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Matt Roloff's Blog on the Freebies given to the Roloff Family on LPBW

It was suggested by some of our readers that we do an item on the same subject to give people a chance to express themselves if they choose (since there is a lengthy list of posting rules on RW). On the Matt Roloff blog -- Roloff World the most recent item was about the "free stuff" the Roloffs received.

"... it was suggested that the Roloff’s were rolling in the dough as “Highly Paid Reality TV Stars” and then asking companies for free this and free that. This perception bothered me for a multitude of reasons, mainly of course being that it’s simply not true. I thought it was a strong statement from someone who does not have a clear understanding of both sides of this coin. Have companies provided products and services in exchange for showing those products and services on Little People Big World? Yes. Was it free? Not necessarily."

First, about the Roloff World blog, we previously expressed what we thought people should know about it. I just think people should be aware that despite the efforts and insistence that it is completely separate and independent of Matt Roloff -- it is basically a Matt Roloff project. Matt has identified the person posting as Dallah; who he previously thanked on his Facebook page for "helping Admin" his Official Facebook Page -- so a person that does work for Matt -- Matt's staff.

What you should know about Matt is something that we've had explained to us by several friends of the Roloffs. Matt is very paranoid and very controlling of what friends say publicly about the Roloffs. Which basically is nothing unless it's under his direction (hence, why you've never seen even Jeremy or Zach do an interview on their own with someone that's not under Matt's control despite their advancing adult age). Matt has even spoke about that subject himself in his past Q&A's -- talking about how the Roloffs would cut friends out of their circle if they found out they would talk about them on the internet.

So, suddenly Matt is giving a friend free reign to talk about whatever she wants and talk to any Roloff or any staff she wants, yet Matt is not in control? Not buying it :) So I think it's wise to assume that nothing is said or brought up unless previously cleared with Matt. I still don't understand why Matt didn't put it on the notes section of his own Facebook Page or even on his own website -- since basically a blog is a website aside from the url. However, I suspect Matt wants to give the appearance that it's not coming from him and he wanted to have one blog that he controls.

With that out of the way, Dallah blogs about the subject of the Roloffs receiving free stuff (which by the way, sounds a lot like the start of the "misconception" list Matt mentioned on his Facebook page months ago).

Anyhow, Dallah does nicely and accurately explain how trade-outs work in the industry. That's correct. Actually, the much maligned Kate Gosselin, early in the Jon and Kate Plus 8 series explained the same process on an episode where they answered viewer questions. That is exactly how it works for the Roloffs and pretty much all of the shows like that.

A lot of fans get upset when they see these families get all this free stuff, free services and free vacations. Personally, I don't see the problem. As explained, it's a business deal. The business makes the decision to exchange their product or services in exchange for the advertising of having their product seen or mentioned on a television show. I suppose the issue for some is that these families start out just like themselves -- real people working to get by and then they get showered with all these free products and free vacations and it makes them unrelatable -- but I think that's a whole other subject

I only have two issues with regard to the Roloffs and this subject. One, Dallah puts Free Stuff in quotes and sort of objects to the notion that the Roloffs received free stuff. Yes, it is a business deal, product/services in exchange for advertising on the television network, but make no mistake, it is free stuff for the Roloffs.

Secondly, unlike Kate Gosselin (love her or hate her) and the way the Jon and Kate Plus Eight show dealt with the subject of "free stuff" or Trade-Outs -- Little People, Big World and the Roloffs weren't so honest. The Roloffs...well, lied about it. I'm sure viewers can recall the many times they heard Matt on the show say "I have a friend" (one example of that was the yellow VW being completely restored by the company in Bakersfield, CA)....well, those were trade outs.

One of the best examples was the luxury vacation home the Roloffs stayed in during their trip to Orlando. The General Manager of Global Resort Homes kindly contributed his thoughts to our site after he watched the episode. He expressed his disappointment, stating he didn't get the return he thought they would considering they comped a luxury vacation home for the Roloffs -- the sign was shown once from a distance, Amy made a comment in the episode about not liking the kitchen and actually the company name wasn't even flashed up in the closing credits -- it was the marketing firm of one of their associates. So the GM admitted he was disappointed, but did mention that at least Amy did leave a "Thank you" note in the guest book saying they enjoyed their (free) stay. That was a trade out. However, trusting viewers weren't told that. If you ever see that episode again, "Escape to Orlando", listen for the exact quote from the mouth of Amy Roloff during a voice over: "I must say, it's the first time we rented a home while on vacation. It's kind of nice." Well, that was a lie. It was a trade-out.

