Sunday, March 13, 2011

Zach Roloff and Jen Montzingo Rumors

We always aim to share with you the buzz and things other people are talking about as it relates to the Roloffs, LPBW and things and people associated with the show or the Roloffs. People will often contact us about certain topics, either with information of their own or inquiring for more.

So we decided it's time share with you by doing a separate item on one of the more "gossip" type topics, that actually seems to be picking up more steam lately.

"Are the Roloff kids dating?" has always been a frequent question among fans. Of course, if you believe the show (and a lot of people wisely don't...) none of the Roloff kids have dated since about 3 years ago when Kirsten disappeared. The popular theory about that was that as the Roloffs gained more power that came with being on a successful show that had staying power -- they wanted more real privacy in their personal lives and that's why in the last few years there was basically nothing on that front and a lot of the episodes centered around more contrived plots. If you were the Roloffs, would you rather the show focus on your real relationships and who you're dating or far-fetched plots like runaway turtles?

But alas, people speculate anyway because that's human nature. So the topic today, as it was in Amy's coffee chat from Friday, does Zach Roloff have a girlfriend? Since the beginning, on the show Zach has been portrayed as being too shy, not interested in girls, unable to talk to girls,needed to take a dating course and failed miserably, etc. Some fans wondered how accurate that was because in videos and pictures of Zach at some LPA events he didn't seem too awkward re: girls at the events.

Yet through it all, there have been little rumblings that Zach and Jen Montzingo were dating or more than just friends. It seemed to stem from an early episode of Little People, Big World when Zach -- who viewers were told never could talk to girls about anything -- ran up a significant phone bill with a girl in Seattle (Jen). Matt teased on the show that Zach secretly had a girl on the side, but kept it quiet because that's how Zach rolls.

Then, a while ago on her blog,, in an unrelated topic about why she enjoyed the LP conferences -- Jen mentioned that Zach was one of two very close LP friends she talked with regularly or almost every day.

Through the years when these topics would pop up about the Roloffs, occasionally people would mention things like the fact that Zach was Jen's date at her father's wedding. So there was sort of this underlying conspiracy theory from some people that they were dating, but it was kept a secret.

Of course, some people dismiss that, citing that it's a typical thing that fans with active imaginations get carried away with. And they're just friends. And they would point out that Jen is a handful of years older than Zach. Some people would say that Jen seemed more mature than Zach. And Jen's social views, which are much more liberal, seem to really differ from the conservative views of the Roloffs (ie. Jen is rather outspoken about her support of gay rights, etc, whereas Roloffs attend very conservative Churches that preach and practice the whole "Gay-Rehab" idea - where they teach that people who are gay can and should be cured of being gay).

Despite all of that, the gossip about Zach and Jen dating or being in a relationship always sort of floated around.

It seems to have really heated up in the last week or two. We've received some emails and comments about Zach's recent trip to Los Angeles -- the main point of the trip was to film the Tough Enough episode with the Statesmen Basketball team. However, we've received emails about that. Here is an example.

Hi Spiritswander,
I think all Roloff fans will want to know this.
My sister was in Los Angeles last week. She saw Zach Roloff out on a date with Jen Montzingo. She's the girl that ran up a huge phone bill with Zach on the show. She's been to the Roloffs lots of times to visit Zach. I also read he was Jen's date at her dad's wedding.

My sister wanted to say something when she saw them but she didn't want to interupt. She took a picture of them at a distance. I know it sounds creeper status but we don't see famous people alot. lol. She said they were definitely looking cozy and looked like they were having a great time.

The show is so fake! They made Zach seem like he was too nervous to talk to girls and couldn't do a thing but meanwhile he's dating Jen. My sister said they definitely looked like more than friends.

Why don't they admit this? Do you know why they are being secretive about it? I think TLC controls him and won't let him say he's in a relationship with Jen because that will make the show look stupid for saying that Zach can't talk to girls.

