Monday, June 13, 2011

Some Spiritswander Site Stats And The Roloff Family

In honor of Matt's recent Facebook posts where he posted statistics about the number of views, we thought that it might be interesting for our readers to see some of our statistics.

This would be a good place to thank all of our visitors for your interest (although there is no financial gain made at all!) in our site.

When this site was first started, we never envisioned that it would become a daily source of Roloff news and discussions to the degree that it would get 1000, 2000, 5000, on occasion over 15,000 and 59,000 hits in a single day.

We've spoken with some other Roloff blogs that no longer seem to be around or active, they used to say they didn't get 100 hits in a week. It's very hard to gain a following and become a mainstay as an independent and objective site about people from a cable reality show -- so thanks for your interest in what we do. To consistently receive 1000 or 2000 views a day even when we don't have new content on a specific day and since the show has been cancelled is quite astounding to us, but much appreciated. Articles we published two years ago still are being read every day and hopefully answering people's inquiries that they have about the Roloff family.

Honestly, after the show was cancelled, I was expecting traffic to fall off rather drastically. I didn't imagine there would be about 1800 -2300 views on most days.

Thank you to all that help contribute to our site (you know who you are :-)). Thanks to our visitors for your interest and trust in our reporting and accuracy in attempting to be as honest as possible about the Roloff Family. A person might not always agree with a certain topic, but without question, I feel confident in saying that a person that regularly frequents our site has a much better understanding of what the Roloffs are really like and what is really going on than if you relied on getting your Roloff information from any other site -- which basically leaves Matt Roloff run sites -- Matt's Facebook page, Matt's Roloff World Blog, -- All of those sites operate under the control and approval of Matt.

Perhaps the content on our site has improved your opinion of the Roloffs or perhaps it crushed your previous opinion of the Roloffs, but without a doubt you can count yourself as informed and know that news and facts about the Roloffs are not being censored from you on this site.

And thanks of course to the Roloffs! Any interest in our site is based on the overall interest in the Roloffs. You can learn a lot about people in general from observing the Roloffs and they are an interesting social study on human behavior and at times -a public image vs the real people.

Visitors sometimes ask; Spiritswander, you've been reporting on the Roloffs for many years, have many connections to friends and associates -- what should fans know about the Roloffs? We don't like seeing good-hearted, trusting individuals be made fools of, so my advice would be realize that most of the information about the Roloffs, aside from our site, comes from the Roloffs themselves. There is obviously an understandable agenda and anything coming from Matt is usually drenched in Matt Roloff's classic spin soup :)

There is a reason why only Matt (and sometimes Amy) speak on "behalf of the family" despite Jeremy and Zach's advancing age. There is a reason why if Matt had his way, friends of the Roloffs would not speak about them. They would never admit this of course, but the Roloffs don't feel any obligation to be honest or truthful to the fans. It's kind of sad actually considering the reason why many become so fond of the Roloffs was because they seemed "real", but the Roloffs generally have no moral conscience or guilt about being dishonest or misleading with the fans. Roloff friends have referred to the Roloff sites that they operate themselves as "total fluff" and scoff at it. Other friends from time to time have said they would see the Roloffs say something about their lives and would question the Roloffs about it or wonder what that was about? The Roloffs reply, 'Don't be dumb! We just said that for the fans'.

So I think that's what people should know. As soon as there is fan interaction, the Roloffs cease being themselves and that explains why there are so many stories always popping up that contradict the "Roloff image".

With no further delay, the statistics. As you can see, while LPBW was still on, Monday and particularly Tuesday were the days where we receive the most traffic -- as people came to the internet searching for discussion or more information about the episodes:
Click on the pictures to enlarge:

By the way, these are some of the most popular keyword phrases that bring people to the site. Obviously it changes daily, but in the last few days/weeks, these are pretty consistent. Some have been the same for years

"What happened to the Roloffs"
"Matt and Amy Roloff divorce"
"Jeremy Roloff scandal"
"Jeremy Roloff shirtless"
"Matt Roloff 2011"
"Jacob Roloff expelled"
"Jeremy Roloff Accident" (not sure what is spurring that one on)


Christine said...

Thank YOU Spirits! Your blog is the only worthwhile Roloff info on the internet.

What happened on September 7th???

David said...

The real strength of your site activity and power is in the fact that almost any Google search for Roloff brings up Spiritswander on the first page.

Especially for "Jeremy Roloff". If Jeremy was smart or had any character, he would take you up on the offer to be interviewed and have his side heard.

Whether Matt likes it or not, people are getting information about the Roloffs from Spirits. Might as well have their say.

Expressed said...

Christine, if I'm not mistaken, September 7th was the day after the Season 6 premiere. The conclusion to Matt's collapse!

Hahaha. Jeremy Roloff shirtless is a top search. I'm not surprised :)

Spirits, I think you should do a post with just shirtless pictures of Jeremy. Pretty please? What do you say? Serve your customers!! :)

Angela said...

I don't doubt that the Roloffs are different when they are talking to fans, but I think that's normal for all celebrities.

Katie said...

Thanks Spirits. This is a great site. Very fun to read about the Roloffs.

Kim said...

Why don't you do an interview with Jeremy? Jeremy should be heard about the things people say about him. It's only fair.

Rap541 said...

Kim - at last check there's a standing invite for any Roloff, especially Jeremy, to be interviewed.

Also at last check, Matt Roloff doesn't allow his 21 year old son to do interviews with anyone Matt doesn't approve of. When Jeremy has been allowed to interview, he always has a parent with him, and he's always been asked questions that Matt personally approves.

DJ said...

Great work Spirits

Timothy said...

Spirits, you know you must be doing something right if Matt Roloff, the self professed 'salesman' that snows people, hates you.

Spiritswander said...


Yes, I agree that would be fair. That's precisely why we have, multiple times, offered the Roloffs a chance for an interview and to have their say on the issues discussed. Especially Jeremy because of the number of 'controversial' topics regarding Jeremy and the number of different people claiming to know how Jeremy feels about certain issues or why he's done certain things.

The Roloffs choose not to interview with us. All we can do is extend the invitation -- which we have. When the Roloffs do speak about some of those topics on other sites -- such as Amy responding to the cat tossing on her Facebook Fan Page, we did do an item presenting Amy's response.

Sam J said...

You're doing something wrong as a person when you have much to hide like Jeremy. That's why he doesn't give interviews.

BeckyM said...

Congrats Spirits!

Janice said...

I don't understand why Matt hates this site so much.

Matt would hate it if he ever achieved real celebrity attention. He would get a lot more scrutiny than they get now. He thinks Spiritswander is bad? The Roloffs would get eaten alive if they got the kind of attention real celebs get.

tay said...

i agree with expressed about doing a jeremy shirtless post. pics!

M said...

So many hits because you speak the truth spirit! :) keep up the great work!!