Friday, March 25, 2011

Amy Roloff Coffee Chat Summary; March 24

The entire Roloff family made brief appearances on Amy's coffee chat this week, with the exception of Jacob whom Amy said she was hoping would come on, but was still sleeping at 1:45:pm when they were wrapping up.

Amy's guest was a marketing and social media expert. They spent the majority of time explaining "Text To Give" -- you can donate to the Amy Roloff Charity Foundation via text on your phone. See Amy's charity foundation website for more details.

Amy explained that there wasn't a coffee chat last week because she had a speaking engagement. She flew home and then went to Santa Barbara, California with Jeremy. She said it looks like Jeremy will transfer in the fall. He's excited about it. Amy commented that on the trip she was trying to keep Jeremy focused on the college instead of how wonderful Santa Barbara was as a place-- that's what Jeremy was really into.

Zach showed up very briefly at the beginning. Zach, Jeremy, Mueller and a friend are going camping and canoeing for the weekend. They're leaving tomorrow at 8am. Zach and Mueller were on the way to the store to get supplies, while Jeremy was trying to find a friend to loan him a second canoe.

Amy asked Zach why Mueller was so pissed or why he was mad at Mueller? Couldn't quite figure it out. The gist of it was something about Jeremy, Zach and Mueller tracking mud and dog crap all up the stairs and on the carpets in their rooms. However, Zach and Mueller were leaving for the store and Jeremy was on a mission to get a 2nd canoe for someone, so Amy said she will clean up after the boys when her coffee chat concludes.

Jeremy came down to get coffee and said "Hi". They talked about the canoe/camping trip. Amy commented that they have 4 people, but still only one canoe. She suggested some friends to borrow it from. Jeremy said the person Amy suggested doesn't live close and said they could rent one, but it costs $70 per day. Amy said they are young people that don't have a job...I don't think Jeremy was too pleased at Amy's comment.

Matt made his appearance as promised. Amy said they are still together and things are going well. They are supporting each other's projects. Matt was here for Amy's coffee chat and Amy visited the dirt site for Matt's documentary. Matt has a 5 state speaking tour next week. Amy said it works out well because last week she was away on travel while he was home and this week it's the opposite. She said it's good because Jacob still needs parents.

Matt explained that there has been something strange happening with his heart, but they can't quite figure out what's going on. He talked about the dirt project. The short story is that Intel is building a plant and paying Matt to dump the dirt on land that Matt purchased. Matt said he has a plan to make it into "Pumpkin Mountain".

The video went off while Matt was on. When it came back, they said they would take a few questions for him. Matt asked for some tough questions, but didn't receive any. He was asked about if he's planning on expanding the stool business into Canada.

Next up was Molly, who last night had returned from the school mission trip in Haiti. For just spending a week in Haiti, she wasn't very talkative about it. Amy really needed to press to get her to talk. She said the trip was fine and the flight home was long. After Amy asked her about what she thought of Haiti, Molly said that it's completely back to where it was before the disaster. She said it's not that they are recovering from the devastation anymore. It's just Haiti was so poor that it didn't take a lot to get back to where they were before. Molly was surprised the tent city was as clean as it was.

Molly was a little more forth-coming with her thoughts about college when asked about her plans and if she would move? She said she's thinking about colleges in California or Washington. She's not opposed to Oregon, but hasn't found a school that she likes there. She was asked about George Fox University since she visited there. Molly explained that she wants something different than Faith Bible. She has spent her whole life at Faith Bible so she wants to experience something different. She said she would like a private college, but a little less...religious? She doesn't want to attend a school where it's a requirement to attend Chapel service. She wants to attend chapel service because that's what she wants to do and not because she gets a credit for it. Molly said that's too much like Faith Bible and she wants a change.

Amy finished up the chat by mentioning that she was hoping Jacob would come on, but he was still sleeping.

They don't have the video recording of it up yet, but usually is eventually located at:


Brandon said...

I'm impressed by Molly and not by the "boys"....tsk tsk tsk.

Molly does show signs that she is the bright light of the family. I'm glad she has the awareness to realize she is sheltered at Faith Bible and wants to experience the real world.

What is there to say about Jeremy, Zach and Mueller that haven't been said? Tracking dog poo through the house and leaving mom to clean it up because they are off to play on a canoe.

Who was it that was arguing that Jeremy and Zach are living extraordinary lives?

Carol said...

I swear, Molly must have been raised in a different home and just put in appearances for the show! ;)

The part about the three 20 year olds and the dog crap through the house was pathetic.

Ashley said...

Does Mueller live at the Roloffs? I'm serious?

In the last coffee chat, Mueller had slept over because his shoes were in the way. It sounds like he stayed over again last night. Does he live there?

Jan said...

Why is Jacob sleeping at almost 2:00pm? He is going to be just like this brothers unfortunately.

I like what Molly said. She knows what she has to do to grow as a person.

Timothy said...

I commend Molly's attitude about getting away from the Faith Bible atmosphere.

If Matt truly wants tough questions, perhaps he shouldn't only conduct interviews with his wife and his own staff?

Greg said...

