Sunday, July 31, 2011

Jeremy Roloff And Jacob Mueller In You Tube Video

**Updated Note** The video has since been deleted/removed from You Tube. Our original description below remains. As stated, parts of the video did feature some friends of the Roloffs that are under 21 -- such as Mueller and a friend named Christian (Molly's age range) clearly doing shots of Jack Daniels in the Roloff garage. As you can see by the initial comments when the video was still up, those parts of the video were garnering a lot of attention. I think one can assume why the video was deleted shortly after we linked it here. **

There's a new video You Tube that features Jeremy and Zach Roloff, some of their friends, mainly Jacob Mueller and some of the video was taken at the Roloffs.

It's a video of two girls from France who have spent the last couple of years living in Oregon and travelling around the United States. These are the some of the girls we referenced in our item about Jeremy's best friend, Jacob Mueller. These were two (of the many girls) that Jeremy and Mueller go on "adventures" with. The video includes some pictures from one of their adventures.

Other Roloff notes from the video:

*The part from 1:06 - 1:13 is indeed Jacob Mueller drinking Jack Daniels (among other things) in the Roloff garage. Notice the light fixtures that Matt was referencing on Facebook last week. Not that under-age drinking going on at the Roloffs is anything shocking to anybody who really understands the Roloffs and doesn't buy into the image they present. With these types of things, you realize what the Roloffs and their friends are really doing as opposed to the image and how their actions contradict some of their stated beliefs -- ie. Mueller, like Jeremy, like other friends of the Roloffs in this video, are big supporters of the Solid Rock Church in Portland. Mueller is not 21. The Solid Rock Church makes it very clear that there is no gray area. If you are not 21, you are defying Jesus if you drink alcohol because people are to obey the law. Again, not that any of this is particularly unusual, and certainly not shocking especially with Mueller or Jeremy, but you might begin to understand why many people scoff at the Roloffs image, the level of deceit that goes on and roll their eyes when Jeremy, Mueller and their friends declare that they're living for Jesus and unleash Bible quotes all over the place.

*The other guy during that sequence and later seen doing his own shots in the video, is the Roloff friend Amy referenced in her picture of Jacob Roloff playing in the pool with Mueller. He is their friend named Christian. Christian is around Molly's age. He hangs out often at the Roloffs with Jeremy, Mueller, Zach and Jake Roloff.

*In the picture of Zach (also in the Roloff garage), the girl that is standing up with brown hair, is Zach's girlfriend. Her name is Tori.

*The other girl in the Zach and Tori picture, is one of the many, many, girls that also attend the Solid Rock Church that people often think appears to be Jeremy's girlfriend (and Mueller's too for that matter, since Mueller and Jeremy are rarely separated)-- although again, there's a whole throng of girls that fall into that category.

Friday, July 29, 2011

UNLV Senate Approves $16,000 To Bring Matt Roloff And Comedian To Campus

The Student Government at UNLV approved funds in the amount of $16,000 to have Matt Roloff and a comedian speak at the campus October 6th, a day before Matt's 50th Birthday.

"The senate approved two proposals totaling $16,000 to bring reality television star Matthew Roloff and comedian Kyle Cease to campus for separate events.

Roloff, who recorded a video addressing the senate, will be the main focus of CSUN’s Disability Awareness Event on Oct. 6. Roloff suffers from dwarfism and starred in the reality-show Little People, Big World on TLC."

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Matt Roloff On TMZ - Video

There's not really any point to this video, but TMZ did a quick clip with Matt when he was in Los Angeles. They joke that there is a "secret society" of Little People.

For the record, this is the type of thing that we have referred to here at Spiritswander: Keeping Up With The Roloffs regarding the Roloffs, the media and news/interview items. More mainstream media outlets and pop culture/gossip sites like TMZ don't really know anything about the Roloffs other than the bare basics (if that sometimes). When they "catch up" with Matt, they ask about the pressing subject of a secret society of LP.

As a result, the Roloffs never really receive any detailed questions and interesting interviews are pretty much out of the question. When Matt or Amy want to discuss certain details or subjects, they mostly interview with themselves (meaning their staff - employees and friends that follow Matt's orders). Occasionally they'll interview with a pop culture/gossip site that are familiar with the Roloffs and are capable of asking some interesting questions, but that's rare.

Anyhow here is the TMZ video with Matt Roloff:

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Actor With Dwarfism Nominated For Emmy Award

Peter Dinklage received an Emmy nomination in the category of 'Best Supporting Actor' in the HBO series 'Game of Thrones'

This is only related to the Roloffs because Amy Roloff in one of her March Coffee Chats, suggested that the Emmy awards should invite her to be an award presenter and implied the Emmys could be doing more to display diversity on the Awards show.

"Another thing on my mind is the Emmy awards. Look at me, I was on one of the longest running family reality shows in history. Six seasons, 220 episodes. Wouldn't it be great for me to be invited to present an award? I watch the awards and see all these beautiful women with hour glass figures in their gorgeous designer dresses. I think they should have the challenge of making me a dress and making me beautiful. It would be great for diversity for people to see me at the Emmy awards up on stage presenting the award for the program on television for this genre..."

Peter Dinklage, a respected actor that has dwarfism, has been nominated for an Emmy award for his role in "Game of Thrones" on HBO.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Matt and Amy Roloff Video Announcement on You Tube Re: Little People, Big World special

Matt and Amy Roloff made a You Tube video together promoting their return to TLC on Little People, Big World.

If you haven't followed the whole story (there are some links in the sidebar if you want the real story) -- just so you aren't confused, the series is not actually returning.

It's scheduled to be 4 specials and the first one will air this coming fall.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Good, Bad and Ugly Of The Roloff Family On LPBW - Guest Column: Rap's Roundtable

In Rap541's second guest column, Rap tackles the claims made by Matt and Amy Roloff over the years that they showed the "Good, bad and ugly" of their lives on Little People, Big World or that the show was "Real and raw". Matt and Amy have often said they showed their exposed their lives on the show "warts and all".

Rap muses about that topic and opens it up for discussion. Feel free to contribute your opinion on the subject in the comments. If you're visiting our site for the first time, you might even not be aware of some of these issues.


Written By Rap541

The Good, The Bad, And the Ugly" - and The Things That Happened That Never Made It On The Show

I always chuckle whenever Matt or Amy Roloff go on about how open and honest they are, wanting the world to see their family, just as it is, warts and all, because it is so obviously not true. The Roloffs are all about maintaining an image... an image that doesn't allow for actual warts, or even actual events or opinions different than "WE ARE THE ROLOFFS AND WE ARE HAPPY". I'm not going to hit on *everything* that was avoided, nor will all of these things be some sort of awful indictment. It's just a montage of things that actually occurred that were either never mentioned, or mentioned in such a way as to make it amusing when the actual truth came out. So lets take a look.

1. The Death of Adam Garland. Now before anyone gets all "OMIGOD LEAVE THE KID ALONE!!" - please keep in mind I am not suggesting that the all the potentially sordid details of what may or may not have caused Adam's death be brought up. It obviously was a tragedy to the Garland family and my heart goes out to the Garland family for their loss. My point here is that the show always presented the twins as being very close with their crowd. Adam was actually on the show in the early seasons, the apple war episode, and Adam clearly was in their circle and hung out with them and *Adam died* and he died during a time when filming was occurring.