The GM wrote this blog prior to the episode airing, it explains the thought process from the business side of the trade out process:

So that summarizes the trade-out process on LPBW. They were trade outs, but on the show they were presented as lies straight from the Roloffs.

As I said, personally it does not bother me one bit. It's a business. Businesses make the decision that they feel the advertising they'll receive will be worth it. But as for the Roloffs, let's call it like it was -- they did get "free stuff".


Brandon said...

Spirits, that's how I've always felt about it too.

I don't care. I never watched the Jon and Kate show, but I never understood the hate they got that seemed to avoid the Roloffs. At least from the Gosselin Without Pity people. They would moan about the Gosselins getting freebees and trips, but have no problem with the Roloffs.

Jon and Kate were honest about it.
The Roloffs were liars (such great Christians!).

I guess it goes to show that sometimes it does pay to lie. Sad.

Christine said...

I don't understand the point of what the Matt blog is making.

They are objecting to people saying the Roloffs got free stuff because they were traded for exposure on the show. That's between TLC and the company. The Roloffs are the ones that reap the rewards by getting FREE STUFF!

Greg said...

Nice job Spirits :) The Roloffs busted in a big lie.

It's so pathetic that Jeremy and Zach as 21 year old men aren't allowed or don't have any desire to be their own people and speak for themselves. They are still happy to act like little babies that need Dad and dad's people to speak for them.

I put that on Jeremy and Zach more than Matt. Matt is doing what he always does. At some point it is on them to stand up to him. They are 21 (almost). Matt can't tell them what to do. They should tell him that they love him as their dad, but "Dad, go suck a lemon. I'm not a baby, I'll say what I want to whom I want".

Expressed said...

I agree Spirits.

Good for the Roloffs that they got free stuff. It's one of the perks from the show. But why bother being dishonest about it?

David said...

Matt has always had a hang up with the perception that TLC made the family rich and not him.

Mel said...

What a crock. The show was all product placement. All about them getting free stuff and vacation after vacation after vacation.

The counted 34 vehicles and this person is saying they weren't rolling in the dough? Ridiculous.

Rap541 said...

He's having Dallah post it on the roloffworld blog because the roloff world blog is literally covered with disclaimers on how nothing Dallah says about Matt is to be construed as actually coming from Matt.

I don't mind product placement, I think its one of the obvious perks of the show, but lets not pretend that the end result wasn't the Roloffs getting a lot of stuff for free.

BeckyM said...

@ Brandon what you may not know, is that Khate and Jon toured about speaking at churches and accepting CASH ONLY "Love Offerings." Also, there seems to be quite a bit of evidence that Khate deliberately got pregnant with multiples as a way to make money.

JMO but I think the predatory planning of it all and then her whining that she MUST sell her kids on television or she can't support them is the kick in the gut for most people.

BeckyM said...

Matt's defensiveness is backpedaling about comps and freebies is to try to make his show more "real." Com'on folks is there anyone but your granny who thinks reality shows are real?

- they are scripted
- they are planned
- people are told wher to stand and what to say
- plots are outlined
- scenes are re-shot

Reality television is not a documentary. It's a fame-ho stroll of no-talents milking the public's interest for some money. The public lost interest in the Roloffs and he show was cancelled.

Vic Rattlehead said...

Matt & Amy Roloff are failures in everything they've ever done:

Marriage: on the rocks.

Raising children: if Zach and Jeremy are any evidence of their parenting skills I'd say they've failed miserably as parents
(although Molly and Jacob are still too young to judge).

Being "christians": their fake brand of self righteous exclusionary "Christianity" is religion for the weak willed and simple minded.

Being honest: they've never met a lie they couldn't love.

Being decent human beings: they bully and abuse others to get their way and act like selfish arrogant entitled jerks.

Timothy said...

I thought the same thing as Spirits about the Roloff World blog being the place where Matt has one of people post his "misperceptions" rant.

Perhaps Matt didn't want to appear petty by responding to things that obviously bother him. Perhaps they thought it would look better if one of people did it on a blog.

It was free stuff. Why does that bother Matt so much?

Timothy said...

