Friday, April 1, 2011

Amy Roloff Coffee Chat Summary; April 1st

This week on Amy's coffee chat, she mainly talked to guests -- a person from Dress For Success and Miss Oregon.

In our summaries, we usually stick to the things that fans are more interested in about the Roloffs, so this chat will be very brief.

No other Roloffs made appearances this week.

Amy said she had a teenager/early 20 year old that was up late late late and was still in bed (it was assumed she was talking about Jeremy). She said he will be in for a rude awakening when he goes to college. Amy said "well, he (the unnamed, still sleeping 20 year old) is in college, but when he goes *away* to college. That will hopefully happen in the fall -- Lord willing (said somewhat sarcastically). No, we're planning on it."

"As a parent, I have to do my work in getting him to college and that's filling out his
FASFA (Free Application for Student Financial Aid) thing. From what I've heard, it is complicated, there's so much information, but I'm going to have to just face it, get on the internet and do it. If your kids are going to college, it is necessary -- whether you think you don't make enough money or if you think you make way too much money and you're not going to qualify for anything, it's good to go ahead and do it".

The kids were not ready to go back to school after spring break. The weather in Oregon over spring break was terrible. March wasn't a good month. Flat dreary clouds. Out of 31 days, they had rain 29 days.

People were asking about the camping trip that Jeremy, Zach and Mueller went on last weekend. Amy wished they were there to tell people about themselves, but they weren't. She said they had a fabulous time. Amy said about eight of them went.

Every time they go on a trip like that something harrowing happens. They were down by the river and they were legal to do all of that because they had their permits.

According to Amy, Zach had his car parked. Washington County called the Roloffs asking "Whose car is this? Your kids... Amy said there's a panic and she's thinking why are we in a panic? Amy said she tried to keep calm, but it sent certain members of the family into a panic. There was no problem, but the sheriff still came to them. So the boys and their group got kind of nervous when the Sheriff came to them questioning what they were doing, but they whipped out their permits -- they thought they were lost, they had a lot of rain, the river was up. She said maybe it's good Washington County took a pro-active approach, but the Roloffs didn't call them to say something was wrong so.... They just assumed. Amy thinks someone was trying to make a problem when there wasn't one. Amy thought "Do we really have that kind of reputation so far?" But everything was fine and they had a great time.

Amy just had her hydrostatic test done -- the body fat reading. She said she didn't do well. She gained a few pounds. It woke up her that even though she has a personal trainer she still needs to watch what she eats, when she eats and how often she eats.

You can watch the recording on Amy's Ustream channel:


Christine said...

I would like to know what really happened...from a non Roloff since I don't trust them to ever tell the truth to fans.

Amy's story of what happened doesn't make a lick of sense.

Justin said...

There's Jeremy again being extraordinary! Still sleeping at almost 2:00pm on a weekday because he was up late playing.

It's sooooooo shocking that Jeremy isn't busting his butt helping on the big dirt project Matt's always talking about.

It's too much to expect Jeremy to do anything for himself about college. That goes without saying. Last week Amy was cleaning up the dog crap he tracked through the house, this week she's scrambling to fill out his forms.

That's an extraordinary 20 year old if I've seen one.

Greg said...

Christine, I can guess one part of the story...why they (I refuse to call them "boys"...they are almost 21 frigging years old!) were nervous when the police came to question them.

I think everyone with a brain that has common sense not to believe their fake image, knows what those wholesome Christian underage 20 year olds might be doing in the woods camping.

Then the cops show up, for whatever reason? Yeah, I can speculate why they were nervous...

sick-of-this-blog said...

Greg you're an idiot. I was there. How stupid can people be accusing things they make up.

Greg said...

Sick, How about you believe what you want and I'll believe what I want, ok?

Go ahead and believe that the only beverages these 20 year olds consume on their camping trips is Mountain Dew and Hot chocolate if that makes you happy.

I'm confident that the Roloffs privately sit back and laugh their butts off at naive people like yourself that believe the whole "wholesome image" crap.

