Tuesday, May 24, 2011

An Update on the Roloffs / Little People, Big World Returning to TLC?

So because we exist for the fans, this will be a quick little update to our other item about this subject....if you haven't already, read our other item about this:

People have recently been noting that Matt and Amy have suddenly seemed rather quiet about more TLC shows lately considering Matt had been posting about it frequently for a few weeks -- even actually posting that he "thought they had already announced" that there would be more shows. Amy appeared to do a little bit of back tracking when addressing it in her latest coffee chat -- she referred to it as "remote discussions" after Matt had posted that he and Amy had worked out a tentative filming schedule and then went as far as to remark to an inquiring fan "I thought we already announced there would be more shows".

So people are asking what's happening?

Here's the latest (as in the last two weeks) that we were told from people connected to the show.

As usual, we have to totally contradict Matt's version. We don't set out to do that, that's just the way it often is...

Anyway, we are told that it was definitely Matt that approached TLC about doing more shows and not the other way around.

TLC's offer was the 4 or 5 special episodes we mentioned in our other article and the plan was to get it filmed, edited, produced and to air quickly.

The talk is that Matt was being....difficult in negotiations. Apparently, according to our sources, demanding to be paid similar to what they received for an entire season....but for only these 5 special episodes. The Roloffs were also wanting a vacation to be included. On the vacation, TLC might have been willing to do something less extravagant, but not on the grand scale like the Roloffs want.

Anyway, TLC was a no on the rather outrageous payment demands made by Matt....and that's basically where it stood. Matt approached them. TLC offered 4 or 5 specials. Matt wants close to a full season's pay. TLC didn't accept.....and there wasn't much since. So that's basically the update. A bit of a stalemate over money. Will Matt lower the Roloffs demands? Will TLC cave? Will it pass by? That remains to be seen...


Christine said...

Could the Roloffs be anymore greedy? Remember all those years Matt said it wasn't about money?????

Dana said...

Matt is a smart business man. He knows what the Roloffs are worth.

I would want Matt on my side if I was making a deal. He's a negotiator and knows how to get what he deserves.

TLC should pony up and bring back some Christian family content instead of some those shows without any family values.

Greg said...

They should tell him to take a hike...and not film it!!!!

Everything the Roloffs do travel wise they think should be filmed and given to them at no cost (yes Dallah, I understand trade outs, it is no cost to the Roloffs).

Jocelynn said...

I'm surprised TLC is even considering it in light of Jacob being kicked out of school.

I think it's sad that Matt and Amy aren't realizing that their high profile celebrity life is obviously not beneficial to Jacob.

Or Jeremy and Zach. Will they ever move on with their own lives? To think Amy used to say their lives weren't about television.

Jason said...

The only person that is more of a moocher than the Roloffs is Mueller.

Anne said...

As a Roloff fan, I take this as good news. TLC is obviously interested and I'm sure they'll find a deal that makes both parties happy.

Carol said...

Message to TLC, get some fresh programming.

What are they going to "update". Bull crap about Jacob reaching new heights of success by being kicked out from Faith Bible?

The new development? Jeremy playing with Mueller. Oh....not so new.

Maybe Jeremy can reclaim his Himbo status by walking around shirtless for no reason whatsoever.

There's always Matt's much talked about dirt project. Riveting tv that would be. Watch truck after truck dump dirt and big machines move it around.

David said...


That's probably why Matt is attempting to make it sound like Jacob is doing so great after being kicked out of school...

He needs to present everything like it's going smoothly.

Sooner or later you'd think TLC might start having some guilt over their role in disrupting this kid's life.

Justin said...

What is Matt's bargaining chip? Jeremy and Mueller will throw cats in an episode?

These people need to go away.

The show served a purpose for about 3 episodes. After that it became about a power money hungry family in search of their next freebie.

Expressed said...

I hope they do it and devote an entire episode to following Jeremy to a bar and unlike in Amsterdam, actually film him at night :)

Carolyn said...

Thanks. Like most things in life...it's about money, eh?

Rap541 said...

I had wondered what was up. I'm very curious to see what sort of backpedalling occurs.

My prediction is with Spiritswander, to be revealed ;)

Laura S said...

It'll happen eventually. Matt always gets what he wants for his family :)

Terry Knowles said...

