Saturday, March 26, 2011

Amy Roloff Interview on Living The Dream Mom Blog

Last Thursday, Amy Roloff was a guest on Living The Dream Mom live radio show with Nina Frye.

You can listen to it on their site; it's located on the sidebar at the right.

Here is our summary of the interview:

*Amy states that she's real, she doesn't do BS, LPBW was a real show and unscripted.

*Life is just as crazy. Definitely calmer, seems to be slowing down. Biggest change is not as many people, crew, producers etc. Speaking engagements, hopefully writing a book.

*Why did it end? People keep asking. Nothing like this lasts forever. Amy thinks it was mutual. As a family they thought this was a good place to end. The boys were trying to figure out what to do, where to go and if they were tied to the family doing the show and wanting to move on and things like that.

*Was the show scripted at all? It's the hard thing for people to understand about tv, we don't live in a society that wants beaver cleaver. They take more dicier things and put it altogether and make it seem worse than it was. That's what made the show real, the good the bad and the ugly. But it is real and it is life.

*Regret the show? Don't regret it. Could we have done things better? You bet. Don't regret the show for the main reason why we did it. Maybe towards the end it didn't seem like that's why we did it, but it's a good place to keep going back to -- and that's educate and advocate for those with disabilities or those that look different and especially for Little People.

*Portrayed on TV as on the verge of divorce? Amy states "I think we will be fine." Are we going through rough spots like a lot of married people? You bet. We have had some issues and things we continue to work out, but we keep figuring it out. We are beginning to enter that empty nester stage. Other people are going through similar things.

*Jeremy and Zach are already in college. Amy wasn't quite as definite about it as she sounded on her Facebook Fan Page or in her Coffee Chat. This time she used words like "probably", "if all goes well".
Amy said she thinks "Jeremy will probably transfer to a college in the fall if all goes well." Amy thinks with the whole TV thing that it's been hard for them to make that decision, they've lived here and things have been pretty kosher for them just living their life.

*Molly is a junior, so she is going to start to applying to colleges in the fall.

*The twins will be 21 in May. People often wonder if they're behind. No, it's because she held them back in pre-school.

*Jacob is the typical teenager. She is definitely trying to get a handle on him. Amy says she tells the other three kids that they didn't do their job because they didn't prepare her for Jacob. But Jacob is a good boy, he's just a teenager.

*How did the kids feel when the show ended, did they miss being filmed? "No, I think they were all okay wiht it too. Jacob and Molly were kind of the kids that did it because that's what Mom and Dad said we're doing kind of thing. Jeremy and Zach understood it a little more and understood what they had to do, that it was a job and the dynamics with their friends -- I'm just so grateful to the parents of their friends were willing and let their kids be on camera. Otherwise their friendships wouldn't have happened and the show wouldn't have lasted as long because I wouldn't have wanted that for my kids if they couldn't have had their friends and did the things they wanted to do. We don't miss being on camera, with that many people around you and in your home, the consistency of the crew, overall, we had the same producers for the last 3 almost 4 years and a group of camera and sound people that were the same. That helped he longevity of the show.

*What are your thoughts on reality TV with little kids? "I think reality TV with little kids is fine as long as parents don't get into this mode where we have to do the show -- the income. It's probably more money than they've ever made. If there's no other thing they do or that they need their kids around to do it, I don't always think that's a good thing.

*You don't miss that stardom feeling of being on camera do you? No, the thing I would or will miss is that I've had a lot of great opportunities and met great people, through speaking engagements and started my own charity foundation. Wouldn't have been able to do all that without TV. Obviously with media, once you're out of the media, it's on to the next one.

*Cookbook has been in the works for the last two or three years, but with the show it took longer. It's in the beginning stages, she has sent out proposals, perhaps it will be out in the fall.

*They talked about her coffee chat. Amy said she loves to talk. She wants to use her celebrity for some good.

*A caller wanted Amy to speak at their conference in Orlando. Amy told her to email. Amy said people think when you're on television that you have a whole entourage of people, they might have one or two, but that's it. Amy said its pretty much me, myself and I. She has a great board for her charity. For her coffee chat, she has 2 people, her tech guy Rich and her VP Lisa. She loves travelling and speaking and would love to do that.

*Amy might have a new updated website in the next few weeks.

That was the end of the interview with Amy.

