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Matt Answers Some Questions From His Staff

Matt did another round of question and answers with his chosen moderator on his website.

You can read all the answers via:

We will highlight the more interesting answers here: Among the more interesting things is that Matt reveals that Jacob appears to be on the verge of being expelled from the private Christian school the Roloffs have sent all 4 of their kids to all of their lives.

As is his habit with these questions and answers, Matt obviously refers to us --and I must point out the irony in Matt once again expressing his disdain for internet screen names while doing a Q&A with a person that only goes by "Disruptive Spirit". Let's admit, it Matt is not bothered by screen names as long as he approves of what is being said -- or as long as he is in control of said person. However, very shortly we will have an item that will shed a little more light on the subject of interviews, Spiritswander and the Roloffs and an event about a year ago that most people don't know about.

Also, as requested from our readers, we will be sharing what we've been told by our sources that were connected to the show regarding the "TLC bringing back LPBW" rumors that Matt floated around about a month ago and alludes to in these answers. Our readers always count on us to share what we're hearing that is not covered in Matt Roloff spin :)

However, first, Matt's Q& A:


I was wondering about your latest dirt project, filling in an 80 acre swampland near the farm to create a pumpkin is it that the DEQ allowed the filling in of a wetland? Did you have to jump through any hoops to be able to do that? Or are the laws less strict in Oregon concerning wetlands?

Well first off, our project is not a ‘wetland’. It's just a very soggy flat field. There is a huge difference. A wetland has a very, very specific protected status. What we're working on is simply a very flat farm field. Which means it doesn't drain well. You can only farm it about two months out of the year because it absorbs so much water from the rain and the neighboring properties and all the water just kind of sits there. So by putting in a "belly" you raise the ground up about 4-6 feet in the middle and then you taper it off on the sides and create ditches so that you basically can extend your farming season from maybe 2 months to maybe 5 months out of the year. This also allows you to grow additional variety of crops. So you're actually improving this farm field.

As for jumping through hoops, there were about 8 or 9 agencies involved and every one of them had to approve our project. It was what we call a type II permit application. Agencies such as the county, ODOT, clean water service, conservation, DEQ, Sewer line , Gas line etc etc. They All had to give us their blessing.

How are you enjoying your time away from cameras? Do you think the family will ever be interested in doing another series similar to LPBW?

We are enjoying it immensely. However, it's never a black and white thing. People think you either love the cameras around or you hate them. But the truth is, it's very much a love hate relationship. It’s sometimes very gray. We have good days and bad days like any job, sometimes you like going to work some days you don’t.

Even though we've done a few projects with cameras, such as the little documentary about the dirt project, they've been around on a limited basis which is very different than having them there almost 24/7 for such a long period of time like we have in the past.

The types of projects we’re exploring now will have a much different “invasive” factor if we proceed. Even the LPBW proposals that we’re currently evaluating are being structured in a much different way, more like an 8-5 type of responsibility.

We know you are still finishing up the final editing for the pumpkin movie. When will you release it for public viewing? How do you plan to release it? Youtube? iTunes?

I'm very pleased to announce that the pumpkin movie is officially finished as of about a week ago. The movie score, credits corrections, etc. have all been added and everything is now complete. I'm not overly proud of the movie. It was my first attempt and there's a million things I would do differently. In fact I am already working on other projects and hope to take my experiences and greatly improve the final results, I am a very quick learner.

I will be trying to enter the Pumpkin movie into some film festivals. However, with film festivals they usually like to be the first to show it before you play it to a broad audience so I need to go through that process for the next 6 months to a year and then I will release it probably on like iTunes or maybe Youtube. When this happens we will definitely let our fans know. I’m excited to show you all and I think you’re all going to like it.

Is there anything we don't know about you that you think most people would find surprising or out of character?

Hmmm, I don't know if I've covered this before but I don't like mushrooms and onions. When I was young and in the hospital they used to shove mushrooms down my throat and force me to eat them. So ever since then I've just had a real distaste for them. Mushrooms are offensive to me. I don't even want them in the same room. Of course Amy loves them and loves to cook with them.

Other than that, I think people for the most part have a good sense of me. But there are people who are surprised to know how much experience I have in the software field and how successful I was in software because that wasn't ever really covered on the show. So that's one thing people (who only know us from TV) may be surprised about with me.

Matt do you have any lost episodes hiding anywhere? We'd loved to see them.

Yes, I'm sure that there are. But I don't know whether the timing will work out to show them or if the content is too old now to be good. Last season there was quite a bit of content that was picked over and never used but, there's always a ton of other stuff that doesn't air or doesn't fit in to the storyline and therefor gets cut.

Can you tell us a little about the author of Why did you agree to let her write it when you could have easily just promoted this forum more?

Dallah is a friend (never been employed by us), who works in Hillsboro who has been encouraging me for several years to try and do a blog. She helped me get up and going with my Facebook and her company works with us on our t-shirt and stuff. She convinced me that there is a difference between what she does on the blog, what you do on the forum and what I do with my facebook. Her blog is more for story telling and the forum is more for this type of conversation. So we’re giving it a whirl.

Matt your favorite poster (Cute) is asking "When" or "IF" your family are ever going to be able to post on your board freely? That includes Sven, woohoo hey Sven. As well as Pop and Honey.

Well technically we were free for about 6 weeks, based on our contractual obligations. But now, maybe not so much. However as social networking has taken hold. TLC has gotten a lot better over the years with allowing us to speak more freely to and with our fans. Mostly everyone in the family pretty much leaves it up to me to keep our fans informed of what's going on with the family because I have the facebook, the forum and whatnot. Amy keeps her facebook updated as well.

What people don't realize is, it's can be a very slippery slope when we get involved so personally and directly like we do. Someone may ask a question and we answer it. But then someone else asks another, but we miss it for whatever reason, and don't answer it. Then that person may get angry or feel slighted and get their feeling hurt. Or people may interpret your words differently than you intended. Try as we might, we just can't answer everyone's question and what we say is not going to please everyone. But we do appreciate our fans and wish we had more time to devote to everyone.

Have you ever really given us your honest opinion of what you think of those "silly bloggers"? Let's not pull any punches either. Also, have you ever been contacted by or have you tried to contact that blog writer who seems to be so critical of your family?

It seems that most of the blogs or blogging about the show has faded away. As far as the “Silly” bloggers used to go, I only referred to them as that because often anonymous people would conjure up the silliest (stupidest) stuff and they would write it like it was true. Some people make assumptions and then would write about it so much that they start to actually believe it themselves. We learned to laugh at it when it was brought to our attention and take it in stride, but mostly we learned to ignore it. Worrying about what a few people say is far too time consuming.

It takes all kinds to make the world go-around and we tried to appreciate everybody's opinion. TLC certainly told us many times that the “crazier the chatter” the more interesting we are for filming.

I think that Amy and I have always been up to an interview with any news source on the internet or not, we done hundreds of interviews. The only requirement that (and this was recommended by TLC since day 1) we don’t conduct interviews with anonymous sources. The reason for that should go without saying, it’s just common sense.