We didn't see any grieving, any reference at all that a good friend of the boys had died. Death is a part of life and this probably was considered too personal or too sad. It is in some ways a little thing, but it goes to the idea that real life and actual events were sanitized. I don't know about anyone else, but I went to a small school, as small as Faith Bible, and when a class mate died, it was a huge deal even if they weren't in my circle... and Adam *was* in the twins circle.

2. The National Enquirer incident and Jeremy's nasty mouth on Myspace. I'll be honest, this is one of those incidents where I was genuinely disappointed all around in how the Roloffs chose to handle it (especially now that Matt and Amy have proven that trotting out Jake's failures for attention is clearly on the menu) because frankly, by NOT responding to it on the show, Matt and Amy allowed it to turn into a much larger issue than perhaps it needed to be. It happened during filming, and there wasn't a *word* of this breathed on the show. I think it was the moment where I genuinely lost faith in the idea that the Roloffs were going to be better parents than say, the Gosselins. They had the opportunity to really say something about how words hurt...but it was more important to circle around Jeremy and make sure the family was covered. That's what I walked away from this with.... the unpleasant suspicion, later born out in so many ways, that what was really important to the Roloffs was keeping the image intact

Not the message of inclusion. Bless us no, when the teachable moment is pointing out how wrong other people are, there are the Roloffs, when it is their kid, then it needs to be kept hidden. When it is your kid pointing and laughing at the midgets? That's open season for a timely Roloff lecture on not judging people. When its their son? That's a little too much ugly and bless us, our privacy is so important!

Made all the more laughable, again, by how the non favored Roloff children have their language punishments being sold on DVD.

3. The stalker/the burglar. The stalker talk started pretty early. Matt in particular way back liked to let slip their concerns about being stalked, about some woman getting a hotel room locally to be near them, needing the new gate, how the family would just toss you out if you trespassed but would honor patient fans who respected their privacy etc etc etc. The way Matt makes it sound now, there are *multiple* psychotics being hunted by the FBI. Apparently the house was robbed (There is a reference on line to burglars actually getting into the house). What, are the crimes being committed a little too real?

4. The sign shooting that actually made the news. Again, a situation where the show was actually filming at that time and yet an incident that clearly was newsworthy didn't make the show? We saw the blood splashed on the trebuchet, complete with Matt commenting on the blood. It just seemed like an odd omission, all things considered.

5. The marital problems. Again, yes the marital problems were displayed but never discussed beyond "we're going thru some changes". An interesting thing I noticed is that for all the bits of discord, with rare exception, we never saw Amy and Matt get real and raw in an actual argument. We'd get snippets and then there would be a cut and then we'd get the later, separate haybales where Amy cried but never actually said anything and where Matt passive aggressively blames Amy for not endorsing his every whim. You know, I can't recall ever seeing them sit together in the hay bale. They certainly never answered questions on the marriage while together. To my point though, if you are going to show the start of the fight (thinking of the BVI trip fight) and then grimly sorta discuss the aftermath - and you're claiming the show is real and raw and blah blah blah, why the hesitance? I mean, Amy did everything but out right say Matt had been drinking and verbally abusive to Zach. Now sure, a lot of people are going to start whining about privacy etc. Here's what I have to say to that.

I'm not the one calling the show real and raw. I am not the one saying that the show is real and that it shows the good the bad and the ugly. The reality, folks, is that while Matt snotting off in a confessional on a weekly basis how he didn't have faith in a family member to achieve a weekly goal wasn't too private of a moment for a father and husband to share with the public, any time the situation even hints of being critical of Matt and to a lesser extent Amy, the situation is too private. And there are a lot of fight situations that started on camera and stopped cold. Remember the riverboat fight?

6. The DBU (Jeremy and friends name for their little gang) being into body building and taking muscle supplements. You'll notice I don't say "illegal muscle supplements" because I don't know that they use illegals... Here's my point. It is an innocent enough hobby if you aren't using the illegal stuff. Nothing wrong with it. Why didn't we ever see it?

7. Speaking of hobbies, why wasn't Jeremy and buddy Mueller ever shown hunting or talking about hunting? It sure seems like that's something that happens quite a lot and yet no mention of it.

I am sure, utterly sure, that I am missing things because there were so many things that were real but apparently not real enough. What did I miss?

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Reports About the Roloff Family At Little People of America National Conference in Anaheim

In the years that we have maintained this site, Spiritswander: Keeping Up With the Roloffs, we've had the pleasure of becoming connected to many people within the LP community.

One of the nice things about our site after gaining a respectable reputation for being "real", is that many different people will give us the scoop on their experiences when it involves the Roloffs. Friends and the people that know the Roloffs realize that the sites that come from Matt himself and the LPBW image of the Roloffs are "fluff" so sometimes they appreciate a site that goes beyond the fluff.

We can confirm the legitimacy of the people we are in communication with -- they aren't anonymous people that we have no idea who they are. We know who they are and we know they attended the LPA conference in Anaheim. Obviously, opinions and perspectives belong to individuals. The way our site works is that we relay what is going on and pass the "buzz" onto you -- the fans and people who are interested in the Roloffs so that you have an idea of what is really being said by people there.

This is stuff that you're not going to hear (for obvious reasons) on Matt's Facebook or by people on their payroll/staff.

So what are the Roloffs like at this years LPA National Conference in Anaheim? What are people that were there are saying about them?

We have heard from multiple people and the stories have all been very similar and sadly, it's not very positive.

First of all, the Roloffs were telling people that they're doing more TV with TLC, but nobody saw the cameras at the actual LPA conference.

One of the elements people might find interesting -- the Roloffs were not the big deal anymore. The guy from Pit Boss - Shorty Rossi, showed up and he was very much the center of attention. Apparently cameras circled around him with the Roloffs about 20 feet away.

As for the Roloffs as individuals, what might come as a bit of a shock for readers of our site is that the biggest indictments and the Roloffs that people at the LPA were commenting on the most in a negative sense were about Amy and Zach. It varies, but as readers of our site would know, Jeremy and Matt usually have the most negative stories/opinions about them out of the entire Roloff family. However, not on this trip (well, more so for Matt -- we'll explain about Jeremy).

Matt is Matt, but people say Matt was social and cordial. People within the LPA weren't coming away with a negative impression of Matt (keep in mind, a lot of these people have known the Roloffs for years and years -10, sometimes 20 years).

However, the same cannot be said for Amy. The reports we got were that things are just so different. That Amy is so different. The phrase "Diva-like behavior or attitude" was used to describe Amy. There are people that Amy has known for over 20 years that she was sort of blowing off and people find themselves asking, what is up with the Roloffs?

The second or perhaps we should have listed this as the first thing that caught attention was Zach's behavior.

Before we get into this, one thing you should know that we haven't even done an item on yet -- is that Zach has a girlfriend back in Hillsboro. She's an average height girl named Tori that has worked for the Roloffs during pumpkin season.