Also, I wonder about how many other sponsors/companies felt like they didn't get their monies worth like the Resort manager.

I never remembered a lot of them.

The one I think got ripped off the most was the restoration company that did Matt's old yellow Bug. Essentially they build a new car.

Matt introduced them as friends that wanted to help him. I think their sign was on the wall when the Roloffs were shown there for 5 seconds and that was it. That's helluva lot of work to have a sign on the wall in the background for 5 seconds.

Jocelynn said...

Timothy, the company I wonder about was Rockstar. They gave the Roloffs so much stuff. They donated a mini motorcycle to Amy's charity auction. They gave the Roloffs what looked like a year supply of Rockstar drinks. They gave them clothes. I've seen a lot of pictures off the show of the Roloff kids and Mueller wearing Rockstar shirts and hats.

When they had their big epiosode on the show, they blurred it out.

I wondered if it was punishment for the guy talking to Spirits?

If I was giving the Roloffs free stuff, I would talk about it to whoever wanted to talk about it on the internet because the return on show is so minimal.

The show did become all about the Roloffs being given free things and lavish trips. Like I saw someone else say, it's too bad the way the world works is that the richer someone is, the more free things they are given. People that don't even need it and in some cases, don't even seem to really appreciate it because they are spoiled by it.

Melissa said...

Dallah was one of the sponsors of the Statesmen, Zach's sponsor?

I still thinks that was awful, absolutely awful, what the Roloffs did there. Matt, Amy Zach, and Marty Klebba too. Terrible people as far as I'm concerned.

Rich celebrities with every luxury they desire, pleading charity case for themselves. I remember Matt or Zach's letter about that. Poor dwarf children just wanting a chance to go to Ireland to experience the joy of playing sports. Oh, by the way, sponsorship is for Zach, Marty and possibly Amy as well.

Millionaires seeking handouts. The Roloffs didn't even learn their lesson. It kind of sounded to me like the Roloffs got Molly sponsored to Haiti. At least that was for something good, but it's the same thing. Millionaires seeking donations because they are too darned cheap to spend their own money like normal people when you want to do something.

Dallah and the rest of the sponsors should have given their sponsorship money to people and organizations that really are in need and not the celebrities who are the equivalent of well off people that go to the local Soup Kitchen because they are always looking for a way to save $ and get free meal.

IMO, people that take charity money and donations when they have the means themselves are awful, awful people with no morals or sense of right or wrong.

Rap541 said...

I think the one that got ripped off the most was Rockstar. They clearly dumped a lot of free product on the Roloffs and they never got a mention in any episode and their product placement t-shirts were always blurred.

Agree that the blog is clearly controlled by Matt and he's endorsed it on his facebook so yes, not surprised that Matt is so daringly discussing the "misperceptions" about the Roloffs on a site that clearly states Matt is not to be held liable for the opinions expressed.

He's such a *fighter* ;)

Diane said...

Yeah, Matt talking about it on Facebook gives away that Matt is in control of the Roloff World blog.

Matt has said he allows no links on his Facebook...but he links Dallah...because it's actually his project? :)

Megan said...

Matt can't make up his mind about money.

One minute, he is bragging about himself as a successful millionaire and how this thing was the most successful of all time and that thing was the most successful thing ever. He brags about all the toys he has and all the excessive luxuries (can you say 36 vehicles and machines?)

The next minute it pisses him off when people say the Roloffs are rolling in the money and are rich.

It must all depend on what arguement Matt is fighting against.

Christy T said...

I think Jeremy is way worse than Matt. Yeah Matt is a sleazy salesman, but at least he's done something in his life.

Jeremy is a full blown hypocrite. He's lazy and has done nothing on his own. He treats people like dirt and worst of all, he thinks he is so holy because he goes to a church.

Anonymous said...

Spiritswander, You sound scared of Matt Roloff,

Anonymous said...

I love the Roloff's

Henry said...

The Roloffs only did the show for the money, free stuff and fame. They act like they are doing it for "society" but it's all about them being selfish and wanting stuff for themselves.

Too bad they coveted that. In the process they raised nasty spoiled kids that don't know respect or manners.

Chantal said...

I think the roloffworld blog expained it well. Good lesson our mothers teach us, Nothing is free, everything comes at a price.

Brandon said...

Um, Chantal? It was free for the Roloffs...

BeckyM said...