[Spiritswander note: we will have a more detail response/information about this in the coming days -- but to give you an idea; Matt made the proclamation that 'Roloffs don't duck interviews/questions' and that simply is not true. As I'll explain in detail, it is the Roloffs right and prerogative to conduct interviews with whomever they choose - Matt prefers it being only him or Amy speaking and usually with staff/employees/friends that are following his orders. Or they interview with bigger, more mainstream outlets that unfortunately barely know the basics about the Roloffs and don't really have the knowledge of the Roloffs to do a compelling interview. So it's the Roloffs right to avoid interviews where they might be asked 'tough' questions, however when Matt claimed Roloffs don't duck interviews -- that's simply not true.]

Would you be able to share any details about your stalker issues?

I'll give a little bit of detail, but it will be covered soon in greater detail over at We have multiple stalkers and we take them all extremely serious. The FBI is involved and multiple agencies. Don't get me wrong, we don't call the police for every little thing we get, but there are just some things that go beyond the norm and need to be taken seriously and addressed. But we do have about 5 open cases right now.

Since some of us don't stalk, I mean, keep up with you and the family on facebook (lol), can you tell us a little about what Jeremy, Zach, Molly and Amy have been up to lately?

Amy has been working her charity very hard and continues to work on that. She's also been busy with her speaking engagements.

Jeremy is preparing to likely transfer to Brookes in the fall. I don't know if it's 100% yet because he still has to work out his living arrangements but it looks promising. Honestly it won’t be easy having him move so far away, he’s a big part of the farm and the work that goes on here. I’m trying not to be selfish, but it is hard.

Zach is still going very strong at the indoor soccer club where he works. He also carries a full load, like Jeremy, at the local community college. He's so involved with his work that he has yet to talk about transferring over to a 4 year college. He just may stay at the community college an additional year before he makes a decision about where he wants to go. He would, however, eventually like to go to a campus that has a girl's soccer team where he could take some sports management courses and possibly coach a women's soccer team.

Molly continues to get straight A's and is looking at various colleges. Everything from local stuff to Stanford to Pepperdine. She's definitely on the fast track to college and will most likely spend a lot of time touring some campuses this coming summer.

Jacob has struggled this last year. He's a very, very smart guy, and always had good grades, but this past year he seems to have lost interest in school. His grades are to the point to where he will very likely not continue in private school. The school has a very strict grade point average standard that has to be met consistently, and if you don't make that average, you no longer qualify to be enrolled. Amy and I are frustrated with the schools lack of flexibility or concern and encouragement for Jacob so close to his eighth grade graduation. It would be very disappointing if Jacob could not continue, but it actually may wind up being for the best. It may be exactly what he needs, AND what we need to yank him out of his rut so he can move on and thrive. We are pleased that as of today his grades are on the rise.

You mentioned possibly buying a train for the farm's pumpkin season. Are there any other projects or new attractions planned for this next season? As any progress been made on the Ark? Will people be able to tour through it in the future?

You won't be able to walk through the Ark because it's just not big enough. It's just there as something to look at. We also have a few other projects that we're looking at doing such as a haunted hayride/house type thing. But we're not sure yet if we're going to do it. We have a few other things in mind but we'll just have to wait and see which ones make sense when we discuss and plan things over the summer. Which is usually the time when we work on projects for the Fall.

Still 2 more years until he's 16 but do you and Jacob have any thoughts yet about a car for him? I thought he'd get the Camaro, but you recently said it was sold. Any plans on restoring an older car like you did for Molly?

Well, right now Jacob needs to get his grades up first and foremost. So there are no discussions about cars right now. But at some point we'll get him a car that's appropriate for him. He talks about maybe wanting and old Volkswagen Rabbit or something. But right now we are shifting his attention away from any notion of getting a car and on to how he needs to get his grades back up to where they were a year ago.

You have inspired so many people with your story, who has inspired you? Do you have any notable heroes or mentors in your life?

Years ago I read a book about a private detective names JJ Arms who had no hands, and that was very inspiring to me. Tom Sawyer was also inspiring. And my father too. He was hard working and has great integrity. That's always been very inspiring to me.

You recently mentioned possibly taping more shows for TLC. What exactly does that mean? Were they interested in more LPBW shows or different ones with you guys altogether?

About possibly doing more LPBW episodes. I actually have a conference call coming up in about 20 minutes with TLC. We haven't made any decisions yet, but we listen to the ideas being bounced around. Having said that, we will never go back to having cameras in our house 24/7 as we did before. It was just way too stressful on us. A project that has the cameras around on a very limited basis is way different than having them there all the time.

When do you take a break from doing all that you do to have time to yourself, and, with the family?

Well, I try to take Sundays off. And Amy and I go out to dinner together when we can. We try to spend time with Jacob. Like going to the movies or the mall and helping him with his homework and we like Friday nights on the couch watching TV. We try to take time for the whole family and for ourselves.

Could you really leave your beautiful house and land that you've worked so hard on to move to Arizona?

No. Absolutely not. What we may do is have an investment house down there and maybe during the really rainy months we could go spend some time down there. There's also some business opportunities that I'm entertaining down there. With an investment house I could also rent it out during the off season. The housing market down there is very depressed. So it may be a great time to take advantage of the market right now.

There are a few places that were set up for me to look at down there, and I was actually supposed to go there straight from here, but there are more pressing things at home, so I’ll do it later.

Where is the enchilada recipe??

Hehe, Amy's working on a cookbook and I'm sure it's almost done. She's working on proposals for publishers right now and has some really good contacts. I'm pretty sure that enchilada recipe will be a prime recipe in that book. So, hang on and wait for that. It’ll be worth it!


Ashley said...

Wow! Jake is getting kicked out of school and Matt and Amy are still conferencing about trying to get back on tv????

Talk about ignoring red flags!

Judy B said...

It was a good set of questions.

I'm glad Matt was honest about Jacob's struggles, but I feel bad for Matt and Amy that they have this added stress in their lives.

As Matt said, perhaps it will be for the best.

Reading between the lines, Zach isn't going anywhere, while Jeremy is making things happen for his future. I'm not surprised.

Jeremy and Molly have always been the two Roloff kids that I knew would be successful.

Timothy said...

The Roloffs are pissed at Faith Bible. Are they going to sue? That's what the Roloffs do when they're upset.

File lawsuits or call the cops or the FBI! What a waste of taxpayer money.

I'm not a fan of private Christian schools, but good for the school for standing up to the Roloffs.

Jocelynn said...

I'm sorry to hear that Jake is struggling. I can't say I'm surprised though. Typical of Matt and Amy to blame the school for not supporting Jacob. If the school has standards, Jacob isn't reaching them, then he should be dealt with like any other kid. I think the Roloffs are stuck in tv mode where they're used to rules applying to everyone else and not them.

Lintons Lint said...

Shocking. Just shocking!

The 'rents let the little kid hang out with his two weed loving heroes (Muels and Jer) and they wonder why he doesn't care about school. LOL!

Dana said...

Matt, thank you. I agree with Judy, they were very good questions and answers.

