Sunday, March 20, 2011

Molly Roloff in Haiti on School Mission Trip

As Amy has talked about for a couple of months, Molly is apart of a school mission trip in Haiti.

Amy posted a picture of Molly on her Charity Foundation page at the airport leaving:

The group:

They arrived in Haiti and provided these updates:

March 17

We have electricity.

We took a tour of the tent city. It was amazing. They have it very well organized with leadership. The people have little businesses set up, even a little movie house, food places, etc. The little kids all say, “hey you” over and over. They will come up and hold your hand as you walk around. Makes you appreciate everything we have.

We are on the rooftop and some of the kids are singing to us.

We are sleeping on a rudimentary cement floor that is very dusty.

Mosquitoes, noise and found a 3.5” cockroach on the floor near where I am sleeping.

There aren't any screens on the windows so we have a bat flying around our room! I'm good with that as long as he eats all the mosquitoes.

The sounds of mosquitoes buzzing in your ears at night take on a different meaning when you know that they could be carrying malaria.

March 18
Day 2 started with individual devotions at 5:00am. Group devotions at 5:45 and breakfast at 6:00. The plan for the day had us breaking out into two work teams: team one cleaning toilets and showers in the tent city and team two moving (metal) building materials over to the girls’ home to start building temporary shelters. Things are fluid here so both teams stopped their jobs and helped unload a truck of medical supplies from Doctors Without Borders. We worked side by side with the locals forming a long line to pass the boxes from the truck to the storage area.

We can't take a lot of pictures of the Haitians as they don’t like it. Apparently they all want to come to the U.S.. They think that if their picture gets taken it could end up on the Internet which the government might use against them.

Lunch was great. We give many thanks to the local ladies who cook for us. After lunch we moved (by hand) a whole lot of the metal building materials over to the staging site. We are working in over 90 degree weather with high humidity.

Another group of us painted the bathrooms in the “guest house” as there are more people joining us Saturday and Monday for a total of 60 people. We have limited water and bathrooms, so please pray for us.

The dads are sleeping on the roof tonight with the boys. Hopefully it will be cooler with less mosquitoes.

It’s been totally safe here. We have guards with us, but I doubt they will be needed.

The kids are working hard. They are truly amazing to see in action and our FEI (host?) commented on how hard they are working.

We appreciate all of your prayers.

March 19
A medical team from Chicago arrived today so the volunteer numbers doubled. Monday the 30 from Solid Rock will arrive. Showers are already a bit tricky with cold water, and one toilet, but with that many people meals/showers/bathroom breaks will be difficult.

The team shoveled garbage, painted and built walls/roofs for the temporary housing. This afternoon we are heading to the girls home to play some Double Dutch jump rope.

Church tomorrow so we get to sleep in until 5:15, breakfast at 6:00. Service typically lasts most of the day.

Music, singing, dogs barking, roosters crowing are just some of the continuous noise all night long. It usually settles down about 3-4. The noise is like sleeping with your window open in New York City. The ear plugs we brought only put a small dent in it.

The team is in great spirits. We are blessed to serve these amazing people.

Please continue to pray for the team in Haiti!

March 20
Today is a day off for the team. Up at 5:15 for devotions then breakfast at 6:00. Fresh papaya, oatmeal, cereal, bread and peanut butter. They have bread and peanut butter at almost every meal. Not sure if that's Haitian or just extra supplies. We went to church not too far down the road today. Very lively church. One song was as long as our church's entire music set. I saw a chicken and a dog roaming about during the service.

Saw lots of people out on the streets today voting for the president. Garrett thought that one of the vehicles that we passed was one of the candidates. We hope to walk outside the compound after lunch - males only.

We just went for a long walk around the city here. Micha, Garrett, Jordan, Mr. Carbonari and Mr. Ballard along with our interpreter, Johnson. He showed us his house that his 3 month old died in during the earthquake. I said the house didn't look too bad and he explained that we were looking at the second floor. The first floor was pancaked. Sad story. We walked down to the beach and then back to the house. The girls stayed back and played games like moose, moose.

