Friday, May 13, 2011

Amy Roloff Coffee Chat Summary May 13th -- "Judging" the Roloff Family

Amy Roloff had her coffee chat today. No other Roloffs made appearances. Amy explained that Matt is working on dirt, Jeremy is working with Matt, Zach might be at his soccer job, Molly is in school...and Jacob was upstairs reading.

In our summaries, we stick to the details about the family. Amy discussed a few news stories in media -- like the woman who gave her daughter Botox. Then Amy went to the kitchen to cook.

Amy said Molly and Jacob want to go to Disneyland so they might do that soon.

A plane flew by, she said Jeremy's dream is to get his pilots licence and fly planes so he can help people. She referenced when they stopped in Haiti on their one day of the Oasis of the Seas cruise -- a plane flew them further into Haiti. Jeremy would like to do things like if he ever gets his pilot license.

Zach isn't working for the Portland Timbers, he's doing an internship with an internet company - He's doing internet broadcasting work with them. He gets to interview the Portland Timbers soccer team, he's given media passes and that type of thing.

Amy will not be around during Matt's 50th Birthday Party Celebration event that Matt has been promoting. Amy said she has a Women's Conference speaking engagement and will be out of town. Jeremy won't be there either as Amy expects Jeremy to be in California for college, although she said they might fly Jeremy back for it.

Other than that, Amy didn't talk too much about the family. Amy appeared to be rather annoyed over some Facebook comments on her site and the issues that are discussed on our site. To summarize:

*Amy said fans know a lot of private details about the Roloffs, especially in how the Roloffs are celebrities (the reality show). Fans know more things about the Roloffs than most celebrities would allow. Amy says they let people in on a little bit of what's going on through their Facebook pages, but they don't feel they need to divulge everything.

*Amy went on to say when you read things in the news, take it with a grain of salt, because you may not know all the details.

*Amy said there are so many things said about her family and so many negative things said. She said not negative in that they disagree with her, but negative on a piece of information when you don't have the whole story...

*Amy said they sometimes give a little bit of information because sometimes things aren't concrete. Amy said LPBW specials? If they do specials fine, but it's just remote discussions. It's not lying.

*Regarding Jacob, Amy said yes he was let go from the school. Amy in her own words said if you want to call it that Jacob was kicked out of school, fine, yes he was kicked out. Jacob is a smart boy, but he made certain choices regarding school work and he paid the consequences for those choices. Amy said they were considering home schooling for a time, but now are basically sending him to learning centers. That doesn't mean they were lying according to Amy.

So that's what Amy had to say about those things.

Here at Spiritswander, we always attempt to sort through the spin and get to the real crux of the issues and be real and accurate. So I need to interject.

I respectively disagree with Amy.... a lot on this issue. The comments Amy are referring to, are not inaccurate details or unfounded rumors. Despite what Amy says, I do think Amy classifies people as being negative and unfair if they simply disagree with her. I also don't think Amy factors in the Roloffs role (especially Matt) in implying things that are not true or making something seem like something it's not. Then when they are criticized or confronted for those discrepancies, Amy says people are judging. Here at Spiritswander --even people connected to the family and to the show -- refer to it as classic Matt Roloff spin.

If you're lost on this whole subject, we will fill you in :-) That's what we are here for.

Amy's comments are obviously in reference to person on Facebook, Chris Garza, that posted some very direct questions to Amy confronting her about some issues and discrepancies.

Here were the comments (which now appear to have been deleted):

Chris Garza: You said you liked tough questions:

Is Throwing cats allowed in your home?

Having a son that got expelled from school while you lot are too busy trying to get back on television or in Maui do you take any of the blame?

Why are you lying to people about home schooling when he's going to school 4 days a week?

Has Jeremy ever had a job that his daddy wasn't his boss?

Jeremy and Molly supporting the very message that Matt and Amy are so-called speaking advocates for about acceptance of differences. Why do you not accept gays? Do you think they have a disease?

Mueller? Isn't he an enabler?

Why did Matt Roloff go on record on a local Portland TV station saying the show would go on for 2 more years and then 2 weeks later it was canceled?

The fans deserve the truth once and for all.

Amy Roloff: Wow Chris. You do have a lot of negativity going on here. Yes, we may be public figures but that does not mean i have to or should give up every and all aspect of my life - public and/or personal. The funny thing about being a public figure you will NEVER please everyone all of the time or maybe even some of the time. However, if you have a message and can have people more aware and think about something positive and different about someone or a group of people and their community then yes I think I and the rest of my family have and will continue to make a difference.

