Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Actor With Dwarfism Nominated For Emmy Award

Peter Dinklage received an Emmy nomination in the category of 'Best Supporting Actor' in the HBO series 'Game of Thrones'

This is only related to the Roloffs because Amy Roloff in one of her March Coffee Chats, suggested that the Emmy awards should invite her to be an award presenter and implied the Emmys could be doing more to display diversity on the Awards show.

"Another thing on my mind is the Emmy awards. Look at me, I was on one of the longest running family reality shows in history. Six seasons, 220 episodes. Wouldn't it be great for me to be invited to present an award? I watch the awards and see all these beautiful women with hour glass figures in their gorgeous designer dresses. I think they should have the challenge of making me a dress and making me beautiful. It would be great for diversity for people to see me at the Emmy awards up on stage presenting the award for the program on television for this genre..."

Peter Dinklage, a respected actor that has dwarfism, has been nominated for an Emmy award for his role in "Game of Thrones" on HBO.


David said...

Peter Dinklage and the Roloffs aren't even the same solar system...

He has talent. The Roloffs...are the Roloffs...people willing to lie and deceive for any amount of attention from a so-called reality show.

Dana said...

Has ever Peter Dinklage ever acknowledged what Matt Roloff and his family has done for dwarfism awareness in the last decade?

Becca said...

It's well deserved! It's my favorite show. He's the best actor on it and very good looking! :)

Rap541 said...

Dana - is Matt Roloff his mentor?

I do like how you sum up any person with dwarfism's accomplisments with "they're garbage if they don't get on their knees and beg Matt Roloff to take the praise since Matt is the Alpha and Omega of ALL DWARFS! If you are a dwarf, and you aren't Matt Roloff, your EVERY ACCOMPLISHMENT is due to Matt Roloff, you are nothing but a useless piece of trash that Matt Roloff *raised up* and brought forth. Any dwarf who doesn't fall to his knees and praise Matt and give Matt credit for their accomplishments is a lying peice of crap because its ALL DUE TO MATT ROLOFF, the ONLY DWARF who WILL EVER DESERVE PRAISE!"

Dana? Did it ever occur to you that Matt Roloff doesn't even know Peter Dinklage?

Here's an interview from 2006 where Matt admits that very thing.

Peter has also been acting for years, since 1995, which would be a good many years before Matt Roloff ever had a reality show... In fact, in that article Matt mentions a film called The Station Agent where Peter (BEFORE LPBW EVER AIRED) was nominated for SAG awards.

But Dana wants Peter Dinklage on his knees, giving every single accomplishment of his life to Matt Roloff because well, even though Peter Dinklage was a success long before Matt Roloff ever got off his high horse about reality shows, and actually had to have some talent other than being a dwarf, Matt Roloff and his family deserve the praise for his life's success?

Is that about right, Dana? A man who was a successful actor before Matt made it to tv deserves to have you *chide* him for not mentioning how his success is due to a man he, per Matt Roloff in 2006, had not met?

Please explain in detail what Matt Roloff did to earn the praise for Peter Dinklage's career.

Becca - I geniunely hope he wins... He's the perfect Tyrion and thats really not an easy role at all....

barnaby said...

Peter is an actor - not a dwarf who acts. A big distinction. Unlike the Roloffs, Peter doesn't live off being a dwarf. His success is because he is an outstanding actor.

The movie, "The Station Agent," was written for Peter, and gently addresses a few little person issues, while showcasing Peter in a wonderful story. If you've never seen the film, it's a good one.

Vic Rattlehead said...


Peter Dinklage owes Matt nothing, the two of them probably don't even know each other.

After all Peter is a successful multi award nominated actor who got where he is through hard work and sacrifice while Matt is a failed salesman who got fired from every job he ever had and then decided to whore out his family on a low rent cable tv network "reality show" (in a section of thegenre which is derided in the TV industry as "trash TV")because he was to lazy to put in the effort to actually do any work.

samanthastarns said...

