Sunday, May 29, 2011

Sam Roloff

Some of the recent postings and subsequent discussion has sparked some inquiries about Matt's brother, Sam Roloff.

Sam Roloff

So for those interested, we thought we would do an item with some links to Sam's various internet and social media accounts.

As most people know, Sam is an artist. He has appeared in a few episodes of Little People, Big World. Sam was seen in some of the family reunion episodes and most notably in the final season, the episode "Little Brother, Big Sister" featured a lot of Jeremy working with Sam.

Jeremy and Sam Roloff in an episode of Little People, Big World
from Season 6

Sam is also a website designer. He has his own company, Studio Ridge.

You can visit his Facebook Page here:

Helping small local Portland companies get on the web

Hi, my name is Sam Roloff, I am the primary guy here at Studio Ridge. I am a one man shop so I don't take on to many clients. I currently have room for a few more clients. Send me a message, email or call 503 975 5256l and lets talk about your website needs.

Sam also has a twitter account:

And his main website:

Jeremy has been spending time with Sam, taking pictures and putting together some videos of Sam and his work.

The video by and with Jeremy of Sam Roloff's painting of Amanda Knox that he let the public

As Amy mentioned yesterday, Sam has some showings and "Meet The Artist" events in Portland and surrounding areas -- Jeremy often accompanies Sam. Amy stated that Jeremy was Sam's photographer at the Patton Valley Vineyard.

Jeremy was also helping Sam at an event held by Jillian Rabe in April.

Sam at an event held by Jillian Rabe in April

Jeremy helped Sam at the showing.


Kayla said...

Sam looks a lot like Matt. Except with facial hair and he looks healthier.

Dana said...

I will point out that Sam is an artist and feels confident in Jeremy's abilities and talents to allow Jeremy to assist him.

Ashley said...

I thought I read once a couple of years ago that Sam didn't want to be on LPBW because he didn't want the attention for him and his family? I guess he changed his mind?

Jocelynn said...

I think it's probably good for Jeremy if he's spending more time with Sam.

I have the impression that Sam has better values than Matt.

Brandon said...

Spirits, I know this site is not for profit, but I think it would be hilarious if you called Sam for website design work :)

Brandon said...

I'm not an artsy person so I won't even try to assess Sam's work because I don't understand but Sam does seem like a much better person than Matt.

Susan Coles said...

Ashley, I read that too about Sam not wanting the LPBW attention.

I don't know if it was true. I think what I read was the Sam and his wife didn't want their kids in the LPBW spotlight.

However, Sam's kids did appear in one of the later episodes, but his wife didn't.

Vicky said...

The first photo of Sam is great!!

Spirits do you have a picture of Sam's youngest son? I saw a picture of him once, but I can't remember where I saw it. I remember thinking he looks a lot like Jacob.

Greg said...

The only people that will hire Jeremy is his dad or his uncle :/ It makes you wonder...

Diane J said...

The thing I find interesting is Matt's family is very right wring Republican.

I think Sam is to the left and a Democrat. I know he "liked" the Obama Facebook page.

Brit said...

Jeremy went to The Space, First Thursday with Jillian Rabe LLC so he could flirt with models and her friends. She's a model.

Brit said...

Jillian Rabe is a fashion model.

Christine said...

Sam seems cool, but I hope if Jeremy is with Sam more and more, I hope Sam and his wife don't let their kids, especially their sons start hanging around with Jeremy.

I think Jeremy and Mueller's influence on Jacob Roloff is part of his problems that ended with him being kicked out of school.

Lynn C said...

Didn't Sam say in the episode that he thought Jeremy was very talented? I'm not surprised that he's working with him now.

Rap541 said...

I will point out that Sam is Jeremy's uncle, and that hanging up Sam's paintings requires a strong back, not artistic talent. :)

ie: I'll give Jeremy some credit too - I think he can lift and carry things for others quite well. That isn't an endorsement of his artistic ability and suggesting that Sam is actively endorsing Jeremy as a fine artist really seems like a huge reach for what appears to be Jeremy lifting and carrying things as a favor to his uncle.