Chris, I have been down this road before. You have to remember, to take a picture and assume and make assumptions does a dis-service to many people including my family. Of course we don't condone cruelty or throwing animals intentionally to hurt them, you may have assumed too much from general information but that does not give you the right to assume we are lying. We do advocate for acceptance of people but also have the right to whatever our personal opinions and beliefs may be. For a far out example, Thomas Jefferson signed the constitution regarding

Debbie you are correct. I and my family have never indicated we are perfect and haven't made mistakes, and as public figures I find that refreshing. We have an opportunity to do a lot of good things and that is what I will continue to do. Including being there for my kids when they are going through and doing great things and when things aren't going so well. supporting Matt where I can, and advocating and supporting the change in people's attitude and perception of people. There is good in all of us but sometimes life throws us curve balls, maybe a lot of curve balls, doesn't mean we give up ond doing the right thing and promoting positive change.

Well, Chris, FB is not the place for this. As I mentioned before, we could go in circles and nothing I say will give you a strong positive perspective on myself or my family. You already have instilled such a negative perspective on us which I find dis-heartening and un-founding in many ways. I and my family will keep on doing our best in the best way we know how. Perfect - no, Honestly trying to do the right thing and get out a message that is thought provoking, of change, making a difference, yes. Even when others will disagree in what and how we go about doing.


The fact is that while you may disagree with Chris Garza's' tone or may feel it's rude that he confronted Amy (although one of the Roloffs criticisms is that people say things on other sites, but don't say them directly so...) but the honest fact is that the *issues* that Chris is questioning are indeed true.

We will explain.

1. Yes, the cat tossing is true. It's not a rumor. It's not a lie. Mueller, Jeremy and Zach were throwing Mo the cat in the air while taking pictures of it. Many people feel this is wrong. That it's cruel and mean, and a shameful way to treat animals. Amy and "the boys" defended their behavior by saying people have no right to judge them unless you know them personally. They said Mueller was on his knees when he was throwing the cat in the air. They said they were just taking "fun" pictures of throwing the cat as a joke. They said the cat wasn't injured from it. They said Mueller likes dogs....So that's the Roloffs defense or excuses for it. However, when someone references the cat tossing, it is one hundred percent true.

2. The return of LPBW. First of all, Chris' question or reference was factually completely correct. We have the video on our site. Matt Roloff interviewed with a Portland TV station stating the show would continue for at least 2 more years. A few weeks later, it was announced that the show was finished.

Regarding the return of LPBW, the rumors were started by Matt Roloff in his Facebook postings and on his Roloff World blog. Matt worked fans into an excited frenzy by posting things that imply or in some cases, flat out said the show as returning. A reasonable person reading Matt's Facebook that believes Matt is an honest man, would be lead to believe that TLC was begging the Roloffs to come back and do the show and they were going to do that. Now Amy is sort of stating that "you may have assumed too much from general information"? Matt posted that he and Amy had worked a tentative filming schedule for more shows. He even replied to someone asking about when the show would be back that "I thought we already did announce that there would be more shows."

However, in the same week, Amy on her page, posted that she didn't think they would be back on TV "anytime soon". So some reasonable people confronted Amy. They asked 'Hey, Matt is saying LPBW is returning and filming schedule has been worked out...but you're saying you don't think you're going to be back on TV anytime soon. Who is lying? Why is one of you being misleading? Amy replied that nobody that was being misleading and there are talks.

3. We won't elaborate right now because it's been discussed in detail previously, but again, Chris is factually correct about Jeremy's church. Perhaps you agree with Jeremy's church. Perhaps you don't agree. However what Chris said is correct. That church does not accept gay people as they are. They advocate that gay people can and should be cured by praying to Jesus to rid them of their "perversion" and "brokenness". That is a true fact about the Church that Jeremy (and Molly now) loves and supports. Amy and Matt are paid diversity speakers that give speeches such as "Accept your difference and accept others differences". If you think Jeremy's church is private information, take it up with Matt Roloff -- he went so far as to name the church stating that Jeremy volunteers as an usher at the Solid Rock church and he loves it. We never even said the name of the church out of respect for Jeremy's privacy. It was Matt Roloff that told everyone.

4. Jacob's schooling. This is the most recent example of Matt Roloff spin. For people that followed the facts closely, they know what really happened (which by the way, this whole issue was made public by the Roloffs themselves). Jacob was expelled from his school in April. Amy and Matt were frustrated at the school's decision. You might recall Amy asking for prayers about an important board meeting. So it started out that Roloffs were being rather honest. That Jacob had "made choices" or that he had "lost interest in school" and wasn't meeting grade standards. Then Matt began the spin work on his Facebook. You can go back and review his postings and examine Matt's mastery in spin. He posted about Jacob's creativity. He posted that Jacob was going to be home schooled. He posted links to an article which made the point that schools were killing creativity. He said Jacob was happier than ever and Matt was so proud. Fans were singing the praises of home schooling and offering their congratulations to Jacob and showering Matt with praise for raising a creative son.

