Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Jen Montzingo responds to Zach Roloff Rumors and Accusations in Video

Jen Montzingo has responded on her You Tube Channel in video to the rumors about her and Zach Roloff; if you haven't seen it, you can check out story here:

Jen addresses the rumors, accusations and reveals some of the comments she has received as a result of this and responds to them. It's interesting to see some of the different comments she has received and very rare to see someone share such hurtful claims about herself and to be open with people about her feelings.

Part two gets even more personal. Jen reads emails and comments that were made about her; comments accusing her of using the Roloffs and comments that Jen's career is a credit to Matt Roloff.

In addition to stating that the rumor is not true (which was included in our original article about the rumors -- I clearly stated that both Zach and Jen say they are not dating), she gives her opinion of people commenting like this on celebrities.

In a comment she did confirm what we reported, that some friends seem convinced that there's something going on with them, but she says it's not true.

"Over the years, some of our LP friends have been like 'oooh, Jen, c'mon, we know you're dating Zach'....but they were wrong :) We get along good, talk a lot and have been great friends for a long time. People speculate from there I guess. I think too because we were seen together a lot. I've also gotten a lot of emails and messages over the years from LPBW fans asking and in the past couple weeks, especially in the last week to the point it became so many that I couldn't keep up and felt I should finally just make a statement. Especially when family members I haven't seen in ages emailed asking. He's going to make some girl very lucky but we are just close friends."

* "People are entitled to hate me and people might like me...everyone has the right to make commentary on a public figure because we've put ourselves out there, and I think it's completely different for children, but I don't want to go off on that tangent."

* "I want to read both sides, because I think if you're going to read the positive side about yourself in the media or your accolades, you have to be very realistic about your flaws, and I welcome those critiques because they make me a better person"

Jen also reads a comment she received that's similar to some of the opinions people left here, the sentiment that Jen can do better than Zach...

* "First of all we're not dating, but second of all, that's sort of nice to me that you think that, but you also don't know Zach so maybe I couldn't do better, but you don't know either of us on a personal level....but that's such a subjective opinion."

On reality tv stars in Hollywood (someone said she was lucky to be able with "hot" guys like Zach and Jeremy Roloff).

"The thing is, reality television in Hollywood is not respected at the same level, so I would never propose at walking into a group, oh I'm cool when I'm seeing major actors who are just brilliant, honestly we're such small potatoes, I'm barely even on the show. So that doesn't make me cool. I think what makes me cool is that I'm a decent human being and I worked really hard and got a Bachelor of Arts Degree and that I followed my dreams to can still think I'm not cool, but those are qualities that you can really judge someone by."

In Part two, some of the question/comments she received are quite pointed and critical. I think it's nice to see some genuine emotion.

Some of the comments Jen reads:

"You've always tried to use Zach and Jeremy for your own personal gain"

"It's sad that hangers on like you attempt to exploit the kindness of the Roloff family. It's people like you that make them jaded"

"Zach's never going to date you. As the son of Matt Roloff he has the pick of the litter, he is gold"

"It was possible in the past. Not now. Zach, Jeremy and Molly all wised up a couple of years ago that you were using them to catapult your own career in Hollywood. They weren't raised by dummies. Matt pegged you years ago...."

Jen also responds directly to the point someone made that Jen being in Hollywood is a testament to Matt Roloff:

"...but to say that I am who I am because of one person (Matt Roloff), who I am not even in a mentoring relationship with, to me is unfair to my work, I've also worked hard for this for any success I've had..."

Watch the video to see Jen's own response to all of those claims and more.

Part One


Greg said...

Yeah that sounds like the arrogance of Matt and his followers. All Little People should bow down to him.

Ashley said...

Aww, poor Jen. Some of those comments are so mean :(

Carol said...

"If I get defensive about it then it makes it look like it's true".

That's a good point. That's what I was thinking.

Some of those comments are harsh, but I'm not surprised. Arrogance surrounds the Roloffs and people who worship Matt and Jeremy...and Zach too apparently.

