Saturday, March 19, 2011

Amy Roloff Encounters Problem With Flight Attendants

Amy Roloff was on her way to a speaking engagement at the Women's Fair in Indiana for Saturday March 19

She posted on her Facebook Fan Page after her flight and vented about her experience on the plane. Amy wondered what flight attendants do anymore?

Amy Roloff = "Wow, got to airport record time. 30 min. Getting ready to board ... Second time this happened - flight attendants can not help with putting luggage in overhead? 'law'. Really? So I can't do what others get to do? Really?"

Amy Roloff
= "So what do flight attendants do on an airplane? There's no food, I bring my own water and if the plane gies down well we are all in trouble. So what do the do anymore?
Cause of height I can't lift and put in overhead and they can't help? Hmmm my next mission perhaps? Along with kids!"

Amy Roloff
= "The problem is it's law. Anyone needing help they are not required or need to assist. So unless a passenger can help I'm required to ck a carry on. Crazy. Doesn't seem right to me."

This is unrelated to Amy's specific case, but here is an article that interviews a flight attendant from their perspective re: the baggage issue (May 2010).

FareCompare: What’s a big problem on planes these days?

Flight Attendant: You want me to narrow it down to only one? [Laughing] The carry-on bags. They’re a hot button for a lot of passengers and crew. People abuse the policy, pushing it over the limits, because they don’t want to pay the checked-bag fees. I understand, but now so many people carry much heavier bags. Per company policy, we are to “assist” with these bags, not stow them ourselves.

“They just dump [their bags] at my feet at my feet and move on”

And I know what you’re thinking, big deal, it’s just one bag – but it’s not one bag. I may work three flights in one day. That’s three boardings, each with hundreds of passengers, and hundreds of bags. We never have enough storage, and the battles begin. Moving bags, lifting bags, assisting passengers, all takes a toll on your back, believe me. With my pay cuts since bankruptcy, I cannot afford to injure myself and risk being out of work. It’s that simple.

FareCompare: Are some passengers worse than others?

Flight Attendant: If I say, your bag is too big or too heavy, it has to be checked – well, everybody wants to argue. “I carried it on my last flight” doesn’t cut it. I wasn’t there, and it doesn’t matter. Or some customers don’t even ask for help with their bags. Instead they just dump them at my feet and move on, expecting me to take care of it. I cannot. You pack it, you stack it.

Some of our passengers with disabilities need extra help. This is where the waters get a little murky. I want to assist as needed, but sometimes I am pushed over all limits. Where do I draw the line? With minimal staffing, and minimum boarding time, I may not always be able to assist as needed. Some of our “high-yield” frequent flyers abuse the policies, and we’re expected to look the other way."


Brandon said...

Count me shocked. Not. Amy is judging flight attendants without knowing them personally. Judging harshly ("So what do flight attendants do on an airplane?")

I thought Amy said she would ask herself "Do I know them personally?"

I'm not surprised that Amy doesn't live by her own automatic "You can't judge us if you don't know us personally" when she finds herself or her family being criticized.

Anne said...

I think that's terrible. They should have helped her. What's wrong with people these days.

Timothy said...

Brandon, agreed.

I am also thinking that when there are no cameras around, that maybe, just maybe, Amy has a big attitude. Does she have manners? Does she politely ask or does she demand like an entitled ex-reality tv star thinking the lowly flight attendant is beneath her?

I don't see the big deal with asking the passenger beside her to lift her carry on bag. Unless it is her attitude most people would help without even thinking about it.

Peter said...

I didn't know it was a law, but it could have something to do with lawsuits. There are people in the world (like the Roloffs) that make a living by suing people. If the flight attendant dropped or damaged something in the bag, maybe they are afraid of being sued by sue-happy people like the Roloffs?

Carol said...

I think they should have helped, but it could been a person having a bad day. Perhaps like the FA said, it was their 3rd flight of the day, they handled bags all day. I imagine with all the extra costs on airlines and bag fees, people are stuffing more and more into their carry-on luggage and it's heavy.

I think they should help, but as Brandon said, Amy is rushing to judgment instead of thinking of possible reasons.

Rap541 said...

Peter - there's that and there's also the issue that a lot of the airlines tell the flight attendants not to lift the bags for the customer and if the flight attendant is injured while doing so, the flight attendant is screwed on their medical expenses.

I don't think it's a law, but I do think it's a variety of airlines policy now. I'm not unsympathetic because obviously Amy isn't going to be able to reach. On the other hand, there's a reason I check my big bag and only carry on a knapsack full of electronic goodies (my sleep apnea gear, my Ipad, my kindle, and chewing gum). It stows under the seat and I don't have to worry about having enough room in the overhead bins... I don't *need* the bins.

