Sunday, May 8, 2011

The Failed Roloff Interview With Spiritswander

As promised, we wanted to elaborate on a topic that Matt elected to discuss in his most recent question and answer session.

Although Matt has a rule that he doesn't mention us by name, everyone knows that the question was about and was referring to us. It was as follows:

Question: Have you ever really given us your honest opinion of what you think of those "silly bloggers"? Let's not pull any punches either. Also, have you ever been contacted by or have you tried to contact that blog writer who seems to be so critical of your family?

Matt's Answer:
"It seems that most of the blogs or blogging about the show has faded away. As far as the “Silly” bloggers used to go, I only referred to them as that because often anonymous people would conjure up the silliest (stupidest) stuff and they would write it like it was true. Some people make assumptions and then would write about it so much that they start to actually believe it themselves. We learned to laugh at it when it was brought to our attention and take it in stride, but mostly we learned to ignore it. Worrying about what a few people say is far too time consuming.

It takes all kinds to make the world go-around and we tried to appreciate everybody's opinion. TLC certainly told us many times that the “crazier the chatter” the more interesting we are for filming.

I think that Amy and I have always been up to an interview with any news source on the internet or not, we done hundreds of interviews. The only requirement that (and this was recommended by TLC since day 1) we don’t conduct interviews with anonymous sources. The reason for that should go without saying, it’s just common sense."

There are things about this subject that not many people know. That is -- there *almost* was a Spiritswander interview with a Roloff. There was an agreement and deal made to do an interview. Then the Roloffs didn't hold up their end of the deal and backed out.

Here is the story:

About a year ago, we were approached by a representative of the Amy Roloff Charity Foundation. They reached out to Spiritswander. In speaking to other bloggers and websites that have interviewed the Roloffs, we have since discovered that the contact person was indeed a person that arranges several interviews for Amy with bloggers such as who interviewed both Matt and Amy Roloff (a very good interview with Amy - she also interviewed Matt last April - which by the way contains this statement "Matt reassured me that they have no plans so far to end the show." In her interview with Amy, she confronted Amy about Matt's statement which obviously became false). Anyhow, that's how these interviews are arranged. People representing Matt or Amy contact blogs/websites that have content that might make the Roloffs of interest and propose interviews.

When this representative of The Amy Roloff Charity Foundation got in touch with us, he proposed a partnership between Spiritswander and ARCF -- this was a couple of months before the Amy Roloff Charity Cruise on the Oasis of the Seas and they were looking for promotion. The contact person proposed a deal: a banner/link exchange between The Amy Roloff Charity Foundation and Spiritswander. He also said it would include and interview with Amy Roloff.

An Amy Roloff Charity Cruise banner that was given to Spiritswander and displayed
on our site as part of the deal the ARCF made with us. ARCF never did fulfill
their promises made in the deal.

Honestly, it was surprising only because of the Roloffs public feelings towards our site seemed pretty obvious -- however publicly it seemed as though it was Matt that had more hatred towards us (multiple friends of the Roloffs tell us that Matt is still absolutely infuriated with our site)... but
it was not something we were expecting, so we were impressed by Amy's maturity that she apparently was willing to interview and partner up with us.

We accepted the deal that the ARCF proposed. Hence, the banner that still remains along the right sidebar with the Amy Roloff Charity Cruise (which we should probably take down now...). That was given to us by the representative of Amy Roloff.

However, because we do in fact have character and manners, while accepting the deal, we wanted to be up front with Amy. We explained that Spiritswander aims to represent all people interested in the Roloffs, however we aren't purely a fluff site. Our readers would be disappointed in us if we interviewed a Roloff and didn't ask about any of the topics people discussed and only asked about the charity.

We discuss the good, the bad and the ugly. However, I think there is a civil way to present that in an interview. We told Amy's representative that Spiritswander isn't a site that leaves the Elephants in the room and we would want to ask Amy about more things than strictly the cruise. We felt it was important from a character standpoint to be up front with Amy. We didn't want her to feel like she was being blind-sided or ambushed -- thinking she was in for a fluff interview and then we ask some tougher questions. We did think it would be a compelling interview and were excited for the chance -- and for Amy, a chance to have her views known directly from her.

