Friday, May 6, 2011

Amy Roloff Coffee Chat Summary May 6th -- Amy Discusses Jacob Being Expelled

Amy Roloff's live internet coffee chat was back this week after a few week absence.

They already have the video up, so you can watch the video.

In our summaries, we stick to the more news oriented things about the family rather than details about Amy's guests and the specifics of the current event topics.

Amy discussed her recent trip to Utah for a Women's build with Habitat For Humanity. She went to bring some publicity to the event. Amy also discussed the Osama Bin Laden news, the Royal wedding and all the tornadoes and floods. Amy made the point that it's wonderful to see how people reach out to others who are going through hard times.

The big news this week, was Amy discussing Jacob's school situation in more detail.

The Jacob subject begins around the 16 minute mark of the video if you want to listen to that yourself. To paraphrase and with some quotes of what Amy had to say about it --

Jacob -There has been some stuff on internet about him from either Matt or herself. He's such a good kid. Aw so much going on his life. He's going through a lot... Jacob is making certain choices in his life. He's facing consequences for them and others just happen.

Jacob is a smart boy, he just didn't do enough to show how smart he was. So he was let go by the school he's been attending all of his life. Amy doesn't agree with their decision but it is what it is.

So Amy had to really scramble, how does she get this boy through 8th grade?

She really hoped he would be able to graduate from the school he's always went to, but it isn't going to be that way.

They found another place for him, 4 days a week, he does about 3 or 4 hours there, working on subjects just to keep him going. He's doing great. Amy was prepared for a struggle, but it's not. Amy said it seems to be as though one of the weights on his shoulders gone and he seems uplifted, so maybe it was for the best.

Amy said that Jacob is going to be enrolled in the public high school. He will be her first kid going to a public school. That will be an adjustment for all of the Roloffs.

But Jacob is really doing good according to Amy. He's got about 5 weeks left just like all the other kids and she's already got him enrolled for the public school. Amy is excited, she thinks Jacob is excited. So it was kind of a wake up call for all of them, but he's doing good.

Fans were asking about Molly and college. Amy said Molly has not decided on what college. She probably will do college visits soon - Amy relayed that Molly said she has to really narrow it down and decide.

Molly is working so hard AP classes - the tests are hours long, so it was a really tough week -- she had about 4 AP tests and will be taking her SAT tests Saturday. Molly is in study mode so Molly is doing great.

After her guest from Long Bottoms Coffee shop, she took some questions.

Does she think it's easier to be an LP woman than an LP man? She thinks it would be harder to be a LP guy because of jobs, sports, being physical, that roughness that guys do, the constant need to compete and be successful, but that's just Amy's personal opinion.

Amy was asked about the Roloffs summer vacation plans. She said she would get back to everybody next week about that. They don't have too much planned...Amy would love to take a trip as their last hurrah before Jeremy goes away to college -- Molly before her senior year and Jacob before he's entering high school.

So what is happening with the family? Sometimes there's not really that much happening with the family and sometimes it feels like there is huge stuff. Jacob will be starting high school in the fall.

Jeremy looks like he will be transfering to Santa Barbara to go to Brooks college. So that's going to be a huge change for Jeremy, he's going away from the family, away from Oregon -- he loves it in Oregon, he loves the farm. But Amy thinks it will be good for him to grow and stretch and get into something he really thinks he wants to do -- and that's photography. Amy said he's a great photographer.

Zach is still going to community college. He's taking some more classes before he transers. Soccer is his life. Amy said Zach is going to be doing some internship, broadcasting and writing with the Portland Timbers. That will give him some experience, so he's really excited about that. He's still working at Indoor Goals, still playing soccer.

Amy thinks Molly is starting to get excited about Senior year and college

Amy said the big adjustment will be when Jeremy leaves and she only has 3 kids there.

As Amy said, she's hoping the transition with Jacob to a public high school will go well. He's excited and wants to play soccer.

Amy said she's going to miss her kids. She still does speaking engagements that she loves doing. They are planning their 3rd annual event on her birthday on Sept 17-18th. They are going to try to Ustream her charity event live.