This "Zach dating" comment somewhat extended into the live chat on Friday when Zach was briefly on Amy's coffee chat and was reading questions. You can see that part of the video at approximately 0:23 into the video (when Mueller first sits down).

Zach answered "No". Amy said "No, Zach isn't really dating these days, but he has a lot of friends, he has a special girlfriend, but they aren't like dating girlfriend, but he has a lot of girl - friends, so Zach's just hanging."

So people are asking us for the scoop to be informed or our position on it...well, what you should know is that for Zach's part, he denies it to everybody. However, in researching this, and this honestly does come as a bit of surprise only because it does seem like the typical fan invented leaping to conclusions -- but honestly, many of Zach's friends, especially his LP friends, actually do believe that Zach and Jen Montzingo are "together" or "dating" or an "item" or whatever you want to call it. Zach and Jen obviously don't go around saying it and as stated, Zach denies it, but many of his friends think there is something with him and Jen.

To that point, if you watch the video of the coffee chat again, pay very close attention to Jacob Mueller. As Amy begins saying "No Zach isn't dating", Mueller rather quietly says "Yeah he is..." and then gives a sly little grin and glance over to Zach before looking down." That's basically exactly along the lines of what we were told -- Zach's friends think he does have something going on with Jen, despite what Zach may say or not say.

For Jen's part, someone on twitter tweeted that she is Zach's love interest. Jen tweeted the following: "what? no :) I have no affiliation w/TLC, except to say they are lovely. I am very much single, teaching & pursuing my dreams in LA :)"

So make of that whatever you want or don't want.

Speaking of Jen Montzingo, as mentioned above and as followers of our site or hardcore fans of the show keep up with LPBW online know, Jen used to live in Seattle, but moved over a year ago to Los Angeles to pursue her dream of being an actress.

Jen is in a brand new popular (it has approx. 200,000 views in 3 days) music video/short film -- Panic! at the Disco - The Overture.

You can follow Jen on twitter:


Dana said...

If Zach or all of the Roloffs, want privacy, why don't you give it to them?

If they don't want gossip about who they are dating, then people shouldn't gossip.

As a Christian that supports the Roloffs "Conservative views" I don't think condoning homosexuality makes someone more mature or is in any way shape or form a good thing.

But that's what happens to people that go to LA. They mix with the wrong people and begin to lose their own values.

That's one of the many things I admire about the Roloffs. They didn't go "Hollywood" and they stayed true to their Church and their beliefs.

Ashley said...

Wooo! I love Panic! At the Disco!!! Way to go Jen!

Diane said...

Hmm, interesting. But I don't understand why they would keep it secret? What is their to hide?

Christine said...

I believe it. I totally caught what you said about Mueller. He couldn't even keep a straight face.

I'm not sure how I feel about it. I like Jen. Zach used to not bother me like Matt and Jeremy, but I think he's becoming more like Jeremy and Mueller. The cat tossing defense proves that and that's not a good thing, imo.

AJ said...

I told you all it was true a year ago!!! :) Every LP knows.

Andrea said...

Jen is cute and Zach looks really hot in second picture!

Good for Jen being in the Panic video. I've ordered their new album!

Carol said...

Well, if all their friends think there's something to it there probably is. Zach could not be lying by saying they aren't dating because how can they really "date" if he is in Oregon and she is in LA?

Diane, maybe Matt and Amy don't approve of Jen? They probably don't like that she is a lot more to the left than they want their kids to be.

Greg said...

I don't know if it's true or not, but I like Jen. If it is true, my advice for Jen if she is reading............RUN RUN RUN.

Imagine having Matt as a father in-law? I wouldn't care if I thought Molly was the most beautiful girl in the world and my soul mate, Matt as a father in law and Jeremy as a brother in-law would kill that dream!

Susan Coles said...

Good for Jen for chasing her dreams by herself.

