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Jeremy Roloff's best friend Jacob Mueller

We've decided to try out a new feature on the site -- a weekly guest column -- an opinion piece on some subject related to Little People, Big World and the Roloff family.

Regular visitor and one of our guest reviewers Rap541 from Arizona has graciously agreed to try it out and muse about different subjects. We'll call it Rap's Roundtable :)

The purpose is to elaborate on a subject and open up discussion on topics where there might not otherwise be a place for people to express their opinions.

The opinion piece will be Rap's opinion, but you are welcome to express your own opinion on the topic (emphasis on "express your own opinion" that does not mean 'Rap you suck!' it means 'I disagree/agree. I feel the way I do because...')

If you are interested in elaborating on a subject regarding the Roloffs or LPBW and would like a column featured, email at to discuss.

Rap's first subject is going to be Jacob Mueller. However, before I turn it over to Rap, I wanted to give people an overview on Jacob Mueller for people that might not follow Roloff happenings as closely as others. One of the purposes and goals of the Spiritswander: Keeping Up With the Roloffs site is to fill people in so when you hear people allude to things, you'll at least know why people are referring to certain things.

So here is our report on Jacob Mueller.

(This rather long introduction to Rap's weekly item will not be typical! What started as a brief introduction about Jacob Mueller so fans unfamiliar with some of the stories Rap referenced turned into the definitive article about Mueller. We thought about posting Rap's column about Mueller separately but don't want to have two items about Mueller going at the same time. )

Jacob Mueller is by far the most well known and most controversial figure out of the friends from Hillsboro that have appeared on Little People, Big World. Although he was rarely, if ever, the central figure in LPBW scenes, he has appeared in most of the episodes -- some would argue that he was actually seen on screen more than Molly because of how frequently he was seen hanging out with Jeremy and Zach.

Jacob Roloff is said to idolize Jacob Mueller, whom he considers
to be really cool (along with Jeremy). Most of Jake's interests
are determined by what Mueller and Jeremy like or think is cool

Although 'Mueller' is friends with Zach, and Jake Roloff is said to idolize the 'cool'Mueller, he is known for being Jeremy Roloffs best friend. Always together, never apart. BFFs for life. 'Amy's 5th kid'. It's almost impossible to overstate the closeness and frequency of the Jeremy and Mueller friendship. Viewers of LPBW heard Jeremy give a special and emotional 'thank you' to Mueller at his high school graduation. Viewers might recall Jeremy lamenting that Zach and not Mueller was accompanying him on the European vacation or Zach referencing how odd it was on a drive back from a camping trip that Jeremy rode in the same vehicle as Zach because usually Jeremy and Mueller are always together. Mueller went on the TLC vacation to the BVI's with Jeremy, Jake and Matt. Mueller was on the Roloff TLC vacation to Michigan and the American Queen River Boat through Mississippi with the Roloffs. He's set to join the Jeremy and the Roloffs this summer on their vacations. This will include the upcoming LPA conference in Anaheim (the beginning of July), of the last 4 LPA conferences Jeremy has attended -- Mueller will have been with him 3 out of the 4 (Seattle, Detroit and Anaheim -- Jeremy didn't go to the New York LPA conference in '09 so Mueller didn't go either - only Zach and Amy attended in NY).

Seen here with Jen Montzingo and Zach in Detroit at the '08 LPA
convention, Mueller usually attends the Little People of America
conventions with Jeremy

As a general rule, if Jeremy is doing something or going somewhere, you can probably be safe to say that there is about a 95% chance that Mueller will be with Jeremy.

And that's how it really is. If you thought they might start to drift apart since high would be wrong. Friends say they spend more time together than ever before. For as much as Matt has been giving the impression through his Facebook posts that Jeremy is working like a dog on the 'dirt deal' (Matt often says they work from 5:30am to 6pm)-- friends report that Jeremy and Mueller go on 'adventures' almost everyday. Sometimes with Zach and other friends, sometimes just the two of them, sometimes with 'babes' as they call them. Jeremy and Mueller have several different girls that join them on these 'adventures'.

Jacob Mueller and Jeremy Roloff often go on hikes together throughout the state of Oregon and sometimes Washington. Mueller posted this video on You Tube.

Now we'll get into some of the rumblings about Mueller. These are things that have all been said by friends of Mueller, people that know him. Keep in mind, everyone has an opinion and opinions differ. We're sharing it because that's one of the points of the site. To let people know the buzz, what really gets said. You can decided for yourself whether you agree or not -- we just relay it to give people a better idea.

Over the years, some friends have often alluded to Mueller having a rough upbringing or that he didn't have the best home life. Close friends are reluctant to get into specifics. Other friends familiar with the whole crowd say that's just dramatic talk and his home life was not that rough. They say that some of the friends just say/think that because Mueller's family wasn't *quite* as wealthy as most of the Roloff circle of friends and the Faith Bible crowd.

As mentioned above, people close to the Roloffs say that in addition to Jeremy of course, Jake (so many "Jacob's" and "Jake's" that we'll call the youngest Roloff - Jake) Roloff idolizes Mueller as a cool hero figure. To that end, Jake and Mueller are said have spent/are spending more time palling around together this year than ever before. Apparently much to Jake's excitement -- Mueller has welcomed Jake as an official member of the 'DBU' the little club name for Jeremy and Mueller's group of friends. Mueller has apparently anointed Jake as the future leader of the DBU legacy. Of course, part of the increased Mueller and Jake time is just because Mueller is always at the Roloffs with Jeremy and Zach. However, because Jake Roloff does idolize Mueller -- you might sometimes hear people say that Mueller is a 'bad influence' and wonder what all that is about.

Part of that talk is about school and grades. As most people know (if you were not dizzy from Matt's spinning of the situation), Jake Roloff was expelled from Faith Bible and had poor grades. Some people note that he's following in Mueller's footsteps (although Jeremy and Zach had poor grades throughout school too as LPBW viewers are aware). In addition to the school issue, people do say Jake is now talking in the same odd language as Mueller and Jeremy and starting to pose in the same type of photos with the same goofy expressions that Jeremy and Mueller have made infamous.

As LPBW viewers know, Mueller was not able to graduate with Jeremy and the rest of his Faith Bible class and was scheduled to go to summer school in order to gain enough credits to graduate. Did you wonder how that came about? Here is what has been reported about Mueller's own schooling history.

Originally, Mueller was attending Faith Bible. During high school, reportedly due to cost, his parents took him out of Faith and Mueller went to a public school. According to friends, Mueller didn't like it and wanted to be back with Jeremy and the DBU at Faith Bible. Mueller began skipping a lot of classes at public school which led to failure and missed credits. Friends have said that some of the parents friends and people associated with the school donated some money in order for Mueller to return to Faith Bible High School where he was reunited with Jeremy and the DBU. Mueller was there for Senior year. However, according to friends, because he had skipped so much during his time at public school, he didn't have enough credits to graduate in June with the rest of his classmates, thus needed summer school.

Friends say Jacob Mueller has spent more time
with Jacob Roloff than ever before. Some have
noticed that Jake is emulating Mueller in many
different ways: clothing, goofy expressions in
pictures, language and school troubles

So some people take Jake Roloff becoming increasing influenced by Mueller who thinks he is so cool and then reference Mueller's own attitude and history of failing in school and they deem Mueller as a negative influence on Jake Roloff. For Matt and Amy's part, they are just delighted that their kids have such good life long friends and are happy when Jake is happy when hanging around Mueller and Jeremy.

Religiously, Mueller is a Christian. Just like Jeremy, Mueller is fond of Bible quotes, the Solid Rock/John Mark Comer church and praises Jesus. You might recall a story that some chalk up to Mueller and Jeremy's tendency to exaggerate of how they were on their bicycles, a van came around a corner at a high rate of speed. Mueller concluded that the van driver must have been high on drugs and that the van should have skidded, flipped and landed on the pair -- surely killing them. However, the van did not flip and the two were uninjured. Mueller believed it was because Jesus was looking for their safety and well-being.

Jacob Mueller is usually heavily involved in all of the different
controversies involving Jeremy including throwing the cat
towards the ceiling while Jeremy snapped pics of "flying Mo"

We can't do an item on Mueller without referencing his reputation because of the internet. Any of the various scandals and controversies Jeremy has gotten himself into, Mueller is involved also. The racist/homophobic slur/language scandal -- Mueller had many of the comments with Jeremy. Mueller's use of slurs were arguably more plentiful than even Jeremy's frequent use. Mueller was also directly involved in viciously insulting fans on the internet . References to other -- 'unwholesome' activities -- Mueller is involved. The cat tossing and other stories of animal abuse that make animal lovers cringe all not only consist of Jeremy, but Mueller too.