Amy said she is hoping in about a year to launch another project, but it's just in the infant stage so she doesn't want to talk about it yet.

Amy talked about her own mom. She said because she was caught up in her own family, she forgets how much she missed her family and her mom. Amy said her mom is very strong. She's not overly affectionate, but she insilled a lot of confidence. As Amy's kids get older, she misses her own mom more.

Amy loves it when her kids write notes for their mother day cards -- the notes that come from them. She remembers the notes her kids wrote for her, she talked about the poem Jeremy wrote for her that was featured on the show back in the first or second season. That means more to Amy than anything.

There were questions at the end about the rumors of Little People, Big World coming back? Amy said we will just have to wait and see, but that's still in the bag. Rumors are rumors, but they will let you know.

Happy Mother's day to all the Moms!


Vicky said...

Rumors are rumors? It's Matt and Amy creating the rumors!

Christine said...

Sounds to me like Amy is trying to get a TLC freebie trip for another family vacation. Stop being cheapskates Roloffs! You have money! Be like everybody else and earn it yourselves instead of doing everything on someone elses dime!

Carol said...

Matt and Amy sound so oblivious. Are they actually doing anything to rectify the problem with Jacob? When a kid that is capable of doing the work fails out, that means something needs to change to solve the problem that lead the final result.

Brandon said...

At least Amy was more honest than Matt.

It puts into perspective how warped the suckers on Matt's Facebook page are by being fooled by Matt. They are congratulating Jacob! For being expelled!

Greg said...

I'll believe Jeremy goes away when it actually happens. He won't be able to handle the separation from Mueller. I see homesickness coming on.

Brandon, I totally agree about the Jacob situation and Matt's re working of what happened.

Matt always hated the school..........but they tried to get the school to let Jacob stay.

Susan Coles said...

There used to be things I liked about Amy, but now she is so far gone. Too much caught up in being a special celebrity.

Jacob got expelled. What is Amy doing? Smugly talking about getting back on television. Geez, I want to throw a bucket of water at them and wake them up.

Your son that once got good grades and is obviously capable of more, GOT KICKED OUT OF SCHOOL!

Give up the fame and money of the television show search and focus on your family! It's a huge warning sign that something is wrong. Getting more money from the tv show is not going to solve it.

Susan Coles said...

On the positive side...Zach's opportunity with the Portland Timbers will be a good experience for him.

Greg, I agree about Jeremy. He's a prime candidate to get homesick.

Has Jeremy EVER been away from Matt and Amy for more than a week except when he had their producer friends with him and Zach on their Europe trip? Now a new state, a new school system and living on his own for the first time? All that and not surrounded by Mueller and his friends. I don't like his chances.

I hope he proves me wrong because maybe this is what Jeremy needs. He needs to get away from Mueller, his friends and getting his hand held by Matt and Amy.

I hope Jeremy doesn't bail out.

Jason said...

Amy is dense.

I'll let you in on a secret Amy. Jacob is happy and doing well because he got out of school.

It's the same as a kid that smiles when they get a 3 day suspension from school. They are happy to get out of it. You shouldn't take their happiness about getting expelled as a good sign.

Bonnie said...

That might explain why Spirits said TLC is talking about summer specials. They might want to film the specials now before Jeremy leaves.

I agree the Roloffs should change their priorities.

Three of their four kids did poorly in school. It's hard for a kid to be a tv star celebrity and still do well in school. Good for Molly for handling it.

Timothy said...

The only positive thing I can say is that I'm pleased Jacob is going to a public school. Hopefully he will be less sheltered than the other kids. It surprises me that Amy would allow that, but maybe she doesn't have many other options.

Sheila said...

I'm still in shock at what Matt did with this entire Jacob situation. People think that it shows that Matt and Amy are great parents and that Jacob did something good.

That's not the lesson Jacob should be learning.

Timothy, I agree about the sheltered factor, but I'm concerned for Jacob at a public school. I think he will be teased without mercy because of the show. The one thing the Roloff kids had going for them was they spent their entire lives with most of the same friends.