I like the artistic nature of the video, but because I'm old, I don't get it :) Can someone more hip than I, explain it? There is symbolism, but I don't follow.

Rap541 said...

If Zach or all of the Roloffs, want privacy, why don't you give it to them?

If they don't want gossip about who they are dating, then people shouldn't gossip.

Then they should get out of the public eye. Instead, Matt and Amy, and yes Zach and Jeremy, are doing their darn best to stay in the public eye. People who want privacy don't make videos on youtube and stage coffee chats in their home. I have been pointedly told that the Roloffs, while tired of their show, are not tired of the limelight and I should not assume that their "choosing to end LPBW" is because they want to be out of the public eye.

DO they want privacy? Or do they want more tv shows? Because the youtube videos and coffee chats point to the second.

Personally I suspect Zach's "shyness" was overblown to the camera, and Zach as a teenager and young man might have wanted some privacy about who he dated as opposed to Daddy Matt braying "Well, I told Zach to go in and grab Jen up. She's a good little person catch for Zach!" and Amy's "Zach is my little man and now he's moving towards girls and my role as a mom is *changing*"

I think those of us who are adults will agree - its hard enough bringing your new special someone home to meet Mom and Dad without Mom and Dad literally making a national tv event out of it.

Ashley said...

Susan, two of the members of the band left, and the two guys in the video decided to go on with the band. I think it represents fans and how people join something when they think it's going to be popular, but when things get tough, the hangers on bail and the only ones that you're left with are yourselves.

David said...

I admit I am surprised if there is truth to it. I think the incident with the phone calls to Seattle show Matt's motives.

He loves to show his sons as hot studs. He was more than happy to present the idea that Zach had a girlfriend.

If Zach really does, I think Matt would have been boasting about it, like how he boasts about random girls shoving their phone numbers at Jeremy while having breakfast in Hawaii.

Unless Matt doesn't like Jen?

Vicky said...

I think Zach is probably considered a "catch" for LPs. He is better looking than some dwarfs (Bill, the Manuels, Marty), and he has money.

For Jen's part, she has her own job and doesn't leech off her family.

I think Zach should move to LA with Jen. It would be good for him to get away from Matt, Amy, Jeremy and Mueller.

Paige said...

Zach and Jen make a cute couple. I remember the picture of them dancing. Zach looked REALLY into her.

I love that video!

RadioTV said...

I think Zach should have been in the music video with Jen. Isn't the guy in the video a little old to be playing Jen's husband?

Sara said...

My guess? It's semantics. Since they live in different cities they can say that they aren't officially dating.

Connie said...

I find it weird if his friends think that but they deny it. But I did see what Mueller said and did in the video.

Wouldn't Zach be eager to say he has a girlfriend? He was always harassed by everyone for not having a gf.

Strange. Something is a little fishy.

Emma said...

Vicky, I agree! I think Zach is really attractive. That second picture...he looks very handsome!

I also think Zach's LP friend Adam Romano is extremely cute...

Rap541 said...

The one I thought was hot was Eric? Piedra on the Statesmen. He had a rockin' bod and while I am pretty eclectic in my tastes, my cavegirl instincts sometimes kick in... He could kill a deer for me and bring it back to the cave :)

Then Gordan Ramsey, my other pretend boyfriend would make venison medallions sauteed in a nice wine sauce :)

Rap541 said...

Forgive me - I think the name I am looking for is Eddie. Eddie Piedra. Yum yum yum.

Alyssia said...

I think they are lying. What was said about Mueller in the video is completely right. There was no reason for him to say it like he did and for him to smile like that at Zach if there was nothing to it.

I loved the Overture video! Cool!

Tracey said...

Are the Roloffs and friends ever upfront about anything?

Nicole said...

It's kind of sad that there needs to be secrets. See what they've done by the kids growing up on tv. They need to hide everything and live lives of deceit and lies.

Gabriella said...