Anyhow Zach's behavior was catching attention. Some people are saying it's like he's a totally different person. People have reported that Zach was stumbling around drunk on the dance floor. People in attendance are saying he was trying to hook up with random girls and in general his behavior with girls is catching attention -- especially of some of the parents that are observing how he's acting. That people knew Zach has a girlfriend back home was not making some observers too impressed with his behavior.

If you're wondering, that was not Zach's reputation at all in the past. Back last year for the CoDA basketball game in Michigan there were accounts of some of the "Statesmen" players getting so drunk that they were passing out in the hallway of the hotel. Anyhow, the person that reported that said Zach was not that way and actually heard him say that he didn't like it when they get stupid (drunk) like that.

Anyone that has visited our site in the past knows what we say about the Roloffs wholesome squeaky clean family image vs reality. This kind of behavior for Jeremy is nothing new, he's been the same way for many years, but it is a big change in Zach and people that are used to Zach at the LPA were surprised.. In fact, as shocking as it might sound, we've been told by multiple people that Jeremy and Mueller were mild in comparison to how Zach is acting at the LPA this week.

However, that's not to say Jeremy and Mueller weren't seen partying. Some said the Roloffs spent a lot of time in their suites and apparently some of the people that were drinking with Jeremy and Mueller were putting out the word that they wanted to see how Jeremy was the next day after his "rough" nights.

By the way, Jeremy is 21, so there's absolutely nothing wrong with it that way -- it's just it's not the image that the Roloffs and TLC have sold fans. I think most people familiar with our site are well aware of the statements the Roloffs put in their wholesome Christian oriented book "Little Family, Big Values" that Jeremy was credited for saying he wouldn't drink or do any of that bad stuff teens do because Jeremy only pleases God.

Whenever this issue comes up, especially regarding Jeremy, I think some people are confused about why it gets attention. It's more about the lies and hypocrisy from Jeremy and the Roloffs about it rather than the actual behavior. A 21 year old drinking/partying hard at a LPA convention is not shocking or unusual at all.

The thing fans need to understand is that for people within the LP community (or for that matter, any people) that have known the Roloffs is that Jeremy has been like that for many years -- people that know him say that he gets drunk and all "that stuff". Personally, I don't really care if adults (and Jeremy is an adult) choose to drink, I just find it to be such a paradox from someone who is as vocal as Jeremy is about "living for Jesus" and he legitimately spends most weekend nights at a church with his friends who are very much the same way -- listening to John Mark Comer deliver messages such as that people that go out and get hammered are drunkards and won't enter the Kingdom of God. To me, if you're going to be like that, if that's what you choose to hear and say you love hearing it, maybe you want to tone down how you're serving Jesus all the time with your actions and if you're going to legitimately listen to church sermons about how that kind of behavior will keep you out of the Kingdom of God. If that's what he's into -- then maybe wouldn't some of that actually kick in and you'd cut it out? However, that's just my personal opinion on the matter, I know many people that say most people in the Christian culture are the same way as Jeremy -- say one thing, do another, listen to how something is bad - praise Jesus for the message - then go out and do the "bad" things. Then come back next week - say Jesus is great because Jesus forgives and do it all again -- and some feel that's just the way people in the Christian culture are and Jeremy's not the exception to being a hypocrite if you want to call it that.

Anyhow, that's getting off track. The point is, that kind of behavior is nothing surprising from Jeremy, however that wasn't what the buzz has been about this week. It was that Zach was the one that was really catching people's attention for being even more like that.

So that's the talk. That the Roloffs are very different. That people are sort of asking each other 'what's up with the Roloffs'. People think they've burned a lot of bridges within the LPA and perhaps Roloffs will come back down to earth in another few years.

On a final note about the LPA convention as a whole this week -- people were saying that apparently attendance appeared to be down compared to past LPA conferences. People think that it's become too expensive in this economy and that prevents a lot of people that would like to attend from going.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

TLC Confirms Little People, Big World And Roloff Family Will Return For 4 Specials

TLC has finally officially confirmed that they are bringing Little People, Big World back for 4 specials.

The 1st special will air in early October.

For anyone that doubts our sources or information, we will kindly point out that we first reported this way back in April. The plan was for *4* specials.

[["So this is the Spiritswander take on the issue after consulting with our sources that are connected with the show on the latest:

People that have been lead to believe by Matt's hints that the *series* is returning, fans who are now posting excited comments such as "Season 7 will be the best ever" might be disappointed.

We are told a handful of specials are being talked about, probably about four or five specials. The idea is that they'll quickly film and produce them in lightning quick speed by LPBW standards to get them ready for air by the summer. It was stressed to us that it's a few specials and *not* the series returning for an entire season (typically a LPBW season was 40 episodes, split into two parts). It was also stated to us in terms that were not official or definite quite yet."]]

At that time, we were told that the original plan was four specials to be shot, produced quickly and was to air in the summer. We then were told it was delayed because of how difficult Matt was being in negotiations -- demanding a full season's payment for the 4 specials and the Roloffs were trying to get TLC to give them a grand vacation. According to our information, TLC wasn't receptive to Matt's hard line negotiation tactics and weren't willing to grant them the luxury vacation the Roloffs were angling for -- instead only willing to go for something more local. And that's why things sat idle for a couple of months.

Interesting to note -- our sources stated that contrary to what Matt says publicly -- it was definitely Matt that pursued TLC for the specials, rather than TLC begging the Roloffs to come back as Matt has been suggesting for months. I think wise people understand that what is said publicly between television stars and the network is not always an indication of how things really are behind the scenes.

For people that haven't kept up and truly wonder how the Roloffs are doing, the irony about these update specials is that really -- not much has actually changed with the Roloff family.

Of course, the finale left off with rather contrived cliff-hangers plots. Leaving some viewers thinking Matt and Amy were on the verge of divorce and that the Roloffs might sell the farm. Obviously those things didn't happen.

And not much has actually changed. There are always promises of change in the future, but with the Roloffs, things that are talked about don't always happen. Example -- TLC used the promo for Season 5 of Jake Roloff talking about how he would miss Jeremy and Zach when they moved out -- that was almost 2 years ago and they are still living at home.

So there really isn't a lot of "real" things to update. Jeremy and Zach still live at home like they did before. They still spend the majority of their days playing with friends like Jacob Mueller as they did before (don't expect Jeremy and Mueller's cat tossing to be featured in the specials no matter how 'real and raw' Matt and Amy used to claim the show was ;-) ). Zach is still soccer obsessed with soccer and works at the Indoor soccer place. Jeremy still doesn't have a job except to be paid by Matt to help him 'around the farm' and with his projects.

There's a lot of talk about Jeremy likely headed to Brooks in Santa Barbara, California -- a photography school - yet he hasn't and doesn't need to officially commit. A few people that know the Roloffs told us as recently as this week that they still have doubts that Jeremy will actually follow through and leave Oregon -- but it could happen.

Molly is still doing well in school and is the only Roloff kid that has stayed out of trouble and away from these little scandals that pop up every few months with the other members of the Roloff family .

The most significant *real* thing that happened in the lives of the Roloffs which is very questionable if they'll actually address in the TV specials is the fact that their youngest son, Jacob Roloff, 14, was expelled from Faith Bible School -- the school that has been prominently featured on LPBW as the Roloffs have sent all of their kids to the school their whole lives. Faith 'kicked' Jacob out in mid April.