Please continue to keep the team in your prayers!

March 21
No post election violence that we have heard of.

The Solid Rock team showed up.

Lots of hard work today. One crew swept the paths in the tent city and shovelled garbage. This isn't like the garbage we are used to as all kinds of foul things can be found in it - the Forward Edge International Coordinator threw up while doing it. Our kids had real servant attitudes and had no problems.

Over at the construction site the team pushed 2 hours past normal time to complete all of the side and roof panels.

The only thing left is to put on the metal sheeting which is already under way.

Tomorrow: cleaning the camp toilets and showers, painting and metal sheeting, roofing panels.

It would appear the the popular choice for president has won and there haven't been any issues that we've been made aware of. 70% of the population is under 30 years old. The popular choice was a rap star.

Please continue to pray for the team in Haiti!

March 22

A great day here. Lots of work got done and lots of relationships being made. Solid Rock brought down enough money to do a Lords Kitchen feeding - where the camp kids get to eat a good meal for free. Our team helped out with the kids and feeding. The morning was started cleaning showers and toilets. The building crew finished off the twenty houses that they had been assigned at the beginning of the trip. The crew was very excited to help hand carry the parts they built to a house site about a quarter mile away.

After work we all went down to see some of the camp kids sing to us in a classroom tent. We handed out some of the things we brought and then went outside to play with the kids. They loved just being held or carried around. Playing jump rope is one of their favorite things to play. Our kids have a big heart for these Haitian children and what they have been through. Several have already talked about coming back.

Tomorrow we all head out to clean toilets and showers in the camp. We hope to get over to the area (Lambee) where the homes we built are going and to see the community they will be a part of. It is also our last day here. I am sure that many are looking forward to going home, but at the same time finding it difficult to leave behind their new found friends.

Please remember to keep the Haiti team in your prayers!

March 23
We are working on our final project. Painting houses to preserve the plywood. Nike is partnering up with Grace Village to build up the land. Combination of temporary and permanent housing.

Hot soup was delivered to the work site, except they forgot the spoons. We improvised.

It was a great day. It was an incredible week. Life changing.

See you at the airport!!

Please pray for the Haiti team as they will be coming home tomorrow (Thursday the 24th)

Molly and a teacher working in Haiti


Jan said...

Wow! That's great. I hope they stay safe. The disease/malaria part is scary.

Dana said...

It's good to see a positive story about the Roloffs that prove what Christians are about. When there is trouble, who goes to help? Christians.

I hope all the people who are always knocking the Roloffs as being selfish will remember this.

They are all in my prayers.

Timothy said...

I am sure they are helping, but I have to service typically lasts all day? They go all the way to Haiti and one of the days is used up by nothing but church service?

Kayla said...

Molly seems like the only good Roloff. Go Molly!

Samantha P said...

I would like to point out that the Church that is mentioned sending 30 tomorrow is the same Church that some of you demonize Jer for supporting.

Rap541 said...

Dana - yes, good for Molly, stepping up where her brothers won't. :)

I hope all the people who cite *Jeremy* as a blessing notice who went on mission to Haiti and who goofed around playing for the last few years.

Lil hint - Jer-Bear only went to Haiti when it involved an expensive cruise and a day (out of seven on the expensive cruise) while his sister is willing to sleep with cockroaches. :)

Funny how someone's love of Christ ends when its not so much fun. Good for Molly!

(Samantha - I notice Jeremy the Lover of Church didn't go... too busy partying to love God?)

Dana said...

Rap, you always attempt to make something negative. It is the Roloffs helping the last fortunate through their love of Christ.

You are so quick to judge.

When was the last time you went on a Mission trip? It's a pointless question because you can say anything behind a computer screen. There is no way to verify.

Jeremy has done work through the school. Jeremy and Zach's class helped flood victims. They also did their part for Katrina. Jeremy was credited with his extra hard work on the roof in unbearable heat. Whether you dismiss it or not, he did go to Haiti with Zach and Amy's team.