A perfect example of all this is revealed in a person that responded to Chris Garza defending Amy. A Debbie Smith, that Amy actually references in her coffee chat for keeping her informed about all the flooding going on in some states. Debbie chastised someone for stating that Jacob was expelled.

Debbie Smith: "Are you jealous Chris because Amy and Matt are successful? Jacob was NOT kicked out of school he is trying to better himself by going to a homeschool program..."

Debbie obviously was fooled by Matt's spin job. Debbie, incorrectly, stated that Jacob was NOT kicked out of school (which Amy confirms in exact words that YES he was "kicked out").

That's a perfect example of a trusting Roloff fan being fooled by Matt's spinning of a situation.

So when Amy states that people are judging without knowing, I don't think that's an accurate description of what happens at all. Most of the issues that the Roloff family are being "judged" about are indeed true things. That doesn't mean you have to feel the same about the issue that someone else does. Perhaps they think it's important. Maybe you don't think it's important. Everyone has their own opinions. However these are true things -- it's not people judging without knowing what's going on as Amy states.


Carol said...

"Jacob is upstairs Amy"

Sure Amy, sure he is upstairs reading. Not playing video games or sleeping.

It's very easy to see why Jacob got to the point where he was expelled from school...

Susan Coles said...

For people that say they aren't perfect, have the Roloffs ever said "We were wrong. I apologize. I shouldn't have said that or done that. It was wrong. I regret it and will learn from it."

I don't believe they ever have.

Vicky said...

I used to really like Amy, but I think she has become very full of herself.

Jason R said...

So Jeremy is going to Brooks for sure?

I'm curious how he will like it. I know someone that went. They said it's A LOT of math.

Sandie said...

Two quotes (anonymous, at least to me):

"You can fool some of the people all of the time. Those are the ones you want to focus on."
"If everyone is calling you a jackass, don't you think you should at least look to see if you have a tail?"

I'm tired of these two (Matt and Amy) with their willful ignorance. Honestly, who do they think they are?

Mike P. said...

I have to say that I'm still skeptical about Jake's expulsion. There's something going on that is more than mere grades.

You don't flunk out of school for grades until you get to college. Period.

Even in high school, you don't flunk out; you simply don't get the credits to graduate. (That's why Mueller watched graduation from the balcony. He clearly wasn't expelled.)

At Jake's level (8th grade), if you don't have the grades, you just don't pass to the next level. You're held back, as they say; you're not thrown out, and especially, you're not thrown out just a few weeks from graduation.

I think there's a behavior issue, a serious one. Something like fighting, or harassment, or vandalism, or bringing a weapon to school (which I'd doubt): something terrifically disruptive to the school or dangerous to the students. But not grades alone.

Maybe I'm wrong. And maybe private schools can operate differently and can eject a student, for grades alone, at the last minute. (Except for Mueller?)

But I doubt it. I think there's more going on.

And to be fair, I don't necessarily believe it's my business to know what it is. I'm just irritated that the Roloffs expect me to swallow nonsense about it and drop the subject.

Jocelynn said...

@Mike P - I agree with you. You make good points. Even Amy's own words makes me skeptical that it was only grades.

"April 19
I'm off to an important board mtg on a sensitive subject and hoping the results will be positive. Positive thoughts and prayers I'd appreciate."

A "sensitive subject" could simply be the decision whether to expel Jacob or it could imply a problem with another student or an incident.

Timothy said...

You're right Mike P. Mueller is an example of how Faith deals with grades.

Pamela said...

Mike P., well said. I think you're right. If you read between the lines of Matt and Amy's comments about Jacob over the past year or two, I think it indicates there is a lot more going on with his behavior than the public knows about.

Rap541 said...

Oh come on.

Amy, people questioned the "homeschooling" because you and Matt just grinned and accepted a ton of praise for raising your exceptional son and putting the work into homeschooling.

Only neither of you want to put the time in. Carting your kid to an alternative school and dumping him into public school in the fall *isn't* homeschooling. Matt isn't crusading for creativity, he's not homeschooling. And I don't see *Amy* stopping the judgemental "are you just jealous" crap... I guess hating and judging is fine by Amy when she's being praised for you know, her nonexistant homeschooling.

And bitching because Matt whips up people with "we've got a tentative filming schedule" and is telling people the show *is* back (Hey Amy, your *husband* said this - "I thought we already did announce that there would be more shows."
) and then think someone might be lying because now there's a zillion different stories?

Amy? Look at what you say, and look at what your husband says. You theoretically communicate and live together. Perhaps you'd both look less like you're lying if you could both agree on one story only?

And hey, maybe if you don't want people talking about Jake being kicked out of school for grades, then maybe you and Matt shouldn't be sharing that out all across the internet to begin with? Boo hoo, we're the Roloffs and we aren't being praised for parading our children's failures in public! Boo hoo fans are daring to discuss something we put out for public discussion! Boo hoo we say we intentionally leave out important details of the information we publically broadcast and now we're whining that a) people are misinterpreting the situation and b) we're the victims because everyone should just assume we're telling the truth, even though we just admitted to leaving out important details.