People that are successful usually are described as difficult :)

Grace said...

Terrible, terrible parents. I don't care how Matt spins it. Jacob got kicked out of school. Something is wrong that caused it to happen. Doing more TV is not what he needs. It's not what the lazy twins need either.

According to Amy, it's not what Molly wants either. Leave her be, Matt and Amy.

David said...

I think Matt is trying to get TLC to shell out to film his 50th birthday. I think that's what that is really about.

Anonymous said...

If Matt's so successful, why is he approaching TLC to do more shows?

Ashley said...

I'm torn. I still watched the show at the end. It would be nice just out of habit to see some new shows.

But I know I would be disappointed. The show just wasn't real anymore. It's all either fake drama or fake PR things.

If they do another show TLC should insist on someone new being in charged instead of producer Chris.

Timothy said...

I assume Matt's "rolling in money" mantra from the dirt dumping deal is meant to show TLC that they don't need the money and won't settle for anything less than a home run.

I hope TLC gets some sense.

Seriously, they should wait as long as possible. Nothing of substance has really changed that is worth updating.

The only significant thing that has happened is Jacob being thrown out of school and it's debatable that they would be honest about that on the show.

Jeremy possibly moving for college doesn't count because it hasn't happened. Don't believe the Roloffs until it actually happens and then confirm it with someone whose last name isn't Roloff :)

Jackie said...

The Roloffs are terrible Jesus followers. Always chasing more money and greed. Always chasing free trips.

Followers of Jesus aren't supposed to worship money and luxuries.

DJ said...

TLC would be crazy. The Roloffs drastically over value themselves.

Matt thinks because he has 40 something thousand facebook followers that he's in a position of power. That's nothing. Cake Boss has over 2 million followers on facebook.

wendy said...

not for nothing but we are driving through Oregon and I thought it might be fun to actually be able to see the farm. till I saw the prices. $350 for a family of four to spend forty five minutes on a guided tour given by a family member. Totally ridiculous and had it been cheaper I would have done it but I thought the prices were outrageous to say the least. So dissappointed.

Rap541 said...

David, I'll take it a step further. I think Matt's Birthday Bash is something he announced to essentially set up a moment for filming at pumpkin season. Filming attracts customers after all.

And now Matt's looking at RV rentals? Thats a bit low brow for the Roloffs, isn't it? Gosh the Roloffs haven't rv'd since hmmmm. Makes you wonder how the negotiations are going. ;)

(not to mention, didn't it come out in the wash during the initial RV trip that Matt actually had a driver from TLC for most of that trip to hell?)

Chris Linton said...

Rap, on the plus side, another RV trip could be exciting.

Zach expands on his WWE experience with ZACH VS JACOB...The Rematch!

Can Jacob take Zach yet? I think so! Calling my bookie to place my bet!

Maybe the undercard could be Jeremy vs Mueller? Y'know Mueller will come too.

I'm pumped for it already! Make it happen Matt! Watch out Don King!

Shelby said...

Rap, what do you mean RV rentals are low brow for the Roloffs? The Roloffs like camping and that kind of stuff.

Rap541 said...

Shelby - I didn't see them RVing across Europe during their month vacation there. Or while in Hawaii, or the Bahamas, or the BVI's (twice there, both times on private boats), or on the luxary cruise to Haiti....

The RV trip on the show was one of the last trips that didn't have the Roloffs in luxary accomadations (and I am being conservative since I know the resort they stopped at in Sedona)....

Funny - I don't ever recall the Roloffs as a *family* pitching tents for a *lengthy* vacation...

Rap541 said...

Oh and Shelby - I think you'd agree, that renting an RV is certainly less high brow than jetsetting for what, a month? In Italy, France, Germany, Scotland, and Ireland - with special side trips for Matt and Jeremy since they can't be expected to waste their time with their family?

Or you know, cruising the caribbean in the world's largest floating hotel?

And this summer? They're maybe gonna rent an RV... that makes me question just how lucrative the dirt deal is ;)

Vic Rattlehead said...

For Matt to demand what I presume is mid six figures (and a luxury vacation) from TLC just for five "special episodes" shows just how off his tree matt really is.

