Thursday, April 7, 2011

Matt Roloff Facebook Fan Page Updates -- April and Beyond

May 23
Picked Jacob up at school today, he's blowing us away with his success (more on that later). Then we went motorhome rental shopping. Considering doing another road trip this summer... Then we went out to dinner together, Where I read all the short stories he's been writing in class. This kids got talent.. And brains. Must take after Amy.

May 22
QUOTES: Finally published favorite quotes from you all. Too many great ones to list... I tried to narrow it down to 10... ...then 20.. but just couldn't do it. It's as narrow as it's going to get. So many I loved but just couldn't keep them all. Sorry if I got names wrong.. I apologize in advance for any errors and omissions. how fun! I asked Dallah to post them on Enjoy!

May 22
plan for tomorrow. mike uses 240 on pad 4A. Camerino in 295 on pad 3, Jer on pad 4B with 215. Jeff on the D6 from pad to pad clearing material back. Brian maintain the road. Ron logging.. Allen said expect a big blast. Ill be onsite early am meeting with the engineers. Rock trucks will cap road with 6" of clean 2" minus throughout the day. Will require some dozer support from cam, or Jer while mike hogs dual pad 4a

May 22
Posted a video today on my YouTube channel. Themattroloff. It's a quick snapshot of how I spent at least part of my day. Let me know if you cant find it.

May 21
Left Vegas at 9:00 this am (spent slightly more than 13 hours there) landed in Portland at noon.. Quick change into my work jeans and was on the job site moving dirt by 1:00. That makes for a long ... Last 24 hours.

May 21
Dave, the super hero from The Cape . What a great guy.. And... After almost 50 years I'm finally getting the hang of how to party and have a great time ... And still get up in the morning feeling fabulous.. and catch an early flight. Love Vegas .... But get me out if here before I try that again. Thank marty for a unforgettable experience!!

May 21
Wow! Marty knows how to have a party. 50+ guys flew in from all over the country. Many from his grade school days... A true testament to marty's dynamic personality. How fun was that? Now need sleep before early flight home. Ew

May 21
Up... Up... And Away! I'm off to Vegas to keep marty out of trouble. Not. Next time I go Vegas I'm bringing jeremy and zach to teach me how to party. Errr... maybe not.

May 19
Work hard ... Play harder. When I was screaming in pain as a young boy and crying when I couldnt play baseball with the other kids because I was in a body cast... I never in my wildest dreams believed my life would be so blessed. Despite the hardship.. I never lost faith or hope. I always stayed positive. That spirit is paying off on spades. I know it will for you too!

May 18
Btw. .. I'm still compiling my quote list from you all.. One of my own favorites.. "The fight's out There!". Brian Dennehy, The sherriff in Rambo First Blood. I love that movie.

May 18
Need to schedule a new family meeting... To sort out the last family meeting..

May 17
Just had a family meeting to try and plan out our Summer.... Talk about complicated!

May 15
When I get into sumptin'. I get in all da way... ....And then I get into sumptin else. That's just the way I am!

May 15
Did I mention I'll be turning into an ole' goat soon?

May 15
Molly's was doing some Spring cleaning of our on-line store and asked me to post a 'plug' to make some room for the new designs they want to order this Summer. If you want any of the old legacy Roloff Farm Collectables before they're gone... ..Click here.

May 15
To all of you that think I'm a mischievous character... I don't hold a candle to these new friends of mine... I call these goats.. Fred and Ethel.

May 15
want to talk a minute on this relaxing, raining Sunday afternoon... to THANK-YOU all... for being my friends and readin' my FB posts. A big Welcome to all the new people that have recently joined us.. and Continued Warmest Regards to all those that have been part of this FB family for awhile. All the Best, to you all!

May 15
I just re-read all the 580+ quotes from my post on Thursday night. So many great ones. I've copied 28 of them to my note pad. I'm trying to narrow it down to my top ten but it's impossible to choose. I'll post my choices soon as I figure this out.

May 14
So many great quotes. I'm speechless ! Now what do I do? Too many to choose from. Arg

May 12
I need a new favorite quote.. Any suggestions?

May 12
How happy can one little man be?? Too many blessing to even count... My boys celebrated their 21st birthday out having dinner with their Cool is that!!!

May 11
.. Back on the job. ... And king of the dirt.

May 11
I some of u won't get the humor. But for those that do... Here is my really BIG photo! It the Sky in Montana ! :))

May 10
Tomorrows photo will be the biggest of the big.. Any guesses?

May 9
This photo was taken earlier this evening showing Jeremy on top of the water truck we use to wash the road into our dirt project. He recycles rain water from holes we dig and pumps it into the truck and then uses it to rinse clean the road ways.

May 9
I'm so excited about attending the Special Olympics in Montana tomorrow! :))))) Just thinking about this trip has me pumped!! Jeremy and Zach gonna celebrate their 21st Bday.. with Amy tomorrow.. Sad I'll miss that but for a great cause. These boys are both Amazing young men! Anyone who knows them will agree.

May 9
The entire gang celebrating Amy on mothers day

May 8
H A P P Y M O T H E R S D A Y. To all the moms in the whole wide world.

May 8
I just downloaded some movies to watch tonight.... I'm going to try to stay awake till midnight so I can be the first one to wish all the Mom's out there Happy Mothers Day.. (I know.... I'm talking West Coast Time.. but still..) The idea that counts! Right? I wonder if i'll make it?? I feeling sleepy already.. errr

May 8
My Brother Sam and I had a Lunch today with my mom. Happy Mothers Day mom!!

May 7
One of the many blessings... Amy and I receive .. is the honor to volunteer our time at events like this.. Here I come MONTANA! Hope to see everyone out supporting this incredible organization and these amazing Athletes! I'm sooo excited about this one. :)

May 7
This was taken 20 min ago.. Jeremy working the dirt project like a mad man. Even Jacob been working weekends logging trucks whole papa been out of town. This project has been a big time family affair. For those that still don't know what were doing... look for an update on soon

May 6
Everybody wondering why I wish it was monday.. Look at the 97124 weather forecast
It's much harder to move dirt in the rain.. Not to mention getting all the chores done around the farm.. Oh well it rained hard this afternoon but is supposed to get nice again on Monday. At least it was wonderful sunny all this past week

May 6
Now It's Friday...and I wish it was Monday... What the heck???

May 5
For those that think I work and never relax... This was taken a few weeks ago in Maui. I definitely know how to get my play time... And family time.. And reading time .. And news time.. And spiritual time .. And of course .. My facebook time. :)))

May 5
Back to back to back to back meetings all day long... Dirt..surveyors .. Pumpkins..speaking.. Editors.. Carpenters ..marketers ...and on it went

May 4
Yesterday my core pumpkin team held our first brainstorming meeting of the season.. Lots of ideas were thrown on the table.. Within hours of making a master list of new ideas I was building the Goat Walk. Anybody have ideas to at add to our long list? Somebody suggested a stairway to heaven.

May 4
Ok..ok.. I can't hold my excitement any longer... IT'S A ' GOAT WALK'. :)))
Go to google images and look them up.. Sooo cool.

May 4
Building a new surprise on the farm.

May 4
Wow.. just noticed hit 42k friends... Maybe a fun goal would be 50k by my 50th Bday Oct 7th. There's going to be a fun party at the Pumpkin Patch on Sat Oct 8th. and you're all invited to celebrate with me. You better pass if you don't want to be seen on TV parting with Matt Roloff. Make your plans. :))

May 4
We originally expected this dirt project to last 4-6 weeks but our site has become extremely popular so the beat goes on .. Indefinitely :)). This is a good thing.. I guess

May 4
Is it the weekend yet? ... Nuff said.

May 3
Kudos to all the brave men and women serving our great country! They got the bad guy.

May 2
Zach and I were out having lunch yesterday.. And he told me a cute story: in one of his soccer classes for 4-5 year old's. One of the little girls suddenly asked out of the blue (after 6 weeks of class) "coach Zach, are you a real man".. Zach answered... "yea.. I'm coach Zach".

April 29
Jacob test results went very well. Knew he was very smart just got lazy. Amy and I were thrilled to see his standardized scores. As Amy noted he has two areas to focus on so he starts Monday at a academic "training camp". Writing was his low point. He takes after his dad in that. I made him create and write a full blown story today as practice before he left for the church retreat. Prediction: he'll do great in HS.

April 29
Laying in bed on my iPad reading about the horrific tornados this week. Prayers to all those effected.

April 29
On one of my farm tours today... A couple made an interesting observation that I thought some of you might appreciate as well. They found it intriguing the difference in perspective they had seeing our farm in real life vs. Through the lens of TV cameras. I reflected on how that might apply beyond mere physical aspects and layout of our farm/family. Perspective, via a narrowly focused lens can be deceiving indeed

April 29
I had lunch with Kaine... the heart-sick father of a young boy that's been missing for almost a year. We want to keep getting the word out for any leads/info --Bring Kyron Home---

April 28
Amy's in Utah, Zach's at a Soccer game, Molly and Jer went to a Church event.. soooo Jacob and I had dinner together.. and now we're holding down the fort.

April 28
I took this photo from inside the bucket of the excavator. Camerino lifted me up. BTW- The dirt project was supposed to be winding down but not happening. Still going very strong.

April 27
Love that show modern family.

April 27
Almost time to get the buggy out for the Summer YAY!!!

April 26
My buddy marty Klebba bachelor party coming up in Vegas ... Oh boy .. This going be trouble

April 25
Just picked Jacob up from 4 hours of independent academic testing. It's been at least 2 years since I've seen him this happy !! Apparently he can go straight to high school in the fall.. But Amy and I going to homeschool the kid to his maximum potential... Molly Jo here comes Jacob at your heals :).

April 25
Amy and I just worked out a tentative filmIng schedule for the lpbw episodes we'll be filming this year.

April 25
OK... good job everyone! MBBPB = Matt's Big Birthday Pumpkin Bash. My 50th... And You are all invited 10/8/2011 to attend! If you are unable to make the journey... I'm hoping to do a live video stream that day. I would love to celebrate my Birthday with you if you can make it. Hope to see you this Pumpkin season..... More details on

April 25
I've been researching Educational ideas.. Someone sent me this. I've ALWAYS believed creativity rules in the end. What do others think?

April 25
Matt Roloff: Going to make a big announcements this week... And it's probably not anything you expect. Stay tuned.

April 24
Very nice Easter Sunday service with the family. We were all there together except Jeremy who is now an Usher at Solid Rock Church.. That's a little far for the rest of us to attend but he loves it ...and volunteers there quite often. This truly was a week of miracles is so many ways. God is good!

April 23
Dirt came in so heavy again today. We just keep on finding places to put it... You ever feel like a huge dark cloud has gone away. Jacob seems like a completely new person... So alive and better! I never liked that school. Now Jacob can be the free spirit he is. :))). Amy and I totally on the same page finally about this school thing!! :)). Jacobs soo excited about joining the engineering club at his new school.

Candy: Sometimes it's not the school but a screwball teacher... Glad you were proactive and intervened on his behalf. Our children need us to do this sometimes. We did this for our son when he was 12. Witnessed his teacher belittling him in front of his peers and watching his self esteem go south. The teacher warned us hes going to be trouble down the road. Hes been out of her class for 4 years now and the last three years he has made on honor roll,excelled in music/ youth symphony, & has been achieving great things in swimming & boy scouts. Love ♥ to hear parents doing what's right for their kids & grateful that we have choices. Kudos to you all!