Zach is "Gold" because he is the son of Matt Roloff? Sheesh.

Dana said...

I have a few things to say if I can have my say.

I don't like that Jen was demeaning the Roloffs place in the media.

"The thing is, reality television in Hollywood is not respected at the same level"

The Roloffs deserve more respect than that. Matt has earned it. He's not some contestent on Big Brother or The Bachelor. They had a show for 6 years that did educate society and every LP benefited from the Roloffs sacrifice. Matt's creativity made it all possible. He was the driving force behind it.

I've said it before and I'll say it again. There has been no greater figure in history for LP advancement than the Roloffs and specifically Matt. Perhaps ever, but without doubt, at least in the last 20 years. Matt Roloff is the most well known LP in the world. Ten years ago it might have been the Mini Me actor, but it's an insult to Matt to compare them because Matt did it through education.

Jen should not have said reality stars are not respected because that demeans the Roloffs. They are more than that.

Diane said...

Go Jen, I think she's right on.

Jason said...

My favorite part was Jeremy being called a Douche Bag. lol.

Jen is more intelligent than the Roloffs. Notice Jen says she left home at 17.

Susan Coles said...

I've always liked Jen. She has too much honesty for the Roloffs, in my humble opinion.

Some of those things shouldn't have been said to her because they were very mean spirited.

I realize Jen was being nice and they're friends, but I don't think that any girl will be so lucky to be Zach's girlfriend. Well, maybe one day if he ever escapes from Matt. I was hoping he would have done that when he finished high school. As we know, neither Zach or Jeremy have. How great of a catch can either of them be?

Looks are fleeting. They are 21 year old men that are happy to let their parents run their lives because they like staying in childhood.

Jen is right to not feel in debt to the Roloffs.

Janet said...

Don't let it drag you down Jen!

Big Jennifer said...

WTF, "Yeah that sounds like the arrogance of Matt and his followers. All Little People should bow down to him" and "My favorite part was Jeremy being called a Douche Bag. lol." You are so ignorant! Greg, Carol and Jason--This girl just spoke for 20 minutes telling you how hurtful stranger's comments and emails can be especially when they are untrue and about things they have no first hand or personal knowledge of. You just wasted precious moments of your lives constructing more of the same, what in the hell is wrong with you?

Louise said...

This was very brave of Jen to do that. I don't think people should be making those unfair accusations about her.

Kayla said...

Is it just me or in part two at 5:05, does it sound like Jen is talking straight to the Roloffs?

Are those comments what the Roloffs believe? It sounds like it.

Vic Rattlehead said...

Some of those hardcore Roloff fans really have (shameless Areosmith reference ahead)toys toys toys in the attic.

And I ain't talkin' bout dollhouses tricycles and old GI Joes.

They're clearly either severely deluded or straight up insane if they think for even one second that Jen's career success is in any way due to her being connected to the Roloffs and not her own hard work and perseverance.


Reality TV has about as much respect within the TV industry as modern pro wrestling does( especially after Vince McMahon and Paul Heyman outed the business in the 90's and early 2000's).

What I mean by that is everyone with even the slightest bit of a functioning brain knows that shows like Little People Big World totally scripted and fake and that it takes no talent to be involved in one because all you have to be willing to do is sign away your self respect privacy and be willing to make a total arsehead of yourself at the direction of others.

Not to mention the fact that "throw away reality TV programs" (which is what they're called within the industry) like LPBW are extraordinarily cheap to produce and require no professional effort (writers actors wardrobe make-up studio time) to make and often serve as little more than time slot filler.

And further for the record "reality stars" like Matt who've done nothing of any note to earn respect in an actual industry or business (unlike say Jamie Oliver Gordon Ramsay Gene Simmons or even Hulk Hogan) aren't deserving of any kind of lionization or adoration because they've done nothing to be worthy of it.

Big Jennifer said...

Kayla, Stop please. Your trying to start it all up again.

Vic Rattlehead said...