David said...

People might be jumping the gun on "Jeremy is working for Sam."

Is it a paying job? Or is that Jeremy is looking for things to take pictures of it so Sam's art work and art gallery shows are a natural connection.

Timothy said...

I've never heard Sam exploit his dwarfism like Matt has or went on and on about how terrible his childhood was and how everyone should be amazed by all he has accomplished.

I'm impressed that on Sam's sites he doesn't even allude to the fact he has dwarfism.

Austin said...

I wonder how Sam feels about Jeremy's church? I painfully listened to some of John Mark Comer's podcasts at the suggestion of Timothy because I wanted to have knowledge before judging.

Jeremy's church is more than just anti gay. They spend a lot of time talking about traditional gender roles. They are for all the stereotypes. Women should be the pretty caretakers and men should be the macho providers.

I don't think they would approve of an average height woman marrying a man with dwarfism. That's not traditional. The woman shouldn't be taller than the man. Sam's wife is average height.

I wonder if Jeremy ever thinks about that or if he just clings to the "gays need to be cured" messages. Molly too is falling into that thinking.

Anne said...

Rap, Jeremy is doing more than lifting things for Sam. Amy said Jeremy is the photographer. Before you criticize Jeremy's talents, get your facts right.

May 28
I'm off to Patton Vineyard - Gaston supporting local artist - sam Roloff
Jer is photographer :)

May 28
Jer as photographer for Sam. Jer is doing some great stuff

Dana said...

Anne, well said. Some people will never give Jeremy his due.

Matt's posts fantastic photographs taken by Jeremy. Some people try to diminish them.

Jeremy is working for Sam as a photographer. Some people try to diminish it by attempting to say it's nothing more than carrying things for Sam.

Jeremy gets accepted to a Photography Institute, some people refuse to give Jeremy credit for that too.

Jeremy obviously has talent and things are happening for him whether some bitter people want to admit it or not.

Carol said...

I like Sam.
He's the artist.
Matt is the sleazy salesman always ripping people off and lying.

I am sure that Sam is allowing Jeremy to work with him as a favor to Jeremy and to give Jeremy some experience.

That's not unusual for family, but it is noteworthy that once again Jeremy is doing something that required no work on his part simply because he is related to the person he is working for or with.

I wonder what Sam's artistic opinion is off Jacob's photos? As someone else said, from the pictures that Matt has posted on Facebook, Jeremy's and Jacob's pictures look an awful lot alike.

Rap541 said...

And what is he photographing for Sam?

I know that Amy says he's photographing for Sam.... for what?

Is he being paid?
I notice that Jer's fan club doesn't like acknowledging that Sam *Roloff* is Jeremy *Roloff*'s uncle... Anne? Dana? Thoughts on that?

If it *wasn't* Jeremy Roloff.... would you be impressed by a photographer whose only client was his uncle?

Dana? Anne? Come on now, you're hiring a photographer for something and one of the applicants has worked for strangers with good references and one has worked for his uncle only....

Who do you hire?

Dana - you do realize Jeremy still hasn't committed to attending that for profit photography institute, right? And because of its rolling class schedule, he could have made that decision when he got accepted in what, Nov? And already have been attending classes. Since he's NOT graduating from PCC this spring, despite his supposed full course loads for the last two years, finishing up his two year degree isn't a valid escuse for his not going....

Oh, and I am not bitter at all. I find it increasingly hilarious how you insist Jer-Bear being escorted by Mommy to his big boy photography gig for Unky Sammy is *something* other than Sam doing Jeremy a favor.

Anonymous said...

"Jeremy gets accepted to a Photography Institute, some people refuse to give Jeremy credit for that too."

for what? having the money to get accepted? it had nothing to do with his photography "talents", anybody can go there as long as you have the money

Laura said...

Rap, you might want to consult the episodes. Here is Expressed's review of the Sam/Jeremy episode.

Sam said Jeremy's talent was budding. He said Jeremy's pictures that he took of Sam were great. I think it's more than Sam doing a favor for Jeremy. He must really like his work.

Brandon said...

Oh come on people.