Do you judge everyone as harshly as you judge Jeremy?

Rap541 said...

It's a pointless question because you can say anything behind a computer screen. There is no way to verify.

Then why do you ask?

Dana, I am not the one who delights in pointing out how Jeremy *lives for God*.

I am told by you to *respect him for his good acts*. You insist he's better than me, and you certainly say again and again that Jeremy is the best and most Christ-like of all of the Roloff children (which btw is you passing harsh judgement).

So tell me - Its spring break and Molly is living and working for Christ. What did Jeremy do his senior year of high school for spring break? Oh right, he was hugging his buddy Mueller down in the BVIs, snidely mocking his sister and brother for staying home from a fun free trip. Praise god Jeremy lived for Christ down on the beach! Thats BETTER than what Molly is doing!

I'm pretty sure Jer-Bear is gonna be *living for Christ* this upcoming weekend with his buds. God knows God prefers Jeremy smoke and joke with his Christian lady friends and his buds because goofing and playing is Christlike.

I think its awesome Molly is choosing to express her faith doing something difficult and meaningful and I think its sad you're deeming Jeremy taking a cruise as the *more Christian* way to worship.

Funny how Molly stands head and shoulders above her brother but bless us, lets all find a way to make Jeremy the hero :) God bless the boy - never a man NOT EVER A MAN - for his playing and goofing for Christ.

Right Dana? You are stating that Jeremy is more Christian and a better Christian than Molly, correct? I mean, Jeremy pounded a hammer on camera and went on a cruise.... makes Molly living with roaches look like *nothing*, huh?

ANd Samantha makes an interesting point - its Jeremy's especially loved church heading down there... funny how when things aren't fun, Jeremy's not there.

Mercedes said...

Hey DANA, it is not "THE Roloffs Helping" it is just Molly Helping... The only good Roloff. So don't start giving credit to the rest of the snakes because poor Molly put all that work to help some people. We all know that Molly is different. She is a mutation... a good person among a bed full of snakes.

I see how people like you don't waste any time in giving the other Roloffs credit for Molly's work and dedication.

I hope she is alright and I wish her good luck and my blessings.

Shelby said...

Excuse my ignorance, but what exactly is the purpose of these mission trips? Is it to spread the message of Christianity and Jesus? Is it to help rebuild things? Is it to deliver supplies? Is it to play with the kids?

I've seen other school mission trips. Usually the students play with the local children. Is the purpose of the trip education for the students to teach them what it's like in a devastated country like Haiti? Or is it to help?

Cookie said...

Dana. Your statement: "When there is trouble, who goes to help? Christians"--is laughable and troubling at the same time. What an incredibly narrow minded way of thinking and so typical of "Christian thinking". Apparently, since I'm not a Christian, then I couldn't possibly be inclined to help others, donate time or money or items to those in need, volunteer at food banks, tutor at risk students or in any way give to those who are in need. Dana, so called Christians and apparently you are one of the chosen, are the main reason I'm not a Christian. I in no way wish to be associated with narrow minded thinking or believing I'm better than someone else just because I may or may not go to church on Sunday. Doesn't make you holy nor does it make you better. It certainly doesn't get you a seat on the right hand of God.

BeckyM said...

@ Shelby - the purpose? to go to poor countries, overpopulated, and hand them a Bible in one hand and food in the other. Once they submit to accepting Christ they are given the food.

White folk then can go home patting themselves on the back for their gracious charity.

JMO. I've seen it happen over and over again. Feed the Children went down to Mexico City after the earthquake and I heard the dumbass - Larry Jones - brag about his mission - but when questioned by myself, apparently the only student there not sucked into his do-gooding, he admitted the Bible-thumping and food connection.

Feed the Children how much money really goes to anyone?

This trip is more of the same crap. White Folk going down and helping the Poor Black Man - with a hook attached. Wow get food by agreeing with the White Man. I'm sure the Haitians are still appreciating those backpacks.

BeckyM said...