How Amy said what she did just sounds like she's too big for her breeches. Seriously? A long-running "family reality show" doesn't even compare to anything else that's at the Emmy's. Get off your high horse, Amy.
And I'm pretty sure Dinklage got to be a successful actor without Matt Roloff's help. He's been working long before Matt was on TV, or the thought of Matt being on TV even came to mind.

BeckyM said...

Haven't seen the show but Peter is a hottie!!

The quote from Amy, UGH. What a reality-ho. She sounds exactly like Kate Gosselin! MEMEMEMEMEMEEME!!!!!!!!

Carol said...

Samantha, I thought the same thing about Amy's quote when she said it. That says it all about the ego of the Roloffs.

What I think is sad is that Amy used to be the Roloff that kept them grounded....look at what happened to her.

Campaigning for herself to be on the Emmy's or else they don't accept diversity. While they are honoring someone with talent, not as a sideshow.

Dana said...

Rap, how many Emmy nominations did Peter Dinklage receive before Matt Roloff did what he did for dwarfism awareness?

I read the article you linked. It sounds as though Matt did not completely like the movie or Peter's portrayal because of the depressed nature of the movie where as Matt showed the world that your life doesn't have to be depressed or less because a person has dwarfism or a disability.

Personally, I feel that someone like Peter Dinklage should recognized that one of the reasons he is being honored is because of the work that Matt and his family has done to educate society about dwarfism.

Do you know what I think? I think a lot of people, most likely including Peter Dinklage and any of his fans, are jealous because of the fact that Matt Roloff is more well known and is the face of Little People and he is not. Tell me honestly. Do you think more Americans know Peter Dinklage or know Matt Roloff? They know Matt because of the positive impact he had with Little People, Big World.

Amy made a valid point about being invited to the Emmy awards, although Matt should definitely be included as well.

Rap541 said...

Barnaby - If you haven't seen or read Game of Thrones, I highly recommend. It actually deals in part (because frankly the story is rather complex) on how Tyrion (the dwarf character) holds his own in a world of knights and such by outthinking and and tricking everyone else in the room. Very good stuff and the character is significant throughout the whole series.

David said...

"Peter is an actor - not a dwarf who acts. A big distinction. Unlike the Roloffs, Peter doesn't live off being a dwarf.`

Well said, Barnaby.

Rap541 said...

Really Dana? Now you're badmouthing Peter Dinklage because he's JEALOUS of Matt Roloff and because as a dwarf acter who was getting nominated for awards (Screen Actors Guild, its in that article) before Matt got up on the cross and martyred himself himself, Peter Dinklage AND ALL DWARFS BEFORE AND AFTER must all kiss Matt's ass and publically declare Matt the reason they are successful?

Really Dana? Matt says its depressing so it couldn't possibly have had any effect, ONLY MATT AND HIS FAMILY DESERVE ANY PRAISE EVER?

Makes me glad I'm not a dwarf since in Dana's eyes, I would always need to be praising Matt Roloff for all of my accomplishments. Dwarfs of the world have accomplished nothing before Matt Roloff, and after? Must always insist that Matt is over them. Thats really your take away from the show? That's sad, that you think all dwarfs but Matt are worthless and never accomplished anything before Matt came along (although many including Peter Dinkalge did) and are worthless after, just scum people who must spend their lives owing Matt Roloff for their every accomplishment.

Thats so very Christian of you, Dana, to look down on people who don't applaud Matt Roloff.

Anonymous said...

I seriously cannot believe just how closed minded you are. Who are you to say who is more well known? Peter Dinklage, who has been a well-respected actor, receiving accolades, on both sides of the Atlantic for well over a decade or Matt Roloff, whom I hadn’t even heard of before 3 years ago (who most everyone I know can’t say that they have any inkling of him). Granted, the American version of “Death at a Funeral” was atrocious but the original was so funny you had to watch it at least twice just to hear it over the laughs. Why must you always put one person or group down in order to bolster the one you obviously favor? Why can’t you accept that one’s good (or bad) fortune has nothing to do with the other? Your insecurity in yourself shines forth every time you sprout your fundamental, everything-must-either-black-or-white-simple beliefs.