I hope one day some of Jeremy's more outspoken critics will give the kid some credit.

I will do as Amy asked. Keep the Roloffs in my prayers during this difficult time with Jacob. I do like Matt's positive outlook. Hopefully they will find an even better Christian school for Jacob.

It is disappointing to hear that the school with Christian values is not supporting the Roloffs.

tay said...

i'm glad for jeremy. feel bad for matt that he will miss jer.

i'm confused about jacob. when matt says he is so close to 8th grade grad, does he mean he's not going to graduate?

David said...

Spirits, Matt is a coward and a control freak. We all know it. It has nothing to do with an "anonymous" name.

Nice lie by Matt about being the family spokesperson. Maybe the kids really don't care, but does Matt expect people to believe what comes out of his mouth? They want him to be the family spokesperson? Didn't the same "DS" once write that she heard Jeremy in the background on the phone saying he wanted to answer all questions about him for himself?

Matt doesn't like the kids speak because he doesn't trust them. He doesn't let friends speak because he's full of lies and they might tell the truth, thus making Matt look like the liar he is.

Michelle Thomas said...

I'm not defending Jacob, but does anyone else wonder about the school?

Look at his older brothers. They failed. They didn't get kicked out.

I wonder if it is because TLC is no longer around. I always suspected that TLC must have made donation to the school. In the first season, they never filmed at the school. By the end of the series they filmed a lot at the school. I think the school must have profited from TLC. Perhaps now that TLC is gone the school doesn't feel the need to be cozy with the Roloffs.

Alicia said...

Jacob is so spoiled.

Lintons Lint said...

I hope while the FBI is doing all of their investigating for the Roloffs that they aren't smelling Jeremy and Mueller's clothes. LOL!

Brandon said...

Right Matt. Silly bloggers making up stuff.

Like Jeremy using racist and homophobic slurs. Oh wait...

Like Jeremy and Mueller throwing the cat...oh wait.

Like Jeremy loving a Church with anti gay and anti acceptance message...oh wait.

Like Matt saying the show would go for 2 more years and it's on video...oh wait.

All true things.

Notice Matt never talks about any of things directly. Then the brave guy interviews with his "people" that work for him that will never bring those things up.

Rap541 said...

Michelle - I do doubt TLC ever made direct donations to the school.

But I do think Zach and Jeremy and Molly and Jake represent to the school, four sources of income. If the school enforced the rules with say, Jeremy or Zach - Matt and Amy would pull ALL their kids and the use of the soccer facilities and at one point, possibly the school soccer coach as well.

Now that the crown princes are gone, and Molly only has a year left.... and there's no cameras for Matt and Amy to rant in front of on how unfair people are to their family... perhaps the school doesn't feel like dealing with Roloff boys antics. Personally, I suspected for some time that Zach only graduated because it was easier to be rid of him.

And how do parents, who have already had the experience of two of the kids failing, not have a system in place to know whether their kid is failing or not?

I guess the cook book and pumpkin movie were more important....

Brandon said...

PS. You can tell that Jeremy is Matt's favorite by the extra way he always tries to prop Jeremy up.

Matt would miss him so much....if he goes...geez, how hard is it to commit? He was accepted LAST NOVEMBER!! Now his excuse is gotta workout living arrangements. He's had since November 2010 to work on living arrangements for Fall 2011 and he's not hurting for money.

But anyway. Matt would miss Jeremy? Matt would miss Camerino. The guys that do the real work on the farm. Jeremy plays all night with Mueller. Does anyone honestly see Jeremy declining a day of fun with the buds because he needs to help dad on the farm?

Linton, I'm not surprised. There are a lot of things I disagree with, but how Matt and Amy failed to see that Jeremy, Mueller, Zach and the rest of the college kids are a bad influence on Jacob and he shouldn't be hanging out with them is beyond bad parenting.

AK said...

A lot of Jacob R's problem in school is Matt and Amy not enforcing a bed time. My daughter tells me that Jacob stays up all night, until two or three in the morning almost every night.

Jacob is not a dumb kid. His parents were too busy to parent. Now they fault the school. It's unfortunate.

Rap541 said...

Brandon - funny how no one in the Roloff clan is mentioning any sort of graduation from community college, isn't it?

I mean Jer-Bear and WackieZackie have been attending community college for two years this spring... yet no associates degrees despit their full course loads.

ALso if you look at Brooks's calender, they don't work on a traditional school year. Jeremy was accepted last november and technically could have started in January, april, june, sept, and late oct of this year.

I'm honestly curious to see if he'll go.

Donald said...

Rap and AK, it's too easy to blame the parents.
Matt has talked about it before. As a parent, you can do something that works for one of your children, but doesn't have the same affect on the other.

Molly gets excellent grades. Matt and Amy raised her. If Matt and Amy are neglectful, ineffective parents because of Jacob's troubles, are they the best parents because of Molly?

As parents, we are all trying our best. Matt and Amy are too.

Cindy M said...

Rap, didn't Amy say in one of her early coffee chats that she got back from a meeting with all of Jacob's teachers? That was in December. I can't believe this news snuck up on them.

Natalie said...

Unfortunately I'm getting the feeling that Jacob is falling into the trap of troubled child star on tv.

Can it all be that he's spoiled? I know Matt always brags about his kids, but I do believe him that Jacob is a smart kid. He's a nice looking kid too. He's not overweight, he's not "ugly", he's not "geeky". There is no reason for him to have problems.

I wonder if more than being spoiled, it is the dynamic that the family worships Jeremy. Maybe Jacob feels he needs to be like Jeremy in all areas.

DJ said...

I guess he can't help it with all the questions but I think Matt always sounds so arrogant in these things. Like they are SO important and the world revolves around themselves.

Expressed said...

Well, I'd like to see the full pumpkin movie with Jeremy :) Bring on the red pants!

Connie said...

It's too bad that it seems like Molly is the only Roloff kid that isn't terribly lazy or messing up their lives.

I think Jeremy has more issues than people think.

Anne said...

I think Matt gave good answers.

It's hard without knowing all the details if the Roloffs have a right to be upset with the school.

MS said...

Spirits, Matt said they don't do interviews with anonymous sources. Matt knows who moderates his own forum and he speaks to her on the phone. I wouldn't call that anonymous.

Rap541 said...

Donald - Trust me - Jake is failing because Jake isn't doing the work.

Are matt and Amy ever responsible for their parenting? As I recall, Jake has been a responsible decision making adult since age nine, he made the choice to play on the trebuchet and his parents have *raised Jeremy* and are great parents (and we'll ignore Jeremy's racism and school failures).

I've heard the bed time issue from other people. I've seen Amy on camera, looking at Zach in slack jawed horror over the idea that he's a few weeks away from graduation and might not due to grades. I've seen Matt on camera reward Jeremy for failing by bribing Jeremy with a new car.

My only hope for Jake is that since he's not Jeremy, Matt and Amy aren't afraid to not be his buddy... and I already see indications that they aren't going to bother so...

Randy said...