It's possible there could be that "spark" when they're together, but they aren't a real couple because of the miles between them.

Mueller's reaction gives it away.

Mike P. said...

Once again, Dana (the Christian) inserts a gratuitous insult to the gay community but hasn't the integrity to explain herself.

Dana, how does one "condone" (or not "condone") homosexuality? How does one "condone" (or not "condone) a thing that is simply there, that like all sexuality, is simply natural? Like the weather. Like blue eyes.

You've been asked this question before, and you didn't bother to respond. Do you squint hard at gay people? Narrow your eyes at them? Wag your finger at them? Hiss?

Does that make them go away? Seriously, how do you not "condone" things in the world that are natural? Isn't that a bit foolish?

Even worse, how does one person, by recognition of other people's natural sexual orientation, "begin to lose their own values"? Why is that recognition a decline in values? Why would values like that be worth saving, anyway?

In fact, wouldn't acceptance of others and their value as persons be, indeed, a "mature" thing? Wouldn't it be a "good thing" if ignorant members of the community--such as yourself--quit trying to confound and disrupt the lives and simple human aspirations of others? Left them be? Quit the hissing?

The need for anti-discrimination law is always demonstrated best by the testimony against it. Dana, and her religious bile and deliberate ignorance, are perfect examples.

Carolyn said...

Nice to see someone doing what they love. It's nice to see Jen in the video.

I agree with Mike P.

DJ said...

Does Jen go to the LPA conferences? Isn't there where Zach does most of his hanging out?

Craw said...

Mike P, why don't you understand Dana's point. It's not hard.

I tried to like that video that Jeremy likes from John Mark because it was really good because it explained why homosexuality is wrong, but the video says it was removed by the user :(

The point is good Christians believe in the Bible. The Bible says Homosexuality is wrong. John Mark explained that despite what liberal culture from the media and Hollywood wants you to believe it is wrong.

Dana's point is that a person like Jen that moves to LA and is surrounded by all those pressures to accept it and stray from God is NOT more mature or anything like that than the Roloffs who don't accept it.

I'm tired of seeing the Roloffs get knocked for being proudly conservative and Pro God.

I don't know what Zach thinks because Jeremy is more proud about it and that's a good thing for Jeremy.

Pamela said...

I think Zach and Jen probably do have something going. Mueller's reaction is very telling.

Zach just saw her. Mueller says "yes" when Amy says "No". Mueller smiles. Total giveaway. Mueller would know more than Amy.

Lauren F said...

It is their prerogative to deny it. Maybe it's not coming from TLC. Perhaps Jen doesn't want to be known as "Mrs Zach Roloff". I think the Roloffs are the most famous LP in the world.

But friends saying it true but them saying no reminds me of Jeremy and drinking (stay with me!!) Jeremy and the Roloffs didn't want people to know and said Jeremy didn't drink. But friends didn't know that. When fans would ask friends, the friends would say "Of course Jeremy drinks, what teenager doesn't?"

Maybe it's the same thing going on here.

Lynn C said...

I understand why people speculate, but in my opinion it is their business about what their relationship/friendship is or isn't.

I think people are missing the more important point. Jen, a LP, moved to LA from Seattle. She got a job in a video for a current band that has lots of fans and the role wasn't totally demeaning.

In my opinion, that is a testament to Matt Roloff. If Matt hadn't done what he did over the last 10 years, I don't think that dream for an LP would have been possible. Matt opened a lot of doors.

Just my opinion.

Rachel said...

How dense can people be :)

Amy says Zach has a special girl, but isn't really dating.

Mueller says yes Zach has a girlfriend and smiles like a canary.

There's obviously something to it.

I think Zach is just private and Jen is trying to establish herself on her own merit and doesn't want to be known as Zach Roloff's girlfriend.

AJ said...

I don't care what they say, it's true. In the LP world everybody knows.

Brandon said...