Dana said...

I agree with SOTB.

People are always speculating something negative (usually about Jeremy or Matt). It's unfounded.

Brandon said...

Hey Sick Of This Blog, if you were there, why don't you post your real name? Matt hates anonymous internet posters.

Nevermind, because we all know there's a reason why Matt doesn't allow his adult children or their friends speak publicly unless he has his staff there to babysit and monitor what they say so they don't mess up.

This is a perfect example of what Roloff defenders do.

They are almost during a weekend way out in the woods having fun. Most people would not think it's awful or far fetched that there might be some alcohol on the trip.

But the Roloff defenders have the image to protect. They come running with their personal insults and name calling.

Rap541 said...

Shouldn't it be Jeremy's job to fill out Jeremy's application for financial aid?

That Amy refers to her one month shy of his 21st birthday adult son as a teenager says a great deal about the reality of Jeremy Roloff's extraordinary life.

As for the drama surrounding Jeremy's hard work down on the farm/working hard for dad/on mission for Jesus in a dank hellhole/oh, hey, I mean his playtime camping trip with his buddies since Jeremy needs playplayplay - maybe if the Roloffs didn't want the attention "Sick of this blog" - then there'd be nothing to talk about.

Have you considered that? What Amy described - which to me sounds like someone got concerned when they saw people camping on land that evidently required permits - is started out with "they have such *harrowing* experiences" and while Amy drops no real details, apparently this was some sort of police situation and....

Gosh... can't possibly be pot stirring?

I mean, I dunno about you folks, but a patrol officer stopping and checking some people for camping permits that they had on them doesn't sound like Jer and Zach had body cavity searches by the roadside. Checking permits is *harrowing* and upsetting?

And the cops spotting a parked car in an unusual place and calling the owners? My god, we're all lucky Matt didn't stroke out from the stress of this harrowing experience!

Michelle said...

Jeremy is so lazy. He doesn't have school. He doesn't work. He finished a camping trip a few days ago. Amy said he hasn't even done building something for her garden that she wanted him to do. He sleeps the day away.

Jeremy had potential. He should be better than this. I might cut him some slack if he was at least a nice person, but that seems to have alluded him too.

Leah said...

Rap, I'm not from America. I thought maybe the parents need to fill out financial aid because it might depend on how much money the family has? No?

Dana said...

Rap, Amy said before the trip she was concerned because they were camping by the river. They had a lot of rain and it was dangerous. She was worried before they had left which is the way any good mother would be feeling.

Then she gets a call from the police? I don't know the details, but I can understand why Amy would panic.

The kids are camping then the cops show up? Again, I understand why that would make them nervous. No one likes the police to suddenly show up questioning them when they've done nothing wrong.

This is my speculation, but I have to wonder if it's Washington County having an ax to grind with the Roloffs because of the lawsuit?

Rap541 said...

Leah - If Jeremy is claimed on their taxes as a dependant child still (and unless things have changed, being under 21 may still allow that) then he might need to ask Mom and Dad what their income is, there's a section on parent demographics, but most of the info needed would be Jeremy's.

Rap541 said...

Dana - look at what you just wrote. It was raining, the cops find a parked car with no one around it near the swollen river... Clearly the cops had reason to be concerned but you keep accusing the Washington County police - that Matt was praising not all that long ago - of *harassment*.

You can't have it both ways, Dana - if the weather was bad enough that Amy has the right to be all "it was a harrowing experience" - then it seems perfectly reasonable that the police would call after fnding a parked car with no one around it, and that they would check up people spotted camping in bad weather.

And to Greg's point - a bunch of underage people out in the woods? I can see a *couple* of reasons why they might stop by. It's already been established that the love of Jesus does not keep Jer-Bear from booze.

Vic Rattlehead said...

In my opinion, a few days in county lock up would do the whole lot of those spoiled brats some good because they're rapidly coming to the age where a minor criminal offense will get them some time.

Ela said...

Why did Amy tell the story without many details?