Mueller and Jeremy do most things together
including killing birds and posing for pictures
with the dead carcasses

Jeremy admiring blowing a bird's brains
out -- literally

Mueller's reputation as being nasty towards LPBW fans is one the most frequent things said about him. There was a famous internet story (complete with screen captures as proof) of Mueller sending messages to one of Jeremy's most adoring fans demeaning her and calling her vulgar names. The story garnered much attention at the time. Some of the friends called the girl a "b*tch (she was an adoring fan) other Jeremy friends called her a loser that should kill herself because she must have no friends. Disgusted fans wrote Peggy Roloff, whom at the time was touring the United States and Canada as a Christian speaker spreading the message of Christ to tell her of the nastiness from Jeremy, Mueller and friends. Peggy apologized on their behalf and said she was going to speak to them.

Cyber-bullies? Concerned fans wrote Peggy Roloff after it became known that
Mueller and other friends of Jeremy's were sending mean-spirited
messages laced with insults to adoring fans of the Roloffs. Peggy
apologized on behalf of Mueller, the friends and Jeremy.

In the aftermath of those stories, friends have been asked about Mueller with fans and friends have been quite blunt stating that Mueller always hated the fans and that kind of thing was typical of what Mueller thinks of LPBW/Roloff fans. Even to this day, friends are still admitting that Mueller ridicules and mocks fans with the Roloff kids and their other friends. The most recent story was involving a 13 or 14 year old girl, an excited LPBW fan that saw Zach with Mueller when they were on an outing in Portland. The excited fan girl -- God forbid... apparently said she was a fan of the show, loved the Roloffs and asked Zach for a picture. He obliged. Mueller snapped his own photo of the moment. Mueller then reportedly posted the picture and labelled the excited young girl as the "creeper". So that's Mueller's reputation with the fans. It is true that other friends admit that does sum up Mueller's attitude towards fans and how Mueller, Jeremy, etc. talk about the fans. The one caveat said about Mueller regarding fans depends on how pretty the girl is -- a "hot babe" -- Mueller might turn on the charm.

There have long been rumors about Jeremy and Mueller's 'unwholesome activities' -- some long time followers might recall Jeremy being caught telling friends that he was bringing the "drink" and Mueller would bring the "stuff". It might surprise you, but that kind of talk still goes on. We can confirm the reports a few months ago that Jeremy and Mueller still have conversations where they do an awful lot of referencing to certain activities -- I have to admit for two guys that both say they are living for Jesus their conversations topics are not what you'd expect from two people that constantly stress that they are living for Christ -- and that accounts for some of the public opinion of Mueller's (and Jeremy's) reputation.

There's been lots of speculation -- and quite frankly friends flat
out stating it - about some of Jeremy and Mueller's habits regarding
certain substances. Some skeptical fans wondered the 'why' when
Amy reported that 'the boys' were very nervous when the cops
showed up unexpectedly on this camping trip after investigating
their parked vehicle.

Also, as many people have noted in the last year or two, Mueller (and Jeremy -- as is the theme of this item -- pretty much anything Mueller is involved in, so is Jeremy and vice-versa) have transformed from being 'skinny' to rather muscular and toned. Although there is speculation (and concern) for just how they are achieving that, friends say Mueller is very into legal muscle supplements. A few months ago they say Mueller was investigating using a supplement that has been referred to by the bodybuilding community as "The liver killer".

There has been a substantial change in the physiques of both
Mueller and Jeremy since senior year. Friends say they are into
working out and muscle supplements

Mueller more recently

It should be noted, that while friends do confirm those things and some admit that Mueller does say things that would offend some people, they say he's very funny guy and a great friend.

One of the most famous things Jacob Mueller is known for on the internet is the rather outrageous pictures Mueller and Jeremy have posed in (a few of those many collection of photos are scattered through this item).

Jeremy and Mueller often wear matching outfits -- pictured
above in homemade 'DBU mission' shirts.

We wouldn't be doing our job in this item about the buzz about Jacob Mueller if we didn't at least mention this part. Due to all the rather flamboyant affectionate pictures Jeremy and Mueller have appeared in and because of the closeness of their relationship - always together -- yes some people do speculate and wonder if Jeremy and Mueller are gay. "Are Jeremy Roloff and Jacob Mueller gay?" is a common search term.

Friends of Mueller and Jeremy have actually said that the two have told them stories about clerks in clothing stores, mistakenly, not as an insult (although Jeremy and Mueller were very offended) thought they were "together" or a "couple". Jeremy and Mueller said they scoffed at the clerk's stupidity and got a good laugh out of it.

Mueller and Jeremy are known for posing for attention-getting
photos. Some find the photos ridiculously funny, some think it's their form of mocking gay people, others are utterly confused about what the two are conveying with these types of pics.

There will always be speculation about things like that about public figures, most of it stems from the amount of time Jeremy and Mueller spend together -- there are best friends - then there are Jeremy and Mueller. However, friends say that it is absolutely not true. That neither of them are gay. They pose like that to be funny. They both have rather unaccepting views of gay people -- I think it's been well stated on our site about the teachings of their church that they both love (advocating that gays should pray to God to be cured of their perversion). Also, both Jeremy and Mueller do have throngs of pretty girls that they spend time with often and join them on their 'adventures'.

Mueller and Jeremy (also with Zach here) are often joined by several girls

Jacob Mueller passed a fire-fighting course last summer
and worked for a few weeks in Eastern Oregon

Mueller was attending PCC with Jeremy, Zach and many other of their friends. He has worked several part time jobs that apparently change quite regularly. He worked at Rite Aid for a while and at a gym. He often works with Jeremy for Matt (are you beginning to see a trend?). One of the most independent things Mueller has done to separate himself from Jeremy, was last summer he took up fire-fighting -- sort of. Friends report that Mueller did the training and passed. He was called -- but at the time he was having problems with his teeth so he declined. When he was read,y he headed to Eastern Oregon basically camping out in the country waiting for fires to break out and awaiting his call. The waiting went on for most of the summer so he would invite friends to come down and hang out with him and they did fun things like cliff jumping.

While waiting to be called to fight fires, Mueller
spent most of the 2010 summer entertaining visiting
friends like Jeremy and Zach by cliff jumping

When Jeremy returned from his Oasis of the Seas cruise and the Nashville LPA conference, Jeremy visited Mueller a few times. Zach and Molly made one trip (we're told Jake Roloff was mad at Amy because she wouldn't let Jake join Jeremy, Zach and Molly to visit Mueller)

Known for their over-the-top dramatic embraces on LPBW,
Mueller and Jeremy were happy to re-unite when Jeremy visited
Mueller in Eastern Oregon in the summer of 2010 after most of
last summer apart. One summer apart was enough as this summer
Mueller is set to join Jeremy and the Roloffs on their summer vacation
plans that kick off this week.

So that is pretty much all the buzz about Jacob Mueller.

By the way, we do extend an invitation to Jacob Mueller to have his opinion heard about any of these topics that people discuss about him. If he wants to say anything about these issues -- confirm, deny, stand-by, apologize, refute, explain -- whatever he wants to say to have his side known we will certainly be happy to give him that venue to say what he wants and to express himself without any censorship.

Now we turn it over to guest columnist Rap to discuss Jacob Mueller. All of the following opinions are that of Rap's.

Written By Guest Columnist: Rap541

Spirit had the idea of doing a column on various interesting things about the Roloffs. Now I am always willing to natter on about things, and I may occasionally play the devil’s advocate here. The idea is to promote discussion.

So let’s talk. In particular, let’s talk about one Jacob Mueller. It might surprise many of you to know that Mueller is one of the people in the sordid play that is Little People Big World, that I sometimes feel sorry for. Sure, he’s clearly got a nasty attitude toward fans, and sure he’s a bit of a dumbass…. But… I can’t help but feel some pity for him.

Pity? Yup. Mueller is a hanger-on. Sure he’s gotten some free trips out of the deal and always has a place to crash, but life as the extra Roloff son who isn’t as rosy as we might think. If Mueller ever steps out of line, he will be *cut out*. Mueller might be in a ton of episodes but guess who never got a red cent for being on tv? Guess who will never be signed on to make one red cent? Rumor has it Matt Roloff is very much like Kate Gosselin, when people appearing on the show start asking to be paid… they are never seen again. Ever wonder what happened to seeing Pop and Honey? Yeah, I imagine Mueller knows damn well that he wouldn’t be welcome in the home or on any more vacations if he ever dared suggest he be allowed to get on the gravy train.