Natalie said...

Airlines these days are horrible.

Rap541 said...

Carol - the last time I flew, it was ridiculous how crazy some people were about "carryons". There were giant bags everywhere and people know they don't have to pay the fee if they haul a huge bag in and there's no room in the bins.

David said...

Nobody caught the first part of Amy's post? "Made it to the airport in record time, 30 minutes."

How fast did she drive? Unless they moved Portland, I don't think Portland is only 30 minutes from Hillsboro. The Roloffs are dangerous on the road. Between Matt's DUI and his unsafe driving (driving a vehicle that he can't reach the pedals), Amy and Zach's speed demon driving and Jeremy's road rage and texting while driving, the Roloffs are hazards for all drivers in Oregon. Lets hope Molly is a sane driver. I don't even want to think about what Jake will be like.

As for the plane, Brandon made the best point. What happened to not judging, Amy? I think they someone should have made an exception for her or another person that obviously are physically unable, however, I also think she is being a drama queen because if you ask politely, most strangers will be happy to assist.

I can see Amy as the kind of person the flight attendant in the article referenced, as the person that drops her bags at their feet and expects them to jump for her. The queen has arrived. Look at how the Roloffs treated people in the Eiffel Tower line up or the way Amy reacted to the building inspector. I don't think Amy has very good manners. I'm not going to judge the flight attendant without knowing their side.

Cookie said...

Maybe Amy needs to start carrying one of Matt's stools with her when she travels. Let's remember their opening mantra: "We can do anything average height people can do we just do it differently". Stop complaining Amy and show us how you do it.

BeckyM said...

Next step: Amy filing a lawsuit.

Debbie said...

Now Amy is bragging about being bumped up to first class for her flight home. I think she's used to everybody treating her like she is royalty and better than everybody else.

Sandie said...

Good grief. How tedious this woman has become! Will every inconvenience become an issue now?

Anon20 said...

Sorry to say this but you people are pathetic. Brandon, Tim, David, and Cookie are just retarded.

She is 4'1 when is the last time you guys have flown? There is no way Amy could reach up and put a bag up in carry-on. So funny how you all in your witty analysis omit that fact.

Furthermore a round trip ticket these days is anywhere over $300. So outside of gas for the other 150 plus people on the plan I actually think Amy's question is valid - what do flight attendants do? For $300 maybe a little service or just help lifting a bag which I have done a hundred times for elder people on planes. It takes all of 30 seconds won't be a bad idea.

The insurance argument coming form whomever on this blog just speaks to their own character and any db filing such a claim. So Brandon, Tim, David, and Cookie answer the question what do flight attendants do outside of the safety brief at the start of the flight? A detailed list would be great seeing as you have convicted Amy Roloff for just posting an observation.

Amanda said...

I have to wonder about Amy's attitude. In my experience with customer service, the respect you show the person you're asking has a lot to do with your result.

Read the Fare Compare article that is linked. It is true. Eye contact and a smile goes a long way. Treating the person as a slave, dropping something at their feet and grunting orders at them doesn't if you're asking for a favor.

The fact that Amy didn't get results makes me wonder about Amy's own attitude and manners.

nyc said...

Amanda said: "The fact that Amy didn't get results makes me wonder about Amy's own attitude and manners."

Good observation. From watching the show it's evident that the Roloffs have no manners and are uncouth people. Think about dinner-table scenes. They're also good at "playing the victim," which is also evident from recent events.

cookie said...

What a brain trust you are Anon20. Anytime someone starts their comments out with a derogatory remark using "retard" or "db" I automatically discount anything else they say. Also, might want to look up the word sarcasm. It's used a lot here on this blog so it'd be helpful to know what the word meant.

By the way, per Amy, she's 4 foot 2 1/2.

Rap541 said...

I actually think Amy's question is valid - what do flight attendants do? For $300 maybe a little service or just help lifting a bag which I have done a hundred times for elder people on planes. It takes all of 30 seconds won't be a bad idea.

Anon20 - I do understand where you are coming from but please don't equate your ticket price with the flight attendant's wages - they don't make a lot of money. And sadly, again, while I don't think its a law, it is several airlines policy now that flight attendants lift customer bags at their own risk, If they do hurt their back lifting a heavy bag into an overhead bin - they don't get worker's compensation because they've been expressly told its not their job to do that. And there's the sad reality that once a flight attendant lifts one person bag, one person who may geniunely need help, she or he is then in for a fight as every passengar in sight then demands that the flight attendent tend their bag.