I hope I'm wrong. Jacob is a handsome kid, maybe that will ease his transition into a new public school.

Kathy said...

I think Amy will have a breakdown when (or if) Jeremy actually leaves.

Brandon said...

I laugh about the stuff about the summer vacation being the "last hurrah".

The Roloffs have said the for the last 5 years seriously. If you go back and watch the episodes from either the Hawaii vacation or the Bahamas vacation and definitely the Orlando vacation and then Utah Dude Ranch, then Europe... every one of those vacations has Matt saying it's special because it's the last family vacation because Jeremy and Zach are getting older.

The boy who cried wolf...

Rap541 said...

Jake was expelled, not pulled out of school by his parents.

At least one parent has regrets that Jake is no longer able to attend that school that Matt "never liked".

The Roloffs are not homeschooling in the slightest. Jake is attending a facility four times a week (I wonder if its Sylan or possibly an alternative school) - thats not homeschooling.

Nor is it allowing Jake's creativity to sparkle. I'm amused that Matt used this opportunity to brag and gather compliments about the awesome parenting and educating he's *not* doing. Fr all Matt's boasting and BSing - his son is going to the same creativity killing factory Matt was complaining about.

So Matt gets tons of pats on the back and lets be very clear, he's not doing jack about education except to brag he's homeschooling when he's not, and to complain about the school his wife obviously still likes.

Jake is facing consequences? Good. Its a pity its taken this long for any of the Roloff kids to face any consequences, and I strongly suspect Matt and Amy would have been perfectly happy to do nothing if they had been allowed.

Amy? Could you stop drama queening about your empty nest? You clearly are still needed as a parent so your whining and moaning about your "transition" (that started five years ago and you still have all four kids AT HOME)is incredibly laughable. Your twins are failing to launch, your youngest has been expelled. Maybe its time to stop worrying about the pending empty nest and start tending the full nest?

Agree that all the rumors are starting with Roloffs.

Michelle said...

I think there was more going on with Jacob than they are saying.

Matt says he never liked Faith, but he's still sending Molly there for senior year. Amy said Jacob will be her one kid going to a public school. That means Molly isn't switching.

I think the Faith school didn't want to have anything to do with Jacob again. Even at the high school.

I agree with the other comments. Matt and Amy are too happy that Jacob is happy to be expelled from school.

I think there is a deeper problem with Jacob that lingered to the point that a school would want to "let him go".

Matt and Amy should dealing with the real problem. That means the environment at home, the party central atmosphere. That should improve if Jeremy really moves and is out of the picture next fall. But Matt and Amy need to get STRICT. Serious rules about no friends. Serious rules about bed times. Serious rules and consequences with video games and phone for poor grades.

I also think they should be getting Jacob some counselling. I think there are deeper issues that are leading to these problems. They have the money to buy all this "stuff". They should spend some on the well-being of their own son.

Debbie said...

Say what you want about Amy's parenting, but she is a much better person and more honest than Matt.

I like that she was honest. She didn't BS like Matt did.

Jacob didn't get the grades and it his choices that caused it.
They didn't want him to be expelled. They wanted him to stay at the school.
They needed to scramble to get him some schooling in order for him to be able to not repeat 8th grade.

Compare that to what Matt said. Matt is all BS. It's amazing at what Matt did with this situation. There is not an honest bone in Matt's body.

Carrie said...

Poor Jacob. I know it's his fault for being kicked out, but I think public school is going to be rough for him.

Matt and Amy should give their heads a shake. Scrap any plans of returning to TV. Give it up!

I would have died when I was in public high school if me and my family were on a tv show! Can you imagine? The Roloffs had a unique set up with Faith because it's so small and all the kids knew each other since kindergarten. But Jacob at a new public high school when his family on tv?

The teasing will be torture! I don't envy him at all.

Rap541 said...

Carrie - apparently the important thing is that Matt and Amy continue on with their tv careers. After all, they're empty nesters and done parenting and if ANYTHING makes it obvious its the "Hurray! We're HOMESCHOOLING!" nonsense from Matt as he and Amy run to enroll Jake in public school.