We were pleased when the representative responded with "That sounds great. Thanks so much". We exchanged details for an interview with Amy and someone that's apart of Spiritswander. Amy's representative said our link/banner would be up shortly on the ARCF website and he would confer with Amy on a good time for the interview and would get in touch with us.

We had an interview with Amy Roloff confirmed. It never

So to be clear, a person that Amy empowers to represent her, offered us a deal:

We would link Amy's Charity Foundation.

We would display Amy's Cruise Banner on our site.

We would interview and publish an interview with Amy (which we clarified would include, but address more than just the ARCF charity cruise)

Their part of the deal was that they would display our logo and link on the ARCF website and Amy Roloff would interview with us.

That was the deal offered by them. We accepted. We immediately displayed the banner on our site and we linked Amy's Charity Foundation website. We took a few days to compile a list of questions and topics we wanted to ask Amy -- there is so much that has been discussed that we really wanted to provide a good interview for all fans and followers of the Roloffs. So we fulfilled our end of the deal in all ways.

About a week went by and we did not hear back, nor was our link displayed on Amy's website as promised. So we followed up.

We were told by the ARCF representative that the webmaster for the ARCF was a volunteer and sometimes was slow in updating Amy's website, but he would get right on that and would ask Amy about her schedule for the best time to arrange the interview with us.

Very shortly after that, he contacted us once again -- offering his apologies and repeating the slow webmaster excuse, but told us it was okay for us to remove Amy's banner (we didn't because we don't mind supporting Amy's Charity) and link and again he offered his sincere apologies. We never heard from them again.

Hey, we know when we are being stood up ;-) I think anyone with common sense and logic can deduce what happened. I don't believe it was a lazy webmaster or inability to line up a clear date on Amy's calendar to conduct the interview.

My personal feeling on it was that the marketing person that represents Amy and the ARCF had well-meaning intentions who did not realize the Roloffs hang-up with our site -- even some friends of the Roloffs have said they don't understand why the Roloffs 'freak out' as much as they do over our site as some friends although they don't always agree with our opinion, objectively understand that we are honest and there's going to be some criticism when you're public figures such as the Roloffs.

Spiritswander never hesitates to promote the Roloffs charity events

Anyhow, I think he was looking for promotion for Amy's cruise, was looking for relevant websites and blogs. Correctly found our site that discusses the Roloffs and it would reach an audience that might help promote Amy's cruise and charity.

Then, personally, I think the logical explanation is that when he told Amy that she had an interview with Spiritswander that she -- to borrow Bart Simpson's catch phrase -- "had a cow". She probably flipped out, stomped her feet and said no way is she associating with us.

Seriously, on several levels, it was very disappointing that the Roloffs didn't honor the agreement that THEY proposed and that we accepted. Strictly from a character and integrity standpoint.

I do understand that it was most likely a miscommunication between the marketing person and Amy -- but when it comes down to it - this person had the authority to represent the ARCF - and made a deal with us and the ARCF. It was probably an internal miscommunication between them on their end -- but it's still a fact that the Amy Roloff Charity Foundation offered a deal - we accepted -- we fulfilled our promises by linking ARCF and displaying the website and then after we held our end up of the deal - they backed out.

I honestly think the *right thing to do* on Amy's part would have been 'okay, we had a miscommunication within our organization and we will rectify that in the future by making sure the representatives know which sites that I won't talk to -- but the fact is we did enter into an agreement -- they did hold up their end of it - we will fulfill our promises'.

However, Amy did not do that and that was disappointing. I think we've been more than fair about this issue. We did not rant about this. We did not sully the Amy Roloff Charity Foundation's reputation by telling the world that the ARCF is an organization that does not honor their word and their deals and that they don't follow through on promises after you fulfill your obligations to them. We did not say one word publicly about this in almost a year. The only reason why we are mentioning this now is because Matt Roloff chose to obviously specifically address the topic of Spiritswander and Roloff interviews and this is very relevant to that discussion. We did have an interview with a Roloff confirmed. And the Roloffs ran away from the deal.