Matt Roloff: Candy. Thanks for your post. I think that might be exactly the issue we were having. It all seems to be changing now faster that a blink. Something was definitely broken where he was.

April 20
Cutting travel trip short. Postponing leg through southwest. Too many important things waiting for me back home. Be home by midnight tonight.

April 19
Bumped into George Lucas this morning. Reminisced about meeting him and having lunch 29 years ago while working as an Ewok. He remembered our conversation about ways to cool those very hot Ewok suits. He's as nice and friendly now as he was 30 years ago. :)

April 18
Touchdown Maui. Highlight so far... Visiting with one of the Founders of Google, meeting his family and talking about his latest venture. Couple more meetings tomorrow up north then some vitamin D intake.. Then Back to the mainland. Nice thing about all my accumulated miles from last year. Swinging thru Maui for a couple business meetings is easy breezy.. I think this is my 6th trip here since last spring. Trying to compare Investments in AZ vs Maui. AZ next

April 17
Im in my home town of san francisco .. It's foggy here... Surprise surprise.

April 16
Sometimes People accuse me (as if it's a bad thing) of being a Glass Half Full type person. I'll take that! ...It's sooo fun to feel like your life is always burning perfectly on all cylinders. I love my family first and foremost! I hope everyone can focus on the lights in their life. :))

April 16
Been trying to connect on the phone with my moderator over at for a week now to do a long awaited Q&A session.. but our timing just hasn't worked out yet. I'm going to try and catch her while i'm traveling this week. I'm getting away for some business meetings (lawyers, agents, bus mngrs and Dirt deals) and a ltl RnR in Maui. Q&A out soon.. I promise.

April 15
Another... long, and productive week bites the dust. Next week back on the road

April 14
Fascinating interview with Diane lane tonight on jay Leno. Do people really look for the bad in others to make themselves feel better?? I would agree that sometimes...that's true.. But not everyone dwells on negativity. .. Only a very small insignificant minority in my opinion.

April 13
Any cool Suggestions for a family Summer Vacation?? ...need TLC friendly ideas to kick things off

April 11
Just when I thought this dirt thing was going to winddown.. 3 new accounts come rolling in. I guess I'm in the dirt broker business for awhile yet

April 9
Finally...dirt from intel project here in Hillsboro starting to wind down... Now asking about Chandler az fab construction. Always wanted to have a pumpkin patch near my buddy at Amex in AZ. I Know. ..our life is confusing. :)

April 7
So much to think about. Stay here in OR or move to AZ To work on next monster intel deal? Both being filmed for pumpkin patch documentary
Could I truly franchise Roloff pumpkin patches all over the west coasts?? Seems ambitions. Even for me.

April 5
I'm so proud of All my kids. I just had dinner with a friend of mine and made me realize how blessed Amy and I are with all our amazing children. Very very proud of the way they handle themselves.

April 4
Question of the day: "Should people that don't know what they're talking about ...keep their mouths quiet... Or should they speak up and make fools of themselves?" I love that twisted question. :))

April 3
At least one more week of heavy dirt hauling.. then it should (hopefully) slow down to a nicer steady pace through May. I'm ready for it to wind down so I can spend time on my other projects. I had to slip my trip to LA back a week. Oh well... too many balls in the air can be exhausting.. lol .. I wouldn't have it any other way.

April 3
Wow! Thank You ALL for so many kind and supportive comments. You're all the BEST! I'd be kidding myself not to think your encouragement will not have some influence on our decisions. xoxo

April 2 Amy and I had a nice dinner together tonight. We're still discussing if we want to do future LPBW shows or not.... errr... not an easy decision. We're lovin' getting back to normal. TLC's asking.. but not pressuring.. I love those guys for being so cool to us all these years.


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It was suggested that we open this up because some fans aren't active on Facebook, but still want to express themselves on some of Matt's updates and information, and some people just don't feel comfortable saying what they really want to say or what they think about a particular Matt Roloff posting because his Facebook page is strictly a fan page and some people don't feel comfortable expanding on their thoughts beyond "That's wonderful Matt, you're the greatest Matt" which is the response to most everything Matt posts on Facebook. You can find the log of Matt's previous comments before April 2011 and subsequent discussion about them located here:


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Susan Coles said...

I wouldn't expect Matt or any parent to say anything other than "My kids are great", but if he honestly thinks he has something to brag about than he is kidding himself.

Don't get me wrong, they aren't the worst kids in the world. Even Jeremy isn't the bottom of the barrel.

However if you look at them for what they are, excluding Molly as everyone is saying, they are not amazing kids.

I give Jacob a pass because of his age, but Jeremy and Zach aren't anything to be bragging about.

Spoiled. Selfish. Lack of empathy for others. Mean spirited rude insulting behavior. The sense of entitlement. The lies and hypocritical behavior. The animal cruelty. The offensive language. Not displaying character and ever apologizing. The poor choice of friends and best friend. I still would like to see (not for Molly's sake) to see how Matt and Amy would react if she wrote some public figure she liked and they told Molly"You b*tch", "loser" and told her to do horrible things. But because it was Jeremy, his friends and Mueller the Roloffs don't care because the victims of their mean spiritedness was just "fans" and not a "celebrity".

Take away the name Roloff and no one in their right mind would call that young person "amazing".

Greyson said...

As far as I'm concerned the Roloff kids are bullies, especially Jeremy and Zach when he is around Jeremy and his friends.

Bullies don't bully purely by the physical.

Aidan said...

I'm doubtful that TLC is really asking for more LPBW shows. Wasn't it TLC that canceled them because of poor ratings and an overall lack of anything interesting happening in their lives. I loved the show and looked forward to new episodes each week, but I found it boring and staged towards the end.

Brandon said...

Aidan, I think you nailed it. I have the feeling that Matt and all the Roloffs laugh at their adoring fans. Matt can say "the sky will be green on Friday". A set of Matt's fans will say "Thanks Matt!" They will be waiting on pins and needles for the green sky on Friday. Meanwhile, Matt and Jeremy, et al pat themselves on the back for being able to make their own fans dance when they pull a string. That's so Christ like!

Matt's never told people that ratings went down for LPBW. Matt doesn't know what it would be like to be honest. I wouldn't have known the ratings were down if it wasn't for Spirits site.

Matt goes on and on about how TLC is in love with the Roloffs. How happy could a network be when ratings are falling?

I think TLC has it in their contract that they can do a reunion episode in the next 2 years. They could have said they are thinking about doing that sometime. Maybe. Then Matt "Matt-i-fies it into making it sound like TLC is begging the Roloffs to revive the whole series.

Shauna said...

Aidan, I felt the same way about the show. I used to love the show, but the last couple of seasons were boring and didn't seem real.

I would be lying if I said hearing what the Roloffs are really like in real life didn't have any affect on how I felt about the Roloffs. Matt laughing at fans for believing things said on the show. All the nasty behavior from Jeremy and his friends in real life. It made it hard to enjoy the show like I used to.

It's like, why even watch the show if it's an act anyway?

Greg said...

Gah. Is it impossible for Matt to be straight forward? Monster intel deal. He's a dump site.

I doubt they are considering leaving the farm as much as they were considering selling for the contrived finale plot.

That's his plan? Follow Intel around where ever they build plants, buy land and use it as a dump?

Kathy said...

The Roloffs leave Oregon??? Never!

David said...

I hope Matt seriously doesn't consider this stuff he posts.

Franchise Roloff pumpkin patches across the west coast?

Uh, Matt? Pumpkin patches are not unique. The only reason why yours was successful was because of the television fame. People wanted to possibly be on tv themselves, get their picture taken with someone on tv and see the places they watch on tv.

Franchising "Roloff pumpkin patches" all across the west coast would be missing all of those elements.

Judy B said...

I think Matt is only playing. I can't see Amy wanting to move to Arizona.

Janet said...

@David - Well said. Hopefully for Matt's sake, he takes your advice. I know Matt likes to take risks, but c'mon.

Dana said...

David, if Matt listened to naysayers such as yourself he would never have been as successful as he has been. I am sure he will consider everything and make the best decision.

Rap541 said...

I'm sure he's just talking for attention's sake.

I wonder if, there's a documentary being filmed on the dirt project, and now a documentary on his pumpkin patch, why Amy and he keep making the point that its nice to not have the cameras around?

Glen said...

Sounds like someone put a bug in Matt's ear. I don't think they'll move away from Oregon but maybe have an Arizona vacation home. Now's the time to buy.

Jocelynn said...

I totally agree with David. Either Rap is right and Matt is seeking attention ('sell the farm' is one of the things that got a reaction out of people) or Matt has lost his marbles.

Their celebrity status is what makes Roloff Farms attractive to families during the pumpkin season. I've seen the personal blogs and tweets from people at pumpkin season. It's "Hey, we're going to the Little People farm from LPBW!"

There are things about the Roloffs that I dislike and disagree with, but that was the really good thing about the show. I'm sure 6 years ago people would have said "we're going to the "midget" farm". Now 95% of posts like that are "the LP farm".

Getting back to the point. Crowds come because it's the farm and family from the show. That's the only thing that salvages it for a lot of people that go, although I would figure without the show, crowds will begin to dwindle and that will ease one of the criticisms (long line ups). Usually customers that enjoyed themselves liked getting pictures with the family more than the actual pumpkin patch. Since people aren't even allowed to go into or onto the Roloff structures anymore there is not a lot for people to do. Although from what I've read families with young children like the petting zoo.

But as for the actual pumpkin patch, if I lived in Oregon, I think I would go to Bauman Farms before Roloff Farms. I have a lot of fun filled activities, their customers sound very pleased and they have lots of treats and goodies and I would love to try and I live on the East Coast! LOL!

I just don't see how the concept of Roloff Farms would work if "franchised" or even how the allure of the real Roloff Farms will work when the allure of the TV show begins to fade. They might not see a rapid decline this year but it will happen as time goes on.

Jocelynn said...

I forgot to add, the other thing that is going to work against them is the kids getting older.

Unless Jeremy backs out (and like a lot of people I am not sure he will actually leave Mueller in another state), if he is at college in Santa Barbara, that is one of the attractions from the Roloff Farms gone. I'm not a fan of who I think the "real" Jeremy is in life, but I can't deny that he helps with the teenage girl market and probably the gay guy market, I'm sure much to the horror of Jeremy and the Roloffs unless they've alienated everybody with their extreme beliefs on sexuality.

Getting back to the point, unless Jeremy backs out of college, he should be in California next October and unavailable. After this year, Molly will be gone in all likelihood. That only leaves Matt, Amy, Zach and Jacob as the draws and they will have been off television for a couple of years.

Geez, now that I say all that, even Roloff Farms could be in trouble, forget about recreating it along the west coast!

Dana said...

Jocelynn, EXCUSE ME? You made some alright points, but what does this mean???

"I'm not a fan of who I think the "real" Jeremy is in life, but I can't deny that he helps with the teenage girl market and probably the gay guy market, I'm sure much to the horror of Jeremy and the Roloffs unless they've alienated everybody with their extreme beliefs on sexuality."

People just can't stay classy? Where are the morals?

Jocelynn said...

It means what it says, Dana.