It's rather obvious that "getting back on tv" trumps "parenting Jake" - and yes, Roloff fans, I am judging the Roloffs for LYING about homeschooling Jake and ACCEPTING TONS OF PRAISE AND ATTENTION FOR THE HOMESCHOOLING THEY CAN'T BE BOTHERED WITH.

Let's see Matt explain in detail how sending his kid to school four days a week = Matt homeschooling.

And Carrie, I have the same concerns about public school but I am sure when Jake crashes and burns, Amy will be too busy whining how the twins might move out some day and her role as a mom will change, while Matt will be bragging how he's off to Hawaii to relax.

Ellie said...

Rap, you are hoping that Jacob "crashes and burns" all so you can say you were right, followed by another slam at Matt and Amy.

What is wrong with you?

Anne said...


Didn't people criticize the Roloffs for years for sending their kids to a private Christian school. Weren't they accused of sheltering their kids from "the real world" to the determent of their kids?

Now Jacob is headed to public school and that's being shot down as a failure and as the wrong decision.

I don't think doing a special is going to affect Jacob. Matt already said filming wouldn't be the same as it was before.

Review. Jacob passed when they were filming. He failed in the year that they weren't filming. I don't think it's right to blame it on the show.

Anne said...

I almost forgot the positive.

Congratulations to Jeremy for making the big move and to Molly for being focused and committed to her studies.

Rap541 said...

Ellie - I am actually rather concerned, but I also accept that nothing I say is going to effect the decisions Matt and Amy are making. We've already seen how well the twins failed to perform - and yes, I predicted community college and two young men failing to leave the nest and crashing and burning way back when.

How do you feel, Ellie, about Matt and Amy foisting the problem child off on someone else and being praised for "homeschooling"?

I mean, I don't see Matt turning down the "you're an awesome parent" even though he has bold face lied about the homeschooling. I don't see Matt saying "we are concerned that Jake intentionally failed in school." What I see is a whole lotta "We're so proud of our creative boy and he's so happy now that we've dealt with his not doing his school work by removing him from the school" nonsense.

Matt is being praised for embracing creativity and wanting Jake to be a free spirit. I ask again - if that is what Matt truly believes is best for Jake - then why is Jake being put in a public school that very much is the exact opposite of what Matt is praising and the opposite of what Matt and Amy say Jake needs?

I'm not the one who has been publically railing about the lack of creativity and freedom in schools - Matt is and Matt is consigning his son to the very type of school he's whining about as he accepts praise for "homeschooling".

Personally - what I think Jake needs is parents who discipline him and don't maintain their home as party central. I can only hope he realizes he doesn't have to be a product of his environment but since he's being publically praised for being expelled, yes, I do see problems coming. And if Matt is being geniune in his comments about the education system - and not braying for the sake of garnering attention - then Matt is willfully choosing to put his son in an environment that he knows won't be good for Jake's learning style.

Anne - are you saying that now that Matt doesn't like Faith Bible, you think its bad too? Are you on board with the public "Jake is too smart and creative for Faith" as well?

And at last check, the 21 year old unemployed Jeremy who has never spent more than a night or two away from home *still* hasn't confirmed he's going away to school, and neither Matt or Amy have been willing to commit to "Jeremy is definetely going to Brooks this fall".

He might. But its similar to praising Jake for getting expelled. He's 21, living like a child and he's never been asked to be responsible for himself. If he goes, its about time he made a decision to do something other than live off his parents money.

brittany said...

carrie and rap, i'm in grade 10, but i don't think you know what you're all talking about.

jacob will be super popular. he's cute and he's kinda famous. and he's rich. he would be super popular at my school! thats not going to be a problem for him.

Ellen in AZ said...

Rap, Matt failed school yet lives in a multimillion dollar house.

Susan Coles said...

Ellen in AZ, first, what does that have to do with the parenting that led to Jake's school troubles?