I also occasionally feel bad for him because, not only can he never get a paycheck, unlike pal Jeremy, he also can’t be friends with Jeremy unless he accepts the crap edit. Mueller is the dumbass sidekick, forever the dumbass sidekick. Good lord, no one had to mention on tv that he didn’t graduate, but since Jeremy did need to mention it, really, who was there to say “hey, this might be a little embarrassing to the kid we’re not even paying to be on this show”? Who was looking out for Mueller and the other buds? TLC?

No, TLC probably delighted in it. Mueller’s never seen parents? Somehow I suspect the threat was “don’t want to be filmed, then don’t come over, and if you do come over, you get no say” and isn’t that a choice to give teenagers?

Plus lets face it, whatever dumbass things Jeremy and Mueller do together, once it’s finally made clear that there’s no arguing that throwing cats and being racist is wrong, who gets the “bad influence” talk? Jeremy? The kid with the money and the permissive parents who maintain a party house for all the white kids to come to play at? Or Mueller? And when and if Jeremy ever leaves home, are the Roloffs saying “hey maybe it’s inappropriate for a 20 year old to play with a 14 year old?” And if something bad happens then who will get the blame?

Matt and Amy for their continued terrible parenting choices? Jake for his own bad behavior? Or Mueller for being the bad influence and the only not Roloff to point fingers at?

I hope Mueller has someone in his life who has the concern for him to point out that mooching for a living isn’t much of a life, and that he’s going to be thrown to the wolves by the Roloffs as soon as he steps out of line. Am I being soft on Mueller? A bit - I know plenty of people who will point to his nasty comments and his much rumored activities and say “Mueller isn’t a victim” or that he actually gets a pretty positive edit - and yeah, that’s true, for now. Right now, Mueller is towing the Roloff line. But what are the Roloffs really doing for Mueller? Sure, he gets to mooch off them, and hang around Jeremy and pretend to be a Lost Boy to Jeremy’s Peter Pan… But has Mueller ever held a job for longer than six months? Does he still go to school? Does anyone in the Roloff family really give a damn what happens to Mueller as long as he continues to be Jeremy’s and soon, Jake’s almost live in playmate? Do Matt and Amy have any real concern for what happens to Mueller?

For that matter, aren’t Matt and Amy bothered that people seriously discuss Jeremy leaving home in terms of what Jeremy will do without Mueller? Can Jeremy leave home for an extended period of time without needing Mueller? What’s up with that? I mean, part of raising your kids is raising them to not have dependency issues… do the Roloffs ever stop and consider just how creepy this whole relationship is? I mean, one of my thoughts on Jeremy’s ability to be successful at Brooks, is whether or not he can actually manage to not have his co-dependant best bud on hand.

Mind you, as long as Mueller knows his place, I think he has a few more years of mooching before he’ll need to grow up. But make no mistake, he’s only “in” as long as he knows his place.


Kelly H said...

Mueller is hot! Really hot! Hotter than Jeremy.

Greg said...

Rap, I totally disagree. Mueller is a jerk. One free trip to the BVI's was way too much mooching. Hell, one free Rockstar hat was too many freebies.

Cheryl said...

Animal abuse is disgusting. I can't believe I ever liked Jeremy.

People like hanging out with like minded people because it's comfortable to not be challenged to be better.

Rap541 said...

Greg - I understand your point. I'm merely pointing out that when and if there's ever serious trouble, the Roloffs will hang Mueller out to dry to protect the family. Mueller comes off a bit dumb so he may not realize it... I hope someome in his family points it out to him.

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

Spirits, Rap, thank you for all your work. I'm wondering if Spirits will take up the suggestion to seek an interview with Mr. and Mrs. Mueller. The statements of the tough childhood and home life are pretty damning and derogatory to what very well may be be a good and loving parental couple.

On another subject (sorry, Rap!) could the next column cover the relationship between Pop and Honey, and Matt and Amy? Ron's disgust at Matt's micro managing of himself and everyone else could be a factor. Honey's dismissal as the farm's Certified Greeter and Hug-ologist by Becky during pumpkin season could be another factor.

Did they actually ask for money to be on the show? They made a cameo appearance for Molly's 16th b-day. The only other thing I can think of, is they visit on Saturday and Sunday, when there is no filming going on. We've certainly seen NO filmed visits to Pop and Honey's house for a season or three! Is it worth looking into?

Mueller's influence on Jake concerns me. Jake is going through the years where he soaks up everything like a sponge. Consider bloogers, the difference in influence between Mike Detjen (RIP), and Mueller, on Jake. This is a path I'm fearful of.

Jocelynn said...

Great work as always Spirits. Thank you.

Rap, you were nicer to Mueller than I would have been and I consider myself a fair-minded person.

I think Mueller is a bully. Interesting about the rumors about his home life but I don't consider that an excuse to act like a jerk.

Podge, great point about the Jake influence of Mueller vs Mike Detjen.

Rap541 said...

Jocelynn _ honestly I was trying pretty hard to be fair. Mueller has done any number of things I don't approve of... but you know, I wouldn't know about those dumb things if the Roloffs weren't exploiting him as Jeremy's playmate.

Spiritswander said...

Podge/Rodge groupie

Thanks for your input. Anyone associated with the Roloffs/LPBW is welcome to contact us if they have something they want to contribute.

I think calling the Muellers at home would be going a little far. I can tell you that many friends and associates of the Roloffs are well aware of our site -- especially the friends and their family as our site people are directed to when searching for the names of the friends.

Although honestly, much like Jeremy, I would prefer that Jacob Mueller speak for himself. So many different people say he feels this way or did x because he felt that way -- I think people would like to hear directly from him speaking freely rather than others speaking for him.

However, this is very unlikely. As we have mentioned many times previously, after our interview with Dan Meichtry, friends have said Matt Roloff and one of the main producers of LPBW instructed them not to speak about the Roloffs unless Matt gives them permission. Matt Roloff wants to be the only person delivering any bit of news about the Roloff image. Some friends have even said Matt and the producer have alluded that they would be getting into legal trouble because they included a clause about speaking about the Roloffs on the internet in the waiver they must sign.

It all comes back to Matt Roloff wanting full control of their image and all information connected to the Roloffs. Hence, why even Jeremy and Zach Roloff don't speak for themselves unless Matt orchestrates it with his people.

The bottom line? At this point, for a friend to speak -- especially to us -- they would be defying Matt Roloff. Would Jacob Mueller defy Matt Roloff by speaking for himself?

As unlikely as it is, we made the offer in the name of fairness so the public could hear his own take on these issues. If Jacob Mueller chooses, we would be happy to let him respond and address these topics himself.

samanthastarns said...

I know this is sort of unrelated (?) but lately Jeremy Roloff has been saying things on his twitter about how LPBW is going to start filming again in a couple weeks (this is as of June 4th).!/roloffjeremy - just thought I might add in some news I saw.

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

Thank you, Spirits. I agree about any movement being a little too forward. I would like to comment on some of the information you offer.

The idea that Matt wants FULL control of their image.... I wonder if that has a great deal to do with the disappearance of Pop and Honey? Could it be:
a) Matt cannot exercise his control over his own parents? All his fear-mongering has no effect?
b) Pop and Honey took one look at the waiver and decided to detach themselves from any legal issue created by their own son?
c) Pop is already giving enough of his time logging all the trucks for the dirt project?
The facts would prove interesting. Whether we get them or not.

Defy Matt Roloff by speaking for himself? Neither Jeremy or Mueller are that unwise. As the saying goes, "Don't bite the hand that feeds you." Mueller and Jeremy are at the very least smart enough to realize if they speak for themselves, the hand that feeds them will be pulled back faster than the speed of light! And, with Matt's proven mean-spirited self centeredness, the likelyhood is as you say, next to nil.

I guess fascisim isn't dead. In this day and age. Sigh.

Sandie said...

Great job, Rap and Spirits. I'm going to really enjoy this new feature.

Spiritswander said...

Hi Samantha,

FYI, the twitter account "roloffjeremy" is a fake. The impostors often scoop/rephrase information from the real Roloff accounts. The fake Jeremy twitter is simply going by the hints Matt and Amy have been dropping on their Facebook fan pages.

The general rule for Jeremy is that if you see any social media account where "Jeremy" is actively communicating with people/accepting fans as "friends" then it is a fake. The real Jeremy Roloff does not speak/interact with fans.

He did have a real Facebook fan page, but it was not even worth mentioning because of how rarely he used it. He said "Happy Thanksgiving". Then his next official post was "Merry Christmas". He recently deleted it.