What would have topped it off is if Amy had whined yet again how her role as a mom is changing now that she's an empty nester with all of her kids still living at home.

Rap541 said...

Mike P - Private schools ARE different in that respect. A public school? No, grades aren't going to get you booted, and frankly your kid pretty much has to kill someone to get expelled... but private school is different. Thats actually one of their marketing tools, that your kids aren't going to be around a bad element and grades are important because you don't want your kids hanging around kids who are failing right?

Ashley said...

Rap, I agree with a lot of what you wrote, but what about what Mike P said about Mueller?

Mueller wasn't kicked out. He failed. He wasn't allowed to graduate. But Faith didn't expel him.

Rap541 said...

Ashley - to be honest, I think the difference is that Mueller isn't the third kid in a family that already has a history of letting the kids spiral down.*

Mueller failed what? His senior year of high school? I'd be shocked if ANY school failed a senior, heck, schools aren't even allowed to ban someone from prom for committing vandalism these days if they're seniors...

Faith Bible knows what Matt and Amy do when one of their kids is failing - they do nothing. The school just got rid of two kids that had to be dragged kicking and screaming thru school, and who were so high profile with a tv and two parents who dearly love to point fingers and bitch.... And now Jake is repeating the same behavior, and Matt and Amy are repeating the same behavior, and Faith saw it's chance to be rid of a problem.

My opinion? A large part of the problem is Matt and Amy and the school decided to cut its losses. Being on tv has not been good press for Faith

Ashley said...

Rap, I know what you're saying about Matt and Amy and Faith, but I still don't think you're seeing the point about Mueller.

"Mueller failed what? His senior year of high school? I'd be shocked if ANY school failed a senior, heck, schools aren't even allowed to ban someone from prom for committing vandalism these days if they're seniors..."

It is surprising Mueller wasn't allowed to graduate on time. But he wasn't. That's Mike P's point.

Mueller had bad grades and wasn't allowed to graduate. But he wasn't expelled or kicked out. He just failed. Jake Roloff was actually expelled.

Mueller - bad grades = simply wasn't allowed to pass.

Jacob Roloff - bad grades = kicked out of the school.

That's why it seems like there could have been more going on with Jake's behavior.

David said...

@Rap541 at 8:20pm....very well said. Spot on.

Rap541 said...

Ashley - I do see your point. The difference is that I don't think Mueller had the underlying circumstance of pushy parents who did nothing to correct his behavior except blame the school... And frankly, failing him and letting him "finish" in summer school and then handing him a diploma (if thats exactly what happened) isn't allowing Mueller to attend for another year. See the difference?

I don't disagree that there *could* be more going on with Jake's behavior - but I know enough about private schools to tell you that a kid failing in a lower grade with troublesome parents who refuse to do anything - yes, its a reason to expell. Especially since it gets harder once the kid is in the high school to justify a grades expulsion. Matt and Amy both have made public comments since September that Jake is struggling in school - thats been between their various jetsetting and projects whining. They knew there was a problem. They knew the problem was Jake not doing the work.

Carrie said...

I think fame has totally went to the Roloff heads. They never accept blame. No criticism is ever warranted in their minds. They never look at their own behavior and how it contributes to a problem.

Denise K said...

Amy is ok, but she doesn't handle criticism well.

Rap541 said...

So btw... since Judy B with her "matt roloff patented Negative Nellie attitude" said this:

"Reading between the lines, Zach isn't going anywhere, while Jeremy is making things happen for his future. I'm not surprised. "

I'd like to point out that we still haven't heard a definite statement from Jer-Bear "The Success" Roloff that he's doing anything other than *nothing but what daddy tells him* while Zach Roloff has put in a tv appearence his daddy had nothing to do with, is working a job his daddy didn't get... and is working an internship.

Hmm.... Judy B? Got ANYTHING to say about how Zach?

Aside from your *hate*? I mean, here you are wishing nothing but the worst for a Roloff.... please explain how Zach doing an internship and Jeremy doing well... nothing... makes Jeremy more accomplished?

Judy B? We're ALL waiting. Mind you... I suspect you'll have nothing to say except negative nellie remarks about me. And please don't attempt to claim you no longer respond to me. You've proven again and again, by saying that again and again, that your word is not to be taken seriously. :)

Craw said...

I'm not Judy but your so stupid Rap.

Do you listen to Amy? Jeremy is transfering to California in the Fall. They might fly him back for Matt's birthday. They wouldn't fly him back if he wasn't going anywhere...

Jeremy is going to a real respected college for his skills in photography that lots of people have said he has lots of talent in.

You want people to put down Zach by comparing him to Jeremy? Because that's what is going to happen and you know it.