Most everyone agrees that Jake is a clever kid and not dumb or lacking intelligence. Why did he get expelled? That's a major deal really. Blaming teachers is typical Roloff, but it has to come back to ineffectual parenting.

Second, where will the comparisons between Matt and Jeremy or Matt and Zach stop? Matt failed school thus anybody that fails school is destined to the same future? I also argue that using Matt as the picture of what everyone should be is flawed. Matt lives in a million dollar house, but being an honorable person with character is more important to me.

But getting back to the Matt comparison with the twins. Rap has talked about it before.

Didn't Matt move out at 18? Wasn't he living on his own, completely supporting himself by the time he was 21? Zach and Jeremy especially don't even have the obstacles to deal with that Matt had.

At 21 Jeremy and Zach are completely dependent on Mat and Amy.

Ellen, if you took the names out of it and had Jeremy and Zach's situation described to you, I bet that you would not be impressed.

They are not responsible for themselves. They play like 12 year olds with Mueller and they are totally comfortable to loaf at home milking off their parents because Matt and Amy allow it.

BeckyM said...

As the parent of a child who has had his own ups and down in public and private school, I will tell you that the fact Jacob was not allowed to finish this year out - with 2 months or less of school to go - is a HUGE red flag.

Every school I've dealt with - public or private - would have offered a chance to finish the year. For example, the school could have said, finish the work for his classes AT HOME and we will let him finish with his class.

The fact that they did not, speaks huge volumes. My educated guess would be that Jacob was not only failing but also being disruptive to the school environment and I'm not talking about a little mouthiness here.

Couple that with the fact that all four kids have gone to this school, and you have to ask yourself why Jacob was really asked to leave.

JMO but this was far more then grades.

BeckyM said...

For Jacob's sake I don't think homeschooling would be a good idea. His parents are uninvolved and clueless. Amy and Matt want to parent from a remote location (preferably Hawaii in Matt's case).

Finishing up the year with a one-on-one tutor is not that bad an idea. Especially when you couple it with Matt's lack of interest and education (didn't graduate from HS so I wonder how much science and math he actually knows?). And with Amy's traveling. Neither have the patience or interest in homeschooling.

A tutor will also know what state requirements for Jacob's specific year of school is needed in order to be on track for entering public school. Most likely he will be tutored through the summer to catch up and improve his grades, again a good thing.

I know many who go to private Christian schools and their education lags behind what states require especially in the areas of math and science.

Going to public school could be a very good thing for Jacob and I hope that it is.

One thing for sure, if he was having agression/authority issues, it won't be hidden when he enters the public sector. I don't know if Matt and Amy has really thought that angle through but covering up the negative sides of their kids is about ready to go out from their control.

David said...

"Most likely he will be tutored through the summer to catch up and improve his grades, again a good thing."

No, Becky. Amy said Jacob only has 5 weeks left of school, like most kids. I don't think he will have any school over the summer.

I agree with you about there most likely being a bigger reason than just grades to the school tossing him out in April and not wanting to have anything to do with him.

I feel bad for Molly. She's going to Faith next year I assume. Now her Dad has publicly bad mouthed the school. Awkward.

Rap541 said...

Ellen - yes, I understand that Matt believes having money equals having character, class, and importance.

I also understand that he believes his way to live is the only valid way to live.... There's two problems with that sort of thinking.

A) This is the problem I doubt you or Matt will care about but... Just because Matt prefers a certain way of life, that doesn't mean his way is the right way for *everyone*. I know plenty of people who would be happy with Matt's lifestyle, and plenty who *wouldn't*. And some of those people who wouldn't... have money.

B)If we are to judge everyone on Matt's standards, I imagine then that Matt looks down on all his fans that don't come up to " I live in a multimillion dollar house" snobbery? Correct?

Matt looking down on people who aren't rich enough for his standard of being "extraordinary" wouldn't shock me in the slightest.

At the same time - Ellen, Whats your opinion on Matt bragging about how he's a homeschooling dad, proud to foster creativity in his free spirited son.... that is currently *going to some sort of school and will be attending public school in the fall*?