Addendum to previous comment:

Dana do you want to know what my cousin (who was twelve at the time)refereed to LPBW as being when he saw it on TV at my house?

I don't really care if you don't want to know because I'm going to say it anyways, he called it the "lets gawk at the sideshow family hour" because at that time that's all the show was.

Any semblance of being "educational" disappeared after the second season and it became little more than a scripted fake nationally broadcast sideshow where the main participants were paid to make fools of themselves for the camera.

M said...

This is why I really like jen. She real, honest and puts herself out there. Great job Jen! I wish her well with her entertainment career. I also agree that she doesn't need to thank anyone for it... Any success she earns she will have earned it herself.

Greg said...

Big Jennifer, is that all you got out of Jen M's videos?

That people should feel shame for calling the racist spouting, fan insulting, cat throwing Jeremy Roloff a 'douche bag'?

I hear Jen say that she realizes and agrees that people are going to have harsh opinions and criticisms of public figures or people in the media.

I think her point was to respond to the arrogance of the Roloff worshippers that imply that the Roloffs are the Royal family and should be constantly thanked.

Kayla said...

Big Jennifer, it's my opinion. Listen to what she says. *I* think it sounds that way.

Natalie said...

M, I totally agree with your comment. I feel so badly for Jen :( but I like that she is honest and upfront. The roloffs could learn something about being honest from her.

Timothy said...

Natalie, the Roloffs don't have the humility to read criticisms of themselves aloud. They filter everything and present it how they want.

Jen put it all out there. I like what she did.

M, I share your thoughts.

Justin said...

Big Jennifer, you might want to listen to what Jen says at the beggining of the second video.

"Did everyone along the way say 'Jen you're amazing, you've changed my life'? No. People gave me really good feedback so I grew from it. I think that feeback is just as fair as something positive someone has to say, and some of these are hard to read."

Jen is dealing with criticisms head on. She also had the guts to say that maybe she was wrong to sell the "crocs" with Zach and she made a mistake.

I'm sure I don't need to remind you how the Roloffs deal with criticism. Look no further than Jeremy.

Maybe that explains why Jen moved out, finished college, got a job and started her own life, while the Roloff kids that are sheltered with praise have no jobs, live at home throwing cats and play with Mueller every day.

Deb said...

I echo what M said.

"This is why I really like jen. She real, honest and puts herself out there. Great job Jen! I wish her well with her entertainment career. I also agree that she doesn't need to thank anyone for it... Any success she earns she will have earned it herself. "

Alicia said...

Seems to me like Jen has accomplished a lot and overcome a lot of odds on her own.

Moving out, graduating with a BA, moving to a new city, getting work and going after dreams, that is a lot for anyone. That she has dwarfism should add to it. If a Roloff did that it would be called inspiring.

Alicia said...

PS. I don't think Jeremy has any character. I don't feel that he is a good person. I agreed with the douchebag reference. Sorry but it's right. That's how I feel.

Lauren said...

Wow, if this is how friends of the Roloffs are made to feel, like they are less than and they owe the Roloffs for everything good that happens to them, then I wouldn't want the Roloffs as friends.

Christine said...

Big Jennifer, I don't agree that Jen's main purpose was that people shouldn't criticize celebrities. She confessed that some of the things were hurtful, but she also said it's what they ask for when they choose to be in that industry. I think she wanted to tell people why it wasn't true not you're not allowed to say it.

For arguement sake, what if that was her entire point?

"his girl just spoke for 20 minutes telling you how hurtful stranger's comments and emails can be"

Why are you only upset when someone called Jeremy a douche bag? You don't care about Jeremy's and Mueller's hurtful emails and comments to and about fans? In your mind the Roloffs are never the offenders, they are always the victims.

BeckyM said...

Jen is a class act. Bravo to you!

Rap541 said...

Moving out, graduating with a BA, moving to a new city, getting work and going after dreams, that is a lot for anyone. That she has dwarfism should add to it. If a Roloff did that it would be called inspiring.