Um Lynn, I think it's a little much to give Matt the praise and glory for everything another LP accomplishes...

Cathy Anderson said...

Never thought I'd say it, but I believe Mueller, he couldn't let that slide by without inserting some truth.

Lisa said...

Zach does have a girl he likes, but its not Jen

Vic Rattlehead said...

Hey Craw sit down and shut up.

Children should be seen not heard and in your case preferably not seen or heard.

John Mark is a coward preaching hate and intolerance while hiding behind religion while speaking to ignorant prats who don't know any better than to believe whatever they are told in church and making a nice fat speaking tour profit off of every appearance he makes which are three things that Jesus specifically said several times in the bible that he didn't approve of which would make John Mark guilty of heresy according to the old testament (preaching a false gospel).

You're obviously too blind to see that the Roloff's whole "good christian conservative family values believers" shtick is and was a marketing scam designed to appeal to the most ignorant and easily lead people in the population: Fundamentalist Evangelical Christians who have no critical thinking skills and are willing to accept mediocrity as long as it "pleases god".

They are con artists pure and simple.

SarahP said...

Was she in one of the american pie movies?

Rap541 said...

I'm tired of seeing the Roloffs get knocked for being proudly conservative and Pro God.

I'm tired of the Roloffs getting credit for proudly stating their beliefs when in fact, Roloffs continually wiffle waffle and say nothing.

They're proud? Show me a Roloff making a clear statement about their acceptance or lack of acceptance of homosexuality. If they are *proud* of their beliefs, they shouldn't have any trouble clearly stating their views.

Leigh said...

I think it means if they lived closer they would pursue a relationship, but since they don't, they aren't dating.

I had something like that with a friend I grew up with. He moved to a different state. Every time we do see each other we have a great time and get along better than ever. We aren't dating, because there is too much distance in between us, but when we do meet again if someone saw us together they would probably think they're a couple.

I think it's something like that.

Timothy said...

Perhaps Zach is more like Jeremy than we ever suspected and he's a "playa".

The "special girl" and the "yes he does" from Mueller, could be the girl that he went to that prom with that, to me, borders on CODA wrong doing, the girl that got the free bike from CODA donations.

That could explain why all the secrets. Matt's charity uses the funds raised to buy his son's girlfriend an expensive custom made bike? Who needs Valentine's Day when Dad has a charity and can work it to give her free gifts from donation money. That whole situation raises red flags in my mind about CODA.

It doesn't explain friends thinking Jen and Zach have something going on. That's why I say maybe Zach is more like Jeremy than people thought.

Amanda said...

Unless you're an LP like I am, you have know idea. This has been known for years. Both Zach and Jen are well known in the LPA world.

Can you "regular" people stop trying to compare it to your own lives? You don't understand and never will. Do I need to spell it out for you? You're all making too big of deal out of "the distance". Every LP under 25 would be single if that was right. Most of us don't live near other lps. We accept it. That's why we go to the national conferences. People hook up there. That's where all the talk starts about a guy and girl being together. I did it myself with a guy in Nashville. We partied together every night and yes we had sex. Do you think every LP is a virgin?? I haven't seen him since Nashville. But when we meet up in July for the National Conference in Anaheim all our LP friends will expect us to be ~together~.

Teresa said...

I've watched LPBW since the beginning and I think it's cool to see Jen in the Panic video!

Kayla said...

What is wrong with the people here??? Spirits, why are you are sitting back and letting this BS happen? The ridiculousness that is spawned from the stupid comments here is so outrageous it boggles my the mind to think the posters really believe it.

Michelle said...

AJ--LPs can be just as big of gossipers as tall people and you prove it. The LP world knows squat and you know it. Except now we know Amanda is a (place bad S word here)

John said...

Who's the guy with his arm around Jen in the top picture? Where was that pic taken? Looks old.

Brandon said...

Wow Michelle. You like shooting the messenger don't you?