Matt statees: "Was it free? Not necessarily."

Translated: he had to be on a reality television show to get it and "act." He probably also had to claim it as a gift on his taxes. Hard work that.

Rap541 said...

Well, to be fair Brandon, it wasn't entirely free. The Roloffs did have to whore themselves and make up a lie.

You know, it takes effort to say "Well, my *friend* has a garage and he offered to finish up restoring the yellow bug...." or "Are you boys playing with that new *Wii*?" (camera angles to the Wii)

It just goes to what I said previously. Dangle a dollar, or in this case, free stuff, and a Roloff will dance for you.

Tho I still wonder what Rockstar did to piss them off.

Vic Rattlehead said...

"I still wonder what Rockstar did to piss them off. "

You mean other than make a third rate "energy drink" that turns your liver and kidneys to goo?

Probably had something to do with Matt not getting the money or perks he wanted from them.

Rap541 said...

Vic, hey, I don't care for the stuff either (and it has the entirely wrong effect on me, I drink one and its nappy time for rappy within a half hour) but I do find it curious that they clearly handed out some perks and didn't get anything in return....

Asa said...

"So that summarizes the trade-out process on LPBW. They were trade outs, but on the show they were presented as lies straight from the Roloffs." Why say that? They said it needed to fit into the story and it did. If Matt wasn't already friends with some of the companies so what, they probably liked that he said he was.

Eliza said...

"there seems to be quite a bit of evidence that Khate deliberately got pregnant with multiples as a way to make money."

Becky M, I think you are a lunatic if you think Kate Gosselin would deliberately get pregnant with 6 babies in order to make money off of them. What if she had only wound up with 3 or 4? Not enough of a novelty leaving her with an expensive gamble to live with. Or what if it would have killed her (and the babies) which is not uncommon with that type of high risk pregnancy. Multiples cost a boat load of money and even more time, I have triplets and I know what it takes to support them. The evidence you claim is out there must be from like minded lunatics. As for my opinion to what she does to support her 8 children, I say do what you need to do and be happy. If that means a reality show, go for it. Times are tough and people have done far more morally questionable things for a dollar then parade their kids in front of a camera. The advice financial guru Suze Orman gave Nadya Suleman about supporting her 14 children was to get an agent, and I agree. Would you rather the Gosselin kids be fostered out or on welfare? Or better yet, would you rather them be raised by babysitters while Kate works 24 hrs a day as a nurse and still not make enough. Get off your high horse gal, you have no right or common sense to judge.

David said...

Asa, "fit the story" = lying.

Did you read what Spirits wrote? Because it's right. Amy did say "it's the first time we rented a home". That was a lie. You call it it "fitting the story". Most people would call it being dishonest and lying.

BeckyM said...

@ Eliza - Khate stated far upfront that she wanted multiples, even before marrying Jon. She claimed she had PCOS and quickly went the route of fertility treatments (which her version of how it was done doesn't synch with science).

Jon and her shopped a video of her and her pregnant belly to many networks looking for the handout. Don't believe me? Do a search on it.

See you (I hope) and me are not crazy like Khate Gosselin and the Octomoms of the world so it's hard to imagine someone being that crazy. But you really underestimate the power of the Reality-ho-stroll.

This isn't a Gosselin blog, but let me state that ANYONE (Gosselin or Roloff) who sells their children for reality television in order to support them has a special place in the Ring of Hell. California law has already bit Octomom in the ass over it but since Khate doesn't live in a state that protects child ACTORS, her kids = 8 little lawsuits against her and TLC once they reach their majority.

I am constantly amazed at people who say "we have to pimp our kids or we wouldn't be able to support them...." Wake up and smell the sourness of exploitation...

BTW you haven't done much of a search on sextuplets. There are families as large as Khate's that are doing it without selling their child's bowel movements on television.

And for the record? My "high horse" is that I wouldn't produce the amount of children that I couldn't support. Welfare? Then why don't you call Khate out like you would some poor woman living in the Projects with four kids by four different fathers?

She is no different - she knowingly produced children in her clown car womb that she COULD NOT SUPPORT. Why didn't Khate think about that? She already had the twins so please don't give me an excuse that she had her heart set on children and this was her "desperate attempt" to have one child to love.

Kansas said...