KG said...

i know this might come as a shock to you dana, but the world doesnt revolve around the roloffs. other dwarfs, with much bigger success, dont need to praise matt roloff for doing just a reality show. they werent the first family that brought "awareness" about it. i dont agree with you so i must be jealous of a self centered moron who failed at parenting, yep, jealous!

Emma said...

Dana...the reason Peter is being honored is NOT BECAUSE OF MATT but because of HIMSELF. Peter is a tremendously talented actor. Matt is a tremendously talented liar. Why don't you go work for Matt since you're such a Roloff butt kisser. You could join his army of sycophantic employees.

I'd like to point out that other than the dwarf community, the Roloffs are nobodies. They're fact, they're worse. And even their dwarf community popularity is fading.

And seriously Amy? She pisses me off! She doesn't want to be at the Emmys for "diversity." She wants to be at the Emmys because she thinks she's a big shot. Let me point out again the Roloffs are lower than Z-listers.

Rap541 said...

Yeah, here's the thing.

Peter Dinklage is nominated for an Emmy due to his talent, not due to his dwarfism. He's out there, living in the average height world, competing with the average height actors, and he's nominated for an award for his accomplishments in acting at the Emmy's.

Amy's whining that her appearence on a reality show should make the Emmy's "check the box" and have her as a presenter to show they don't hate little people... not because she's done anything.

Will someone explain to me how Amy's bitch that the Emmy's aren't diverse is valid now that we have little people actually nominated for awards?

As opposed to handing out awards as presenters for "color" and diversity threats?

Vic Rattlehead said...


Matt's little sideshow on TLC has nothing to do with Peter Dinklage's emmy nomination.

Emmy nominations are given to those who demonstrate a level of talent and technical skill considered by their peers to be of high merit be it acting, directing, writing, producing or doing technical work on a TV show.

I think you're just jealous that a dwarf with actual talent got nominated for a prestigious award based on the hard work he put into perfecting his craft while Matt's TLC sideshow never even got nominated for a single award of any kind (even cheesy 1980's schlock like Mr. Belevedere won an emmy for best lighting in 1985).

Talk about projection.

Rap541 said...

Do you think more Americans know Peter Dinklage or know Matt Roloff?

Lets see, someone with years of professional acting under their belt including such Christian epics as Prince Caspian, and on the HBO hit show that is on a PAY channel that garners better ratings that LPBW.

Dana? More people know who Peter Dinklage is. More people know who Marty Klebba is, to be honest. But lets hear you give some FACTS instead of your HATEFILLED opinion that Peter Dinklage is soooo jealous of Matt Roloff, he went out and got himself nominated for an Emmy JUST SO HE COULD SLIGHT MATT BY NOT HANDING MATT ALL THE PRAISE FOR ALL OF HIS ACCOMPLISHMENTS.

Dana? You got anything other than "I love matt so shut up"?

Vic Rattlehead said...

Hey Dana:

What about the 87 people who were slaughtered by a maniac in Norway today?

Do they count for anything?

Or are the empty meaningless lives of the Roloffs more important?

Do you even care because none of those ordinary people who were just going about their day or the people
attending a youth camp most of whom were around Jeremy's age weren't famous and have never been on a third rate "reality tv show" aired on a fourth rate american tv network?

Please do tell.

Sandie said...

Dana, Dana, Dana, how small your world must be! I can only hope it's because you are so very young, and not because you are so very ignorant.

Dana said...

How many Facebook fans does Peter Dinklage have? Just under 7000. How many does Matt have? Almost 50,000.

The fact is, most people in modern day society associate people with dwarfism to Matt, because of everything he has done with his family in the name of LP awareness.

Peter Dinklage may have been in some small, critically acclaimed films, but you're speaking as a fool if you think his level of notoriety comes close to matching Matt's contribution to society.

Who is to say the Emmy nomination would have happened if Amy did put some pressure on them for shining some light on the Emmys as they relate to the LP community?

