Monday, April 25, 2011

Jacob Roloff will have homeschooling

This was in the Amy Roloff Fan Facebook section, but we thought we would make a separate item for people that don't follow the Facebook fan pages.

Amy just announced on her page that Jacob will have homeschooling the rest of the year.

If you haven't kept up in the last week (Matt and Amy posted on their public Fan Facebook accounts) Jacob was expelled from the school prominently featured through 6 seasons on LPBW. All 4 Roloff kids had attended Faith Bible.

Matt Roloff's wording on his website was that Jacob had "struggled" this year and had "lost interest in school". He stated that Faith Bible has grade standards and if students don't meet the requirements they cannot continue at the school. Matt and Amy expressed anger and frustration at the school for making this decision a month and a half from graduation. Matt said they were frustrated at the school's lack of flexibility.

On Matt's Facebook page this Saturday, he lashed out at Faith Bible with some verbal shots. Matt said Jacob was a brand new and better person. Matt stated Jacob can be the free spirit that he is, and Matt wrote that he "never liked that school".

He also agreed with a fan that told him the problem at her son's school was a "screwball teacher". Matt responded that he thought that might be the exact problem at Jacob's school and there was something definitely broken at the old school. (by the way, Molly gets straight A's at Faith Bible and just traveled to Haiti on a Mission trip with Faith Bible during March break).

Matt said Jacob was very excited to join the engineering club at his new school.

Today, Amy just announced that Jacob will be home schooled for the remainder of the year.

Amy Roloff: Oh the plans this week. Jacob and homeschooling the rest of the year - so much better for him, cleaning my office and Women's Build week for Habitat for Humanity. A house for a single mom and kids. Couldn't imagine spending a weekend any other way. What's your week like?

Matt Roloff: Just picked Jacob up from 4 hours of independent academic testing. It's been at least 2 years since I've seen him this happy !! Apparently he can go straight to high school in the fall.. But Amy and I going to homeschool the kid to his maximum potential... Molly Jo here comes Jacob at your heals :).

Edit: Amy Roloff added this on April 27.

Amy Roloff: "I'm so proud of my Jacob and how great he is handling this transition in his life. Matt and I are so 100% behind him. He just went through 4 hours of testing the other day and we went to get the input today. He did great. A few areas he needs to work on so four days a week he is in 'school'. He'll be even more ready for High school. He's a good kid. Love my Big Guy"


Rap541 said...

Yeah, Matt and Amy sound like they are on the same page for school all right ;)

Debbie said...

Wow, I can't think of a worse environment to home school a kid than the Roloff home!

Lynn C said...

Rap, Matt could have been referring to the school next year.

Amy said he will be home schooled the rest of "this year".

It would be hard to insert Jacob into a new school at this late stage for the duration of grade 8.

The plans might be for him to switch to the school Matt was talking about with the engineering job next September.

Shelby said...

I don't understand home schooling.

Who grades him? Amy and Matt? LOL.

No wonder Jacob is excited. He can stay up all night and play video games.

Jocelynn said...

I think Amy and Matt love their kids, but they definitely don't have the discipline to be home schoolers.

Chris Linton said...

Does this mean Amy's coffee chats are cancelled for the rest of the year...Jacob will be in school?

What a laugh. The 15 hungover college students will make for a great learning 2pm.

Lori Anne said...

Is anyone else thinking that maybe no other school would accept Jacob?

Perhaps the problem that lead to his dismissal was more than just grades?

Rap541 said...

Lynn - or it might not?

I am very curious to see how this works out.

tay said...

i don't understand home school either. how will he be graded?

Rap541 said...

Tay - essentially he won't be graded.

Considering Matt's posting of Sir Ken Robinson's talk at TED, it sounds like Matt at least is contemplating "unschooling" where there is no structure and the student essentially gets to choose to learn whatever they wish.

It has its positives and negatives.

Carolyn said...

That doesn't make much sense to me. Jacob gets kicked out of school and now he can go straight to high school?

Melissa said...

Jacob is the smartest of the Roloff kids. Look at how he's getting his way.

He's lazy at school, doesn't care and flunks out.

While his peers continue at school for another month he has a holiday at home.

And Mom and Dad are praising him.

Sandie said...

Okay, petty of me, but, I hope Matt isn't the one who will be teaching him spelling. :D

Cathy Anderson said...

It seems to me like this is a classic example of rewarding bad behavior.

He failed. Matt and Amy should not be proud of him and fans should not being oferring their congratulations.

Christine said...

Cathy, I totally agree with you. That's what it is. Rewarding Jacob for doing something bad.

He's starting his summer vacation in April. Why? Because he got kicked out of his school for "lack of interest"

There's nothing inspiring about the Roloffs. They are an insult to hard working moral adults and kids.

Rap541 said...