Perhaps he's too busy lording about his multimillion dollar house to realize he's not homeschooling? :)

Rap541 said...

Never let it be said I am not fair.

Becky - I am positive Matt is a highschool graduate. There was a bit in his first book about his dad not coming to his graduation.

I'm more inclined to think the situation at school was just grades for this reason.

I think the school went through four years of high school with two Roloff boys constantly having grade difficulties and two Roloff parents constantly asking for flexibility and exceptions and special treatment. Now they have a third Roloff boy who apparently is following in his brothers footsteps.... The school has to know how this is going to go. Matt and Amy will demand flexibility and exceptions and when Jake continues to have grade problems... they'll blame the school.

My theory - and we'll never really know but I'm basing my theory off of what I know of private schools - is that Jake was refusing to hand in work or participate in class to the point that whether he's bright and knows the material or not, its not fair to let him pass. Its rewarding bad behavior.

Amy and Matt's arguement - seen in the "WOohoo! Jake is ready for ninth grade!" stuff is that Faith should have been flexible and just passed Jake forward since he knew the material. Faith, knowing that this was always how Matt and Amy dealt with problems with the boys grades - ie by doing nothing to correct the situation and then demanding exceptions - decided to cut their losses.

BeckyM said...

@ David whether Jacob has summer school or not will depend on how bad his grades were when he left Faith. Public school may be seen as "slack" but unless he can show graduation from his grade, they won't let him automatically enter the grade he thinks he should.

BeckyM said...

@ Rap, I'll stand corrected on Matt. However, it's clear that Matt has no ability to tutor - he could not assist Jeremy or Zach when they had failing and poor grades. And it seems that Jacob's grades are worse (assume because he was expelled, let go, suspended, told to get out or whatever Faith told him and his parents).

I have yet to see any "studying" encouraged by either parent of any child, let alone tutoring or "homeschooling" talent exhibited by Matt or Amy.

Rap541 said...

Oh I agree Becky. My point of contention about Matt and Amy homeschooling Jacob is that by their own description, they *aren't*.

Four days a week, Jake is taken to a schooling facility - thats Matt and Amy both saying it - and taught by someone else. Thats called "sending him to a different school" and not "homeschooling" at all.

And this fall, he's going regular high school, the same creativity sucking set up Matt is being praised for allowing him to escape.

I feel sad for all the people Matt is lying to and accepting praise from.

BeckyM said...

@ Rap I agree about Matt's lying, but overall, whether he lies or not, I wish Jacob the best. Having his parents homeschool him is not in his best interests so I am glad he is receiving some sort of education whether that be in tutoring or a self-paced educational center.

Like I wrote when this all first broke, I have mixed feelings. My son has also had his ups and downs and it was not due to being on reality television :P .... Jacob is at a turning point age and I do hope he finds someone in his life, other then Jeremy and his friends, who can help guide him to better understanding himself and choosing a good path.

Rap541 said...

I understand, Becky. I geniunely worry that we're witnessing the beginning of an implosion that we've seen play out with unpleasant and deadly results with other child stars.

As God or Goddess or Whoever is my witness, I have no wish to see Jake Roloff be the Corey Feldman of his generation.

Or worse, the River Phoenx.

And I fear the laissez-faire parenting and the "OH GOD WE NEED TO BE ON TV" attitude of his parents pretty much guarantees we're going see an unpleasant end.

I want to be wrong. I really do.

Judy B said...


Even I don't think Jake is that that bad.

Chris Linton said...

I'm just stabbing at the weeds and it might be a pipe dream gone wrong, but in my opinion I think there's already another Roloff "kid" with an addiction that comes with hanging with Muels and other wild animals in high places.

Rap541 said...

Judy B - you snark and all, but did you think, when watching Stand By Me for the first time in the theater that two of the four kids in the lead roles would be substance abusers? And one would be dead long before his time?

I'm still shocked that out of the three kids on Diff'rent Strokes that a) only one is alive and b) its Todd "Coke Addict and Arrested but not convicted for Murder" Williams

Judy B said...