To make demands like that and expect to get them for something as limited as five "reunion" episodes is insane, the show would have to have had exceptionally high ratings (2.5 isn't that high) an exceptionally good ad buy rate (sponsorship advertising) which by the way dried up for LPBW after the third season and be able to put buts in seats to watch the "new" eps (which they weren't exactly doing for the last season and a half).

This is more proof that Matt isn't a gifted business man but rather a cut rate con man who is too lazy to go and work for his money.

Vic Rattlehead said...

Hey Dana.

If you're so in love with "christian family values" and seeing christian families on TV that old con artist Marion "Pat" Robertson has a whole cable channel filled with nothing but sanctimonious christian bile and "family friendly tv" which consists of old reruns of everything from Leave It To Beaver to Growing Pains Family Ties and every other nonthreatening white's only family friendly sitcom of the 1980's.

Ten four trucker said...

Rap. I'm one of the truck drivers for Taylor Transport. Look us up. I deliver to the Roloff site everyday for the past 3 months. Believe me when I tell you, Matt is makings millions and millions off this dump site.

David said...

Rap, in fairness to Matt, I don't think the RV talk is an indication of the Roloffs not having the money for a more expensive vacation.

An RV trip sounds like a "TLC family friendly trip"...which means TLC is paying.

The RV trip isn't the best that the Roloffs can afford, it's perhaps the most that TLC is willing to give them.

To the Roloffs, a vacation is them relaxing while someone else foots the bill.

Christine said...

I doubt he's making "millions". If Matt was making millions off Intel, they would have bought the land themselves.

Ashley said...

Wait!!!! I'm just now putting it together! Duhhh!

"since I know the resort they stopped at in Sedona"

Rap said you live in Arizona.

Matt has twice said on his Facebook that he has a buddy in Arizona. I wondered why Matt added :))))) to that. I kept wondering what was so special that Matt would :))) about having a friend in Arizona.

Now I get it! It was a sarcastic joke.

When Matt talks about his "friend" in Arizona and grins about it, he is really meaning Rap541!!

Did everyone figure that out before I did? lol.

The one and only M said...

Greedy Roloffs!!

Rachel said...

I think TLC should wait until something big happens in the Roloffs lives. Doing it right now just makes the Roloffs look greedy and like fame whores.

Rap541 said...

Ten four - to be perfectly frank - yes I am pretty sure Matt makes a nice living off the dirt deal as he makes sure to constantly remind everyone that he doesn't need TLC's money.

Do I think he's making *millions*? On paper sure. I am positive that the dirt deal is a million dollar deal. Do I think Matt personally is making, after overhead costs and taxes, over a million dollars? Pocketing one million dollars in profit? Doubtful. Despite Matt's grandiose claims, this is not the first time a building has had to displace and remove dirt. I'm sure one can make a nice living off of it... But is Matt living as high on the hog as he was when TLC was footing the bill?

Again - when TLC was in play, the Roloffs went to resort hotels in Hawaii, luxary yachts and cruises in the Caribbean and all about Europe. To listen to Matt talk about the dirt deal, he wants us to believe he's making more money now. Ok. But his lifestyle - rv camping and pulling one of the kids out of private school, sounds more like downsizing.

Ashley yes, I've never hidden that I live in the Southwest and I have wondered that myself about his comments but who knows?

David, my only disagreement with you - because yes, it sounds like a TLC plotline - is that Matt's current facebook comments claim the rv trip is the private family trip.

David said...

Rap, yes I didn't see Matt's comment about the RV trip when I made my comment, but it's Matt...I don't believe anything he says regardless :)

The other thing I would point out in addition to your list about the dirt project's profit. Before this all started, Matt said he had a partner or partners that were buying land with him. That means someone else is getting a cut.

Cathy said...

Matt must be planning on coming down in demands because he's saying that some of their summer won't be filmed and some will. At least that's what he implied but you never know with Matt.

Erica said...

I just don't understand what the thrill is in watching these people vacation for the 832nd time?

Rap541 said...

David - I'm sure its not as simple as Matt getting a check for millions of dollars. Am I the only one who finds it amusing (and odd) that anonymous truckers seek out this blog to assure us that they know Matt Roloff, work for Matt Roloff, and Matt Roloff is making a MINT off their labor?