If Jacob can't continue on in Faith Bible because of his grades, then his grades must be REALLY bad. We all saw Jeremy and Zach fail multiple classes, have to take summer school, and get barely passing grades on their report cards. Is Jacob just failing all his classes?

In an earlier post, Michelle Thomas made a good point. Maybe now that the camera's are away and Faith Bible isn't getting the free publicity, they have no need to cater to the Roloff's anymore.

But I also put most of the blame on Matt and Amy. If he's struggling, it's their job to make sure his homework is done every night, and get proof that it's done. Help him study for tests and don't let him go do something else until he knows it.

Clean out his room of all the "fun" stuff...such as his flat screen tv, laptop, video game systems, mini fridge, etc. I don't know how an earlier poster said that Jacob stays up until the wee hours of the morning, but that's probably not helping either if he's exhausted in school the next day.

Mike P. said...

I can't avoid laughter each time I see mention of an Amy Roloff cookbook. It's an oxymoron.

Perhaps in the tradition of "The Wit and Wisdom of George W. Bush," it will be blank?

Or not. Does this can-opener cook even know what a cookbook is? Does she know that they actually have recipes in them? That you can't just take a "recipe" from the back of a can? That a real recipe doesn't read "open can, pour, heat, serve"? Or that "open box, mix, bake, frost, serve" isn't a REAL cake recipe?

Especially, does she know that you need actually to create your OWN recipes, because cookbooks are in a very cutthroat publishing niche and chefs who spot their recipes in books "written" by others will sue at the drop of a potholder. Seriously.

I look forward to this grasping, half-baked attempt at more attention. It will be a thigh-slapper.

BeckyM said...

Still waiting on the name of the software company or product that Matt was so successful with.... still hearing crickets....

RE: Jacob. Wow strict grade policy? Then how did Jeremy and Zach continue with their C-D average at a Christian school (which most private Christian schools I know start with lower standards then a good public school - please!)?

Jacob must be really failing. Sorry to hear that but not surprised as he has been the one filmed the longest and at the youngest age. WTG Amy and Matt! Great parenting as usual.

Tracey said...

The Roloffs have four kids. Three of them had poor grades. I don't think being celebrities is good for kids. Good for the income, not good for the kids.

Brandon said...

Mike P, Amy and the cookbook idea has always confused the hell out of me! :) Nobody that wants Amy to write a cookbook has ever tasted her cooking! It makes no sense.

As near as I can tell, hungry viewers watching the show, saw Amy make a grilled cheese sandwich and said "That looks really good". That translate into Amy being a gourmet cook? Two plus two = five?

Allison said...

Sorry to hear the news about Jacob. It surprises me because I thought he was smarter than both Jeremy and Zach.

The twins had Jacob do the math when they were pricing furniture! Not just that, but some of Jacob's comments on the show seemed clever. Too bad they couldn't funnel that cleverness towards positive results.

When a kid is bright, they can either use their brightness to be bad and get away with it or they can channel it in a positive way.

Carolyn said...

I agree with all the people confused about the "strict grade policy" when everybody knows what Jeremy and Zach were like in the same school.

I am thinking that maybe it's something more? Maybe Jacob had a problem with another student or a teacher and that combined with poor grades forced the issue? Schools don't enjoy kicking kids out. Especially when it's an expensive school. They don't like losing the tuition.

I'm just speculating, but does anyone think religion could be a factor? From looking at Faith Bible's website, they are very strict in that regard.

Jeremy is very forthcoming with all the "I live for Jesus" talk (although I agree how he applies that is up for serious, serious debate!!) Maybe I'm wrong, but Jacob doesn't seem as into religion as the other kids. That could be an issue for the school too.

Terry said...

I understand why Matt and Amy would be frustrated with the school. Why are they doing this so close to his 8 grade graduation?

Ellen said...

Why is Faith messing with the Roloffs? Are they trying to make a statement?

Will Molly finish her senior at the school after this?

Austin said...

For his sake, I hope Jacob goes to a public school. It will be good for him.

Brenda said...

I wonder what Jacob's real problem is...he's smart, he's a handsome kid, I'm sure he doesn't have problems making friends. I don't think there is any reason for him to struggle so much.

Carol said...

It's trendy these days not to 'blame the parents', but the parents are to blame.

Jacob has the smarts to do better. A lot better. It's a lack of structure and discipline. You can't expect most kids to provide that for themselves.

Amy said she was summoned to have a meeting with all of his teachers. That must have grade related. I think that was around January or before? I recall someone saying Jacob was not allowed to player soccer this year because of grades. It's been a problem all year obviously.

What are Matt and Amy doing? Jacob got a bar fridge and new stereo system IIRC for his room to go with his large flat screen television and his 6 video game systems.

I agree with all the comments about the adverse affects of allowing him to chum around with Jeremy, Zach, Mueller and the other 20 year olds. I'm not surprised that he might not have a bed time either because that would require parenting.

If Jacob isn't going to care himself, you have to make him care about his grades by taking away privileges. All of things are privileges including hanging out with his older brother that he idolizes on his "adventures".

If it was my home, Mueller would not be allowed in it. How can Matt and Amy not have ever realized that he is a bad influenced? Guess what? Jacob Roloff likes Jacob Mueller a lot too and Jacob Mueller flunked school too.

Susan Coles said...

Matt and Amy might be the most clueless parents I've heard about in a long time.

Amy is off trying to get a cookbook published. Matt is in Hawaii for the 7th time in a year working on a pumpkin movie. They are both kicking the wheels trying to get the family back on the tv train....and Jacob is doing worse than ever.

Is it that hard to connect the dots? Honestly.

Knowing said...

You're all judging Matt and Amy without knowing any of the facts.

Matt and Amy have disciplined Jacob. He had his phone taken away months ago.

Don't be so quick to judge.

Peter L said...

It could also be attention getting on Jacob's part. He's the forgotten child. Don't forget, Matt and Amy are convincing themselves they are "almost" empty nesters. They clearly want to be done with parenting.

Jacob is not the girl with the perfect grades. He's not the dwarf. Most of all, he is not the blessed angel, the Golden Boy, the one that makes the family go round, Jeremy James, who is clearly Matt's pride and joy.

The only way Jacob gets attention is by getting injured and by crapping out in school. I'm assuming this school mess is what Matt returned home for? Has Matt ever returned home for something Jacob related before?

Want to bet Jacob is getting more attention from Matt and Amy right now than he's gotten all year?

I betcha the quote Amy posted on her fanpage is Jacob related.

"Inspiration: Giving hope, encouragement, love to another when they may have given up on themselves - and they begin to turnaround because you stood by them."

I bet Amy and Matt are showering Jacob with gifts and money right now to "give him hope and encouragement".

Jacob could be a manipulative mastermind that knows exactly what to do to get precisely what he wants.

Shelby said...

Wait wait wait. If I have this right, as of today, Jacob has no school??? He been kicked out of Faith? I think that's why Matt came home and why the Roloffs are pissed. They need to find another school for him immediately. That's crazy!

Arnold said...

I hope this was a humbling experience for the Roloffs. Then they can attempt to turn it into a positive.