Is that what you call a lie? You feel deceived because Amy didn't instead say "its the first time we stayed in a rental home" or that Matt didn't introduce someone as a NEW friend? Christ all mighty, if that isn't splitting hairs I don't know what is. Can't believe ya all sit around and think this $#!+ up.

David said...

Yes. It's the Roloffs lying. Clear cut lying.

They were telling the viewers that the Roloffs were paying for their own vacation when it was a comped resort home.

The Roloffs did not rent the home. Amy saying they rented the home was a lie. You don't comprehend how that is a lie?

The Rolofs, bless their Christian hearts, are liars.

I hope some of these people that post defending the Roloffs are either the Roloffs themselves or Roloff staff doing their job because it concerns me that there are people with these lack of morals who are raising children.

Kansas, do you teach your kids it is acceptable to lie?

Justin said...

roloffworld posting rules was probably to keep spirits and others out.

Kansas said...

I teach my kids to be compassionate and forgiving. In order to do that you can't be living your life nit picking every little word that comes out of peoples mouth so you can smile as you nail their tongues to a cross.

Rap541 said...

Asa - it goes to the reality of the show, and the lack thereof.

Matt sometimes can't seem to make up his mind on what story he wants to tell. If we believe the show, the Roloffs were coming off a fairly unpleasant period of financial difficulties when the show began. Its even mentioned in his book. Matt even made the point on the TLC board that the family was being paid very little. (those posts are still around)

But lets be honest. First, based on what Jon and Kate were recieving, 22k per episode, its unlikely the Roloffs were being paid in beads and magic beans. I am about to compliment Matt so take note - I think he's a good enough negiotator that his family wasn't making a pittance in seasons two, three, four, five, and six, and suggesting that the Roloffs (who both ultimately quit their nine to five jobs just like the Gosselins did) were making a grand per episode in season six is a bit unrealistic. For one season, yes I could see a family doing that, but with LPBW being popular, I can't see Matt not getting them a better deal.

So first, in comparion to say, someone on a teacher's salary or a nurse, or hey an actual farming family, the Roloffs *were* making a lot of dough and were highly paid. And you know what? That's not a surprise.

Second, the free stuff is indeed free. Its the Roloffs now. They got a 70k pool for free. Seventy thousand dollars of home improvement. And they own it. They got a free geothermal system for their house. They have two fully restored VW bugs that they can sell, and a restored BMW, a Polaris ATV, that huge tricked out ATV, a new Mule, a brand new Dixie Mower, a dwarf customized bike, a wii, free custom clothes for Zach, a sport court, a new custom man cave barn conversion, a locker room/shower/bathroom seperate from the house, the Indian lodge attraction on the farm, the mill with working water wheel, and Molly's castle totally redone to a 2000 square foot standard, complete with expensive suits of armor, swords, and fancy period thrones.

While not income, these are all freebies that the Roloffs can lquidiate - and I am not counting the many extensive home renovations because while I think some of that was TLC financed, and that Matt got some awesome deals, there's no way to really know.

Then we have the free trips which can't be returned or resold but to a certain extent have to be counted as a form of income since its not as though the Roloffs were paying out of pocket for these trips. We've got big trips, like Hawaii, and the Bahamas (twice), the whole Euro tour, the Mississippi river trip, the monster RV trip, the various LP cons....Again I am not counting things that didn't seem clearly related to the show (like the Haiti cruise, for example).

Is Dallah seriously suggesting that these things aren't a form of compensation? Is it honest to say its not free stuff? That *friends* periodically just happen to want to give you a 70k pool? (that was presented as the pool company just saw the show and wanted to, no onscreen discussion of tradeoffs - and the Jon and Kate show prves the point that it WAS ok to discuss tradeoffs.

Now do I consider the lies the crime of the century? No of course not, but to Kansas's point - honesty has become an issue
The whole honesty issue goes back to the ugly fact that to criticize Matt is always deemed to *lie* about Matt. Matt's not perfect but bless him, there's NO valid criticism of anything he's ever done and his every word is the blessed truth of Jesus Christ and to say different means you're scum. Since Matt and the Roloffs are constantly caught in stories and bad behavior, this viewpoint becomes especially laughable.

Rap541 said...

Kansas - the only issue I take is that Matt insists on one hand that the show is real and on the other mocks people who believe that his family is as presented.

