Monday, May 23, 2011

Matt Roloff Facebook Fan Page Updates: May 2011 and Beyond

June 30
Jack be nimble... Jack be quick... Jack jump over the candle stick. Not sure why... But just thought of that old rhyme and wanted to share it

June 30
Pumpkins planted.. Grass mowed, shrubs pruned, bills paid, bags packed, dirt piled.... I guess Camerino and crew can hold down the fort while we slip away a few days. Roloff family adventure ... Here we come!

June 29
Wow. Thanks everyone... Re: my photo ID posts last night. Facebook is indeed an extremely powerful tool. We got everything we need so I'm removing the post. Thanks again everyone for your help and concerns.

June 29
Hair cut city! Have no pity!

June 29
I love this photo from... back in the day.

June 28
Hi everyone. We keep getting sent this photo with strange letters. We feel bad because we have no idea who this is. (maybe??) If you can identify this woman... please contact our office immediately at
Thank you.

Obsession love/hate scary stuff. She may need treatment

If we have this threat wrong we will be the first to apoligize. But we have to take stalker bullies seriously

Police now seem to encourage the use of social media to help identify folks. They are working on several cases far more advanced that this new one.

Were not getting the messages via Facebook. We're just using FB to try to identify her. It may be complete harmless. Just scary.

June 28
Molly home safe and sound from her college tour through WA, ID and MT. she's very excited about several schools.. Next week she visits schools in CA. I'm not suppose to post her sat, act scores.. But needless to say. They're amazing...More than that even... She can go to any school in the world. I'm soooo proud of my little girl.. Shes an incredible, perfectly balanced and beautiful young woman!

June 28
Chew with your mouth closed... while I snap a photo..... to facebook. lol

June 27
Here I am. Trying to figure out how notes work. Sometimes i wish to write a bit longer that the 520 characters and so i'm looking into how notes work. :)

Now i'm experimenting with adding to my note... and hopefully won't republish it..

what is I keep going?? Will it just keep following me until the end of time?

I don't want the note to hog up my entire wall space.. tupid note.

Alright.. I'm starting to see what it does... I'll keep goofing with this thing until i get it.

June 27
The smile on my wonderful wife's face.. Is as close to a 'thumbs up' .. As it ever gets. I guess I get to keep it.. :))

June 27
I'm trying to comment to all My wall posts ... and call out your names at least once each time I post. Keep commenting and one day I hope to respond to you too. Unfortunately my admin removes any/all links because we don't have enough manpower to vet them all.

June 27
The Coach really upped the ante round here. Today we designed the most unbelievable Roloff farm sign.. U all gonna have to wait see it come to life.

June 26
Driving 4 hours north... to see the Coach in person for the first time... Wish me luck. ...And thank you all for all the supporting comments. Amy even wished me a safe trip. YAY! Baring some unforeseen problem.. i should be rolling my new baby home by dark. ...and yes.. I do plan to use it for tour rides around the farms....maybe even around town. :)

June 25
What does a man who admittedly has everything, try to convince his wife to buy him for Christmas.... in June? A 1860 circa authentic Old West, 10 passenger Stagecoach... silly. What else?

June 24
We gave Jacob his phone Back today after 6 months of not having it. We restricted it's use with smart limits. The entire family agreed that his attitude and school work have improved dramatically to the point we can give it another try. This is going to be interesting ,, I hope he can.. I know he can ...

June 23
Amy and I having lunch at The Grove mall in LA.

June 22
Amy and I bomb down to LA tomorrow to finalize our ever changing summer plans. We change plans often.... just keep things exciting. That's the way we like it :))

June 22
Jeremy's ok... After he got into his first (minor) auto accident this afternoon.. Nobody hurt... just shaken sense of invincibility...And a few twisted bumpers.. He said it would be his first and very Last accident -- ever! Ha. It put me in grumpy mood. On what was otherwise a fabulous day.

June 22
I used my cell phone so much today.. My battery was dead by 3:00pm... It prompted me to ask myself my favorite rhetorical question... "What in the world??".

June 21
Here we are getting some 'pick-up' shots for my infamous Pumpkin Movie. Almost finished.. Then we schedule a Premiere party in July for cast and crew... Then I figure out how to share it with you all.

June 21
My buddies taking care of me in Maui

June 20
I'm not sure if I ever shared this photo.? it was taken in Iraq on one of my trips. Sometimes we all forget to appreciate what these men and women do for us every day.

June 20
Me on a good day.

June 19
As Father's day winds down. Want to take a minute to extend a heart felt hug to all those who have lost fathers... and to those dads (and moms) that have lost a child. Our brother Josh passed away, some years back, so I understand the sorrow a family goes through when special days come and go.. Time does heal a broken heart.. especially when you continue to lead, everyday, a purpose driven life. God Bless You all.

June 19
‎....cept maybe if a Porsche 911 RUF.. or new Benz E63 AMG P31 was discovered my garage... lol lol Stop it.. I'm just kidding.

June 19
After brunch the kids all organized a work party... Said they would do any special chores I needed done around the house. Fathers Day doesn't get any better than this :))

June 19
Amy made a fantastic fathers day brunch! Thanks for the the well wishes from u all.. And happy dad's day to all the dads out there!

June 18
Never gonna happen.

June 18
The old boy is doing good. Talk about aging gracefully.. I taking notes from this Friend of mine.

June 17
Man-o-man... Sven and I had a brainstorm session this afternoon. Very dangerous thing to do. I promise.. you'll all get to see all these nutty ideas.. sooner or later. Amy's gonna kick me in the head. Project game on!

June 17
One of the brains behind LPBW. He's been looking after us since day one. In Kodak Center Hollywood a few weeks back

Allyson, It's possible. But unfortunately we can't really disclose. Just elude. Non-disclosures are serious business. We had a few months that we could post freely, but that's over now. The trade off will be worth your wait. :)

June 16
Lpbw. Slowly Working it's way into pop culture??? Unbelievable... how fun is that ?Makes me want to do some more.

June 16
Jacob has officially graduated from the 8th grade. He past (with flying colors) every test we could find to put him through. According to his test results he can skip the 9th grade and go straight to 10th... But that's not going to happen. Although he'll likely skip algebra 1 and go right to 2. summer is officially ON at Roloff farm. Pool heater has been turned on!! Plans are in progress.

June 14
The team... and our Tonka Toys.

June 13
Wow...more enthusiasm for this than expected. As you know we have roughly 43,000 fans. These are folks that have officially "liked" my page. We currently average about 72,000 page views (impressions) per post. Approx 50 new 'friends' join us each day.. Over 3,000,000 post views per month. and 38,000,000 total page views over the past year. What's interesting to me is ...that some time back we had heard a statistic that LPBW had been seen by 40MM+/- people.. Social media is a fascinating communication tool.. I never knew we'd have such a BIG family. Thank you all for such amazing loyalty. :))

June 12
Dallah (FB admin) sent me some statistics regarding my fanpage... Might be boring to some of before for I share any of it..thought i'd take a vote. You get to decide by 'liking' this post. If we get more ...than say 400 likes Then I'll publish a Statistic (insights) summary page for you all to see tomorrow. If not- I'll assume statistics on my page are boring and uninteresting to you all.. Fair enough?

June 12
I was digging through some old photos for a book project I'm working on and saw this one that I don't think I ever posted?? Taken a year or so ago.. On Sir Richard Branson's Necker Island.. Quite possibly the coolest place on earth.... Besides Roloff farm ..of course.

Mueller been great so far as i can tell.. I see him around here all the time. Jer and Zach very blessed to have such a great friend so close all their life. We'll be taking Mul with us on vacation this Summer.

June 12
Met with my business partner today.. Sort of a mini board meeting. So much great progress on the dirt deal.. We've opened up an entire new arena of business opportunity. I can't wait to share the details with everyone.. Life is so adventurous! :)))

June 11
Just did something unusual... Went back and added comments to all posts since May 29th. Too many to say hi to all... but tried to call out names in my replies. It was fun to go back.. i'll try to do it again.. So many kinds warm comments from you all. Thanks for being my friend!!

June 11
Pondo made me a special Greek custard desert tonight to celebrate the progress amy and I made this week on hammering out detail with TLC for the shooting schedule this summer.. Non disclosures may tie our tongues a bit on specifics so stay patient. It's a long process.

June 10
It that season again.... A big congratulations to all the graduates.. Parents... Grandparents.. Aunts.. Uncles and friends of Graduates!!! I salute to you all!

June 9
Now this is what I call 'after school activities'... Doesn't get any better than helping your dad play in the mud!

June 8
n San Francisco on the way home.... Great trip... even if it was only 4 days.. My Maui motto... Go short.. Go often.. Brother Sam and i celebrated fathers day (a little early) with the best Dad ever! Now it's back to the dirt tomorrow. Hope jeremy and the guys kept up while I was playing hooky.

June 7
Mom, dad, Sam and I. Soakin up the incredible Maui sun.

June 6
Finally got photo upload working. When all else fails... Delete FB app on iPhone and reload. Presto. :)). This photo is of my bro Sam and I at dinner last night

June 6
Leaving portland

June 6
Photo upload not working from my iPad or iPhone. Oh well! Sorry bout that.... I'll keep trying. Cause my brother Sam and I brought my mom and dad to Maui for a quick get away. Want to share some photos with you all but tupid iPhone says "can't save photos for uploading.. Try again later".

June 5
Finished todo list. !! Now only 3 hours sleep I'm off on a flight at 5am. Will send photos along the way if you like??

June 2
This is just great! I started today with 35 items on my todo list... Completed 8 items... Added 12 news ones... And now wrapping up my day with a new grand total of 39 things to do tomorrow. Oh well... Nothing a couple 5 hour energy shots can't fix in the morning.

June 2

Mad Man Sven... at it Again... This time we're turning Molly's old play house into a 'spooky doll house'. Our Pumpkin visitors are in for a treat and r gonna love all the NEW additions to Roloff Farm this year.

June 1
Rainbow.. Oregon style

May 31
Too pooped to post tonite

May 30
I'm off to bed.. Gonna work on my to-do list for the rest of the week.... It's gonna be a doozy.

May 30
You all submitted a ton of great quotes... but this one keeps jumping in my mind and making me laugh.. Submitted by Lori Hoyle Diaz: “Sometimes you’re the windshield. Sometimes you’re the bug" ... see all the great quotes on Thanks Lori!

May 30
What role should I play in my next act? Good boy.. Bad boy ... Or something in between?? :))).

May 30
Happy, Cheerful, Optimistic, Positive, Resilient, and Hopeful.... even in the worst of times. ....At the earliest of age..

May 29
I think this photo is the very first year we had our Pumpkin Patch?? Notice the field planted in the background. Now we use that area for parking.. Wait until you see what we have in store for this year! Don't worry if you can't make it personally... You'll all get to see it one way or another

May 28
Jer must of taken this photo last Fall?? All the trees (except the big Oak tree in the back.. towards the house) were planted by me. I used to dig the holes myself on my knees with a pick-ax. Jeremy and Zachary were still in diapers back then.