Excellent point - I believe Dana was demanding we all prostrate ourselves in awe at Jeremy being accepted at Brooks. Not attending, not graduating, but his meer acceptance meant that he was *accomplished* and *deserving of respect*.

I bet Jeremy is NOT required to say, at every accomplishment "Matt Roloff is the one who deserves the praise. All of my success is due to Matt Roloff. All of my accomplishments are his, and I have earned nothing on my own."

(that jeremy hardly has any accomplishments is a different issue ;))

I wonder if all of LP kind knows they are nothing without Matt and all of their accomplishments don't matter since *Matt* is owed the credit. If an LP does something good from now on, they need to start and stop with "Matt did this, not me! Matt Roloff is the only LP who has ever accomplished ANYTHING on his own and we are all just riding his coattails. the only LP who matters is Matt, my accomplishments are entirely due to Matt, don't give me any credit for anything, Matt Roloff is the only LP who deserves any credit for anything."

Really, I see Jen's point, and I think she's being remarkably respectful in not pointing out that really, its not as tho she ever got a pay check for LPBW, and look at all the harassment she's getting from Roloff fans.

And for what? Maybe dating Zach.

Here's what I notice - no one from the Roloff camp - Matt, Amy, etc having a problem with their fanbase calling out an LP and demanding that the LP give Matt credit for her accomplishments.

You'd think good christians wouldn't be condoning a hate campaign by their fans against Jen... I wonder why they are sooooo silent. :)

cathelitou said...

WoW! I love how Jen answers the question! She prove that she is more mature than other people.

Judy B said...

Cathelitou, how is Jen more mature than other people? Are you implying more mature than the Roloffs?

The point of the comment that she read later in the video was that she wouldn't have had that opportunity to get non-demeaning jobs like the video role if it wasn't for Matt Roloff.

Jen's answer was that LP's had that dream before the show. That wasn't the point.

Debbie said...

I adored Jen's handling of it. Good job Jen!

Anne said...

Jen, deserves some credit herself, but you can't dismiss that the Roloffs being friends with her and the exposure she received from LPBW has probably helped her get noticed.

David said...

Jen, did an excellent job with that and she should take pride in herself for her own accomplishments. She shouldn't be made to feel as though that she owes the Roloffs anything.

I am with Kayla. Perhaps it's odd wording, but Jen's choice of words are revealing.

"If that was me, I would be embarrassed. That's disgusting. If people genuinely believe that then it's going to be difficult for us to be friends because that's not someone that I would be friends with."

I also wonder who would say that "Zach, Jeremy and Molly all wised up to you a couple of years ago" and cite an example of Matt Roloff "pegging" her as an alleged user in the past.

I think that's a lot for a clueless adoring Roloff fan to invent and to surmise.

Rap, that's a good point. I wonder if Matt or his assistant will come out saying that Matt deserves no credit for Jen Montzingo's career in LA?

Brandon said...

I hope Matt is paying attention.

As uncalled for and as mean as some of those things were that were said to Jen, notice that she is not whining about being cyber-bullied. I think she has too much respect for real cases of cyber bullying (awkward teenagers in schools across the world) to pull that card and she rightly understand that unkind comments are going to happen if you put yourself out in the media.

Matt on the other hand whines that the Roloffs are cyberbullied when they get criticized and attempts to take the focus away from the real victims.

I am glad Jen didn't kiss up to Matt. She is right to not slobber over the Roloff connection.

Caise said...

But she still didn't answer why they aren't dating????

Vic Rattlehead said...

The way I see it the only person in that family who has actually achieved anything of value or note is Matt's brother Sam.

Sam is a university graduate who has traveled extensively around the continent for his profession and has risen to a position of some respect within the photographic and arts community (evidenced from the fact he doesn't need to whore out his family to make a buck) all while having has the same medical conditions and similar mobility problems that Matt does yet he doesn't complain and whine all the time.