Meliss - Bingo! Jake has definetely gotten a great big treat for goofing off.

Now he's Daddy's free spirit... But let's read between the lines, shall we?

The committment to homeschooling seems to be well... not exactly a huge committment, if Jake is off to high school in the fall. You know, high school where free spirits totally flourish and noncomformity is expressly encouraged!

Yeah, the very fact that they already are saying he's going to high school means well... they're not exactly embracing the lifestyle...

Greg said...

Hey Matt, make sure you buy Jake another luxury item for his room to reward him for flunking out of school!

Vic Rattlehead said...

This is what you get when you send your kid to a fundie christian rent-a-school/daycare centre where learning and reinforcing religious beliefs is considered much more important than actual education in mathematics history science (including proper biology)and english rather than a real school that focuses on academics and stimulating the mind with intelligent debate and discussion.

Rap541 said...

I just love the turn around. Wasn't Amy asking for prayers before the board meeting and all about asking for support in the difficult time?

What was her problem? Apparently Jake needed to fail out of *that school that Matt NEVER liked* and now look at Matt crow and crow how happy Jake is to be free and without a care!

I'm also amused that Amy's version of events surrounding the potential for new episodes aren't as well... definative, considering she was involved.

Greg said...

The worst parents of the year award goes to...Matt and Amy Roloff!

Hey our son got booted out of school.

Congratulate us!

Hey our son that got booted out of school is so happy that he doesn't have to go to school (since it's so unusual for kids not to like school).

We are so happy he's excited that he doesn't need to go to school!

Life is great! Our kid got kicked out of school and is happy he gets to sit on his butt playing video games until September with his 21 year old brothers...then in September he can maybe get kicked out of another school!

Bow to our great parenting skills and are extraordinary kids!

Timothy said...

I know Matt will say anything to turn anything bad (make no mistake, kid failing out of school is bad) into something that reflects well on the family, but Matt has used this "the kid is so creative and doesn't like classrooms before...with Jeremy.

Is Jacob really creative? Isn't he the same kid that Matt complained does nothing but sit in his room playing video game? Matt was so disappointed that Jake doesn't build forts.

Now Jake is a creative kid that just doesn't like classrooms. And of course, as always when a Roloff kid does poorly, it's the fault of a bad teacher.

Rap541 said...

Timothy - I just feel bad for the people who are congradulating the Roloffs for "homeschooling" Jacob who seem to geniunely believe in homeschooling.

If the Roloffs have already lined up Jacob's high school - then let's be real clear what is happening here.

Whatever was happening at Faith Bible - be it grades or behavior or teacher conflict - was severe enough that Faith Bible was willing to lose a long time enrolled family. It was also severe enough that they were unwilling to let Jake finish the school year.

Thats actually a pretty huge red flag, that Matt and Amy now both seem to waving as a badge of honor. Personally, I am not unmindful of the possibility that it was just not a great setting for Jake (ie While its very convienent that Matt is suddenly grandstanding how he dislikes Faith Bible, frankly it never seemed like a great school to me)

I just think we're seeing typical head in the sand Roloffery. Jake got kicked out of school because he's so smart. We're going to homeschool so bless us and ignore the reality that its mostly for our convienence and Jake WILL be enrolled in a school in the fall that while less strict than a religious school, if its a local school, he'll still need to attend required classes and turn in homework.

The real red flag seems to be that Jake got kicked out of school and now he's learned how pleased as punch it makes everyone.

David said...

Very well said, Rap.

An expensive school like Faith Bible is not going to take throwing a kid out lightly...not when it means an expensive tuition.

I think the problem must have been major.

The only part of what Matt said that I agree with is that Jacob is clever. He knows he goofed off and now he's getting what he wants. The best part is Matt and Amy are pleased as punch with him. I bet he's laughing himself to sleep at how sly he is.

Terry said...

Matt is making the best of the situation. He's a positive person. Matt likes to focus on the positive outcome.

Rachel Dawson said...

I find it hard to believe the only reason why the school would remove Jacob would be grades. At this late stage? I think it might have been something more. They had a full board meeting about it? It must have been something significant.

Rap541 said...

Matt is making the best of the situation. He's a positive person. Matt likes to focus on the positive outcome.

Except, you know, when he publically runs down that school he never liked, Faith Bible, for having screwball teachers and not being flexible enough.

Matt's *pissed* so bless his hate! Right?

Matt's pissed so his hatefilled angry comments and his public criticism - a criticism no one can really judge because the school isn't allowed to discuss the situation so all we know is Matt's carefully presented side - isn't hate! Matt badmouthing Faith is Matt being a positive thinker! And Christian, a loving forgiving Christian!

After all, he's Matt Roloff, and if Matt Roloff is pissed, he's got a right to publically spew his hate and no one should dare question his making ugly public judgements about others.

