Friday, June 10, 2011

Amy Roloff Coffee Chat Review June 10 - Amy Criticizes Jersey Shore, Housewives of ..., and Political Scandals

Just like old times when Little People, Big World was on, one of our Guest Reviewers -- Rap541 -- graciously offered to review/recap a Roloff show -- Amy's coffee chat summary. Amy was critical of reality shows such as Jersey Shore and Housewives of .... as well as some of the recent political scandals.

You can view Amy's coffee chat on the following link:


Written by Rap541

Spirit was busy so I offered to do a write up of Amy’s Coffee Chat.

As we start, Amy is being encouraged to be the next Oprah by her staff. She is all “I just want a show”. Her tone is totally different when talking with the staff. I mean, it goes from grumbles to pleasant like that. LIKE THAT. She starts with pitching her sites, and then jumps into Representative Weiner’s business. Apparently its just now occurring to Amy that things on the internet aren’t private and that everyone on the internet can have an opinion. This soon gets hilarious.

Amy seems very, very angry about the lies, and the skirting around things and I find myself thinking “Gosh Amy, is this really place you want to go? When is filming starting for new episodes since Matt thought he already announced new episodes?” I mean, good lord, talk about skirting around… Anyway she feels people with power are held to higher standard and should be role models. She keeps calling Weiner “Weiner Whiner” and says he should go. She then equates this to being a mom and its actually a bit of a confused mess as she says its wrong to manipulate kids to take sides. Heh. She seems shocked Schwarzseneggar was screwing around. I mean, really, who didn’t know that Arnold was a man whore? I imagine Amy was surprised that George Takei is gay.

This all goes into a jumble of things where Amy judges “Weiner Whiner” despite not knowing him. Don’t get me wrong, the guy is a public figure and when people are in the media, they need to have some awareness that they can’t just randomly sex text (“sext”) women and not be noticed. It’s like say, being on a reality show and leaving your Myspace setting to public and then saying a whole lotta racist things. You’re in the media, people are going to look you up and judge you by your public ramblings.

On the other hand, Amy is very much someone who getting on an awfully high horse considering the number of things her husband says. (I’m just saying, we never did see those interviews Matt says he did in the national media on the topic of celebrities and cyber bullying.)

Next she discusses watching 20/20 and how it was about reality shows. Apparently it was mostly about the Housewives franchise. Amy thinks that doesn’t represent how awesome reality shows are. AND IT WAS NOT SCRIPTED. She harps on that a lot. She does admit to being camera conscious and aware when the cameras are on… I‘d say her total change in tone at the start of the show is a huge sign of that.. Amy doesn’t seem to like Jersey Shore. She doesn’t want those young people to be role models. She cites these shows as crude and feels its wrong to reward people for crude behavior and says kids get the wrong idea when bad behavior is rewarded.

God, it’s hilarious coming from someone who has allowed her husband’s fan base to applaud her son being kicked out of school. Then she bitches about the Housewives. Apparently Amy would rather be poor than be on those shows. Gosh, am I getting a wee bit of a jealous vibe? Amy feels being arrogant and outlandish to tell a story is wrong. She notes that it “bubbles up” things in your life and suspects Jon and Kate imploded because of the show and that it brings up issues and exposes them…

Amy continues to insist the show LPBW was about educating and advocating, and facing challenges. Basically she feels her experience was great and those other shows are very, very wrong and outlandish with bad behavior. I strongly suspect that if Amy and her friends were offered a Real Housewives of Portland shot, she’d take it in a minute and justify it by noting how its all about promoting ACRF. (I’m not a huge Housewives fan but I do watch the New York version, and let me tell you, there’s a whole lotta charity work filmed. I sense the green eyed monster….)

Amy does like the Biggest Loser and Amazing Race. She also loves Undercover Boss, which I find hilarious because of how obviously scripted it is. Then she praises Extreme Home Makeover. She continues harping on how things are scripted but not really scripted but…. Basically she wiffles back and forth on the script issue.

Question - did it put a strain on your marriage? Amy is all “you bet!” She refers to weathering the storm and being on the other side. Amy is totally open to doing more reality tv as long as its meaningful. She has plans! We’ll see what happens!

Next - Amy needs a new car and ABC is doing a show on cars made in the USA. She plans to watch the show and see if the majority of the parts are made in the USA. She wants to buy a US made car. Yeah, sadly I don’t think that be easy.

