Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Amy Thinks Jeremy Roloff Is Headed To Santa Barbara, CA For Photography School

If you follow, Amy's Facebook Fan Page, you already know that Jeremy Roloff and Amy took a trip on Sunday and Monday to Santa Barbara, California to check out a college.

A few months ago, Matt went with Jeremy to Santa Barbara.

You can see our original article about the photography school which Jeremy was accepted: The Brooks Institute of Photography (located in Santa Barbara, California):

In the months after, it seemed like Jeremy was luke warm on the idea, mulling over more local options.

A few weeks ago in a coffee chat, Amy said Jeremy was considering the Portland Art Institute and might move to Portland to be on scene for a lot of the hands-on projects. As recently as two weeks in a coffee chat, Amy said it looked like Jeremy was confirmed at a school in Portland.

Then came this latest Jeremy/Amy trip to Santa Barbara. Amy posted this today on her Facebook Fan Page along with the picture:

"Jer and I in Santa Barbara CA college visit. I think he's going/transferring in the fall. So proud of him."


Lynn C said...

Congratulations Jeremy.

I was disappointed in him over the antics with the cat tossing, but happy for him in this decision.

I hope he will grow into the person he was meant to become in this next stage of his life.

Greg said...

I'll take the "believe it when I see it" approach. Is Mueller coming too? It's hard to believe those two could be separated.

Dana said...

Well, well, well.

Jeremy gets accepted to a respected school in the field. Jeremy is set to move to a different state. He will be the first Roloff to move out. Not only that, but to a completely different state.

Where are all the Jeremy naysayers now?

Some of us always had faith that Jeremy would be a booming success. Great things are in his future and this is path towards that. Matt never doubted that Jeremy would go onto great things.

Congratulations to Jeremy on his accomplishment and to Matt and Amy for raising such a fine young man. They should be proud.

Brandon said...

Dana, I believe Brooks is more or less "If you pay, you're in".

If he does actually do this, I say good for Jeremy. It's well past time that he cuts the cord with Matt, Amy, Mueller, the DBU friends.

I too hope he will grow up being out in California away from the above mentioned people...

I hope the school part works out for him better than it did for some of the ex-students, but the upside of him getting away from the same old...available to throw cats with Mueller like they have for the last 16 years...makes it worthwhile.

I share Greg's doubt. A couple of weeks ago it was Portland. Now it's Santa Barbara. Jeremy changes his mind constantly.

Will he have another change when it gets down to the nitty gritty and there's no turning back? When he must make the decision to leave Mueller? I'm not convinced, but I hope he does it.

Expressed said...


I still thinks it's a shame that he's going to California and it's not in quest of being a model, but he loves photography so this is probably a smarter route for the long term.

Hopefully being away from everybody will make him more fan friendly. He should be nicely tanned for pictures :)

Lintons Lint said...

Maybe his action picture of the cat flying through the air sealed the deal?

Leigh said...

I'm surprised some people think Jeremy living in California will be good for him.

He will be of legal age soon. A 21 year old that has never been away from his parents before, living in sunny California. I think it is has a lot of potential for wild beach parties every day, drinking and drugs. That's the California college lifestyle.

Hopefully this isn't a step to putting Jeremy on course to become another teen television celebrity that goes off the rails.

David said...

In my opinion, the keyword is "thinks".

It means nothing until there is no turning back.

Shelby said...

Does anyone know when he would actually pay his money and it wouldn't be refundable?

Doesn't it have to be set in stone soon? Will they hold a spot for him right until September until he's totally sure?

tay said...

way to go jeremy!

Shirley said...

Good luck Jeremy. I am sure lots of people will miss him in Oregon.

Colleen said...

Jeremy has a good eye for photography. He will do excellent!

Patti said...

What about Zach? Will he live at home going to PCC forever?

Good luck Jeremy. He is most like Matt.

Judy B said...

He got ridiculed for it, but Jeremy did the right thing. He waited until he knew what he wanted to do in the future.

He trusted God and now God is showing him the way and opening up opportunities for him.

Jeremy will do great there.

DegrassiFan said...

Santa Barbara is beautiful but very expensive!!!

I guess Matt will take care of that but a decent apartment and by decent I mean decent size is over $1K a month. My brother lived out there and it is not cheap, but the views are great and there are a lot of things to do.

There is a lot of competition for apartments out there in SB. Lots of kids coming from Hawaii and stuff for school. So I hope Matt and Amy are prepared to shell out the $$ to get an apartment. I'm assuming the art school doesn't have housing?

Rap541 said...

Amy says she thinks he is going to Portland.

Amy says she thinks he is going to Santa Barbara.

Jeremy has nothing to say at all.

Much I like I actually need to see Jeremy acting in a Christian fashion before I laud him to the skies, I actually need to know Jeremy *has made a decision* before he deserves credit for making one.