You are all grossly ignoring Matt's contributions if you think what he has done through Little People, Big World, his books, his time as LPA President and his speaking that it doesn't help a person like Peter Dinklage be taken seriously.

Matt's comments about the Station Agent were right on as far as I'm concerned. Matt is a positive person that has a positive influence on the world by teaching people that they can leave a full life by being optimistic and giving glory to Jesus Christ.

Shelby said...

I'm just wondering has the actor Peter ever commented about the Roloffs or Matt?

GoT fan said...

If anyone hasn't seen the show, this is a great clip of Peter as Tyrion Lannister. He totally deserves not only the Emmy nom, but to win it! He owes Matt nothing!

Justin said...

Was his character in the book a dwarf or was it written that way for Peter?

Vic Rattlehead said...



Peter Dinklage got to where he is because he worked very hard sacrificed a great deal and refined his craft not because of some second rate shyster who got a "reality tv show" on TLC that pretends to support "diversity" while supporting a sleazy politician like Bruce Starr who is basically a neo-nazi pretending to be a decent person.

Vic Rattlehead said...

(addendum to previous post)


Amy didn't "shine a light on the emmys" with that verbal spew she was whinging about not getting undeserved recognition.

Amy like to think that she's some sort of big shot when she's not even a medium or small shot, she's just the grifter wife of a conman who has deluded herself into believing their con.

Rap541 said...

It was written as a dwarf, without Peter in mind. The series was first published in 1996.

Again Dana, should nPeter Dinklage be on his knees begging Matt to accept his earned rewards as Matt is the only dwarf who ever mattered?

Yes or no, Dana. Do you believe everyone who qualifies as a dwarf must pay homage to Matt now and forever?

Do you understand that that Peter Dinklage's nominatation has to do with his skill as an actor and has NOTHING to do with his height? Matt deserves to be honored as a little person because Peter Dinklage is a great *actor*?

You do understand that you're basically saying all little people have to be judged as LESS as they are little and therefore none of their accomplishments are meaningful UNLESS they PRAISE MATT JESUS CHRIST ROLOFF?

Dana? Do you understand how you undermine the cause Matt theoretically stands up for - aka accepting little people as capable of competing with average height folks - when you insist no little person EVER deserves any praise for their accomplishments unless they first get on their knees and beg Christ to allow Matt Roloff to have their accomplishments?


Peter Dinklage was in criticaly acclaimed films before LPBW or even LPBD but ALL OF HIS ACCOMPLISMENTS ARE DUE TO MAT ROLOFF?

Dana? Dana?

Dana, have you read A Game of Thrones? Which was first published in 1996? Have you seen A Game Of Thrones on HIBO to where you can say "THIS IS ALL TO DO WITH MATT ROLOFF BEING ON TV IN 2006?"

Dana, you are a bigot. You think all little people are and were incapable of accomplishments because of their size and needed Matt Roloff to hold them up when in fact, little people have always been with us. Look up Billy Barty, or the Ovitz family.... but you won't. Because you HATE. Dana HATES. FOR THE LOVE OF MATT ROLOFF HATE HATE HATE, huh Dana? Your HATE of all little people accomplishing is all out there for us to see, Hater Dana.

Ava said...

Amy, there's not a dress designer in the world that could make you beautiful. Beauty comes from within and all I see within you and your family is ugliness to the core.

Rap541 said...

Shelby I have not found any comments other than Matt stating he's never met the man who owes him all of his accomplishments as Peter Dinklage is a dwarf and all dwarfs owe Matt Roloff every single accomplishment they make per Dana as Jesus Christ demands it lest all little people go to hell for not acknowledging how they all owe their lives and their every accomplishment to Matt "Christ on Earth" Roloff.

It so makes me glad I am not a litte person, and therefore required from my birth to forever be nothing since Matt Roloff is King of ALL DWARF PER DANA AND JESUS and due all the kudos to any accomplishment of any dwarf forever and ever amen!

Samuel said...