Zach has a glorified baby sitting job for toddlers. Have you ever tried to coach a bunch of 4 year olds to play a sport? That's what it is. Baby sitting.

The internship is something he's doing because Matt got him LPBW. It's a perk from the show. Do you think would have the headline feature "Kickin it with Joe Smith"?

Zach was on a wrestling show for about 2 minutes. I don't care that he was on it buy you're trying to make it sound like an accomplishment?

While Zach babysits toddlers, Jeremy works hard for Matt on the dirt deal.

Rap541 said...

Is he, Craw?

Is jeremy going? I don't see Matt or Amy willing to commit to "Jeremy IS going to Brooks this fall".

I'm totally fair. Point me to someone in the Roloff clan (it will need to be Matt or Amy since Jeremy isn't *man* enough to speak for himself) actually committing to "Jeremy is definetely going to Brooks this fall".

Zach babysits toddlers, a job he got *on his own* and Jeremy digs in the dirt, a job *his daddy gives him*.

Craw? See the difference? Someone actually had to make an effort to NOT work for Daddy.

Zach's working an internship. I fully concede being on LPBW had something to do with his getting that internship.

Now explain how working an internship is LESS accomplished than what Jeremy is doing with... NOT WORKING AN INTERNSHIP AT ALL.

See the difference? Zach is working an internship and a job he got on his own, while Jeremy continues to work for Daddy and do nothing extra.

Jeremy is HOT and SOCIAL and who is getting on TV? Zach. Craw? Crawbaby? Point me to Jeremy's accomplishments that have nothing to do with Jeremy having dwarf relatives.

Mind you - we all know the answer to that.

Rap541 said...

Btw Brooks used to be a respected school but since it became a for profit school, its a degree mill. And since Jeremy was accepted there last Novemeber, and it runs on a rolling acceptance schedule AND since Jeremy(like Zach) isn't going to be graduating from PCC this spring... there's been NO reason for Jeremy to wait what... nine months? To follow his dream.

(Craw, this might escape you but Jer has been at his two year community college for *two* years this May - the big *boy - not a man NOT EVER A MAN - should be getting his associates degree. Since THAT clearly isn't happening, there's been no reason for him to NOT head off to Brooks when he got accepted.... He could even start this summer in July... except of course he's a widdle boy who needs to play all summer)

OW said...

Brooks is a respected educational institution in the media arts industry. Stop trying to make people think you are an education expert, you're NOT.

Rob said...

I can't stand Jeremy. He is so fake. There's not one Christian thing about him, yet that doesn't prevent him from thinking he's serving Jesus.

How dense can one person be?

Rap541 said...

OW - I'm not an expert, I can simply read. Brooks *was* a well respected school until it became a for-profit school. Per Brooks's own online catalog, there's no portfolio requirement for admissions (a bit of a red flag for a fine arts school) and exceptions will be made for students lacking a high school diploma.

Also this - "Undergraduate courses are offered in eight week sessions. Brooks Institute has a rolling admissions policy with up to six
convenient entering dates each year." Means Jeremy could have already been attending Brooks.

It also has some accredidation issues and there's the troubling lawsuit in 2005....

But really OW, just because Brooks *was* a good school at one point doesn't mean that it is now. I think, to use a different example, it was Anthony Bourdain who said "Yeah, I got my degree from Le Cordon Bleu... when that meant something". His point? It *was* a good cooking school at one point... and now its a for profit.

And OW, perhaps you should give Matt Roloff your expert on when to not pose as an education expert and let him know that sending his youngest to an alternative school and then to public school in the fall isn't Matt Roloff homeschooling. :)

Since he seems confused on that, and all ;)

BeckyM said...

What always amuses me is people who are fame-hos' who rely upon the public's interest in their little doings get upset when the public wants to know about their little doings. :D ROFLMAO!

Amy if you want to people to buy your "product" (better learn something from your fellow TLC fame ho, Khate Gosselin) you have to let us know every little detail of your life good and bad. Because your life is the only product you have to sell -not talent or ability.

BTW it would help your "product" a lot if you cut the crap and lying. A simple, "Thank you for your concern. Jacob was expelled from school and we are looking into alternatives, as well as counseling, for him and our family in order to provide the best future for him" would have gone over well.

The denials? Like a lead balloon.

Joanne said...

I agree with Amy. She does not owe the public any info on her family. Why are people so judgemental? She says something and she has strangers calling her a liar? Give me a break.

People, its really none of your business.

Rowely not Rowley said...

Leave them alone. If they're lying, let them.

Since when did "public figures" give up their social right to lie? Look at Tiger Woods. Look at Michael Jackson...on second thought, look at his "children".

Point is, is it suddenly a big deal to have been mislead by a family that was on tv for a couple years? The difference between the Roloffs and real celebrities is that this family is real, just like yours. Who wouldn't lie about an expulsion? It's an embarassing thing.