Susan Coles said...

Matt and Amy's refusal to see that Mueller is a bad influence is their greatest failing as parents, in my opinion.

I'm not excusing Jeremy at all. I hold Jeremy responsible for all the things Jeremy has done that has made me think so lowly of him, but there are people that bring out the best in others and there are people that bring out the worst in others.

Alicia said...

Mueller and Jeremy will never grow up. They are both floating through life by using someone else's dwarfism.

John said...

Side effects of taking all the stuff they take for body building are angry outbursts.

Allison said...

Say what you want, but Mueller and Jeremy are living life to the fullest. They go out and seek adventure.

Keith said...

Does anyone have bets that one of Jeremy or Mueller will die of a death that suspiciously sounds like an OD? I wouldn't be surprised.

Bonnie said...

I am positive that Jeremy and Mueller make Jesus weep for how they shame his name.

Maybe pretending to be into Jesus is their way of getting girls?

Rap541 said...

Allison, they both live at home like little boys. There's actual debate over whether Jeremy, at 21, will be able to handle the seperation anxiety of leaving Mueller for school. By all reports, Mueller did well at his firefighting job last summer (with multiple lengthy visits by Jeremy) and what's he doing this year?

So far, attending the LPA con with Jeremy on the Roloffs dime (not that they have to pay since the LPA comps them).

The points I give Mueller is that he at least tried something while Jeremy continues to play his days away - and make no mistake, Jeremy isn't working 6am to 6pm seven days a week in daddy's mudpit... he's the boss's son so he does as he pleases and "has adventures" like the little boy he is.

Its sad, and getting sadder, that Jeremy piddling his summer away like a ten year old is now "living life to the fullest". Please - this grown man is sucking off his handicapped parents money and will continue to do so until they finally get tired of financially supporting a fully capable adult man. Does Jeremy pay for any of his luxaries? Does he even pay for his cell phone or car insurance or even a nominal rent? Cover a cable bill?

Or is he lil Jer the lil dickens playing?

MCC said...

They hunt because John Mark Comer tells the men of his church that they must do something 'manly' such as hunting or football.

Marlene said...

I would respect them more if they would admit they do those things. Stop living lies "boys".

Timothy said...

"Its sad, and getting sadder, that Jeremy piddling his summer away like a ten year old is now "living life to the fullest". Please - this grown man is sucking off his handicapped parents money and will continue to do so until they finally get tired of financially supporting a fully capable adult man. Does Jeremy pay for any of his luxaries? Does he even pay for his cell phone or car insurance or even a nominal rent? Cover a cable bill?"

Rap, I agree, but I don't know why you're lightly on Mueller. He is doing the same thing as Jeremy. Piddling way his life to live as a little boy playing with his friend Jer from down the street.

Silji said...

Mueller and Zach friends too?

Chris said...

When are the two bullies going to run into someone bigger than they are?

Rap541 said...

Timothy- I'm softer mostly because Mueller isn't getting a paycheck for this, and gets the "bad influence" edit as well. After all is said and done, the Roloffs aren't going to allow Mueller to get a paycheck from the show(despite the reality that he's on the show as much as Molly is) Jeremy got a paycheck, Mueller got his leftover scraps and the role of "Jeremy's to be pitied friend" (and again, I do wonder how the Muellers feel about all this)

Trust me - I don't think Mueller is a nice kid at all... but to a point, he's getting a screwing, and contrary to popular opinion, I'm not heartless. ;)

Timothy said...

@Rap, I'm reluctant to consider multiple trips around the world and sharing in all of Jeremy's goodies from the show is getting screwed.

That's more than enough. It's not like Mueller was vital to the show.

Steph said...

I think people are jealous that they have a meaningful friendship. A lot of people their whole lives without a friendship as good as Jeremy and Mueller's.

Rap541 said...

Timothy - its ok for us to disagree - believe me, my sympathy for Mueller isn't overwhelming. He doesn't appear to be slow, and I personally don't have a lot of respect for people who mooch their way thru life.

On the other hand, who gets blamed when Widdle Jer the Forever Boy gets his widdle baby boy self into trouble? Mueller the bad influence... since you know, Jeremy is a 21 year old boy who can't or won't make his own choices... its always Mueller leading him astray.

Steph - if I am right, Jeremy and Mueller have a meaningful relationship *as long as Mueller knows his place*. As long as he accepts the negative edit as Jeremy's and soon Jake's troubled friend from a bad home (the muellers haven't gotten a cent for their private business being trotted out for the world to know) and as long as he doesn't ask for a paycheck, he's a pretend Roloff.

As long as he accepts he's actually a few steps below a Roloff.

Andrea said...

You can tell a lot about a person by the character of their friends. That's not a good thing for either Mueller or Jeremy.

Angela said...

Who influences whom? I think Jeremy and Mueller are so tight because they are the same. I think they both have very nasty streaks.

Having to pretend to be a wholesome polite Christian that's appreciative of the fan support must be difficult for Jeremy who appears to be the polar opposite of that description. He must enjoy having someone that encourages him to be nasty.

Deanna said...

I don't like a lot of those things about Mueller, but he is very handsome.

Gabriella said...


Denise said...

It is very disappointing to hear. I think Matt and Amy are very irresponsible to tout publicly that Mueller is a great person when he is capable of crushing the spirit of another person who is a child of God. The Roloffs and Mueller must learn that everyone matters to God, not just themselves.

Part of having a relationship with Jesus is about realizing that there is more to it than your own personal needs and wants. It's about thinking beyond yourself.

Gary Parise said...

If Mueller is strapped for cash, perhaps the Roloffs should be good friends and get a deal on double therapy.

It sounds like both Jacob Roloff AND Jacob Mueller could benefit from some therapy. Heck, go triple. Jeremy obviously has issues too.

Linda Sheappard said...

I learned when I was young that people that get enjoyment out of being cruel to animals have issues. It's not right for people to have that nastiness inside of them. Mueller and Jeremy are lacking something inside of them that are causing them to want to hurt other living things.

Kayla said...

I remember when I thought Mueller was the good friend because he was sitting silently on the couch as Jeremy and another friend broke the lamp. Jeremy then sassed back to Amy about not paying for it (some things never change). How wrong was I to think Mueller was the 'good friend'!

Katie said...

I look forward to the Mueller interview, Spirits. I want to hear what Jacob wants to say. Thank you.

Sabrina said...

In all honesty, they look like they do have a lot of fun together, but I agree they do a lot of stupid and mean things that override that.

Little Jean said...

It's not right that Mueller attends LPA. He should educate himself on the purpose. I am worried dwarf kids will feel intimidate when they are surrounded by all these "cool" tall people like Mueller and Jeremy.

Want to serve Jesus? Mueller should graciously offer to bow out of Anaheim and donate his spot to a dwarf kid whose dream it is to attend.

Stephen said...

Mueller should be more careful with the kind of drugs (supplements are drugs) that he is taking. If you don't know what you are doing you can really hurt yourself.

Tina said...

Gosh, I used to think it was nice the rare times that Jeremy and Zach and their friends let Jacob Roloff hang out with them.

I take that back! Matt and Amy are crazy to let Jacob hang around with Jeremy and Mueller.

It is starting to make perfect sense that Jacob got kicked out of school and apparently has such a bad attitude.He's hanging around 20 year olds that are bad influences. That goes for both Mueller and Jeremy.

I hope things change when they move to California.

Thomas said...

If Mueller and Jeremy don't like being mistaken for being a gay couple, maybe they should stop acting like it? I'm not kidding. It would be easy to think that if they walked into your place of work.

Mueller and Jeremy should take a break from each other.

Wilma said...

I got an idea. Jeremy move to California. Zach move to Arkansas. Mueller move to North Carolina.

They all need to get away from each other.

Randy said...

Why do you people care so much about a pair of 21 year olds who you will probably never meet and who really have no direct affect on your lives whatsoever? There's tens of millions of teenagers that act just like Jeremy and Mueller...hanging out, hiking, drinking beers, playing video games, sports, flirting with girls, etc.

Sure they might be 21 year old bums that don't have jobs, but why do you people care so much? I just can't bring myself to get worked up over a pair of "f-list celebrity stars."

Serena said...

Mueller is really attractive. Why is he happy being "Jeremy's friend"?

TD said...

Mueller is obviously using Jeremy and the Roloffs for money, popularity with girls and access to fun things.

melissa said...

Hi everyone!

I'd love to ask to the owner of the website or to who ever did this post...where do you get the photos????
I absolutely love jeremy but I can't find pictures like these from him :s I have a bunch of it but you always seem to have more.




