Friday, May 27, 2011

Amy Roloff Coffee Chat Summary May 27

Amy held her coffee chat today, Friday May 27th. You can watch it on the following link:

We usually focus our summaries of Amy's coffee chat for more Roloff family oriented talk t rather than Amy's discussion of various current news events (this week she discussed Oprah's finale, the tornadoes and a family suing a doctor for malpractice) or her cooking segments.

So this will be a very brief recap this week because Amy spoke very little about the family.

The most notable thing people might have learned from observing this week's coffee chat is that the Roloff kids apparently hate appearing on Amy's coffee chat.

They had a technical problem at the beginning of the program. Then the camera came on when Amy was still unsure if they were on. She was talking to Jeremy off camera, telling him that there were snacks for him to eat (she mistakenly called him Roger and then corrected herself). Jeremy did not make an actual appearance. Later in the chat, Amy told the viewers that Jeremy was out working for Matt on the dirt project.

Jacob was also seen in the background at the beginning until he realized the camera was on. Amy asked him to bring her coffee when they were still waiting to begin and that was the last time Jacob was seen.

Amy had said she was unsure where Zach was, she thought he might be out. Zach came in right at the end. Amy had him try some food she made and they tried to get him to do a shout out to some live chatters.

When people asked where the kids were, Amy answered that Jacob was hiding somewhere. She explained that the kids think coffee chat is Amy's thing. Once in a while, if they are there and want to be on, Amy will ask them to say "Hi", but Amy said Jacob and the other kids say 'hi' to everyone even if they don't appear...

Other than that, Amy explained that Jacob does not have school on Friday. He does four days a week and not for the full day. According to Amy, Jacob is doing well at the learning facility.

The only other notable thing was after talking about Oprah and her prediction that Oprah will be back doing her show. Amy said "One day I may be back day we may be back on TV. Altogether? Or maybe it'll just be me on with a bunch of other people and we'll have a great time.

That was about all of the "Roloff talk" this week.


Katie said...

Maybe it's just me but her coffee chats are getting more and more boring. She used to at least talk about the kids and tell what was going on.

Now she doesn't say anything about that.

I also think it's annoying how most of the people on the chat ask for Amy to say Hi to Mary in Ohio. Does it really matter?

Christine said...

I know some people think the kids don't have to go on Amy's talk show, but I think it's another example of how they're spoiled. Especially Jeremy.

Why not take the 3 minutes and go in front of the cameras for Amy? Because he doesn't want to? If it wasn't for them being public figures then Jeremy wouldn't have like 3 classic vehicles and he wouldn't be able to loaf of his parents and be able to play with Mueller every night.

Randy said...

Christine, maybe the kids don't go on Amy's chats because they're sick of people (particularly from this site) criticizing their every move.

The only reason most posters on here want them on the chats is so they can belittle them and criticize their every move.

If Jeremy or Zach shows up, then this board would be filled with comments about how the twins were probably out partying the night before and slept until noon. And then the comments would turn to how they're 21 and still living at home, and don't work 'real' jobs.

If Jacob shows up, then posters would start their bashing of how Jacob should be in school, but isn't because he failed out. Then that would turn to how bad of parents Matt and Amy are for applauding their kid for getting kicked out of school.

So it really doesn't surprise me the kids don't like going on these chats. All it really does is give the posters on here more of an opportunity to pick them apart.

hvnlymusic said...

Well, considering being in the public eye can really take a toll on you and your family, I am impressed that Amy has done as well as she has.

BeckyM said...

Just shows the kids do NOT want to be on camera. That was/is their parents decision.

Giles said...

Randy, I've always had differing opinion of the kids and their lack of responsibility they take for their lives. I recognize it puts me in the minority.

I believe in making decisions full throttle. I concede because of Jacob's age, I exclude him, but Molly is of an age that I don't give her free passes.

Our society unfairly infantilizes young people. They are capable of having character and realizing certain things about life.