Zach Roloff has an average size girlfriend named Tori that has worked for the Roloffs at pumpkin season. But again, as viewers of LPBW know, one of the changes between LPBW the early seasons and the later seasons were how less centered the show became about their real personal lives -- instead focusing on more contrived plots -- readers of our site will remember the "Story line cheat sheet" slip-up.

Since the season finale (actually officially filed in court the day the finale aired in Dec 2010) the Roloffs filed a lawsuit against Washington County for the 'trespassing/inspection of the ark' that was filmed by the LPBW crew and featured on the show. However, the Roloffs have been reluctant to bring any attention to the fact that they filed a law suit -- neither Matt or Amy has ever referenced the law suit on their many Facebook updates or on any of the other sites that Matt has his staff operate. People note that Matt and his staff delete fan comments that even reference the lawsuit -- so that might be an indication that the Roloffs are trying to keep the fact they sued the county for $200,000 for emotional distress allegedly suffered by Amy because of the incident, under wraps.

Other than that, not much has really changed and nothing really significant has happened with the Roloffs at all.

Anyhow, this is the Hollywood Reporter article:

Friday, July 1, 2011

Jeremy Roloff's best friend Jacob Mueller

We've decided to try out a new feature on the site -- a weekly guest column -- an opinion piece on some subject related to Little People, Big World and the Roloff family.

Regular visitor and one of our guest reviewers Rap541 from Arizona has graciously agreed to try it out and muse about different subjects. We'll call it Rap's Roundtable :)

The purpose is to elaborate on a subject and open up discussion on topics where there might not otherwise be a place for people to express their opinions.

The opinion piece will be Rap's opinion, but you are welcome to express your own opinion on the topic (emphasis on "express your own opinion" that does not mean 'Rap you suck!' it means 'I disagree/agree. I feel the way I do because...')

If you are interested in elaborating on a subject regarding the Roloffs or LPBW and would like a column featured, email at to discuss.

Rap's first subject is going to be Jacob Mueller. However, before I turn it over to Rap, I wanted to give people an overview on Jacob Mueller for people that might not follow Roloff happenings as closely as others. One of the purposes and goals of the Spiritswander: Keeping Up With the Roloffs site is to fill people in so when you hear people allude to things, you'll at least know why people are referring to certain things.

So here is our report on Jacob Mueller.

(This rather long introduction to Rap's weekly item will not be typical! What started as a brief introduction about Jacob Mueller so fans unfamiliar with some of the stories Rap referenced turned into the definitive article about Mueller. We thought about posting Rap's column about Mueller separately but don't want to have two items about Mueller going at the same time. )

Jacob Mueller is by far the most well known and most controversial figure out of the friends from Hillsboro that have appeared on Little People, Big World. Although he was rarely, if ever, the central figure in LPBW scenes, he has appeared in most of the episodes -- some would argue that he was actually seen on screen more than Molly because of how frequently he was seen hanging out with Jeremy and Zach.

Jacob Roloff is said to idolize Jacob Mueller, whom he considers
to be really cool (along with Jeremy). Most of Jake's interests
are determined by what Mueller and Jeremy like or think is cool

Although 'Mueller' is friends with Zach, and Jake Roloff is said to idolize the 'cool'Mueller, he is known for being Jeremy Roloffs best friend. Always together, never apart. BFFs for life. 'Amy's 5th kid'. It's almost impossible to overstate the closeness and frequency of the Jeremy and Mueller friendship. Viewers of LPBW heard Jeremy give a special and emotional 'thank you' to Mueller at his high school graduation. Viewers might recall Jeremy lamenting that Zach and not Mueller was accompanying him on the European vacation or Zach referencing how odd it was on a drive back from a camping trip that Jeremy rode in the same vehicle as Zach because usually Jeremy and Mueller are always together. Mueller went on the TLC vacation to the BVI's with Jeremy, Jake and Matt. Mueller was on the Roloff TLC vacation to Michigan and the American Queen River Boat through Mississippi with the Roloffs. He's set to join the Jeremy and the Roloffs this summer on their vacations. This will include the upcoming LPA conference in Anaheim (the beginning of July), of the last 4 LPA conferences Jeremy has attended -- Mueller will have been with him 3 out of the 4 (Seattle, Detroit and Anaheim -- Jeremy didn't go to the New York LPA conference in '09 so Mueller didn't go either - only Zach and Amy attended in NY).

Seen here with Jen Montzingo and Zach in Detroit at the '08 LPA
convention, Mueller usually attends the Little People of America
conventions with Jeremy

As a general rule, if Jeremy is doing something or going somewhere, you can probably be safe to say that there is about a 95% chance that Mueller will be with Jeremy.

And that's how it really is. If you thought they might start to drift apart since high would be wrong. Friends say they spend more time together than ever before. For as much as Matt has been giving the impression through his Facebook posts that Jeremy is working like a dog on the 'dirt deal' (Matt often says they work from 5:30am to 6pm)-- friends report that Jeremy and Mueller go on 'adventures' almost everyday. Sometimes with Zach and other friends, sometimes just the two of them, sometimes with 'babes' as they call them. Jeremy and Mueller have several different girls that join them on these 'adventures'.

Jacob Mueller and Jeremy Roloff often go on hikes together throughout the state of Oregon and sometimes Washington. Mueller posted this video on You Tube.

Now we'll get into some of the rumblings about Mueller. These are things that have all been said by friends of Mueller, people that know him. Keep in mind, everyone has an opinion and opinions differ. We're sharing it because that's one of the points of the site. To let people know the buzz, what really gets said. You can decided for yourself whether you agree or not -- we just relay it to give people a better idea.

Over the years, some friends have often alluded to Mueller having a rough upbringing or that he didn't have the best home life. Close friends are reluctant to get into specifics. Other friends familiar with the whole crowd say that's just dramatic talk and his home life was not that rough. They say that some of the friends just say/think that because Mueller's family wasn't *quite* as wealthy as most of the Roloff circle of friends and the Faith Bible crowd.

As mentioned above, people close to the Roloffs say that in addition to Jeremy of course, Jake (so many "Jacob's" and "Jake's" that we'll call the youngest Roloff - Jake) Roloff idolizes Mueller as a cool hero figure. To that end, Jake and Mueller are said have spent/are spending more time palling around together this year than ever before. Apparently much to Jake's excitement -- Mueller has welcomed Jake as an official member of the 'DBU' the little club name for Jeremy and Mueller's group of friends. Mueller has apparently anointed Jake as the future leader of the DBU legacy. Of course, part of the increased Mueller and Jake time is just because Mueller is always at the Roloffs with Jeremy and Zach. However, because Jake Roloff does idolize Mueller -- you might sometimes hear people say that Mueller is a 'bad influence' and wonder what all that is about.

Part of that talk is about school and grades. As most people know (if you were not dizzy from Matt's spinning of the situation), Jake Roloff was expelled from Faith Bible and had poor grades. Some people note that he's following in Mueller's footsteps (although Jeremy and Zach had poor grades throughout school too as LPBW viewers are aware). In addition to the school issue, people do say Jake is now talking in the same odd language as Mueller and Jeremy and starting to pose in the same type of photos with the same goofy expressions that Jeremy and Mueller have made infamous.