On the broader subject of Spiritswander and Roloff interviews -- I think it would have been interesting for followers of the Roloffs. I feel that we have our own niche in the Roloff landscape. There's basically two sources of information on the internet about the Roloffs. Matt Roloff controlled sites (Facebook. and Roloff World blog - which are all controlled under Matt) and us.

Roloff twins and Jacob Mueller cat tossing received a lot of discussion on our site.
Before these pictures emerged, Matt on his Facebook and in his videos, stressed to fans that the Roloffs are very gentle with their cats.

Although to most us the Roloffs are interesting people with interesting dynamics, they don't garner the same kind of mainstream attention as other celebrities or as the Gosselins or Kardashians or Jersey Shore. Larry King or Piers Morgan are not interviewing the Roloffs.

Matt and Amy on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.
The mainstream interviews like this are always pretty basic.

When the Roloffs have done mainstream interviews like Oprah, Bonnie Hunt, Joy Behar, The Tonight Show or Good Morning America or The Today Show -- through absolutely no fault of the Roloffs -- those interviews tend to lack a lot for their fans. Usually the mainstream outlets barely know the most basic details about the Roloffs. Often times the interviewers appear like they've never seen the show. They often ask how many kids they have, who has dwarfism, if they live on a farm -- the most basic of questions. Obviously you're not going to get an interesting detailed interview with the Roloff in those settings because the interviewers don't have much knowledge about the Roloffs.

As mentioned above, the Roloffs have sought out websites and blogs and have done interviews with them. Some of them are better than others, but again, most of those are either topic oriented blogs -- such as "Mom" blogs where the interviewer *might* have seen Little People, Big World a few times but isn't really interested in the Roloffs or pop culture entertainment blogs -- with the same element - they might know who the Roloffs are, but they don't follow them closely and don't know the details to ask relevant follow up questions.

Again, this is not the fault of the Roloffs. At times, Matt has even attempted to steer certain interviews towards some more interesting topics that aren't always discussed,, but unfortunately, the interviewer appeared clueless as to what Matt was referring to and went back to the basic questions.

As one of the main sources of information regarding the Roloffs -- people have asked us many wide ranging questions about the Roloffs through the years. Not all are 'bad' or controversial. "What kind of camera does Jeremy Roloff use?" is one of the frequent questions for Jeremy. Although Jeremy does not speak to our site or to normal fans for the most part -- we can confirm through close friends that Jeremy uses a Nikon D5000

With us, the Roloffs are our focus. It's like a beat writer for a newspaper following a sports team. They follow them all year long. They are going to know more about the subject and be able to discuss more things than some national media source that only hears the big stories that get publicity.

The only other interviews the Roloffs do -- and as Matt outlined -- it's only him speaking for the entire family (and somewhat Amy) - is Matt on his own websites basically interviewing himself. It sounds funny to say, but essentially that's what it is -- Matt's Q & A on Matt with his moderator or whatever appears on the Roloff World blog by his friend/Admin of his Facebook page -- are both venues that Matt controls. They would not exist without Matt's approval. Matt's moderator that he chose and controls, has discussed the fact that Matt picks and chooses the topics/questions he wishes to discuss or not discuss in the Q&A sessions. That is basically interviewing yourself, in my opinion.

Think about if a more mainstream celebrity did that. Charlie Sheen interviews with...his publicist. Do you think it's going to be considered a serious interview? Justin Bieber being interviewed by his Mother's life long hair-dresser friend. Is it going to be a well balanced interview? Obviously not because people understand that there is an obvious bias and agenda when people are interviewed in settings that they control or by people who answer to them or are personal friends.

The two faces of Jeremy Roloff? Jeremy -- the most polarizing of all Roloffs. Adored by some as a fun-loving creative free spirit Christian with a refreshing zest for life -- just a big hearted country boy.... Seen by others as the ultimate phony -- an actor that puts on a facade when cameras are around whose real behavior reveals a much nastier side

Originally, we extended interview requests to the Roloffs -- not only because it would be interesting, but out of fairness to the Roloffs. It started out with Jeremy. He is a very popular topic. He seems to be a very polarizing figure and I would say, actually the most controversial Roloff. As loyal visitors to our site know -- many issues about Jeremy are discussed with strong opinions on both sides.