Have we forgotten the do-gooder MISSIONARY Christian who kidnapped Haitian children?

Poor countries need to protect themselves from outsiders who arrive to take advantage of the turmoil and desperations that such catastrophic events promote in the population.

Yet to see any REAL list of aid - (i.e. digging a well, supplying X amount of food, digging out sewage lines, assisting in medical tents, provding $$ for medical assistance???) or just putting a burden upon an already stressed infrastructure by taking up housing, food, and water?

Lots of praying and handing out Bibles. I'm sure that's top priority for those people. Don't forget those backpacks! And be sure to tell them to make more children for the Lord.

Rap541 said...

Becky - if you want a really interesting look at haiti - I recommend the Haiti episode of No Reservations on the Travel Channel.

Sean Penn for example, seems to be doing a lot of good.

Counterfeit God said...

From my experience of being a humanitarian volunteer with the red cross in Haiti & Chile I've seen first hand many of these uber-christiian "missionary trips" come down to little more than attempting to "convert the savages" to [insert fundamentalist christian sect here] and little to no actual humanitarian work.

While organizations like the Red Cross UNICEF The World Food Program and Doctors Without Boarders are busy doing concrete things like digging wells building schools feeding sheltering and healing the sick injured and homeless the fundamentalist christian groups like Pat Robertson's Operation Blessing and Feed The Children only offer help to those who are willing to convert to their version of christianity.

From what I read here it sounds like it's more of a "convert the savages" trip than a humanitarian trip.

Vic Rattlehead said...


Usually the purpose of these types of trips is to "convert the savages" by promising them food or any other things they need but with the caveat that they will only get those things if the renounce their religion and convert to fundamentalist chrstianity.

It's isn't "missionary work" as far as performing humanitarian activities like feeding the hungry sheltering the homeless or healing the sick but more of the sort of missionary work where they try and convert people to christianity.

Lynn C said...

"From what I read here it sounds like it's more of a "convert the savages" trip than a humanitarian trip."

I don't think that's correct at all. It said that they helped unload the truck from the Doctors Without Boarders full of medical supplies. From the picture, they are doing some building.

Rap541 said...

I sort of agree with Becky, and I also sort of agree with Lynn.

Lynn has a point - they're unloading trucks and doing some building and having seen a few of these sorts of trips play out - you can be certain that there's some actual labor being done, and some actual good. Frankly Haiti is enough of a hole that even if the kids did nothing but spend one morning picking up trash - thats better than the previous nothing.

However, these sorts of trips are designed so that while some work gets done, and the kids gain a new appreciation of their wealthy lifestyles, the grind of work is also interspaced liberally with fun activities - you're not going to get a lot of repeat trips from the same church if all the kids go back and tell their friends "we worked from sun up to sun down, there weren't any showers and we had nothing to eat but gruel".

And lets be honest about what a mission trip is - Becky has a point. Do I think there's a message being handed out with the help when its a Christian mission group? Well... of course. Let's not deny the obvious.

Ashley said...

I don't think it matters what religion they are or if they went hoping to convert people to becoming Christians.

They are still doing work to help. I commend them. They are spending their March break sleeping with cochroaches and the days shovelling garbage.

Jenna said...

I know some of those kids well! Some of you might know of them, besides Molly.

In the group picture, Molly's friend Sarah has the pink jacket.

The guy in the black shirt and blue jeans is Jordan. If you've watched the show, his brother is Jeremy's and Zach's friend Brendon.

The girl in the center next to Sarah in the aqua color is Mueller's ex girlfriend Chelsea.

Angela said...

Way to go Molly and kids. I'm not Christian, but I have to commend what they're doing.

Instead of partying for March break, they are shoveling garbage in Haiti.

Vic Rattlehead said...

If this was a trip to win converts to christianity in Haiti whoever the person at that school is that plans these things doesn't like to do research because if they had they would have found out that Haiti's main religion is Roman Catholicism (IE: Christianity)which is followed by 96% of the population so the point of going on a mission trip to convert people to Christianity there is more than a little moot.