What Amanda says the LPA cons is the dirty little secret. Or not that big of secret. The LPA cons are not all about education. LP comedians have let it out (I was going to say let the cat out of the bag, but I don't want to give Jeremy and Mueller any ideas...)

Don't you remember the LP twitter account that Spirits linked in Nashville? It was all about "hooking up" and "everyone is smashed".

Remi said...

Why are they all being deceitful? I'm starting to think Zach is more like Matt than he wants to admit.

He's not dating. But Mueller say he is. He doesn't have a special girl. He does have special girl. Why aren't they honest about anything?

Ashley said...

Jen is denying it on twitter.

Ashley said...

Oh sorry, I didn't realize Spirtswander added in Jen's twitter denial.

Natalie said...

I think their LP friends would be better connected to it than anything that any Roloff says to fans. Everybody already knows that the Roloffs laugh at fans and don't treat them with any respect. They don't feel required to be honest about anything. Did Jen deny it before or after Zach denied it?

Rap541 said...

I hate to be the voice of reason here, but really? What if Jen and Zach are dating? What if they aren't?

They're both adults. If they are dating, well, good for them. Jen, from my own very limited experience with her on line, seems like a nice person. Zach seems like he would be a gentleman with a woman.

And if they *aren't dating* well... so what?

Really, Michelle in particular, where's the fire?

*and Btw if people (Roloffs) genuinely don't want who they are dating discussed, then why pray tell is Matt's Staffer Dallah intentionally interviewing Zach on the topic of who he's dating for public disemmination? I mean, I thought this was supposed to be private?

Jacob said...

Jen or Zach probably don't mind that much about people talking about who they're dating, just want it to be right, and it's not.

Vic Rattlehead said...

Honestly I don't care if Zach is dating Jen or the family dog because it doesn't directly effect me personally.

In the grand scheme of things it really doesn't matter to anyone other than Zach and Jen if they are dating copulating in every room in the house or planning to move in together because those are decisions they have to make on their own.

I find celebrity or pseudo-celebrity relationships to be of no real interest anyways because they're always so self-serving and boring.

Albert said...

I don't think there is anything wrong with them dating. Who is hiding from whom?

Susan Coles said...

IMO, Jen can do better than a Roloff. Jen appears to be a bright independent woman with a lot more depth to her than any Roloff possesses. I liked Zach better than some Roloffs, namely Jeremy and Matt, look at it for what it is.

Zach and Jeremy both have lives of 15 year olds. They live at home. They go to school. They have plenty of time to play. Mom and Dad take care of all the bills. I give Zach more credit than Jeremy, because at least Zach has a job where Dad isn't the boss, but it's a job he has because he likes to be able to play soccer. Take the name Zach Roloff out of it. Would you be impressed by a 21 year old with the same life?

I don't think either Zach or Jeremy are dream boyfriend or husband material. The only reason why they get that is because fame enhances that. I believe Jen knew them before the show. I doubt she is impressed by them the way fans are.

IMO, Zach or Jeremy aren't the catches that some fan girls think they are.

Carrie said...

I get very frustrated with so many of you saying or implying that when kids work for their parents that makes them lazy good for nothings who don't have a work ethic. You are demeaning thousands of family owned businesses across our country and mine is one of them. Both our boys and our daughter work for us and have for all their younger and adult lives. Frankly from the way some of you talk, you could have used a good family business to grow up with and be apart of. No one has any idea of what goes into the daily operations of running the Roloff businesses or what duties those kids are doing to help out. Stop judging.

Allen said...

What does the hubby think of your "cavegirl instincts" rap? How many LP crushes do you have?

Brandon said...

Carrie, working for Matt doesn't develop work ethic. Rap had a good post explaining this a couple of days ago.

Who honestly believes Jeremy working for Matt is remotely similar to the real world? Is Jeremy required to punch in at 7am, gets a half-hour lunch and finished 3? Does he get reprimanded if he's not on time?