Relax, if you think I'm implying that I think Jeremy is gay, you're mistaken, unless you are objecting to the idea that gay people do exist.

Any or most positive comments that I've seen about Jeremy are always based solely on his looks only (there isn't much else I don't think). Most of those people that "like" Jeremy are either teenage girls or yes, gay guys. You've never seen You Tube comments or fan page comments?

Although like I said, Jeremy's extreme religious beliefs that I consider bigoted has probably alienated the gay following. I would think it would be difficult to be a fan of someone if you know they don't think there is a place for you in the world. I can't imagine that Mel Gibson has a lot of diverse fans either.

Justin said...

Dana, are you the Dana from the Tea Party that was just on CNN with Eliot Spitzer spewing nonsense about the government shutdown and abortion? She's ignorant, arrogant, rude and named Dana. Reminded me a lot of you.

BeckyM said...

@ Jocelynn
Actually I think it would be hilarious if Jeremy turned out to be gay 10 years down the road. I could definitely see the Mills of the Gods grinding exceedingly fine in that comeuppance. ROFLMAO!!!

RadioTV said...

One of the most wasted things in the world in my opinion?

People that spend their time sucking up to celebrities that ignore them.

Connie said...

It figures that Matt would say he's proud of the way his kids handle themselves. They are legit selfish snobs. They're real friends? Most are nasty and just as snobbish as the Roloffs.

Justin said...

What is the real story with all of Matt's Arizona talk lately? I don't believe him.

Rap541 said...

Justin, he might prefer the politics in AZ? And frankly there's definetely some great land deals. I just don't see any great "dirt" opportunities for him.... I live in AZ and there's still *some* construction going one but there's also like a zillion unemployed construction workers and contractors who would dearly love to snap up any work available.

Mind you, it sounds like just talk. Wasn't he talking about going to Australia at one point?

AK said...

Matt is the Tiger Woods of reality television.

Brandon said...

Gotta love that Amy doesn't seem as comfortable lying to people as Matt.

Matt 'ahhhhh TLC wants to bring the show back. It's our decision. We don't know if we want to."

Suckers 'Matt, please agree to do the show!!!!'

Matt to the suckers 'Thanks. We will take that into consideration when we tell TLC our decision.'

Suckers go to Amy 'Please go back on tv!'

Amy 'You won't see us back on tv anytime soon'

Matt 'Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh. We might move to Arizona!!!!'

Suckers to Amy 'Amy are you moving to Oregon?'

Amy 'Move to Arizona for dirt? No way!'

Matt probably liked it a lot better when Amy didn't have a fan facebook.

Since Jeremy and Zach have the maturity level of 11 year olds and are happy to be treated as such. Amy is the only one that can trip him up when he's tricking people (in the name of Jesus of course!)

Randy said...

From Matt Roloff's Facebook fan page on April 13, 2011

'Any cool Suggestions for a family Summer Vacation?? ...need TLC friendly ideas to kick things off.'

Does this mean they're in the works to bring the show back? Or do a type of reunion show?

David said...

Matt considers holding people accountable for their lies and bad behavior as "looking for bad".

Matt would prefer only people that want to say "Matt you're my hero" speak about the Roloffs.

Megan said...

If you aren't cynical about people then you get played for a fool by people like...the Roloffs, Matt and Jeremy types.

Timothy said...

Does anyone else notice that Matt doesn't practice what he preaches or complains about?

Not practicing what they preach is the Roloff motto of life, but much like the poster Kansas the other day, the Roloffs never apply their philosophy themselves to people they might not like.

The Roloffs judge. Amy judges flight attendants. The inspector, the county. Anybody that has a criticism of their family. Matt judges the blog world. The Roloffs hold grudges. The Roloffs are negative. Matt is a very passively aggressive negative person.

Christine said...

What a joke. I read some of the comments on Matt's facebook. People talking about bullies. To the parents of Jeremy and the family that embraces Jacob Mueller. Guys that took pleasure in insulting and being totally mean spirited to their own fans.

Vic Rattlehead said...

I think the following sums up Matt in a nutshell:

"You cry to weak friends that sympathize
Can you hear the violins playing your song?
Those same friends tell me your every word."

Rap541 said...

Considering how often Matt passive aggresively comments on how he doesn't like people who are negative, it sure seems like Matt is one of those insignificant folks who dwell on negativity.

Brandon said...

I'm struck by how most of Matt's facebook fans have no idea what he's talking about when he makes his little rants and observations about "negative" people.

But that's the same for anything Roloff. People that are informed know the score on the Roloffs and know what Matt means, why he talks about specific topic while the naive fans that only believe the TLC TV image of the Roloffs have no idea about what things mean.

Bonnie said...

In my experience, people that are immoral, treat others badly to get ahead or lie and cheat (did I just describe Jeremy perfectly?) don't like people that talk about what they do because they want it all to be forgotten.

It drives me crazy. Think of all the people that commit crimes or get caught saying bigoted things. The first thing they say is "Lets all put this behind me and move on".

The problem with that is the message it sends to the good people that aren't selfish and do the right thing.

Justin said...

Christine, very well said. People that put others down? Look no further than the Roloffs and their friends.

Jeremy and Mueller have been caught more times than I can count ridiculing people and it's hard for them to get caught.

Vic Rattlehead said...

Matt wants so very badly to be respected simply because he was on a low rent TV show broadcast on a subscription service network but he doesn't realize that people who lie cheat steal connive bully and abuse people to get their way are generally given next to no respect by any decent person.

Warwick Davis (who played the killer leprechaun in the leprechaun movie series) was reportedly offered a reality TV series a few years ago and he flatly turned it down because he felt it was beneath him and he didn't want to lose his self respect by being treated like a televised freak show participant.

Matt Roloff is in reality not the genteel family man that he portrayed himself to be, but rather he seems to be a self righteous bully who blatantly lies to his fans cries about any negative opinions of him.

Sandie said...

Vic: my sentiments exactly. Well said.

Brandon said...

People don't "accuse" Matt of being a "glass is half full" person. People accuse him of being a misleading liar :)

Oo Matt is doing another interview/questions from another person that basically works for him. Matt is so daring!

David said...

Well said Brandon.

Rap541 said...

Hee, Brandon... its his wording that amuses me. People are *accusing* him of being something complimentary?

And yeah, Disruptive Spirit is unlikely to get all "Dateline" on Matt.

Gosh, aren't we due for another blog post from Dallah on how being around Matt makes her a better person since he's so super awesome in all ways? :)

Carolyn said...

"and a ltl RnR in Maui"

How many times has Matt been to Hawaii in the last year? It must be at least 3?

People say Matt is keeping busy all the time. I say he's always "resting and relaxing" in Hawaii!

What I think is weird is that he's going by himself. I think he's done that before too.

Carolyn said...

LOL. I stand corrected! It's not his 3rd recent trip to Hawaii, it's his 6th...

Greg said...

Carolyn, Matt works so hard he needs a getaway to Hawaii every two months ::rolls eyes::

Greg said...

Ha! Freudian slip? I love Matt's mistake in his comment :)

"Guyliane. That's exactly how I was feeling with all the rain in Portland. I begged Amy to come with me on this trip to get away but she had too many commitments back home. She said next time for sure she's conning with me :))"

Conning :) Because that's what Matt does.

Christine said...

George Lucas is down to earth? I find that doubtful, but it's nice if someone didn't turn into a jerk after fame and money. Can't say the same for the Roloffs.

Lynn C said...

What is going on? I hope everything is alright. Amy has a big board meeting that she asked for prayers. Then Matt cuts his business trip short to come home.

Burr Dee said...

Could see this coming a mile away...

Megan said...

Hmm. Maybe Matt and Amy realize they should concentrate more on things at home than on trying to get back on tv. This is a start of that realization perhaps?

Timothy said...

WOW!!!! What a flip flop!

I've never been a fan of the school either. I think it's for parents that want to shelter their kids from the world, question the level of work (Jeremy and Zach's test for Grade 11..."Who is Atticus Finch?" nuff said") and the poor spelling of so many students from there make me wonder, but for Matt to bad mouth the school that he sent all 4 of his kids to just because he didn't get his way (keeping Jacob at the school) is so Matt.

Anne said...

Matt's comment agreement with Candy implies that it was a teacher belittling Jacob.

Greg said...

If Faith sucks, why did the Roloff send their kids there? Why is Molly going there?

If Matt is agreeing that the school sucks then maybe Molly's accomplishments aren't that impressive?

Lynn C said...

Greg, Matt might be referring only to the junior high school and not the high school division? Obviously a problem with a teacher wouldn't affect Molly at the high school since Jacob is in the junior high school.

Christine said...

I'm surprised at what Matt is doing, but I guess I shouldn't be. Matt is an angry, angry, negative person that tries to destroy anyone he doesn't like (so Christ-like!).

Blaming Jacob's teacher? I feel sorry for the teacher(s)! Parents like the Roloffs never think it's their kids fault. It's not difficult for me to imagine that Jacob was not a well behaved student at school.

Justin said...

How can Jake be a "completely new alive and better" when I doubt he has even started at the new school yet!

Two days ago when Matt posted that Question and Answer session he was still using works such as "looks like" Jacob will change school.

On a Saturday, he says Jacob is excited about the engineering club at the new school.

I doubt he's even started yet. No kidding that he's happy on a Saturday. The kid hates school and he doesn't have on (at least that he's actually been to) at the moment!

Sandie said...

Speaking as a parent, I think it's a parent's imperative to love, nurture and protect the child. I don't understand how any parent could put such information on Facebook. Discretion IS the better part of valor. And, now Jacob can be "the free spirit that he is" ? Uh oh.
In my opinion, the Roloff parents haven't learned anything about children or parenting in 21 years, and Molly is an anomaly in this instance.

Craw said...

I don't like Jacob, but good for them. The school always had stupid rules, that goes back to Jeremy's hair.

The school is restrictive in stupid ways.

Peter L said...

Isn't it up lifting how fans say "don't say anything about the Roloffs if it's not positive" when it's in response to Matt attacking the school and the teachers?

No rules that the Roloffs or their fans want for them ever applies to the Roloffs themselves.

Four days ago Amy said she had a big board meeting. What do you think that was about? It's not hard to figure. Matt and Amy were trying to get the school to let Jacob stay. They didn't let him.

Now Matt is getting revenge by trashing the school on Facebook.

Rap541 said...

Peter L - honestly the lack of self awareness (and communication between each other) on the part of Matt and Amy is so laughable.... I wonder if they even realize it.

So on Matt's facebook, he's directing everyone to the two different websites where he discusses his son's school, and he publically runs down the school, stating he never liked it and agreeing with a poster that the problem was in her words, a screwball teacher at that school.*

On Amy's facebook, she is clearly telling people that Facebook is not where she wants to discuss her parenting decisions, she's not perfect and since no one is her, no one is to judge her, and she's not going to discuss it.

SO apparently its ok for her *husband* to publically judge, even though he's not the school, and the school isn't perfect...

I guess Roloffs think they have different rules. I'm not surprised.

*I'm especially amused at how Matt the Man proudly couched his comments in double speak - " I *think that might be exactly the issue* we were having." - Really, Matt? You don't know? Or you don't have the balls to say it because then you're on the hook for having an opinion. This is why I *think Matt might exactly be passive aggressive*... ;)

Brandon said...

Jeremy is now an usher at that church? The John Mark church? The one that had people calling Spirits a liar for saying Jeremy loved that church?