To make it sound more dramatic than it was or to take a subtle shot at Washington County for sticking their nose in to Roloff business? The latter is what I got from it.

Zach's vehicle must be registered to Matt or Amy. That's why they would have called them when they found the vehicle with no people around. They could have thought it was stolen too.

Dana, if they weren't doing anything illegal, there is no reason to get nervous when the police come by. I'm sure they didn't come with guns ready and sirens blaring.

They stop by to ask if everything is alright and to see if they had permits which they apparently are required. If they had all their paperwork, why get nervous?

Rap541 said...

Ela - I think you nailed it.

No one would know the cops were involved in the camping trip at all if Amy hadn't mentioned it. Why mention it? Drama, attention, and making digs about being treated unfairly by the county.

My guess? I think, in all seriousness, that someone saw Zach's car parked in a place that doesn't normally have parked cars. Thats what prompted the cops to cal *amy* because I strongly suspect Zach's car is registered to Amy or Matt. (even if it is in Zach's name, he does live with Matt and Amy.)The cops, upon finding out that a bunch of dumb kids were camping in the rain, went to check it out. People actually die in that part of the country on camping trips in bad weather.

If the "boys" were nervous... That's what's open for speculation since if they had the required permits and weren't doing anything else that they weren't supposed to be doing, why would they be nervous?

Laurie said...

Rap, why mention it? The Roloffs are honest people.

They asked Amy about the camping trip. That was part of the camping trip experience. That's why she would have mentioned it.

Rap541 said...

Then, Laurie, why not mention who went on the trip and what they did? The Roloffs are honest people and thats part of the camping experience....

Or, since "police attention" was apparently a signifcant part of the trip - that the Roloffs are sharing - why not share the actual details instead of "well, the boys were nervous... *someone* was panicking...are we really that kind of people that people...."?

I mean, if its not yet another attention seeking sympathy ploy "the county is so down on us our sweet little boys were harassed on a camping trip" - and if the points of these coffee chats is to have the Roloffs being honest people about what took place... why all the vagueness?

For the record, I think its untrue to say the Roloffs are honest people, but thats a whole nother kettle of fish :)

David said...

"Go ahead and believe that the only beverages these 20 year olds consume on their camping trips is Mountain Dew and Hot chocolate if that makes you happy."

Greg, that's a cue for Dallah to write the Roloff version of the camping trip "straight from Jeremy" on Matt's Roloff world blog :)

Laurie said...

Rap, my guess would be that Amy didn't name all 8 people on the trip because most of the coffee chat listeners wouldn't know or care to know the names of people they don't know. She said it was Jeremy, Zach and Jacob Mueller because fans know them.

Rap541 said...

Laurie - but again to my point? If she's going to even mention the cop situation... why be so vague? She's honest, per you, and in the right... so why be coy about it? See the problem?

Career Counselor said...

No matter if you live with your parents or not, their income is part of the FASFA form and will be considered when applying for any financial aid, grants or loans for college.

Sweeny said...

people should be nervous if a cop approaches them. My brother was beat by a cop at a rest stop in Houston. He wasn't doing anything wrong. I would never trust any cop.

Ashley said...

Career Counselor, so in other words, Jeremy has no shot. Why even bother?

Leah said...

Thanks Rap. FASFA is a loan that you have to pay back, is it not?

Bonnie said...

Leah, yes.

I don't understand why they would apply? I assumed Matt and Amy would pay the entire amount for him like they do everything else.

Rap541 said...

Career Counselor - so Jeremy shouldn't be involved in filling out his own application for financial aid and should hand it off to Mommy?

Not only did I fill out my own forms - and get the forms from the guidence office since they weren't ONLINE when I was a kid - I handed them to my mom and dad with all of MY info filled out so all they had to do was fill out their part.

And if Jeremy was declaring himself independant, his parents income wouldn't be an issue at all and the big boy wouldn't even need Mommy and Daddy to help him.