May 28
This train passes over this bridge right near our farm everyday at the same time. I can see the tracks out my office window. It never occurres to me to snap a photo of it overhead. Sometimes we need to photograph the normal everyday things in life.. It helps us appreciate what's already around us. I wonder if these logs helped build any of your homes?? Interesting thought.

May 27
These young men are Amazing! Everyday I count my blessings.

May 27
San Francisco... My birth place... I love this City

May 26
Time to take my mom and dad (papa and huny) on a vacation get-away.. Gonna squeeze in a trip this June... my brother Sam is going to come as well. Should be a great time together with my folks. Gonna work like a dog right up until the very last second.

May 26
Rain rain go away.... Come back another day... Like in November

May 26
Don't you love it when things get tied up into a nice neat bow??

May 26
Miguels daughter, Estrella, passed peacefully last night. Thank you for all the prayers. I'll pass your sentiments onto Miguel. One of the sweetest, hardest working fathers I've ever known.

May 25
Final post for tonight: A dear friend of mine, Miguel, has a 15 yr old daughter being taken off life support tonight. As I reflect and pray for this young girl and Miguel's family.. I want to extend my prayers to all families suffering tragedy and loss. May Gods grace be with you! Life is fragile.. Mend fences and hug your friends and loved ones.

May 25
Amy and I had a nice night hanging out together at the deli. Molly was filming a movie for a class project with her friends and needed me out of my office.. And out of the way. .... all this happened in May!

May 25
My itunes is now overflowing.. You all have great taste!! Just FYI-- One of my all time favorite oldies is... "She's gone".. Hall & Oates".. is says.. "It's up to me what is right for me".. I love that line. Thanks again for all the great ideas.

May 25
Called jeremy into the office today to tell him I'd just landed 2 new contracts for finishing our new pumpkin mountain. "Dad, please don't make me work in the rain anymore". Get back to work dude!

May 24
Need some new music on my iPhone for an upcoming long flight.. What's everyone's favorite song?

May 24
I think we have figured out our summer plans. Wow! What a wild couple of months. We'll be sharing at least some of it with you all.. Other parts just for the family to enjoy together. A perfect balance!! Stay tuned

I'm sorry we won't be filming the RV trip. That one is just for us. Other more exciting trips planned to share :)

May 23
Picked Jacob up at school today, he's blowing us away with his success (more on that later). Then we went motorhome rental shopping. Considering doing another road trip this summer... Then we went out to dinner together, Where I read all the short stories he's been writing in class. This kids got talent.. And brains. Must take after Amy.

May 22
QUOTES: Finally published favorite quotes from you all. Too many great ones to list... I tried to narrow it down to 10... ...then 20.. but just couldn't do it. It's as narrow as it's going to get. So many I loved but just couldn't keep them all. Sorry if I got names wrong.. I apologize in advance for any errors and omissions. how fun! I asked Dallah to post them on Enjoy!

May 22
plan for tomorrow. mike uses 240 on pad 4A. Camerino in 295 on pad 3, Jer on pad 4B with 215. Jeff on the D6 from pad to pad clearing material back. Brian maintain the road. Ron logging.. Allen said expect a big blast. Ill be onsite early am meeting with the engineers. Rock trucks will cap road with 6" of clean 2" minus throughout the day. Will require some dozer support from cam, or Jer while mike hogs dual pad 4a

May 22
Posted a video today on my YouTube channel. Themattroloff. It's a quick snapshot of how I spent at least part of my day. Let me know if you cant find it.

May 21
Left Vegas at 9:00 this am (spent slightly more than 13 hours there) landed in Portland at noon.. Quick change into my work jeans and was on the job site moving dirt by 1:00. That makes for a long ... Last 24 hours.

May 21
Dave, the super hero from The Cape . What a great guy.. And... After almost 50 years I'm finally getting the hang of how to party and have a great time ... And still get up in the morning feeling fabulous.. and catch an early flight. Love Vegas .... But get me out if here before I try that again. Thank marty for a unforgettable experience!!

May 21
Wow! Marty knows how to have a party. 50+ guys flew in from all over the country. Many from his grade school days... A true testament to marty's dynamic personality. How fun was that? Now need sleep before early flight home. Ew

May 21
Up... Up... And Away! I'm off to Vegas to keep marty out of trouble. Not. Next time I go Vegas I'm bringing jeremy and zach to teach me how to party. Errr... maybe not.

May 19
Work hard ... Play harder. When I was screaming in pain as a young boy and crying when I couldnt play baseball with the other kids because I was in a body cast... I never in my wildest dreams believed my life would be so blessed. Despite the hardship.. I never lost faith or hope. I always stayed positive. That spirit is paying off on spades. I know it will for you too!

May 18
Btw. .. I'm still compiling my quote list from you all.. One of my own favorites.. "The fight's out There!". Brian Dennehy, The sherriff in Rambo First Blood. I love that movie.

May 18
Need to schedule a new family meeting... To sort out the last family meeting..

May 17
Just had a family meeting to try and plan out our Summer.... Talk about complicated!

May 15
When I get into sumptin'. I get in all da way... ....And then I get into sumptin else. That's just the way I am!

May 15
Did I mention I'll be turning into an ole' goat soon?

May 15
Molly's was doing some Spring cleaning of our on-line store and asked me to post a 'plug' to make some room for the new designs they want to order this Summer. If you want any of the old legacy Roloff Farm Collectables before they're gone... ..Click here.

May 15
To all of you that think I'm a mischievous character... I don't hold a candle to these new friends of mine... I call these goats.. Fred and Ethel.

May 15
want to talk a minute on this relaxing, raining Sunday afternoon... to THANK-YOU all... for being my friends and readin' my FB posts. A big Welcome to all the new people that have recently joined us.. and Continued Warmest Regards to all those that have been part of this FB family for awhile. All the Best, to you all!

May 15
I just re-read all the 580+ quotes from my post on Thursday night. So many great ones. I've copied 28 of them to my note pad. I'm trying to narrow it down to my top ten but it's impossible to choose. I'll post my choices soon as I figure this out.

May 14
So many great quotes. I'm speechless ! Now what do I do? Too many to choose from. Arg

May 12
I need a new favorite quote.. Any suggestions?

May 12
How happy can one little man be?? Too many blessing to even count... My boys celebrated their 21st birthday out having dinner with their Cool is that!!!

May 11
.. Back on the job. ... And king of the dirt.

May 11
I some of u won't get the humor. But for those that do... Here is my really BIG photo! It the Sky in Montana ! :))

May 10
Tomorrows photo will be the biggest of the big.. Any guesses?

May 9
This photo was taken earlier this evening showing Jeremy on top of the water truck we use to wash the road into our dirt project. He recycles rain water from holes we dig and pumps it into the truck and then uses it to rinse clean the road ways.

May 9
I'm so excited about attending the Special Olympics in Montana tomorrow! :))))) Just thinking about this trip has me pumped!! Jeremy and Zach gonna celebrate their 21st Bday.. with Amy tomorrow.. Sad I'll miss that but for a great cause. These boys are both Amazing young men! Anyone who knows them will agree.

May 9
The entire gang celebrating Amy on mothers day

May 8
H A P P Y M O T H E R S D A Y. To all the moms in the whole wide world.

May 8
I just downloaded some movies to watch tonight.... I'm going to try to stay awake till midnight so I can be the first one to wish all the Mom's out there Happy Mothers Day.. (I know.... I'm talking West Coast Time.. but still..) The idea that counts! Right? I wonder if i'll make it?? I feeling sleepy already.. errr

May 8
My Brother Sam and I had a Lunch today with my mom. Happy Mothers Day mom!!

May 7
One of the many blessings... Amy and I receive .. is the honor to volunteer our time at events like this.. Here I come MONTANA! Hope to see everyone out supporting this incredible organization and these amazing Athletes! I'm sooo excited about this one. :)

May 7
This was taken 20 min ago.. Jeremy working the dirt project like a mad man. Even Jacob been working weekends logging trucks whole papa been out of town. This project has been a big time family affair. For those that still don't know what were doing... look for an update on soon

May 6
Everybody wondering why I wish it was monday.. Look at the 97124 weather forecast
It's much harder to move dirt in the rain.. Not to mention getting all the chores done around the farm.. Oh well it rained hard this afternoon but is supposed to get nice again on Monday. At least it was wonderful sunny all this past week

May 6
Now It's Friday...and I wish it was Monday... What the heck???

May 5
For those that think I work and never relax... This was taken a few weeks ago in Maui. I definitely know how to get my play time... And family time.. And reading time .. And news time.. And spiritual time .. And of course .. My facebook time. :)))

May 5
Back to back to back to back meetings all day long... Dirt..surveyors .. Pumpkins..speaking.. Editors.. Carpenters ..marketers ...and on it went

May 4
Yesterday my core pumpkin team held our first brainstorming meeting of the season.. Lots of ideas were thrown on the table.. Within hours of making a master list of new ideas I was building the Goat Walk. Anybody have ideas to at add to our long list? Somebody suggested a stairway to heaven.

May 4
Ok..ok.. I can't hold my excitement any longer... IT'S A ' GOAT WALK'. :)))
Go to google images and look them up.. Sooo cool.

May 4
Building a new surprise on the farm.

May 4
Wow.. just noticed hit 42k friends... Maybe a fun goal would be 50k by my 50th Bday Oct 7th. There's going to be a fun party at the Pumpkin Patch on Sat Oct 8th. and you're all invited to celebrate with me. You better pass if you don't want to be seen on TV parting with Matt Roloff. Make your plans. :))

May 4
We originally expected this dirt project to last 4-6 weeks but our site has become extremely popular so the beat goes on .. Indefinitely :)). This is a good thing.. I guess

May 4
Is it the weekend yet? ... Nuff said.

May 3
Kudos to all the brave men and women serving our great country! They got the bad guy.

May 2
Zach and I were out having lunch yesterday.. And he told me a cute story: in one of his soccer classes for 4-5 year old's. One of the little girls suddenly asked out of the blue (after 6 weeks of class) "coach Zach, are you a real man".. Zach answered... "yea.. I'm coach Zach".


The above content is from the Fan Facebook page of Matt Roloff located here:

It was suggested that we open this up because some fans aren't active on Facebook, but still want to express themselves on some of Matt's updates and information, and some people just don't feel comfortable saying what they really want to say or what they think about a particular Matt Roloff posting because his Facebook page is strictly a fan page and some people don't feel comfortable expanding on their thoughts beyond "That's wonderful Matt, you're the greatest Matt" which is the response to most everything Matt posts on Facebook. You can find the log of Matt's previous comments before May 2011 and subsequent discussion about them located here:


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Ashley said...

This school thing is mind blowing....Matt must be putting on an act.

I've never seen a parent so thrilled that his son got expelled from school!

Greg said...

May all kids be kicked out of school and showered with praise like Jacob. Poor suckers on Matt's FB don't even know what they are congratulating him for.