As LPBW viewers know, Mueller was not able to graduate with Jeremy and the rest of his Faith Bible class and was scheduled to go to summer school in order to gain enough credits to graduate. Did you wonder how that came about? Here is what has been reported about Mueller's own schooling history.

Originally, Mueller was attending Faith Bible. During high school, reportedly due to cost, his parents took him out of Faith and Mueller went to a public school. According to friends, Mueller didn't like it and wanted to be back with Jeremy and the DBU at Faith Bible. Mueller began skipping a lot of classes at public school which led to failure and missed credits. Friends have said that some of the parents friends and people associated with the school donated some money in order for Mueller to return to Faith Bible High School where he was reunited with Jeremy and the DBU. Mueller was there for Senior year. However, according to friends, because he had skipped so much during his time at public school, he didn't have enough credits to graduate in June with the rest of his classmates, thus needed summer school.

Friends say Jacob Mueller has spent more time
with Jacob Roloff than ever before. Some have
noticed that Jake is emulating Mueller in many
different ways: clothing, goofy expressions in
pictures, language and school troubles

So some people take Jake Roloff becoming increasing influenced by Mueller who thinks he is so cool and then reference Mueller's own attitude and history of failing in school and they deem Mueller as a negative influence on Jake Roloff. For Matt and Amy's part, they are just delighted that their kids have such good life long friends and are happy when Jake is happy when hanging around Mueller and Jeremy.

Religiously, Mueller is a Christian. Just like Jeremy, Mueller is fond of Bible quotes, the Solid Rock/John Mark Comer church and praises Jesus. You might recall a story that some chalk up to Mueller and Jeremy's tendency to exaggerate of how they were on their bicycles, a van came around a corner at a high rate of speed. Mueller concluded that the van driver must have been high on drugs and that the van should have skidded, flipped and landed on the pair -- surely killing them. However, the van did not flip and the two were uninjured. Mueller believed it was because Jesus was looking for their safety and well-being.

Jacob Mueller is usually heavily involved in all of the different
controversies involving Jeremy including throwing the cat
towards the ceiling while Jeremy snapped pics of "flying Mo"

We can't do an item on Mueller without referencing his reputation because of the internet. Any of the various scandals and controversies Jeremy has gotten himself into, Mueller is involved also. The racist/homophobic slur/language scandal -- Mueller had many of the comments with Jeremy. Mueller's use of slurs were arguably more plentiful than even Jeremy's frequent use. Mueller was also directly involved in viciously insulting fans on the internet . References to other -- 'unwholesome' activities -- Mueller is involved. The cat tossing and other stories of animal abuse that make animal lovers cringe all not only consist of Jeremy, but Mueller too.

Mueller and Jeremy do most things together
including killing birds and posing for pictures
with the dead carcasses

Jeremy admiring blowing a bird's brains
out -- literally

Mueller's reputation as being nasty towards LPBW fans is one the most frequent things said about him. There was a famous internet story (complete with screen captures as proof) of Mueller sending messages to one of Jeremy's most adoring fans demeaning her and calling her vulgar names. The story garnered much attention at the time. Some of the friends called the girl a "b*tch (she was an adoring fan) other Jeremy friends called her a loser that should kill herself because she must have no friends. Disgusted fans wrote Peggy Roloff, whom at the time was touring the United States and Canada as a Christian speaker spreading the message of Christ to tell her of the nastiness from Jeremy, Mueller and friends. Peggy apologized on their behalf and said she was going to speak to them.

Cyber-bullies? Concerned fans wrote Peggy Roloff after it became known that
Mueller and other friends of Jeremy's were sending mean-spirited
messages laced with insults to adoring fans of the Roloffs. Peggy
apologized on behalf of Mueller, the friends and Jeremy.

In the aftermath of those stories, friends have been asked about Mueller with fans and friends have been quite blunt stating that Mueller always hated the fans and that kind of thing was typical of what Mueller thinks of LPBW/Roloff fans. Even to this day, friends are still admitting that Mueller ridicules and mocks fans with the Roloff kids and their other friends. The most recent story was involving a 13 or 14 year old girl, an excited LPBW fan that saw Zach with Mueller when they were on an outing in Portland. The excited fan girl -- God forbid... apparently said she was a fan of the show, loved the Roloffs and asked Zach for a picture. He obliged. Mueller snapped his own photo of the moment. Mueller then reportedly posted the picture and labelled the excited young girl as the "creeper". So that's Mueller's reputation with the fans. It is true that other friends admit that does sum up Mueller's attitude towards fans and how Mueller, Jeremy, etc. talk about the fans. The one caveat said about Mueller regarding fans depends on how pretty the girl is -- a "hot babe" -- Mueller might turn on the charm.

There have long been rumors about Jeremy and Mueller's 'unwholesome activities' -- some long time followers might recall Jeremy being caught telling friends that he was bringing the "drink" and Mueller would bring the "stuff". It might surprise you, but that kind of talk still goes on. We can confirm the reports a few months ago that Jeremy and Mueller still have conversations where they do an awful lot of referencing to certain activities -- I have to admit for two guys that both say they are living for Jesus their conversations topics are not what you'd expect from two people that constantly stress that they are living for Christ -- and that accounts for some of the public opinion of Mueller's (and Jeremy's) reputation.

There's been lots of speculation -- and quite frankly friends flat
out stating it - about some of Jeremy and Mueller's habits regarding
certain substances. Some skeptical fans wondered the 'why' when
Amy reported that 'the boys' were very nervous when the cops
showed up unexpectedly on this camping trip after investigating
their parked vehicle.

Also, as many people have noted in the last year or two, Mueller (and Jeremy -- as is the theme of this item -- pretty much anything Mueller is involved in, so is Jeremy and vice-versa) have transformed from being 'skinny' to rather muscular and toned. Although there is speculation (and concern) for just how they are achieving that, friends say Mueller is very into legal muscle supplements. A few months ago they say Mueller was investigating using a supplement that has been referred to by the bodybuilding community as "The liver killer".

There has been a substantial change in the physiques of both
Mueller and Jeremy since senior year. Friends say they are into
working out and muscle supplements

Mueller more recently

It should be noted, that while friends do confirm those things and some admit that Mueller does say things that would offend some people, they say he's very funny guy and a great friend.

One of the most famous things Jacob Mueller is known for on the internet is the rather outrageous pictures Mueller and Jeremy have posed in (a few of those many collection of photos are scattered through this item).

Jeremy and Mueller often wear matching outfits -- pictured
above in homemade 'DBU mission' shirts.

We wouldn't be doing our job in this item about the buzz about Jacob Mueller if we didn't at least mention this part. Due to all the rather flamboyant affectionate pictures Jeremy and Mueller have appeared in and because of the closeness of their relationship - always together -- yes some people do speculate and wonder if Jeremy and Mueller are gay. "Are Jeremy Roloff and Jacob Mueller gay?" is a common search term.