I mean, as I recall, Matt only respects people who are entrepenuers, any lifestyle where one is not creating and acting crazy down on the pumpkin iis a lifestyle where you are dull and just not living. You know, worker drones who will never make the kind of money Matt has.... yet this isn't the first time that anonymous working men who are nothing but drones that Matt orders about as lord of all he surveys comes to sing how wealthy Matt is.

Considering how people who don't make as much money as Matt deserve nothing but Matt's condescending scorn - since you know, they aren't living like Matt - I find these "God bless Matt for making a TON of money, I work for Matt although I won't share a name that could be tracked down and he is RAKING IT IN" a bit well... suspicious.

Put another way, I like my boss, but I have never really felt the need to defend their salary to anyone.... And I find it well... odd, frankly, that someone that works for Taylor Transport feels it necessary to defend a dumpsite contractor's earnings.

Joanne said...

TLC has the money and if they can continue to pay that gosselin witch, then why not the Roloffs? At least the Roloffs are likeable people.

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

I've listed all my personal info with Spirits, including location, employer, and any links Spirits can employ to get in touch with me. I've never believed in making comments on Spirits' blog without begin able to stand up for them. In all my work with truck drivers, some once, some for years of the same location, I'm surprised that a member of the transportation fraternity for any length of time would use such an infantile, over-simplified, and near demeaning handle as that. Spirits has my name and employer. What about Ten four trucker?

Ashley said...

Matt's post about things being wrapped in a big bow sounds like it could be related to this, but then again it could just be Matt teasing and misleading for the millionth time.

"Unfortunately...Mums the word? I'll share what I can.. when I can.. but things will be a bit different for next few months. lol... I say stuff like that just to drive the crazies wild. I'll share the real poop on here anyway."

I really lost respect for the Roloffs for the way they tease about everything.

I just got off a night shift, but if I'm still up or wake up in time for Amy's chat, I might try to voice my displeasure and how I don't think it's very nice.

Rap541 said...

Just pointing out again, Matt's need to talk "poop". Matt loves the scat!

Also will point out - Matt's judging people with his "crazies" comments and I am told repeatedly that judging is hating so Matt Fans? You all agree Matt is hating and needs to be chided for his public judging as judging is hating?

Or is this a "Matt is Christ! so shut up and accept Matt Christ Roloff's godlike judgement as the Word of The Lord Matt Christ!"?

Matt fans? Got anything to say? about matt being open about his disrespect?

Donna said...

Dana, IMO if you think the Roloffs have Christian family values then perhaps you need to
get a Bible and study the New Testament in-depth. I think they are probably the most hypocritical family on TV and have managed to make a mockery of the Christian faith. WWJD? Just about anything that the Roloff family wouldn't.

Debbie said...

Leave the Roloffs alone people. TLC has the money. Lets face it they make for better tv then Kate with her spoiled eight. Look how much the kids on the "Jersey Shore" make per episode! At least the Roloffs had some family values and morals. I could watch this show with my kids. I miss this family and would love to see them back.

Greg said...

@Debbie, Kate and her kids are spoiled but the Roloffs aren't?? I totally disagree with that.

The Roloffs and the Gosselins are very, very similar.

Right down to having kids that got expelled from school.

How can anyone even attempt to carve the argument that the Roloff kids are NOT spoiled?

Because their dad posts on his Facebook page that his kids are great? LOL!

Debbie, I suspect you're probably mainly a TV viewer that might mainly read Matt's Facebook, so I'll forgive the ignorance.

If you do your research (ie. read this blog) and know the real truth about the Roloffs, you can't honestly cite reasons why the Roloff kids aren't spoiled.

Aside from Zach working at a place where he's allowed to play soccer, none of the other Roloff kids have real jobs aside from Matt handing them money for minimal work that many parents would have demanded from their kids without payment.

Even Molly, who had been held up as the Good Roloff kid, by Roloff detractors showed her true colors on your You Tube video comments. She's another spoiled rich, arrogant kid that thinks no one can say anything she or her family does is wrong, while Molly, her brothers and friends call people cruel names and are blatant hypocrites.

Miss Molly is just another spoiled rich 18 year old with an expensive fancy car and no job that she worked to earn it.