Sweeny - if your tale is true - then your brother should sue. No one likes dirty cops... However I must admit, I have my doubts about your uncorroborated anonymous internet story of your brother being beaten for nothing so therefore the cops are oppressing the Roloffs. :)

Rap541 said...

Leah - in theory FAFSA is loans and *grants*. Unfortunately grants (that dont have to be paid back) are harder and harder to come by. However Jeremy is still certainly eligable for federal loans that are at much lower rates than NON federal student loans.

Leah said...

Rap, thanks.
Why would Jeremy want to go through a loan? No need to do a loan when your parents are rich.

If Matt and Amy weren't paying his college for him, he could pay them back. I know some people with family members that have money and they've done that buying a car.

Rap541 said...

Leah - I don't know where you're located so this may not apply.

Students in the US qualify for student loan rates that are often better than the rates their parents might qualify for. While I do think the Roloffs have money - a degree at brooks, where Jeremy wants to go, is going to cost about 90k US dollars if not more - its unlikely that the Roloffs will just write checks for Jeremy's school.

Randy said...


Did you see Matt Roloff's latest facebook post about TLC possibly bringing back LPBW? Do you have any insight on this?

Matt Roloff Facebook Fan Page
"Amy and I had a nice dinner together tonight. We're still discussing if we want to do future LPBW shows or not.... errr... not an easy decision. We're lovin' getting back to normal. TLC's asking.. but not pressuring.. I love those guys for being so cool to us all these years."

BeckyM said...

Some schools require that you fill out FAFSA. My son's college requires it whether you qualify or not.

Monica Curry said...

Im pretty sure all colleges require it whether you qualify or not. Sounds like most people here have never even seen a FAFSA form. It's worse than trying to get a home mortgage and the parents section is very lengthy. My daughters best friend had to get her estranged father who never paid a lick of child support and her alcoholic absent mother to fill out the form, no exception. She told FAFSA that she hasn't lived with her parents since she was 14 years old but it didn't make a difference. She had to go to both of her parents and beg them to help her with the form.

Rap541 said...

Oh yes, the FAFSA is sooooo difficult, its almost beyond the millions of people who manage to fill it out every year without Mommy doing it for them.

Pray tell Monica - how do all the kids with parents who hate school or who don't even have parents manage?

Since Jeremy apparently *can't manage on his own without Mommy*?

Charlie said...

Millions of people get home mortgages every year too but it's still painful filling out the paperwork. I get what your saying Monica, ignore the Raptor, she's always on the attack.

Rap541 said...

Charlie - feel free to explain how extraordinary Jeremy is for letting Mommy tend his paperwork. :)

I mean, after all, we don't want Jeremy dead on the cross from the horror of being an adult and filling out his own financial aid paper work. It asks for his SSN and everything and bless widdle Jer-Bear, how is a widdle baby boy like the Jer-Bear supposed to know *that*.

You're right Charlie and Monica, Jeremy's not capable as a man and does need his mommy to do it,since its yet another adult task that is too much for Jeremy to manage without helpers.

ps - the FAFSA is online and anyone can have a look at it and comparing the forms to getting a mortgage is pretty laughable.

Kelly said...

I don't see how Jeremy can fill out his parents section of the form. Why is it such a big deal that Amy needs to do it? My husband filled out the financial aid form when our kids went to college and helped them with their part too. It's just what parents do.

Jocelynn said...

Kelly, I think the issue is that Amy described it as HER task not Jeremy's. She needs to bear down, go online and fill out Jeremy's FASFA for him.

The way Amy talked about in coffee chat, it didn't sound like Jeremy was taking charge of it and she was just doing her little part of it.

It's because of the perception that Matt and Amy do too much for Jeremy and Zach.

Scenes that depicted Amy and Molly "helping" Jeremy and Zach enroll in PCC when Jeremy and Zach looked bored out of their skulls and disinterested doesn't help the perception of Jeremy with stuff like this.

Peter L said...

Picture of the booze!

Hey "Sick..." if you were there, then I guess you'll recognize this picture.