Jeremy Roloff being caught using racist and homophobic slurs online was one of the first controversies involving Jeremy. Some friends have indicated that Jeremy has matured and was ready to own his words that might impress detractors -- however, to date, Jeremy is still yet to address it an environment that wasn't orchestrated and controlled by his father Matt Roloff.

There were so many people: pro-Jeremy fans, anti Jeremy fans, Jeremy friends -- saying Jeremy feels this way, Jeremy feels that way. Jeremy did that because of this, he meant this when he said that, etc. We wanted to give Jeremy a chance to speak and answer for himself.

Some of the Roloff friends say they've been told by the Roloffs
that they are not allowed to mention the Roloffs online. Jeremy
and Zach do not give interviews either.

Over the years we've heard from several Roloff friends, some who seem sincere that said Jeremy has matured and Jeremy doesn't feel the way somebody said he feels and you would feel differently if you heard what Jeremy has to say. Of course, there are other friends who say that Jeremy thinks everybody that has taken issue with anything he's done are losers and laughs 'all the way to the bank' at everybody. But some of the more polite friends have seemed sincere.
So we would have been more than happy to give Jeremy or any Roloff or Mueller - that chance to have their say on topics and subjects discussed. I think it's possible to have a wide ranging interview and address important topics and people want to know about and still be civil about it.

Obviously, Jeremy, Matt or any Roloff for that matter, never took us up on the offer. This is my personal opinion, but I have to be honest. I do think it is very *lame* that Jeremy and Zach, who are now only two days from their 21st birthday still apparently are totally comfortable with letting their dad and dad's staff speak for them and explain what they think.

If I interviewed Matt, I think I would be embarrassed to ask Matt "What did your 21 year old son feel when he said this? What does your 21 year old son think about that? Why is your 21 year old son so supportive of this ...?" Those are questions for the person involved.

Zach apparently spoke to Matt's staff/friend who runs his Roloff World blog for him about Zach's trip to LA with the Statesmen team for a WWE Tough Enough Episode. It was on this trip that his meeting with long time friend Jen Montzingo (pictured below) sparked more rumors between the two being linked together.
Some wondered why Zach needs "Matt's people" to communicate.

Jen Montzingo with another friend of hers in LA -- another Zac....
Zach Roloff's report on his LA trip for Tough Enough which included meeting up with his friend Jen - went through Matt's staff on his blog.

I had the same opinion about Zach when he apparently spoke to Matt's staff/friend (she does the blog for Matt, paid staff or a friend helping him out on a venue Matt uses to make announcements and promotes all the time -- does it really matter? -- It is a Matt Roloff project) about his trip to LA. Seriously, I would expect this with a kid Jacob's age or younger. You speak to Dad or Dad's friend and Dad's friend will explain to the people what you mean. I think that's what you do with a small child at a restaurant. You're afraid the server won't understand the child, so the child tells you what they want to order and you communicate that to the adult for the child.....but Zach and Jeremy are 21 years old . I would think they should be able to and I would think they'd have some desire to speak for themselves. However, apparently that's not the case.

Of course the other theory on this is that the Roloffs have so much to hide -- that their public persona is so far from the truth -- that Matt is afraid of other Roloffs or friends slipping up and being too truthful and unintentionally saying something that damages the family public persona - so Matt demands that he controls it all either directly through him or his people/staff.

John Mark Comer -- Jeremy Roloff's favorite pastor at a church in Portland geared towards college age students. It is a major focus of Jeremy's life and Molly Roloff is now becoming more involved as well. As per Matt Roloff himself -- Molly joined Jeremy at a 2 day event held by the church.
John Mark's and the Church's stance on people who are gay -- namely that they are "broken" and are going to Hell unless they pray to Jesus to be cured -- appears to contradict the Roloffs public stance on differences -- Amy Roloff was paid to give a speech entitled "Being an individual tree among the forest -- how to accept yourself when you are different". Some of our frequent readers would like the Roloffs to be asked direct questions about those apparent contradictions harbored by the Roloffs.