I think Matt and Amy have realized their kids are spoiled rich and aren't prepared to cope in the real world and that's why they bought the farm next door, to provide a life long cocoon for their kids so they don't have to leave their version of Neverland because they didn't prepare them for real life.

Not a fan! said...

Dana Said "TLC should pony up and bring back some Christian family content instead of some those shows without any family values."

Yeah, TYPICAL Christian greed! It that part of the religion?? Money, money, money or I won't do anything for you?

BeckyM said...

Yeah TLC has such a good Christian value... breaking news is that one of their sub contractors who did editing and online editing of footage produced for their kiddie shows, just got arrested on SERIOUS child porn charges.

Although he wasn't connected to LPBW, this is part and parcel of TLC's big problem. They conduct NO background checks on their staff or contracted staff.

Perhaps this guy had no physical contact but he had hours and hours and hours of footage to mine. What do you think he was thinking when he put all that film together?

In Duggards book about her imprisonment she stated that her captor loved watching TLC for the kid-factor AND would cut out photos of the kids on those shows for his satisfaction.

You go right on TLC producing your kiddie porn and having people call it Christian Programming! There's always someone ready to buy that swamp land in Florida.

And there's always someone greedy enough to ho- their kids out to reality television.

To Not A Fan - modern day Christianity runs on money, not morals. I sincerely doubt heaven will be very crowded.

Justin said...

I don't know Becky, there are people like that employed in any business. I'm sure you work with someone that is doing something morally wrong in the privacy of their home on their computer.

The guy was just an editor that never had any contact with the kids.

As unpleasant as it is, does it really matter what he was thinking when he was doing his job?

There are gay production crew on LPBW. Now that Jeremy is 21, you know it's probably likely that one of those editors likes seeing all the footage of Jeremy strutting around shirtless. Does it really affect anyone?

This sounds to me more like a story with a headline meant to shock, than something that had any affect on anybody.

BeckyM said...

Do you know that a video of one of the older Gosselin twins, was on Youtube of her completely naked? It was never shown on their broadcasts, but yet appeared on Youtube (and was yanked off). Where did that filming come from?

Did you know that at one time the Gosselin house was set up with hidden cameras in the kids' bedrooms? Do you think that is okay?

Here's the reality of this situation - this guy had access to thousands of hours of filming of the Gosselin children. He has been arrested for distribution of films that contain minor children performing the sex act. You feel comfortable about that? Would you want your 6 or 8 year old child doing reality television? Are you ready to sign up knowing the following?

~ TLC has no set advocate or teacher for their underage child reality "talent", unlike child actors.

~ TLC does not have to limit it's filming hours. Matt has even stated this himself.

~ TLC does no background checks on it's crew who Khate called "daddies."

~ TLC does not pay it's Reality child talent and was forced by a court to do so for the
Gosselin children. There is no proof that the Roloff kids got a salary or trust fund BEFORE they turned 18. Personally, I think Matt just handed them some money and perks and told them to shut up about wanting more. JMO.

~ TLC does not film in the state of California. Why? Because California has laws in place they would have to abide by.

~ Notice that TLC continues to take their child talent out of the country so they can do what they want w/o scrutiny.

Reality television exploits children. PERIOD.

I guess I do think it's a big deal that a man who has been arrested in a kiddie porn sting was producing shows like the Duggars, the Gosselins etc... because this is a man who (as an independent contractor) had access to thousands of hours of filming that YOU did not see. Do you think the uncut version was less intrusive then the footage we HAVE seen which included naked children on toilets, in their baths, vomiting, being ill, and were left alone for HOURS with no adult supervision other then a cameraman??

And to put it this way - my kids are not reality stars. Their video is kept private and off Youtube, let alone with a 2 million viewership. To compare a private citizen to someone who has put themselves out there for the world to see is apples and oranges on the level of risk that child is being placed into.

Rap541 said...

Yeah, I was discussing this with someone recently. Matt's bragging that the family was working 300 days a year, with 16 hour days where there were two shifts of cameramen.... So for three hundred days out of the year, a nine year old, a twelve year old and two 16 year olds were on camera for 16 hours a day and only Matt and Amy were getting a pay check for that?

I must admit tho, I do understand Justin's point in that this sort of shocking revalation can occur anywhere. If this was a first offense for this guy, he'd even pass a background check.