Jocelynn said...

In all seriousness, do Matt and Amy know what they are doing?

I agree they shouldn't necessarily kick him when he's down. But there's not piling on and there's rewarding bad behavior.

Even if Matt and Amy's version is completely true, Jacob just didn't give a darn at school and his grades were so bad that the school had enough of him.

Must Matt sound SO thrilled with him? Really? What kind of message does that send Jacob?

He needed improvement on writing and reading in order to start grade nine. Matt says he is doing great, I wouldn't expect Matt to report anything else.

Even if the learning facility 4 days a week says he is doing good, and I'm skeptical, I'm still uncomfortable with the way Matt is rewarding Jacob for being expelled.

How is Jacob going to do at high school next year? He has learned that if doesn't put any effort into it and doesn't care, that Matt and Amy will give him treats and be as pleased as they could possibly be with him.

Peter Lane said...

Serious question. If Faith Bible is so bad, why is Matt sending Molly there currently and next year to graduate?

Alyssia said...

I'm not the biggest Roloff fan, but Matt could be right. I've never been a big supporter of strict Christian private schools.

Maybe it really wasn't the best environment for Jacob.

Monica said...

Another RV trip? For the whole family? Are Jeremy and Zach for real? I can't get over it.

I was 16 when I went on my last family vacation with my parents.

They are 21! Some 21 year olds are taking their own families on vacation! Or at least going on trips without their parents and siblings.

I know this is probably another free trip but gosh men, stand on your own 2 feet and grow up.

Matt has been talking about their last family vacation for 5 years!

Chris said...

Haha, the Roloffs are the laziest slackers ever. They need a vacation to recover from the last vacation. Poor Matt hasn't been to Hawaii in about 3 weeks.

Always looking to vacation on someone else's dime.

Follow John Mark's advice Matt. Be a man. Provide for your family on your own, instead of looking for handouts and mooching off friends and star struck rich fans.

DJ said...

Like Matt is objective about his own kids...

BeckyM said...

ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ***** sorry did Matt say something? I was asleep by the third paragraph.

Sorry Matt but of the entire Roloff clan you are the most boring.

David said...

BeckyM, that's because Matt is never honest. He's all about selling an empty box.

Vic Rattlehead said...

"I'll be turning into an ol' goat soon"

Matt you're already an ass.

Greg said...

Anyone want to tell me again how Jeremy working for Matt is a real job? Employees often whine to their boss about not wanting to work, dad.

Dana said...

Greg, it's hard work to do physical labor out in the elements like Jeremy has done for Matt.

Judy B said...

Dana, I agree. I can't understand why some people attempt to demean Jeremy's very respectable hard working construction jobs with Matt when they also act like it's more impressive that Zach babysits little 4 year olds at indoor soccer.

Rap541 said...

Yes, Dana - and *editing* never comes into play when Matt Roloff displays something on his facebook, right?

He hasn't staged things there before?

Its simply impossible, based on Matt Roloff's status as a christian who never ever lies ever, that he's just posting a photo of Jeremy and making up a story to please the audience?

You know, like he did when he made that little video where he staged Jake coming into the room? Or you know, when he staged a storyline on LPBW about how he needed to build a locker room for Zach's team but when he took heat for it, he revealed that the locker room was really for the TLC camera crew.. Matt's "truth" isn't often very true.

I concede this is easily a photo of Jeremy on a rainy day and like anyone who works for his daddy, unlike a real employee, he's whining to get out of it (Trust me, at a real job where Daddy wasn't the boss, that wouldn't be happening) but its just as likely a photo of Jeremy wet and tired because he was out partying.

Anne said...

Rap, why are you so negative about Jeremy? You're even more negative about Jeremy than you are about Matt. I've never seen you say positive things about Jeremy.

Look at Jeremy's boots. They look construction work boots to me.

Rap541 said...

Judy B - both jobs are entry level, and I trust you feel proud enough in your judgements - weren't you the braying ass who declared "lets have God reserve judgement. Not us. I'm not perfect. Are you?" btw? What EVER happened to Judy B declaring judging others to be only God's purvue?

Anyway - so that *Judy B* can understand, lets try again.

First - construction work and coaching soccer (yes, I understand despite seeing Zach with 10-12 year olds coaching, you persist in declaring him a babysitter of four year olds) are both the sort of jobs that frankly aren't "OMIGOD JEREMY IS A SHINING SUCCESS! ZACH IS A SHINING SUCCESS!" Really, there's nothing wrong with Jeremy digging dirt, but demeaning youth sport coaching as babysitting justso you can PASS JUDGEMENT that ZACH IS LESS seems wrong

Second, who actualy had to apply for their job, and who got their job by well, being in the Roloff house? Matt can declare Jeremy the vice president of DAS and I would still point out that Jeremy has never held a job that he had to put any effort into getting.

Do you understand Judy? Jeremy is a 21 year old who has never held a job where someone other than his proud ennabling papa was the boss. He's never even gotten hired as a "babysitter for four year olds"

But since you are all about slamming the crap children, Judy B - I guess I will just point out what a hypocrit you are "Bless us, never judge Jeremy, you're not God!" and "HATE HATE HATE! ZACH IS CRAP COMPARED TO JEREMY! GOD ENDORSES THIS JUDGEMENT! I HAVE THE RIGHT TO MY JUDGEMENTAL OPINIONS!" but "dear god, judging Jeremy as harshly is so very very wrong, you're not God!"

Timothy said...

Mend fences? Matt is so vindictive.

Allison said...

I don't think Jeremy could get a job for anybody except Matt.

Rap541 said...

Anne - I own a pair of construction boots.... so does my 69 year old mom. I assure you, wearing the boots does not make you a worker.

As for disliking the 21 year old who likes to say racist things and enjoys animal cruelty, and who is *such* a man that his daddy can't dare trust him to do an interview without a real adult there to mind him? Its less dislike and more "why am I supposed to treat Jeremy like he's succesful?"

He lives at home. Despite Matt's braying on how well he's doing in community college and how he's carrying a full course load - here's the reality. Community colleges award degrees after two years. Neither Zach or Jeremy appear to be graduating this spring, despite Matt's refrain of "full course loads and good grades"...

So Jeremy lives at home, and spent two years piddling away his time at community college and has never gotten up the gumption to find a job where Daddy Matt isn't his direct supervisor.

People praising Jeremy, please be honest. If it was your son showing that much lack of ambition, would you be crowing how your son is better because he's living an *extraordinary" life?

I'd call it something different an extra *ordinary* life especially compared to where Matt was at that age. If his handicapped father can live on his own and have a job at 18, whats Jeremy's problem?

(Btw I have similar thoughts on Zach, but he's getting the "crap roloff" stuff from Judy B the God Loves Judgement As Long As Its Not Precious Jer-Bear)

Dr. Lyle Pritchard said...

It has been my experience when I have encountered people who feel the need to demean one person in order to showcase another person's attributes live all aspects of their lives in comparisons which does not allow them to see the good that is in most things. And when I've dealt with people who fixate on a person and consistently degrades that person and their efforts in life, that it is an unmistakeable communication about how the 'degrader' covets what they criticize, a sour grapes story if you will. What is also fascinating about people who display these behaviors is that they themselves do not tolerate being compared or criticized. And what is unfortunate for us is that these people are usually the loudest people in the room, thinking their opinions and observations are far too important to not share with everyone within ear shot.

BeckyM said...

You forget Rap, Matt's staging of his "death" on television to increase TLC ratings.


BeckyM said...

In re: to Jeremy and his work vs. Zach.

Zach is doing work that is oriented towards his future as a coach. At least it has something to do with what Zach envisions his future career post-college to be. It probably doesn't pay great and isn't the most intellectual or glamourous job on the planet, but it shows initiative.

Making the decision to go on that Tough Guy show also showed some independence and ability to make his own decisions. I hope that Zach continues along this line.

In re: to Jeremy I have no issue with him working for his father, as long as it is reported to the IRS. However, it does show a lack of initiative, independence, or forethought as to his future.

A menial constuction job working for daddy, for someone who wants to go into photography, compared to working for a third person in a field you plan to continue in through studies....?

Rap541 said...

I'm still waiting to hear *in detail* how working at Indoor Goals coaching soccer is "less respectable" than working for Daddy Matt.

I am sure the owner of Indoor Goals will appreciate Matt Roloff's fans refering to his sports facility as a "place for babysitting four year olds"and "not respectable work for a Roloff".

And I bet if Jeremy worked there, it would be super honorable :)

After all, if Jeremy says racist things and takes pictures of cat abuse, its all "good christian boys having fun" and working for daddy is what *boys* do. And Jeremy is a boy, not a man, not EVER a man. A man speaks up for himself. Jeremy is a boy who sits behind Daddy and lets Daddy speak for him.

Matt? you do realize you make Jeremy look like an infant don't you?

Vic Rattlehead said...

Anne, Judy:

Jeremy has NEVER worked at a real job that actually required him to get out of bed in the morning (even if he didn't want to) and go work for someone who wasn't his enabling father.

I've spent summers doing real construction site work and let me tell you your average site grunt isn't playing like an overgrown five year old with the backhoe or caterpillar loader (that job is reserved for people who have an actual license gained through an apprenticeship education program) but rather they are the ones who crawl around in the dirt digging holes cleaning the site and doing all the small jobs that the licensed tradespeople are too busy and important to do.

Jeremy is just playing around in a caterpillar loader and gets to not "go to work" whenever he damn well fells like not showing up that's not working.

Brandon said...

"Jeremy is a boy who sits behind Daddy and lets Daddy speak for him. Matt? you do realize you make Jeremy look like an infant don't you?`

Oh come on Rap! I'm sure any day now Matt will have Dallah blog explaining to everyone how 21 year old Jeremy feels about X Y and Z!

How dare you suggest that Jeremy lets others speak for him! ;)

Brandon said...

Dr Lyle...I trust that you're describing Matt?

Lacey said...

"I'd call it something different an extra *ordinary* life especially compared to where Matt was at that age. If his handicapped father can live on his own and have a job at 18, whats Jeremy's problem?"


#1, Why do you think Matt's version of his own history is entirely accurate? If you don't believe what Matt says now, why do you fully trust what Matt says his life was like at 18?

#2. Life is harder today. Back in the old days, people finished high school and were able to get good paying jobs without much effort. It's a different world today. Housing costs are out of control.

It wasn't like that in the old days. I think it's very unfair to compare Jeremy to Matt and say Jeremy isn't living up.

You're also forgetting that Jeremy is helping Matt by staying on the farm. Matt has already said he will really miss all of Jeremy's help when he moves. I think it's noble that Jeremy is helping is father.

Gregory said...

Sounds like Dr Lyle was talking to Rap and Judy B.

Rap541 said...