Friends of Mueller and Jeremy have actually said that the two have told them stories about clerks in clothing stores, mistakenly, not as an insult (although Jeremy and Mueller were very offended) thought they were "together" or a "couple". Jeremy and Mueller said they scoffed at the clerk's stupidity and got a good laugh out of it.

Mueller and Jeremy are known for posing for attention-getting
photos. Some find the photos ridiculously funny, some think it's their form of mocking gay people, others are utterly confused about what the two are conveying with these types of pics.

There will always be speculation about things like that about public figures, most of it stems from the amount of time Jeremy and Mueller spend together -- there are best friends - then there are Jeremy and Mueller. However, friends say that it is absolutely not true. That neither of them are gay. They pose like that to be funny. They both have rather unaccepting views of gay people -- I think it's been well stated on our site about the teachings of their church that they both love (advocating that gays should pray to God to be cured of their perversion). Also, both Jeremy and Mueller do have throngs of pretty girls that they spend time with often and join them on their 'adventures'.

Mueller and Jeremy (also with Zach here) are often joined by several girls

Jacob Mueller passed a fire-fighting course last summer
and worked for a few weeks in Eastern Oregon

Mueller was attending PCC with Jeremy, Zach and many other of their friends. He has worked several part time jobs that apparently change quite regularly. He worked at Rite Aid for a while and at a gym. He often works with Jeremy for Matt (are you beginning to see a trend?). One of the most independent things Mueller has done to separate himself from Jeremy, was last summer he took up fire-fighting -- sort of. Friends report that Mueller did the training and passed. He was called -- but at the time he was having problems with his teeth so he declined. When he was read,y he headed to Eastern Oregon basically camping out in the country waiting for fires to break out and awaiting his call. The waiting went on for most of the summer so he would invite friends to come down and hang out with him and they did fun things like cliff jumping.

While waiting to be called to fight fires, Mueller
spent most of the 2010 summer entertaining visiting
friends like Jeremy and Zach by cliff jumping

When Jeremy returned from his Oasis of the Seas cruise and the Nashville LPA conference, Jeremy visited Mueller a few times. Zach and Molly made one trip (we're told Jake Roloff was mad at Amy because she wouldn't let Jake join Jeremy, Zach and Molly to visit Mueller)

Known for their over-the-top dramatic embraces on LPBW,
Mueller and Jeremy were happy to re-unite when Jeremy visited
Mueller in Eastern Oregon in the summer of 2010 after most of
last summer apart. One summer apart was enough as this summer
Mueller is set to join Jeremy and the Roloffs on their summer vacation
plans that kick off this week.

So that is pretty much all the buzz about Jacob Mueller.

By the way, we do extend an invitation to Jacob Mueller to have his opinion heard about any of these topics that people discuss about him. If he wants to say anything about these issues -- confirm, deny, stand-by, apologize, refute, explain -- whatever he wants to say to have his side known we will certainly be happy to give him that venue to say what he wants and to express himself without any censorship.

Now we turn it over to guest columnist Rap to discuss Jacob Mueller. All of the following opinions are that of Rap's.

Written By Guest Columnist: Rap541

Spirit had the idea of doing a column on various interesting things about the Roloffs. Now I am always willing to natter on about things, and I may occasionally play the devil’s advocate here. The idea is to promote discussion.

So let’s talk. In particular, let’s talk about one Jacob Mueller. It might surprise many of you to know that Mueller is one of the people in the sordid play that is Little People Big World, that I sometimes feel sorry for. Sure, he’s clearly got a nasty attitude toward fans, and sure he’s a bit of a dumbass…. But… I can’t help but feel some pity for him.

Pity? Yup. Mueller is a hanger-on. Sure he’s gotten some free trips out of the deal and always has a place to crash, but life as the extra Roloff son who isn’t as rosy as we might think. If Mueller ever steps out of line, he will be *cut out*. Mueller might be in a ton of episodes but guess who never got a red cent for being on tv? Guess who will never be signed on to make one red cent? Rumor has it Matt Roloff is very much like Kate Gosselin, when people appearing on the show start asking to be paid… they are never seen again. Ever wonder what happened to seeing Pop and Honey? Yeah, I imagine Mueller knows damn well that he wouldn’t be welcome in the home or on any more vacations if he ever dared suggest he be allowed to get on the gravy train.

I also occasionally feel bad for him because, not only can he never get a paycheck, unlike pal Jeremy, he also can’t be friends with Jeremy unless he accepts the crap edit. Mueller is the dumbass sidekick, forever the dumbass sidekick. Good lord, no one had to mention on tv that he didn’t graduate, but since Jeremy did need to mention it, really, who was there to say “hey, this might be a little embarrassing to the kid we’re not even paying to be on this show”? Who was looking out for Mueller and the other buds? TLC?

No, TLC probably delighted in it. Mueller’s never seen parents? Somehow I suspect the threat was “don’t want to be filmed, then don’t come over, and if you do come over, you get no say” and isn’t that a choice to give teenagers?

Plus lets face it, whatever dumbass things Jeremy and Mueller do together, once it’s finally made clear that there’s no arguing that throwing cats and being racist is wrong, who gets the “bad influence” talk? Jeremy? The kid with the money and the permissive parents who maintain a party house for all the white kids to come to play at? Or Mueller? And when and if Jeremy ever leaves home, are the Roloffs saying “hey maybe it’s inappropriate for a 20 year old to play with a 14 year old?” And if something bad happens then who will get the blame?

Matt and Amy for their continued terrible parenting choices? Jake for his own bad behavior? Or Mueller for being the bad influence and the only not Roloff to point fingers at?

I hope Mueller has someone in his life who has the concern for him to point out that mooching for a living isn’t much of a life, and that he’s going to be thrown to the wolves by the Roloffs as soon as he steps out of line. Am I being soft on Mueller? A bit - I know plenty of people who will point to his nasty comments and his much rumored activities and say “Mueller isn’t a victim” or that he actually gets a pretty positive edit - and yeah, that’s true, for now. Right now, Mueller is towing the Roloff line. But what are the Roloffs really doing for Mueller? Sure, he gets to mooch off them, and hang around Jeremy and pretend to be a Lost Boy to Jeremy’s Peter Pan… But has Mueller ever held a job for longer than six months? Does he still go to school? Does anyone in the Roloff family really give a damn what happens to Mueller as long as he continues to be Jeremy’s and soon, Jake’s almost live in playmate? Do Matt and Amy have any real concern for what happens to Mueller?

For that matter, aren’t Matt and Amy bothered that people seriously discuss Jeremy leaving home in terms of what Jeremy will do without Mueller? Can Jeremy leave home for an extended period of time without needing Mueller? What’s up with that? I mean, part of raising your kids is raising them to not have dependency issues… do the Roloffs ever stop and consider just how creepy this whole relationship is? I mean, one of my thoughts on Jeremy’s ability to be successful at Brooks, is whether or not he can actually manage to not have his co-dependant best bud on hand.

Mind you, as long as Mueller knows his place, I think he has a few more years of mooching before he’ll need to grow up. But make no mistake, he’s only “in” as long as he knows his place.