I am certain the school hopes it has a positive outcome for Jacob as well, but the school has rules for a reason.

Vic Rattlehead said...

For Jake to be kicked out of a conformist fake slush fund "school" with such low standards as Faith Bible (they allowed cameras to film in the school)I think would basically take Jake refusing to attend "Chapel Classes" or saying that he doesn't believe in god?

Don't forget that this is a school where cheating and sleeping in class isn't punished.

Abby said...

It is terrible timing if the Roloffs have the plight of searching for a new school in a matter of days. It's not easy to change schools at any time, but especially in with two months to go.

I think it was probably an on-going issue and finally the school had enough. But tough on the timing.

Lisa Z said...

Ok, all you know it alls. What would you do if you were Matt and Amy?

BeckyM said...

@ LisaZ

1.) I would never have consented to film a reality show of my underage children in the first place. Problem solved.

But since we are working from a reality that this cannot be reversed:

1.) counseling. This kid needs professional help and his family needs to attend and listen to a professional.

2.) parenting classes. The lack of parenting skills exhibited by Amy and Matt are embarassing. They are way too permissive and wanting to be "friends" with their children. This never works.

3.) privacy. This kid needs to be away from the public's eye and have time to be a kid without the world judging him or knowing about his behavior. Discussing him on Facebook, chats, or whatever continues the ho-stroll stupidity that was started with the show.

4.) involved parents. Amy and Matt's comments repeatedly show that they view themselves as no longer parents. I can't even imagine what they are saying in real life directly to Jacob. Perhaps Jacob is angry and disdainful of his grades because he realizes that no one really cares?

No brainers but apparently it needs to be spelled out...

BeckyM said...

BTW I wonder if Faith finally taking a stand on another poor-grade-Roloff is related to the very public expulsion of two Gosselin children from their private Christian school?

Perhaps Faith realized that they didn't have to hide all the dirty laundry once they saw the other school have the balls to kick out a different set of privileged, reality stars who think they are something special...?

Just speculating - but what a coincidence.

Dana said...

Becky, stop blaming Matt and Amy.

You aren't a perfect parent no matter how you present yourself from behind your keyboard.

Jeremy, Zach and Molly's activities and grades were discussed in much more detail than Jacob's and none of them had this happen to them.

Molly is zooming along with straight A's. Jeremy made the B honor roll in his senior year. Matt made the point that when the show was filming Jacob actually achieved good grades.

Life is not always peaches and cream. It's life. There are ups and downs. Jacob is not the first kid to have this happen. Certainly not at that school. I believe turnover at that school is much higher than at most schools.

Matt has a good handle on it. It is low class for the school to do that at this time a month and a few weeks from graduation, but in the end, it might be the shake up that he needs get him back on the right track.

Kathy said...

BeckyM, I don't think Jacob needs counselling.
People are prone to over-reaction. He is not the first or last kid to have issues with school or as Matt put it "lost interest in school".

David said...

This is so typical of the Roloffs.

"Amy and I are frustrated with the schools lack of flexibility``

Lack of flexibility. Do you know what that means? It means the school has rules, but the Roloffs want special treatment for their kids. They want the school to make those rules "flexible" for their kid.

Who really knows if Jacob needs counselling. I doubt we would know about issues that would be red flags that counselling is needed. Anger issues, animal abuse (sounds like Jeremy and Mueller) disrespect to teachers, bullying of other students.

Are those things going on with Jacob? I don't know.

I agree with everyone that Matt and Amy need to get a clue as parents.

Think about Matt's own Facebook posts. I recall a few months ago, Matt posted that he arrived home late at night during a weekday to find 50 kids in the house with music blaring. Matt laughed it off because his sweet kids insisted it "wasn't a party" although Matt said it sure seemed that way.

My thought was that college students were having a party at the house on a weekday in a home with an 8th grader that has school the next day at 8AM and that didn't even occur to Matt and Amy that it must be disruptive to allow their sainted twins to make the Roloff Mansion party central on a weekday.

BeckyM said...

@ Dana and Kathy

I have never pretended to be "perfect." If you don't think a kid who has had his entire childhood filmed for public consumption doesn't need counseling when he is about ready to be kicked out of an "easy" school, then Hm... is all I have to write.

At the very least, counseling would provide Jacob a safe place to vent frustrations and learn to make better decisions. Counseling doesn't mean you are crazy, it means you need some help, and many people could benefit from it. A good parent would see that.

Legally Matt and Amy are too blame. Jacob is underage and if he commits a crime, gets expelled from school, skips school, drinks or smokes underage etc... in some situations his parents could be held legally responsible.

IMO they are at least morally responsible as they have ho-ed their children's childhood on the TLC Freakshow Station. The same station that brings us Toddler and Tiaras, Kate plus 8, and their other bizarre shows.

Rap541 said...

Lisa - I can tell you're wanting to pick a fight but I will respond.

1. For starters, Matt and Amy are not on tv any more. I didn't like it when Jeremy and Zach's failing report cards were displayed on tv for money, and I like it less when Matt and Amy are no longer on tv and using their fan facebooks to discuss this. Mostly, because lets be honest, cyber humilation isn't going to help the situation and while Matt and Amy both seem to love the attention and compliments it brings, great parents don't parade their kids failures in public and suck up the "You're a great dad!" praise.

2. If Jake is able to do the work, and just isn't, then its a "will" issue. That is where Mom and Dad need to turn off facebook, boot the horde of college age kids partying out of the house for a few hours, and talk to their son and ask why he's doing this. Is there a problem at school? (Frankly, considering the way Jake is depicted on LPBW, I could see him being the butt of jokes with his age mates, which might be why he gravitates towards his brothers friends)

3. I would, during this quiet discussion, explain that private school costs money and his side is to obtain good grades. The Roloff kids aren't asked to be school grinds, thats *obvious* but making minimal standards isn't too much to ask when mom and dad are paying several thousand dollars to send you to private school.

4. This is where the punishment would start - and yes I do believe Jake should be punished if he is simply refusing to do the work. He's disrespecting the money and effort his parents put into sending him to private school. Since he disrespects their things, thy should take away his things until he gets himself back on track. I would trot him up to his room and have him pack up the tv, the gaming syste, the computer, the phone, the fridge, and whatever else he enjoys playing with and he doesn't get that stuff back until he earns it with good grades.

5. I would set a bediime, and it would be enforced and btw, it would be a reasonable bedtime, 10:30 on school nights.

6. I would STOP allowing him to hang around much older children. Jake isn't 20/21, and he shouldn't be up until 3am playing fugitive with Mueller and Jeremy, even on a weekend.

7. Until Jake's study habits are better, I would put an end to the college kids coming over to have distracting bonfires/parties/all night gaming sessions, on weeknights. Its a home, its not a dorm.

8. Frankly I agree with Becky on two major points - Matt and Amy are a huge part of the problem here because they don't want to be the bad guys to their kids. Thats why the twins failed in school, because they knew mm and dad weren't really going to do anything, thats why the twins *aren't* graduating this spring from PCC (it only takes two years to get an associates degree) and its why Jake doesn't bother to do the work in school. Matt clearly doesn't care, he brays on about how he learned from the school of hard knocks and then hands out treats and Amy doesn't want to be the bad guy either.