Lacey - I use Matt's description of himself because he, and his staff, are the ones who trot out how amazing and extraordinary Jeremy is. Matt loves to trot out how successful he was. While I have some doubts about the level of his success, I do believe he was living on his own at 18 and working for people other than his parents. (If only because its a pretty dumb thing to lie about in one's autobiography)

Two - sorry, I see plenty of kids Jeremy's age and younger making it in the world today. By your own comments - that makes those kids "extraordinary" and "succesful" and makes Jeremy ordinary and less successful. Since he's not making it.

Three - yes, I am aware that Jeremy's failure to launch will be blamed on "Matt needing him to run the farm" - so lets explore what that means if its actually true. For starters, Matt has said many times he's a successful business man and is making money hand over fist on this dirt deal. Jeremy is what, running a back ho on the dirt deal? You really think the dirt deal will fall apart because Matt - who constantly declares how rich he is and how he's got money - can't afford to hire anyone to replace Jeremy?


Its too costly to hire someone else to work for 10 dollars an hour to drive the people mover during pumpkin season?

If I have to buy that Poor *poor* Matt can't work the farm (and most of his business isn't farming) without Jeremy as his wage free helper monkey and can't afford to replace Jeremy without it being a significant financial burden... Then lets stop calling the Roloffs rich. Since rich people don't have to blight their son's future and deny him his own life and education by keeping him at home out of obligation to work the farm and help dad survive.

David said...

Rap, I would add that there is the other realization that Matt has professionals and employees, such as Camerino that are obviously doing the majority of work. Jeremy joins in sitting in cool equipment when he doesn't have plans with friends and isn't recovering from those late nights partying at camp fires with 50 people.

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

It would also seem odd that, with Dr. Pritchard's specialization in Pediatrics, how the experience with delusional syndromes such as Matt's or anyone else with the same problem, could be as extensive as it is.

tula said...

Lacey - while your comment about the 'Good old days' is true, you are about a generation off. I'm about Matt's age and people were taking about the Good Ol' days back when we were hitting the workforce, too. The difference is we knew we'd be eating mayonnaise sandwiches and rama noodles and living in tiny, crappy apartments (possibly with roomates) until we'd worked our way up to better jobs. And our parents expected us to go through that rite of passage. I was astonished at how little Zack and Jeremy knew about the cost of living on their own. Deciding to stay where life is so much more comfortable on Mom and Dad's dime doesn't make either of them extraordinary.

Rap541 said...

Yeah, I mean, if Matt can afford to have the staff scouring the net (as per Matt himself), then perhaps he could use that money to hire another back hoe driver instead of forcing Jeremy to abandon his dreams to take care of Dad?

Micky said...

Dr Lyle has hit the nail on the head. I've known matt for years and this blog does not match the truth

Brandon said...

Right...How so, Micky?

Why don't you discuss specifics? What isn't true?

David said...

Micky, this blog is the most real representation of the Roloffs on the internet (or including television too).

I suspect you already know that it is.

Rap541 said...

Just a little more evidence that Matt's not too poor to hire help to get by without Jeremy... So he can afford a summer rv trip and a special vacation with just his parents and brother... but Matt's too desperate for cash so Jeremy may have to give up his dreams in order to *save the farm*?

Because Matt says he can't work the farm without Jeremy's help and doesn't know what he'll do when and if Jeremy goes away to college?

See the fallacy?

Brandon,David - do you notice the pattern? The doctor making a pronouncement (and I kinda doubt this person is Dr. Lyle Pritchard I found on google search) and then we have the sorts who post in agreement, one claiming to know Matt personally.

Micky - if you're so close to Matt, then wouldn't you know that Matt detests it when you don't use your real name?

Or perhaps you would like to confirm that Matt has threatened his inner circle to not talk about the Roloffs on line lest they be cut out?

Timothy said...

"this blog is the most real representation of the Roloffs on the internet"

Agreed David.

Want to bet that behind closed doors Matt's real lesson to his kids is 'Look at how stupid people and gullible people are on Facebook. We can say whatever we want and trusting morons will believe us.'

Annette said...

I think Micky is a ding-a-ling, but I agree with Dr. Lyle.

Susan Coles said...

Matt is unbelievably disgusting.

He posts that a so called close friend named Miguel's 15 year old daughter died...

2 hours later he's teasing about summer plans and snitting about teasing for the "crazies".

That's not the normal reaction of a half decent person. Imagine your friend's 15 year old child got take off life support. Two hours later would you be on the internet grinning and teasing?

Disgusting. The Roloffs truly have no morals.

Greg said...

Yeah Matt, they are so amazing. Bigoted rude totally dependent 21 year old men that you and Amy need to treat like young children.

They are amazing...but Matt doesn't trust them to speak on their own.

That's the true test of what Matt really thinks of Jeremy and Zach.

Jocelynn said...

I realize that most parents think their kids are amazing, but it's grating when Matt does it.

Jeremy and Zach? Amazing? Extraordinary?

Worst of all, I don't think they are even nice people. That's more important to me than being "amazing" or "extraordinary".

Sarah said...

What's the house Jeremy and Zach are in front of?

Dana said...

That's a brilliant photograph Matt posted taken by Jeremy.

What do some of Jeremy's outspoken detractors have to say now?

Amy is posting that Jeremy is working for Sam Roloff as his photograph for his art.

Anne said...

Jeremy is very talented.

Brandon said...

Gah. It's not that great, but this is the Jeremy Roloff treatment. If Jeremy does something, it's the best ever.

Methinks Jer's fancy camera and editing program has a lot to do with his pictures.

Ask yourself, does this picture look that different than the picture Matt posted that Jacob took?

Funny that a little kid and Jeremy are taking pictures that look a lot like.

Hmmm. Could it be the fancy camera? But again, I don't think this is the most amazing picture I've ever seen Dana and Anne.

Rap541 said...

SO Jeremy got a photography job with... Matt's *brother*.

Yowza he's really putting himself out to strangers! And of course Mommy is taking the big boy to his job :)

I will admit, its a nice shot. Frankly tho, its a valid point that Jeremy and Jacob take similar looking photos. And I must admit, my own photos have gotten significantly better now that I am using a significantly better camera... (making no claims of talent btw, but my pictures did dramatically improve with a more expensive camera and the editing software lets you do neat things)

DJ said...

Pictures are all about the camera and the subject. I'm not surprised if Jeremy, Jacob and Amy all have pictures that look similar.

Expressed said...

I think it's a great shot! Go Jeremy! :)

Although I have to admit, I'm not sure I'm 100% on board with Jeremy's interest in photography. I've noticed a decrease in pictures of Jeremy.

I think Jer should be in front of the camera, not behind it :)

Meg said...

Jeremy has been doing a lot of work with Sam. He was with Sam at an event by Jillian Rabe that was showcasing Sam's work.

Ashley said...

Matt planted all those trees? That's kind of cool. That's a lot of trees!

Justin said...

It will be the theme of Jeremy's life. It takes a family member named Roloff to give him work. Jeremy seems happy to mooch off his family and let others hand him opportunities.

Leanne said...

Matt never lets an opportunity to tease pass by.

"I think this photo is the very first year we had our Pumpkin Patch?? Notice the field planted in the background. Now we use that area for parking.. Wait until you see what we have in store for this year! Don't worry if you can't make it personally... You'll all get to see it one way or another"

He's obviously trying to hint that the show will be back filming. Geez. Either say it or don't.

The way Matt puts it, if TLC doesn't do a special then the webcam thing Matt said he's going to do is what he's talking about. Technically he's not lying, but knows what he's implying.

Greg said...

Could Matt be any more of an egomaniac? Wow! Look at how great I was even as a baby!

Rap541 said...

Suzanne Hewgley Smith Thought you bitter and full of.contempt about this time in your life? The only thing that is consistent with you Matt, is your inconsistency!

Matt Roloff Suzanne, Angry at the institution that used me as a guinea pig-- YES. That Board of Directors knew better...even back then. But I never allowed my anger to turn to bitterness. That what sets me apart. :))) You can be angry at those that harm you... but if you let others ruin your life.. You're the fool. :)

Yet... Matt can't speak about Shriners Hospital without succombing to rage, and literally in season one had the opening of the show all about how he was tortured in hospitals... and wrote an autobiography where he doesn't have the balls to say "I was used as a guinea pig" about Shriners.

I mean I get it, poor poor Matt, lets pity Matt and praise Matt for rising above his Holocaust torture filled childhood where every day was an unending nightmare and god bless Matt for that smile on his face despite how he was kicked and cut and tortured and degraded his entire childhood! Pity pity pity Matt suffered so pity pity pity and bless him for rising above the horrid torture!


Why no lawsuit?

Why no fingers pointed in public at his parents who repeatedly handed him over to the torturers who clearly had NO intent to help him? Pop and Honey let the scum bags use poor poor Matt as a tortured guinea pig but the ONLY blame for MATT'S ENDLESS PAIN THAT HE MUST ALWAYS BRING UP is the mean doctors who hated him and operated on him for NOTHING AND GRINNED AND LAUGHED AS THEY TORTURED A CHILD FOR NOTHING! MATT IS THE VICTIM HE IS ALWAYS THE VICTIM CHILD LYING IN THAT HOSPITAL BED AND WE MUST NEVER EVER FORGET HIS UNENDING ENDLESS TORTURE FILLED CHILDHOOD WHERE HE CRIED EVERY NIGHT TO GOD FOR JUST ONE MOMENT OF HAPPINESS THAT NEVER CAME!

I trust everyone else has seen Matt comment on tv about about his fun filled childhood adventures in building forts, riding bikes, etc? And his many comments online about his funfilled childhood?

I'm always struck how when Zach was going in for serious surgery and was minutes away from it, that Matt chose that moment to regal Zach, and the cameras, with a tale about how much Matt had suffered having surgery. Life in the Roloff house sure seems all about Matt and acknowledging how no one will ever suffer as much as Matt ever.


Matt's clearly moved on :)

Timothy said...

Well said (if not flare for the dramatic!) Rap :)

Matt is clearly bitter...but then says he's not bitter.

Shriners provided Matt and his parents with free medical care. I'm sure doctors made their mistakes because they didn't know how to treat it back then, but it wasn't crazed doctors trying to torture children.

You raise a great point about Ron and Peg.

If you believe Matt's version, Ron and Peggy are HORRIBLE HORRIBLE parents.

They willingly handed their children over to a facility that was torturing their child for years and years and they never cared to remove him from that situation?

What do Ron and Peg have to say for themselves?

Christine said...

"Angry at the institution that used me as a guinea pig-- YES. That Board of Directors knew better...even back then. But I never allowed my anger to turn to bitterness. That what sets me apart. :))) You can be angry at those that harm you... but if you let others ruin your life.. You're the fool. :)"

That's not really very Christian of Matt. Jesus does not teach to be angry. Then again Christians are supposed to be humble...Matt missed that teaching too.

Greg said...

"But I never allowed my anger to turn to bitterness. That what sets me apart. :)))`

And it continues! Look at his ego. OMG. Every time Matt speaks it's look at how amazing I am and you should all be in awe of my greatness.

Justin said...

For someone that insists he's not bitter, he sure sounds bitter.