Rap, I'll give you another try and attempt to have a mature discussion.

Number 1. You can't compare the Roloff kids to Hollywood actors. You just can't. The Roloffs aren't snorting Coke down at the Roxy

Number 2. Celebrity kids gone wrong is overdone. The media hypes the bad. Different Strokes? What about the Facts of Life girls? None of them had any major problems. One of them had a battle with an eating disorder, but if you select any group of people you're going to end up with one of them having some issue. None of them are drug addicts or dead or in jail.

The Cosby kids did well too. Michael J Fox, Kirk Cameron, the list goes on and on.

But they are all on a different scale than the Roloffs. The Roloff kids don't have papparazzi following them or agents or spend their time with Hollywood actors in the bars.

Judy B said...

PS. I think you meant Todd Bridges. Who is Todd Williams?

Rap541 said...

Yeah - My bad, Todd Bridges :)

Actually one of the Facts of Life girls is now a Christian whackadoo who advocates "saucing" a a difficult child. "Saucing" is making a child drink tabasco sauce. I could also cheat and point out that Dana Plato was actually a member of the cast of Facts of Life....

Oh hey Kirk Cameron turned out ok... while the girl playing his sister also ended up with an eating disorder and the kid who played his best friend "Boner"? Dead of suicide.

Michael J Fox was actually 20-21 when he first took the role of Alex Keaton. I agree about the Cosby Show kids, tho if I recall there was some controversy around Lisa Bonet?

And then you know, there's Little House on the Prairie, where Michael Landon drank on the set, and at least one of the child stars was the long term victim of incest by her child star brother...

But back to the Roloff kids. Why must it be "snorting coke at the Roxbury"? You have always seemed reasonably intelligent, Judy.

Has it occured to you that Jeremy and Zach have attended a two year college for two years and aren't getting degrees this may? Jeremy's never held a job where Daddy wasn't his direct supervisor? Jake's been expelled from school? These are all signs that something is wrong in the Roloff home... and the show is only exsacerbating it.

If being on tv at a young age is so great, why are so many of these kids now dead, drug addled, and suffering from serious problems? Because it really is noticable.

Dana said...

Rap, are you implying that Jeremy has a problem because he works for Matt?

Working for Matt IS work.

Rap541 said...

Dana - I'm not implying, I am stating that Jeremy works for Daddy because working for Daddy is easy and he doesn't have to make any effort to look for a job. You don't have to stand up and develope a work ethic or be disciplined when you're handed a job by your dad. Look at the debacle of pumpkin season - put Jeremy in charge and he wanders about cluelessly asking people whether they had lunch or not and being praised by daddy after having an accident with the tractor.

Who wants to bet a not-Roloff would have gotten a "good job!" from Matt for that performance?

Dana - Jeremy obviously likes living like a little boy at home, working for daddy because its easier than being a man.

Dana said...

Rap, one word about the pumpkin season footage of Jeremy in charge. One word...


They needed to make it amusing for the television program.

Rap541 said...

Dana - the fact that Jeremy has never held a job he actually had to apply for and has never worked for a supervisor who wasn't named Matt Roloff isn't EDITING.

Dana? Got an answer for that? Explain how thats editing please :)

Also explain how Jeremy manfully having an accident on camera was editing :)

Dana said...

I am talking about you referencing "put Jeremy in charge and he wanders about cluelessly asking people whether they had lunch or not and being praised by daddy after having an accident with the tractor."

Jeremy walking around cluelessly asking about lunch is editing. Your opinion of what Jeremy was like when put in charge was formed by editing that was done to make the episode entertaining.

Rap541 said...

So you have nothing to say about the editing of his having an accident with the tractor while in charge?

And you do agree that editing has nothing to do with the reality that Jeremy has never held a job his father didn't give him?

Hey how about the reality that Jer-bear (and wackie Zachie) have been at their two year community college for two years and AREN'T graduating? :)

Rap541 said...

Btw doesn't Matt "I never lie" Roloff say the show presents an honest and accurate view of his family?

Dana? Was Matt *lying*?