Do you really think Sam is going to say "Jeremy sucks" or "I'm not that impressed" or "Anybody with that expensive camera could take that picture"?

He's his uncle. He's obligated to say something nice.

Erica said...

Did Sam and Matt have a rift for many years? I thought I read something about that once.

Grace said...

Sam is going on a vacation with Matt and is working with Jeremy.

I wonder how is wife feels about that? Don't lose your morals Sam! It's a slippery slope when you start associating with arrogant shysters.

I agree with a comment up above. I hope Sam keeps his kids away from Jeremy. He sets a bad example. Jake worships Jeremy and look at what happened to him.

Erin said...

Sam seems like a nice guy. I liked his humor.

Rap541 said...

Sam is Jeremy's uncle, Laura.

I wouldn't expect Jeremy's uncle, who appears to have a good relationship with the family to say "Honestly, it's a pipe dream, he has no talent" on his brother's tv show.

Really, you think thats a situation that prompts an honest assessment? I would have been incredibly shocked if a direct family did anything other than praise Jeremy on tv.

Sam's comments about Jeremy's budding talent are a) the comments of a direct relative put on the spot in public and b)Not exactly "Jeremy is the talent of the ages".

I'm very serious here. Get a notible NON FAMILY MEMBER who has nothing to gain (ie not one of Matt's friends or Amy's friends that need a favor) and who has some professional experience in the world of art to say "Jeremy is a significant talent" and I would change my tune.

Oh, and don't try to use Jeremy's acceptance at brooks - they don't have a portfolio requirement so do understand, they accepted him without even *seeing* his work.

Leanne said...

I don't like Jeremy, but I thought the video was very good.

I like Sam's personality. He seems a lot more sincere than Matt. I'm not constantly thinking "He's lying!" like I am whenever Matt says something. lol.

Dustin said...

I'm surprised Sam would work with Jeremy given Jeremy's reputation for being racist and homophobic.

The art crowd tends to reject that for the most part. They don't look fondly upon people with bigoted views.

Vic Rattlehead said...


Jeremy is doing his uncle a favor by hanging a painting he didn't actually create a damn thing all the did was afix a wire to a hook and gently lower the picture into position, it's not rocket science and if my neighbor who has an IQ of 70 can do it ( she's high functioning mentally disabled) then a simpleton like Jeremy can do it with direction.


Jeremy doesn't deserve and kudos for hanging a picture for his uncle it's something that any able bodied person would do as a favor for a relative who was less able.

As for Jeremy's photography well anyone with a $1500 high end digital slr camera can take really nice shots even if they don't know what they're doing because those cameras are so technologically sophisticated that they can automatically compensate for everything from red eye reduction to over exposure and anything else you can imagine that could ruin a photo all the user needs to do is set up the shot and push a button the camera does EVERYTHING ELSE FOR THEM.

Craw said...

Vic, if it's so easy why don't you post your pictures with a Nikon D5000?

Let me compare your pictures with Jeremy's? Betcha Jeremy's are way better..

Recruiter said...

In the current economy, community colleges and vocational educational organizations have experienced a boom in enrollment. People want to get the knowledge and then get to work. Schools like Brooks, with very focused areas of study, are helping to produce a strong focused workforce in those areas of study. What I’ve seen that’s unfortunate, are the people who have have spent the time and money to get the 4 year college degree in areas like English or Business Administration and wound up with an unplanned, and very often for them unfulfilled career as a server in a restaurant or customer service rep in a call center because the money is better. Bottom line, old school thinking on education vs vocation does not cut it in today’s job market.

Jocelynn said...

I don't disagree with you, Recruiter.

I know so many people that have graduated from a 4 university and were unable to land those dream 6 figure salary jobs.

I'm working at a bank. A job that I started when it was my placement for high school co-op. I did a decent enough job that they hired me on and I've been with them ever since.

I'm not making great great money, but I get by and feel fortunate in this economy.

One of my co-workers finished 4 years of university. We are doing the same job. I earn slightly more than her because I've been there longer. She has massive debt, I don't. In the long run, her university degree might pay off for her and leave me behind, but that's not the case right now.