Shriner's were giving him free medical care. It's people like Matt that contribute to the mindset of people not wanting to help others in need because they fear the other person will sue them if they cause any injury while attempting to help/save someone's life.

Grace said...

Does Sam go on about his tortured childhood and how he survived like Matt does? I've never heard or seen Sam rant about it like Matt.

Rap541 said...

To be fair, Grace, Sam seems fairly private, and I don't think anyone has ever asked Sam.

David said...

Things like these are the reasons why I think Matt is unbearable to be around.

Enough with the chest thumping, I'm so remarkable. It's tough to digest. People who are confident in themselves don't feel the need to go around telling everyone how extraordinary they are themselves.

Matt does not know what humility or humbleness means.

Johnny Reb said...

Matt certainly tries really hard to make the good doctors at shriners hospital who my best friend owes his life to (he was horribly burned in a car fire at ten and would have died because his parents couldn't afford the treatments he needed because their "health insurance" simply refused to cover him so he was sent to a Shriners Hospital Burn Center in Dallas where he spent the better part of a year healing and rehabbing free of charge) sound like the spawn of Dr, Mengele who delight in performing sadistic medical experiments on children.

I always thought that Matt was an arrogant egomaniac but the fact he so clearly still holds a grudge after forty plus years shows just how petty self pitying bitter and childish he is.

Rap541 said...

With no sarcasm, ok?

I think Matt needs to see a therepist on the topic. He's said a few times that he had operations that he didn't know why they were being performed. Perhaps if he sat down and looked at his medical records with a doctor and seeing just how experimental in truth the surgeries were and just who was signing off on his having those surgeries. I made the point about Pop and Honey - I geniunely don't get the impression that they were allowing their sons to be experimented on simply for personal jollies. I think Pop and Honey might have been in a hard spot financially with three seriously disabled kids, and they might have been a little naive about the medical world, but I doubt they weren't being told what ssurgery X was supposed to accomplish and I especially doubt they were being forced at gunpoint to hand their sons over for experimentation. Childhood memories, while vivid, are not always accurate, and a therepist might help Matt sort thru what is fact and what is assumption about his childhood.

I doubt Pop and Honey would contradict Matt in public - I notice whenever the topic of Matt's surgeries comes up, its avoided, but if Matt is almost fifty and geniunely thinks he was experimented on with no regard to his actual health.... then perhaps he *should* sue Shriners. Instead of Washington County.

Oh hey, what ever happened to that?

Greg said...

Rap, don't give Matt any ideas. Haven't the Roloffs taken up enough of taxpayer money with lawsuits?

Matt Moore said...

I sometimes read this blog. I've seen some people brag about Matt's number of Facebook fans, 40,000+.

To put that in perspective...Kat Von D, the LA Ink star has 1,465,000+ fans.

Timothy said...

Another trip to Maui? What is that, seriously? His 7th trip in a year to Maui? It's ridiculous.

I laugh at the sheep fans that think Matt works so hard.

David said...

All of Matt's vacations to Hawaii every few weeks makes one wonder how busy he actually is with the "dirt deal"...

Poor Matt, forced to cut his last vacation in Maui short because his kid got kicked out of school. Never fear. He's back soon enough.

Candy Girl said...

Kinda think'n the Roloffs are just about history. No one really has much to say about them anymore (not necessarily a good or bad thing--just an observation). I'd like to see these folks just fade away since nothing they do is really that interesting or unique and they certainly have done nothing profound to earn their self-imposed notoriety--other than spend money--lots of it--and show us how not to raise kids :)

Kayla said...

Matt is really out of touch with real people. I think that's the biggest reason why the show got canceled.

In the first season people could relate to them. Then it became a mansion and a Maui holiday every 3 weeks.

David said...

You'd think Matt would learn about letting Jacob play on things that aren't meant for children...

Sandie said...

I'm convinced these people never learn from their mistakes, David.

Sandie said...

I take that back..... I'm actually convinced these people never think they make mistakes.

Timothy said...

Matt is hilarious with his announcements about LPBW.

What was there to celebrate this week? According Matt like 5 months ago, they had worked out a filming schedule. Or was he lying back then? Or is he lying now?

Good thing Amy doesn't like liars...

Rap541 said...

It was actually April 25th

April 25
Amy and I just worked out a tentative filmIng schedule for the lpbw episodes we'll be filming this year.

This is one of those comments where if Matt doesn't want to be called a liar, he should admit that he made a mistake in the language he used. What I suspect he meant* was that they worked out a filming schedule for the lpbw episodes they tentatively are filming. That would mean its uncertain whether or not the filming is actually happening.

But what he actually said was that the schedule was tentative for the episodes they *will be* filming...

* Mind you, I think this was a very intential "mistake" on Matt's part, so that he could whip up the fans. If the episodes don't happen... he'll claim to have never meant it the way it actually states, and point to the "we never finalized negotions" talk... but mistake or not, his own words are that "we'll be filming this year."

I wonder if Matt will be Amy's next target. I kinda doubt it. ;)

Abby said...

It's kind of sad that the Roloffs entire lives are based around trying to get back on tv.

Amy used to say the important thing was to not have tv become their lives. They failed miserably.

The show gets cancelled and all they do is talk for months and months and months about trying to get back on tv.

Greg said...

Picture of two jerks and bullies right there.

Brandon said...

"Janet... Mueller been great so far as i can tell.. I see him around here all the time. Jer and Zach very blessed to have such a great friend so close all their life. We'll be taking Mul with us on vacation this Summer."

Shocking just shocking. Jer can't be expected to survive a day without Mueller by his side.

I guess this means Mueller is going to the LPA con in Anaheim because Jeremy needs a playmate. What a travesty.

Roxanne said...

Ugh....Matt singing the praises of Mueller? I can't take it.

He's been so nasty/cruel/mean to fans...and cats!

Timothy said...

Roxanne, in fairness to Matt, he doesn't have much choice but to embrace Mueller since his "extraordinary" 21 year old Golden boy Jeremy, can't function without Mueller.

Jocelynn said...

Brandon, since it Mueller, I wouldn't doubt he's going to the LPA convention with the Roloffs, but I took "Mueller is going on vacation this summer" to mean what Amy was talking about, to Michigan.

Amy said they would be gone for almost 10 days. Assuming Jeremy is going and I do (Amy said she wants the kids to spend time with her parents before it's too late), I don't think Jeremy could spend 10 days separated from Mueller.

Roxanne very true. It's sad actually. If that was a Roloff being treated the way Mueller treated people, Matt and Amy would be still be yelling from rooftops.

As a wise person said at the time, Mueller is a waste of skin. He's probably a big reason why Jeremy and Zach haven't grown up or matured at all. They're still throwing cats with Mueller and behaving like idiots.

Susan Coles said...

Mueller is going on the Roloff vacation?

Lord, can Matt and Amy be any more clueless? What a wonderful influence on Jacob Roloff. They are so dense that they can't see the connection between Mueller and Jacob's downward spiral culminating in his being expelled from school. Lest us not forget that Mueller was unable to graduate with the rest of his classmates.

Julie B said...

Matt is censoring the truth again. Someone on Matt's facebook asked what Mueller has been doing.

I posted that the truth is he's been throwing cats with Jeremy and Zach and has been very mean spirited and nasty to Roloff fans. Matt deleted it.

Anonymous said...

Julie, who cares if your words got deleted? I have my posts defending the roloffs censored from here all the time. I've been sending Matt private FB messages of all my attempted posts. He has yet to acknowledge them, but I hope one day he says something publicly.

Natalie said...

Too bad Matt and Amy never realized that Mueller is a bad influence.

People on Matt's Facebook that thinksMueller is sweet simply because he's a friend of the Roloffs and has been on the show are complete fools.

I would never allow a kid (or now a man) like Mueller to practically live at my home.

Spiritswander said...

We've been very clear about the type of comments that are either rejected or edited.

It has nothing to do with being pro or anti Roloff on a given subject.

We have a few basic rules of decency. Blog bashing is not permitted. "This blog sucks" does not add anything of value for our visitors.

"Poster x" works in an office! Hahaha!" is a personal attack on another poster.

Neither of those defending or offer any opinion on the Roloffs or the topics being discussed.

Comments are published every day from people that are considered "pro-Roloff". All it requires if following some basic rules of decency and discussion of the topic. "I disagree that it was wrong of Matt to praise Mueller. I feel he's a good friend because..." will be accepted every time.

"You all suck!" will not. It's not hard to comprehend.

At times, we've even allowed people to post incorrectly attempting to slander our reporting.

Anonymous, if you've had comments rejected, then I'm sure you're aware that we were called liars for stating that Jeremy was very enthusiastic towards a conservative church in Portland. Three months later, Matt himself, confirmed it in a Facebook posting.

Furthermore, it's very doubtful that Matt would ever want to be associated with the type of vulgar comments that usually result in being rejected.

Finally, Matt, Amy, Jeremy, Zach, and Jacob Mueller all have an open invitation to have their thoughts heard on our site and speak for themselves directly. They do not choose to do that -- Amy even backed out on an interview that her people had promised us in a deal they offered us.

Julie B said...

Matt is so full of it! His latest post says people are banned from his Facebook for outright lies. I was banned/deleted for my post about Mueller. Those are NOT lies. It is the truth.

David said...

Anyone else notice the sudden change in Matt and Amy? They say they're negotiating with TLC. Amy says something could happen in a week.

All of a sudden, Matt wants to tell everyone he has taken the time to reply to past comments. At the same time, Amy makes a post to tell her fans how much she appreciates their interest.

Now Matt is trying to prove his Facebook popularity by posting page stats. As others have pointed out, it's not that impressive considering that people like Kat Von D or whatever her name is has over a million more Facebook fans.

They say they are closing in on a deal for more TLC shows and now they're both pouring it on to the fans about how much they love the support. Perhaps they're trying to rally the fan base to show TLC that they're worth the money they're demanding.

Greg said...

Julie, in case you haven't figured it out, Matt or any other Roloff couldn't care less about how Roloffs and their friends hurt or how objectional their behavior is.

Matt typing one word about bullying was hypocrisy at its finest. Look no further than Matt's own behavior, his son, and his son's friends he promotes.

Brandon said...

Matt making it sound like the only people he bans are people that tell bold face lies makes Matt a bold face liar, but that's not anything new.

Rap541 said...

Hmmm yet another "everyone prove their love for me and maybe I will post something but you get nothing unless I get x amount of "likes" first to show I'm the center of attention!" post.

But its NOT about Matt getting attention! ;)

Rap541 said...

Oh and look, precious Matt the Christian *acting* in a manner that if its directed at him or his family, would cry about how *hateful* people are being.

Matt Roloff I have to get enough likes on this to really convince me that it's the right thing to share.. I don't want to be shoving information out that fans don't like or appreciate. There is always going to be a few snarky folks... So lets see what the majority want. Hit LIKE if you want more data... Sometimes it's fun to stir up the snarks and watch then squirm and thrash all over, bla, bla bla on their forums. lol

Namecalling people, check!