Chris L said...

I like sarcasm, but to be serious for a second, what a joke that church is to have Jeremy associated with it at all.

Jeremy represents all that is wrong with Christians. He thinks attending church gives him a free pass to sin and do "bad" things...

Austin said...

I hope these diversity groups wake up and realize what frauds the Roloffs truly are.

Now a Roloff works/volunteers at a church that is all about bigotry against people that have a difference.

If there's any justice, Amy and Matt would never be hired by any group that supports tolerance and acceptance for minority groups.

When this talk came up last time, some people insisted that just because Jeremy loves the church doesn't mean Matt or Amy supports it too.

I sure don't see Matt expressing his regret as he announces that Jeremy is an usher that that his son volunteers at a Church that actively promotes the opposite messages Matt and Amy give speeches about.

I'm disgusted.

Vic Rattlehead said...

The other reason for why Jake is failing at that "school" could be that it's just a lousy school with a third rate curriculum that functions as little more than a high priced day care center for pampered rich kids and ignorant fundies.

David said...

Ahhh. Spiritswander got it right again.

Spirits reported months ago that Jeremy was connected to this church.

Anonymous people accused Spirits of lying.

Now Matt confirms Jeremy's love of the same church.

Vic Rattlehead said...

I'm not surprised in the least that Jeremy is getting more involved with that blasphemous simpleton John Mark Comer's traveling medicine show/revival tour church.

After all, in my opinion, it is religion for the simple minded where everything is spoon fed to you and no higher reasoning logic or common sense is required all one has to do is fall unto their knees to suffer for his glory and then "sacrifice" a few dollars for "eternal salvation" (also known as fattening John Mark's bank account).

"Faith" like that always makes me laugh because the rubes who hand money over to people like John Mark are either so desperate to be absolved of whatever minor "wrong" they have committed that they will sign over their life savings to them or are just too stupid to realize that he's a con artist who is taking advantage of them, in my opinion.

Chris Linton said...

Vic, I'll be serious for two times in one day and I'll drop my usual sarcasm.

I think Jeremy loves that church, partly because it's a social gathering with girls, but he likes the quote "A Church is not a museum for saints, but a hospital for sinners."

What do *I* think that means to Jeremy? I think it means that he can go out with Mueller and oh.... lets say get drunk or smoke pot and be bad little 20 year old boys being so gangsta.

Then he goes to church and it makes him feel all better because it's all about how Jesus loves Jeremy and forgives him. Jeremy can feel special because he thinks he saved because he says "I love Jesus".

Then he leaves the church after service and goes back to being "gangsta" with Mueller. Repeat until the next church service.

Vic Rattlehead said...


That is exactly the point that I was making, you just summed it up better than I could.

Most really hardcore evangelical Christians have a very deep seeded need to either absolve themselves of being or doing "evil" because they like to over indulge in some sort of vice like Ted Haggard,


They're selfish venial people (like Jeremy) who like to feel above everyone else so they can condemn the behavior of others while indulging in those same behaviors while using god as a way to hide from taking responsibility for their actions.

Jeremy's preference for exclusionary sexist homophobic white trash christianity as preached by John Mark Comer says quite a bit about him and none of it good.

It says he's a selfish venal self hating bitter pity filled person who has no self esteem who needs to make himself fell better about being a loser by participating in openly sanctioned religious hatred of anyone who is "other" not including his family or anyone with mommy and daddy's medical condition.

Ashley said...

Matt's need to always sound like everything is awesome is weird.

His child gets expelled from school. Matt celebrates. Is he insane?

Lynn C said...

Matt is such a tease!!

Rap541 said...

Yeah... but to say he's attention grubbing is wrong. :)

Ashley said...

It's probably nothing big.

"Hint 1: MBBPB

Hint 2: Pumpkin"

Anne said...

My guess is the Pumpkin horror movie. I'm not sure why that would be a surprise though.

Chris Linton said...

Jeremy is entering drug or alcohol rehab? That's my guess.

Randy said...

So it looks like the show is coming back. Reading some of Matt's facebook comments, he responds to someone named "Art" who guessed if Matt's big announcement is the show coming back, and Matt responded with:

"Art, I thought we already announced that the show would be back. If not... Well do that soon as well"

David said...

Randy, I wouldn't trust anything Matt says until there is something official from TLC.

Matt could be talking about a "where are they now" special planned for next year". It would be like Matt to make something like that sound like the series is returning.

Remember, it was only two weeks ago that Amy was telling fans that they wouldn't be back on tv anytime soon.

Mike P. said...

@Austin, 4/24:

Since most colleges and universities now have LGBT student groups, I think the most useful thing a gay person could do is keep track of the Roloff speaking schedule and then contact the nearest LGBT group so that the Roloffs can be confronted about their bigotry and hypocrisy.

It's only fair. They cheapen and demean the whole field of human rights. By insisting on accommodation of diversity for themselves while working, as we know they do, against acceptance of all persons, they turn an honorable thing into a mere meal ticket for themselves.

I think they should be confronted, at least in the Q&A sessions, with direct questions about the contradictions they harbor. Student newspapers could be informed, so that interviews with them might include the same questions.

And so on. They should never feel free to speak for "diversity" for themselves without also accounting for their work to limit diversity for others.

It's easy to do. I'm not gay, but I did try to call the LBGT office at the West Virginia school where Amy spoke, but there was a snowstorm and no one was in, and then I was away. But a simple call, with reference to this site, might be the way to begin.

Carol said...

Mike P, very well said and an excellent suggestion.

Susan Coles said...

Let me get this straight.

Jake has flunked out of school.

Amy admitted that Molly and Jake didn't want to do the show and only participated because she and Matt told them that it was what the family was doing.

Amy admitted that having the show is one of the reasons why Jeremy and Zach are so far behind and are so dependent on them and living at home like children.

What do Matt and Amy do?

Sign up to get back on television again...

Wonderful priorities, Matt, Amy.

Rap541 said...

Susan - but remember that although the Roloffs are not perfect and do not claim to be perfect and DO CLAIM to welcome all criticism - they can and will ignore any and all criticism with "OUR CHILDREN ARE EXTRORDINARY AND YOU DON'T KNOW US! LOOK AT YOURSELF FIRST!!!"

Personally, I am not getting worked up. Matt and Amy are still under contract and with a slushy summer of reruns and Sister Wives having legal problems, TLC probably decided on a special or two (The gosselins got one, or three?)

Timothy said...

Now Matt hates schools? After sending 3 of his kids and the fourth, until grade eight when he got kicked out, to schools?

Raymond said...

Can you say reality fame whores?

Not gone a year and their whole life is about getting back in the spotlight.

That's the problem. The Roloffs entire life became the t.v show.

I laugh when Matt says the Roloff survived the reality show.

Jacob got kicked out of school. The 21 year olds still live at home like they are little boys with no responsibility.

Brooke said...

I used to like the Roloffs but now they are crazy. They are all about PR. They aren't real anymore. Jacob fails but Matt and Amy are happy. Really??

Brandon said...

People on Matt's facebook are total loons! Seriously!

"I think Molly is responsible for jacob's success. I remember her helping him with his homework"

His success?????????????
He got kicked out of school!!!!!!!!!!!

David said...

Brandon, what astounds me is the double-speak.

All of sudden, schools are evil. Schools are for people that conform. Good kids need to be creative and they can't succeed in a stuffy school environment.


It was a few months ago that Matt was a proud papa and everybody was congratulating Molly for excelling at the same stuffy, killer of creativity school.

Rap541 said...

Brandon - you do want to remember that there's any number of negative comments (not a lot but enough) that are being scoured from both Matt and Amy's facebook.

Also - if a fan just reads Matt's facebook, and not Amy's, and does not head to the roloffworld blog or to matt's forum to read Matt discussing how Jake's grade were causing him to not be eligable to attend Faith Bible....

Then all you would know is the cheery story Matt is trying to sell - That Jake is bright kid who is being mishandled by bad teachers at that school that Matt never liked.

Amy's facebook in particular has had a lot of comments removed - including some of Amy's rather harsh rebuttals to people saying things similar to whats being said here - namely that applauding Jake for willfully failing isn't exactly great parenting.

But its the homeschooling parents who I feel bad for - they're obviously not getting that Matt's embrace of homeschooling is only going to last until this fall and then Jake is off to?

To where? I don't see Matt and Amy saying Jake will be homeschooled. The vast majority of private schools in their area are soul killing and creativity killing concrete prisons... and so are the public schools.

So now that Matt is *fighting* for creativity... doesn't anyone find it odd that his fight will conclude this fall with Jake resuming traditional school?

Or is it more likely that Matt and Amy don't feel like being bothered with getting Jake enrolled in eighth grade for eight weeks and since they're somewhat celebs, they aren't likely to be called on it.

Vicky said...

I think the Roloffs are the kind of parents that if Jacob or Jeremy beat another kid into unconsciousness, they would be screaming about how their kid was wronged.

Parents that refuse to scold their kids are a big problem these days.

Austin said...

It's a shame. I think Molly is getting as involved in Jeremy's bigoted John Mark church as he is.

A little while ago Amy also posted that Molly went with Jeremy to the church. Now they're at a church event together.

Preach bigotory and non acceptance Roloffs!

Let them be bigots if they want, but they shouldn't be able to have their pockets in the diversity financial pie at the same time.

Timothy said...

Austin, in my attempt to not be ignorant, I listened to more of John Mark Comer's sermons.

It's not just that he has no place in the world for "perverted" gay people. The church has ideals about women that most of society felt was outdated 40 years ago.

I listened to a John Mark Comer speech. He was very clear. His wife was going to stay at home and take care of the children and not work. As the role of the macho man, he was going to provide a home, make sure she doesn't work and provide her with money for the wife to buy herself clothes to look good.

Molly is getting drawn into this? I would like to ask her why is she even thinking about college? The Solid Rock church makes it very clear. The woman is to meet a man, marry him, have his kids and stay at home to take care of him and support her husband in HIS quest in the world.

If you don't believe me, go to You Tube and search John Mark Comer and watch some of his videos.

After watching those, I totally understand why Jeremy told Amy to go back to the kitchen and clean. If Molly continues to be sucked into this church with Jeremy, I think soon she will be agreeing with Jeremy's sexist outburts.

Timothy said...

John Mark Comer and the Solid Rock church also preaches in detail about gender roles that most of modern society scoffs at as we've become more educated.

In one of John Mark Comer's speeches, he says Men need to be macho. They should hunt and kill. Because that's manly. They need to play macho sports to keep their manliness. He said he doesn't like basketball, but every Monday he plays in a league because it's macho to sweat and grunt.

This is the church the Roloffs embrace. Forget about being yourself and being an individual.

Diane said...

Molly isn't old enough to be at that event. It's 18+. But when have rules ever applied to the Roloffs?

Dana said...

That's great to hear that Jeremy and Molly are bonding together in the name of the Lord.

Zach likes soccer, but I would like to see better priorities out of him. This soccer game was more important than a big church event?

Good for Jeremy and Molly. It's great to see young people celebrating Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

aJC said...

Agree or disagree, there are more people involved in that conversation then in this one. If you really want your voice heard whatever your position you would join in and speak up. and

Peter Lane said...

aJC, what is your point?

People speak up here because the subject are the Roloffs.