Clearly the Roloffs don't liked to be judged. Could you blame them for beating around the bush with the expulsion?

Having read the article, most of you presented excellent points. Yeah, I watched the show in the early years when it was fun and entertaining, not to mention spontaneous.

It since became too predictable and sad almost as you see a great marriage get put to the test infront of the kids. Reason I stopped watching. Not entertaining and shame on TLC for not recognizing it (obviously they wont because of the ratings).

Anyway, their life now is a direct result of them signing their lives away to be on tv. They had to have seen this coming. I have to apologize to whom ever read this. I completely lost my train of thought half way through. I'm out.

Rap541 said...

Becky M - had it been me - and if I didn't intend to announce on four different public websites and in a live chat that my kid had been expelled - I would have said this.

"Jacob was struggling at Faith and we're going in a different direction now concerning his education. We really want him to have a good fit at the school he attends."

I'm not a cruel person... I wouldn't be raising the issue of Jake being kicked out due to grades if *Matt* hadn't made that announcement.

Joanne - if its none of our business why are Amy and Matt discussing it openly on their public websites? And btw - the lie here is that Matt and Amy both have declared publically that they are homeschooling Jake, and have accepted a lot of praise for homeschooling Jake, and in fact are sending him to an alternative "learning center" and are enrolling him in high school in the fall. Thats not homeschooling.

Brandon said...

Joanne, she is called a liar (actually it's Matt being called a liar) because Matt lies. Amy and Matt tell two different stories.

Privacy? Give me a break Joanne.

Who started talking about Jacob being kicked out of school?

I'll give you a hint.
It wasn't Spirits.
It wasn't Rap.
It wasn't BeckyM.
It wasn't me.
It wasn't TMZ.
It wasn't the National Enquirer.

It was Matt and Amy Roloff.

People are commenting on them changing their changing stories about it.

If public figures are going to talk about something, people are going to have opinions.

The only opinion that is allowed about Jacob is the crap on Matt's Facebook like "Congratulations Jacob! Matt you're a great parent!!" ?

Positive opinions on what the Roloffs say are allowed, but disagreements and negative opinions on what they say, are not allowed?

College Reviewer said...

Here are some interesting reviews of Brooks. Some good, some bad.

This school isn't even credited anymore, so even if you wanted to leave after dealing with all the bull, you can't transfer your credits anywhere.

BTW it's $27,000 a year to come here. if you call asking for the price they'll give you the run around, buyer be ware

graduated from Brooks Institute in 2009. The best thing that happened to me was finding my girlfriend, moving away from home, and getting away from that terrible school. They steal and lie when it comes to financial aid. Never did I get my financial aid check on time, sometimes weeks late forcing me to beg my parents for money. Their faculty are talented, but not one of them are worthy of teaching. They are lazy, condescending, and they make you feel horrible. They are more of a business rather than an institute. They are out for your money, even if it takes promising you lies. I was the schools tour guide for a few years, and I had to represent the school and lie to students just so I can keep my job. I feel horrible about that, so now that I am out I feel I am free to speak my mind.


The faculty is incredible and the curriculum challenging. If this is what you want to do you are in the right place, but you must be willing to work hard and focus!
Now, the administration is a different story. BE ADVISED, you will be lied to and jerked around about financial aid. They will tell you one thing and then do another. You will pay interest on your loans while waiting for Brooks to cut you a check. Be prepared for a bureaucratic mess and corporate politics. Don't count on anything they tell you, and remember that to Brooks you are a customer, not a student.


To be honest, I had a great time at Brooks. Ventura is beautiful and the faculty are good. The education I received in my field was definitely good. However, the school lied to me about how easy it would be for me to get a job once I graduated, but they did nothing to help me. When I was there, "Career Services" barely existed. The only career help or advice I received was from the faculty, who are over-worked. Also, they encouraged me take out private loans, telling me I would have no trouble paying them back because my salary would be so high. Such a lie! The average salary of someone in my field is more like $40K, not $100K like they said. I believe they committed fraud, and have been under investigation for allegations made by staff. Also, you cannot go to graduate school with the bachelor's degree they grant. They are only nationally accredited, like trade schools, not regionally accredited like actually colleges and universities. I am getting another bachelor's degree so that I can go to graduate school. The school was a finominal waste of money, and I'm currently suffering under the weight of over $100K of private student loan debt, without the salary to pay this. I have to change my life because of this, and have to get another degree so I can afford to pay for this debt. Stay away from this school, no matter how beautiful Ventura or Santa Barbara are! By the way, I had multiple prospective employers ask me, "Brooks, isn't that the school that was investigated for fraud?" How embarrassing is that!

College Reviewer said...