Well, we found out why Jeremy might go to Brooks. It's the California weather and the beauty of Santa Barbara. School??? That's an after thought obviously.

Pamela Davis said...

What is wrong with Amy? Why would she volunteer to clean up the mess that those lazy slobs made? She should have told them in no uncertain terms that they are not going anywhere or eating breakfast or drinking coffee until it is all clean.

Chris said...

I'll just say it.

Mueller. Jeremy. Zach. Are.....creepy.

I'm all for having best friends, but they take it to another level. They've been together since they were 5. At 21 they still spend every day and night together.


Justin said...

I was surprised at what Molly said. Good for her.

I'm sure there will be lots of praising Jesus on this camping and canoe trip for Jeremy and co. Don't all 20 year olds go camping to praise Jesus?

sarah jessica said...

wheres a link to watch it? :)

Spiritswander said...

Hi Sarah Jessica,

They don't have the video of it up yet. Sometimes they put it up immediately, sometimes they wait a few days.

Keep checking Amy's Ustream channel (located at the bottom). We will embed it here when it's up anyway :)

April said...

Molly definitely has a better attitude than her brothers.

Susan Coles said...

I also give Molly credit. Maybe she looks at her brothers still hanging out with Mueller like they did fifteen years ago, destroying their parents home with no care or responsibility. Perhaps Molly doesn't want to be in the same boat.

Bonnie said...

Jeremy and Zach + Mueller never cease to amaze...and that's not a good thing.

A few weeks ago it was throwing a cat.

This week it's tracking mud and dog crap through the house without even cleaning it up.

There has to have been a mistake on their birth certificates...

Jocelynn said...

I'm disappointed in Zach's lack of progression. Increasingly, it becomes obvious that Zach is an integral part of the Jeremy-Mueller-Zach trio.

I used to think he was sucked into it by association. Now it seems like he is always part of their stupidity and schemes. A "Three musketeers" dynamic.

I think it is proof that if you don't make an effort to change your surroundings, you become just like it.

Kudos to Molly for having some understanding and foresight.

Andrea said...

Spirits, you forgot the most shocking part. Jeremy, Zach and Mueller being thoughtless slobs is not shocking.

It was Amy's rant about the Emmy awards! OMG! Does she listen to how she sounds? I don't know, maybe it was just me, but she sounded SO ARROGANT!

I didn't tape it. I am going by memory, it is not word for word, but I'll paraphrase what Amy said for people that missed it.

"Another thing on my mind is the Emmy awards. Look at me, I was on one of the longest running family reality shows in history. Six seasons, 220 episodes. Wouldn't it be great for me to be invited to present an award? I watch the awards and see all these beautiful women with hour glass figures in their gorgeous designer dresses. I think they should have the challenge of making me a dress and making me beautiful. It would be great for diversity for people to see me at the Emmy awards up on stage presenting the award for the program on television for this genre..."

I was struck by her arrogance listening to it. It was all ME ME ME. "I should be at the Emmy's as a presenter!"

Do people usually campaign to be presenters on award shows?

I think Amy's celebrity has went so far to her head it is scary.

In a span of one week she was making snide comments about flight attendants not serving her properly, gloating about being designated First Class on her next two flights and being treated like a queen, then she tops it off with nominating herself to be a presenter at the Emmy Awards show.

Wow, I think Amy's ego is out of control.

Carolynn said...

Andrea, as a reader of Jen Montzingo's blog, I think Amy is stealing Jen's ideas.

A while ago, Jen blogged about being depressed by watching the award shows and wished she saw some people with disabilities.

However, Jen's blog did not come across as self serving and arrogant as Amy's pitch for herself.

Vic Rattlehead said...

What Amy doesn't realize is that she was never invited to be an emmy presenter because she was on an inconsequential "reality" TV show that aired on a low rent network that is only available to those who subscribe to it through their cable or satellite providers not open cable like NBC CBS ABC or any of the other major networks.

That and the fact that their show was considered a laughing stock within the industry.

Justin said...

I was about to say that, Vic.

Jen Montzingo already made the point that reality television stars are not respected in Hollywood. I don't think Amy realizes that.

Vic Rattlehead said...


That's exactly right.

In the Hollywood hierarchy respect tends to be reserved for those who actually have talent and have worked for what they have.

People like Alan Thicke, Valerie Bertanelli, the late Elizabeth Taylor & Arron Spelling,Ron Howard, and so many others have proven themselves to be worthy of respect because they put decades of hard work into what they do.

Conversely reality tv "stars" like Matt & Amy did nothing other than willingly sign away their dignity self respect and privacy to the network who offered the most money and did nothing to work for or deserve their new found "fame" which is why within the industry people like them are treated with scorn and derision by emmy nominators and critics alike.

Rap541 said...

Ah.. tracking dog crap around the house and Mom scoring shots on how you're unemployed and lazy....

Jeremy is so *extraordinary*!

I mean, his little sister went on mission and helped people in a foreign land and Jeremy?