So this whole issue of Roloff interviews with Spiritswander first came after we extended that offer to Jeremy or any of the Roloffs. That they were welcome to interview with us and we would be glad to present their side. Honestly, if as Matt implied his answer -- that he feels we lie -- I would love to give him a chance to discuss that in specifics rather than a broad statement. For instance, at Christmas, twitter users said they spotted the Roloffs at a church in Portland. We commented that we know from friends of Jeremy's, that Jeremy is very enthusiastic about the church and is a big fan of the lead pastor there. However, there was a video on You Tube posted from that Pastor with rather controversial messages -- some rather "traditional" views about a woman's role is to serve her man and saying gay people people have a "perversion" and should pray to be "cured" of their homsexuality by Jesus. That's controversial by itself, but given the Roloffs message of their show and the Roloffs role as public diversity speakers with speeches about accepting yourself and others for who they are and their difference -- it obviously gets some attention. So you probably understand why when we made that correct observation - that Jeremy loves this church and is a big support of the sermon speaker - that some people probably with an eye on those diversity speaking jobs -- don't like that association being noted and went on to post comments that we were lying about Jeremy's affection for the church and the speaker.

We wouldn't write something like that unless we knew it was indeed the truth and it is. After all that was published, legitimate friends of Jeremy that attend the church with him even wrote in offended that we would allow people to imply that Jeremy does not support John Mark Comer because Jeremy absolutely does. It's not something Jeremy is ashamed of -- it's rather a major focus of his life. However, since he doesn't speak for himself and known Roloff friends have been ordered by Matt that they aren't allowed to speak to us on the record -- then that allows people claiming knowledge to post that we are lying about Jeremy's enthusiasm for the church. So when Matt implies that we write lies, is this the type of thing he is referring to? We would love to discuss it with him because we would be capable of asking follow up questions. [Added note: On Easter Sunday, Matt posted on his Facebook Fan Page that Jeremy is now an usher at this church and that "Jeremy loves it (this Church)" -- which is exactly what we reported months ago and were accused of being liars for reporting]. A question such as that would have to be included in an interview -- as our readers would expect it. One of our regular readers, Mike P worded it like this:

"I think they should be confronted with direct questions about the contradictions they harbor. They cheapen and demean the whole field of human rights. By insisting on accommodation of diversity for themselves, while working against acceptance of all persons, they turn an honorable thing into a meal ticket for themselves".

Matt implies that he feels we lie although he won't give specifics; we believe the real reason for Matt's disdain is that in our attempt to report the truth without BS, we are willing to contradict Matt's version of events which often consist of Matt's impressive 'spin' abilities. Matt recently took bad news such as Jacob being expelled from school, spun in it in a series of Facebook postings -- by the time Matt was done spinning it -- many fans were offering their heartfelt congratulations to Jacob for his 'accomplishment' and commending Matt for raising such a creative son.

Of course, the real reason why we believe Matt detests us so much is rather logical. Matt is the ultimate salesman/spin master. Obviously a spin master is not going to be fond of a site that analyzes what he says with the real facts and points out when there are discrepancies between Matt's version and the real reality. If there is any doubting Matt's talent in spinning -- look no further than the recent issue with Jacob's school situation. It's a fact that Jacob was expelled from the school he has attended all of his life - 2 months from 8th grade graduation. So that is the starting point fact. By the time Matt got done spinning the story on his Facebook page, a slew of fans that believe only what Matt says, are writing "CONGRATULATIONS JACOB! That's awesome! Way to go Matt and Amy!" Could you imagine your friend informing you that their kid was expelled from school and you responding "Give the kid my congratulations!" -- so that's a testament to Matt's talent at spinning things. As I told someone recently, I honestly don't know whether to be disgusted by Matt's spin abilities or in awe of his sheer talent in that regard.
So obviously Matt doesn't like the site that attempts to sort through all the BS and spin cycles and reports the truthful news of what's happening.

Anyhow, after we made those offers to the Roloffs for interviews, Matt answered in a Q & A session that the Roloffs never duck interviews and are open to all interviews, questions, Roloffs always face the good, bad and ugly -- which is a catch phrase the Roloffs like to use that simply is not true.