Admitting he's trolling for attention, check!

Now we just wait for Matt to claim to be the victim. After all, he's the king of smirking while dishing it out, and crying how he's being victimized and can't take it. :)

Austin said...

What an egomaniac!! What "celebrity" posts their data to attempt to show everyone how popular they are? Like other people have said, it's not even that much for reality stars on Facebook. Check out Jersey Shore stars, Kardashians, Tattoo girl or Buddy Valastro.

Peter Lane said...

You're right on, Rap. "Show me how much you love me". "Look at how popular I am!"

The arrogance. Matt needs to get over himself.

Austin said...

Matt really ought to browse other reality stars Facebook pages...trying to make himself sound so popular. Pathetic.

Anyone want to argue that Matt isn't a fame whore?

David said...

He's obviously trying to show *someone* or some entity that the Roloffs are amazingly popular and has so many fans and potential viewers.

I call bargaining tool.

The bad part of Matt is that as others have pointed out, TLC has seen the amount of Facebook support other shows and celebrities generate that dwarfs the Roloffs.

Carol said...

Matt really doesn't understand life. As mentioned, first of all his numbers aren't that impressive compared to other reality star celebrities.

Secondly, life is about the number of "likes" you get on Facebook? Don't lose sight of what is important Matt!

To get those "likes" you've sold out your family. A kid that got expelled that both parents refer to as very challenging.

21 year olds that are spoiled and still live like children who are disrespectful and known as racist bigots that abuse animals. Anyone googling Matt's Golden Boy will see that all over the internet - future employers, in-laws, lol.

Chris Linton said...

Matt must think Justin Bieber and his 10,000,000 Twitter followers is a God. Matt, make your sons stop their cyber bullying of the Biebs!

Nancy said...

Matt, where's the integrity? You lie to your Facebook fans. Matt is well aware that if naive fans knew the truth about the Roloffs that they're positive feelings for the Roloffs would disappear.

That's why Matt deletes so many things and avoids important details about how the family really acts.

Rap541 said...

Matt Roloff Jay Alexander-- thanks for that quote. We've learned that lesson. After all, as small of a group as it is.. even the 'haters' are still following. :)

Hey Matt, show some courage and define "hater" please. Since, you know, you're publically calling people "haters"... let us ALL know what "haters" are per Matt Roloff.

Or will you plead heart problems again? Spew your own *hate* and then whine when you get called out? Matt Roloff sure can dish it out but I strongly doubt he's man enough to stand up for his own "hater" comments.

Come on Matt. Define who a "hater" is :)

Oh and Christian fans? Dana? Anne? Judy B? Matt is calling people "haters" on his face book and if you're not hypocrits who just *like hating what Matt hates* you should be asking, as Christians, why Matt is calling on people to *hate*.

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

One more point about TLC. Why does TLC not ask about how many detracting or disagreeing comments are deleted by Matt? He made no secret that his fan page is "Not a democracy!", and the figures he plans to use (I'm assuming) in negotiations are not a fair cross-section whatsoever. I'm dating myself, but in typing class, your "corrected" or "actual" WPI rating equals total words per minute minus the mistakes. Doesn't anyone at TLC stand up and tell Matt/Amy that without a total cross section of the viewership,. both pro and con, the figures they are bringing forward are absolutely, totally, meaningless. Am I expecting too much from "brain" trust of TLC?

Sarah B said...

It's painful to see how we're actually helping the roloffs by following them.

Rap541 said...

Sarah B - Matt's been pushing that for a long time.

All the negative attention makes the Roloffs so popular....Yeah, thats why why the show was canceled.

Oh wait... Matt *wanted* the show to end! He wanted it to so bad he was ready to be done at the end of season five... except that he was braying like an ass about how the show was on for two more years in May 2010.

If Matt is to be believed, TLC has been begging him since he SAID NO MORE SHOWS - and make no mistake, Matt's current story line is that he loves being on tv soooooooo much he wanted out of a two year contract and was pleased as punch that TLC shut down production after 20 of the 80 contracted episodes (the twenty episodes TLC was obligated to make)

So why isn't TLC literally handing him the keys to the kingdom? Matt says on his facebook he WANTS to do the show for his fans... and he says TLC is banging down his door...

If Matt Roloff is telling the truth.... What's been the hold up since he announced he was filming more shows back on April 25th?

Gosh I wonder :)

Julie B said...

I don't believe negative attention is good for the Roloffs.

If it was, Matt wouldn't censor as tightly as he does.

He doesn't allow the name "Spiritswander" to be spoken! If Matt thought negative (or truthful) attention was good for them he wouldn't be deathly afraid of people hearing the truth.

Cookie said...

"Wow...more enthusiasm for this than expected" as said by Matt.

That right there is at least one truthful Matt has said so we can't say he "always" lies can we :) Actually if he would of said "wow, more enthusiasm than I deserve" it would have been even better.

Katie said...

It's not illegal and I think he does anyway, but is that a package of cigarettes in Jeremy's shirt pocket in the picture with all the equipement?

Greg said...

I've never seen someone get over praised as much as Jeremy.

OMG. Some people and Matt are praising Jeremy for taking the picture of them at the dirt pile. He used the timer on his camera and put the timer on the roof of Matt's car.

Great shot Jeremy! Way to have a self-timer function on your expensive camera! It's pure talent and skill to buy a camera with a self timer!

Brandon said...

I don't believe a word Matt says.

Jacob was kicked out of school. At least part of it was because he was failing.

He goes to a learning center for 5 weeks, only 4 days a week for a few hours a day (Amy said it wasn't full days) and now he can SKIP Grade 9??

I don't believe that for a second.

I think it's all outright lies and damage control by Matt because he sees the $$$ at stake.

TLC has been getting grief for their part in ruining their reality stars childhoods. How many reality kids need to be kicked out of school until people start thinking maybe it's a problem?

I think Jacob being kicked out of school is something TLC would be worried about as far as more shows with the Roloffs.

Cue Matt to not only say Jacob is doing wonderfully and glaze ove the fact he was KICKED OUT OF SCHOOL, but now Matt wants people to believe Jacob is doing so well he can skip a full grade.

I'm not believing it for a second.

Jocelynn said...

I agree with you Brandon. It's hard to believe a kid who by his parents own words had bad grades for most of the school year. Gets expelled in April. Attends some kind of learning center, probably for less than 20 hours a week for 5 or 6 weeks. Then he's able to skip the next grade? It sounds unbelievable to me.

David said...

What Matt is saying about Jacob makes no sense. I don't think there is anything Matt wouldn't lie or manipulate if he felt it was an obstacle standing in their way of more television show fame and money.

A kid does not go from being expelled from school in April with below standard grades to being able to skip an entire grade because he attended a learning facility for seven or eight weeks on a part time basis.

If it's not a blatant lie, perhaps he did a math question and the tutor that they're paying said that it was at a grade ten level. Matt being a spin artist and bs artist twists it into something that will cover up the fact that their child that they forced to do television was kicked out of school.

Susan Coles said...

I don't believe Matt (might as well make that a signature statement!).

Remember what this whole thing was about. Jacob was booted out of school with less than two months to go in 8th grade.

That's too short of time to get him into another school before the end of the year.

They took him for state testing to see if he would be allowed to start in the 9th grade come the fall.

The state testing said yes, they wouldn't make him repeat the 8th grade, but he needed improvement in some subjects. That's why they needed to send him to a learning/tutor facility.

If he was doing math there, it was because it was one of the subjects that he scored lowed on in the state testing.

Chris Linton said...

I find it amusing that in a post about academic achievements (supposedly), Matt used the wrong "past". It is "passed".

Back to your regular dosage of Matt Roloff lies and misleading statements.

Leigh said...

Sadly, besides Matt's PR movement, I predict bad things for Jacob's future. He has far too many bad influences in his life. He's getting terrible messages regarding consequences and being rewarded for bad behavior. The warning signs of behavior issues have been there for money years, escalating with his being expelled from a private school.

He also idolizes Jeremy and Mueller. If a 14 year old idolizes those two, you can count on more rocky days ahead.

DJ said...

Matt has no morals re: truth.

Why do people take anything he says about himself or family members as being accurate?

Rachel said...

It would be nice if what Matt said was true. I hope Jacob does do well.

He can be a lot better than what he's showing. But then again, Jeremy could be a lot more than what he is too.

Unfortunately, like a lot of others, I'm skeptical that Matt ever says the straight goods with any degree of honesty.

David said...

Matt is so desperate to have it look like it was his choice the show was cancelled and that TLC is begging him to do more.

Carol said...

Matt really doesn't understand how pathetic he makes the whole Roloff clan sound. They are such 'fame whores' that they can't live without being on television

To think Matt used to smugly proclaim that they didn't do the show to be celebrities or for the money.

Timothy said...

It must mean that the Roloffs dropped their price.

Anchorman said...

Your lame if you think it was the money dude. It's the freedom.

Timothy said...

Freedom to be deceitful? TLC should be thinking about their reputation.

They portray a pro-diversity, 'just like you', wholesome Christian family and 'reality' unscripted.

The real reality? Matt laughs at people that believe the show. Story line cheat sheets. Nasty behavior from "the boys", anti-diverse views and beliefs, and a very exclusive rich family that pals around with the wealthy and seeks to acquire more material possessions each day.

Brandon said...

Anchorman, care to explain?

I believe what Spirits reports, but I don't find it hard to believe that the sticking points were multi-layered. Both money, demands such as vacations and control over editing.

The specials will be the worst ever if TLC caved at all.

Ask objective LPBW viewers about the quality of the seasons? Do you think most fans think the quality of the shows improved or went downhill once Matt and Amy became producers?

'Nuff said.

Expressed said...

It would be nice to see Jeremy either way, but I think the way to breathe new life into it is to have someone except for Chris be the driving producing force. It's too staged and fake to have someone so close to the Roloffs be in charge.

Also I think Matt is making people think the specials are more than just a few specials. People think it's going to be an entire season.

I doubt it. Unless Jeremy puts his life on hold (again) for tv, there's no way they can have a show with Jeremy off in Cali. That's supposed to happen in what, September?

Rap541 said...

I'll ask a more direct question. If it was about "freedom" then what does that mean to the Roloff family?

Diane said...

Freedom? The Roloffs are slaves to fame. They can't live without attention.

Anchorman said...

Come on, it's not that hard to wrap your brain around unless your totally clueless. Eat your Wheaties and think harder.

BD said...

Anchorman is full of it. Gee I wonder why.

It's all about money.

Anonymous said...

It is most definitely about money. Whoever said it wasn't, doesn't know Matt Roloff. lol.

Anonymous said...

The two things Matt wants in life is money and power to control.

Rap541 said...

Oh Anchorman - you're being asked to explain yourself. Declaring everyone to be too dumb to understand... well, ok...

Spell it out for the dullards.

If you can't explain your posts to the people you're mocking, they'll never understand why you think they're so dumb.

Unless you don't really have a point other than to be hateful.

