Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Matt Roloff To Speak in Delhi, New York

Matt Roloff is coming to Delhi, New York for a speaking engagement that is free and open to the public on March 29th at 8 p.m. in The Okun Theatre. It is "An Evening with Matt Roloff: Leading an Extraordinary Life". It is being presented by the SUNY Delhi Student Programming Board and the SUNY Delhi Office of Disability Support Services.

"Matt operates a successful family farm, authored two books, was top salesman for Fortune 500 companies, and currently owns a manufacturing company specializing in mobility equipment designed for little people. He has served as national president of Little People of America and has since co-founded a non-profit organization that supports little people across the nation."


Kathy said...

Free? I might be able to go!

David said...

The question deserves to be asked. Other than being spoiled by money and "stuff", are Matt's own kids (his adult children) living extraordinary lives?

Peter Van said...

David, Your question shouldn't be asking whether the Roloff kids are leading extraordinary life's? but rather "are you?" They clearly are. That's easy for most of us to see.

David said...

Peter Van, my answer to that is two or three fold.

1. Matt gives the "How to live an extraordinary life" speech to strangers. It's valid to look at the example of his own kids.

2. How are Jeremy and Zach living extraordinary lives? Dismissing the fact they are spoiled because of what their parents have provided for them, what is remotely extraordinary? They are almost 21 years old. They still share a bedroom together like they have their entire lives. They attend the local community college. Jeremy has never had a real job where his dad hasn't been his boss. Zach coaches kids soccer. Both 20 year olds resemble a kid half their age with how much they play and some of their activities (cat tossing). Neither are mature or grown up enough to speak for themselves. What is extraordinary about that?

3. I have a feeling that what entails living extraordinary life in my opinion is vastly different than Matt Roloff's definition of an "extraordinary" life.

Donald said...

Matt Roloff is an extraordinary person. He is more than qualified to give a speech entitled "How to live an extraordinary life".

David, with all due respect, it doesn't matter if his kids are examples of it or not. They are their own people. Matt is giving the speech.

Matt knows all about how to live an extraordinary life. Think of all the people you know that think 'One day I would like to do X". Matt goes ahead and does it. He makes it happen.

You have to respect that.

Carol said...

Peter, imagine there were kids (that age) living identical to Jeremy and Zach, but were not "famous".

I highly doubt you would think that they are extraordinary.

IMO, regular kids that can be found in every neighborhood are more extraordinary than Jeremy and Zach because there are kids who are responsible for themselves, go to school and work full time.

Jeremy and Zach are living lazy because their parents allow it.

BeckyM said...

Extraordinary Life? What does this spring to my mind? Matt Roloff, reality show ho? No.

Let's compare...

Has Matt...?
Donated time, raised money for a cause without benefit for himself?
Saved a life, animal or human?
Been in a place of "interesting times" (i.e. natural disaster) and acted heroically?
Spent time in a war zone covering the war as a reporter, protecting people (soldier), or helping people recover their lives (community helper) without benefit to himself?
Endlessly championed those who could not themselves - activist lawyer for example?
Done anything that is truly astoinshing and awe inspiring?

No, he's a Little Person who milked his differences by filming, admitted by him, a fake reality show. Pretty much what a lot of other talentless Americans have done to earn a lot of money without much effort.

Now if Captain Sullenberger was speaking I would PAY FOR THAT. There's a reason why Matt's speech is free to the public.

nyc said...

The Frito-Lay company recognizes the kids you speak of, Carol. Their pics and a little story about how they make a difference is on each bag of their products. These are admirable young people. I don't find too much to admire (except maybe gilt-edged CHUTZPAH) from the Roloffs.

nyc said...

BTW, Delhi is a real "burg." The only thing that's of any note around there is the Ag college. Surely this "big superstar" (in his own mind) could do better than a one-horse (or cow) town.

Donald said...

@BeckyM: An extraordinary life or a hero? They are different, although Matt has helped others. CoDA helps others. Matt's involvement with the Salman family in Iraq was heroic. If Matt didn't get involved by bring awareness to their situation by actually putting himself in danger by going into a war zone, the family would likely not being living in the United States today. Matt caring made it happen.

However, that is a different discussion. He is more than qualified to give an "Extraordinary Life" speech. I bet people that knew Matt in passing as a child would not have predicted he would have lived out all of his dreams.

He had severe physical handicaps. He faced ridicule and laughter. If you think a lot of people don't let those things place limitations on themselves and allow them to tear their own dreams away, you're simply not being realistic.