Jeremy and Zach because they have been legal adults are so far beyond this discussion now that it's frustrating for me to see people talk about them like they are eleven years old.

Let us use Jeremy as the example because he is the strongest example of my point.

Let us all get on the same page. We're all being realistic with common sense here. Jeremy was present for Amy's internet show. He has such a disdain for being a public or a "known" figure and communicating with their fans, that he didn't even want to appear on camera for the very brief amount of time that would have been expected. It wasn't that he couldn't, he doesn't want have anything to do with the camera or the fans.

My opinion on that is if that's how he feels, then show some character. You don't want to do it because you don't like the cons that come with it, like having people discuss what you say and do, then don't also accept the perks.

Jeremy doesn't like people discussing what he says (that is a being a public figure).

Wait a sec. Hold your horses. Here we have Matt strongly hinting that the show will come back. I trust what Spirits reports, but my personal non connected hunch is that there will be a few specials with the Roloffs.

How much would you like to wager that Mr. Jeremy that is burdened by hating that people treat him as a public figure by discussing what he says and does, is going to be apart of the specials.

We all know what being "a part" of the specials means for the legal adults? It means they made the choice to accept money and payment to be public figures.

Jeremy and Zach Roloff have been doing this for three years. Yes that includes Mr Jeremy that we have just agreed does not like him or having interaction with the "Roloff fans" that he wouldn't even show his face on his Mother's show. Let us be honest, that chatting crowd is not a hard hitting bunch. It's not like Jeremy with all his deception and lies is going to be confronted with hard hitting questions if he shows his face with Amy at 11:45am.

My point is that Jeremy and Zach choose to be public figures because they like the perks....con't

Giles said...

I'm sure Zach knows it helped him get that cool reporting intern job. He likes the money and the fact that it enables him to live without responsibility that he can join in Jeremy's camp fires with Mueller and the gang until the wee hours of the morning every day.

It's the same concept with Jeremy and how it enables him to live like a child without responsibility. Jeremy, lover of material goods, has taken advantage of the perks of being on the show by having what? Two vintage BMW's and '69 Truck, the expensive camera equipment he likes playing with and don't forget, Mr Jeremy that doesn't want to show his face on Amy's chat, will interact with the fans if they are loaded wealthy and tell them they will yacht him around the BVIs for a week.

Just like Zach and his internship, do you want to wager that when or if Jeremy starts experimenting with showing his photography publicly, that he's going to turn to the LPBW fans for their money and to spread the word about his photography?

Now once again, if they haven't already, Jeremy is going to sign to keep his public figure status current by once again taking money to be a public figure.

My point is you're either a public figure or you are not. If you are show some character. Accept the good AND the bad and be responsible for it.

It's like that old story I used to hear Mother tell about baking the bread. The call was put out to the townspeople in the morning. Do you want to help bake the bread? Nope! Nobody wanted to help create it. But when the delicious smelling bread came out of the oven, suddenly everybody wanted to eat it. They didn't do anything to help create it, they just want the perks of the end result.

You know what? Roloff kids? I have no sympathy for them. In my opinion, it explains why they are spoiled brats with a sense of entitlement. They never learned the lesson about accepting the good and the bad.

Even dear sweet Molly who is four months away from being 18. Most of Molly's friends (or maybe not because of the social circle she runs it, but the majority of people Molly's age) are working some sort of job that isn't too much fun, doesn't pay very well and interferes with her social life with friends? Meanwhile, Miss Princess Molly is doing nothing...excuse me, nothing except once every few weeks grabbing a Roloff sweatshirt from one of those annoying fan orders and putting into a box as her extensive job in the "Roloff store".

Do you want to wager that Molly is excited at Matt's big ideas for a cool vacation this summer? Molly loves to travels! Loves to tell her friends how cool Europe was, how cool Hawaii was.