I agree with you. It's not always right to preach the traditional thinking.

DJ said...

Recruiter, you're right on about business administration. Sounds good but not that practical.

BeckyM said...

When I was reporter I covered an art opening. I was using a 35 mm of average quality in a gallery lighted room with the images under glass (harder because of the reflection). I developed the film myself (a requirement of journalism at the time).

The photos were published in the newspaper the next day and the artist told me, "wow, I didn't know you could get such a great shot."

PLEASE, it is not that hard to take photos of art. It's far harder to create art itself.

BTW Sam is hot looking!

Rap541 said...

Hehe. According to the Bureau of Labor, photographers make on average 35-36k per year.

(not making it up, here's the government website -

So its practical to spend 80-96k on a vocational degree - and we're not including the living expenses of two to three years of living in Santa Barbara - to earn a degree that won't be recognized by regionally accredited schools for a job field where a) you actually don't need a degree if you're good and b) that on average pays so little that, assuming full time work, Jeremy would need to work three years just to earn what he spent on the degree - and I am not even talking about loan repayment, I am just talking about how long it would take a photographer to earn 96k.

Recruiter - oddly enough, my opinion on college is fairly similar to Jocelynn's - I don't think a person should go unless they really enjoy learning or unless they have an idea of what they want to do with a degree. There's nothing wrong with vocational training... on the other hand, I hate hearing stories of young people suckered into attending these "elite" for profit schools where they spend close to a 100k on a degree that isn't recognized and on a career that doesn't pay enough to warrant spending that kind of money.

If Jeremy want to blow 96k on a for profit vocational school, he's an adult. But lets not pretend that he got in because of his talent - its a for profit art school with no portfolio requirement for admission. That means they don't care whether their students have talent.

Rap541 said...

Btw I'd also agree community college is a good way to save money... if you're attending with a purpose.

Recruiter? You agree that Jeremy and Zach have attended their two year community college for two years now, right?

Why aren't the big boys getting their associates degrees?

Sure seems like a waste of money to piddle away two years of time (and tuition) and have no degree to show for it... the twins sure are showing us how *extraordinary* they are by needing more than the two years the *average* students require to get degrees at community college. I wonder why Daddy Matt isn't bragging about how accomplished and intelligent the twins with their "good grades and full course loads" that Daddy Matt has indeed bragged about in the past.... Could it be that the twins are yet again... *behind* the average students?

Sure seems like a waste of money to spend two years on college and have neither twin graduating on time... That also would make me a little hesitant to send Jer-Bear off to the expensive school.....

HS Teacher said...

Recruiter, you are so right. For 95% of the workforce it is all about skills and knowledge, not about having a degree. And jobs like call center and restaurant crew that used to be thought of as a temporary job to support you to your "real career" have become careers and are increasingly saturated because they pay fairly well and don't require great skills or a higher education. I help my students find job shadows, internships, volunteer opportunities and apprenticeships. I encourage them to acquire the knowledge and skills in a field that they are passionate about now because many of them won't be able to go to college and the jobs that they would have had available after high school are now taken by the college graduates that thought a 4 year degree would equal a comparable career. A side note to this is that employers are more than happy to exchange a wage for education and training. I have students who shadow in foundries, bakeries, software companies, marketing companies, heating & cooling companies, lawyer offices and banks. In addition to the actual skills they acquire, they will have this experience on their resume along with letters of recommendation and many will go on to permanent employment at their internship location. As I said, the opportunity is in the knowledge and skill.

Anon30 said...

A degree in photography is practical?

A degree in photography is more practical than a degree in business administration?

A degree in photography from a for profit school that isn't regionally accredited and that costs 90,000 thousand dollars is practical?

Nancy said...

"BTW Sam is hot looking!"

@BeckyM, I agree! :) I like Sam's personality in the video too.

I think TV went after the wrong Roloff brother. Sam doesn't seem as bitter or as devious as Matt.

Brandon said...

Rap, I don't disagree with some of the concerns you raise about Brooks and photography as a whole, but being totally honest?

