and recipes. We will stick to more of the family things that people ask about that you might be interested in.

Amy hooks Jeremy up for summer sailing
*Amy's first guest was a ship captain that gives sail boat river tours from Portland. Amy told him Jeremy would love to do that. Captain Shane said he would welcome it because they are always looking for people to help in the summer who will work for free or cheap. Amy said Jeremy would love the experience of it. She was excited for Jeremy.

*People asked about Matt's health and results from the tests he posted about. Amy said Matt's health gets dramatic on Facebook, but he has had some issues lately with soreness in his hips. He's also been having heartburn and wondering if something is going on with his heart, so he wanted to get checked out, but he's doing good and keeps moving and doing things. Matt is spending most of his time with the big dirt project.

Jeremy and Zach's room
*People kept asking why or if Jeremy and Zach still shared a room. Amy answered yes they do.


*Zach is currently down in Los Angeles doing a project for a very good friend. Amy is somewhat nervous that he's travelling by himself.

Not much said about Molly this week. She has her school mission trip to Haiti coming up in March. Next year will be her senior year and then will be going to college in 2012.

Amy said she is having a difficult time with Jacob. She said she worries about him. She's trying to get him back into liking his mom. He's at that teenager stage where he thinks he doesn't like his mom.

Amy said Jeremy is helping Matt with the dirt project and will be doing that in the summer. She said they have a bit of news. Jeremy will be going off in the fall. They just had it confirmed that he got accepted at a place where he will go to in the fall enhance his photography and camera work.

Jeremy walked in at the end of coffee chat as Amy was serving pound cake. Amy said he was covered in mud -- working on Matt's dirt project. He didn't want to be in view. Amy commented "What, my Jeremy is shy now?" Amy told him about Captain Shane's offer that Amy organized. Jeremy said he's 100% for working with him and getting to help the captain sail on the 90-minute sail boat tours.

Those are most of the main points of interest. By the way, if you're wondering, according to people that were watching the chat that emailed us - there were no mentions of the pictures of Mueller and Jeremy tossing Mo the cat (this was the first coffee chat since people saw the pictures).


Ashley said...

Did Jeremy look like he gained a lot of weight? Maybe it was just the clothes he had on? Probably.

Dana said...

Are some people going to be eating their words?

First - Jeremy isn't lazy. He is working hard for Matt. Why do people dismiss Jeremy working for Matt as though that is not a job? He is working hard on a big project.

Second - There you have it. Jeremy did get accepted to a college. He will be leaving home in the fall. He does have a future in photography and is pursuing it. What will certain people do when they won't be able to mock Jeremy for living at home or not having direction in his future or his passion for photography?

Remember, some of us always had faith that Jeremy would go onto great things in his life. Matt never doubted him either.

Justin said...

Jeremy handed another opportunity all courtesy of Amy or Matt. Does he not doing a single thing on his own based on his own merit?

Christine said...

I can't stand Jeremy. There is something about him. Well, actually it's everything. It's this arrogance the exudes from him. Like Justin said, he never does anything for himself. Amy lands him a fun experience learning how to steer a sail boat, Jeremy grabs his food and can't even bothered to hang around.

Matt and Amy do way too much for that cat abuser.

Christine said...

Dana, isn't it a little early to be declaring Jeremy successful? It's probably the Portland Art Institute Amy talked about last time. That's a pay and in you're in institution.

Diane said...

Christine, ITA. Jeremy has no manners. He didn't even say thank you. He expects the world to hand him everything because he is so special.

Judy B said...

Chrstine, Justin, Diane....what, no comment about Jacob's attitude?

Jeremy's manners were fine. It is his home. Amy offered him food. He doesn't have to say thank you. He showed the captain that he was excited.

Jeremy is moving on with his life, going to college for a specific interest and ready to move out. What about Zach?

Jacob is causing Amy to worry about him and makes her feel like he doesn't like her, but you have nothing to say about him?

Kayla said...

Ashley, agreed. Jeremy's work clothes definitely don't do him any favors.

Rap541 said...

Oh Judy, you really shouldn't be pointing fingers :) Lets refresh everyone on your opinions, shall we? When people were upset about Jeremy participating in animal abuse, you said:

lets have God reserve judgement. Not us. I'm not perfect. Are you?

What *about* that, Judy B?

Now you are gosh, *demanding* everyone pass judgement on Jake Roloff for being a fifteen year old who doesn't get on with his mom. Why is that Judy? Isn't judging wrong? Do you know Jake Roloff? Oh like hating him, so its ok.