None of the Roloff kids appear to have anything mentally wrong with them. That means when three out of the four kids are failing in school, yes, its a parenting issue.

Mike P. said...

@Lisa Z:

You ask, "what would you do if you were Matt or Amy?"

Trick question, right?

Because the correct answer is that this would NEVER have happened if I were Matt or Amy. Never. I would never have been so unobservant, so lax, so indifferent to my kids' well-being to let anything like this happen.

That's the only correct answer to your question.

Lynn C said...

Oh give me a break some of you people. The Roloffs are real. That's why people like them. Do you want Matt and Amy to only brag about their kids and only present the good?

Parents knows things aren't always smooth sailing. I see no problem with Matt and Amy mentioning a fact that is going on in their lives. Not mentioning it isn't going to make it any better. As Dana pointed out, the problem with Jacob obviously happened before Matt and Amy mentioned it and in a school year where there were no cameras at all.

Rap541 said...

BeckyM - I am more inclined to think that Faith Bible sees the handwriting on the wall after dealing with Zach and Jeremy.

Jeremy and Zach were a consistent problem all thru high school. They both failed in tenth grade. Jeremy was getting C's his first semester of senior year and managed to pull it to a B his final semester. Zach almost didn't graduate. And the kids circled around the twins, Mueller etc, hardly did well either since the pack went on to community college.

I definetely get the impression the school was informing the Roloffs of the performance issues and I definetely think the school heard again and again how they needed to be flexible, etc etc...and the school didn't exactly get a lot of great press the Roloffs (and aren't right now getting a lot of great press either since Matt and Amy are indeed blaming the school and not themselves)

My guess? Molly graduates next year... the worst case scenario is that Molly gets pulled from faith as well as Jake, and I bet they decided to cut their losses and not deal with the Roloffs for another four years if they didn't have to.

BeckyM said...

@ Rap apparently many have forgotten that 3 our 4 of the Roloff kids have grades that, in a good public school, would have resulted in being held back or lack of graduation.

Apparently D's and F's at a private Christian school is acceptable to many and not a Red Flag that brakes need to be applied by the responsible parents.

Rap541 said...

Dana - can you explain how it is "low class" of the school to demand Roloffs perform at the same level as the other students?

I personally think - if you're correct - that it would be low class of the Roloffs to expect their children be treated to a different standard for no other reason than that they are Roloffs.

I also think its low class of the Roloffs to bad mouth the school for their failures as parents. Maybe a little less time playing in the dirt and hobnobing with TLC playing "will I, won't I, bless me, I am in such demand for Tv shows, whatever shall I do" games and maybe a little less time "coffee chatting" and a little more time minding their son in eighth grade, and they wouldn't have this particular problem?

Hey maybe Matt can work this into a tv special. After all, getting back on TLC is whats *really* important.

Amanda said...

This is ludicrous just like Matt said. Everyone is speculating and making up things just like he said. I doubt Jacob is having a mental breakdown and isn’t on the verge of committing some heinous crime. Without all the information it’s stupid to speculate on what happened, let alone what should be done about it. I am sure it’s because of people like you that Matt and Amy even felt the need to make a statement about it at all. They are damned if they do and damned if they don’t. If they didn’t make a statement and some other person shared the information then the story would be that they were trying to cover it up, if they make a statement they are crucified for all sorts of imagined parenting misdeeds. It is sad but I think that many of you must be the sort that other people tolerate as friends because you ridicule and judge everything as if you are sovereign to do so.

Timothy said...

Amanda, I don't think Jacob had a "mental breakdown", but the kid being kicked out of school is a big warning sign that something is wrong.

That deserves more of a reaction than blaming the school as Matt and Amy are doing.

I agree with you about talking about it. I don't have a problem with it because it probably would have got out anyways and it's true.

You have to be realistic too, Amanda. Matt and Amy talk about it, but you expect no one else to say a word about it?

What I mostly see is people talking about the problems that would lead to a kid failing out of school.

The parents lack of attention or awareness. Spoiling him with treats. The college party atmosphere at Jacob's home that Amy loves and Matt laughs about because they must keep Jeremy, Zach and Mueller happy.

Carol said...

Rap, I couldn't agree with your list more. Especially these points:

5. I would set a bediime, and it would be enforced and btw, it would be a reasonable bedtime, 10:30 on school nights.

6. I would STOP allowing him to hang around much older children. Jake isn't 20/21, and he shouldn't be up until 3am playing fugitive with Mueller and Jeremy, even on a weekend.

7. Until Jake's study habits are better, I would put an end to the college kids coming over to have distracting bonfires/parties/all night gaming sessions, on weeknights. Its a home, its not a dorm.

Matt always says the benefit of being a public figure is the chance to look at what he's doing as parent and reflect...Matt, this would be a good time to reflect and implement some suggestions because what you're doing now isn't working.

Rap541 said...

Amanda - you're the only one speculating that Jake is having a mental breakdown and is on the verge of committing some crime.

Yup the first mention of mental breakdown and committing heinous crimes comes from *you*.

And look, baseless accusations, a prim and proper "How dare anyone question anything the Roloffs do", some whining on how put upon Matt and Amy are for throwing out info that NO ONE was asking for, and of course the obligatory snip snotty "anyone who disagrees must not have any friends because good decent folk like me NEVER EVER JUDGE".

Amanda - If judging is hating, your post makes you a HATER :)

But then I suppose we should all remember that if you judge the Roloffs, you're scumbags who hate. If the Roloffs judge you, then BLESS THEM!

If you don't always praise the Roloffs, you are a HATER! Bless AMy and Matt, three boys failing in school and the problem can't possibly be bad parenting choices, bless Matt and Amy, NO! :)

Who wants to bet that Jake has friends over right now? :)

Martha said...

BeckyM, I am an Educator in Lane County Oregon. I have seen many different parenting styles in my tenure and am continually surprised at how some children who come from upstanding very involved parents become troubled teenagers and depleted adults and other times children who are parented by unconventional, inexperienced or inattentive parents become flourishing teenagers and productive adults. It is difficult even for a seasoned professional who works day in and day out with children from all walks of life to asses the future outcome of their lives. I am sure you think that since you’ve viewed snippets of the Roloff’s life on television you have all the information you need to profess your judgements about Jacob Roloff’s welfare, but I believe your intention is far more self serving and potentially sinister. It occurs to me that you are either wanting or needing to eventually claim “I told you so” to the world while gleefully taking pride in the knowledge of the downfall of Jacob Roloff. I am distressed at the thought that your desire is actually to be herald as the one who predicted the failure, the overdose, the arrest or God forbid the death of this young man. In the future, if in fact, you are able to wear this moniker, let this knowledge permeate your heart. It takes a village, near and far, and even though you and the other people on this blog do not interact with Jacob Roloff personally, your intention affects the outcome. So project your intention wisely because you too will be responsible.

Rap541 said...

Carol, thanks.