I think Jeremy should go to Brooks. I think the life experience alone will be great for him.

The only way Jeremy is ever going to become a better person is if he moves into a new surroundings.

If it takes the allure of the beaches of Santa Barbara and the visions of fun in Photography school to get him to make the leap, then it's still a positive move.

Think of Jeremy four years ago. He's almost the exact same person at 21 that he was at 17. His life is the same.

He still doesn't have any responsibility for living expenses or his own life. He's still daddy's big helper and the Golden boy among Dad's employees.

He still doesn't have a real job. Sorry people, but coming and going as he pleases for Dad is not a real job.

He plays with Mueller practically everyday and is still acting like the cool kid in high school that throws the house parties for everybody. Still having campfires until 3 in the morning because he doesn't have any responsibility. He's still being an immature idiot with Mueller (the cat throwing is an example that's nothing really changed).

If he doesn't leave this situation, I think he will be the same person at 25 that he is at 21.

He should go to California and make his own life.

Rap541 said...

Beckym - its interesting isn't it?

At last check, photography isn't exactly something that needs an expensive degree at all, if you're good at it. Yet, while getting a four year degree in say, business administration is simply pissing money away... spending close to 100k on a fine arts degree from a vocational school is being called good sense.

Personally, if Jeremy does go and he certainly hasn't been allowed by Mommy and Daddy to say yes or no as of yet, I hope its that great career he wants it to be... But I look at that class action lawsuit Brooks settled and the reality that in 2010 that photographers made about 35k on average... and the numbers aren't adding up.

Rap541 said...

Brandon - I have to agree. I'd go a step further and say Jeremy at 21 is not much different from Jeremy at 15.

I agree, I think the best thing in the world for Jeremy would be for the big boy to go somewhere, Brooks, Scotland, anywhere, and function even for a little while outside the cocoon Mom and Dad have built for him.

I mean, he's twenty one - has he ever been away from home without an adult chaperone tending him for longer than a weekend?

BeckyM said...

One of my degrees is an Associates from a Junior College. The benefit in my state (can't speak for elsewhere) is if you get an Associates from an accreditated state school, all of the other 4 year colleges in the state must accept all your credits.

While I was at the No. 1 school in the state, working on my masters, a fellow student who dropped out the last semester of her 4 year degree program, came back 10 years later, only found that they would accept few credits since she had been out of school so long.

There is a benefit to getting the AA certificate from a CERTIFIED school. It gives validity to your transfer units no matter when yo ugo back to school.

BeckyM said...

Now, in regards to getting it done in 2 years. Yeah, I got mine done in two years but I also worked full-time (40 plus hours a week as a grocer cashier) and it impacted my grades. Ia also had a big reason to get out of the house that motivated me.

Now my son will be starting this fall, as a H.S. senior, and this county allows all students who graduate from a certified H.S. located in the county, to have FREE 64 credit hours!

I have told him to take his time, stay at home, work part time, and ENJOY taking a wide variety of classes so he can explore future careers. While I would like him to have an A.A. before leaving, mostly likely he will transfer before the beginning of his full second year. He wants to experience living on campus like his dad did and that definitely is a young person's experience.

On Jeremy, my only issue is that Brooks seems like a fluff school. Not credited? Serious issue when it is on a resume or used as transfer credit.

I am willing to hold my opinion about him until he's 28 and still at home with no degree, because I have 3 brothers- all late bloomers.

Lynn C said...

I don't think there is just one way to live or just one way to prepare for a career.

I don't think anyone with complete certainty can say Brooks is a bad decision or that it will most definitely be a good thing for Jeremy. There is risk in every choice we make in our lives.

IMO, it is a good option for Jeremy. I usually disagree with a lot of people here about Jeremy, but I agree that one of the benefits will be a chance for him to spread his wings. I don't think Mueller is the devil, but I think it will be good for Jeremy to live a bit without Mueller in his every day. It will probably be good for Mueller too.

Anonymous said...

Jeremy's homophobic, and doesn't like gay people, wow.. I guess I won't ask him to be friends on Facebook, wow that really shocks me because I really liked Jeremy on Little People big world, but if its true about him being homophobic and not liking gay people then he can go to hell.. get a real job..