One of the interesting things about this particular interview was not just the interview with Amy, but the topic and the guest that followed Amy -- one of the people that run the popular Gosselin Blog -- "Gosselins Without Pity".

It was an interesting sequence of guests considering that is the big Gosselin blog and their issues with Kate and the Gosselin show.

It was interesting for me to listen to it since we are basically the only Roloff blog - well, now Matt is promoting his blog or the blog his staff runs, but we are basically the only Roloff blog that isn't run by Matt and his staff.

Some of the things that the Gosselin Without Pity blogger said are the same as Spiritswander. We don't make any money off this either and sometimes people don't realize that things get moderated and comments are rejected on both sides. Sometimes things are just blog bashing insults and sometimes comments submitted are a little too vitriolic towards the Roloffs and those things get rejected as well -- and sometimes people don't understand that.

One thing that I found surprising about the Gosselin blogger guest was that she said their blog wasn't just about Jon and Kate Plus Eight, it was about the larger issue that children shouldn't be on reality shows. So it was surprising to me that when they referred to Amy since she was on minutes earlier, she was so complimentary towards the Roloffs and commended them -- Pointing out that the Roloffs show was about educating for LP awareness and the Roloff kids were older.

Personally, not trying to get into a blog war or anything, but it struck me as just a bit hypocritical, although I realize it would be poor manners to rag on the previous guest on the radio show. However, I just think that if that's really you're big issue -- that the Gosselins are horrible people for putting their kids on a reality show that they made money off of, I think it's a little hypocritical to commend the "other" TLC reality family for the same thing. Not all the factors were the same, but some of it was.

As both Matt and Amy have said, Jacob Roloff has basically had cameras in his life since he was old enough to remember -- 5 years old (as Matt explained once, the original pilots started filming around 2002). The Roloffs used to be quite vocal about their strenuous filming schedule, 6 days a week between 12 and 16 hours a day. Amy just gets done admitting that Molly and Jacob did the show basically because Mom and Dad said that's what they're doing. And Amy described Jacob as Amy and Matt as usually do - very difficult, very challenging, they don't really know how to deal with him, etc. Listeners to Amy's coffee chat heard that 3 weeks ago Amy say that Jacob thinks he hates her. Four weeks ago Molly said Jacob hates her (Molly) at that moment. Hmm..... What could possibly be a factor in his behavior/attitude? So I did find it odd to hear the big Gosselin blog who has made that their stated issue, be so complimentary towards the Roloffs.

In talking to a couple of people about this, our consensus to why people are much harsher towards Kate Gosselin than the Roloffs basically boiled down to different factors, but mainly because the Roloffs, especially on the surface, are so much more likable than Kate. Her personality is so strong that most people can't stand her. While on the show, Matt had his Goofy "Goobly Gook" quirky dad always doing crazy projects personality that people found funny and entertaining and Amy comes across as being too lenient, but ultimately loves her kids and she does have that nice down to earth personality in interviews that make people think "It would be lovely to have lunch with her and have Amy as a friend". It's not really until you really know more about the Roloffs that you could find that they might not be quite as honorable or quite as nice or as real as their first impression image suggested.

Personally my opinion on the subject is a little more passive than some people. While I think there are certainly some signs that it can be damaging for the kids, I also look at it as parents doing what parents always do - making decisions for their kids and sometimes it's not what you would do or you might think it's wrong, but parents do make choices for their kids. I sort of look at it as parents of these sports prodigies, perhaps tennis is a good example. The father of the Williams sisters, Andre Aggassi's father, Martina Hingis' mother, Jennifer Capriati's dad and thousands of others that we never hear of -- who all basically make the decision for their kids to take a normal childhood away in pursuit of becoming the next big thing -- sometimes they are successful, but the case can be made that it's not actually best for the child's well being - but ultimately, it is the parent's choice.


Judy B said...

I think Jacob is a kid with a bad attitude. Period. There are other kids like Jacob. They are called brats :)

I don't think he is the way he is because of filming the show or celebrity. Does anyone remember one of the early episodes when he was building a fort with Zach and Molly and stepped on a nail? His charming personality was already in place.

Timothy said...

Now Jeremy going to California is "if all goes well"?

If they were telling the truth, he has already been accepted. What is he waiting for? There shouldn't be any "if all goes well".