Then she seems to wrap it up and then mentions her guest. She’s all about hearing about our plans for summer.

Then she hauls in Patrick Lamb. They chitchat about her jewelry. Patrick has won a Grammy, good for him. He loves Amy’s message of hope… They kiss each other’s asses for a few minutes on how awesome they are. Patrick is apparently releasing a new cd and he’s on coffee chat pitching it. He continues the joke that Amy will soon work for Harpo Entertainment. They talk about the music for a bit. Patrick apparently knows people in Japan and there’s sad talk about his friends there and how he held a benefit. The general theme is “Help Japan” and “A little bit still helps”.

They continue talking about Patrick, and how his grandma died recently. I honestly get bored and start skipping forward. Amy has burnt the crisp she was making. Then the tape starts skipping around… some sort of tech issue. I mean its been herky jerky the whole time and it grinds to a halt. Then it jumps and Amy is accepting a thingie of whipping cream from Jeremy for some reason. For the crisp? Patrick and Amy continue going on about the new cd, and in the background you can hear Jeremy talking with someone. Rocky appears to be on the couch in the background. Patrick sadly has no samples of his music. Amy then tongue bathes Patrick and declares how awesome awesome he is. This goes on for a bit. Then the tech issues really kick in and I wait a few minutes for it start again.

Amy was going to make whipped cream but decides to skip it. Now we have comments - everyone loves Patrick’s music. Then Amy and Patrick sing “You are my sunshine”.

Amy finally says the vacations will probably be close to home and they may go to Michigan and they will do college visits because Jeremy still has no place to live. She wants to see her parents…Amy wants to reconnect with the kids. She wants everyone to tell her what their plans are to regroup as a family. Then we get another check my face book pitch and they are thanking the jeweler as well. The pitching of the charity is near endless. Ironically, for all that Patrick’s website was mentioned as in “go check Patrick’s website”, I honestly did not ever catch the actual name of the site.


Brandon said...

Great job, Rap541!

Can you review all Amy's coffee chats? You're to the point, blunt.

No offense Spirits! But Spirits is less...biting. I like Rap's style :)

I gagged when she was talking about public figures being dumb for not realizing social networking sites on the internet isn't private....the Roloffs never think about their own past or behavior!

Tsk tsk tsk Amy. She is doing so much judging of people she doesn't know. Weiner (very mature to make fun of his name), Jersey Shore people, the Housewives...

I'm not shocked that Amy abandoned her "don't judge unless you know them personally" philosophy when it's about someone else and not herself or her family.

Rap541 said...

I gotta be honest Brandon, it was pretty dull. But I am not adverse to doing it again. Its just more um... irritating because the screen was slow and the sound kept stoppig and starting.

I do genuinely think Amy would do Real Housewives of Portland if it was offered.

Jocelynn said...

Well said, Rap. I thought many of the same things.

I also think Amy was jealous that 20-20 didn't talk about LPBW and that Jersey Shore is so popular.

Anne said...

I think Amy is right.

She was right about politicians in office. He lied. If he lies about that, what else is he lying about?

She is right about Jersey Shore. It's garbage. Little People Big World had a good message.

Greg said...

Lets see.

Amy is stunned that public figures do stupid things on the internet and then don't fess up and apologize.

Roloffs have blatantly lied. Roloffs have used racials slurs. Roloffs have used gay slurs. Roloffs have mocked gay people on the internet. Roloffs have posted pictures of them abusing animals. Roloffs and their friends have said terrible nasty things to fans on the internet.

Roloffs have not apologized for any of it. Instead her response is you can't judge us without knowing us personally.

Amy is such a hypocrite.

Timothy said...

LPBW was only positive (that's debatable, considering the last two seasons were all about portraying a divorce on the horizon) because the Roloffs were fake and had a producer that lacked professionalism and crossed the line in becoming personal friends with his subjects.

The slurs, the drinking, animal abuse, that's not very positive but because the show was fake and went for a Christian family image they hid all the nastiness and the real Roloffs.

Alicia said...

I agree with Amy about Jersey Shore. It's a bad example for kids.

Nancy said...

Amy's Mercedes is not functioning well?

Rap541 said...

She didn't specify whether it was the Mercedes, the SUV, or the classic restored truck. ;)

Sandie said...