Matt Roloff Facebook Fan Page Updates - July 2011 and Beyond

Aug 25
A great day today.. Jer got off on his new adventures.. Zach and I laughed and cried together.... Well ... zach laughed, while I cried.. Zach immediately took over Jer's garage bay.. He loves it.. Even if it is only for a few months.. Zach has big (but very different) plans in the works too.

Aug 25
Jeremy packing his VW bus for the trip to his new home in Santa Barbara.

Aug 24
Jeremy moves to California tomorrow to start photo school. He'll be back to visit and help during pumpkin season... Roloff Farm will never be the same again. I'm happy and sad at the same time. :) :(. You can take the boy off the farm.. But you can't take the farm out of the boy. That makes me happy.

Aug 24
Ahhh. Always so nice to be home. For those that didn't know I flew to NY and met up with Bill and Jen from the Little Couple... With other little people friends we all chatted with the folks from ABC's Extreme Home Makeover.. Who are building a custom home for a family with a young LP daughter. It was a lot of fun... Sooo many incredible volunteers helping to build that home.. Btw-- I did feel the quake!

Aug 23
Film all day... Race home back across country

Aug 22
Great day today. I was blown away by the energy compassion and excitement from everyone involved in this makeover. I'm honored to be even a small part of the project.

Aug 21
Had to leave jeremys going away party a little early to catch my flight to NY. I'm too old for red eyes ... But its the only way to get it all done. My back is screaming.. "don't do it"! Oh well. Here we go anyway.

Aug 20
Travel blitz on. I'll be waking up in current times zones next several days. Sorry can't discuss where I'm going .... Clandestine mission! Lol. Really.. Not kidding.

Aug 20
Spent most the day in the studio.. Then chased pigs around town for a few hours. Love my life! So much variety :). So much spice

Aug 19
Got some New little pigs today. Tried to make friends with them but they promptly escaped our pen and are now on the lam. Oh no..

Aug 18
All the kids out playing soccer under our night lights.. Such a great summer evening..

Aug 18
Maybe I'll just lay low for a spell... Probably not!

Aug 17
Back to filming more LPBW tomorrow. Fun fun

Aug 16
Food for thought... “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” Eleanor Roosevelt.

Day in... Day out... Pounding away at to do list. Prep for pumpkin season big focus now.. Some huge developments in the works.

Aug 14
Can you tell now what it's going to be? :)) I'm like a kid in a candy store when it comes to my projects. Amy doesn't even bother rolling her eyes anymore. She just smiles and shrugs ..... Sort of. :)))))))

Aug 14
My friend Tobi.. Her Dad.. and brother Spencer came to visit us from Dallas TX for the weekend. We showed Tobi the Roloff Farm inventory cage. Apparently, she's been collecting every color and style t-shirt we've ever offered. :))

Aug 12
Hey... I've been so preoccupied with the dirt site and new projects around the farm... I forgot to celebrate with you all .. a major milestone.. I said a few months ago I was hoping to hit 50,000 friends before my 50th birthday on Oct 7th.. Looks like we made it! (Isn't that a song?). A huge thanks to everyone. Now you can turn the channel.. :)))

Aug 12
Here I go again

Aug 11
I watched the movie "officer an a gentlemen" the other night. I gotta admit. I was balling like a baby at the end... And it was the 3rd time I've seen it. I'm just like my dad .. I cry at the drop of a hat. And just like him .. I'm not afraid to say it. :)). Or show it.

Aug 10
Having some fun with Jacob.

Aug 9
The Goatel (see prev post) didn't even make a dent in our wood supply. I've collected old barn wood for years.. every single stick of wood is like my little babies. Only problem is .. wood goes bad when it's stacked forever. Wood needs air.. so using it.. is often the best way to preserve it. The wood shed in this photo is only part of all the wood stored on our Farm. Building this shed was featured on an old episode of LPBW.

Aug 9
Presto a Goatel

Aug 9

This the biggest heaviest rock on Roloff farm. It weighs approximately 35 tons. According to the guy who drove the truck that brought it in. It anchors the zip line. Notice the cables wrapped around the base .. It took all my dozers and excavators connect like a train to pull it off the lowboy... And yes. Jacob is 'enjoying' the view from atop .. Errrr

Aug 7
My mom just sent me some cool Quotes: This is the first one-- I'll put the others in the comments to this post.

“The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience , but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.” Martin Luther King

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” Eleanor Roosevelt

“Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world.” Harriet Tubman

“Life is either an daring adventure or nothing.” Helen Keller

“You can never cross the ocean unless you have the courage to lose sight of the shore.” Christopher Columbus

Aug 6
Sometimes I get so caught up in what I'm doing. ..or distracted by my problems and life chaos... I forget to stop and count my Blessings. Everyone has Something to be thankful for.. even amongst your grief, loneliness or despair you can find something good if you try. I'm blessed with an Amazing, supportive family... and a deteriorating little body that still accomplishes things I never expected.. What are your Blessings? What are your Hopes?

Aug 5
My best buddy Pondo, took me to the Portland Timbers game game a few nights ago. Zach was soo jealous... Oh well, Pondo's already taken him several times before.. It was my turn! Timbers beat the Galaxy 3-0 :)) So much fun!

Aug 5
Finally I got all my name shout-outs listed. (from my post on Tues at 10:53pm) Sorry it took a bit longer than excepted. Been unbelievably busy past few days. So many things going even cover on FB. But i'll try. One little bite at a time. :)

Aug 5
Had a great time tonight with Amy at the street of dreams block party to support her charity ARCF. Fun times!

Aug 4
Amy, Molly and Jacob home safe and sound. One of several surprises was getting Amy a new couch she liked From ethan Allen. :)). Hence the EA hint a few days ago. Still working on last nights name list. :)).

Aug 3
Decided the perfect thing to use the round poles for... Perfect addition to our pumpkin patch.. But something else is much much bigger news.. Hope to announce it soon. You're gonna want to come visit us this October. Trust me.:)

Aug 3
Who's posted the most times ..that I haven't been able to give a shout out too yet? Sometimes I loose track of where I'm at. Figuratively and literally

Aug 3
Do you ever have one of those weeks where you get so much done that you can't believe it was possible?? Is it really only Tues? Amy, Molly and Jacob coming home tomorrow. Can't wait! Missed them all so much last few weeks.

Aug 2
Have a large stack of round poles that I've had from a barn we took down some years back. I'm thinking about building a cool frontier style fort. Some many ideas.. So little time.

Aug 2
Nothing like having my favorite salami sandwich at mad Greek deli after a long busy day.

Aug 1
The real Roloff Farm work fleet. It takes an army of these bad boys to keep things on the move. Here they are All lined up for their annual shots... Errr I mean oil change. Getting ready for pumpkin season

July 31

Now 'she' feels at home... With her new name painted on.. Was going to say 'Roloff Coach Express'. But decided Helvetia was just to cool name not to use.

July 31
Thanks for everyone's comments and likes. Even when I come in completely exhausted from the day.. I always enjoy hearing from you all .. Worked on some cool surprises for Amy today.. Can't tell u about them until after she gets home on wen. :)).

July 29
Per our schedule... We'll be back to filming next week,.. Lots of exciting activites, events and developments to show you all via upcoming LPBW shows. Bing, bang, boom... See you soon!