True Molly doesn't have a legal right (as of yet, if there are more delays she might as Sept is quickly approaching) as Jeremy and Zach, if Molly didn't want to participate in making her public figure status more current, she could put up a fuss and say she didn't want to do the specials.

That's not the way it works for the Roloff kids. They have been raised to be spoiled brats. If you agree to something, only do the fun aspects of it. Those are terrible lessons for kids to develop character.

Rap541 said...

Randy - you actually raise some interesting points.

Personally, I think "Coffee Chat with Amy" is Amy's bid to stay relevant and perhaps move into the talk show/Rachel Ray sort of venue on tv. Amy will need to attract viewers based on her own merits because "how is Jeremy doing" is never going to get her that tv talk show host position. She has to de-emphasize the family in order to stand on her own.

That said, don't you think Matt and Amy share some of the blame for their kids every moves being criticized? I mean, I tire of the "Matt and Amy are faultless" arguements whenever this comes up. They made the choice to whore their family out. They did. No one put a gun to Matt and Amy's head and said "YOU HAVE TO BE ON REALITY TV YOU HAVE NO CHOICE!". I mean, Matt won't even conceed they needed the money when the show started, he insists he was a rich man before the show. So if we take Matt at his word (which could be ahem, difficult considering his autobiography clearly suggests this isn't true) they didn't even need the money.

So lets stop acting like that happened. Matt and Amy accepted the thirty pieces of silver to sell their privacy and *their children's privacy* and need to live with the consequences. Let's also stop acting as though Matt and Amy aren't desperately shoving themselves and their family into the spotlight even after the show ended.

Guess what? If you don't want people talking about your family, then you need to stop publicizing and you need to stop playing for attention. Reality stars who geniunely want to return to private lives do. Matt and Amy clearly don't want to do that - they both whored Jake's troubles out and practically pranced with glee from the attention. Matt gleefully accepts all the kudos and praise and loves nothing better than throw up pretty pictures of his sons and get praised for being the worlds greatest dad ever.

Its also Matt and Amy pushing the "*Our children* are EXTRAORDINARY!" stuff which frankly, is going to grate when it becomes understood that if you don't agree, you're a scummy hater who hates!

Look, you may not like the reality - but I question whether Matt would look at a 21 year old kid with no college degree after two years of school, no work history that didn't involve working for parents, a history of acting the fool in public and say "that kid that isn't my son is living an EXTRAORDINARY life and I am IMPRESSED".

So perhaps if the Roloffs don't want their kids or their lifestyle judged, they should stop trying to suck off TLC's teats. Close down the facebooks and websites and coffee chats, and trust me, in six months, no one will be talking about how their parenting sucks.

Its all about choices.

Kayla said...

Is the video in slow motion for anyone else? The audio is fine, but the picture isn't right.

I agree that it shows that the kids hate the fans.

It's funny that when she didn't know they were live she she was talking to Jeremy. Then when someone asks, Amy says Jeremy is not home because he's working with Matt.

Amy lies just like Matt but doesn't get the same amount of heat for it.

Diane said...

Rap, I think Amy likes having the kids on because she knows it gets more attention and that's what people ask about.

I think she has ask the kids to come on and they've told her no or did it but didn't want to.

I think she's also read the criticism of her forcing the kids to be on it. Now she doesn't even try to urge them.

Jason said...

I mostly agree with Giles. The 'kids' are spoiled.

Zach liked the fans when he wanted views for his soccer thing. Jeremy might not make the connection, but he likes the connection when he's buying BMWs or when a Pro BMW shop is restoring his car for him.

Going on Amy's chat isn't a big deal and they can't even do that. They would rather be playing with Mueller or in their rooms with their flat screen HDTV, fridge and six video game systems.

Christine said...

Thanks Giles. That's kind of my point too. Jeremy and Zach chose to do the show by their own will for the last couple of shows. If there are specials, they'll be choosing that too.

