Sunday, July 31, 2011

Jeremy Roloff And Jacob Mueller In You Tube Video

**Updated Note** The video has since been deleted/removed from You Tube. Our original description below remains. As stated, parts of the video did feature some friends of the Roloffs that are under 21 -- such as Mueller and a friend named Christian (Molly's age range) clearly doing shots of Jack Daniels in the Roloff garage. As you can see by the initial comments when the video was still up, those parts of the video were garnering a lot of attention. I think one can assume why the video was deleted shortly after we linked it here. **

There's a new video You Tube that features Jeremy and Zach Roloff, some of their friends, mainly Jacob Mueller and some of the video was taken at the Roloffs.

It's a video of two girls from France who have spent the last couple of years living in Oregon and travelling around the United States. These are the some of the girls we referenced in our item about Jeremy's best friend, Jacob Mueller. These were two (of the many girls) that Jeremy and Mueller go on "adventures" with. The video includes some pictures from one of their adventures.

Other Roloff notes from the video:

*The part from 1:06 - 1:13 is indeed Jacob Mueller drinking Jack Daniels (among other things) in the Roloff garage. Notice the light fixtures that Matt was referencing on Facebook last week. Not that under-age drinking going on at the Roloffs is anything shocking to anybody who really understands the Roloffs and doesn't buy into the image they present. With these types of things, you realize what the Roloffs and their friends are really doing as opposed to the image and how their actions contradict some of their stated beliefs -- ie. Mueller, like Jeremy, like other friends of the Roloffs in this video, are big supporters of the Solid Rock Church in Portland. Mueller is not 21. The Solid Rock Church makes it very clear that there is no gray area. If you are not 21, you are defying Jesus if you drink alcohol because people are to obey the law. Again, not that any of this is particularly unusual, and certainly not shocking especially with Mueller or Jeremy, but you might begin to understand why many people scoff at the Roloffs image, the level of deceit that goes on and roll their eyes when Jeremy, Mueller and their friends declare that they're living for Jesus and unleash Bible quotes all over the place.

*The other guy during that sequence and later seen doing his own shots in the video, is the Roloff friend Amy referenced in her picture of Jacob Roloff playing in the pool with Mueller. He is their friend named Christian. Christian is around Molly's age. He hangs out often at the Roloffs with Jeremy, Mueller, Zach and Jake Roloff.

*In the picture of Zach (also in the Roloff garage), the girl that is standing up with brown hair, is Zach's girlfriend. Her name is Tori.

*The other girl in the Zach and Tori picture, is one of the many, many, girls that also attend the Solid Rock Church that people often think appears to be Jeremy's girlfriend (and Mueller's too for that matter, since Mueller and Jeremy are rarely separated)-- although again, there's a whole throng of girls that fall into that category.


Brandon said...

Way to host underage drinking parties, Matt and Amy!

That was Amy's dream right? To create a home that the kids wanted to party at?

Jane said...

Underage drinking aside, I like the video. I wish I had the money and time to do that when I was that age. It's a fun video.

Jason said...

Jeremy lied? Shocking!!!!!!!!!!!!
Drinking goes on at the Roloffs? Shocking!!!!!

They are liars. Total jokes.

They're not "real" like they get credit for at all. Why do the Roloffs go out of their way to lie?

Leslie said...

I love it! 5 stars! Mueller looks really hot drinking :)

Christine said...

Did the french girls drug Jeremy and Mueller at the end? lol. It might be a good idea, the only times they aren't obnoxious jerks.

Justin said...

Jeremy hard at work on the dirt project I see...

Susan Coles said...

Once again, the video highlights the ineffective and poor parenting from Matt and Amy.

Look at Jake's playmates? They're drinking. In the Roloff home.

Is it any wonder that Matt and Amy say Jacob is so challenging, his talked about big attitude and why a school would be forced to expel him.

Memo to Matt and Amy. It's not cute to permit your 14 year old son to chum around much older people who are bad influences because kids emulate what they see. Jacob Roloff is a perfec example.

Roxanne said...

Oh sure, Mueller called Jerslundgirl a f#*K*@ B*tch loser for saying Jeremy was cute sleeping and these girls that are friends with them take pictures and it's all cool??

Kyle said...

Those girls must be loaded if they can afford to vacation in another country for a few years.

Myndi said...

Once again, Jeremy makes a mockery of Jesus with his lies and hypocrisy.