Thanks, Rap, great review. About the content: man o man o man.... and just, wow. Hypocrisy is powerful; and this just confirms that Amy has no insight into her own psyche, as well as is so greedy and delusional. I'm embarassed I ever liked them. True reality is really going to bite her in the butt.

Christine said...

Great review Rap! Well said Sandie. I can't believe Amy's hypocrisy. Well actually I can believe but it's unbelievable that it never occurs to her that she's being a hypocrite.

David said...

Rap, very well dome.

Amy and her friends are making a pitch for Amy to get a show on Oprah's network.

Y'know something that has become very apparent about the Roloffs? All of them? They surround themselves with 'Yes men' individuals. The gushing praise. It's very clear that the people around Amy feel they need to glorify her to keep their place as Amy's friend. It's the same for Matt, Jeremy and Zach.

The way their friends and people around them talk to them is over the top 'you're so amazing'. Between that and their fans, it's easy to see why their egos are out of control.

Lynn C said...

How was Amy being a hypocrite? Because she thinks Jersey Shore is bad for society?

Susan Coles said...

@Amy and Friends - Oprah would probably do some research about the Roloffs before giving a Roloff a talk show. Oprah wouldn't agree with the Roloffs on the topic of racial or gay slurs.

Austin said...

Rap, thanks. I didn't watch much of it, but from what you said she talked about, you're right on the money.

It comes shining through over and over. The Roloffs are massive HYPOCRITES.

Little People, Big Hypocrites.

That's the only future Roloff show that would be any good. A TRUE and HONEST portrayal of how the Roloffs really are. But then it might be a lot more like Jersey Shore in terms of a lack of a positive message than Amy thinks.

Ashley said...

Rap, thanks for the recap. I agree with most of what you said about Amy and the other reality shows. She has a lot of negative opinion about people that aren't Roloffs, doesn't she?

I watched the part about summer vacations. She said they don't have much going on in terms of family summer vacations.

Isn't that kind of the opposite of what Matt implied? What about the RV trip?

Diane said...

I'll tell you something that I don't understand. Amy wants to take her kids back to Michigan to reconnect with her parents. She said "we".

She's taking the kids, at least some of them, but it sounds like all of them.

Then she gives the time frame (last week in July and tells Michiganders that they'll be in Mackinaw Island.

Whoa. Why? The kids are rude to fans. Matt said that he and Amy have raised the kids to not make eye contact with people because they don't want to need to deal with fans.

But then Amy reveals when and where they're going to be and more or less is inviting people to go there and meet them. That's kind of setting people up so they can call people rude.

Terry Knowles said...

@Diane, Amy said on her Facebook fanpage that she doesn't mind if fans come over to say hello and talk.

There was a woman that saw Amy in the resort lobby when Amy went away for her last speaking engagement. The lady waved, but didn't approach Amy because she didn't want to bother Amy.

Other people asked Amy what she would prefer the woman to have done? Would she have minded if the lady came over and talked to Amy or is she glad she only waved?

Amy said she doesn't mind if people come over and talk to her. She added that a lot of the times that she's travelling, she is with the people that are organizing her event. If she is with them, she feels obligated to give them her time because they are the ones that brought her there, but she would let the person know if it wasn't a good time to talk.

According to Amy, she doesn't mind if fans approach her. Thus, it's not surprising she would tell Michiganders when they'll be there.

Diane said...

Terry, I think Amy answered like that because she was being asked on her FAN page, being read by FANS.

I'm also talking about the kids. They have a history of being disrespectful towards fans. The Roloff kids (Jer and Zach 21) and their friends call fans that ask for pictures dumb idiots and creeps.

If one of the kids complained, I could see Amy very quickly turning and ranting about how people ruined their vacation. The Roloffs have no memory of their own words and actions! That's obvious by the rest of the coffee chat that Rap highlighted.

Z to the Zee said...

Diane made a good point. Beware people if you're asking the Roloffs for pictures, especially if you have kids.

You want to know what Jeremy, Mueller and Zach do? They'll also take a picture of the fan or get the picture and then caption it making a nasty comment about the smiling fan. Then they crack themselves up laughing at the fan. They did that recently to a young girl that didn't look more than 14.

Beware if you're taking pictures with the Roloffs that's what they sometimes do. I hope she doesn't ever find out what they did.

BeckyM said...