I think it's a sign of crappy person if it's the stuff about they aren't getting paid for coffee chat or it's not in their contract that they have to interact with fans.

The fans are the reason why they are able to sign their contracts in the first place. They can't even do things that don't take a lot of effort, but they are always willing to take advantage of fan support when it suits them.

Randy, if Jeremy doesn't like that people think he's lazy, why did he allow himself to be displayed on tv for most of the calendar years of 2010 and 2009? Why has he probably agreed to the same thing for specials?

It's like, suck it up. They love the money and the positive attention and special treatment it brings.

When Jeremy is off hanging with Mueller or taking pictures with his state of the art camera toys or driving in his BMW, I'm not going to feel sorry for him because some people think he should make an appearance on Amy's show when he's standing right there.

It's the typical stuck up attitude all of the Roloff kids have.

Betty said...

Jacob's school situation bothers me.

Was he punished or rewarded? He got kicked out of school.

Now he gets Fridays off and goes for a few hours the other 4 days. No wonder why Matt and Amy say he's "happy".

Maybe if they told him if he's home he would need to appear on coffee chat he would have applied some effort in school.

Ashley said...

I think Amy gets annoyed in the coffee chats because if you're ever watching it live, people usually ask about the family or Rocky...

Sometimes Amy will ask Lisa if they have any questions. Lisa will tell her what people are asking about. Amy seems annoyed because she wants people to talk about her topic.

Marlene said...

I disagree with a lot of people here.

Randy, Amy wants to do her coffee chat. The kids increase interest. They are helping Amy out by going on.

They are such an ungrateful bunch of kids. All that Matt and Amy have provided for them. They are spoiled rich, the older kids won't grow up because it's easier to live off Matt and Amy, but they can't even do Amy a favor. It's not like it's something difficult.

They can't even support their parents in their projects. They are a shameful bunch of ungrateful kids in my opinion.

If I was Amy, I would tell Jeremy to make is own damn food.

Marlene said...

@kayla, yes that's how the video is for me as well. The visual picture doesn't move clear, but the audio is on track.

Erin said...

Well, with or without the kids, I liked the show and thought Amy was hilarious with her guest :)

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

While the claim that "Zach babysits 4 year-olds at Indoor Goals" has been proven by video evidence (Zach coaching Jacob when he was 12, as well as other videos on the show etc.) to be embarrassingly inaccurate, the claim against Molly is much harder to prove. "Meanwhile, Miss Princess Molly is doing nothing...excuse me, nothing except once every few weeks grabbing a Roloff sweatshirt from one of those annoying fan orders and putting into a box as her extensive job in the "Roloff store". The only way this can be substantiated is if we know the sales records and volumes for the online store. The short bursts of video on the show had Molly spending more time that what is claimed, But there is nothing conclusive that I could see. The coaching schedule for Young Starz is posted on the Indoor Goals website. Nothing for the store. We could ask Matt, divide his answer by 14.5, and might be close. An amateur poll of the regular posters here may not be accurate either. I'm not sure that a blogger who actually bought a jar of Roloff farm dirt would admit it freely.

Giles said...

@Podge/Rodge...I was not claiming to be accurate down to the minute...It's meant to imply that working in the online store does not require much time and is not comparable to the job at a mall or at a restaurant that most 17 or soon to be 18 year olds are working.

That is deduced by logic and common sense. The Roloffs were not that much of a hit show that the masses are rushing to by merchandise.

Then out of the hard core fans of the show, how many of those do you think are actually spending money on Roloff clothing and merchandise like the "Roloff dirt"? Out of that pool of customers, how many are making their purchase online? I would venture to guess the majority of their sales would come on site during "Pumpkin Season" in October by visitors to the farm.

Then out of the people that are actually buying their Roloff merchandise through the Roloff online store, divide that by 52. Then divide by 7.

My amateur determination concludes that they are not swamped with orders that "working in the Roloff store" would be anywhere comparable to a normal teenager spending an 8 hour shift on Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights.