Unless Amy is worried that Jeremy won't tear himself away from Mueller when it's time to move in September.

Christine said...

Amy has become as bad as Matt with the dishonest lies. "It was mutual".

Yeah that's why both were saying the show would go on for 2 more years a month before it got cancelled.

If it was because Jeremy and Zach didn't want to be tied to the family...nothing changed did it? A year and they are still flaking around with Mueller. Amy sounds like she is trying to push Jeremy to go to the college. Nothing is changing with Zach. Scratch the reason that it was because Jeremy and Zach didn't want to be tied to doing the show at home.

Greg said...

I am ready to scream every time Matt and Amy say they love speaking.

THEY GET PAID! I think some people think they're doing for free when they talk about how much they enjoy speaking. I think they intentionally talk about it like they are doing community service.

'Amy, Matt, have you ever thought of speaking in Florida?'...if someone pays them $7000 and pays for the travel expenses they will.

Rap541 said...

"Does anyone remember one of the early episodes when he was building a fort with Zach and Molly and stepped on a nail? His charming personality was already in place. "

Do you know Jake, Judy B? Why don't you leave the judging to God, as you insist the rest of us do when we discuss Jeremy?

Melanie said...

Amy did good for 7 in the morning.

Michelle said...

Amy did do really good. And Greg, I would hope to shout she and Matt get paid to speak, it's their job! You get paid to do your job don't you?

BeckyM said...

If it was real, then their marriage is really in trouble. Which is it, Amy?

If it was real, then why does your husband say it isn't? Which of you are lying?

KIDS should not be on Reality Television. PERIOD. They have no legal protections. Jacob acting out is a direct result of being filmed since he was 5 years old.

Though Matt and Amy will never admit any responsibility at all being the reality ho grifters they are.

Rap541 said...

Michelle - my only issue with Matt and Amy's love of speaking is that they very much gloss over the reality that they are not volunteers.

They *imply* that they are doing it for no reason other than their love of doing good. Kind of like how they gloss over the paychecks for being reality whores as "doing it for LP awareness".

Matt and Amy don't speak for free. There's nothing wrong with that except the fact that they present themselves as doing it for charitable reasons.

BeckyM makes a fine point btw. Jake and Molly Roloff never once got a legal choice to be on LPBW, never got a seperate paycheck, and aren't legally due one cent of the profits of the show that they lost their childhood for. Only children in California are protected. And TLC makes no provisions and has no concerns about how parents spend the money their kids earn for them.

Julie said...

Wow. I HATE the people who run the GWOP blog. Those people are psycho, no joke. I know that spiritswander can get pretty harsh on the Roloffs here (not unjustifiably so, I'm right with ya, spiritswander!), but that is nothing compared some of the crap that the GWOPers spew. It's rather nauseating. I have no love for Kate myself, but the folks at GWOP need some therapy to deal with all of their issues. It's a laugh, the way they try to pass off their criticism as legit concern for their kids. They trash the kids on the blog, too. Not as badly as they trash Kate, but it's there. They are not child advocates, no matter what they claim. The people on GWOP are sick in the head.

Spiritswander said...


Thank you.

I don't really consider Spiritswander: Keeping Up With The Roloffs to be the equivalent of Gosselins Without Pity except that they are the main Gosselin blog people think of and we are the main Roloff blog.

We may and do disagree with the Roloffs about certain issues and some versions of the truth and we certainly sometimes publish things that the Roloffs would rather not have discussed, however we aim to cover it all -- the good, the bad and the ugly.

We also pass along the positive stories, publicize their events and websites. We always do make a point of presenting the Roloffs side of whatever the issue is or anything that they might have said about a subject.

It would be easier if Matt, Amy, Jeremy and Zach did interviews so we could present their views directly about subjects people want to know about, however, they are not willing to do that.

The most recent example was the cat tossing. That was something that was true, something that I personally was critical of, and obviously a topic the Roloffs would have preferred not to be discussed. Jeremy and Mueller were more than welcome to come on and speak for themselves - explain their side of the story and their thoughts on it -- they didn't elect to do that. When Amy eventually responded to disgruntled fans on her Facebook page and Amy, Zach and Mueller discussed it on her coffee chat, we reported exactly what they had to say about it.

From the limited knowledge I have of the Gosselin site, I don't believe that they have the same goal.

BeckyM said...

