Thursday, June 23, 2011

Jeremy and Zach Roloff Friend Arrested For Allegedly Posing As Doctor

This isn't really about the Roloffs, but this is too bizarre of a story not to at least mention in passing.

One of Jeremy and Zach's friends that they've known for many years and that friends tell us they've 'hung out' with as recently as earlier this year, was arrested for allegedly posing as a doctor.

He was also arrested in May and charged with negotiating a bad check. He was actually arrested for that on the Roloff twins 21st birthday -- people had alerted us that one of their friends was arrested the night of their big 21st birthday bash party (yes there was more to the twins 21st birthday than a family dinner with mom) -- but we didn't pass that along because it was unrelated to the Roloffs party and he isn't one of the friends that fans know from the Little People, Big World unlike Jacob Mueller, Dan Meichtry, Scott LeSage, Jen Montzingo or Marty Klebba.

However this is rather bizarre and in the news, so for people in Oregon you might find it interesting when watching the news to know that the man accused of this is actually a friend of Jeremy and Zach Roloff.


Ashley said...

Wow. Yeah, I don't think Jeremy's friends are as wholesome as he writes they are in Roloff books!

Brandon said...

Hey Matt, instead of acting like crazy fans are burglarizing your home (like they've said to justify suing the Washington County inspector) maybe you should pay more attention to Jer Bear's friends that he brings home?

Dana said...

The Roloffs know many people. I think we should just pray that he finds Jesus.

While others go off track, Jeremy is on track with his eyes focused on Christ.

Greg said...

He is a fraud just like the Roloffs?

They sell their beaver cleaver image with Matt's silly Facebook posts and Jeremy's lies in the Big Values book about how he and all his friends were good wholesome Christian kids.

Yet he had a friend that died in circumstances that sounded similar to drug and alcohol problems (as said by his friends) and now a friend that has a history of being arrested?

Keep on selling your wholesome image Matt and Jeremy and conceal the truth.

Shelby said...

That's terrible! Why would someone tell somebody to stop taking medication if they weren't a doctor at all???? Sounds evil.

BeckyM said...

Wow. Easier access to drugs if you are posing as a doctor. Pain meds are great for street sales.

Sounds like a winning friend on par with Mueller and all the other pranksters... funny how the law starts catching up with you after you turn 21.

Timothy said...

Becky, I was going to say the same thing. Notice that the story describes him as a "21 year old man". Not a "boy" like Jeremy and his friends are often described as.

samanthastarns said...

Classy, buddy. I wonder why people lie? History shows you almost ALWAYS get caught and get in huge trouble for it. Also, wouldn't your conscience tear at you until it destroyed you? But maybe that's just me and few other people in this world. Anyway, real classy, Luke. I wonder if Jeremy secretly admires this guy's cleverness.

Mark said...

Lifetime Television For Women loves stories like this. They may make a movie from it.