I agree with Dana on this topic. Many of you that comment on this blog (sounding like highschoolers) have caused it's significance and integrity to evaporate. Thanks Dana for your contribution. I'm not sure who to blame, the contributors or the moderators? By the way, no need to get all ninja defensive Rap. When you ramble on I tune back out, and go back to only reading Matt's Facebook feed.

Anne said...

I also agree with Dana and Samuel about this topic.

I don't understand why some people are getting offended. I don't see it as a slight to Peter Dinklage or others with dwarfism, but as a common sense acknowledgment of what Matt has done for the LP community.

Dana is absolutely right about popularity. Some of you are in denial. It's true of myself and and almost everyone I know. The only LPs that people really know in the last 10 years is Matt and his family....and Mini Me (Vern Troyer) and I won't even get into what was a positive image and what was a negative image. People might have seen Marty in Pirates, but they don't know him or associate him with dwarfism like they do Matt.

Anne said...

Also, it is worth noting that what the Roloffs have done on LPBW was the dream and vision of Matt Roloff. Sure, Amy supports it now after she was able to reap the benefits, but in the beginning, it was Matt that realized what they could do for people with dwarfism by doing the t.v series.

Rap541 said...

Samuel - I highly doubt you don't read my posts.

So you do believe as Dana does, that Peter Dinklage owes his entire career to Matt Roloff and Matt Roloff deserves the Emmy for Best Supportng Actor for Peter's work on A Game of Thrones?

That is what you're agreeing with. That and all dwarfs were subhuman crap people before Matt.

Anne - in all seriousness, are Marty Klebba and Peter Dinklage and the Foos family, and Rob and Amy, that nice dwarf lady on the Little Couple who is a doctor, that fellow who hasn't been on a reality show but is a LP and also a pediatric surgeon, the Hatches who were running a successful business before reality tv... as soon as they were all born, they were all indebted to Matt Roloff?

Really? If you're a little person, your personal accomplishments are never your own because Matt Roloff owns them.

Anne - the slight to Peter Dinklage is this. His getting nominated for an Emmy for Best Supporting Actor happened in spite of his being LP, not because of it. He's not competing in DAAA soccer with fellow dwarfs because he can't run with the average height, he IS competing with average height people in a rather difficult field and has done so successfully long before Matt Roloff sold himself to reality tv. Like how Jen on the Little Couple went out and got a medical degree without Matt Roloff, like how Marty Klebba has had a succesful career without Matt....

And you know, I'll shut up when Matt admits all his accomplishments are owed to Billy Barty, who was the pioneer for LP awareness. Since Matt doesn't give his accomplishments to someone who did more and who came before him (Barty established the LPA btw) I really don't see why all LPs have to stand up and say "Even though Matt Roloff is my age peer, all of my accomplishments since I was born are due to Matt getting himself a reality show in 2005."

I know Matt wants to be "King of the LPs" but really, that doesn't mean all LPs, including the ones who go out and compete in the average height world, have to pay him homage just because he's nothing but his disability.

nyc said...

Can the "Matt is altruistic" spiels. Matt did that show to line his own pockets. Case closed.

Matt Roloff wouldn't spit on any of you fawning sychophants to put you out if you were on fire. Guess you haven't read how these shining examples of Christianity treat their fans.

Be happy in your delusions.

Rap541 said...

Oh hey, since NUMBERS matter...

Dana, Kate Von D of LA Ink has 2,389,539 followers.

Matt has 48,403.

Since you want to make it a numbers game, then Matt is MUCH LESS POPULAR than a tatooed skank.


Harrison Ford has 81,092 friends on facebook.

President Bill Clinton has 623,153

Jim Caviezal (he played Jesus in Passion of the Christ) has 7,711

So your point of who's friended the most means nothing. Please feel free to argue. the more you do, the more your hate of all dwarfs who aren't Matt Roloff shines to God. :)

traci5 said...