Matt makes every dream he has a reality. He has the money and means to make it all happen. Wouldn't you want your loved ones to be able the say same thing about their own lives?

BeckyM said...

@ Donald Personally, I can think of 100 other people who have overcome disabilities more than Matt. Right now a friend who is battling cancer and who is doing it bravely immediately springs to mind.

People who have overcome horrible odds and are HUMBLE and MODEST about it. Not someone who boasts and alternately whines.

Let's not forget....
*Matt supports a political and religious agenda that excludes a larger proportion of the population (gays) then dwarves
*Matt drives drunk
*Matt believes you should sue the county for coming onto your property
*Matt turns a blind eye to discrimation against blacks through racist language
*Matt believed exaggerating and faking a heart attack on television was good business.
*Matt did not carry through on his obligations on taking the soccer team overseas.
*Still waiting to hear the NAMES of the FORTUNE 500 companies (note plural) and how long he worked for them and what positions he held.
*Still waiting to hear how many employees and what type of annual profit his company makes (is it even viable - I have my doubts).
*Matt lets his son, Jeremy, treat his wife like a slave.
*Matt believes promoting the idea his marriage is in trouble is good business.
*Matts poor parenting skills are obvious.
*Matt talks about shooting family pets as if its a huge joke.

So yeah, I think Matt is your ORDINARY, run of the mill, snake oil saleman. Nothing special about him.

His only claim to fame is being a reality show. Without that ho-stroll, no one would be coming to hear him speak. The same goes for Amy.

Rap541 said...

Peter - you've made the statement - give examples of what Zach and Jeremy are doing with their lives that makes them "extraordinary".

One has no job that he had to make an effort to get - Jeremy works for Daddy Matt since well, Daddy Matt can't fire him. Zach works a part time job. Both will have been in community college for two years when they hit their 21st birthdays in a few weeks. Are either of these extraordinary men going to be graduating with two year degrees? Or are they being extraordinarily behind their ordinary classmates?

Is Jeremy spending his spring break selflessly praising God and assisting those in need? Like his sister Molly? Or will he be playing and camping with the DBU?

What I get from Zach and Jeremy is that they've been handed a lot of extraordinary opportunities that they have piddled away.

Peter, here's an example of someone living an extraordinary life.

Please stop calling two very average young men "extraordinary". They're not "bad" young men, but really, they certainly aren't accomplished or achieving, or going places. They're treading water at mom and dad's because mom and dad allow it.

Heidi said...

Donald, I agree. Many people let minor obstacles get in the way of the life they want to live. If they had to face a fraction of challenge that Matt Roloff faces daily, it would crush them. He has inspired thousands of people to overcome their challenges and live their dream, that is extraordinary. I doubt BeckyM or any of the others could say the same.

BeckyM said...

@ Heidi - I'm not selling myself as a speaker who is ExtraOrdinary. My life is actually pretty ordinary and that is exactly the way I like it!

I didn't sell my children's childhood to the camerman at TLC. I didn't think: wow! let my five year old be filmed most of his life and then wonder why he acts out?

Both of my kids are straight A students in school - does that make me an EXTRA ordinary parent? Since Matt has kids who regularly fail classes - this makes him an EXTRA ordinary parent?

I've never been to court except to serve on a jury.
I've never been arrested.
I've never drove drunk.
I haven't abused animals.
I haven't sued anyone in my life even though I've had cause to get compensation.
I treat my spouse as an equal - not my slave or servant.
Neither of my children have been photographed abusing animals.
Neither of children take drugs.
Neither of my children use racist language.
Both of my children respect other people's differences in race, religion and sexual orientation.
My elderly pets were euthanized by my vet and given a caring/compassionate leave taking.
My current pets have envious care - with one person (an enemy) stating she would love to come back as one of my horses.

Hopefully, there are more ORDINARY people living ORDINARY lives then the EXTRAordinary life you attribute to a con-artist, Matt Roloff. Matt has no talent or skill that makes him EXTRAordinary except excellence in selling bull.

So what? he's a "little person" so is thousands of others who live with the same disabilities. Does that make EVERY little person EXTRAordinary?

Your logic is illogical.

Mike P. said...

It seems to me that the whole point of the show, originally, was how very ordinary the Roloffs are. ("We're Little People; we can do everything you can do, but just in a different way.")

Now that Roloff has run that into the ground, with quarreling and manipulation, and his paychecks have stopped, he needs to position himself as "extraordinary." But that's purely a marketing ploy, and like much of marketing, it has little to do with reality.

I do agree that Roloff is an "extraordinary" person, but not in any way that would flatter him.

I'm with BeckyM at 8:04.