Brooks is a very expensive school but the skills you will learn there are invaluable. You need to know, 100% that you want to be a photographer and have the drive to succeed after school. There are many, many photographers out there and you have to stand out in every way. You can go to this school and not gain anything but, if you put all your time and effort in to it, you will have all the knowledge you need. This school has amazing instructors, it is a very difficult school and you need to be ready to give it 100%, its not worth the money if your not. If you want an "art school" feel, don't go here, this is hard work but, amazing. I wouldn't trade it for anything, though I would love if I didn't have the huge student loans from going here.


I am a graduate of Brooks and found it to be life changing for me to attend such a prestigious school. It was extremely technical and the reason for this is because they want you to be able to repeat your work or art. If I would not have gone to such a challenging school, I do not feel my high standards or successes would be as great as they are today. Upon my graduation I moved to San Francisco and trained under every professional photographer I could find for another 4 years. This was training I felt I needed above and beyond my Brooks degree. I also drove to LA for internships while being a student that gave me terrific connections as an assistant upon my graduation. I am now a successful photographer and cinematographer in the Midwest. I feel I was given the proper tools and trained by the best in the business at Brooks Institute. They prepared me for what to expect in the real world and showed me they cared while doing it.

I cam down from Seattle to Ventura (they advertise as being in Santa Barbara, but that is only the Sill and graduate programs) to get away from my friends back home and found an awesome school.

Don't be discouraged the first two sessions when you feel like you aren't getting anywhere. TRUST ME, it picks up FAST.

You should know, before attending, that YOU WILL NOT HAVE TIME TO HAVE A JOB! Don't let your parents tell you to get a job. This is why i have to drop out. My parents didn't prepare financially well enough, and now i have to drop out. There is nothing, however, that i am going to let stand in my way of coming back.

am a parent of a Brooks Student. This school does a very good job of sales and a very poor job of delivering what was sold. The cost of living in Santa Barbara is outrageous. This school is very expensive and graduates many more students than the market will bear for producing the income quoted at time of admission. I would never sign up for this school unless I just had money to burn. The amount of loans it has taken for my student to attend will be almost impossible to repay with the salaries paid in the job market.


I loved the school experience. You have to make the best of all that is available and keep your head up at Brooks. You must look at the person next to you in every class and realize they are your competition and best networking buddy. The teachers will be there for you no matter what, even after you graduate. If you truly push yourself to make a difference on each assignment you will learn the basics of what will be expected of you in the real world. However, do not expect placement after school. You will need to pay special attention to business oriented classes, such as finance and marketing. Don't go to Brooks thinking you're going to step into a glamourous photo career, you will responsible for that not anyone at Brooks. Most of all assist, intern and work your ass off while in school because after there's no easy road to follow.

Ashley said...

$27,000 per year??? And I thought one of Jeremy's problems is that he's surrounded by rich kids now...

Justin said...

Even the positive reviews say that it requires A LOT of hard work and you need to be fully committed. Does that sound like Jeremy? No. Want to bet that Jeremy thinks it's going to be camping out in Santa Barbara taking cool pictures of Sunsets and beaches?

Terry Knowles said...

wish Jeremy nothing but the best. I think the independence will be good for him. He's in danger of falling into a rut at home. His potential is great than that. Having said that. I have a very unpopular and non traditional opinion.

Colleges and universities and other higher learning centers are the biggest scams in our society. Most of what is taught can be found in a Library for free. This wouldn't affect Jeremy the same way as it would an average student, but it takes years and years afterwards just to get yourself out of debt.

The smart way if the way Matt did it. He didn't go to college. He did it himself.

Judy B said...

I believe Jeremy will do great.

Most of the criticisms are about the cost and financial aid. That's not a concern for Jeremy because of the television show money.

He's passionate about photography. It will be good for him.

Diane said...

If he goes and I still don't think he will leave Mueller, I wonder how long before he gets arrested when he isn't protected by being a Roloff in the community.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, that Brooks isn't regionally accredited is not a concern

Vic Rattlehead said...

People are making it sound like Jeremy is going to the Manhattan Institute Of Art & Design or some other currently prestigious school when the reality is the school he is apparently planning to attend was once prestigious (twenty to thirty years ago) and is now a private for profit facility that offers substandard programs (they've been investigated for perpetrating fraud on their students) taught by lazy hacks (remember the old saying: those who can't do teach) who from what I've read above don't seem to actually care about what they're doing.

Just like any other practical field of career (cooking photography Sound Production etcetera) the best way to get professional experience ie: a job as an assistant doing location set ups and tear downs or in the case of being a cook getting a job in a kitchen as a prep/short order/line cook to learn the ins and outs of the trade just to see if you really want to pursue it as a career.

But doing that requires hard work which is something Jeremy seems to be allergic to actually doing so he stays at home playing in the dirt with daddy and screwing around with his equally childish and lazy friends.

Hobbies don't always make the best careers.

samanthastarns said...