You want people to join or click as though they are attending an event, and then post their criticisms of it?

You probably would be the first one to yell at someone that criticized them "WHY DID YOU JOIN IF YOU DON'T LIKE IT?? GET LOST"

I know this because I've tried be respectful in posting my disagreements on Matt's page. I got yelled at by other people and then kicked off of Matt's page by Matt or Dallah.

You want my honest opinion? I think Solid Rock has archaic beliefs. I think they suck the life out of what it means to be an individual. I think it sends dangerous messages to women and young girls that have bigger dreams than serving their man and being barefoot and pregnant. If you listen to that Church's information, that's what the woman's role is supposed to be.

I think that church is bigoted against gay people. I think their message that gay people need to seek prayer to be cured is a major reason why the teenage suicide rate is so tragically high.

I think the fact that Roloffs love and support this church makes them the worst "diversity" speakers about acceptance that I know exist. I think the Roloffs are shams and hypocrites.

Amy has no business giving a speech about how a person must accept their own difference and be embraced by others when she and/or her family support a church that preaches the opposite message.

That's my opinion of the Solid Rock church.

What do you want? You want me to join their group and say all that there or else I'm a coward? Will you join there too, post and defend my right to express myself there? Or will you sit silent when I get called a troll, rude and get banned?

Jocelynn said...

@Mike P, I think you summed up my feelings on this subject best. Very eloquent and well said.

It deserves repeating.

"They cheapen and demean the whole field of human rights. By insisting on accommodation of diversity for themselves while working, as we know they do, against acceptance of all persons, they turn an honorable thing into a mere meal ticket for themselves.

I think they should be confronted, at least in the Q&A sessions, with direct questions about the contradictions they harbor....

And so on. They should never feel free to speak for "diversity" for themselves without also accounting for their work to limit diversity for others."

Carol said...

I'm disappointed in Molly that she got roped into this church culture.

I expect anti-gay and sexism from Jeremy. It's sad to see Molly headed that way too.

I remember when a few people held out hope for Molly that she would buck the Roloff trend by supporting the most anti-accepting of churches.

Judy B said...

@Carol, I couldn't disagree with you more that Jeremy and Molly being drawn to John Mark's church is bad. From what I've seen of the church, I fully support them as a church. It is a blessing that John Mark delivers the messages of the Bible in a way that young people are open to hearing.

However, I don't know why're your surprised that it's Jeremy and Molly. I could also tell that Jeremy and Molly were the most involved with God of the 4 Roloff kids.

I am not shocked that Zach didn't attend. Jacob probably would have just to emulate Jeremy if he was old enough, but not for the the same dedicated reasons.

Timothy said...

Peter, well said in your reply to AJC.

AJC, you might know, but after Spirits linked one of John Mark Comer's You Tube videos, some people did make comments about the intolerant messages he spreads and the damage it can do. The person removed it.

Rap541 said...

Again, that is what Matt and Amy's diversity speech fees support.

Jeremy and now Molly not needing to work, being fully supported by mom and dad, and embracing a philosophy that is not inclusive.

Every dollar spent to listen to Matt yammer about how everyone should embrace differences helps Matt's son live a life of leisure and embrace hating those who are different.

Anne said...

Rap, you may disagree with their the position spoken by the church Jeremy and Molly support, but I feel it's incorrect to write

"helps Matt's son live a life of leisure and embrace hating those who are different."

Hating? Did you listen to what Jeremy's pastor of choice said about gay people and the church? He made it clear that homosexuality is a sin and encourages people struggling with their sexuality to seek Jesus and support in prayer, but he also said it is one among many sins although the difference is that it's a perversion of natural sexuality. If you listen carefully to what John Mark Comer said he is against yelling and screaming and alienating those that think they are attracted to the same sex. He said if you do that, they will never stand up and seek help. He said if they seek prayer at their church, they won't be judged.

Yes he teaches that homosexuality is a sin. Yes he believes homosexuals are going to Hell unless they turn to God. Yes he teaches that gay people can be cured by prayer.

But no, it is not accurate to say it embraces "hating those who are different".

Not accepting gays? Fine, say that. Hating? No.

Rap541 said...

Anne - Any proof that Jeremy "hey f*ggot-hole!" Roloff knows the difference?

Any at all?

And are Amy and Matt telling people to embrace people with differences on the one hand and endorsing Jeremy and his church's view that people who are different should change?

I mean, not to put too fine a point on it, but the Bible does have a great deal to say about "blemished" people not being as good in God's eyes..

David said...

"I mean, not to put too fine a point on it, but the Bible does have a great deal to say about "blemished" people not being as good in God's eyes.."

@Rap: On that point, has it occurred to anyone else that might be part of the explanation why Zach doesn't appear to be as involved in this church as Jeremy (or Molly now too apparently)?

Let it be noted, that it's the two average height, healthy kids that are reportedly most involved with this "traditional" church and its interpretation of the Bible. It's easy for Jeremy and Molly because they belong. Jeremy is sport playing, weight lifting, (homophobic) slur using macho man that Solid Rock promotes. Molly is a reasonably attractive young woman that bakes. They fit into what Solid Rock teaches

Zach? Not so much. Not only like you say, the Bible is not very kind to people with physical deformities, but Zach has expressed interest in dating average height girls.

I have to think Zach would feel a bit awkward listening to one of John Mark's speeches about gender roles if Zach is interested in a relationship with an average height girl. I don't have to guess what John Mark feels about a relationship where the the girl can lift the guy up and the guys comes up to the girl's waist height wise. I watched a Solid Rock video where John Mark Comer spoke about his outrage at a store. He and his wife bought a long, but not heavy table. John Mark grabbed one end of the table. The male clerk at the store politely said he would hold the door for him and John Mark's wife grabbed the other end of the table. John Mark was outraged. How do you think John Mark feels about a relationship where a woman clerk would probably offer to carry the table with the wife, rather than force the dwarf man to carry it?

I could be wrong. Maybe Zach does support the church as much as his physically "perfect" siblings, but it doesn't surprise me to learn that Jeremy and Molly seem to be more active at that church than Zach.

Rap541 said...

David - I see your point but I do want to clarify.

My point is that the Bible tells us a lot of contradictory things and justifying the exclusion of gay people ie telling people they need to change to be acceptable - yes its in the bible, and so is the viewpoint that people who are handicapped and deformed are indeed LESS than "normal" people.

Thats the Christian Bible telling us that average height people are more worthy than Matt and Amy and Zach... If the Bible is the final arbitrator of how we are supposed to act, then aren't we free to treat the blemished with the disdain God obviously has for them?

Now, as a decent person, I understand that no, the handicapped are not "showing their sins thru their deformities"... but this *is* picking and choosing what things in the Bible are important.

Anne - I trust that since you are following leviticus as it pertains to homosexuals, you also live apart from your family when your menses occur so that your being unclean does not taint your male kinfolk? You ARE a Christian, correct? And that IS the word of God?

Do you follow it?

Vic Rattlehead said...



They do not have any "unnatural perversion" they are not "mentally ill" "willful degenerates" or any such other hog wash that people like John Mark Comer say.


It's bible bashing fundie christians like John Mark Comer and Jeremy Roloff who have the mental illnesses and they're called extreme irrational belief and persecution complexes.

Gay people are normal people whose brain biology and chemistry is different from others.

Homosexuality is not a learned behavior unlike fundamentalist religious belief which is drilled into kids heads from the day they are born because their parents want them to be slaves from the cradle to the grave.

SueJ said...

Mike P, I have looked through this site and searched the internet and I can't find anywhere where Matt or Amy say they are against gays or lesbians. You say to direct the LBGT groups to this site, but what really would that do?

Vic Rattlehead said...

It's shameful that someone as smart and ambitious as Molly would allow herself to be poisoned by the venom of a snake like John Mark Comer.

For a "man of god" John Mark sure seems more like a David Koresh type cult leader who brainwashes his followers (not that people like Jeremy are that hard to brainwash in the first place)and after listening to a few of his indoctrination sessions his rhetoric comes across not only as a holdover from the bad old days when a man could beat and abuse his family just because "he's man of the house" but also as a tool for repressing women and keeping them subservient slaves chained to the stove while barefoot and pregnant.

Brandon said...

SueJ, I'm sure MikeP can make the point himself, but it's because anyone with any intelligence can see what is going on.

The Roloffs, by supporting organizations like Focus on the Family and now John Mark Comer's church are supporting messages that limit diversity for others. What is the total opposite of "accept your own difference and accept others differences" (an Amy Roloff titled speech)? Telling the world and the individuals with a difference themselves that they are perverted and need to pray to be CURED should disqualify the Roloffs from the diversity speaking circuit.

I would have more respect for the Roloffs if they would come clean about what they support and their efforts in supporting groups that work very hard to discriminate against gays and lesbians.

But the Roloffs keep it as a dirty little secret that only people that do the research or reads Spirit's site would know about because the Roloffs are wolves in sheep clothing. They give cuddly speeches about accepting diversity while not actually practicing it in their real lives (oh...kind of like denouncing the word "midget" as hurtful while spewing the N word and f*ggot).

SueJ, if Amy Roloff is such a proud fighter for diversity why didn't she take a stand when she was asked directly? Why didn't she say "I do NOT support the church that I attend and the church that my kids volunteer at, that totally contradict the message I get paid to deliver".

There are a lot of churches that aren't as bigoted as Solid Rock that don't have programs that teach that they can "cure" gay people of their difference. Why is this such a minor issue to the Roloffs that they don't care to take a stand?

Why if Matt Roloff is such a great fighter for diversity does he not take a stand against his kids being apart of a Church that preaches against accepting diversity?

You read his Facebook. He sounded very proud that Jeremy volunteers at an Anti-diversity church. Matt has attended there and said he would have for Easter but it was too far of a drive.

SueJ, I agree the Roloffs have never said "We believe gays and lesbians should not be accepted for who they are. We believe gay people need to be pray to be cured of their difference". They just do that with their actions of supporting organizations that totally contradict the diversity message.

I think the reason is obvious. They do it because they are swindlers. They don't want to give up the $$$ that come with being a diversity speaker. Thus they hope those diversity organizations don't find out what they actually support in their real lives.

The Roloffs are hypocrites of the biggest kind.

Jocelynn said...

SueJ, If you actually cared about the rights of LBGT people you would know that most would be appalled to find out the extent of the discrimination and intolerance taught by the church that several Roloffs support...and apparently drive a fair distance to support.

Be honest. If a diversity speaker was privately a member of a group that stated that people with dwarfism are abnormal and should not be allowed to parent average sized children because that is not what God intended, would you not think any less of the diversity speaker when they gave a broad speech about equality?

Would you hire that speaker if you knew they belonged to the group that teaches that message?

Or would they be considered a hypocrite that only pretends to support equality when it means a paycheck?

The answer is obvious.

Rap541 said...

SueJ - an LBGT group would see a) Jeremy caught using racist language and the family circling the wagons and saying don't judge us

B) They would see that the dependant Roloff children are allowed to attend a church that endorses the notion that homosexuality is a disease that can be cured.

C) They would see both Matt and Amy - who are paid diversity speakers, having no problem with their financially dependent attending the church that teaches gay people need to be cured.

D) They would see Amy's response to being questioned about her beliefs which was a wiffle where she basically said she wasn't pleased with 'some things' but wasn't going to throw the baby out with the bathwater - this is hardly "I don't believe gay people need to be cured and disgree with the church on this point"

E) They would see discussion over Amy's endorsement of Focus on the Family.