If your conclusions are vastly different than mine, so be it. We obviously have a different outlook on the Roloffs level of popularity.

I also note, that the Matt and Amy Roloff were producers of LPBW. They never hesitated to have episodes that highlighted their kids working and hobbies in a positive fashion; Jeremy's photography or Zach's soccer job. Yet they never dedicated an episode or even one segment to poor Molly slaving away in the store. Makes me think there wasn't much to show.

I also note that when Amy was asked about Molly getting a job, Amy never mentioned that Molly was up to her eyeballs with work from the Roloff Online store. No. Amy's answer was that she only wanted Molly to focus on school and not be distracted by working a job. Funny that the demanding job Molly was working in the "Roloff Online Store" slipped Amy's mind completely and has only ever been mentioned by Matt.

How much time is she actually spending "working in the Roloff Online store" does depend on what you perceive the Roloffs popularity and the demand for Roloff merchandise to be. If you think in an average week the number of orders would be enough to provide Molly with hours and hours worth of work, then feel free to believe that.

*That's also assuming that Molly is the only person attending to the "Roloff Online Store" which is questionable considering I do remember reading a complaint from a fan angry that her order did not arrive in a timely fashion. Matt's assistant had dealt/was dealing with it.

Giles said...

By the way, regarding Zach? While I personally think it's a good step that Zach got a job outside of a Matt Roloff job where he is reporting to someone other than Dad, evidence does indeed suggest that he is coaching 4 year olds...

Matt Roloff:
May 2nd
Zach and I were out having lunch yesterday.. And he told me a cute story: in one of his soccer classes for 4-5 year old's. One of the little girls suddenly asked out of the blue (after 6 weeks of class) "coach Zach, are you a real man".. Zach answered... "yea.. I'm coach Zach".

While I'm not pressing the point in the same manner or for the same reasons as Jeremy fans that use the "babysitting 4 year olds" argument, is not embarrassingly inaccurate.

As per Matt, Zach was indeed coaching this group of 4 year olds for at least a six week period.

If you've ever been around 4 year olds and tried to organize them to play a sport, I would have to agree that it's similar to babysitting...

Rap541 said...

Giles - I know my objection to "babysitting four year olds" is that we also have evidence that Zach does coach 10-12 year olds, and does work behind the desk, so to speak, enrolling new customers, answering the phone, and maintaining the facility.

Is this job my idea of a permanent career? Not really... but if Zach loves soccer and has money, learning how this sort of business runs seems like a good way to start the process of perhaps one day owning his own gym facility.

I also disagree with the contention that Jeremy is doing "more respectable" work with his dirt digging/construction/chores for daddy work. I'm not saying, btw, that its less respectful work, but I don't understand how digging in the dirt should be respected more than coaching soccer and working with the gym customers.

The only significant difference in these two entry level jobs is that Zach actually had to apply for the job, and has a supervisor to please that *isn't* a parent.

And if you don't think that makes a difference, guess again. I am pretty certain for example, that come the fun RV trip Matt is planning, Jeremy won't need to ask the boss to get the time off... he's the boss's son. Who gets laid off first? Not the boss's son. Who gets to cherry pick the schedule and the jobs? Not the *other* employees.

Jeremy didn't need to apply for his job working for Daddy, and I really don't see Matt saying "when you're at work you're not my son and there will be no special priveledges".

Hell, I doubt Amy makes snacks for the other men working on the dig ;)

Vic Rattlehead said...

There's an old expression about people who talk a big game but can't follow it through and i think it fits Matt perfectly.

It goes: talk is cheap, so shut up and dance.

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

Giles - My apologies for not doing a thorough job on my research. With the averages given, it is obvious to myself now, that Molly's tending "the store" does not demand the same amount of effort as a multiple level marketing business, as I'm currently building two. Considering my personal time spent online, I was comparing apples to oranges. Thanks for brining this to light.