Come on, Anchorman - explain the obvious that everyone is missing :)

PS - I wonder how *Matt* feels about Anchorman calling fans names :)

Jocelynn said...

I believe it's about money, but what Anchorman is probably alluding to the freedom to do other projects and say what they want.

TLC can't like the fact that Matt mocks people that think the show is honest.

Sandie said...

Matt wants to have his cake and eat it too. It might be quicker and more merciful to just pass the hat around so all his adoring fans can contribute to his lifestyle without his having to actually be accountable for his actions/words. I'm cranky.

Rap541 said...

Jocelynn, I agree, I just tire of folks like "Anchorman" using allusions to secret info to be insulting. Unless "Anchorman" is actually Matt Roloff, then there's no non disclosure statement stopping Anchorman from explaining what he means.

Mind you, all the elements are here for me to suspect that Anchorman is yet another poster who alludes to insider knowledge, and who uses insults... and who when asked direct questions mysteriously disappears.

Money, freedom, whatever. I am sure its a combo of both. I personally have no real doubts that there will be a couple of hour specials. Its just a matter of it being worth it to both sides.

After the crash and burn of the Gosselin specials, I really doubt TLC is going to lavish the Roloffs with a two week paid vacation to Australia. Likewise I don't see the Roloffs doing a special for free.

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

The use of the word "dude" is particularly comical. Facebook page entry:

May 25
Called jeremy into the office today to tell him I'd just landed 2 new contracts for finishing our new pumpkin mountain. "Dad, please don't make me work in the rain anymore". Get back to work dude!

I wonder about the being derogatory to others on the blog. Spirits was kind enough to outline to rules recently, again. I certainly can't stop a troller from displaying their illiteracy to all the pro and con regulars on this blog.

Alexa said...

I know this family, at least some of the kids and the show is a friggin sham.

They are nasty, nasty people. Jeremy, Zach and Jacob Roloff are all jerks. Jeremy is obnoxious and rude. Zach and Jacob are mean spirited angry.

Marianne said...

To Matt and Amy: Stop searching for tv spotlight and get your son Jacob under control before he hurts somebody either physically or emotionally in a very serious way.

That kid is out of control and all his parents care about is pretending like everything is perfect in public.

ITK said...

TLC are idiots if they get back into bed with the Roloffs.

Don't believe the bull that Matt spews. It's all lies.

Jacob is a ticking time bomb. TLC should wipe the slate clean and have clear conscience before it reaches a head just as episodes are airing.

Carol said...

Glad to see Jeremy is still filling his role as the Himbo :)

Barb said...

Those kids treat the house like a pigsty. They don't clean up all year and that's their Father's day gift? Weak!

Matt deserves better!

Christine said...

Looks staged.

Brandon said...

Where's Mueller? :)

Expressed said...

Carol, please be quiet and hush! Don't discourage Matt from posting more pictures of Jeremy without shirts on!

But really, it's not very nice for you to call Jer a himbo.

He looks good without a shirt on. It's not a crime!

Ashley said...

I think Jacob needs a haircut.

His hair is starting to take after Jeremy's at the same age. Wild!

Terry said...

Ashley, Jacob is obviously taking advantage of not being under the direction of Faith Bible and their strict rules on hair. Maybe it's his way of giving the finger to his former school?

Timothy said...

Christine, I agree. I can almost hear Matt saying..."I need to post a Father's day picture for the suckers on my Facebook. Look busy kids!"

Zach is holding a chair. Jacob is touching the hose. Way to look busy while really not doing anything.

Chris Linton said...

What Matt didn't say about that photo is that Jeremy is washing the deck to clean up the vomit from their big Saturday night party at the Roloffs.

Hey Spirits! My friend Big Country Carl was at the Sleep Country Amp in Portland at the big McGraw festival Friday. He saw Jer bear, Muel, Zach surrounded by about 6 girls in their group including Molly.

Big Country Carl reports that Muel and Jer were splashin the beer around fitting in with the all the folks! If you've been to a country music concert in a field you'll know what that means!

Praise Jesus Jeremy! :)

Rocket Man said...

I've been various locations for the Monsters Of Rock Festival three times (1988 (Stockholm)/1991 (Moscow)/1992 (Donington Park)) Download Fest twice (06/2010) Wacken Open Air in Germany several times (01/04/06/09) and Ozzfest at least five times and I've yet to see a more poorly behaved crowd than at the McGraw Fest in Portland it was nothing but hicks and hill billies getting smashed fornicating and fighting because McGraw Fest has horrid security.

So Jeremy definitely did fit in nicely with the rest of the rabble in the crowd.

Rocket Man said...

Hey Matt I've got news for you.

Kurt Cobain has a higher facebook popularity than you and he's been dead for almost twenty years.

Ha suck in that!!!!!

Randy said...

I agree, Christine...that picture looks as staged as their shows were.

Justin said...

Matt still hasn't figured out how to 'share' the pumpkin movie that he isn't proud of? Wasn't that one of Matt's 15 jobs on his to-do list at the beginning of the year?

Shelby said...

Is that Jacob sitting on the thing with the wheels or is he sitting by the fire?

Christine said...

Where is Jeremy's crack about women drivers? An accident! He already backed into the garaged, dinged up a Mercedes and now another accident? With Matt's car? (if Matt is in a bad mood, but who knows, this is Matt, probably no accident at all!).

David said...

Keep the Roloffs off the road! Jeremy has displayed his road rage driving style on national television. He also has the nasty habit of texting while driving.

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

Let's go back a bit. There was the dinged front quarter- panel on Matt's Mercedes. Matt was insistent on finding out who did it, while Amy, wanting to be the good buddy mommy didn't want to point fingers, much to Matt's chagrin, as was evident on national television. Then there was the damage to the tourist trailer being driven into the loading dock on national television, done by Jeremy. Let me get this right. The Mercedes was a minor auto accident that it is obvious Jeremy had no part in whatsoever, and the tractor/touring trailer (used in transporting the public) was not an "auto" accident. We must be very careful when using terms to describe Jeremy, such as "Brookes was practically beating his door down" and the like. Also, did someone back into the garage door, or the support pillar? There's a vague image in my mind about that. Some help, please?

Brandon said...

Podge, the dinging of the Mercedes was Jeremy. They both made that clear, but as you said, Amy was in her 'my precious babies' mode and didn't want Matt to tell Jeremy that he wasn't pleased with Jeremy. The same thing happened with the garage.

With the way Matt fudges details and times, Jeremy's minor auto accident probably was this Mercedes incident and Matt is posting 'Jeremy was in an accident because he knows as LPBW producers knew, talk of accidents attract attention.

Even from Matt's little report (never completely believe anything Matt puts on Facebook!) Matt sounded more irritated than Jeremy.

I suspect that means it wasn't Jeremy's "baby", his BMW and it wasn't a case of some terrible woman driver crashing into him and denting his baby.

Then again, Matt could be irritated because I would wager good money that Matt and Amy pay 21 year old Jeremy's insurance because Jer Bear is a boy without adult responsibilities.

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

Agreed, Brandon. Speaking for myself only, I would consider the beautiful old pre-'73 Chevy truck my "baby" rather than the BMW! I can't, however, remember if Jeremy has any more vehicles in his private collection. They were all listed in the second to last questions-from-fans show, the total being 37 at that moment in space and time, if my memory serves. Before the new tourist ATV, before the new Dodge super-truck, before.......

Expressed said...

Podge/Rodge and Brandon, I think Jeremy has the truck and 2 BMW's. He has the one that he had painted orange. That's the one he loves. Then I think he got a second BMW.

Rap541 said...

Podge, yes, Jeremy backed a trailer into the garage. There's the scratched up Mercedes, the near accident on the RV trip, the accident with the tractor and the fence at pumpkin season.

Point - no prayer call in Amy's facebook, so I kinda doubt it was a life and death moment. Brandon, considering that Jeremy still isn't working except for Daddy, I'm sure Daddy Matt is the one shelling out for Jer's insurance.

Dana said...

Why can't people show some class and thank God that Jeremy wasn't hurt in the accident?

David said...

Rap, I am of the same mind. Amy of all people, was not asking for prayers, thanking God, explaining how she was beside herself with worry? I have an idea about how Amy would react if Jeremy was in an accident that was worth mentioning.

I'm skeptical.

Rap541 said...

Dana - I don't see *you* thanking God, just judging, passing judgement on others like a hater.

We're all just following your Christian example of pointing fingers and laying judgement.

(and Dana, in case this all goes over your head, as it often does, your first comment on this topic is not " I thank Jesus and thank God that Jeremy wasn't injured" - and you're *bitching and hating* because people are following your fine example. Yay for the hate! God bless Jeremy and HATE! Hating is loving Christ for Jeremy! God loves it when you hate for the Roloffs! Right Dana? You're hating for the love of Jeremy Jesus? Jesus will bless you for your hate here today? You teach how to hate for Christ very well, Dana.)

Rap541 said...

For the record - I don't see Matt Roloff thanking God either, Dana. Perhaps you should mention that to him?

Seems pretty unclassy of Matt for him to NOT thank God his precious boy wasn't injured....

Rap541 said...

David - I'm sure it was a little fender bender that Matt is whoring out for attention.

I mean, look how he worded it.

David said...

Agreed Rap. Starting it "Jeremy's ok" is a lesson in how to make things sound dramatic.

"Jeremy's fender is a little scratched up after a minor accident early today" doesn't cut it for an attention seeker like Matt.

Timothy said...

More great Roloff parenting. After celebrating Jacob's expulsion from school and slurping up a lot of "congratulations" and "you're a great parent Matt", Matt and Amy are now in the business of rewarding Jacob with toys.

If Matt is to be believed, they took Jacob's phone away 6 months ago because he was doing poorly in school.

After he get expelled from school....the parents then decide that everything is better and reward him by giving it back to him.

That's kind of like buying your son a Camaro after you find out that he's failing school.

Some things never change.

Rap541 said...

Timothy - I also found it interesting that the discussion over the comment is starting to raise the question of whether it's appropriate of Matt to air his son's private disciplinary matters on a public fanbook.

The poster who raised it had a point - really how kind of Matt to publicize how the entire family felt Jake had a bad attitude to you know, the fans.

Aren't these the same people who whine how they just don't want to share so much any more? But the entire family's deep disappointment in a member is just dandy.

It's obvious Matt needs to hear "Way to go, Matt!" more than any consideration to his family. I just wonder how Matt would like it if his kids were allowed to facebook his personal failures on a daily basis to their fans?

Considering the endless hissy fits Matt has over even minor criticism, I doubt he'd be all smiles :) But then I have been convinced for a long time that Matt is a "I can dish it out but anyone who dishes back is a dwarf bigot who hates" sort.

Lynn C said...

Matt's post is positive post. I find myself questioning if Matt should be sounding so pleased with Jacob in the last couple of months. Timothy does have a point.

If Matt is being criticized for supposedly being harsh on Jacob then that proves that he can't win no matter what he does.

Rap541 said...