July 29
Too much going on ... to even keep track of any of it. :). Busy busy little man.

July 29
My friend from high school.. Gail.. Posted this... "Stupid Cancer!! We all wish to have a new car. . . A new phone. . . Freedom. . . A person who has cancer only wants one thing. . . To survive. Put it on your wall in honor of someone who died from cancer, survived, or who is fighting against it now."

July 28
I don't normally talk politics ... But... I read something that caught my attention.. "maybe no more paychecks should be issues to politicians until they find a solution". I wonder how fast the budget issue would get solved? On our dirt project.. We've had to deal with 14 government agencies. Countless permit fees and government red tape. Makes you wonder if we could do with some trimming?

July 28
Todo list is not leaving much time to Facebook... Gotta oversee building a road tomorrow.. For more dirt. ...and still keep everything else in moving forward.

July 26
know I've shown this before.. But was doing a tour today and drove past this cabin we built deep in our forest for Jacob some years ago. Totally dig this little structure. :))) All built from logs grown on our property when I thinned the forest way back when.

July 26
It doesn't get any better than this. Photo taken in Maui a year or so ago...

July 25
Let the fun begin!

July 24
Mission garage clean ..Success! For those of you wondering why the lights are different color tones ... We have over 44 light fixtures in our garage. All controlled by 2 switches. One turns on the white lite for day time filming. The other a yellow tone for evening nite filming. I had them both on for cleaning :))

July 24
Jer, Zach and I deep cleaning the garage. I love things uncluttered .. Especially my garage.

July 24
Went to Home Depot and Lowes today with Camerino.. while Jeremy weed wacked.. Got tons of supplies to do a long list of maintenance items while Amy's gone. We were there for 3 hours..

July 24
Amy, Molly and Jacob left today to go visit Amy's family in MI for a week. Jer, Zach and I gonna' hold down the fort.. ...well....
sort of.

July 24
Don't you feel terrible when you miss a friends Birthday? Happy (late) Birthday Nichole.

July 22
When I was in LA earlier this week... TMZ spotted me and did this crazy little piece. Talking to those guys is like playing with fire... But Harvey is a great guy so they had some fun at my expense.. In case you missed it...

July 22
How was everybody's day?

July 22
My Felix-The-Cat-Bag-of-tricks impression. Loved that show

July 22
I've said it before... There are a lot of kind, wonderful people in this world. This is a friend of mine since Jr. High school. What a great soul.

July 21
The only tool I ever really needed

July 20
What's Matt Roloff up to now??

July 20
Can almost feel the rat pack sitting on my balcony back in the day

July 19
You know you're in LA when there's one of these on every corner... Come to think of it.. Maybe my nose could use some work

July 18
Touchdown ... sunny city of Angels. Couple of quick meetings then off to the beverly Hilton. Never stayed there before. But heard it's got lots of history. Meet me there

July 18
It's funny how your children can take such wonderful but different paths.. Jeremy the visual artist . And soon to be photographer.. Zach the ultra successful sports enthusiast, coach, mentor and teacher!

July 18
Took this photo of Jeremy's now mostly deserted Swamp Fort. Ahh the fun they had. Every parent is sad to see their kids move on from childhood.... But happy to know that you gave them all that life has to offer.. Jer.. I'll keep you're beloved fort alive for our Pumpkin visitors to see forever. :)

July 17
Green Grease Meeting. look it up

July 17
Another day bites the dust... I mean sand.. errr I mean mud.. OK... so it's dirt

July 17
Our old West Town needs a Stage Coach.... Oh Yea.

July 16
Almost Finshed our road widening and parking lot for the new agritainment center off the freeway. Project is ahead of schedule but still not planned to open until 2012

July 16
Oregon weather really a bummer this summer.... I feel a trip to the Bahamas coming on... Wonder if I have some miles in my account?? have a working travel blitz this week on the west coast first ...before I can even think about that idea.

July 16
Hangin with my friends Daniel and Pam at the trestle. This things a monster

July 15
Finally... figured out how to get us on the same page. I know..I know.. video is corny... but at least you have Matt Roloff to pick on again. lol lol​=KDAY9gWVUmU

We want to make a Giant Walk-in Pumpkin. ...Does anyone know someone in the spray-foam... or maybe Fiber glass bus?? or ...who can work with any 'material' to create a 10ft high size pumpkin play house??

July 14
It's amazing how fast they grow up

July 14
A perfectly good ... Big boys bed. ... But No! Rocky llikes what he likes. Spoiled old goat

July 13
The ole boy has taken over ms June bug's bed.. He doesn't even realize it's not the right size... What a baby huey!

July 13
Anybody ever had a torn meniscus? My knee has been torturing me when I move it a certain way.. errrr

July 13
So many wonderful people in this world. I love my extended family of Little People friends. ... And facebook friends too

July 12
Life is good

July 12
Every once in awhile I like to take timeout from my crazy updates to Welcome all the new folks that have Joined us recently. ....soooo without more ado... A big Welcome.. to all those that have joined us since the last time I welcomed everyone. I hope to eventually shout out to each of you via my wall post comments.

July 12
Got the ok (encouragement) from TLC to make a video announcement from Amy and I about upcoming LPBW shows. Now that we're back ... and caught up a bit... on farm, dirt and bills.. Try to work on putting something out over the next few days

July 10
We made it home ... Saw lots of incredible scenery but nothing as incredible as Helvetia. Our own farm. Kids all had fun even Jacob said the trip was great! I had lots of time to think... Oh boy.. Now I have a zillion new ideas to get on... first thing in the am.

July 10
I've said it before... And I'll say it again... "Sometimes you're the windshield and sometimes you're the bug".. Today I guess I'm both.

July 9
Cool old Santa Barbara light house.. Gone pizza parlor. The kid shows it well!

July 7
After months and months of planning ....

July 6
Statesmen silver medal in basketball. Congrats to all!! Great games.

July 6

Rough day on the court.. But it's not over yet.. They're still in the hunt. but doesn't look so great Fingers crossed

July 6
Crazy busy...having a blast. See Roloff World for update

July 5
The winning is great... But you know what I'm the most proud of with zach and marty ?? Ever since they founded this team some years ago. Im proud of the way they have brought new players on and included new people. The statesmen is a very classy team with great sportsmanship. Congrats to zach marty and all the statesmen

July 4
Zach medal count. At 2011 dwarf nationa Football: gold, volleyball: gold, soccer: gold, tomorrow: basketball.??

July 4
Eddie, one of the statesmen, showing me that they've made it in the gold medal round for soccer finals... Wish us luck !! Fierce competition Take nothing for granted.

July 3
Jacob such a comedian.

July 2
Zachs team , the statesmen, won the gold medal in flag football. Very competitive and very exciting. I hope they didn't wear themselves out for the big soccer matches.

July 1
Amy making lunch at 60 mph. For those wondering who the young man is in the back. That's CJ. Zach is sponsoring him to attend his first ever little people sports events. I'm very very proud of zach becoming like a'big brother' to this young person. You may remember him.. We first met CJ when CODA (marty and my non profit ) did the custom bike give away

July 1
Shasta area


The above content is from the Fan Facebook page of Matt Roloff located here:

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