I really find it amusing that Matt throwing a public temper tantrum over how pissed off he is at Faith is "Matt showing us the cup is half full, bless his positivity".

Someone care to explain how matt judging others is ok?

Anne said...

Matt is not throwing a temper tantrum. He simply stated his opinion. He didn't like Faith Bible and felt it hindered Jacob.

BeckyM said...

I took some time to think about this because I have mixed feelings.

First, I do believe a short stint at homeschooling (probably something along the line of decompressing) would be very helpful to Jacob. I did homeschool my son on two separate occasions. The first was after 3 years of public school had made him a total mess, where I was picking up a crying 3rd grader every day from school. This was a year break before he returned to a private school that would be better able to deal with his learning disability.

This could be a good break, where Jacob could possibly have a rest from the intrusions into his life - i.e. cameras (though Matt is egging TLC right now to do a special). And relief from whatever tenseful relationships (whether teachers or peers) that had developed at Faith.

It could be a good time for his parents to involve themselves into his life, becoming supportive, listening and helping him through this difficult time. And no matter what people write in reply to me, I think a little bit of counseling, whether that would be about how to better handle his emotions - or how to study better (educational), would not be a bad plan.

OTOH, we are talking about Matt and Amy, two clueless, permissive parents who are more interested in pursuing their television fame then in parenting (as they have repeatedly stated themselves - I'm not putting words in their mouth).

But I fear that Jacob will be left to play video games all day, instead of taking advantage of an opportunity to learn about the world in a one-on-one manner.

And of course, the fear that Jacob will continue to be babysat by Jeremy and his friends, instead of being parented by Matt and Amy. :(

Rap541 said...

Anne - do you consider his comments positive?

Why is it "stating his opinion" and not "hateful judging"?

Isn't Matt judging Faith rather harshly in public?

"I never liked that school" is Matt being positive?

"I never liked that school" is Matt focusing on the positive outcome?

Commenting on the "screwball teacher" is Matt not judging and Matt focusing on the positive?

After listening to Matt *badmouth* his kid's school and teachers, I know my first thought is not "How positive Matt is! He's really accenting the positive when he says he never liked that school!"

I'd really like to know how Matt spewing hateful comments about his son's school online is a)accenting the positive and b) not an example of Matt being a big ol public negative nellie!

Matt? Care to explain that?

Joanne said...

We all dont know what happened. Matt and Amy are his parents so whatever they decide is right for Jacob, is all that matters.
It wont hurt him to be homeschooled for a couple of months, and it may actually help him, who knows?
I wish them all the best.

M said...

Wow home-schooling? Do Amy and Matt really have time in their so busy lives. Lol. I'm betting this kid will be slacking off and will be in complete shock when he starts this new school. If it's public it's going to be a huge difference then faith. The roloffs must have had great pull with the show but now they are just normal people faith could careless about them. Faith is prob counting the days till Molly graduates(even though she is a good student) and they never have to deal with the Roloffs again. Haha

Inessence said...

The show seemed to portray Jacob as a smart kid and doing academically well in school. I wonder if the show ending had the same effect on him as the show's beginning did academically for Zach.

Melissa said...

Joanne, we do know generally what happened. If you follow all of what Matt and Amy has said about it, before all of Matt's damage control that has tricked his facebook fans, you can determine what happened.

At the very least, Jacob had "lost interest in school (does that mean he didn't do assignments or just didn't study and make the grade?).

His grades were so poor that he wasn't making the minimum grade standards at Faith. That came straight from Matt himself.

Amy had attended an important board meeting that she was asking for prayers about.

Then Matt and Amy vent about how frustrated they are at the school for not being flexible with the rules about Jacob not meeting the grade standards and for their decision to expel him.

Then Matt spins it into a happy story about how excited Jacob is because he Jacob is so creative. He talks of engineering clubs at the new school.

Then they say Jake is going to be home schooled for the rest of the year, but should be able to go to high school next year.

There are some things there that a person with common sense can determine.

Jacob's grades were so bad that Faith Bible needed to expel him. What we don't know, is if there were any additional reasons? Schools don't like throwing kids out. That makes me think something made it a dire situation.

We know that Matt and Amy were mad at the school to expel Jacob and not let him stay.

It was after that Matt turned everything into a celebration.

Jacob got kicked out of school and people are saying "Way to go kid! Congratulations!"

I think they should consider getting Jacob out of the Faith school environment for the rest of his education.

But like M said and Becky expressed concern, there's no way that Matt and Amy, who both always brag about how they are so busy, have the discipline or structure to home school an already spoiled kid. We know that at best, Jacob was kicked out of private school for bad grades, the worst case scenario was that it was behavior that was serious enough they could no longer tolerate.

Everybody with a lick of sense knows what really is going to happen is that Jake will be on a vacation, playing video games and hanging out with Jeremy, Zach and Mueller all the time.