Jocelynn said...

Randy, speaking for myself, when I take the time notice anything like I did with the Roloffs and LPBW (you obviously did too or else you wouldn't be on this site), I like to know the real story. People are interesting and I like to know the real stories.

Their letter status grade of celebrity doesn't matter. I find there is more to learn about people from some of the issues involved with Mueller and the Roloffs than there is about Justin Bieber or Johnny Depp or Paris Hilton.

Jocelynn said...

Btw Randy, you're right that they are necessarily unusual, but I disagree in calling them "typical".

There are people that age that show more character. I think the bad "kids" often give the good ones bad reputations.

The thing with Jeremy and Mueller and some of their behavior is made more peculiar because of the blatant hypocrisy from the image they present.

I'm not shocked when 20 year old guys drink beer and other things like that. I am surprised if those 20 year old guys are spending a significant portion of their life quoting the Bible and attending church that preaches the opposite message.

Casey said...

Oregon boys are yummy! Jeremy Roloff, Jacob Mueller and Scott LeSage...would you like to get hammered with them and have fun? Sexy guys!

Michael said...

I don't know why they even bother to attend church. What's the point when a person lives like they do?

Attending church doesn't make a person any more Christian than standing in a garage makes you a car...

Rap541 said...

There's tens of millions of teenagers that act just like Jeremy and Mueller...hanging out, hiking, drinking beers, playing video games, sports, flirting with girls, etc.

Yes there are - so explain why Jeremy and Mueller deserve to be held up as extraordinary and should be praised and respected for... accomplishing nothing and in fact being very ordinary average 21 year olds?

It obviously bothers Matt and the staff when the very ordinary aspects of the twins are pointed out or that people suggest that living at home, not graduating from community college after two years, not working except as Daddy's little man aren't really respect worthy accomplishments. Why?

Why should we hold up Jeremy as extraordinary? Or Mueller? You said it yourself, Randy - they're just average guys with no special accomplishments and no achievements.

What part of that is "living an extraordinary life" that I am required to praise and respect?

Since it clearly appalls people to hear anything other than "Jeremy and Mueller are fine young men, accomplished and going places! So extraordinary!"

samanthastarns said...

So does Jeremy Roloff not have an actual twitter?

SS#22 said...

Mueller is wasting his life away being a hanger on. He could have been more.

Max said...

Mueller and Jeremy are bullies. Not much more to it than that.

Max said...

They demean others because that's what bullies do.

steven j cay said...

mr jacob mueller insulted many people with mental challenges when he said zach looked like a cross eyed downy.

jeremy loves this guy mueller then jeremy gets a trip with the mackenzies. they are part of the spread the word to end the word campaign against the R word.

jeremy is a scammer. he should be ashamed of himself.

Peter Lane said...

Rap, if the Roloffs were going to throw Mueller under the bus they would have done it already.

Racist comments, gay bashing, being extra mean to fans, animal cruelty...none of that phase the Roloffs. He's Jeremy's special friend. He gets the Roloff treatment. Praise him to the heavens as being a nice a christian extraordinary boy.

Rap541 said...

Peter - yes, because he toes the line and takes most of the blame. Considering how all of the nasty events surrounding Mueller involve Jeremy.... Why isn't Jeremy considered the bad influence?

Right... because he's a Roloff and "Mueller's from a troubled home" has been trotted out to defend Jeremy. And dont get me wrong, I am not overwhelmed with sympathy for Mueller since he's an adult, and an adult mooch at that. I just question whether his parents were ever allowed any input in how the Roloffs had him portrayed on the show.

Anonymous said...

In that picture of Mueller and Jeremy camping, is Mueller holding a doobie?

tay said...

why would mueller want to hang out with jake???

Anonymous said...

Tay, duh, because it keeps the gravy train for Mueller rolling

Cindy said...

I don't know how sweet Molly truly is but she must be the only smart one because she's the only one that isn't constantly getting herself involved in all these distasteful things.

Go Molly! :)

Christy said...

Jeremy should take Jacob to New york. They will have a good time and get married because gay marriage is legal in New York.

Anne said...

Why do you think there is something "creepy" about their relationship, Rap? Are you implying that you think they might be gay?

I think that would qualify as being "homophobic", something that Jeremy and Mueller are accused of being.

Rap541 said...

Anne - I think it's "creepy" that Jeremy is so attached, at 21, to his best buddy since kindergarten, that its actually been suggested he hasn't left home because he needs Mueller to be near him, and his success in college - at 21 - is up for debate because Jeremy, a man old enough to buy his own beer, can't bear to be parted with his male friend.

I have no issue if he's gay. Frankly, his inability to be parted with a life long lover makes a lot more sense, and is a lot less creepy and messed up if they are gay lovers.

But since everyone voraciously insists the issue isn't that they are gay, then I have to assume they have some sort of creepy infantile attachment to each other. Mueller appears to be Jeremy's security blankey... he can't go anywhere without Mueller to hold onto and when he does go off without Mueller, whats the first thing out of his mouth? "I wish Mueller was here".

If its nots sexual, then at 21, it's that much sadder that Jeremy needs a six foot four teddy bear to keep adulthood away.

I suggest btw that you look up what "homophobic" means. I actually made a point of not going there despite Spirit's montage that included Jeremy in his daisy dukes doing his best brokeback mountain impression.

What's your thought on that photo, Anne? Do you wish your son and his best friend would dress in jeans shorts that tight?

JudgeJudyFan said...

Hey I hope the friends also realize that any agreements they might have signed at 15 to hang out with Jeremy on camera aren't likely to be binding unless their parents signed off as well.

You can't contract with minors.

William said...

Spirits, Thanks. That's insightful about Matt's control issues.

It says a lot about the Roloffs own character in how they treat their own friends.

The friends are not paid. Yet because they are on the show, they get dragged into this (some of their own doing) but then the Roloff expect them to not defend or handle their own reputations how they see fit. They must stay silent and be fake because that's what Matt has decided is best for the ROLOFF way of doing things.

It's all about the Roloffs.

William said...

Adding to my point, Matt clearly didn't like Daniel interviewing with Spirits. If all these restrictions on the friends came after that interview that does say a lot about the Roloffs.

Daniel obviously didn't like being noticed has a hateful mean racist friend of Jeremy. He apparently felt bad about his past behavior and expressed regret.

Any person should feel free to do that.

For the Roloffs to pressure these kids to conduct their own lives in a way that fits with the Roloff chosen way of handling their entertainment image speaks to the lack of character the Roloffs possess.

Vic Rattlehead said...

Well Rap the people who involve themselves in the anti gay movement through religion like Jeremy does are often deeply closeted themselves because they know they are gay yet they can't come out and say it because of their incredibly arrogant self serving religious beliefs (remember Ted Haggard)prevent them from being honest with themselves about who they are and because they know they will be shunned by family and run out of the community so they prefer to live in gross denial.

Rap541 said...

True - but not *every* anti-gay Christian is another Ted Haggard

Hailey said...

Why didn't they ever do a Mueller episode?

Remi said...

Well said Rap @8:48pm!

Anne said...

Rap, I do know what homophobic means. You said their relationship is creepy. In my opinion, that implies that you think it's "creepy" because you think it's more than friendship, because what is creepy about a strong friendship? If you think it's "creepy" if you think it's more than friendship, that is bordering on homophobia.

Helen said...

Mueller is better looking than Jeremy.

I think it's cute that the Roloffs Jacob looks up to Jacob Mueller.

Anne said...

By the way, Rap, I take the picture for what it is. Kids goofing around. I don't take it seriously.

Emma P said...

I think Mueller is clearly the bad influence.

Who didn't graduate high school? Mueller or Jeremy? Mueller.

Jeremy has been polite to fans at the farm without Mueller.

When he is with Mueller that is when Jeremy becomes more nasty. Look at what apparently is happening to Jacob Roloff.

Loyalty is nice, but the Roloffs should wise up to bad influences.

Brianna said...

I don't care, you have to admit it would be fun to hang out everyday going on hikes! Yeah, most people can't afford to goof off like that and have fun fun fun on Friday Friday Friday and Saturday after that and Sunday comes after that then Monday Tues and wed and Thursday and then Friday Friday again.

If you can pull that off, I say go for it!

Natalie said...

I don't understand why they even pretend to care about God? They live for themselves. They don't build others up, they tear down. They don't give, they take and accumulate material goods.

Keith said...

That Solid Rock church must be a joke if Jeremy and Mueller are followers.

Ally said...