If he wants to lie, well ok, everyone does - but he needs to stop with the farce that the show respresented reality... since he mocks people and encourages harassment of those who say the show isn't real, and also gets his jollies in pointing out how the show *wasn't* real and mocks anyone who thinks it was an accurate representation of his family....

I don't think its unfair to ask him to pick a story and stick to it instead of playing "HAHA you're dumb to believe the show! But ALSO HOW DARE YOU suggest the show wasn't real!" game.

David said...

Kansas, you're diverting from the issue. The Roloffs lied.

The vacation resort home was a trade out between the network the resort company. It was free to the Roloffs. When Amy Roloff told millions of viewers that "we rented a vacation home" she was lying.

They did that deliberately because they wanted to present the *lie* that the Roloffs were like an average family vacationing and didn't want the backlash that people are talking about when the Gosselins admitted the truth about the trade outs.

It was a lie. The Roloffs are liars. That's a fact.

I notice that the Roloffs are big into other people being forgiving when it comes to all of their lies and their own offensive behavior.

Yet I don't see the Roloffs encompassing the qualities of compassion or forgiveness themselves.

The Roloffs lie. You want people to overlook the Roloff lies when they are called on it.

@Rap I agree that Amy's lie about the rental home or Matt's lies about having a "friend" that performed all that work for him is minor in the grand scheme of Roloff lies.

In that list, I would start with almost everything associated with Jeremy.

Rap541 said...

I teach my kids to be compassionate and forgiving. In order to do that you can't be living your life nit picking every little word that comes out of peoples mouth so you can smile as you nail their tongues to a cross.

Kansas - I ask this in all seriousness, how to do you reconcile this with defending Matt Roloff who delights in nailing people and snickering at how he's proven them wrong?

I mean, Matt was *gleefully* delighting in how he was gonna write a tell all book and prove all the bloggers to be liars and wrong about his family.... I trust you feel Matt needs to stop picking every nit and smiling while he nails someone's tongue to the cross, correct?

Or is it ok for Matt to be a nasty jerk since well, when Matt does it, its Christlike?

Jocelynn said...

Kansas, I don't believe that when you hear a celebrity or a public figure tell a lie that you don't think to yourself or say to people that the person told a lie.

I agree with David. I think the Roloffs tell lots of lies.

I don't think there image is authenticate at all.

I don't like the way Amy reacts to valid criticism, but I think she has good intentions. I think Jeremy is a lost cause as far as having moral integrity or character.

The way he has been caught a multitude of times and the lack of character of his friends is a huge red flag that the image they want the public to digest is nothing but lies.

Kansas said...

It's astonishing that you all have gotten in such an uproar. You're taken a whole lot of what I see as nothing and mixing up a big pot of crap soup. Choose your battles is what my papa told me so I have no desire to pick up the big stick you're carrying. Whatever you think the Roloff's have or have not done that has your life tethered to hate and anger is just not a battle I believe worthy of choosing.

Julie said...

BeckyM, sorry, but you sound like those nuts over at GWOP. In fact, I'm pretty sure you must post there, considering that you use the oh-so-clever nickname of Khate.

Like you said, this isn't a Gosselin blog, so maybe you shouldn't try to spread the GWOP brand of craziness to over here.

Rap541 said...

Kansas makes a scat reference to insult, check.

Kansas insists the Roloffs be hands off for criticism, check.

Kansas refuses to apply his own stated morality to Matt Roloff, check.

Kansas acts superior about showing compassion while passive aggressively making the same insults he's decrying, check.

Kansas participates in the discussion solely to insist other posters are wrong and are "crap soup" but when asked to have an opinion about the Roloffs, Kansas sanctimonously runs off, check.

I wonder if Matt gives them a pumpkin every time they make a scat reference? :)

Rap541 said...

You know its funny - Becky and Julie debating thw "Khate" issue reminds me of exactly why I find the "I don't care, but you're all stupid for discussing something I've already dismissed" arguement that Kansas is using a sign of immaturity.

Let me explain - I have opinions on Kate that lean toward Gwop's but that perhaps don't go as far - I think for example, that we'll never know what Kate was thinking when she was getting fertility treatments so the arguing back and forth on the topic? Doesn't interest me.

Here's what I don't do.

I don't post that people should shut up about it.

I don't post that my opinion on the topic is the only correct one and that anyone who disagrees is "crap soup".

I don't snidely ask what the "uproar" is about.

I don't tell people they are wasting their time and should find more productive things to discuss.