Please note that we are not demanding that they do interviews. It is the Roloffs choice to interview with whomever they want or don't want. It's their right. And we respect that. We aren't antagonists and I don't have any desire to write week after week how the Roloffs avoid interviews because they are afraid of tough questions on various subjects. However, when Matt said Roloffs don't duck from interviews, it's simply not true.

Daniel Meichtry -- life long friends of Jeremy and Zach, granted us an interview before Matt apparently put the clamps down on friends speaking to Spiritswander. Dan thanked us for our integrity in presenting his thoughts as they were. Congratulations to Dan on his engagement and and upcoming Wedding!

By the way, if you are new to our site -- along the sidebar you can find our interview conducted with Jeremy and Zach's good friend Daniel Meichtry. It was after this interview that Matt apparently told all their friends that they weren't allowed to speak about the Roloffs. I have to say, Dan was a class act during the interview process and *after the interview was published* Dan even thanked me for having integrity and class and for not twisting anything he said and for presenting it exactly as it was promised.

Finally, one last note. Matt's apparent bone of contention -- at least the one he puts out publicly -- with Spiritswander is that we don't publish personal details about ourselves. Let's discuss:

I have no desire to make myself the story. No one associated with the site does . We are happy to provide a niche that was lacking in the Roloff landscape for fans and cover the Roloffs. We make absolutely no money from the site. I'm not using this to further a career.

I have no desire for that kind of attention. It's not a matter of "hiding" anything -- it's just when you're not receiving *any* perks for being a public figure and aren't seeking attention and don't make money off of it-- why put your personal information out there? Particularly since we have been threatened by certain fans. We do get hate mail.

Why subject ourselves to harassment in our daily lives from fans that are trying to please Matt and earn a personal phone call from Matt? Perhaps if the reason for the site was to make money or we were receiving trade-outs, then maybe the trade for sacrificing privacy would be worth it -- but since we're not seeking personal attention, there's nothing to gain by it.

Spiritswander is not the celebrity. We're not the ones that were on the reality television show and we're not that interesting actually :-) The Roloffs are the ones that people are interested in and all we do is cover the Roloffs as accurately as possible.

So anyhow, as far as us interviewing with the Roloffs -- I think that ship has sailed -- I just honestly don't believe it has anything to do with Matt's stated reasons publicly. I think it's because there are a lot of things about the Roloffs that Matt desperately wants to keep under wraps as they appear to contradict that public image the Roloffs put forth and he knows that we would have to ask about certain topics.

The Roloffs always say they show the 'Good, bad and ugly' about their family, yet there are a number of true topics they will not discuss and prefer to keep hidden


Jocelynn said...

Thanks for explaining, Spirits. That was very unprofessional of Amy to not hold up her end of the deal.

David said...

You nailed the reason why Matt doesn't interview and why he doesn't want Jeremy talking...

I can't blame Matt on the last point, whenever Jeremy does something on his own, it blows up in Matt's face and causes him headaches. It is because they are phonies though.

Lauren said...

This is kind of off topic, but who is the "other Zac" with Jen? I can't tell. The picture is too dark.

Ashley said...

That's too bad that they won't interview. It would have been interesting. Especially Jeremy.

Lauren, it's Zac Efron!!! He has a moustache now!

Lauren said...

Ashley, thanks! I didn't even know Jen was friends with him! No wonder why Jen seemed insulted when people said she was using the Roloffs. Forget the Roloffs, it's Zac frigging Efron!!!

Do you know how she knows him?

Ashley said...

From following Jen's twitter, what I gather is she works at some Hollywood Hot Spot hotel show that costs like a Gazzilion dollars. I think Zac is either one of the hosts or hangs out there.

Timothy said...

Well done, Spirits.

Anyone with smarts, knows that Spirits doesn't lie.

Jeremy's slurs? Not lies

Cat tossing? Not lies

LPBW being cancelled? Not lies

Jeremy loving the anti accepting differences church? Not lies

Matt doesn't want any interviews because he doesn't want to bring more attention to all the hypocrisies.

Plain and simple. That's the reason.

Christine said...

It would probably be pointless anyway because the Roloffs aren't capable of being honest no matter what the questions.

Rap541 said...