Animal abuse? lets have God reserve judgement. Not us. I'm not perfect. Are you?

Dana - Jeremy is working for daddy, the only employer who is kinda required to hire him. He may or may not take the job that his mommy got for him for the summer, but really, I am not shocked that Mommy had to organize a special little job for Jer.

I'll be shocked if he takes it.

What school is he going to for his art? A school with an entrance portfolio requirement? Or a school that is for profit? (aka you pays your monies, you get in)

Susan Coles said...

It could be a good sign that Jake doesn't like Amy. Perhaps that means Amy is actually being a parent and implementing some discipline finally? A couple of months ago she said he was doing poorly in school. Perhaps she took his phone away and he's angry with her? If so, good.

If Amy wasn't so concerned with being the best friend to the twins, perhaps Jeremy wouldn't be the pathetic excuse for an adult like he is presently.

Rap, I think Jeremy will try it, but as a job? Too much for Jeremy when it becomes work. I think he will show up a few times. He sees it as a chance to be a captain of a boat. I would be interested in seeing how excited he is if he's required to get up early morning on a Saturday or can't go running off to play with Mueller because he is scheduled to work. I don't think Jeremy looks at it as a job as he does "I get to have somebody show me how to be a captain".

Katie said...

So what is Zach doing in LA? Something with that LPBW producer Amy loves that a lot people think ruined the show because of his friendship?

Gloria said...

Get the stick out of your butt Rap. Are you having a nervous breakdown? Because it sure seems like you are going off your rocker lately.

And what is that God/Religious hang up about? Are you religious, are you not? Or do you just like to mock religion and people who are religious?

You obviously don't see that while you jump up and down declaring hypocrisy of others, you ignore what a hypocrite you are.

Rap541 said...

Get the stick out of your butt Rap.

Ah the stimulation of an *intellectual* debate. Gloria, you're so witty, repeating a very common insult that Matt's special little boardies use to use. Does Matt like it when you talk about putting sticks in butts? It was such a frequent insult on Matt's site.

Did Matt teach you this? :D

Are you having a nervous breakdown?

Not at all. I am highly amused that rather than answer my questions on whether you approve of Jeremy taking pictures of cat abuse, you respond with direct personal insults, and of course refuse to say anything about *Jeremy's actions*.

Because it sure seems like you are going off your rocker lately.

Really? What makes you say that? I am against animal abuse and *sane* people are applauding Jer-Bear bravely letting his buddy Mueller be a nasty piece of crap in his home? Could you point me to the people applauding Jeremy manfully and proudly declaring how cool it is to take pictures of cat throwing?

And what is that God/Religious hang up about? Are you religious, are you not? Or do you just like to mock religion and people who are religious?

No, I dislike people who hide behind religion when it suits their purposes. The Roloffs have no problem depicting themselves as moderates religiously speaking, happy to embrace diversity, but in their sort of private lives in fact practice a religion of exclusion. No Roloff has been willing to say they don't embrace hard core right wing evangelical beliefs. When pressed, a Roloff will suggest (but never out right state) that they may not approve of certain aspects of their church.

At the same time, no Roloff will proudly stand up and say "I am a Roloff and I am a Christian who believes homosexuality is wrong!" And they have been pressed on this point, and they wiffle it every time. Yet they get credit from the hard core religious sorts for *having* these beliefs that they won't state.

I understand why... once a Roloff *goes on record* having non diverse views, the lucrative speaking sessions are done, but please don't expect me to laud the Roloffs for their firm stance on certain religious views.

Dangle a dollar and a Roloff *will* dance for you and say whatever you want to hear, regardless of their personal beliefs.

You obviously don't see that while you jump up and down declaring hypocrisy of others, you ignore what a hypocrite you are.

Oh Gloria, we are all fallen. :)
What amuses me about you is that you're so transparently desperate to make this all about Rap and not about Jer-Bear the racist dimwit cheerfully taking photos of cat abuse.

You remember that, right? Jeremy Roloff in photos watching his buddy toss his cat with no protest? Jeremy Roloff "making memories!" and taking pictures for his mommy of the cat tossing?

When you can't or won't defend Jeremy's actions and are reduced to making childish insults at the people criticizing poor widdle manboy Jer-Bear, you're acknowledging that what he has been caught doing is indefensible.

So please, feel free to name call *me*... you're only proving that you know Jeremy was wrong and can't defend his actions.