@ Rap - it is my understanding that reality stars are not paid residuals when reruns show. I know that the Gosselins do not so I expect the Roloffs (with less clout) do not also. That also means dvd sales = no money to the "stars."

The recent Housewives aired the dirty laundry of how little they were paid per episode... and it got several of them fired from that lucrative franchise.

This means that the kids most likely got a very short term amount of money - if they even got it - as laws (outside of California) do not require they have money given directly to them. There have been way too many incidents of parents spending their children's money (Gary Coleman being only one that springs quickly to mind).

Which speaks again of how the Roloffs SOLD their children's lives for very little money. It's like the old joke about the woman who wouldn't sleep with a man for $20 but would for 1 million; she indignantly cries she isn't a wh*re; the man states she is - the only thing neogtiable is the price.

They are reaping their investment in the behavior of Jacob, the future I see is a post-college Molly that will rarely see her parents; and two infantile young sons - one of which believes abusing animals and using racial slurs is the height of hilarity.

Observing your stupidity said...

BM your comments speak of nothing unless you are the Roloff's CPA or investment advisor. Are you? If so, you deserve to be fired, if not your full of BS and hot air. I guess your initials suit you well.

Rap541 said...

Ah, I think, BeckyM, that someone doesn't like how close to home your arrow landed.

Personally, I would love to see Matt or Amy address the fact that legally, they aren't required to give Molly or Jake one thin dime for the show, and that Zach and Jeremy only got paychecks once they turned eighteen because it wasn't legal for Matt to say "they're my sons, pay me as the head of household".

As it is - the one comparison between the Gosselins and the Roloffs that holds true is that the children who are all of similar age - Mady, Cara, and Jake - seem to have a lot of anger. I'm honestly curious how TLC handles having their child stars gain their majority and have the the right to speak out (without mom and dad's approval/control) because I bet there are some horror tales in waiting

Rap541 said...

Oh and btw everyone observe "observing the stupidity" making becky's comment into a vulgar insult. Ah, Roloff defenders referencing bowel movements! Matt loves his scat references by his defenders, doesn't he?

BeckyM said...

@ Observing... I make suppositions from what little is known about Reality Stars and their pay.

Do your own research Observing....

Please, jump in and cite references to ANY laws (esp. those in Oregon) that protect children and their salaries that do reality television. PLEASE do... I would like to see any that demand by LAW that minor children have their salary put into an account that is handled as a trust and not by their parents.

Let's count how many child 'stars' are screwed up shall we???

Mary Kate and Ashley Olson
Gary Coleman
Danny Bonaduce
Charlie Sheen
Tatum O'Neal
Mackenzie Phillips
Leif Garrett
Miley Cyrus
Lindsey Lohan
Corey Haim
Frankie Muniz

Violence, drugs, alcohol abuse, abuse against women, eating disorders, incest, suicide attempts.... THATs what I want for MY child!

Real adult actors do not promote their children in the biz - and I think they would know more then you and me why that would be so. History does not bode well for child actors.

LPBW was faked and scripted (Matt tells us so), the children had long working hours (not protected by law), and where there money is -no one knows (including me and you).

TLC is not known for their beneficence (and if you think they do care, then please I have some swamp land in Florida to sell you).

Did the Roloff parents sell their children's growing years to an audience? Sure did. Like I wrote before, a sell out IS A SELL OUT. No difference once you cross the moral line of getting money for photographs and video of your children "just playing" (as Kate Gosselin loves to call it). What will be the outcome 10 years from now on the Roloff children, only time will tell. I personally do not think it will be good.

Lynn C said...

BeckyM, I don't think those are fair comparisons. As their detractors love to point out, the Roloffs are not Hollywood stars. You can't compare the off the rails life style of some of those celebrities to the Roloff kids. I don't think Jeremy and Zach are doing drugs on Sunset Strip like some of those actors were at similar ages.

Also for every "screwed up" kid, there are lots that are fine, but they aren't the ones that people write and talk about.

I think Matt and Amy did a great job of keeping their kids lives the same. Did you listen to what Zach said on Amy's coffee chat? He was asked how his life has changed since the show ended. He said it hasn't. He does exactly the same things he did before. He has the friends (that were the same before the show). He goes to the same places (like soccer and Taco Bell) with the same friends as he did when the show was on, just like any other young people in that age group. The only difference is that there are less people around.