They would also see the many many proud Christians who actively state that the Roloffs share their belief that homosexuality can be cured.

Matt and Amy have voices. They could clear this up in an instant, and frankly, the money is better on the pro-diversity side so their continued silence coupled with their proud endorsement of their children's chosen faith does suggest they are diverse as long as money is involved.

I'm just amused at the ringing endorsement for Jeremy's church after the odd little campaign waged by fans insisting that Spirit was wrong/lying for saying Jeremy was really into the church.

David said...

Jocelynn, Brandon...I suspect Sue J knows exactly why the Roloffs don't make strong public statements about their hypocrisy.

It is the real reason why the Roloffs won't interview with Spirits because they know Spirits would press them on this issue to give an actual answer.

If any Roloff truly cared about the rights of of all minority groups and not just their own group, they would have a major problem with their family members being apart of a Church like this one with such awful messages.

Kyle said...

This is my favorite person on You Tube about being gay.

He says it all about this subject in this video.

Sue, watch this ifvideo, if you don't understand why gay people or anybody that cares about acceptance and equality are horrified by the messages of churches like the one the Roloffs support. Do you think this person, who actually identifies himself as a Christian, would ever support a church like John Mark's church?

(or click on my name for the direct link)

"Just pray, just pray and it will go's all terrible stuff, terrible messages that should not be put forward...Don't let anybody tell you that you can pray it away or that God is going to make these 'evil sins' in you disappear"

Go Jared!

Carol said...

Well stated Rap. I would be severely disappointed in my kids if they chose to support a Church like the one that Jeremy and Molly have chosen.

If Matt and Amy truly cared they would be devastated and disappointed...their kids are supporting a message that directly counters Matt and Amy's stated goal and life's work.

All people who are informed about what the Roloffs really are about already know that they are frauds that don't practice what they preach in many forms.

Riley Roars said...


F) They would also see that the Roloffs support the most anti gay politician in Oregon, Bruce Starr. Senator Starr has been called out by Gay rights groups for having one of the worst voting records on gay rights issues in politics today.

Vicky said...

I know I was disappointed when I learned how far "socially conservative" the Roloffs are when they aren't in front of the tv cameras. I wouldn't have guessed from watching them on tv that they supported stuff like 'pray and gayness will be cured' junk.

The only people that don't see it as hypocrisy are other people that are prejudiced against gay people.

Christine said...

Yeah, like everyone else said, that's the point Sue.

Everything that Rap listed shows that the Roloffs support agendas that discriminate against gay people.

But the Roloffs don't come out and say "We hate gay people. We discriminate against gay people. We think gay people need to be cured. We are glad our kids support churches that teach this lesson about perverted gay people".

They keep it hidden and hope it goes under the radar because they know it could cost them money with diversity speeches.

Peter Lane said...

So much for homeschooling!?!?

Academic "training camp" and then start High School next year.

I'm so glad Matt's Facebook fans congratulated Jacob on "getting lazy"!

Everyone should be so pleased when their kid gets lazy and gets kicked out of school.

I didn't get praised much when I was that age. I guess I should have "got lazy" to the point that the school wanted me gone.

Peter lane said...

Matt fails to realize that "editing" isn't the reason why there is criticism of his family.

It's the real stuff that they obviously would never touch on the facade that was LPBW.

samanthastarns said...

I think it isn't just about the cat.

I think it's the fact that Jeremy seems to be one person on camera, but when the cameras aren't rolling, he's rude and inconsiderate.

I used to like Jeremy and watch LPBW until I saw his actual personality outside the show. He seemed like a genuine guy and someone, that if we met at school or something, that we would get along, but I guess appearances can be deceiving.

Rap541 said...

Peter - its hilarious, isn't it?

On the one hand, Matt is *fighting* and *taking a stand* and going on about how kids need to be creative and Jake needs to be creative and not every square peg should be pounded into a hole...

But his idea of homeschooling involves sending Jake out of the home to some sort of academic class that focuses on the activities Jake likes least and is now crowing how Jake will be entering high school in the fall.

Because high school is where creative nonconformists do well.

I also wonder if it will be the Faith Bible high school.

Justin said...

It sounds like Molly is on her way to being a "be like me or else you're less" bigot too.

Roloffs a pro diversity family? What a crock.

Erin F said...

Does anyone know if it's true that women aren't allowed to speak from the pulpit at Solid Rock?

Someone was asking for a Church like SR in Seattle. The Mars Hill church was suggested. Someone said they've heard a lot of controversy about MH stance on women. Solid Rockers said Mars Hill stance on women is exactly the same as SR.

Women are not allowed to speak from the pulpit at MH.

Chris Linton said...

Way to go Molly! Know your role! :)

Rap541 said...

Well, thats certainly warm and inclusive :)

Rap541 said...

Btw - look at this quote of Matt's.

I made him create and write a full blown story today as practice

Yeah, nothing says fun and free spirited creativity like your dad *making you* write a story...

Jake said...

Matts blog sucks! Zach was on Tough Enough TONIGHT not May 09 . I missed most of it. Thanks alot Roloff World for your bad reporting!!

Christy said...

I think Solid Rock is a shameful church because of its followers. I know so many people that love the church who are pot heads and regularly get drunk. But they think they are great followers of Jesus because they get together at Solid Rock. Go figure.

Greg said...

Gee uhm, for a guy that doesn't want to be a celebrity, he has no trouble playing the part of a "celebrity whore".

Bragging about # of followers. Asking for more followers.

I can't stand those celebrities on twitter that always are "Follow me!" Add me! Get me a Trending Topic!"

Rap541 said...

I am just amused that "homeschooling Jake" seems to involve Matt and Amy dumping him off somewhere for four days a week.

And you know, enrolling him in high school for the fall. Funny I don't see Matt explaining that he and Amy have handed the homeschooling off to other folks for the tiny amount of time they're "homeschooling" Jake.

I mean, Matt's such a fighter for Jake. He put Jake in a school he never liked for eight years, until Jake got kicked out. (and Jake did get kicked out - you don't ask for prayers for a positive outcome for a school board meeting and then give your yourself pats on the back for being supportive if you have decided you prefer to foster your son's creativity).

Then he announces he's homeschooling. Because Bless Matt! Matt is now all about creativity! Except that Jake is now spending four days a week at some soul and creativity killing facility working on the skills he's behind in.

And come fall? Screw creativity, Jake isn't homeschooling then! Jake can head on to the conformist factory Matt hates so passionately since Matt and Amy really have no interest in homeschooling.

People who *want* to homeschool their kids do. Matt and Amy clearly don't want to be bothered.

Greg said...

I'm glad he's addressing those silly people that think Matt works so hard.

Roloffs take so many vacations that they don't know what the real world is like. That's a big reason why 3 of the kids aren't setting the real world on it's edge.

Peter Lane said...

Yep. Matt knows how to get his family time. In Hawaii. Alone. While his youngest son was being expelled from school. But at least Matt did an atypical thing for Matt and came home.

Greg said...

Volunteer? I would like to know for a fact that Matt isn't getting paid for the Special Olympics. Wanna bet that his travel and his hotel has been taken care of?

It's such a waste when these good organizations give millionaire celebrities any money that should be going towards the cause and the people it was intended for.

I think it's shameful that the Roloffs use the Special Olympics to look good.

Jeremy and Mueller made fun of people that compete in the special Olympics.

Then again, Jeremy was fond of using "retard" as an insult, but then got a free yacht trip of the BVIs from a family that supports the very good "End the R-word campaign".

Matt probably gives Jeremy a high five for following the Roloff way of suckering people.

Flo and Mark said...

Hi Matt & Amy,

I miss all of you and your show. will you ever come back to TV? I sure hope so. My Mondays night are not the same without Little People, Big World.

I am a forever die hard fan of the Roloff family.. Me and My family loved, loved your show immensely.

All or Best
Flo & Mark

Diane said...

Where is it? That Greek place where Matt and Pondo call paying customers, working class people cheap bastards...meanwhile I'm sure Matt eats for free at Pondo's place.

Bill Dundey said...

This blog is very sad to read. I feel sorry for the people on here. The Roloff's shine on as this blog stays behind. I wonder if this post gets deleted that supports the Roloff's,

Spiritswander said...

Bill Dundey,

Normally your post would not be published. That's correct.

Where you are wrong is that it's not because it "supports the Roloffs". I would argue that your post does not support the Roloffs.

Your post is a standard "this site sucks!" post. Those don't add any value and I see no reason to publish those.

As for supporting the Roloffs - there are plenty of pro-Roloff regular postters and "pro" Roloff comments on our site.

You are welcome to contribute. However, that means talking about the subjects. You are free to explain why you think the Roloffs are right about xyx.

You are free to say "I disagree that Zach is using the fans after he ignored them for years and this is why I disagree..."

That is having a pro Roloff opinion.
What you are doing is pure blog bashing that really has nothing to do with the topics.

Also, posts that are nothing but personal attacks on other posters are not permitted and will be rejected. There was a reason post rejected from a person attacking another poster that has said they work in an office. Their post was about how pitiful the other poster's life must be....absolutely nothing about the Roloffs or the subjects at hand.

Blog bashing and attacking other posters that have nothing to do with the Roloffs or the subjects are not permitted.

Discussion of the topics and your opinion on why you feel that way you do is absolutely allowed regardless of if you agree with the Roloffs or disagree with the Roloffs.

Timothy said...

I always laugh when I see people comment on the Roloff pictures with "Matt, Amy...what good looking kids you have!" "Amy those are gorgeous kids you have!"

After all, outward appearance is what is important.

Wasn't one of the supposed messages of the show was that it's not the outside package that matters? Well, the other message of the show was about accepting differences and we know the Roloffs make a mockery of that with all their hypocrisy.

It's just sad to see how superfical people are.

Timothy said...

Bill, how do the Roloffs shine on?

Throwing cats?

Having a son that got expelled from school while his parents are too busy trying to get back on television to get to the root of his problem?

Matt lying to people about home schooling when he's not?

Jeremy still not having a job that his daddy isn't his boss?

Jeremy and Molly supporting the very message that Matt and Amy are so-called speaking advocates for about acceptance of differences?

Jeremy and Zach still playing with Mueller every day like they did when they were 8.

The Roloffs, Zach and Jeremy, treating fans like crap that they despise, until the second they want views for an internship project. Then they are happy to use fans.

That's the Roloffs shining on?

Greg said...

"Zach and Jeremy are both amazing" -- their dad.

Excuse me while I vomit.

At one time I thought Zach showed signs that he might be a decent person but not getting away from his family and friends have taken its toll.

Jeremy is a horrible person. Liar, phony, hypocrite, snob, jerk, mean spirited, lazy, user, animal abuser, bigoted, yep those are qualities I look for in an amazing person.

Natalie said...

Matt isn't going to be around for their 21st birthday?

Late for high school graduation and missing 21st birthday.

If they weren't such spoiled jerks that treat people badly, I might feel sorry for Jeremy and Zach.

Chris Linton said...

Ah, Natalie go eash on Matt. I'm betting Jeremy will be too hammered to notice that's Matt's not there :)))

Peter Lane said...

Bill I'm sure you must be outraged that Matt doesn't allow disagreement even if it's presented politely.