Oh, and this jon description comes from

Flight attendants ensure the safety and comfort of passengers. Before the flight, they direct passengers to their seats, brief them on safety regulations and evacuation procedures and check that the cabin is prepared for takeoff. In the air, flight attendants may serve food and beverages, answer questions related to the flight, provide assistance, administer first aid and take inventory on headsets and money collected.

No mention of lifting the customer's heavy carryons into the overhead bins.

I get Amy's point - I have a coworker who is too short to reach things in the cafeteria at work and has to ask for help and it makes getting lunch or snack a pain in the ass for her - but I also understand where the airlines are coming from with this policy... especially since in general, people have gotten obnoxious about their carryons.

Vic Rattlehead said...

It's funny how Amy gets so defensive when she's being judged but when she's the one being a judgmental prick she's excused from being responsible for her actions.


Flight attendants are responsible for the safety and comfort of all the passengers on a given flight which could be as many as 800 people on one of those new Airbus A-380's or 1000 on the forthcoming Boeing 78-200 Dreamliner.

It's their job to ensure that everyone has a comfortable flight by attending to their needs and making sure that unruly passengers are properly dealt with and to deal with any emergency situations that arise in the cabin during the flight be it a fire a passenger having a baby or heart attack or breaking up a fist fight between passengers.

Their job is to serve the public and as someone who has worked at an airport I can honestly say that I've seen rude selfish people abusing staff many times just because they feel entitled to be jerks to staff.

Amy is just a pompous fool who thinks she's better than she is (like most people who are new money rich)so she throws her weight around and acts like a jerk demanding special treatment she doesn't deserve.

Diane said...

I don't think Amy is being very Christian to judge the flight attendants like she's doing.

It's not a big deal to ask the person next to you lift your bag up. I'm thinking it might have been Amy's attitude too.

It sounds like she's all happy now because she was in first class for the flight home.

M said...

I understand it but I don't like it! People with Amys condition can't physically do it so they should be required when people with any sort of disability need it.

Mercedes said...

Do they have to always go First Class? How arrogant. Hey Amy, you are not really a movie star dear. You are just a reality tv has been. Quit the high rolling life style and come back to reality reality.

Mercedes said...

and one more thing.
Amy is being a prima donna. I am from Oregon and let me tell you. The Roloffs are famous around here, but not for being reality tv has beinngs but for for how rude, abusive and demanding. What you saw on the trip to Paris is what we have to endure around here all year long. They visit 3 business I frequent and the owners hate them. They all have countless stories of the Roloffs marching in with demands, complains, abusive behavior, threats of Law suits, and a general "We are better than you" attitude. The people around here talk about them all the time. HowEVER, MANY ARE AFRAID. You afraid? Yes These guys are such bullies that, in this economy, people can afford to lose any business or spend money on a frivolous lawsuit. Remember the rule of lawsuits...He who have the most money to waste wins.
Many of their neighbors wish they would just move away, however, the Roloffs love their little Universe.
Oh, and about the Roloffs being Christian...Gee but have you guys noticed that during the first season of the show they use to pray during every meal( I am sure it was just for show) and then the whole praying before eating dinner just got old and they just stopped. Real Christians would have never stopped because it is a family tradition. The Roloffs were clearly just faking it. That's why they stopped doing it. It wasn't real. Like them...Fakery.

Donata 2015 said...

Amy Roloff has a very big attitude problem. After watching their reality show for many years, I quickly came to dislike her. She's entitled, opinionated, argumentative, jealous of Matt because he is a 'doer' and she is not. She would argue with that poor man over every little thing. She treated him badly and did not have empathy for his disability - which is far worse than hers. She's a very angry person that needs some serious help and soul searching. She would shoot down every idea that brilliant man had. Why? Because she knew he was better than she was and her insecurity just couldn't handle it. He is an idea person, and she just rode his coat tails to get where she is. She had no life, friends or ideas of her own. She was so involved with her kids, because that was all she had and all she could 'control'. She was a pig of a housekeeper, disorganized and defensive when this was brought to her attention. Now that Matt wants out, she's confused and sad as to why. Really, Amy? All I can say is good luck to her, because she's going to need tons of it.

Donata 2015 said...

Amy Roloff has some serious attitude problems. After watching their show for a few years, I realized very quickly that she had many issues - including anger and jealousy. She has no life of her own, so she jumped into her kids life and held on for all it was worth. She would shoot down all of dear Matt's ideas and argue each little point with him. He is a visionary, thinker, doer and ambitious. She has none of those qualities. Now she's confused and sad because Matt wants her out of his life forever. Really Amy? She needs to take a hard look at her behavior and seek some professional help. Good luck to her - she's going to need tons of it. We love you Matt and hope you find the woman that will love you for your brilliance and kindness. You will not need any luck - your personality will see you through all of this!