If Mueller and the DBU call him up to go adventuring, does he split or is he forced to skip it? I think we all know the answers to those questions.

I'm also guessing that poor old Camerino gets most of the bad jobs, while Jeremy gets to do fun stuff like hop in brand new expensive machines. Jeremy working for Matt should be dismissed becuase he isn't be held to the same standards.

Personally, I would say it's starting with Molly too. Yeah yeah, Matt talks about all of his kids like they are infants, but Molly is 17 going on 18. Most teenagers have a job at that age. What is Molly doing? Wanders over to the office on a whim and packages a few jars of Roloff dirt and hoodies in her free time between waiting for a friend to come over to play?

By the way, I am shocked, totally shocked, that Jeremy's painful foot injury allows him to work outside in the dirt with Matt...

Erin said...

Isn't Jen quite a bit older than Zach?

Rap541 said...

Allen, just the silly school girl crush on Eddie Piedra - he's very easy on the eyes :)

And there's my affection for Gordan Ramsey :)

Carrie - to be quite honest I am very familar with how family businesses and farms can be heavy work loads. That's why its obviously a laugh and a lie to say the Roloff kids are "farm kids" what with their getting up at noon and their farming with Bobcats and the reality that they weren't required to come home from school directly after school and do farm chores. Zach and Jeremy were welcome to play after school sports and have their friends over for long afternoons of play and late evenings of bonfires, a carefree lifestyle of no responsibilities and when the family felt like taking one of their ten vacations per year, they just up and left - sometimes for a month at a time.

That is the evidence that Jeremy and Zach were not playing a critical role in the family business.

Here's another example of how "working for daddy" is basically a goof off. Spring break is coming, isn't it? Is Jeremy going to be putting in forty extra hours at the dirt project, to save dad some money and aggravation, getting himself up by himself (without mommy giving him wakies) and working?

Or has Jeremy already got his plans made for a nice lil Spring Break "adventure"?

Because people who work real jobs and don't "work for daddy" don't get these extensive vacations. It sure sounds like Matt could use the extra hands but I am utterly positive Jeremy won't be putting his shoulder to the wheel in the dirt hole over his school break.

The poor widdle boy needs his playtime after all and must be indulged.

Expressed said...

Erin, I think Jen is 26, maybe 27? I remember her saying that she was 25, but that might have been two years ago.

I don't think 26 or 27 and 21 is a huge age difference. My dad is 5 years older than my mom.

David said...

Sometimes the most plausible scenario is correct....they could just be best friends. Sometimes when a guy and a girl are good friends, others can't comprehend that it's not leading to marriage.

Leanne said...

Whatever happened to the girl that went with Zach to the dance in the 1st season?

I don't listen to Panic at the Disco, but I watched the video or movie, I think it's excellent. It's very artistic.

Oz said...

David, Calmer heads finally prevail. Thank you for that insight, I am positive this is the case. People can now return to normal lives and begin to behave rationally.

Faith said...

Whatever happens will happen.

Darlene said...

David and Oz, this something I've witnessed first hand in my life. Sometimes the best relationships are those that start out as friends. From there it can develop into other aspects. If you had friendship in the beginning, that is the strong foundation.

Rap541 said...

People can now return to normal lives and begin to behave rationally.

Since you're making a snide comment Oz, care to point fingers at the "irrational" points of view?

I don't see anyone acting irrationally over the topic. Most people seem to be "oh thats nice" - but here you are commenting how people are acting irrationally.

What's your point? Aside from taking shots?

Oz said...

Rap, I was not aware that you were the appointed guard dog here. Unfortunate for you is that if you need me to point it out for you, rest assured that you were well into the irrational side and any attempt to get you to understand will be futile. Look at it as if I were trying to teach trigonometry to a newborn. Waste of time.

Sophia said...