Its definetely disappointing that the interview never happened. I'm glad you brought it up though.

After all, I am guessing Xoxo isn't on someone's birth certificate. ;)

Brandon said...

Jeremy and Zach not speaking for themselves IS pathetic.

More so for Jeremy because he has most of the scandals. 21 and he can't explain for himself.

I don't believe the "sincere" friends either. If Jeremy was a decent person he would have stood up and accepted responsibility.

Matt doesn't want anybody talking because the Roloffs are shams. Total dishonest fakes.

Abby said...

You can see how much make up Jeremy had done on the show from those pictures.

Anne said...

If you were Matt, what is to gain for the Roloffs about doing a hard hitting interview?

Susan Coles said...

Spiritswander, thank you for explaining.

Amy is becoming more like Matt every day. I think Amy lost herself in her own fame and celebrity.

Deb said...

It sounds like Matt missed his calling. He should have been a PR agent or a politician...

Rap541 said...

Anne - there's probably nothing to be gained but Matt really shouldn't be claiming he or Amy are willing to sit down with someone and do a hard hitting interview when they've clearly refused when the opportunity presents itself.

Its like taking credit and praise for homeschooling your kid when you're dropping him off at a tutoring facility four times a week for hours.

Its a lie. Matt lies and accepts praise for things he doesn't do. He won't do a hard hitting interviewing but claims he will. He claims to be homeschooling Jake but is in fact handing the task off to someone else.

The issue here is that Matt and Amy want the glory, so to speak, of saying they are open and willing to address hard topics and questions and yet look at what happened to Spirit.

Rap541 said...

Anne - there's probably nothing to gain at all, to be honest, but Matt wants the glory of claiming he takes on all comers.

Anne - if Matt won't do a hard hitting interview, should we be lauding him for saying he will?

Its kind of like how Matt grins like fool at being praised for homeschooling his son as he sends Jake off to some sort of school facility four times a week.

Matt is lying, Anne. Do you support his lies? Do you think we should trust everything he says and praise his every word when we *know* he lies?

Or is this one of those "Well, Matt is a Christian and bless him and SHUT UP NO CRITICISM OF MATT IS EVER EVER VALID!" moments?

Matt lies and therefore we must nod and smile and praise him for the things we know he's lying about? :)

Timothy said...

Rap, What is there to gain?

In Jeremy's case, he could earn some respect for being an adult.

In Matt's case, he could be make his claims that he's not afraid of hard questions legitimate.

It is too bad what happened with Amy and Spirit.

I'm not surprised in the least. Amy might actually be worse than Matt is about criticism, especially when it's about her precious kids.

Amy's default response to any criticism is "You're judging us and don't know us!" It's totally irrelevant if the point in question is true. Like the cat throwing. It's true and it's wrong. Yes people can judge without knowing Jeremy and Mueller personally.

Vicky said...

The more you know about the Roloffs the less likable they become.

Spirits, I agree about Matt's job with Jacob's school.

It's a lesson in how to lie and weave away from the truth.

Justin said...

Jeremy and Zach don't buck Matt's need for control because they are happing being dependent children.

They don't care if they aren't adult men. Dad pays them. Dad lets them play. Dad pays their bills. They can't see any reason to get Dad mad over something so insignificant as living their own lives their way.

Diane said...

About the Jeremy picture question, I'm definitely in the second group! He's the biggest phony ever!

Nicole said...

That was nice of you to clarify that your interview with Amy would have some tough questions instead of the ambush approach.

But it sounds like maybe you were too honest and it scared the Roloffs off!

Natalie said...

I have wondered what Jeremy would say for himself.

Maybe if he goes to California by himself he will become more independent.

David said...

I think Roloff World is Matt's site despite what they try to say.

For a blog that presented itself as 'I'm just a person that's going to blog my thoughts about the Roloffs and Matt has nothing to do with it, I'm my own person' sure has turned into a PR campaign for Matt. Book Matt for this speaking engagement, come to Matt's event here.

Expressed said...

I would love it if Spirits interviewed Jeremy but I think realized that wasn't going to happen about 3 years ago!