Maybe Mueller is reaching out to Jake as an older brother figure? I thought on the Michigan trip during the show that Mueller paid more attention to Jake than Jeremy did.

Rap541 said...

Anne - do you think its normal for a 21 year old man's success at leaving home to hinge on whether or not he'll be able to handle not having his best buddy around?

You keep putting in terms of homosexuality, and I really don't know why... I've been pretty clear - it actually would make more sense if they *were* gay... right now its just infantile and sad that Jeremy's potential success at school hinges on how well he'll manage without his buddy Mueller in constant daily contact.

Their relationship is creepy, Anne, because it seems to be holding both of them back and keeping them mentally arrested at the maturity level of ten year olds. Mueller seemed to do well at the fire fighting...why isn't he pursuing it? Doesn't want to not have Jeremy around. Jeremy frankly hasn't even yet publically committed to Brooks - and has spent two years doing nothing after high school with no degree to show for it.... and its still up for debate whether he'll manage without Mueller....

He's a man, Anne. A man who apparently can't do anything if he's not with a buddy. Thats a bit creepy.

I asked specifically Anne - do you want your son to emulate Jeremy in that photo? WOuld you hand around the photo at church with "look at my son goofing around"?

(I notice none of the Christian crowd ever really wants their boys to emulate Jeremy in ALL ways)

Vic Rattlehead said...


I am very close to my best friend (we've been friends since we were in second grade) but we aren't codependent towards each other like Jeremy and Mueller, we can actually be quite happy not seeing or being around each other for a few weeks at a time because we are both secure in who we are and know that we can count on one another when it comes to that.

Jeremy and Mueller have almost a husband/wife relationship they're codependent to the point that Jeremy just can't bear to be away from his "sweetie" for any length of time which is what makes their relationship so creepy and strange.

Quite frankly the two of them being long time lovers (since early adolescence or even pre-pubescence) would explain that better than just being "close friends".

Mike P said...


Yes. And if you recall the riverboat shows, it was Mueller who handled Jake like a big brother: He wrestled with him, pummeled him, sat on him and so on. And Jake loved every moment of it; he clung to Mueller, and Mueller appeared to appreciate Jake. I thought it was lovely, and my regard for Mueller rose.

My heart has always gone out to Jake. It's not unusual for a little brother to idolize his big brother. And it's not unusual for the big brother to think the little brother is a pest. That's surely true with Jake and Jeremy Roloff, and neither is to blame.

Enter Jacob Mueller, Jake's surrogate big brother--patient, physical, gentle with Jake--and you have an interesting dynamic. I honestly can't guess if Mueller is a bad influence or not. But I do believe that he's the big brother that Jeremy is not. I like Mueller for that reason.

BeckyM said...

Although I don't hunt, I live in an area where probably 1 in 2 people hunt. In terms of hunting I am talking deer, turkey and game fishing. It's not surprising to see photos taken of the hunter with their buck loaded up in the back of their truck.

Heck, when I worked for the forestry, one of our female employees was out hunting when the Director arrived with the local USFS representative. They heard the shot in the woods when she made the shot that got her a prime buck.

The photos above of the dead animals, in no way mimics those who responsibly hunt. These photos, how they are posed, as well as the type of birds, in no way reflects a game hunter's mindset.

Matt and Amy are the type who will be *totally shocked!!* when their child gets arrested. It's called "enablers."

All I have to write about this is KARMA. Mueller, Jeremy and Jacob are heading towards it on a downhill run.

Brandon said...

@Mike P, I disagree.

First, imo, it's clear that the person Jake idolizes is Jeremy. That's probably has a lot to do with why Mueller is "cool". Mueller is Jeremy's favorite person. Jake thinks Mueller is uber cool because Jeremy does.

I also don't think Mueller is "gentle" with Jake. I think to a kid with a bad attitude like Jake (sorry but he does and lets be realistic, he got kicked out of many nice well behaved kids are being kicked out of school?), idolizes mean and cool kids. It was typical on the camping trip when Zach was the one that didn't ditch Jake (for Mueller, surprise surprise!) but all Jake cared about was that Jeremy wasn't there to see his own coolness in running through the woods and crossing rivers.

Personally, I think Jake thinks Mueller and Jeremy are cool because they are that nasty kind of cool if you know what I mean. I think they have a nasty sense of humor and to a 14 year old with some anger problems that makes the person doing it super cool.

I guess what I'm saying is that I think if there was a kid there in that circle that actually was a decent person worthy of being a hero figure, he wouldn't have the appeal for Jake. The fact that Mueller and Jeremy are God like cool to Jake does not speak to their character.

I also think to a 14 year old that like getting into trouble, older kids that are doing "bad" things just enhances their cool factor.

Justin said...

I'm surprised that Mueller and Zach are friends. If it was me, I would have told Mueller to get his own damn family a long time ago.

Charise said...

Mueller is a bully. Ridicules people. Thats why he and jeremy spend every minute together. They love slashing up people together.

Jocelynn said...

Mike P, while I see what you're getting at and that might be true. I believe I've read that Mueller (and most of the twins friends) are the youngest in their families thus Jake is their adopted little brother too.

But I don't support the Jake/Jacob budding (I hope there is no pun involved in that word choice but I wouldn't be surprised honestly) relationship. He is a 14 year old spending way too much time with a 20 year old with very questionable morals and levels of cruelness.

Jake is described by his own family (when they let their guard down and you read between the lines) as having a bad attitude, very challenging and it culminated in Jake being expelled from school. He doesn't care about school. Mueller didn't care about school.

I don't think Mueller/Jake time is positive. If he was my son, I wouldn't permit it. I also would restrict the amount of time Jake spends with Jeremy and Zach and the rest of their friends unless it was positive one on one time. Jeremy, Zach, and Mueller using Roloff Farm as party central for college students can't be a good influence on a kid.

Jill Thompson said...

I wonder how Matt and Amy would feel if a kid like Mueller told Molly those nasty things that Mueller told someone else's daughter?

The Roloffs don't care about other people, the world or, God. They care about themselves and nothing else.

Jill Thompson said...

Rap is right too. Both Jeremy and Mueller are holding each other back. They should be moving on with their lives instead of spending all of their days playing like they were still 10 years old. The only difference now is they don't ask their parents if it's ok for Jacob to come over and play.

Megan said...

Mueller is probably a bad influence but Jake is so moody that I find myself pleased to notice that he's smiling in all the pictures with Mueller.

Laurie Vice said...

Does anyone have a degree in psychology and human behavior.

Does anyone have a non-gay explanation for the Jeremy Roloff and Jacob Mueller relationship? At 21, it is far more than being best friends. Their dependency on each other speaks to other psychological aspects at play.

Paul said...

They're bigots.

Cathelitou said...

For my point of view, I think Jeremy and Mueller are really immature guys. I don't think they are gays or things like that.(I,m sure the gay picture is to laught at gay people... I know some immatures guys doing that)

They acts like if they were pre-teens! No responsability, play, play, play.

But I don't think they are the only guys who acts like that. I don't know if it's because we enter the 21 century but young people stay longer at the parent's home. I think, in a way, that contribute to still be taken as a teenegers. I don't think it's because they were on tv.

So, I don,t think Mueller or Jeremy are bad guys but they are really immature and it,s why they act like that.

Rap541 said...

I wonder how Matt and Amy would feel if a kid like Mueller told Molly those nasty things that Mueller told someone else's daughter?

I've always had the impression Matt and Amy wouldn't give a damn as long as Molly wasn't the target. They certainly wouldn't welcome you addressing it to them and Matt certainly never stepped in when his boardies were harassing underage teens with masturbation comments. They were just kicking hater ass for Matt and Matt rewarded them with their own special little board. Of course, now that the boardies aren't useful, Matt pretty much ditched them.

Roger said...

Mueller sounds like a spoiled brat. Didn't like the public school so he got his way by huffing and puffing and skipping until he got what he wanted.

It sounds like Jacob Roloff is following in Mueller's footsteps. Another spoiled brat that gets his way through bad behavior.

Paula said...

It's very disappointing to learn about the true character of this people :(

Sarah said...

I'd sleep with him!

Gloria said...

I wonder if Mueller has ever thought about his future. Is it all about Jeremy? Living next door to Jeremy? Working with Jeremy?

Ashley said...

I think Mueller would handle himself terribly in an interview.

Karen said...

I agree with Rap that Mueller is Jeremy's security blanket. He can't go anywhere without him.

Sally said...

The Roloffs are SO fake! Seriously. I can't believe they were once called "real"!!!!!!!!!!

Dina said...

The Roloffs are so mean. All they care about is themselves.

Sierra said...