You can't honestly say that the average day for a Roloff kid compares to the average day for legitimate Hollywood actor on a hit television series.

How do you think a day in the life of Justin Bieber would compare to a day in the life of Jacob or Molly Roloff? It would be absurd because the Roloffs did a fantastic job of making sure that their kids lives didn't change.

Finally, there are kids that have anger issues, drinking and all sorts of problems that have never been filmed. It's called life.

Christine said...

In my opinion, it's not about how much money the kids have in the bank account when they turn 18.

It's that being semi-celebrities, even a little bit of attention makes people into jerks with their sense of arrogance and entitlement.

Look no further than Jeremy and how he treats people (and animals).

The kids grow into jerks. Even the adults change. Does anyone honestly think Amy is the same down to earth person she seemed to be before the show?

She used to talk about not wanting her kids to be models or actors because she wanted careers that had more substance and meaning for her kids.

Now Amy is all about talking about her Mercedes, flying in first class like a princess and being on the Emmy awards.

Rap541 said...

I think any interview that any Roloff child does while they are still financially dependant on their parents is somewhat suspect,Lynn. Particularly when its an interview *by their parents* and *for their mom's online show.

The real story will come out when Matt and Amy actually require their adult children to be adults and not children.

The very fact that only Matt and Amy's bedroom was offlimits tells us who had privacy and who didn't. A little hint - it wasn't the children who got their grades, and their bad manners, and their inability to function without Mommy and Daddy put on display so Mom and Dad could have new mercedeses, classic cars, and careers as diversity speakers.

Becky has a very good point - no matter how you cut it, no matter who claims it was for the good of LP kind, in the end, it was Jeremy, Zach, Molly, and Jake who had their childhoods sold and it was Matt and Amy who cashed the checks. I don't see Matt being shown doped to the gills in severe pain... that was Zach earning Daddy Matt a paycheck. Jake being called a sissyman by matt? Not only did Matt show us how big a man he is, he got paid to humilate his son on national television.

I sure hope those thirty pieces of silver were worth it.

Lynn C said...

I understand your point, Rap, but do you honestly think Zach was lying about what he said about post-show life?

I think he was telling the truth and stating a fact. His life is not really any different now than it was when they were filming the show.

There are some things that the Roloffs say that I might be skeptical about, but that's not one of them.

tay said...

i think the roloff kids had/have a great life!

i've never been on any epic vacations like they've been on. i don't have a car, let alone 3 of them like i think jeremy has.

the roloffs don't have papparazzi following them. the kids just sometimes get fans telling them that they really like them. that might be annoying sometimes but it's not so bad.

i would take that trade to be able to have some of the amazing experiences they got to have.

Donald said...

The "sissyman" comment was a low point for Matt. I am sure Matt regrets that. I will point out that Matt didn't call Jacob a sissy, he said he took his punishment "like a little sissyman".

Parents do say things like that about their kids talking to their friends, coworkers or any group of people. At my kids soccer and hockey games, parents say things about their kids that the kid would find embarrassing.

The difference is we didn't have cameras capturing our momentary slip up.

In my opinion, people should MYOB when it comes to how much money the kids have.

On one hand they get slagged for the kids allegedly not having money. On the other hand, they are criticized for being spoiled rich kids that don't earn their own way.

Exhibit A) Read how Jeremy is talked about.

Vic Rattlehead said...

all of this talk of the damage that "Reality TV" does to people reminds me of something that I heard in an old Vlog on youtube from former pro wrestler Jim Helwig (AKA The Ultimate Warrior).

He talked about how he was offered several different "reality TV" contracts to feature his family on a show and he said that in every case he turned them down flat because he wants nothing to do with it because in his word's: "reality tv is just a symptom of the greater collapse of society where only fame is looked upon as value and all of the people who participate in it are little more than attention seeking whores dwarfs who want to be part of the modernday freak show and people who have no respect for themselves or anyone around them".

I agree with that statement because anyone who is willing to take the easy way to making money by selling themselves to the highest bidder like a hooker on the corner has so little self respect and almost nonexistent self-esteem which drives them to make arseheads of themselves for the world to see.

Vic Rattlehead said...

One thing that Matt & Amy prove is that you can hand trashy people money and all the accoutrements of an upscale lifestyle yet at heart they are still the same trashy people they always were.