So is Jeremy going to end up in college in California? I thought he was just going to PCC and that his grades weren't good enough for a legitimate 4 year university. Can anyone clear this up for me?

samanthastarns said...

Also, I've been researching Brooks, and it seems like they're actually closed?

Jocelynn said...

Samantha, from what I understand of Brooks, it is a for profit institution.

If you pay, you're in, type of thing. From what I've read about it online, it sounds like a good school to me, but very expensive.

The criticisms of it seem to be centered on the cost and the career of photography in general.

In Spirits first article about Brooks, some former students were upset because they said they were led to believe they would get a great paying job after graduation. It didn't happen and they were upset.

I don't have much sympathy for them. You can't expect any college to guarantee you a job. That's up to the individual and the choices they make.

I hope Jeremy goes. I think it will be great for him to get away from his family and the Mueller gang. Hopefully he will become a better person when in a different environment and will learn a lot about the field he apparently enjoys. He has the money for it.

I hope he goes, learns a lot and matures as a person.

Brooks is still open.

Anne said...

Samantha, Contrary to what some people say, I believe out of their dislike for Jeremy as a person and nothing else, I think it is an accomplishment that Jeremy was accepted to Brooks.

This is what Brooks says about admissions. Jeremy obviously fits the criteria.

New to Brooks Institute?
Brooks Institute is a demanding school where standards of excellence are the norm; where students have the opportunity to gain the academic, artistic, business and technical expertise needed for achievement and success.
We take the time to interview and get to know each person who applies to our college. Those selected for admissions to Brooks demonstrate a strong passion for their industry of choice, a willingness to make sacrifices to achieve their dreams, and the courage to take the action needed to turn their dreams into reality

Rap541 said...

Brooks has no portfolio requirement. Thats a red flag for a fine arts school.

Brooks is not currently regionally accredited. That means any credits Jeremy earns can't be transfered to say UCLA, for example.

Brooks is indeed a for profit institute. That doesn't inherently make it bad... but coupled with no portfolio requirement for entrance, its concerning that a fine arts school isn't terribly interested in whether the entering students have any talent in fine arts.

Brooks, when advertising its admission process, is unlikely to say "we take anyone who shows up with a check"... check out some of the other for profit schools... If we go by the admissions statement FROM University of Phoenix, then U of P is highly selective... and not really the degree mill it is in reality.

Samathasterns, if you watch the show, specifically in season five when Molly and Amy were helping Jer remember his social security number and register for PCC - he clearly says he was lazy which was why he was signing up for community college. Considering that community colleges award associates degrees after *completing* two years of credits... and considering neither Zach or Jeremy appear to be attending this spring's graduation ceremony... it certainly doesn't sound like they've made a lot of the last two years.

Of course, Amy and Matt just might be keeping the Golden Boy's student status private.., after all, Amy's all about not discussing her kids grades and such on *Facebook* and Matt's not braying his minor children's failures across Facebook and two other websites..... Funny how no one in the Roloff camp has anything to say about the twins not graduating after two years from their two year school...

nyc said...

Brooks is a for-profit diploma mill that is not an accredited institution.

By all means, keep reading the schmooze on their website...want to buy a bridge in Brooklyn?

Parsons School it's NOT. Money talks there which is why this "golden boy" was able to get in. Parsons, Pratt & Cooper Union wouldn't touch this loser with a *50 ft* pole

Vic Rattlehead said...


All that is is a very general mission statement about the school and the applicants it accepts, while it may have been very true twenty years ago when a trade school like Brooks becomes a privately run for profit institution they almost universally lower their recruitment standards so that any idiot with enough cash can get in without necessarily being qualified to be there (not having a portfolio requirement tells me that Brooks doesn't really care about the actual talent or passion of perspective students as long as the tuition check is good).

I see photography as a nice hobby for Jeremy but not a career because you have have great business savvy and be willing to work extremely hard for little money to get real recognition anywhere within the industry and Jeremy is just too lazy stupid and impatient to do that.

He's more into instant gratification for an ego boost not sweating it out and working long days for little money.

Ava said...

I can tell you precisely why Jacob was kicked out of Faith Bible:
1) His smart mouth
2) His egotistical, rotten attitude
3) His laziness
4) His inability to tell the truth
5) His disrespect towards teachers and all authority fiqures

The entire Roloff family (except Molly - Run, Molly, run!!) are losers. Matt and Amy have done a horrible job parenting their children and will spend the rest of their lives reaping what they sowed. Jacob, Jeremy and Zach will always be losers. Watch and see. It's sad but true.

ConnieP said...

Rap are you Chris G?

Anonymous said...

ALL young men should aspire to be as diligent as Zach Roloff & he has an amazing work ethic & is intelligent.

Jacob needs to get hip before it is too late, Jeremy's IQ score is that of approximately 75.

Rap541 said...

Connie I didn't see your post before. No I am not Chris G.