Jeremy and Mueller aren't nice people. That's why they are friends. Think about growing up. Mean kids always liked hanging around other mean kids.

Being together all the time means there is no pressure to ever improve themselves or grow up.

pikespeak said...

@Dina, and that is what helped lead to the show being cancelled.

Hillary said...

What a couple of winners, Mueller and Jeremy.

They hate gays together. They ridicule fans whose support lets them play like little children. They kill animals together. They break a lot of what Christ preached in the Bible.


Brenda said...

Out of all the friends on the show I was hoping Jeremy would drift away from Mueller the most. Figures the opposite happened. Too bad.

They've stayed immature jerks and Christian jokes (Christians that live it I respect, Christians that are hypocrites, I do not respect).

Erica said...

Their relationship is weird. No doubt about it.

Danielle said...

There are so many addictions these days, add a new one to the list. Jeremy and Mueller need help for their separation anxiety.

At 21, you shouldn't be that dependent on anyone that you always need them by your side.

Tracey said...

Mueller totally spends more time with the Roloffs than he does with his own family. Awkward

Rachel said...

If it's not being filmed, why are they taking this trip?

Linda Sheappard said...

I wonder how many animals will be harmed on their trip with that gang all together?

Think People said...

Scratch your head a little harder Rachel. Got to get those brain cells moving. Maybe they wanted to take a family vacation like many other families in America.

Rachel said...

Very funny, TP.

How many 21 year old people want to go on a 10 day RV trip with their parents, little brothers...or Mueller's case another family (but that's not surprising considering the whole weird separation anxiety those two have!)?

The RV trip doesn't seem very Roloff like. They are more staying in posh hotels in a 5 star resort on a beautiful beach.

A RV family trip sounds like more image oriented stuff.


Brandon said...

A family vacation....with Jacob Mueller.

Rachel has a point.

What are most 21 year old college students doing in the summer? If they aren't working, they are road tripping with friends.

As Spirits illustrates so effectively, Jeremy, Mueller, Zach, etc, aren't at all wholesome family. These wholesome family ideas sound contrived.

But then again, it's a free trip for the 21 year old little boys that don't have any responsibility and it's more opportunity for Jeremy and Mueller to "make memories" together on someone else's dime.

Chris Linton said...

People in the LPA should revolt! Mueller again at the LPA!

Does LPA stand for Large Party Association?

Can me and my drinking buddies from college crash the party? I'm not LP, but I'm always up for a party!

Miranda said...

I agree with alot of the comments. I think Jeremy and Mueller's constant need to be beside each other is way more creepy than cute.

Brenda Drake said...

I would find it hard on my soul to be as fake as Jeremy is. What an act.

I think if I hung out with Jeremy and Mueller, after an hour, I don't think I could stand it.

Teikia said...

Mueller and Jeremy spend more time together than most husbands and wives!

Linda Flynn said...

I think they're immature and it shows in a lot of ways.

Most kids grow out of the "Hey world, we're best friends forever!" stage.

Jeremy and Jacob Mueller haven't. I agree it is probably based on feeling comfortable that the other condones their behavior together.

Dustin said...

Neither of them are gay, because gay guys have good taste and the hottest in the group of friends is not Jeremy or Mueller. It's that guy named Scott!

Bonnie said...

To the insulting person at 4:13pm.

Most families taking a vacation:

-Don't broadcast it to the world to brag.
-Aren't doing it on a trip for the purpose of filming.

- Pay for it themselves.

Like people have said, this whole thing reeks of people desperate to get back on tv and are trying to drum up interest.

I have my own ideas of how Jeremy, Mueller and their friends would really spend a road trip and it isn't with Matt and Amy in a camper.

Keith said...

Nice work, Spirits. It is so true. Look at the pictures the Roloffs are posting from their California trip. You can tell a lot about body language sometimes. Mueller is always beside Jeremy. Those two have some sort of obsession with each other. Jeez.

Vanessa said...

Mueller is cute in appearance but ugly in personality.

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

Well, Think People, so nice of you to drop by. You debasement of others, including derogatory personal attacks directed at individuals, is EXACTLY the same as Ten Four Trucker, Anchorman, and a couple others. It seems amazing to me that someone who is so against cyber-bullying will practice the very same technique on a blog that your writing proves you are obviously fearful of. I was beginning to worry that we would not get the chance to giggle in pity at the remarks made against other people. Keep those barbs and insults coming! I can't speak for the remainder of the regular bloggers on this site, but I certainly look forward to them. Thank you.

Leona said...

Mueller's goal in life is to ride Jeremy's coattails? A guy who himself is slacking through life by skimming off his family member's disability.

Do something with your life Mueller.

Chloe said...

I wonder what is broken in Mueller's life that he feels like he belongs at the LPA conferences.

Kat said...

They are plain weird? You know ppl invite them places together? It's like they are a couple. Not being funny. Friends seem to know the other won't go places without the other.....weird!!!!!

Deanna said...

It's amazing how such dishonorable people like Mueller and Jeremy can think they are serving Jesus.

Jill said...

Is Mueller moving to California with Jeremy? How will Mueller cope without Jeremy? Is he going to move into Jeremy's room?

Denise said...

You didn't even mention Jacob as a jealous, possessive, controlling and scary boyfriend. Girls beware.

He has lots of issues. So does Jeremy.

Carl Jr said...

Jacob Mueller's ex girlfriend, the one that was in his you tube videos, is really, really pretty. Like gorgeous.

I'm glad she wised up and dumped him.

Sandy said...

See the tweet about the Roloff brothers and their friends by some girl on the beach?

I wouldn't be surprised! They're having a bachelor party for Dan because he's getting married soon.

"Just sampled to the roloff brothers and friends at the beach!"

If you don't know:
Sampled = Sex, especially without caressing, coercion, cuddling or foreplay.

2. A piece of pu*sy

ren said...

Gotta say, I had my doubts on your translation of the meaning of the tweet, but no there is a slang definition of that:

JB said...

After reading through these posts, it astounds me how much you people care about the lives of these other people. There are hundreds of thousands (millions?) of Jeremys and Jacobs on this planet, sponging off their parents. It's the American way. These kids just happen to have been filmed living like normal kids do. I think their homophobic comments are detestable, but they're also completely common in this age of South Park and fundamentalist "tea party" evangelicals where everything negative is called "gay" and it's backed up by the church (and supposedly, therefore, "God"). With this kind of culture, it's no wonder many, many kids these days grow up hateful, fearful, phobic. I just wish these kids the best, hope they can pull themselves out of the dregs of that kind of thinking some day, and become self-sufficient adults who ultimately have a positive influence on the world. Only time will tell. People do grow up eventually. I guess my main shock is at how everyone here has become judge and jury and act like the behaviors of these kids are somehow different than the American norm. They're not. They ARE the American norm. A sad but awkward truth. If you need any further proof of this, just look at all the instances of gay teens being bullied left and right nowadays.

Anonymous said...

how tall is Jacob? He seems huge

pikespeak said...

I think he's 6'2" or 6'3".

Caltroy said...

who cares if he is gay? what would it matter? what would that have to do with his character?

i thought our newer/younger generations have a better handle on the differences between people being 'ok' (of course they are, it's natural for humans and all living things to be unique...and to see it any other way is just an expression of insecurity, some need to make oneself feel better by trying to put down anyone not just like them).

but man, we still have a ways to go to really crush prejudice in our culture. come on everyone, keep pushing yourself and those around you to take another step at a time in that direction. peace.

Brandon said...

Caltroy, do you realize the Roloffs and Mueller are homophobic bigots?

They are the ones using gay slurs. They are the ones, the Roloffs, Jeremy and Jacob Mueller that endorse a church that calls gay people "perverted and broken" and sinners that will burn in Hell for eternity unless they pray to Jesus to make them "straight...

Personally, I don't think either Mueller or Jeremy are gay, I think their "affectionate" photos were always intended to be mocking towards gay people, but I don't think anyone that thinks Mueller might be gay is being prejudiced in any way at all.

It's something that people think mainly because of Mueller's and Jeremy's weird relationship, they have some kind of separation anxiety issues. They are 21 year olds that can't bear to be out of each other's sight and for whatever reason, they pose for pictures together shirtless, in exotic dress, obviously trying to look gay to be funny.

You can't blame people for asking the question "is Mueller gay?"

You're just labeling the wrong people as being prejudiced against gay people. It's the Roloffs and Mueller. They're the ones that use homophobic slurs. They're the ones that spread the message that gay people are perverted and need to pray to be cured. They are the ones that do mocking.

Rap541 said...