Why she mentioned Weiner is to make her show relevant. I've noticed a trend that whatever is making the rounds on the Internet on top searches is suddenly on every talk show and news outlet - even though they were ignoring it before.

Example, Alamo Drafthouse PSA commercials that feature a R-rated rant by a customer who was thrown out of the movie theatre due to texting, was a hot video search about 5 days ago. Today it is a featured news item on

When "surprised kitty" was a hot video, suddenly it's on a kitty litter commercial. It's all about riding the wave of what people are currently interested in seeing and hearing about.

By ranting on Weiner, Amy wants to connect up the current popularity of what is being discussed. It's not about really caring or even having some sort of impact upon Weiner (i.e. a political show would have a right and duty to comment for example or is in his area of the country and can influence voting).

Whatever Amy - you continue to bore. Are you still miffed that fellow fame-ho Kate Gosselin got more from TLC? Seems to be.

Erin F said...

Rap, I thought that too about Amy's words about rewarding bad behavior and setting a poor example for kids.

Wake up Amy! You and your husband happily accept praise for being great parents and sat by while Matt's Facebook fans congratulated Jacob for being kicked out of school.

That's not rewarding bad behavior? That's not setting a bad example for all kids?

Rap541 said...

Lynn - I'll take your question.

Because she's judging "Weiner Whiner" for comments he made on line that while made in a public arena, were probaby intended to be private.

This is in fact incrediby similar to how precious Jeremy was caught calling Mexico a racist name, and using the n-word in the pejorative sense. Both were public figures. Jeremy was a minor but his parents (Matt) was emailed by a fan as early as 2006 about the content of Jeremy's myspace- and the parents did nothing and then have whined and whined about haters stalking the kids and raising up something that shouldn't even, in their minds, be an issue since they've told the public to shut up about it.

Yet here Amy is, digging at some idiot for their idiotic comments on line... but if we bring up her idiot son doing the same thing, she'll be pointing the finger with "WHATS WRONG IN YOUR LIFE THAT YOU NEED TO JUDGE US?? DO YOU KNOW ME??"

Well, Amy dear, whats wrong in your life that you feel the need to record a video bitching out someone else over their personal failures? Oh right... Rep. Weiner is a public figure so Amy has the right...

But when its a Roloff - wasn't Amy proudly ranting how she had one of the longest running reality shows and should have been chosen to hand out an Emmy due to her fame - well, people having their say over public figures is judging and Roloffs always say judging is hating, you poopy face hater!

Lynn - do you see the hypocrisy now?

If Amy seriously wants to pursue a talk show, she'll need to get a thicker skin.

*On an aside, one of the Bravo Housewife's kids was recently tossed out of school for an incident similar to Jeremy's little misstep on the internet. I'm curious what Amy thinks of that.

Lynn C said...

Rap, Amy said Weiner is more than a public figure, he is a politician and should be held to a higher standard.

Rap541 said...

Lynn - so people proclaiming themselves to be good role models on reality shows "advocating" and "educating" aren't to be held to a similar standard?

I'm not the one who proclaimed that purpose for LPBW, Amy is. That's what makes it so laughable.

Carol said...

Rap is completely correct. Good job by the way.

Hypocrisy and arrogance all on display in this coffee chat.

DJ said...

Rap, I missed your reviews. Awesome!

Grace said...

I can't believe that I used to like and admire Amy.

She has totally changed. Fame went to her head. Her arrogance and lack of awareness for her own actions is not very attractive.

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

I'm beginning to wonder if Amy is getting a bit tired of taking time during her coffee chats to defend/clarify the public statements made by Matt ie: the filming of specials, Jacob's schooling etc.
I haven't researched it, but I cannot see a "united front" here at all. Perhaps, she could sit down and learn about "spin" in the public eye. There's a undisputed (to me) master very close by. In reading Rap's review and watching the video, she has much to learn.
I'd like to be a fly on the wall for the hypocrisy lessons with the "spin master". EEK. Maybe not.

Kayla said...

Am I the only one that sees the problem with Amy saying LPBW is about educating and awareness when reportedly, the hold up with the LPBW is the Roloffs outrageous demands about money.

I think Amy is jealous that Jersey Shore and the Housewives are more popular thus make more money.

Raya said...

The Roloffs lost touch with reality.

The Chosen One said...

For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil. Some people, eager for money, have wandered from the faith and pierced themselves with many griefs.

1 Timothy 6:10