Honestly this is what I think. I think Jeremy doesn't give interviews or talk to fans because he doesn't like to feel so fake and the image is fake. He needs to pretend like he's never drank and all that jazz.

I think Jeremy likes to be himself. Remember at the last high school dance he said he liked it so much because he could totally be himself because all the kids knew him so well.

I think anything public for Jeremy is the exact opposite. He can't be himself. He needs put on the act.

Christy T said...

I feel bad for Matt. He has a lot to handle from the PR division.

IMO, Jeremy is an arrogant Jerk with a capital J. Matt has the task of trying to present him as a decent person. It's hard work.

Bonnie said...

What are Matt and Amy so afraid of?

Anybody that reads Spiritswander knows that it's not lies.

It just makes you smart enough to spot when Matt is lying :)

Cathy said...

It's really not very nice that Amy didn't hold up her end.

When somebody makes a deal they should stick to it. It's called having integrity. Shame on Amy.

Terry said...

Matt likes control.

Ray said...

The Roloffs are such frauds. They don't give a damn about truth or character.

Greg said...

"After all, I am guessing Xoxo isn't on someone's birth certificate"

Great point Rap. But we already knew Matt's a liar about names on the internet. He has no problems with the "Disruptive Spirit", or "Cute Family" proposing affairs or "Ms Sawyer (after the Lost tv character).

Matt wants to act like he's brave and puts himself on the line, but like with most things, Matt lies.

I agree with Christine's comment. It wouldn't matter anyway. Jeremy has learned from Matt. He's nothing but a liar too. The weak questions he did with Matt's mod, they were the most fake sounding things ever. He said that the one time he was texting they used it on the show. Then he's texting while driving on another episode.

The Roloffs have no real moral values.

Randy said...


Have you ever tried tracking down TLC employees who worked on Little People, Big World...specifically the cameramen or any former producers? If they aren't under any kind of gag-order to talk about behind-the-scenes info, I think they would be a great interview (even if they do it anonymously).

BeckyM said...

With Matt, the more he gets his panties in a wad, the more I think there is fire to the smoke. This blog must be really getting to something!! LOL!

Ranting about a fan blog is really rather low, esp. when referencing anonymity on the internet (guess for all his software skills he really doesn't know much about the computer world - just as I've suspected).

Just my thoughts but don't let it get to you Spirits. The Roloff clan is a bunch of grifting, no-talent fame-ho's (right up there with Snooki, though not in popularity) that had moderate reality tv success.

Nowadays TLC has moved on to other freaks, like Sister Wives, Quints by Surprise, Toddler and Tiaras and other *quality* program that makes them higher ratings at a lower cost then the Roloffs ever did.

BTW the lack of quality interviews from well established media outlets is another indicator of how unimportant the Roloffs are in the overall scheme of Reality Television.

Oh the Khate hate blogger who wrote the book? Now is lauding Amy as the Very Best Fame-Ho in working your kids for tv fame. Oh brother.

Valerie said...

Matt and Amy are terrific people. All they need to learn is to be more accepting of their mistakes. They don't like to say "We were wrong. We are sorry".

But they aren't perfect. They never said they were perfect. It's hard to admit faults.

I still like them despite not talking about their shortcomings.

Vic Rattlehead said...


There is another word for people who refuse to talk about their shortcomings or the things they've done wrong, and that word is: COWARD.

Matt & Amy are cowards for not wanting to engage those who have legitimate criticisms of them because that would mean actually having to sit down and analyze their own choices behavior and actions and the possibility that they might have to actually own up to the facts that they are horrible parents lousy role models and selfish lazy people who covet fame and money over everything else.

Rob said...

Too bad. I would have liked to read it.

Craig said...

When you're as fake as the Roloffs are you can't do open and honest interviews. They have no intention of being honest. They laugh.

Erica said...

The Roloffs are too arrogant to be open to all questions.

Matt and Amy don't think they should ever be question. When they are lying or are jerks, they don't discuss it. All they say is "we aren't perfect" and "don't judge us".

Anonymous said...

That whole family needs to clean up their doorstep before moving on to someone elses. Sham on all of the Roloffs for condoning the abuse of animals by Jeremy and his stupid friends. You are sick!!!