For the record, I am not even suggesting those three things as punishment - the punishment is all the fancy crap in his room being taken away. Those three suggestions you outlined are just how reasonable people parent.

10:30 on a school night when school starts at 8am? Not unreasonable. There's a reason Jeremy and Zach always have a hard time getting up - they're allowed to goof around until 3am.

Jake is not Jeremy and Zach's triplet, he is not Jacob Mueller's age peer. They are adults, he is not. For parents who say they are concerned that Jake is "trying to skip a step" and is acting like he's 19-20 - well, look at who he is constantly hanging around.

Jeremy and Zach are old enough to go somewhere else for their all night fun. Nothing I have said is unreasonable or unfair or too much to expect.

Brandon said...

Martha, as Rap pointed out, it was Amanda was ranting against the people here that brought up the notion of Jacob having a mental breakdown or committing heinous crimes.

No one else said that. Why aren't you ranting about Amanda.

People are being totally reasonable. Matt and Amy are saying Jacob is being kicked out of school because he "lost interest" in school and his grades are that poor.

Most of the comments in this discussion are about the parenting skills and methods that Matt and Amy use that obviously are ineffective.

Martha, as with most people that supposedly defend the Roloffs, you don't actually offer your opinion on the subject. You do have an opinion of your own, right?

Instead you just dish out the personal insults to people making reasonable criticisms of Matt and Amy's parenting of Jacob that allowed this to happen.

Brandon said...

By the way, I wish Roloff defenders would make up their mind about discussion of them.

Which is it? What we say doesn't matter because the Roloffs don't care and laugh all the way to the bank at what they do hear...


Watch what you say, because we are personally responsible and contribute to Matt and Amy's lack of effective parenting methods that enable Jacob to fail school?

Personally, I think stuff like Matt mocking Jacob on national television by saying he acts like a "a little sissy man" is the kind of stuff that is more likely to cause damage for Jacob than what "fans" say (most of what fans are saying are criticisms of Matt and Amy for allowing Jacob to hang out with college kids, etc).

Rap541 said...

I'd like to point out that the second person to suggest Jake will be arrested is Martha, a Lane County educator. We also now have overdose and death on the table. Thanks Martha :)

Your positivity is duly noted, and we all appreciate you bringing up arrests, overdoses and death in regards to Jake Roloff.

Now that you're done complaining about the opinions of others and making factless accusations about what was said... Here's two questions.

1. What IS your opinion of Matt and Amy's parenting?

2. Do you really think you're helping when you mention death, overdose and criminal arrest in regards to this topic? Really?

Brandon said...

Rap, I noted that too. It's *funny* how the people who are the most angry at Spiritswander and those of us that comment here, are always the ones who actually the suggest the worst things about Jacob.

As I remember, it was someone angry at people for talking about the Roloffs that raised the idea that Jacob is suffering from lingering frontal lobe brain damage from the accident.

Just like Martha. Insulting people for expressing their opinion of the parents, but it's Martha that talks about Jacob being arrested, overdose or death!

Rap541 said...

Brandon, I have to admit, I am tired of the "The Roloffs don't care! They *laugh* at you! You and your opinions are nothing but a source of amusement for them!" that gets thrown out because really, "they couldn't care less what anyone thinks" isn't the compliment people seem to think it is....

But when it's coupled with "You need to watch what you say - all this stress over internet posting is making poor Matt's heart troubles worse and now its causing the whole family such stress, its YOUR FAULT if something terrible happens!" then I get quite annoyed.

If you can't take the heat, get out of the kitchen. If Matt and Amy have a genuine concern that Jake might be damaged by the backlash from fans... Then Matt and Amy need to stop discussing Jake's problems in school all over the internet.

Instead Matt has a big old q&a up on his website, he's directing his facebook fans to read it, AND there's a copy of the Q&A up on the roloffsworld blog.

Gosh, I guess Matt's need for attention trumps all the damage screaming Jake's failure, huh? Yet, if something does happen, bless us it is not Matt and Amy's fault, its the hater fans who forced Matt and Amy both to air their child's personal business all over the net.

Give it a rest. If they want to be private citizens, all they have to do is shut down the fan facebooks and *shut their mouths* about their family's business.

David said...

I think it is valid that if Matt and Amy didn't inform people of it that they would have been accused of covering it up.

The problem is as usual, the Roloffs and their contingent don't want anyone having an opinion about it unless it's positive about Matt or Amy.

Martha, if you feel Jacob is troubled and I don't know if you do because you attack posters instead of state your opinion about the Roloffs, what do you think the problem is? What do you think of Matt and Amy's parenting? Do you think they should change anything or are you convinced that the status quo is working?
Continuing letting Jacob be a "DBU" in training? Continuing putting expensive accessories into his room. Continuing to allow Jeremy to invite half of Hillsboro to party at the Roloffs until 3am because that's a good environment for Jacob and isn't distracting?

Kathy said...

Rap, You are confusing what Matt and Amy say with what other people say. Everyone's comments, including yours are personal opinions. No one really knows what actually has gone on.

Rap541 said...

Kathy - so then until Matt and Amy expressly state that Matt's heart troubles are exacerbated by criticism from fans, I trust you feel his fans should stop using that as a reason to silence negative opinions? Yes or no?

David said...

Kathy, unless the Roloffs are lying, we know that Jacob has had problems in school all year long.

We know that he has been or is being booted out of the private school. We know that Matt and Amy are miffed at the school.

Based on that, people have a right to comment on that parenting that allowed it to happen.

Rap541 said...

David - good point.

Are we not to discuss what Matt has said? His latest little missive on his facebook is a sweet lil slam on how he *never liked that school*.

Here's a direct quote from Matt's facebook.

"I never liked that school."

Yeah Matt for keeping it classy! Matt doesn't like what's gone down so after four kids, two of whom graduated from that school he *never liked*, its time to TRASH!

Because that's POSITIVE! Thanks Matt for proving you're a HATER! Piss Matt off and look who starts the TRASH TALK! Mr. Matt "I NEVER LIKED THAT SCHOOL" Roloff :)

Matt is a HATER! Matt is trashing his kids's school because he didn't get his way! HOW POSITIVE MATT IS!

Come on, folks, shall we all praise Matt for his positivity? At the first sign of trouble, all of a sudden the school he's paid for FOR YEARS is something he NEVER LIKED!

Funny that :)

Martha said...

David, I believe Jacob is going through a challenge at the moment that his parents will successfully guide him through. I think that Matt and Amy are the best judge of what is right for their child and that they will do what they think is best for him in life and with this current situation. I think that wishing someone ill will so you can later claim credit for predicting a disastrous outcome is perverse and irresponsible to humanity. I am not Jacob Roloff’s Teacher, nor do I know him personally, but I wish the best for him and his parents and those are the thoughts and energy I wish to send his way.

SK said...

Faith is not a school I would recommend. Staff problems and a messed up administration is just the tip of the iceberg. We were seriously not impressed with the quality of education. Our public school in LA was superior which is not saying a lot. I would never send my kids there again even though their letters said it has gotten better, there is just no way all of those issues could have been resolved. If I were the Roloff’s I would pull Molly out too.