I just...don't post on those threads. Kate Gosselin is a big girl, she doesn't need me to defend her, and if I don't care in the slightest or think its an unsolvable mystery (which is my view on 'Did Kate intentionally try for multiples' question) then I let the people who want to discuss it further go ahead and do so.

That's why I generally find the "Kansas" style posters who gleefully note how "turd soupish" (thats another scat fav of Matt) a discussion is to be disengenious.

Pattie said...

Rap, I struggle with the way you write and the innuendoes you present. Please tell me where and when did Matt use any phrase such as " turd soupish"?

Rap541 said...

Have you been to his website His special boardies that he praises for "kicking hater ass" often use such scat based comments in reference to haters. Since Matt praises this behavior and gives his special boardies special phone calls to show they're special, he obviously has no problem with childish insults.

Matt himself, when facing criticism over his parking costs, also cheerfully endorsed "cheap bastard" and "douchebag" with his buddy Pondo on his own facebook, so lets not suggest poor widdle Christlike Matt never has an unkind word to say - he certainly does.

Julie said...

See, Rap, I don't think that's a comparable analogy because...well...this ISN'T a Gosselin blog, so I don't see anything wrong with my telling an GWOPer to cut it out. I don't like Kate either, but I also don't like the people over at GWOP - which is why I don't bother going over to GWOP and posting there. Now if I were on GWOP, and telling people to shut up about calling Kate "Khate", then that'd be a different story. :D But I think it's perfectly reasonable for me to tell someone to leave that GWOP-level stuff on GWOP. I don't want to come to spiritswander's blog with the aim of reading about the Roloffs, only to see rantings about the Gosselins.

Rap541 said...

No no, Julie - I merely make the point that while I have an opinion on that particular issue of Kate's, since I *really don't care* - I am not posting all over GWOP how I *don't care* and *therefore everyone on GWOP should shut up about it*.

That is what I find disengious about some of the one name only, all posting in a similar style, posters - they all insist the discussion isn't something they're interested in having but they certainly are right here, loudly making the point that everyone should shut up... over a topic they pointedly say they aren't even interested in and won't discuss.

Libby said...

Rap, I think Pattie has you nailed. You have a grandiose idea of your opinions but you have made up so many things that you claim Matt has said or done that it is hard to keep track. You assume so much from so little

Rap541 said...

Hey - don't believe me, go check out his boardies and also watch the plethora of one name, one or two shot posters who like to such terms.

Considering how many of the one or two shot posters reference scat when they pointedly tell us all how wrong we are... And since Matt's Own Words have let us know that he has his staff scouring the net for posts so he can gleefully "nail their tongues to a cross" and show us all how very veyr wrong we are in his tell all book... Yeah, you feel free to think I'm making it up and Matt isn't smiling every time one of his defenders "Kicks Hater ass!".

Unless of course, you're suggesting Matt was lying to his boardies when he praised them for "kicking hater ass" - said kicking hater ass including Sawyer telling some girl Molly's age crude masturbation comments.

But hey, I guess Matt figures, if it isn't his kid being humiliated with sexual comments in public, then it's "kicking hater ass for Matt" and something he should praise :)

And if you don't *believe me* head on over to and ASK SAWYER about her masturbation comments that got a parent involved on

Or do nothing and then insist its not true. :)

Libby said...

You just did it again. You just attributed a quote to Matt that was not his and you assume everyone on here that doesn't suck up to your way of thinking is on Matt's staff.

Brandon said...

Libby, since I'm starting to think you are one of Matt's staff I don't expect you to answer this, but Rap is right.

Matt has said he has his staff scour the internet for people disagreeing with the Roloffs. Matt said his staff is doing that so he can write a chapter in a book.

Do you know sites on the internet that I don't know or that no one else seems to know? Because TWOP and IMDB don't talk about the Roloffs anymore.

The only place is Spiritswander and the Facebook fan pages and those are all 'I love you Matt!'

Where is all of Matt's staff going to collect all this information for Matt? What is Matt talking about when he keeps on venting about criticism on his facebook? Do we need to pretend to be dumb. It's obviously here.

I doubt that none of the defenders of the Roloffs are the staff that Matt has sent out in search of Roloff criticism are some of the staff. Especially the ones claiming to know for a fact that things are wrong.

Susan Coles said...