Caltroy - I think the problem is that people get a "do as we say but not as we do" vibe off the Roloffs.

And this is a classic example.

Mueller and Jeremy pretend to be gay, and use nasty hatespeech and when they are called on it, they are excused because "faggithole" is "I love you in a hetero way bro" in Roloffland and even though many many people find it incrediblty offensive, Jeremy and Mueller are not to blame for what they say and should not and will not apologize for their beliefs as they are good Christian boys living for Christ. If they want to mock gays by pretending to be gay... they have the right and no one should correct them as they are not intending to be offensive, they don't understand the meaning etc etc etc

But when the photos of Mueller rubbing Jeremy down while Jeremy sits shirtless with his eyes closed clearly simulating pleasure start to make people say "hey, maybe they *are* gay".... whoa nellie.... Now its OFFENSIVE! Meuller does girls! Jeremy's king of the studs! All those photos of two young men kissing and hugging and rubbing... how dare anyone think anything of it???

Actions have consequences. Mueller and Jeremy stopped being blameless little boys *years* ago. If pretending to be gay to mock homosexuals has somehow backlashed on these two proud straight men who owe no one any apologies for standing up for Christ by swishing and kissing each other.... then I really don't have any sympathy for them.

I mean, everyone said it was *funny* and *their right* when Jeremy and Mueller were doing the mocking... why isn't it funny now?

Because they aren't gay? Hey, did they get sworn affidavits from everyone they mocked? No? Then guess what? They mocked people who weren't gay too - and got applauded for it. I am sure there are people right now applauding their kids for mocking the two queerboys on LPBW and thinking Matt and Amy should have paddled Jeremy a little bit more when he started hugging Mueller and saying "I love you" to a man.

*with respect, I don't approve of any teasing like this but really, Jeremy and Mueller got to dish it out and get praised for it... why is wrong now that other peopel stand up for Christ and mock them?

lilly said...

i dont understand you guys, why are you bashing on this kid when you dont even know him? i actually know him and he a very nice kid.So stop talking all this crap about him being an "animal abuser" and Him being Gay. neither of those are true.

Susan Coles said...

Lilly, people are discussing Mueller because he is on a tv show every year....and he keeps on doing things that are a fantastic impression of mean spirited punk.

What about Mueller cruelly bashing people he doesn't know?

If you really know Mueller, then you know that he cruelly insults these naive teenage girls that think Jeremy is "cute"?

What about Mueller writing vulgar insults to a girl that wrote to him that she thought Jeremy was awesome?

Do you have any thoughts on Mueller cruelly calling a poor smiling fan girl a "creeper".

Lilly, you're very typical of someone that knows the Roloffs and their friends.

People comment on the bad behavior of people that appear on tv and then you defend them with "you're judging them but don't know them!"

They're being judged on their real behavior and when you insult people that comment, you are judging people they don't know.

Why are you insulting people as being "bashers" when all some people did was stand up against cruelty against animals and say that throwing a cat in the hair is wrong? Do you know the people that posted those comments? Why are judging them as bad people? Because they care about the treatment of animals?

David said...

Lilly, you're pal Mueller is a bully. I don't need to have met him in person to see that.

I know that from the things that Spirits' readers knows are true about Mueller.

A bully ridicules people that are vulnerable. Like the Jeremy super fans.

A bully mocks people with their friends and makes jokes at their expense. See the creeper comments or the history of Mueller and Jeremy's gay mocking.

It's always intriguing when friends of Mueller are offended when someone suggests that they think Mueller might be gay (because a lot of people don't actually and think Mueller his a homophobic bigot bully).

He spent years using gay slurs with Jeremy. He spent years engaging in acts of mockery of the gay community. There are lots of pictures of Jeremy and Mueller apparently "pretending to be gay".

Then when someone thinks that they aren't mocking and that the shirtless pictures rubbing each other might be genuine (which I don't), then Mueller's friends are outraged!

Why don't you tell your buddy Mueller to man up and interview with Spirits and face these things head on instead of sending his friends to do it? Oh, is it because Matt won't allow him and Mueller as a career moocher, knows the number one rule is you must please what your master commands?

Does Mueller regret any of his behavior? Like BFF Jeremy, he has never apologized for any of it.

Rap541 said...

I would ask this simple question of Lilly.

Does Jacob Mueller get the "Whats wrong with you, Jacob Mueller, that you're judging someone else a creeper/bitch/fagg&t?" lecture ever?

Lilly? Do you get it?

Tiffany24 said...

doesnt Jacob have a girlfriend?

there for he isnt gay...?

Rap541 said...

I believe Ted Haggard had an actual wife and kids when he was having sex with male prostitutes....

So while I don't especially care if Mueller is gay... It seems fair to say that "having a girlfriend" doesn't always mean much.

Frankly I'd love to hear from some of Mueller's ex girlfriends. I suspect it would be eye opening.

Z to the Zee said...

Mueller has a new girl almost every three months.

There was Chelsea then Katy then Mellissa then Esther, now Destiny this is all in just a little over a year. I might be missing a few. Some come and go so quickly it's hard to keep track.

David said...

I don't think Mueller is gay and I actually don't see a lot of people saying that he is.

What I see is people commenting on the strangeness of his relationship with Jeremy and how dependent they are on each other.

Oh I know that Mueller and Jeremy would say that the big bad doesn't understand that they are better friends than any two people have ever been best friends in the history of the world, but really, when you're 18, 19, 20 and 21, you should be able to go on trips without having your best friend by your side. You should be able to make it through a day without getting on skype with each other.

I do think their pictures together was intended to be mocking and there is a satisfying irony that some people wonder if they are actually gay when they were attempting to ridicule gay people with their "hilarious" pictures.

Johnny Reb said...


Everything that I've read and seen of Jacob Mueller says to me that he is a stuck up spoiled brat who lacks any kind of conscience, uses (and abuses) people just because he can and get away with it because his parents have never taught him how to be a decent person.

lilly said...

Don't you guys listen to yourself..."from what I've read"...Everything thats online isnt true...He is actually a sweet person, and i hope you guys realize that. Yes he might get annoyed with fans every once in a while....but who wouldnt? and where are you guys even getting this information about him calling a fan a creeper? just curious.

Z to the Zee.... How do you know all this information about his Past girlfriend's and current one? sounds like your an Ex yourself? maybe close friend?

Larry said...

I heard that Destiny and him are engaged? is it true?

Smythe said...

Wow. That's a lot of time wasted on the Roloffs. Why? They seem like typical teens and now young adults. Why spend so much time on gossip and what television tries to portray.

Rap541 said...

And yet you came here and read it all :)

Why spend so much time reading gossip on typical teens and then pointedly post how you *don't understand why* anyone else would do so?

Smythe? Don't you have better things to do than waste your time on gossip about typical teens and then post how you need to know *why* people are discussing this?

WHy are you so interested in knowing why?

WHy is your need to know why people post and discuss here not gossip? :)

Why is it that we never see these "I just don't understand why anyone wastes their time gossiping over a tv show" when the gossip is about what a hot ass Jeremy has?

That's as interesting as how we never see these sorts of "oh goodness WHY are you discussing this" when its Zach or Jake getting reamed.

Anonymous said...

It's hard to believe that mueller is talking about marriage with his girlfriend .

pikespeak said...

How long have they been together?

Zee to the Z said...

About a year.
That followed an almost humorous string of girlfriends for Mueller. A new one just about every month. Each one was his "true love, most amazing girlfriend ever". Then they would break up. A week later...repeat it all over with a different girl.

The current girl, Destiny, even got baptized to please Mueller.

Anon21 said...

I personally know destiney ,and she didn't get baptized to please mueller . She did it for herself . You guys are idiots.

Anonymous said...

I've seen pictures of them together. And they look like a cute happy couple! I'm happy that mueller found a good girl for him.

Anonymous said...

Andit's official as of yesterday .... Mueller is engaged ....

Nancy said...

Mueller is engaged?

I give that marriage (if they even make until then!) about 5 weeks.

He strikes me as a psycho boyfriend type.

Erica said...

The reason why Destiny (Mueller's fiance) is with him is because he was on tv...he likes his girls to be younger than him so that he can control them. He's a very controlling man.

It is true that she got Baptized to please Mueller.

Her family also are well off and go on lots of trips. Mueller has already mooched vacations off them just like he did from the Roloffs.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe this guy is going to be a dad ...

Anonymous said...

According to Destiny's Instagram , they just got 3 kittens.... wonder If they will be tossed in the air too?

Lara said...

That is so wrong that they are able to have defenseless kittens. I wish the SPCA would be sent out there.