Brandon said...

Wow. Rap, I agree about Matt trashing the school. Don't do something Matt wants and he comes out guns a blazin.

It reminds me off Matt threatening the officer that arrested him. I wonder if Matt threatened the school that he would trash them when they reached their decision about Jacob?

Molly is still at the school? Poor Molly. I feel for her. I'd assume she is at least going to finish the year there. How awkward with your parents at war with the school.

Rap541 said...

Martha - who has wished Jake ill?

Rap541 said...

SK - So you're *advocating* that Molly be pulled out of school for her senior year? Even though she's made straight A's and had no problems, since Matt *NEVER LIKED THAT SCHOOL* Molly should spend her senior year with strangers to please her father?

I mean, if its such an AWFUL school, it seems like Matt and Amy owe all their children an apology for sending them there AND the public as well as faith bible has always been given the good edit by TLC and the Roloffs....

I guess Matt better *fight* since, you know, Matt is a *fighter* and get the lawyers out! :)

StI said...

Rap your 8:20pm response to Kathy’s comment made no sense at all. Your 8:00pm rant was so typical. You have concocted, distorted and misconstrued fan and Roloff statements into a twisted load of fiction. Please enlighten us as to why you continue to lie and why you attack people who bring this to your attention? Or is it that you have an incredible problem with reading comprehension?

Right Under Your Nose said...

BeckyM, "Still waiting on the name of the software company or product that Matt was so successful with.... still hearing crickets...."

Did you expect Matt to send you a personal link to his website?

Brandon said...

Stl, I think it's your reading comprehension that needs work.

Did you read the post by Martha at 5:08?

Martha is saying that people should consider what they post on here can take a toll on the Roloffs mental or physical health. That's what Rap's post at 8:20 is about.

Rap541 said...

Stl - My response to Kathy makes perfect sense. Let me explain. Matt and Amy's fans whine about how poor Matt is so stressed from the complaining and such.... But if Matt and Amy aren't protesting *themselves* then their fans whining in their name should shut their mouths, right? Since they *aren't* speaking for Matt and Amy?

And Matt is the one who has called out Faith Bible, his sons alma mater, as that school he "never liked", not me. If he doesn't like the school, why were he and Amy sending their kids there for *years*? I believe Matt forced Jeremy and Zach to attend that school he *never liked* since they were five. If Matt *never liked* that school, it sure seems ODD that he sent three of his four children there from k-12 and the fourth child from k-8.

I mean, is Matt slow? He *never liked* Faith Bible but only found his manhood and put his foot down now? :)

Right Under Your Nose - if its not a secret and Matt was successful, I really don't see why Matt *wouldn't* post a link so he could crow about proving a hater wrong.

Maybe he's been too busy *hating* Faith Bible for not doing as he wants?

Jocelynn said...

Sandie, I think I have to side with Matt on this one. I do think he should show more tact and is speaking out of bitterness, but he might be right about Jacob being "a free spirit".

I don't think the strict private school environment brings out the best in every kid. Perhaps he will do better at another school.

I don't think they are really embarrassing him by talking about it. It's a significant change in his life. I think it would be hard with the fan base they have to not mentioned it. I like that they were up front about it.

I do feel bad for Molly. It will be awkward for her to finish off the year and probably senior year at the school with her parents displeasure with the school known. They always talk about the "Faith Family". I can't imagine the high school takes kindly to the jr high school and teachers being blamed and it's probably the same board.

Jocelynn said...

I'm curious if Jacob goes to a public school or a private school?

I don't think the private school helped Jeremy, Zach and the group of friends that were on the show become nicer people. Private school children have the bad reputation they have for a reason.

Right Under Your Nose said...

Post a link? why? It's been apart of his bio forever. Why do you need your hand held?

Rap541 said...

Right Under Your Nose - then where's the link? What Bio are you talking about?

What company?

Why the mystery?

After all - ONE LINK and Matt proves his point.

Btw I am highly amused that Matt has removed the posts on his facebook that criticize his parenting. I know, I know, his facebook isn't a democracy, but since Peter Lane and Chris Garza and Alexia Brake all posted their *real names*, I thought Matt would be man enough to respond. You know, to people proudly stating their real names when they critizied him.

Apparently I was wrong. For the record, I am not shocked Matt won't respond to people using their real names.

Peter Lane said...

Rap, that's right, I got banned.

I thought I was respectful in disagreeing. I didn't say anything Matt hasn't said himself.

People ask what happened. The school kicked Jacob out for bad grades. Matt and Amy wanted the school to let him stay. They stuck by their decision. Now Matt is mad and is getting his revenge by bashing the school on Facebook.

I think Matt's Facebook fans must be on crack! Hero worship of people on tv is a scary scary thing.

What happened here? A kid has such bad grades that the school kicks him out a month and a half before 8 grade grad.

If this happened to a friend, your neighbor, your family member, would you be offering congratulations and saying "That's great news! I'm really for you all! Thata boy Jacob!"

But when it's a celebrity that's what some people are doing. It's nuts.

Rap541 said...

I know all the 'good job matt' crap astounds me - their kid failed out of a *private* school.... I mean really, everyone praising Matt and Amy for this... would you *want* to be in the position of your child being kicked out of school?

Would you smile in pride over it? Amy and Matt have been very clear - jake was not meeting minimum grade standards - would you smile in pride on how your kid was such a free spirit he failed?

I guess the Matt fans better be praying "I hope MY son fails tenth grade and I pray MY son gets kicked out of eighth grade. Matt and Amy Roloff have shown us that ONLY GOOD KIDS FAIL AND I WANT MY SON TO EMULATE THE ROLOFF CHILDREN AND FAIL AT SCHOOL!"

Right Matt and Amy? Your three failures equal great parenting? :)

And Jeremy and Zach are or AREN'T getting their two year associates degrees after their two years of full course loads at their two year associate degree community college?

I know as a parent, what I want and pray for is for my kids to fail and be behind :)

Right? Thats "praiseworthy, we should all want the same results" parenting?

Anonymous said...

The Gosselin children's school is NOT a Christian school. It is actually a very academically driven school.

Does Faith even offer AP classes? Molly may be pulling straight A's, but put her in a challenging AP program, and she may just be an average student.

I agree, there is nothing "low class" about a school following thru with their rules and guidelines! What is "low class" is the mentality that some parent's have today to take the easy way out with their kids.

Matt and Amy aren't the worst parent's but they are far from being great parent's either.

And as far as Jacob's life still being put on the internet by his own father, yea, I think Jacob will take issue with his privacy, if not now, then in the future.

Matt doesn't know when to put a cork in it.

Rap541 said...

And look what the Gosselins and Roloffs have in common - reality shows, and kids being kicked out of private school.

But Amy and Matt are JUST AWESOME (because bless them, we all know that the best parents are the ones with kids failing and Matt and Amy now have three extraordinary school failures and every time a Roloff child fails, Matt and Amy need to hear how extraordinary they are as parents) but that Kate Gosselin is clearly doing something wrong!