I'm love with Jen's music video! It was cool to see someone I recognized in the video.

Brandon said...

Oz, why are you attacking Rap? Rap asked a simple question.

What is so irrational? Some people think Zach and Jen might be dating. Some people don't. Some people think they're just friends.

What is the big deal that has you taking shots at everybody?

Brandon said...

Sophia, I like it too. And I think I'm in love with the girl (not the kid!) at 3:33. :)

Rap541 said...

So I, whose opinion basically was "That's nice" and "Really, is it a big deal if they are dating or not?" is deemed by Oz to be irrational.

Next Oz, just say "I'm here from Matt to call you names" - it gets you about as far, and since you're calling out someone who basically isn't even that interested in the whole debate, now you look kinda dumb.

Oz said...

Don't beat yourself up over it Rap, stop racking your brain, you should curb your side kick Brandon too. Neither one of you will comprehend, quit scratching your heads. Your getting yourselves all in a tizzy over something you never needed to police in the first place. Stand down soldiers and Shush it.

DegrassiFan said...

Zach looks great in the 2nd photo but as we all know its a rare event for Zach to get dressed up or put any effort into his appearance. He even admits that he hates dressing up.

I always thought Bill was cute.

Rap541 said...

Ah, the gratuitous personal attacks, designed to take attention away from your unfounded and completely ridulous accusations. Way to show you have nothing to say and are just here to name call "for the love of Matt".

Keep it up :) You're only proving that you're trolling :)

After all, I'm "irrational" for not caring who Zach Roloff is dating. If this genuinely bothers you, then what does that say about you? :)

John (my real name) said...

I laughed so hard at oz post. That's exactly how I feel . I just skip over raps posts. They are way to long and one-sided

Oz said...

I get it, the 10 or so comments above is you not caring about Zach Roloff. I agree. It's the argument that you care about. If you thought my original comment didn't fit you why pick up the stick and fight? Other people don't need you to step in and steal their argument. Are you happy now, did you get your fix? Glad I could be of service.

Rap541 said...

Oz - you've ruined any credibility you might have had by attacking someone who pretty clearly doesn't have a horse in the "Who is Zach dating race?"

Let me explain. If you *read* my response, and David's response that prompted you to post, you'd understand that David and I were saying the same thing, and you're attacking me after praising David for having the same opinion - that its no big deal who Zach dates.

Now you're braying like an ass, desperate to make the whole issue about ol' Rappy, and not about your childish and immature attacks.

If you're attacking *my* opinion of the Zach/Jen drama - and you have admitted you are, then you're attacking someone who made the point that if the two are dating, its nice because they both seem like nice young people and if not, well, that's fine too.

That's the opinion you, Oz, are attempting to say is "irrational".


I mean, I know you won't answer because the real reason you're posting is to again, turn a discussion about the roloffs into a discussion about the people on the board, but really, tell Matt to pick his battles better.

John - considering you're agreeing with the guy who has been proven to be attacking fr the sake of attacking (aka trolling) then you're no better than he is. Don't like my posts? coolio. Head over to matt's face board and tell matt "sexy bitch" roloff how sexy hot he is on the beach. :)

I'm pretty sure *that* comment (since its already occured) will be given the Matt "SexyBitch" Roloff round of applause. :)

Anonymous said...

I wonder what Jen did to piss off the Roloffs.

Sara said...

Rap isn't hearing what oz is saying, she's making it all about her. its not what he said at all. Hes right.

Rap541 said...

Sara (or Oz or John) and whats your opinion of Zach and Jen maybe dating maybe not?

Since you're here for that, and not to divert attention anway from Zach and Jen possibly dating? :)

TomK said...

All shy people that have trouble talking to girls eventually date... I give Zach kudos!

Joey said...

Rap you do jump on people. I agree that the comments were getting weird.

Samuel said...

I love watching 541, rap himself into a knot over the Roloff's and their LPBW show.