Max said...

I dont think many of you are ones to judge on other peoples lives. Where did you even get the idea that Jeremy is a homophobe? Whoever brought up that idea within this conversation is without a doubt, wrong. Do not talk about how much you hate and dislike people on here, because you dont even really know them. Ill tell all of you that half of the facts said in the comments are not facts at all, just speculation conjured with rumors and turned into lies.

Brandon said...

Max, you don't get to call people liars for saying things that are true.

And of course you come in here as though your opinion is the only one that matters.

Why do people think Jeremy is homophobic?

Can we go through the possible reasons?

1. He used homophobic gay slurs like "f*g", f*aggit hole", d*ke" and other gay slurs.

2. He made "gay jokes and would pose mocking gay people with friends like Mueller and Dan.

3. He NEVER apologized for his gay slurs. He has never said he was wrong or regrets it. Absolutely nothing.

4. Many of Jeremy's friends who don't have a fake image to protect, are very outspoken that they are anti-gay. These are the people that Jeremy spends his time with.

5. Jeremy attends the Solid Rock Church and promotes John Mark Comer's sermons that advocates that gay people are diseased and the only solution is to pray to Jesus to be cured of their gayness. It's exactly the same thing that other groups of the same ilk are now apologizing for because people are outraged at these things for the damage their messages cause. And Jeremy promotes this stuff.

That's just a little bit.

And Jeremy's had his chance to dispute or explain himself and never has felt it important to do so.

All of those things are true.
I would say that qualifies someone as being labelled "homophobic".

I don't "hate" Jeremy but I don't like him and I have no respect for him.

I think he's a homophobic arrogant jerk who has been sheltered and propped up by people around him. I don't like him because I don't think he has any convictions.

It's not even about disagreeing with his views. I would have more respect for him if he was like someone like Kirk Cameron who had the guts to be honest about what he believes.

But Jeremy like the rest of the Roloffs are slaves to money that comes with being a career reality tv participant and tries to hide what he's really about in able to attract the most viewers possible and continue getting paid.

I have no respect for someone who is so dishonest and deceptive.

Rap541 said...

Where did you even get the idea that Jeremy is a homophobe?

From his use of the word "faggothole".

From this direct quote "not to be a gay bragging faggot but I raped their defences"

From his attendence at and affection for the Solid Rock church which does espouse the view that homosexuals are wrong.

From the many mocking photos of Jeremy kissing male friends and being rubbed by male friend Mueller.

I'm citing direct evidence, the words coming from his mouth and yped out online, and actual photos, not the MANY MANY MANY friends who proudly insist that Jeremy is a Christian who stands up for Jesus by condemning homosexuality...

Whoever brought up that idea within this conversation is without a doubt, wrong

In fairness, are you suggesting Jeremy supports gay rights? Are you willing to debate the facts Brandon and I cite? Or is this the standard "NO NO NO and don't you dare require anything other than MY WORD to believe me when I say you're wrong, disagreeing wiht me is HATING," arguement that we see a lot of?

. Ill tell all of you that half of the facts said in the comments are not facts at all, just speculation conjured with rumors and turned into lies.

You talk a good game but funny, you, like many people claiming to know Jeremy personally and know how wrong everyone is on this topic, you aren't willing to say "My name is..... And I know Jeremy Roloff personally and this is what I know.

Funny how no one who actually is willing to state a first and last name is ever willing to stand up for Jeremy. Why is that? What are all the friends afraid of?

And you know? You know what would really clear up the question of what Jeremy's views on homosexuality are?

Why, the big boy could man up and speak his mind, couldn't he? He's a 23 year old man, with a facebook and a twitter.

Or is Baby Jer still under Daddy Matt's control and not a big enough boy to have an opinion his daddy doesn't first vett for the public still?

My guess? Jer's still not trusted to speak for himself, and since he's still completely financially dependant on Daddy Matt - its probably just easier to keep his mouth shut like a child and continue to let Mommy and Daddy support him. After all, he's only 23, and its summer so Jeremy needs to play like the little boy he is.