Played. He's such a man! Accomplishing play! I mean, how dare anyone expect a 20 year old man to know better than to track dog crap in the house? Thats what the mother is for - to clean up the little boy messes and Jeremy certainly is a little boy who needs tending, now isn't he?

I can't wait to see if the big boy - not a man, Jeremy is not EVER a man, always a little boy no matter how old he gets - actually makes a decision to leave mommy and daddy.

Jeremy - a little hint? Mom can't wipe your ass for you in the manner to which you've been accustomed if you're living in a different state.

Heaven knows the bar for extraordinary is set pretty damn low when "I need money for canoes cause we wanna play!" is Jeremy setting the world on fire.

Heather said...

I kept asking Matt about what was happening with the pumpkin movie. In his January video, he said they were going to put it on iTunes. He didn't answer or Lisa didn't ask him the question. I asked a few times because sometimes they miss questions, but they never answered.

I think that means Matt didn't want to talk about it. I guess it's not happening.

AussieMum said...

I definately want to watch this now. I really like Amy once but no more. Amy wants to go to the Emmy's?? She is pathetic. Really has gone to her head. I also think this coffee chat crap is all to do with her wanting her own talk show. Yeh, Amy, you really wanted your show to end. Give me a break. She's missing the spotlight alright. This coffee chat business really makes her look so desperate for attention.

Laurie said...

Why are some of you angry at Amy for having her coffee chat?

It is a way for her to keep in touch with the fans.

Who cares if she would like to stay in the media and have her own talk show. Elizabeth on The View started out on a reality show. Are you bashing her?

Being in the media is not the same as having an intrusive reality show. It doesn't mean she is lying. She could have wanted the intrusive show to end, but still want to use her celebrity status for other projects.

I think some of you are discriminating against Amy because she is a little person, you don't want to see little people in the media.

Amy should be on the Emmy awards. There are black people and gay people and over weight people on the Emmy Awards. There should be a LP and who better than Amy Roloff?

Rap541 said...

Laurie - I think you're off base making a claim of discrimination. Take a look at who typically wins the Emmy for Outstanding Reality Show and who typically gets nominated. Little hint - no TLC show has made the cut since 2002. Frankly based on popularity alone, we would see Kate Gosselin presenting long before Amy Roloff got the call. And honestly, lets be honest with ourselves - LPBW wasn't *that* popular. TLC isn't NBC. Amy isn't getting asked to present Emmy awards because she's not that big of a deal. Really, if anyone got asked, it'd be Matt, and I don't see it happening for him either.

Laurie said...

Rap, I am starting to wonder if you are sexist too?

Amy can make the fine point that she would be a refreshing presenter at the Emmy Awards without you suggesting that her husband would be more deserving.

I think it would be nice if they were both presenters together, but it's wrong of you to dismiss Amy for Matt. I've read your rantings on here before. You are always knocking Matt. Then you have the gall to dismiss Amy's dream by suggesting Matt would be asked first.

Rap541 said...

Honestly Laurie - I don't think it is sexist to note that Matt is the face of LPBW, not Amy. Are you seriously suggesting Amy has a bigger fan base? Because thats what the Emmy's look at.

And again, based on popularity alone, Kate Gosselin would get asked long before Amy or Matt or Buddy on Cake Boss or Jen on The Little Couple. Lets not act "pc" and deny that more popular reality show stars are more likely to be asked to present.

Personally I don't think anyone *deserves* to present an Emmy more than anyone else - its winning that matters, not presenting. LPBW was never nominated for the major awards as I recall.

nyc said...

Rap isn't being sexist at all. It's just that Amy AND Matt are total non-entities. Hollywood sure isn't calling either of them since they don't know either exists despite both of their desperate attempts to stay "relevant."

AussieMum said...

Why would Amy be asked to the Emmy's? Her show was CANCELLED. It's finished. Kaput.That's how popular the Roloffs are at this point in time.

My view has nothing to do with discrimination as I don't see Amy as a LP. She was just a normal person to me. I used to love watching her.But this holier than thou attitude has changed my view towards her.....not how short she is.

Rap541 said...

AussieMum - you have to keep in mind that the claims of bias are a bit of a default setting.

Amy not being picked to hand out an Emmy can't possibly be because her show wasn't that big, or that TLC has never been a huge player, or that her show is indeed canceled or that if anyone from LPBW was picked, it would be Matt as he was hands down more popular and well known than Amy....

Nope - its bias against little people. If I got my opinions solely from LPBW, I'd think that little people live lives of constant ongoing open public oppression, complete with people tearing "normal" babies away from dwarf couples and dwarfs routinely and constantly singled out for public harassment.

Do I think there's *no* prejudice against little people? Of course not. Do I think Amy wasn't chosen as an Emmy presenter because of little people bias? No.

Yet to suggest Amy wasn't chosen as an Emmy presenter for any reason other than "The Emmy Awards hate dwarfs and hate diversity" is apparently very wrong. Apparently the *only* reason Amy wasn't at the Emmy Awards was because of bigotry.

Yet I imagine if someone asks Amy "Are you saying you weren't chosen as a presenter at the Emmys because the Emmy Awards are anti-dwarf?".... I doubt very much that Amy would go there.