I said this to someone else today on this topic and it's relevant here - Jeremy is generally in love with whatever thing he momentarily fancies.

Judy B - He was ridiculed rightly because he goofed off in high school and even admitted on camera that he was attending community college because he was lazy. Please don't rewrite history.

Also this spring will mark the end of year two of community college for Jeremy and Zach. Are *either* of them going to be earning an associates degree this spring? For those of you unfamilar with college - the standard amount of time to earn an associates degree at community college is yes, two years. Who wants to bet Jer-Bear and Zackie-wackie are yet again, behind the curve?

Leigh, Brandon - I see both sides of your arguements. Since Brooks has a rolling calender and isn't a "start in the fall" sort of school (they have six sessions of eight weeks occurding to their calender) and Jeremy was accepted months ago.... I doubt its worth discussing until the big boy actually makes a decision.

Dana - Jeremy as the fully able, *exceptional* eldest son you insist he is, really should, by age and lack of handicap, be the first Roloff to move out. I find it hilarious that you're citing this *potential for a decision* as yet another reason Jeremy Jesus should be applauded when in fact, we're talking about someone who will - if he actually goes which is debatable - be 21 when he moves out. I mean really, its still debatable whether the big boy is responsible enought to give himself wakies in the morning... it certainly sounds like Baby Jer still had Mama shaking him from beddy bye so they could go on the air plane trip to big boy school. :)

Ashley said...

Degrassi, I was thinking the same thing about housing. California is an expensive state.

Chris said...

"I am sure lots will miss him in Oregon.`

Mo the cat won't!!

Cats of California, watch out!

Justin said...

Should we start taking bets on if Mueller moves to Cali with him?

Judy B said...

Most of all, I am pleased for Matt. He deserves to have his kids make him proud. It's been a good week. Molly is serving in Haiti. Jeremy is going to Santa Barbara for College. Hopefully Zach and Jacob will step up and follow suit.

Expressed said...

Degrassi, that's a good point. It is expensive, but I don't think California is expensive as NY?

I don't know if I see Jeremy living totally by himself. A lot of their producer friends live in California. Doesn't producer Chris live out there? Maybe Jeremy will live with someone like that.

Dios Mio said...

When I went to collage at UC Santa Barbra ten years ago a cheap apartment cost me $850 a month (and that was in a relatively cheap part of town)not including utilities phone cable food insurance and everything else that goes with living on ones own and it was a hard four years.

Jeremy is a pampered spoiled little boy whose daddy will cover all of his expenses at that diploma mill otherwise known as Brooks.

One good thing is that he'll be getting away from all the bad influences in his life like John Mark Comer his infantile best friends and his sheltered lifestyle but on the same hand he'll have many new people to get to know: Drug Dealers, California Highway Patrol & Santa Barbra City Police Officers, Bail Bondsmen, Public Defenders, Probation Officers, Corrections Officers &. City Prosecutors.

BeckyM said...

The most interesting part of this will be 8 months into the future.... did he pass his classes? Can money really buy you a degree? Will his teachers be told to give him a passing grade because of who he is or will they give him honest grades? Can he wake himself up to get to class?

Out of sight of daddy, we'll see how the self-discipline goes.

I'm all for these "kids" stepping up to some responsibility... but color me skeptical.

SarahP said...

Liiking Sexy Jer ♥

Mike P. said...

Reading reviews of Brooks by former students is enlightening.

"At Brooks, you're not a student, you're a customer."

Apparently, financial aid is grudging and constantly late to arrive, while students are urged to take out more and more in private loans to pay Brooks tuition ($27,000 in 2008).

(A mother wrote that her son is monstrously in debt, due to Brooks' insistence that he feed their tuition demands.)

Job possibilities after graduation, and the income potentials, are viewed as wildly exaggerated by the school.

Degrees from Brooks ARE NOT transferable to to actual learning institutions (i.e. real colleges), and students find that they must acquire credits and degrees elsewhere to be taken seriously by real colleges.

There's more--lots more--but I quit reading. I was reminded of the Famous Artists School and Famous Writers School, where the only requirements for admission were a beating heart and a bank account.

nyc said...

@MikeP--it might have reminded you of the Famous Artists School because it's owned by the same corporation, CEC, Inc. Unlike regular colleges, this is a for-profit business.

Research also led me to a site that reported about the wild employment claims they had been making, and the subsequent investigation by a state agency regarding the claims.


Apparently, some former students that commented said they found very little financing for this "education" and had to take high-interest personal loans. I would imagine because this is a corporate-owned diploma mill, students there are not eligible for state and/or federally guaranteed student loan monies.

I also found several sites that said this school is experiencing financial problems, however that was older information; from 2002 I believe, so I'm not sure if this is still the case.

Anonymous said...

Way to go Jeremy!!! Congratulations.