While on the other hand Matt has been fired from every job that he's ever had often under acrimonious circumstances (not to mention he loves to sue former employers for "victimizing him" because he's a little person)they were near bankruptcy and the mortgage default repossession of the farm before TLC/Discovery Communications rode to the rescue in 2006(they were so broke that they had to borrow $5000 from Amy's parents to pay for Zack's braces).

Jeremy is all but written off in my opinion because he has no work ethic or desire to achieve anything beyond having fun and hanging out with his equally empty friends which will take him precisely nowhere in life.

For the record I don't believe for a second that Jeremy will last more than one semester at Brooks because he'll actually be required to show up and meet a specified level of achievement (GPA) in order to advance through the course which will mean he won't be able to hang out and have "fun" all the time.

Zach could be successful if he finally leaves the nest and strikes out on his own because he seems to have some work ethic and desire to prove himself.

The same goes for both Molly and Jacob as long as they don't let Matt's control freak nature dominate their life decisions once they are of age.

Rap541 said...

Judy - I know it's hard to contemplate but yes, it is possible that Jen is displaying maturity not displayed by the Roloffs.

Jen isn't calling anyone who criticizes her a name. Matt does - I believe "negative nellie" is a Matt Roloff moment of maturity. While Jen clearly disagrees with some of the criticism, she doesn't resort to name calling or "if only you knew the truth" - she states her response and moves on. She states how she feels without disrespecting Matt - that Matt has done a lot of good but it's unfair to say that she would be nothing without Matt. Notice that she doesn't slam Matt, or even slam some of the more nasty posters with personal insults. She references an incident (the one with the crocs) that irritated some fans and owned it, and conceded she might do things differently now.

I don't think the point of her youtube post was to create yet another arguing point but... I really trust you aren't suggesting that since Matt Roloff names and whines and calls people who blog about him cyberbullies - thats how we should all act? Since if Matt does it, it's mature!

Craw said...

I wouldn't be surprised if the Roloffs feel that way about Jen. I never liked Jen ever since she didn't defend Jeremy for going to the LPA conferences. She should be happy that someone as cool as Jeremy called her a friend. I remember when Jeremy said on the show "This is my friend Jen. She's a lot of fun to be around." Then Jen didn't even defend Jeremy.

tay said...

wait, what did jen say about jeremy???

Brandon said...

Jen didn't say anything wrong, tay. The "Jeremy is God" crowd like Dana, Judy B and Craw hate anybody that doesn't act like Jeremy made their life by being in his presence.

On her blog, Jen was asked to give her honest feeling on average height siblings who bring their friends to attend the LP conferences. The girl asking said it was obvious who she was asking about (Jeremy and Mueller).

Jen politely explained that she sees both sides of it. She explained that it's the one time of year that she gets to catch up with her LP friends and sometimes the average height people tend to make the talk about themselves. She also said that her own average height brother stopped going when he was 18 ish.

That's what set off the Jeremy fans. Jen was honest. She gave good reasons for her feelings. She didn't attack Jeremy or say he was awful. She was asked to be honest about a general subject and she was.

Not to get off topic, but on that thought, I will take the bet that Jeremy will attend the LPA conference in Anaheim this year even though he will be 21 and won't even have the excuse that he's required to be there for filming. It's a party and Jeremy can never miss out on a fun party.

I think Jen was too nice in her answer about that personally. I think it's ridiculous that Jeremy still goes to the LITTLE PEOPLE conferences. But that's another topic.

Back to Jen and Zach and how Jen is supposed to praise Matt for everything she does in life!

Proud parent of an LP said...

Brandon, as an average size parent of both an LP and 2 avg size children it's obvious to me you understand very little about the dynamics of a mixed height family. We work very hard to make sure our average size children feel as welcome in the LP community as we do our LP's in the average height world. I think I speak for many POLPs (parents of little people) when I say we celebrate the fact our average height children look forward (make friends) and attend the LPA conferences. Regardless of how old they are. I'm sorry if I'm correcting you but your assertions are often wrong. I also know the roloffs for many years and they are a very nice family. They derserve all their success. Matt Roloff served the LPA organization well and implemented many innovative changes that continue today.