*upon watching Paula Dean's empire fall, I hope someone connected to the Roloffs pr machine realizes they might want to reconsider never making Jeremy apoligize.

Jocelynn said...

[b]Are you willing to debate the facts Brandon and I cite? Or is this the standard "NO NO NO and don't you dare require anything other than MY WORD to believe me when I say you're wrong, disagreeing wiht me is HATING," arguement that we see a lot of?[/b]

That's an excellent point, Rap.

I think we all know that's the true reason that Matt, Amy and Jeremy have never done an interview about the subject.

It's much easier to say "people write lies about us" than to actually discuss, debate and explain why you feel it is a lie.

Like you and Brandon said, everything that people cite about Jeremy being homophobic are facts.

Ashley said...

Jocelynn, even Jacob was doing the same thing on twitter the other night when he was arguing with somebody who said the Roloffs were bad pet owners and listed all the things (wanting to shoot Rocky, cat tossing, locking Rocky in a room for 2 days and not noticing, etc), Jacob just called the person F***ing stupid, but did actually debate or prove that the person was saying anything that wasn't true? Of course not.

Rap541 said...

Yeah, funny how prancing on camera how you want your son to take the dog to the barn and blow his brains out is being a good pet owner.

Likewise - and I have cited this before - episodes where Matt loudly notes the dog had an eye problem for a year that they didn't take it to the vet for, Matt loudly and *proudly* noting how the dog was locked in a room for several days to where the dog noticably lost weight - that was a statement on his facebook - Zach hauling the dog by it's neck.....

hey Jake, people who don't take their dog to the vet and laught about locking in the closet to where it loses weight, and who openly want the dog to die by shot gun are yes, shitty pet owners.

That's before we get into the throwing the cat because two twenty year old mental infants have NO IDEA that throwing cats are wrong.

And hey... aren't there a load of photos of Jer-bear holding dead animals for photos?

Ashley said...

Rap, Jacob's defense to them being bad pet owners because they said they wanted to Jeremy to shoot Rocky in the barn was that they "only said it once" and "didn't actually do it" you're a F****** moron according to the great Jacob Roloff.

Rap541 said...

Yeah that's a nonsense reply, Ashley, and we both know it. Jake follows the family party line that anyone who disagrees is a hater. ANd gosh and golly, am I the only noticing how a twitter account managed to get a contestant on Masterchef in trouble?

I'll be honest... if it was just Matt blowing smoke on how he's a farmer and therefore he's a man who doesn't hold no truck with doing the hard job of killing the family pet... I'd possibly even agree that yes, it was Matt lying to get attention and draw attention to himself. Because that's who Matt is - a blowhard who knows if people call him on his loudmouthed pronouncements, he can hide behind the dwarf card, and insist he's the victim.

Hey Jake Baby, how about youy defned your dad saying the family locked the dog in a room in the house for several days until the dog lost weight? That's what your daddy said to brag to his facebook pals... was daddy lying?

How about that one time we saw Zach lift the dog by his next?

How about that one time you said the entire family forgot to feed the dog for a week?

How about that one time your daddy said the dog had a noticable eye problem but he didn't take the dog to the vet for close to a year?

How about that one time the show documented the dog coming in from outside *bleeding* and no one did anything?

How about your big bro watching his buddy throw the family?

I mean really, I won't lie. I'm not a huge pet person. I don't like the work involved in taking care of them. Thats why I *don't have pets*. The multiple instances I've cited are why I don't think the Roloffs are bad pet owners.

Peter said...

Jacob Roloff is an interesting case study.

He's more honest than the rest of his family and far more willing to buck the phony image. He often displays intelligence.

Yet Jacob seems utterly screwed up from spending his life being a reality tv star. He often seems like he has no understanding of right and wrong from real people. For example that throwing the family cat is not seen as all laughs and giggles or that blowing away the family dog is not the kind of thing that ever comes up in the 2000s.

"We only said it once" makes Jacob sound like

A) Moron
B) Pyscho
C) Going along with the family BS that they do nothing wrong