Btw - wasn't Matt and Amy's gripe, when Jeremy's racist language and how they did or didn't deal with it came up, that how they discipline their children in private is no one's business but theirs?

Kinda establishes who Matt and Amy like to publically humilate and who they feel needs to be protected. I think we all know what the pecking order of love is in the Roloff family now :)

Rap541 said...

Lynn - do you feel Matt should then share how he disciplined Jeremy over the racist terms?

He insisted it be private then. I trust you feel it should be publicized since Matt should discuss his children's punishments publically.

Rap541 said...

Btw Lynn - My issue is Matt choosing to publicize how he punished Jake and how everyone in the family thinks Jake is bad.

Not the actual punishment, which I find appropriate. Its not about Matt being harsh in his punishments (frankly I think taking away the phone is pretty mild) its that Matt is braying like an ass to his fans how disciplined one of his kids, how poorly the family thinks of this one kid and how he has doubts the kid will straighten up.

See the difference? They aren't on tv any more so why is Matt making sure everyone knows this? Sure seems like Jake isn't allowed any privacy while Precious Jer-Bear and how he used racist words is NOT to be discussed publically as it is a private family matter.

Lynn? Care to share out your kids bad behavior and your opinion of who has the worst attitude to the internet? :) If you refuse, then you understand why Matt doing this to Jake is wrong.

But Matt needs more dollars so he needs to whore out the kids again... but not Jeremy...

Lynn C said...

"My issue is Matt choosing to publicize how he punished Jake and how everyone in the family thinks Jake is bad."

Rap, you need to read more carefully. Matt is doing the opposite. He is saying a positive. That the entire family agrees Jake is doing well and deserves the phone back.

Justin said...

I realize that everything Matt says on facebook is BS anyway, but I would be more worried that Matt and Amy are putting any stock in Jeremy's opinion.

Consulting Jeremy for parenting advice? Because Jeremy is well behaved and proper?

Rap541 said...

Lynn - you need to read more carefully. The entire family thinking things have improved means the entire family thought Jake was bad and needing improvement. And he's telling the whole world how the entire family thought this and how he punished his son for poor grades and his ending line is a typical doubting Matt line.

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

This isn't the first time Matt has publicly vilified Jacob in front of the whole world, or the tiny bit of the world that has any interest at all. I personally was taken aback when Matt dragged Jacob through the mud as Matt put it, "I can't understand why Jacob doesn't like building forts, because I LOVE building forts"??? Gee dad, I've got news for you.

I feel at some times Jacob would rather stay in his room, all by himself, with his fridge and toys and computer and whatever, simply because he's not sure how he's going to be put down, ridiculed, and made to look the fool on national TV by his dad?

Speaking of which, the remarks made by Jeremy on ore than one occasion are being dealt with "in private" however the punishment of Jacob for his comment about his sister was a full episode entitled "Jacob's bad word"? Whether I believe the punishment was fair or not, (I do), the publicity of this incident versus the non-publicity of other siblings comments does seem to, as Rap so nicely stated, "I think we all know what the pecking order of love is in the Roloff family now :)".

Christine said...

For a guy that keeps saying he has everything, Matt and his family sure are greedy.

If they have everything, maybe they should stop charging outrageous $350 costs to fans or at least donate the money to charity.

The Roloffs say they're about God and community service, but they are really all about their own selfish quest for money and material possessions.

dj said...

looks like another pumpkin season attraction

Diane said...

A stage coach? Matt is really trying to promote pumpkin season.

Timothy said...

Wow, Matt keeps on reaching new lows. Post some photo of some woman and scream for attention and sympathy.

David said...

If the FBI is wasting their time on Matt Roloff attention grabbing Facebook ploys, I hope they also investigated Jeremy and his cyberbully best friend that said horrible things to a teenage girl.

Wouldn't want celebrities to get special treatment now, right?

Brandon said...

Oh Matt is such a loser. Honestly. He starts out "Help identify this woman because we feel bad"

Then he goes into full scale "poor us!" "Get us attention! We can't live without attention!" mode.

Um Matt, instead of whoring for attention if you were really concerned instead of trying to play martyr, maybe you shouldn't invite anyone with $300 to your house?

I mean gosh, if it was me and I was so worried and scared of some psycho (that I was trying to "help" of course! lol. Matt is so Christian!) I don't think I would broadcast my life on tv because I crave attention. I don't think I would air my kids private matters on Facebook. I don't think I would invite strangers to my property.

Since the Roloffs do all that, I take all Matt's persistent hints about "stalkers" as his desperate need for attention and to paint the Roloffs as more popular than they actually are.

Kayla said...

I hope the girl sues Matt! lol!

Jocelynn said...

Why does Matt mislead about things that don't even matter?

People naturally assume the picture of Jacob was yesterday.

It's not. Look at Amy's pictures. Jacob still has very long hair. He doesn't in Matt's picture.

I totally agree that the Roloffs are just seeking attention with the whole 'stalking' stuff.

Christine said...

Oh he is just trying to bray for attention so he can whine that anyone that criticizes the Roloffs are mean and crazy psycho stalkers.

Get over yourself Matt.

Diane said...

Think of all the taxpayer money the Roloffs waste between all their lawsuits and their constant "Police! FBI! Investigate! We so important!" These people have no morals.

Chris Linton said...

Well...maybe it's one of Jeremy's criminal friends posing as a woman...Jeremy's friends pose as doctors so hey, who knows!!

Rap541 said...

I just like the idea that Matt is playing detective. Notice he's not saying the police told him to do this - just that "Police now seem to encourage the use of social media to help identify folks" - Bolding is mine, to make a point - if this blows up, Matt can deny that he's implying the police told him to do this.

Has he called the cops? I hope he knows what he's doing. Some of the comments on his facebook say that the photo comes from a missing person's website... if that's the case then a) the missing person's family might be given false hope and b) the missing person's family might be offended that Matt posted a picture of their loved one, called them a stalker and said they "need treatment".

Brandon said...

Yeah Rap. That's why I love the change in tone. Matt can't act believable even through Facebook posts! ;)

He starts "we feel bad", then it basically is a bash on whoever that woman is and how she's scary stalker.

But he adds "we apoligize if we are mistaken"....yeah way to go Matt.

Label someone as a psychotic stalker that needs treatment and post their picture...before you're even sure! Smart...

Ashley said...

I think he's trying to turn talk away from Mueller and Jeremy :)

Nicole Spencer said...

That doesn't sound very loving and Christian of them.

The Roloffs seem to me like the type of people who if a fan was too nice to them and believed the crap when Matt and Amy pretends to be their best friend, would call the cops on the poor person. But they also want to call the police on anybody that criticizes them and they pretend like their lives are in danger.

Some people are so self-important. That's not what Jesus would do.

Mike P said...

It's despicable to post the photo of an unknown woman as if it were a wanted poster, and to describe her and her "motives" in ominous language.

Even if she is genuinely threatening (a good question, considering), no one with any humanity handles a possibly sick person that way. There are quieter ways to do it--ways, for instance, that are not actually meant to ratchet up the nailbiting among your remaining three dozen fans.

Mike P said...

I want to add that I reported this photo to Facebook as an attack on the person in it. I hope that others who consider it out-of-bounds will do the same. You need to click the shot open, hit the report button just below to the left, then chose from the drop-down menu.

And also, real police work is never conducted this way. ALL real requests for criminal information are directed straight to the police, always to a specific officer working the case. NEVER are genuine requests directed to an employee of the "victim" or to the "victim" himself.

What a reckless fraud this man is.

Greg said...

@Mike P., I agree. Matt doesn't have a shred of decency.

David said...

Well said, Mike P.

Anyone notice the irony? After the "crazy stalker" post, Matt posts practically baby pictures of his kids. The "Crazy stalker" post followed a post about Matt describing his daughter's college plans. Filtered in along the way is Matt and Amy pretending to be best buddies to fans and inviting them to the farm (where they then find out they have to be pay $350).

How do people from a reality show which by it's very nature is promoting voyeurism, then when the show is cancelled, they continue on that way, then keep on defaulting to "Poor us, we're being 'stalked' by crazies!".

If all these 'stalkers' that Matt loves referring to were actually dangerous stalkers that police would be dealing with these people, not having Matt be a cyber bully on his Facebook page by attacking some stranger's picture, attacking their character and then adding a 'I might be wrong'....mind boggling.

David said...

By the way, since Matt is changing subjects by posting old pictures of his kids, I think it would have been interesting to have seen how the golden boy Jeremy behaved when he was younger.

After looking at that picture, it's not a stretch to see the same moodiness in Jeremy that Jacob often displays.

Rap541 said...

I have to admit, the more I think about this, the more I am glad Spirit removed that photo here. I have serious questions.

Are the police involved?

Matt's implying that they are, but carefully not out right stating it.

If the police are involved - why isn't Matt directing people to the investigative officer handling the case? Do we have any proof any personal info given to Matt and Matt's secretary is being used for any police investigation?

If the police *aren't* sanctioning Matt's little "please help us identify this person who stalks and bullies and who may need *treatment*" - then what exactly are the Roloffs intentions toward this person?

What is Matt and his staff going to do with any info this post gets them?

Does Matt have any proof that the person in the photo he is displaying is the one that has in theory been stalking his family?

Can Matt cite any examples of celebrities other than himself doing this?

Are there any police officers - by that I mean people willing to leave a name and at least a contact email associated with their police dept - which if Matt is telling the truth and this is a standard suggestion to stalking victims, any police officer who wants to back his story will have no problem being identified - willing to tell us that this is advice they give stalking victims and is a standard procedure in these cases?

Mind you - it sounds like Matt needs some sympathy so suddenly he's being stalked again. Since it's been established that Matt likes to exaggerate and mislead and "tail twist the bloggers" - I have my doubts

But now that he's posting "Help us identify this person who is stalking and bullying me" complete with *pictures*... I really hope he understands that if the stalker *isn't* the person in that photo - that person in the photo may not be too happy to be cited as needing treatment for obsessive love/hate stalking.

Hillary said...

That is not a recent picture of Jacob! He looks about 2 years younger than he does now. Look at his face in Amy's picture.

Sandie said...

Matt Roloff: morally bankrupt.
"What does it profit a man to gain the whole world, and lose his soul?"

NJC said...

Her scores were good enough to go to any college in the world and Molly is looking in Idaho & Montana?

Rap541 said...

Oh and look!

Matt's made a "mission accomplished" post with utterly no details.

So to be clear, while its not too personal to put someone's face up with "This person needs treatement and is harassing and stalking my family" apparently it is too personal to say "we called the police".

After all, while Matt can and will make public accusations against others on his facebook and ask his fans to be his round up posse, those same fans don't deserve to know exactly why he was calling for this woman's head or what crimes she will be charged with...

So who wants to bet that this never gets mentioned again? ;)

Btw Matt? You actually haven't removed the photo of the woman you called your stalker.

David said...

I think somebody did the impossible and talked some sense into Matt. He realized he was getting into big trouble.

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