Thursday, May 5, 2011

TLC Ratings: A Low Point For Kate Plus Eight

This isn't really Roloff related, but people have been asking so we're passing this bit of news along.

The ratings for the most recent episode of Kate Plus Eight were absolutely dreadful. It had a rating of 0.681. The lowest rated single episode of Little People, Big World in recent memory (Season 5B)was 0.994.

How things have changed...back in the glory days, Jon and Kate Plus Eight was the highest rated show on TLC and LPBW was second as the lead-in show on TLC's Monday "Family Night". During the Gosselin divorce the episodes that aired at the height of the tabloid news coverage received a rating of over 10.

Though Little People, Big World has been cancelled, Zach Roloff did make a brief appearance this week on the USA network - WWE Tough Enough. Tough Enough drew a rating of 2.438 on Monday night


Christine said...

TLC needs a new creative team with fresh ideas.

BeckyM said...

Personally, I'll be glad when the public tires of "reality" television and television can return to some actual dramas and comedies instead cheap crap.

Though considering the angry comments (see CNN) about why our President had to interrupt Celebrity Apprentice to announce the news of Bin Laden's death, perhaps the American public will continue to venerate people like Khate Gosselin exploiting her 8 children.

Justin said...

It's proof how bad TLC has become.

WWE Tough Enough. A reality program that even most wrestling fans don't like gets 2.4...a higher rating than the FINALE of Little People Big World.

TLCs 'family shows' are too fake.

Anon6 said...

You can always count on TLC to use midgets to spice up their shows. The Learning Channel has become the Hillbilly Channel