Brandon said...

Gah. I wanted to hold out hope for Amy, but she is just as wacked as Matt.

So proud of Jacob for handling this transition in his life? Duh. Of course he's happy! He got out of school by failing and not doing work. Now his parents are pleased as pie with him.

Brandon said...

Fans have no clue. All hail Jesus for how the Roloffs fool people in the name Jesus.

A comment to Amy's post about being proud of Jacob for "handling his transition" of being kicked out of school.

Chasity -"Yay Jacob!! I know the feeling, Amy. My 6 yr. old maintained an A average all year (includes conduct) and he is getting an all expense paid (really cool) field trip! :)"

She doesn't realize that Jacob didn't maintain an A average...he was given the big boot from the school for the opposite.

That's what Matt and Amy admitted in the beginning.

Susan Coles said...

" A few areas he needs to work on so four days a week he is in 'school'."

I shudder at the thought of what Roloff 'school' environment will be like.

Chantal said...

If Amy is going to be in Utah Thursday until Sunday, who is going to home school Jacob? Matt? With his dirt everyday from 5:30 to 5:30?

Mike P. said...

I've wondered if the Roloffs are angry at the school because Jacob is now on their hands, and they have other things to do. How inconvenient for them.

Jan said...

It's too bad the Roloffs never take responsibility. They should be using this as a chance to re-examine all that they are doing wrong.

There is obviously something broken if a bright kid like Jacob gets kicked out of school. If it's not because he has a learning disability and is unable to do the work, then it is a parenting issue. He is capable of more.

Blaming the school, teachers or pretending that all is well is a big mistake.

Andrew said...

It's another case of where the parents are not facing reality and blaming others for their lack of discipline. Jacob's behavior was not that great on the show LPBW and I can only imagine what he was like off camera. The other two boys struggled in academics as well. It's obvious education was not as important as other things. I LOVED this show but I was disappointed in the way the kids acted and treated their parents.

City girl said...

WOW there sure is a lot of perfect parents commenting on how Jacob is being raised!!! I'm sure Matt and Amy wish they were mistake free in parenting like some of you commenting, Nice job to you out there who have never made a bad choice in raising your children!!! Is anyone planning on writing a book on perfect parenting????

Rap541 said...

Yes, any time a critical remark is made, its completely and always fair to assume the person making the criticism considers themself perfect and above all reproach on the topic.

No one is perfect so no one can ever offer criticism on ANYTHING because to do so is to define your AS perfect and therefore you're arrogantly declaring yourself AS perfect whenever you critize.

Which means City Girl thinks she's a perfect on line poster and is schooling us all in how we suck in comparison to her perfect behavior as only perfect people can criticize others in her world view?

Right City Girl? You're perfect so you get to criticize?

Personally, I sometimes think this "Oh dear god, you've just criiticized Matt and Amy for letting a nine year old play with a seige engine, and for letting their oldest kids serve alcohol to underage kids, how DARE you? ARE YOU PERFECT???" nonsense gets a bit rich when its couple with the reality of the Roloff boys - the snotty rude mannerless behavior, the failing in school, the getting kicked out of school, the complete lack of drive....

A hint - anyone who's managed to raise kids who are interested in doing more than mooching off mom and dad might not be perfect but they've certainly done better than the Roloffs.

And I expect that now that ALL criticism is an arrogant declaration of one's perfection, we now have the right to point that out to everyone who wanders in to the blog with the "You're posting wrong" comments are arrogantly declaring they are perfect?

Rap541 said...

Ps - since City Girl won't get it, let me give a real world example of why this is full of fail.

Matt Roloff called one of his son's teachers a"screwball" because Jake was expelled. Matt is not a teacher, Matt has no right to make any criticism. He sure must think he's perfect, criticizing someone in a job he's never done. Matt better tell us about all the perfect classes he taught since you know, by criticizing someone else, he's declared that he's perfect at the same task.

Someone please point me to Matt Roloff's PERFECT teaching record since he MUST be a perfect teacher as only perfect people can criticize!

Daniel.L said...

jake is so cool i think he will be fine at public school he will definetly make friends straight away:)

Anonymous said...

Are some people like stupid ? I'm Canadian so maybe it's Canadian home schooling but your parents will have a ciriculm to follow , and will be kinda taught at the same time, and computers grade everything :)

Insidegreatness said...

I think Matt and Amy are great parents. They have endured all types of negatives, oppositions, and limitations due to drawfism, but they still strive. That says a lot of positives about their character and that of their children. We pray for continued mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual strength - God Bless them.

Life Coach said...

Home schoolers have standards same as any school, he rill have s supervising instructor who roll over see his school work and field trip plans etc. I homeschooled as well and the only difference is I did not follow the school curriculum, I created my own -- and by the way, my son scored over the mean scores for graduation test all high schoolers take