Spiritswander is a heck of a lot more fair than Matt's pages.

David said...

Sure Matt. Everybody that has met Jeremy and Zach thinks they're amazing....that's why he put a gag order on everybody...

Jamie said...

Personally and this is just my feelings, I hope they have a horrible birthday. Especially Jeremy.

It makes me sick that people waste their time sending "Happy Birthday" wishes to self absorbed pricks.

They get flooded with well wishes. Do you think they do that even for their own friends?

People should wake up and stop being nice to a**holes.

Find somebody that needs a lift and be nice to them instead of wasting kindness on a jerk like Jeremy.

Peter Lane said...

Hey Spirits, Chris Garza put together a nice list of starting questions on Matt's Facebook. I assume it will be deleted momentarily. I wanted to post them here.

Chris Garza wrote:
You said you liked tough questions:

Is Throwing cats allowed in your home?

Having a son that got expelled from school while you lot are too busy trying to get back on television or in Maui do you take any of the blame?

Why are you lying to people about home schooling when he's going to school 4 days a week?

Has Jeremy ever had a job that his daddy wasn't his boss?

Jeremy and Molly supporting the very message that Matt and Amy are so-called speaking advocates for about acceptance of differences. Why do you not accept gays? Do you think they have a disease?

Mueller? Isn't he an enabler?

Why did Matt Roloff go on record on a local Portland TV station saying the show would go on for 2 more years and then 2 weeks later it was canceled?

The fans deserve the truth once and for all.

Austin said...

I think it's terrible that Matt has slimed his way into another organization that fights against people like the Roloffs.

I wonder what they think of Jeremy and Mueller calling people cross eyed downies.

Just like human rights groups that give the Roloffs money or that family that gave Jeremy a yacht vacation in the BVIs that didn't know Jeremy uses the "R-word" that Special Olympics get duped too.

Rap541 said...

Sure Matt. Everybody that has met Jeremy and Zach thinks they're amazing....that's why he put a gag order on everybody...

This is the most telling commentary on Matt's true opinion of his sons. They're 21, and Daddy still doesn't allow them to talk to the media without a *real* adult there to interprete for them.

Take the Tough Enough thing. Really, Zach can't talk about that himself? Zach can't ask fans *himself* to check out his video. Jeremy needs Mommy and Daddy to announce his still unconfirmed college plans?

They're shining? Two grown men that can't be trusted to not screw up to the point that Daddy Matt can't even let them answer questions without a parent present?

Susan Coles said...

"This is the most telling commentary on Matt's true opinion of his sons. They're 21, and Daddy still doesn't allow them to talk to the media without a *real* adult there to interprete for them."

I agree Rap.
There are also flaws with Matt's statement that everybody that knows Jeremy and Zach thinks they're wonderful.

Even I know that's not true. I know there are some people that went to high school with them that said they didn't like Jeremy. They said he was annoying and immature. They did their best to avoid him and his gang of friends.

Jeremy's gang of friends love him? That's an indictment of his character right there. His friends, including the always present BFF are so mean spirited that they called supportive teenage fans vulgar names including that they should kill themselves because they are losers.

That's the thing that is the real sign of what they are like, not the persona presented by Matt on Facebook or by their producer friend on the show.

Now that they're 21, hopefully it's time they finally mature and become decent people. Since they never change their surroundings and aren't accountable for their actions, I have my doubts, but will hope.

Christine said...

Amy responded to Chris Garza. She comes close, but doesn't actually do it, to admitting that her acceptance teachings don't include gay people. The usual don't judge us stuff about throwing cats, lying, etc.

Amy J. Roloff Fanpage = Wow Chris. You do have a lot of negativity going on here. Yes, we may be public figures but that does not mean i have to or should give up every and all aspect of my life - public and/or personal. The funny thing about being a public figure you will NEVER please everyone all of the time or maybe even some of the time. However, if you have a message and can have people more aware and think about something positive and different about someone or a group of people and their community then yes I think I and the rest of my family have and will continue to make a difference.

Chris, I have been down this road before. You have to remember, to take a picture and assume and make assumptions does a dis-service to many people including my family. Of course we don't condone cruelty or throwing animals intentionally to hurt them, you may have assumed too much from general information but that does not give you the right to assume we are lying. We do advocate for acceptance of people but also have the right to whatever our personal opinions and beliefs may be. For a far out example, Thomas Jefferson signed the constitution regarding

Debbie you are correct. I and my family have never indicated we are perfect and haven't made mistakes, and as public figures I find that refreshing. We have an opportunity to do a lot of good things and that is what I will continue to do. Including being there for my kids when they are going through and doing great things and when things aren't going so well. supporting Matt where I can, and advocating and supporting the change in people's attitude and perception of people. There is good in all of us but sometimes life throws us curve balls, maybe a lot of curve balls, doesn't mean we give up ond doing the right thing and promoting positive change.

Well, Chris, FB is not the place for this. As I mentioned before, we could go in circles and nothing I say will give you a strong positive perspective on myself or my family. You already have instilled such a negative perspective on us which I find dis-heartening and un-founding in many ways. I and my family will keep on doing our best in the best way we know how. Perfect - no, Honestly trying to do the right thing and get out a message that is thought provoking, of change, making a difference, yes. Even when others will disagree in what and how we go about doing.

Timothy said...

Amy is already contradicting herself. That's what happens when you wiffle waffle.

In her response to Kyle on her coffee chat, she said just because you "may or may not" agree with everything "little" thing a church preaches doesn't mean you throw out the whole thing (well, it should if that's the major issue of your life).

The point is she implied in coffee chat that she didn't agree with the "cure gays" bit. She said she would support anybody that is struggling to be accepted for their difference.

Now she is strongly implying that they have their own beliefs on other people that are different.

Jason said...

Jeremy is such a joke. Mr "I love John Mark Comer". Getting drunk is not following "Jesus" even if it is legal now.

Maybe at least he will stop lying about it now.

Christy T said...

Congratulations Matt.You've raised very nasty and character-less men.

Rap541 said...

Timothy - I'm more struck by how she's NOT correcting the fans who are *don't know her*.

Debbie Smith, in that thread said this: Debbie Smith Are you jealous Chris because Amy and Matt are successful? Jacob was NOT kicked out of school he is trying to better himself by going to a homeschool program. If you don't like the Roloffs why are on this page it's for fans not critics.

Now, let me be honest. I really wish Amy hadn't been asking for prayers for the school board meeting about "a sensitive subject" and going on about bucking up someone who is down, and then announcing the homeschooling that is Jake attending a different school for four days a week. And I really wish Matt hadn't used his facebook and his two websites to make the point very very clear that Jake was no longer welcome at Faith Bible because he was not maintaining his grades.

I say that because much like I didn't feel that Jeremy and Zach's tenth grade failures shouldn't have been broadcast for profit, I see even less reason for two parents to use their *fanpages* to publically go on about what in most families isn't a run to Facebook and broadcast it to millions situation.

To quote Amy Roloff - who has said this twice now to Chris Garza on this topic although she deleted the first - "Well, Chris, FB is not the place for this".

Well Amy, and Matt, guess what? If you don't want your parenting in regards to your son being kicked out of school for grades... then maybe you shouldn't have broadcast on your facebooks and on and on roloffsworld's blog. Hmm... Don't want your parenting questioned? Then maybe instead of *attention seeking* and *bragging about how you're pro-creativity* and *accepting praise for homeschooling* and then , on the same facebooks, make it very clear that you've put Jake in an alternative school for the rest of the school year and will be enrolling him in public school, perhaps you should use some discretion.

I mean really - for people who don't want their private business discussed, perhaps braying it all across the internet and then getting pissy when the response isn't "Bless you for raising such fine children!" isn't the right path? I mean, if you don't want to be percieved as attention whores selling out your kid's privacy and problems for not even money, but just fan attention... then learn some discretion.

Really, there's "sharing with the fans" and then there's using the internet to whine and moan and then get hostile when not everyone agrees with you. Surprise surprise, when you publically announce your kid's been kicked out of school for grades, not everyone is going to hand you a mug with "#1 Mom and Dad". And if you geniunely don't want your "fans" asking you about your son's expulsion... well who put it out there on Facebook?

I sure didn't. Matt and Amy were *proud* to discuss it on Facebook until someone questioned them. Then its all "you don't know us" and "FB isn't the place for this".

Well, Matt and Amy - a little thought - perhaps it shouldn't have been put on Facebook *by the both of you so you could have warm fuzzies from the fans* to begin with. Think about it.

hvnlymusic said...

A couple other things, I watched your collection of shows, I actually started feeling a little uncomfortable. Kind of like saying, "Those black people" Or "Those Mexicans"--kind of like I was supposed to identify you as "Little People" I am not saying that it should not be done, I just felt like you were "People" People with the same ups and downs in your family that many of us have.

The other comment is to all these people on here that seem to be making negative comments. If you don't like it, don't watch it. Take a lesson from "Thumper"; "If you can't say something nice, don't say nuthin' at all." Just a suggestion

Chris Linton said...

Jer is probably swinging from a chandalier right about now...

Or if he's a light weight, barfing up a storm.

Either way, I'm sure he's praising Jesus! :)

David said...

Does this mean Matt and Amy will stop calling Jeremy and Zach "boys" now that they're 21?

18 didn't put a stop to that. I'm guessing 21 won't matter either. Maybe when they're 30?

David said...

Perhaps Matt will trust Jeremy and Zach to give an interview when they're 30, too :)

Sandie said...

Matt sez:
May 10
Tomorrows photo will be the biggest of the big.. Any guesses?

My guess: Matt's massive ego.

Carolyn said...

Matt strikes again! His teasing about his "big" picture today...was a picture of the big sky in Montana.

Ashley said...

I think Matt learned too well from TLC. He makes previews sound a lot more interesting than the actual content.

People were guessing really big announcements or fun things. Matt never delivers, just like Little People Big World.

It's all about making fools out of people by selling them an empty box.

Derek said...

Maybe Matt can find a quote about having a 21 year old son in Jeremy that can't make it through a day without the wonderful Jacob Mueller by his side.

Just like Matt teaches. That is extraordinary. They spend more time together than married couples.

Best friends spending that much time together is cute when they're eight. Kind of pathetic when they're 21.

Brandon said...

Uh-oh. I fear Molly is destined for the same fate as Jeremy.

She's going to be 18 this year...and she's asking daddy to talk for her?

Not that I believe Matt for a second, but it's amusing how Matt sees nothing wrong with making his kids sound like infants.

If what Matt said was true, then Molly really is following in her brothers footsteps. Can't be bothered to associate with the fans...until there is money to be made!

David said...

How does Molly ever handle her busy "job"? I'm sure the daily orders must keep her swamped in the "Roloff store".

Carol said...

It continues to amaze me that anybody would think that Matt Roloff would be honest about his family. I guess the "There's a sucker born every minute" saying is true.

Brandon said...

That's Mueller and Jake Roloff on the "Goat Walk"?

I'm not surprised that Mueller is there since he and Jeremy can't go an hour without being in each others company.

Matt, maybe it's time to reflect on things? Maybe letting Jake hang around Mueller and Jeremy isn't a good idea and maybe, just maybe, contributed to his troubles this year?

Greg said...

A family meeting to talk about their summer? I swear Matt talks about Jeremy and Zach like they are 11.