Tori Burke said...

I didn't know much about Jen before this, but I really like her from what she's said in these videos.

Abby said...

I feel so bad for Jen. She didn't do anything to deserve those insults. What did she do to deserve those things? She was rumored with Zach. That's not her fault. It's not bad if it was true either. What else did she do wrong? Appear on LPBW

Big Jennifer, don't compare Jen being insulted and Jeremy. Jen did nothing wrong. Jeremy always does offesnive things! If Jen said racist things, discriminated against gay people, lied about drinking, threw cats, insulted fans, and all the other things Jeremy has done then she would be called a douche bag too but until she does she doesn't deserve to be insulted.

Claudette said...

Rap, why would you blame Matt Roloff for his fans insulting Jen?

Do you blame Justin Bieber for his fans making death threads against his girlfriend Selena Gomez?

If not then don't blame Matt for this. Matt is too nice of a person to demand credit for all successes of Little People.

Rap541 said...

I've seen Matt actively encourage the behavior by praising people who are nasty to "haters". Guess what? If Matt genuinely don't want fans to attack someone in his name, he has the power to do so.

And instead, he's on record praising his fans for their attacks and asking if they are "kicking hater ass".

If Justin Bieber is chortling with his fanbase how he finds the death threats amusing, yes, I would blame him for encouraging it. Has Justin been doing that?

Paige said...

Rap, when Justin Beiber fans were death threating Kim Kardashian because she kissed him or something, Justin told his fans to stop and that he was disappointed in them.

Derek said...

I like that Jen is real.
She wouldn't lose anything if she wasn't friends with the Roloffs...she is a much better person. That is a subjective, but it's my opinion.

Betty said...

I firmly believe Jen is a better role model and representative of people with dwarfism than the Roloffs. It's a shame she didn't the show. Although in fairness, money and popularity does change people. Hopefully Jen will go on to bigger things but will remain grounded. It sounds like she has valuable life experience that will keep her grounded.

Robyn said...

How arrogant can people get? She doesn't owe anything to anybody. Nobody should be made to feel like that.

I hope she's in more videos like PATD Overture.

Nic said...

I would think the Roloff kids would feel paranoid about their friends a lot. It could be unfair to friends.

Christine said...

Nic, Jen was friends with the Roloffs a long time before they got the show. If they think that, that makes them crappy people. They know all the stuff about Jen's family already being in the industry and still think that? If that is what they think.

I love how Jen handled this too. She's down to earth and real. I'm tired of hearing Roloff BS.

Pearson said...

I like Jen's way of dealing with it. It's hard, but you shouldn't just automatically dismiss what people say about you with "they're stupid". To mature as a person you should at least hear it out and honestly look at it to see if there is truth to it. Sometimes there isn't.

I don't think there is with Jen, but at least she was willing to hear it and ponder. You can tell she is a thoughtful person. I wish her well in the future.

Austin said...

I think Jen should speak on some LP issues instead of the Roloffs. She would be a more legitimate speaker about diversity than the Roloffs and all their hidden prejudicial beliefs.

Vicky said...

Too bad for Zach that it seems like it's not true. It would have been excellent for Zach to be with a mature girl like Jen away from the sheltered world of his family and the kindergarten (Faith Bible) crew.

Cindy said...

I didn't know Jen sings too. I think she is good.

Ashley said...

I think I see what Jen means when she says people acting like the Roloffs are everything make her seem insignificant.

Anybody read Jen's twitter today?

She was kissed by Zac freakin Efron!!!

Nonnao said...

I sense jealousy and competitiveness from some of the for me..the Roloff family has brought me so much entertainment and I so admire their CAN DO attitude! Im trying to get my husband to take me to Oregon so I can see their farm..I love these dear people..please stop bad mouthing them...they don't deserve it!

A4 said...

Nonnano, you feel free to kiss Roloff ass and remember, the Roloff kids have a name for you. It's "creeper". Remember that when you're buying a pumpkin.