Libby, perhaps you don't know the history, but a person by the alias of "Mrs Sawyer" got banned on two different LPBW boards for vulgar insults and what would be known today as cyberbullying. At TLC, they took the extra step to ban more than just her screen name and on IMDB. Rap alluded to one of the incidents on there (there were many, complete with her harassing someone for being gay) where she made masterbation comments to a 15 year old girl.

Do you know what Matt did? He said he opened his forum for Mrs Sawyer and appointed her his moderator on his webstie. He invited her to come visit him and said he wants to meet her. The other moderator told her after a phone conversation with Matt that Matt was asking if she was still around a "kicking hater ass".

Matt embraces people that are cyber bullies, harass and use vulgar sexual language as long as they defend him and his family against any criticism.

It says a great deal about Matt's own character and his own lack of morals, in my opinion.

trying-to-be-rap said...

Thank you for your passive-aggressive generalization and for preaching your ideology with such blind conviction. Please take some time to step off the high horse and re-evaluate your motives. It might at some point become apparent to you that the entertainment industry is the mirror - often a funny mirror, an exaggeration - of reality, a satire, of a sort. It is not the other way around, never has been and never will be. Kindly address what's wrong with you, not with the people appearing in LPBW. Thx!

Rap541 said...

Libby - was created by Matt for his boardies. You seem to be taking the "I'm not gonna look and then insist you're lying".

Go ask Sawyer - she still posts there. Perhaps she'll do her patented "You're full of Sh&t" icon for you.

Again, I certainly don't think everyone who disagrees with me is from Matt's staff - you'll notice I've never suggested that of Dana, for example, or Expressed, or Lynn C, or Judy B, or Sheri and Brokenwing when they were around, or even Jocelynn, who isn't exactly a pro-Matt sort, but who has definitely and eloquently disagreed with me at times....

But really, there's certainly someone who claims special knowledge, and slings scat based insults when backed into a corner, who passive aggressively whine about how bored/irritated they are with any topic and who also passive aggressively snit in judgement on how much better they are than the majority of posters here because they know how awesome the Roloffs are etc etc etc. They have different names and they periodically disappear. See above. Lets call our antagonist "Poster X".

Kansas is Poster X. As is typical of Poster X - he attempts to derail the discussion of the Roloffs by insulting other posters and passive aggressively suggesting he/she has a higher morality and finds the posters here bad. When he/she gets called out to actually make the discussion about the Roloffs and apply his morality to Matt's actions, he runs off as opposed to actually addressing how she/he is calling out people here for behavior that is condoned in Matt Roloff.

Enter Patty. Patty is also a Poster X - again turning the discussion away from the Roloffs and also from how Kansas lost the previous arguement.

Enter Libby - who is also a Poster X, who of course agrees with Patty and who continues to be passive aggressive...

I can actually cite several threads that have this pattern.

Susan - it's really always been the ugly behavior that Matt delighted in and encouraged that convinced me that underneath the "gobblygoo" persona, Matt is a very meanspirited person.

Rap541 said...

And look - Poster X - again derailing with nothing to say about *The Roloffs*, a passive aggressive attack (That would be the "what's wrong with you that you aren't agreeing with me" attitude and also the whole "You just don't know... I'm an insider and I *know* reality tv vs Matt Roloff" stuff)

Its funny - well, actually incredibly predictable - that Matt or Matt's staff never address the Sawyer situation, and how Matt in *reality* was condoning and encouraging his special fans to cyberbully children Molly's age with masturbation comments.

To bring things back on topic - since this is about the Roloffs - the Roloffs were clearly well compensated in free stuff and we all understand that they were lying when they were presenting stories about how their "new friends" just wanted to lavish them with gifts.

There's nothing wrong with "tradeouts" - since most of us have already seen Kate Gosselin explain it (which means btw that TLC was not *forbidding* the Roloffs from telling the truth*) its not a mystery Matt needs to explain. We get it. TLC exchanged advertising for material goods, and the Roloffs were the beneficiaries. Its free stuff for them - I think you can still find the quote of Matt on the TLC boards explaining that if the Roloffs are doing x on vacation on camera, its paid for by TLC.

I don't understand the need to suggest that the Roloffs weren't well compensated. The show was obviously beneficial to them in thousands of dollars in tradeoffs and free vacations, and frankly free advertising and thats all before their actual wages are touched on.