"The fact is, most people in modern day society associate people with dwarfism to Matt, because of everything he has done with his family in the name of LP awareness."
Really? There are around 7 billion people in the world. About 350 million in the US. At it's heyday, LPBW had, what?, 2 or 3 million viewers? Most of modern day society has never even heard of Matt. Most people I know certainly have no idea who either he or Amy is.
"Who is to say the Emmy nomination would have happened if Amy did put some pressure on them for shining some light on the Emmys as they relate to the LP community?"
This is just offensive to Peter Dinklage on so many levels I'm appalled you even wrote it.
"People might have seen Marty in Pirates, but they don't know him or associate him with dwarfism like they do Matt."
I think this is the point. People see Marty and Peter and think 'good actor'. People see Matt and think "dwarf". It's startling that people believe that being "that dwarf-guy" is superior to all the LPs who actually have made award winning contributions to their chosen professions.
I'm not saying Matt hasn't contriubted. I think the first season of LPBW WAS a great vehicle for raising awareness of LP issues. If Matt and Amy had stopped there, I would have nothing but good things to say about them in their small but important contributions. But acting like they are the only LPs who contribute or matter is creepy at best and horrifying at worst. IMHO.

Rap541 said...

Btw lest it goes over Dana's head - she's implying that friending on Facebook is the be all and end all of popularity. Matt has more friends, therefore Matt is more popular and NOTHING ELSE matters. Matt has more friends on Facebook and that is the only valid measuring stick.

Dana, please admit to the crowd that Matt is less popular and therefore LESS AS A PERSON than Kate Von D. She has a ton more friends and thats the only valid measuring stick you're allowing therefore, you must logically agree Kate Von D is better than Matt.

Any answer other than yes means you acknowledge that Facebook popularity is not the only valid measuring stick to apply and therefore the number of friends someone has on facebook is kinda meaning less.

Brit said...

Amy's quote....OMG. That says everything about how fame has went to the Roloffs head. Totally arrogant and self absorbed. No wonder why the Roloff kids are so rude. Look at the parents.

Rap541 said...

Traci5, the entire point of the show clearly went over Dana's in her rush to demand Matt Roloff's buttcheeks be soundly kissed for being an LP.

The point of the show is that little people can accomplish the same things average height people can. That we shouldn't immediately assume a little person can't do something.

But... per Dana, Peter Dinklage isn't being nominated for an Emmy for Best Supporting Actor due to his talent at all. He's just being thrown a public bone, the Emmy Awards nominated him to check the box on little people because that's all little people deserve... they certainly aren't accomplishing anything on their own, they all owe every ounce of their personal and professional success to Matt Roloff.. and none of them are or were capable of success because no little person ever accomplished anything other than well, being less until Matt Roloff came along, and since they were losers before, they are certainly losers now since everything they do is not due to their accomplishments but due to Matt Roloff.

Who here thinks our take away from all this is that All Little People Suck and Were Losers Accomplishing Nothing Except For Matt (And CERTAINLY NOT AMY JUST MATT)?

Dana? Dana? Come on Dana, was that the point of the show? All little people are losers who need special accomdationas and Matt's help to be successful? What a *nice* message for LP Awareness! :)

Dana said...

Samuel and Anne, thank you for having some common sense.

Rap, you are ridiculous. You try to put words in others mouths to strengthen your own broken arguments.

The point about popularity was simply in response to people disputing my statement that Matt is the most well known and the person with dwarfism that has had the biggest positive influence on society in the last decade. Matt is more well known than Peter Dinklage. That is why number of Facebook is relevant in this case.

In order for a person to be acknowledged by an organization like the Emmys it takes trail blazers, people that helped make it possible.

Matt Roloff and his efforts with Little People, Big World did provide a wake up call to society that they need to take Little People seriously.

I am not saying Peter Dinklage give credit to Matt for Peter's acting abilities. What I am saying is that Matt Roloff's work in society helped change opinions and create a mindset where people will treat someone with dwarfism fairly and honor their accomplishments You are all naive or biased if you think Matt did not play a major role in that.

I certainly hope that if Peter Dinklage wins, he will mention Matt Roloff and Little People, Big World. If he does not, that will reflect negatively on him.