You owe Greg and everybody else with a brain an apology for your lies.

Look at this link (or click on my name to go directly to the link)

This is a picture of "the boys" campsite.

Do you see what I see??? I'll give you a hint. It's sitting on the ground. It's in a brown bottle. It has a label on it :)

I know, I know. It's shocking, absolutely shocking that the 20 year old boys appear to have alcohol in the middle of the woods on a camping trip. I know I'm shocked.

But when people rightfully guess why "the boys" would be nervous when the cops showed up, Roloff saps insist people are wrong for making the rightful assumption.

Timothy said...

Peter, that's Jeremy and Mueller showing their love of God :) Jesus likes it when they lie and use Jesus to do it.

Diane A said...

What brand do you think it is Sherlock? Looks like the popular thirst quenching Stewart's Rootbeer to me.

Peter L said...

@DianeA ... uh-huh. lol.

Keep on trying to sell Jeremy Roloff and Jacob Mueller as wholesome clean living lads. It's amusing :)

Heather said...

Peter, I totally agree with you.

In my opinion, the most ridiculous thing about the Roloffs is that they've always tried to convince people that Jeremy and his friends are "clean-living".

Toni said...

I know some people laugh about it or justify it, but I don't find Jeremy and Mueller's bogus image to be funny in the least.

Not only is it wrong and unhealthy for them, but it sends a rotten message. There are good kids that don't break the rules. Saying everyone does it is an insult to the good kids trying to make their way.

Then there is the whole issue of lying and God. It's not funny, cute or acceptable at all to lie.

Did Matt and Amy instill this message that it's ok to lie and be phoney because that's what you have to do to be in the media? If so, that's the biggest reason why they were wrong to do the show no matter how much money made or trade outs they received.

Raising kids that have character, integrity and honesty is more important.

Rap541 said...

Here's a link to Stewart's Root Beer. It shows a bottle.

Personally, it doesn't look like a match to the bottle in the photo, the photo bottle has what looks like a paper label and does have more of a beer bottle shape.

For those who get all "how long did it take you to find that???", it took about a minute to type in the name of the soda company into Yahoo.

Of course Jeremy and Zach could speak for themselves on the topic but I imagine Matt still thinks they're too immature as "boys" for that.

Makes me curious as to what will be served at "the boys" big 21st birthday party though.

Greg said...

Thanks Peter. No apology is coming obviously because they'll never admit it because they have to keep the facade going that Jeremy and Mueller are such sweet innocent guys.

Rap, it's no use. Every time there is a beer bottle visible, the defenders will say it's root beer. It never fails.

Toni, I see your point. When people say it's "hilarious" we mean it's so absurd for anyone on the other side to argue it with a straight face.

Jeremy and his friends were caught in the own words talking about alcohol and Mueller's job was to bring the "food" or the "stuff". Including infamously admitting he stole Matt's vodka, replaced it with sprite and in their drunken state, almost burnt down Matt's barn with firecracker stupidity.

Jeremy's friends that he hangs out with have been drunk party pictures drinking and some with pipes.

Some of the friends when confronted flatly admitted Jeremy drinks alcohol. They respond with a "yeah, so what that he drinks?"

Hell, Jeremy had a friend that died. When one of the mourning friends was talking about the deceased friend's troubles with drinking and drugs he said that the deceased friend used to party with Jeremy and used to tell him about all the times he would get drunk on whiskey with Jeremy.

But that doesn't stop all of these people that are protective of the Roloff wholesome Christian 'Jeremy's eyes are always focused on Jesus!' image still insist every time Jeremy is around booze that it must be root beer.....pathetic.

Justin said...

"Of course Jeremy and Zach could speak for themselves on the topic but I imagine Matt still thinks they're too immature as "boys" for that.
Makes me curious as to what will be served at "the boys" big 21st birthday party though."

Jeremy will do vodka shots while Mueller, who won't be 21, will be a good boy and drink his root beer.....I hope everyone realizes how stupid you have to be to believe this image.