My God! They just turned 21. They're having family meetings planning their summer with daddy? Pathetic.

Tracey said...

The Roloffs are so out of touch with regular people.

In the real world, Matt, Amy, Jeremy, Zach and Molly would have jobs where they wouldn't be free to map out family vacation ideas.

Ashley said...

I think Matt uses the word "spirit" on purpose :)

Greg said...

It's too bad Matt thinks having a mansion and 30 something family vehicles and toys makes him blessed.

He is a liar and is known that way to a lot of people.

He has a marriage, by his wife's own admission, where they lost the friendship.

Despite Matt's PR, anybody with a tiny bit of understanding can tell he has a rocky relationship with two of his kids.

One of those, appears to be so troubled that it's causing him to fail out of school.

His Golden Boy has a reputation for being bigoted snob of a jerk.

But Matt has cars and swindles some people thus he considers himself blessed.

Katie T said...

Greg, I don't disagree with some of that, but curious.

What two kids do you not think Matt has a good relationship with?

Brandon said...

Matt is such a braggart, always tooting his own horn.

Ironically, I do hand it to him for living a full life despite some obstacles.

That alone doesn't make him a great person and jeez, he has no humility. None of the Roloffs have any idea what the word means.

Greg said...

Katie, I meant Zach and Jacob.

Lynn C said...

Matt Roloff isn't perfect, but he is inspirational in how he achieved all his dreams. He didn't let anything life threw at him stand in his way.

I may not agree with everything he or his family does or how he goes about it sometimes, but there is something good to be learned from Matt's example.

David said...

The thing about what Matt says is this...if you pay close attention to Matt, he is actually a very negative and angry person. He tries to cover it up with oddball references and smiley faces, but his negativity and anger is smoldering.

Anne said...

I don't think Matt is being arrogant. He is trying to inspire others, hence "Despite the hardship.. I never lost faith or hope. I always stayed positive. That spirit is paying off on spades. I know it will for you too!

David said...

It's Matt's passive aggressive way of inferring that he's better than the rest, Anne.

The flaw Matt has is that again he feels that his form of "success" is what everyone is seeking. That's not correct. Also a lot of people wouldn't touch his definition of it or the way he "achieves" it with a 50 ft pole because attributes likes character, honesty and integrity are important to some people.

Rap541 said...

There's also the reality that Matt invokes his childhood torture. I mean really, "when I was screaming in pain" - and if it was the only time Matt invoked the image of himself as a young boy screaming in agony as viciously cruel doctors tortured him, I might forgive it but Matt tosses out the "I spent my entire childhood in complete isolation, screaming for help that never came as I sat in a lonely hospital bed begging for a moment in the sun that never EVER came" stuff at the drop of a hat.

For someone who has gotten past it, Matt sure likes invoking that image of his torture filled horrible childhood. You know, for someone who is inspiring us all to push past the pain, Matt sure never hesitates to remind us all how much *worse* his life was than anyone else's and how he was *screaming in pain* for his whole childhood, always alone, always sagely praying for deliverence that never ever came.

Considering the counterpoint of pleasant stories of how he was always showing the norms how he could bike and build forts and raise up a playful ruckus as the cute "gooblygoo" lil dickens and Mark Twain clone he professes to be... I dunno.

What I do know? Apparently if you mention Shriner's Hospital, Matt is completely negative and not past his childhood issues at all. As his "I was SCREAMING IN PAIN AND I WAS NEVER ABLE TO PLAY LIKE EVERYONE ELSE BUT I AM SMILING EVEN THOUGH I WAS SCREAMING" commentary over years shows.

Sometimes when Matt trots out his pithy wisdom, I find myself thinking "Do you know me, Matt? Look to yourself and solve your own problems!"

Thats a variation of his wife's advice after all. I hope Matt takes it some day, instead of going to his grave harping on how he had a bad childhood.

Vic Rattlehead said...

The one thing that Matt is really good at is playing up his victimhood.

He is the perpetual victim of everyone and everything from his so called childhood of unending torture and suffering to the companies he worked for that fired him for gross incompetence to the local government authorities who he claims always interfere in his "farm business" with their "silly demands" for things like safety code inspections and mandated business operation license inspections, his neighbors whom he mockingly refers to as "martini farmers" when he himself is little more than a hobby framer for three months a year and even the Oregon State Police who he claimed were trying to railroad him into prison (which is where he belongs if he has a multiple charge history of DUI's) during that whole DUI escapade.

Matt is just a professional victim nothing more nothing less and I for one am sick and tired of his constant bellyaching about how rough his life is when there are people with much sadder stories than his that really deserve our sympathy.

Lynn C said...

Strong language, but this is a popular topic of the Roloffs :)

Be nice.

(or click on my name for the link)

Brandon said...

Lynn, when I listen to that, yeah I see the relation to the Roloffs...but not the way you're implying.

I think a teenage girl from Puerto Rico that made a fan page to Jeremy and Jeremy and his friends turning around and publicly mocking and laughing at her appearance.

I think of Jeremy and his cools friends like Mueller telling another teenager girl to go kill herself because she was a loser freak or calling her a bitch for being a big fan of Jeremy's.

Do you care about them? No because they aren't famous and it was the Roloffs being the bullies.

The funny truth about the Roloffs playing the victim of bullying is most of the things they complain about are valid criticisms of their behavior.

It's no secret that Matt and the Roloffs hate this blog.

How often do you hear Zach or Molly or anybody get called ugly or fat or anything like that? Like never?

The Roloffs get called hypocrites and cat abusers and get confronted about their prejudiced behavor and lies.

They are reality stars that wanted to display their life for money and fame. Yeah when people watch the show some are going to have an opinion that the kids were disrespectful or lazy or behaved like brats. They comment like that because the Roloffs chose to display that.

It's not the same as what that girl is getting at.

Like I said, the best Roloff example of that, is Jeremy, Mueller and his friends using their power as "celebrities" to kick their fans in the stomach with cruel and mean spirited insults.

Rap541 said...

Nicely said, Brandon. I'd add that there would be a lot less negative attention to the Roloffs if the Roloffs and their lackeys weren't delighting in "kicking hater ass".

Lynn - do you think the *Roloffs* could get something out of that video? Because if the answer is no then you're making the "BE POSITIVE ONLY OR SHUT UP HATERS" arguement and since this is a discussion area and not a fan page... people are going to criticize.

Susan Coles said...

Very well said Brandon.

If you observe the Roloffs for any length of time, they are bullies.

You see it in how Matt treats people in life. In how Jeremy, Zach and their friends talk, mock and insult "uncool" people.

In addition to Jeremy and his friends own bullying of people, there is Matt that proudly endorses cyber-bullies using anonymous screen names like "Sawyer" as long as the bully likes the Roloffs.

I've come to realize over the last few years that the Roloff family are actually a very nasty group of people. They don't care about being kind, they only care about themselves and personal gain.

Brandon said...

Matt talking about partying in Las Vegas...that's very wholesome Christian. I wonder if Jeremy's church would give their seal of approval?

What? Matt implying that Jeremy and Zach are party experts? Say it ain't so...

Abby said...

When is Marty getting married?

Timothy said...

Matt went to Las Vegas to "party" with Marty for less than one day?

Nice that he misses so many things in his own family, but party with Marty in Vegas? Matt is there!

Anne said...

It was good of Matt to go, however, brief of time it was. I'm sure Marty appreciated it.

Meghan said...

Maybe Matt wanted one more day to party before judgement day ;)

Leigh said...

Yeah, I don't understand the Roloffs rolling moral compass.

One minute Matt tries to pass them off as the Beaver Cleaver family playing board games and reading the Bible while the kids sip hot chocolate.

The next he's talking about "partying" it up in Las Vegas and how Jeremy and Zach know how to "party".

Christine said...

I'm surprised Matt is going on about how much he's partying. Get him out of there before he does that again...that's kind of open ended.

Matt not knowing how to party? Excuse me? Isn't it true that Matt used to do drugs? I'm not saying that as a rumor, but that's what people that have read Matt's first book said Matt wrote, that he used to do cocaine in the 80s?

Now he's saying he never learned how to party?

David said...'s quite amusing that suddenly Matt's Facebook is about how to get drunk and "party", with fans even offering their tips how to drink the most and still be upright.

Perhaps Matt has decided to shift the image. Scrap the wholesome Christian junk and sell the family as a bunch party going drunks.

Expressed said...

David, it would make the show more realistic and interesting :)

Just imagine an episode about Jeremy getting hammered, it would get great ratings!

Much more real than those contrived fake plots that ruined most of the episodes in the final seasons.

Jason said...

Did Matt or Marty find a way to make this a "CODA" trip like they do with the basketball games? They look like they're partying just like they do for the CODA events.

Brandon said...

"Jeremy has Sundays off to do what he needs to do" play with Mueller like he does every other day and has for the past 16 years. Jer needs his play time.

Dana said...

Brandon, Matt is referring to Jeremy attending church services on Sunday, I would assume.

Timothy said...

Brandon, it's the benefits of working for daddy. Jer Bear gets to not work whenever his little heart desires.

Seriously this is why it would have been beneficial for Jeremy to have a boss that wasn't his dad and why Zach is a step above Jeremy, at least he has a boss that isn't his dad and is learning what it's like to work in the real world.

Carol said...

I agree about Jeremy. That's precisely why "working for Matt" is not a real job for Jeremy.

Does Matt really think dirt being dumped is entertaining for others? Talk about an ego!

Greg said...

Matt is a whole lot of nothing. That's what his "give me quotes" was about.

A plug for his blog. What's the point?

David said...

Greg, I share your feeling.

Matt asks for quotes. Fans post quotes.
Matt's assistant puts the quotes on Matt's blog...why?

It's a good thing Dallah is totally independent of Matt, just a blogger blogging her thoughts and not Matt's staff. Chuckle chuckle.

Co-ordinating with Matt, posting his list of quotes he likes and then Matt tries to direct his fans to it. That's not staff like at all.

Ashley said...

This school thing is mind blowing....Matt must be putting on an act.

I've never seen a parent so thrilled that his son got expelled from school!

Greg said...

May all kids be kicked out of school and showered with praise like Jacob. Poor suckers on Matt's FB don't even know what they are congratulating him for.

Jocelynn said...

In all seriousness, do Matt and Amy know what they are doing?

I agree they shouldn't necessarily kick him when he's down. But there's not piling on and there's rewarding bad behavior.

Even if Matt and Amy's version is completely true, Jacob just didn't give a darn at school and his grades were so bad that the school had enough of him.

Must Matt sound SO thrilled with him? Really? What kind of message does that send Jacob?

He needed improvement on writing and reading in order to start grade nine. Matt says he is doing great, I wouldn't expect Matt to report anything else.

Even if the learning facility 4 days a week says he is doing good, and I'm skeptical, I'm still uncomfortable with the way Matt is rewarding Jacob for being expelled.

How is Jacob going to do at high school next year? He has learned that if doesn't put any effort into it and doesn't care, that Matt and Amy will give him treats and be as pleased as they could possibly be with him.

Peter Lane said...

Serious question. If Faith Bible is so bad, why is Matt sending Molly there currently and next year to graduate?

Alyssia said...

I'm not the biggest Roloff fan, but Matt could be right. I've never been a big supporter of strict Christian private schools.

Maybe it really wasn't the best environment for Jacob.

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