Rap541 said...

*Btw am I the only one highly amused that "JUDGING OTHERS IS ALWAYS HATING!" never seems to apply when poor widdle Jer-Bear needs others to defend him?

I wonder how Amy feels about Gloria - who *doesn't know me* publically judging me "crazy" and "having a breakdown" because she doesn't like my opinion that throwing cats is wrong even when you're Jeremy Roloff.

Headaches said...

I am not really sure why people hate on the kids in general and Jeremy in particular so much. Having supportive parents is supposed to be a bad thing? I know very few kids who say please and thank you at home. It is just the way the world is. Hate on Matt and Amy all you want, but I think maybe the kids should not be held to as high of a standard.

Brandon said...

eadache, first, when Matt and Amy put their kids on tv, they are opening them up to be judged.

Two, Jeremy is not a "kid". He is going to be 21 soon.

Three, you have no idea why Jeremy gets criticized? Really? Maybe you should read about him and not just what Matt tells you about him? Jeremy gets criticized because he uses his slurs, because he's been caught in numerous lies and hypocrisies, because he's been caught being a nasty brat to fans with his cool friends, because he gets his jollies from being cruel to the cat. Not only that, but he never takes responsibility for it, he still hides and lets his Dad and Mom do damage control for him as though he was a child.

Don't you ever wonder why Molly hardly ever gets criticized compared to Jeremy? Maybe it's because she hasn't been caught using nasty slurs or pictured photographing as her friends throw the cat to the ceiling.

Carol said...

"I know very few kids who say please and thank you at home"

Then you know the wrong kids. However, as Brandon described, not saying 'please and thank you' is far from the main reason why so many have a low opinion of Jeremy.

Headaches said...

I don't tow the Roloff line. I actually think Amy and Matt are blatant opportunists who have not served their family as well as they could have. That said, I do not see that parents supporting and encouraging their children in their pursuit of their interests as being bad. A lot of the criticism of Jeremy has been going on since well before he was 21 so whatever his shortcomings, he gets them honest. I know very few people in that age range who are as perfect and as well-mannered as apparently some on here were or are, or their children are. I live in the world where people make mistakes, are far from perfect, and where maturity is something that comes with life, not something someone possesses at birth.

Vic Rattlehead said...


People like the Roloffs who follow fake self serving "religions" like ultra fundamentalist christianity (which is just as warped and twisted as any other ultra fundamentalist form of religion) always walk around crying about how they are"victims" of intolerance because of their beliefs when they are the ones perpetrating the victimization of other people who are different from them (like gays and lesbians) out of simpleminded ignorance.

People like this John Mark Comer clown that Jeremy loves so much are the root cause of so much of the hatred and intolerance that is brought against the homosexual community because of their insane and scientifically unproven beliefs that talk therapy can cure people of being gay and their irrational fear of anyone who is in any way different from them.

The reality is that ultra fundamentalist religion of any kind (and christianity in particular here in the US) is essentially a form of mass delusion that is designed as a method of controlling those who are either weak willed the ignorant or the stupid.

Rap541 said...

Btw Judy B, we are all still waiting to discover why you think passing harsh judgement (something ONLY GOD SHOULD DO) on Jake Roloff is hunky dory god-bless-Judy-for-her-opinions!

But when Jeremy is taking pictures of cat abuse, there's Judy B telling everyone to hesh up since judging is so very very wrong.

Why is that, Judy B? Why is judging *right* when you do it to Jake, but WRONG when people judge Jeremy for his animal abuse escapades?

Are you seriously suggesting sassing Mom is worse than cat abuse? Because I can point to footage of Jer-Bear proudly telling the woman who birthed him to go back in the kitchen and funny, you had real issues with Jer-Bear being judged then?

Judy? Could you explain the rules of Christian judging? Right now it sure seems like you tell people to shut up when poor precious widdle Jer-Bear the Boy in in the hot seat for racism, under age drinking, animal abuse, and even mom sass.....

But if Jake leans on Molly - well that;s un christian attitude from a brat.

Care to explain that? Or hey, how about explaining why you danced with glee over what a little monster Jake was, that his parents kept him caged away from the guests for fighting but when it was discovered that *Jeremy* was behind the incident... bless us, hush! Poor Jeremy is such a precious little boy, how dare anyone say a bad thing.... He's a boy and a boy can't BEAR adult worries!

Right Judy?

When exactly will Jeremy be mature enough, old enough, and man enough to not have "he's a kid" trotted out?