The sad thing is that Matt & Amy actually believe that somehow they are worldly and worthy of what they have when the actual facts are that they didn't do anything other than willingly participate in a televised sideshow for which they also signed away the privacy and dignity of their kids FOR MONEY which is the same as forcing them into prostitution (which reality tv for all intents and purposes is).

Amy wonders why Jake is always so moody and angry yet she doesn't realize that forcing him to be on camera starting at a young age and allowing repeated televised humiliations of him to be broadcast on national TV has probably made him extremely resentful and even hateful towards them for ruining his life and making him a figure of public fun, once Jake leaves home he'll probably never come back or talk to his parents (and hopefully Jeremy too).

While Jeremy is just an attention seeking idiot and Zach went along for the ride because he does whatever his idiot twin wants like a faithful dog and Molly did it against her will.

Rap541 said...

but do you honestly think Zach was lying about what he said about post-show life

Do you honestly think he would tell his mom on her staged talk show anything other than what she wanted to hear? I'm not trying to be flip with you, Lynn - if you need me to say "Zach could be lying" then yes - I think he could be, for the reasons I just laid out. He's financially dependant on his parents and he *is* old enough to where they can boot him out the door if he's actively opposing the family party line. He can't support himself without Matt and Amy's financial assistance.

Donald - it might shock you to know that while I think all of the Roloff children are spoiled, that doesn't mean I approve the notion that they spent years having their childhood sold without being paid. I mean, its all perfectly legal... That's why Jeremy and Zach didn't get their own checks until they were eighteen, and why Jake and Molly got no seperate pay check at all.

Please always remember that TLC doesn't have any of its family reality shows set in California precisely so they can avoid California's child labor laws. It was people minding their own business about where a child star's money was going that has led to so many tragedies. I'm honestly curious to see how the Roloff kids fare - and I would argue that two almost 21 year olds still living at home, two years of junior college and no degrees in sight, and no discernable life plans, while not as devastating as a drug problem, is still a pretty big indicator that two certain someones are "failing to launch".

Patricia said...

I agree with Donald, beckym and others have no idea what or how money was handled. I don't understand why it is speculated at all.

Justin said...

"I would argue that two almost 21 year olds still living at home, two years of junior college and no degrees in sight, and no discernable life plans, while not as devastating as a drug problem, is still a pretty big indicator that two certain someones are "failing to launch"."

@Rap541 - I agree. Amy says it herself when she says "with the whole TV thing it's been hard for them to make that decision, they've lived here and things have been pretty kosher for them just living their life".

Read between the lines. They are behind the curve because LPBW allowed Jeremy and Zach to be lazy and mooch off the show.

Jacknorey said...

Amy wants to put out a cookbook, is she high or just stupid?

She's not Gordon Ramsay or Jamie Oliver and judging from what she "cooked" on the show I'd say that any cookbook she writes will contain instructions of how to boil to overcook spaghetti and how to dump foul turd tubes of ground beef into a pan and slather them with "sauce" to cover up the poor quality of the meal.

Rap541 said...

Naw.... "writing a book" especially something non threatening like a cook book is trendy right now for the reality show celebs.

tashapork said...

I know its been awhile since I have posted but I do check in and read what you all have to say. Thank you Spirits, I was thinking I could have the premise of this blog all wrong. GWOP attacks anything Kate including spending whole pages bashing Kate supporters such as some of my friends. If you have the time and don't believe me, the archives are there.
Nina Frye is a hypocrite and will turn on Amy Roloff the minute it benefits her. Last summer she interviewed Kate Gosselin and was all peaches and cream about her in fact years back she gave her some shirts made by her company and benefitted financially from them being seen on the show and ordered. Earlier in the fall, she invited one of my friends, the owner of a pro Gosselin fansite on her show not once but twice since she got such high ratings. I even called in which is something I do not do. Then all the sudden she decided she was against Kate filming the kids. Now I have full respect for people who view children in the media as exploitation as long as they don't limit their scope to the Gosselin children which is something I see a lot of. She still courts the Duggars and Roloffs and does not say that they exploit their kids when they do exactly the same thing. Having said that, my view is that parents are the best decision makers in this regard within the parameters of the law and as long as abuse isn't substantiated. It really upset me that I supported Nina's radio program to find her turn on Kate soo quickly.