Vic Rattlehead said...



Matt is an arrogant blowhard with serious persecution and guilt complexes along with an overwhelming poisonus thirst for money and attention nothing more nothing less.

Rap541 said...

So indeed, your arguement about Facebook popularity is pointless since you do concede that the number of friends does not mean anything.

After all, you, and not me, were throwing numbers around. Now that the numbers prove a tatooed skank is more popular than Matt Roloff... well now its about dwarfism.

And Matt was trailblazing when he put on that Ewok suit huh? Oh right, Dana, you get all twitchy when EwokMatt is mentioned because he was dressed up as a teddy bear for money....

So Peter Dinklage - who was nominated for awards before Matt graced television - isn't a trailblazer because Matt being on a reality show AFTER Peter Dinklage was nominated for SAG awards for his acting in The Station Agent means that Matt Roloff opened doors and changed opinions... even though Peter's accomplishments predate LPBW?

Dana, is Matt a TIME TRAVELER now? Since his being on LPBW in 2005 is why Peter Dinklage was nominated for awards in 2003?

If you insist it will reflect negatively on Peter if he doesn't mention Matt then you are demanding he give his accomplishments to a man he may not have even met and who had nothing to do with his talent. Matt's King of the LPs and all little people must pay him homage because they are nothing without Matt.

You Dana, are a bigot, a bigot who thinks all little people are less if they don't concede they owe Matt everything. You're still insisting Peter Dinklage will be a bad person if *Matt Roloff's accomplishments* aren't acknowledged when (and if) Peter wins an Emmy for his acting talent.

Again, glad I am not a little person since people like Dana will always consider me less... Its simply inconcievable anyone would be nominated for an award due to their accomplishments... its all because Matt was on a reality show!

Rap541 said...

Anyone know what Matt's Q score is compared to Peter Dinklage?

Ron L said...

Praise God for people like Dana.

Susan Coles said...

Ron L, Samuel, Anne, let me get this straight. You all agree with Dana that if a person with dwarfism wins an award based on their talent, they are classless unless they thank Matt Roloff?

Timothy said...

The only thing TMZ's fluff piece the other day provided was insight into Peter Dinklage and Matt by omission. Matt mentioned other famous little people and didn't mention Peter.

While Matt was quick to call Dinklage's performance portrayal in The Station Agent depressing, he seems to be a lot more real than the fake happy wholesome act of the Roloffs.

I would like to know what Peter Dinklage really thinks of the Roloffs.

Rap541 said...

Timothy, honestly, I kinda wonder if the Roloffs are even on Dinklage's radar

Sam said...

Peter Dinklage is much too deep for the Roloffs and....he likes cats and is against cruelty against animals!

BeckyM said...

Peter is going to be in this upcoming Indie film - Knights of Badassdom

Anonymous said...

Dana is just ridiculous! Never even heard about Matt Roloff. Most people on reality shows are just fame whore who care for nothing but themselves and that seems to be the care based on Amy's comments. Peter Dinklage has been around for a long time and is a well respected actor. The great thing about Peter is that you see the person, the actor, not a little person acting. Just like racisim, people see color and that is the problem when you should just see a fellow human being. I've never thought about Peter as a little person, just a great actor that is helping people blur the lines in what makes us all different. More people should be like Peter!

TheGoodFaery said...

I've watched LPBW and thought they were an interesting, and where Matt is concerned, fairly disfunctional family. Amy works hard, and Matt spends a great deal of money (buying two black Mercedes at once.) Peter Dinklage is a fine, fine actor and there would be no reason for their worlds to cross except in Amy's mind where she has become more than a pubalic speaker. I was shocked to see that anyone would think Mr.Dinklage should attribute his success to anyone other than himself and his decades of hard work. Has it occurred to anyone that perhaps LPBW came to be because Peter Dinklage was acknowledged to be a fine actor? And that even without the Roloff's, the newer program about the more loving married "Little Couple" might have aired anyway?