Shame on that church for endorsing his brand of Christianity.

Shawn said...

It wouldn't be bad if the Roloffs weren't such fakes.

Helene said...

Looks like fun. Great video!

David said...

Want to bet that this won't be in the TLC specials?

Shauna said...

Those Solid Rock Church people are like speaking to a brick wall. They don't understand what hypocrites they are.

Chris Linton said...

What happened to Muel and Jer Bear at 2:26? Too much Mr. Daniels? hahaha.

Diane said...

I also suspected that Matt and Amy permit teenage drinking and that's why all the kids liked partying at the Roloffs.

Jeremy is just a big fat liar. He doesn't have the first understanding of Christianity. It's about being authentic and being accountable. Jeremy embraces his version of it because he thinks it allows him to lie and not be accountable.

Drake said...

How long until Jacob Roloff is doing shots with them or does everybody think thats already started?

Lacey said...

Cute video.

Matthew Flack said...

Oh does anyone find this unusual? Mueller is 20. Turn the cameras on yourself or your own kids. They would be doing the same thing.

How is Matt supposed to know what goes on in his garage 24/7?

Christy T said...

Jeremy is a SMUG liar. I hope everyone knows that Jeremy has said to people's faces that he didn't drink and that him and his friends were really good kids that don't drink.

MT said...

The main girl in the video is very pretty.

AJ said...

Looks like fun, I wish I could do all that. If I only had the time and money to play all the time!

samanthastarns said...

It seems like all of them (including the French girls) crave attention in any form. I feel like if Jeremy wanted to keep this drinking stuff a secret, he would have been smarter and realized that in France, it's perfectly acceptable for people their age to drink so why would girls from France try and hide the fact that they drink with friends? I hope that sentence makes sense to others besides myself haha.

Pam said...

Samantha, I understood what you were saying.
About the drinking, I think of how much they must kill themselves laughing at trusting people that think the Roloffs are honest people with integrity.

Don't portray yourself as something you are not.
It is glaringly obvious that Mr. Alcohol is frequent friend of Jeremy and his friends, not Jesus and "I always look for Jesus for guidance!"

Cathy Anderson said...

Any of those parents in the are that has underage kids and allow their kids to go over to the Roloffs are terrible parents.

Terry said...

That's Matt Red Bug in the garage.

Myndi said...

Samantha, in my opinion, the issue isn't or shouldn't be Jeremy's concern for getting caught.

It's about his lack of integrity. The lack of respect he has not only for people that he lies to, but most importantly for God Himself.

Jeremy apparently shows up to Church most weekends. Praises Jesus. Promises that his heart belongs to Jesus. Then he goes out and does one of the very opposite thing he was praising in church.

They can't have fun without alcohol? Isn't Jesus enough? Apparently not.

Peter said...

It would be a good video if not for the fact that it shows that the Roloffs are the biggest phonies around.

Gee is it hard to figure out why Matt doesn't want any friends saying a word? So truths to lie.

Rap541 said...

Oh does anyone find this unusual? Mueller is 20. Turn the cameras on yourself or your own kids. They would be doing the same thing.

How is Matt supposed to know what goes on in his garage 24/7?

Thats real easy, Matthew, its call "being a parent".

Boo hoo Matt and Amy can't possibly prevent an underage drinking party in their garage. They're little people, it's beyond them, and if one of those kids drinks and drives, its not Matt or Amy's fault for providing the venue because as the homeowners and legal adults, they can't possibly be expected to police what goes on.

Only see, Matt and Amy ARE completely responsible when kids who are not family drink on their property. Does that make sense Matthew Flack? That adults who allow underage people to break the law in their home are responsible for what happens? Or is there some sort of "little people"clause where Matt and Amy are adults but sine they are little people, they can't be held responsible as adults for the underage drinking on their property since they are so little its just too much for them to keep up with? Are you making that claim?

Mind you, totally not shocked by this. Can't wait to see the "boys will be boys! DONT JUDGE US JUDGE YOURSELF!" response to the Roloffs providing a haven for underage drinking.

Hey, aren't all those Christian kids breaking the law of the land? Who wants to bet they grin and sin and say "Whoopsie Jesus! Now pass me a shot!" at the ol Roloff place a lot?

Brittany said...

Does Mueller have any clothing that didn't come from the Roloffs?

In the sleeping picture he's wearing a Roloff shirt with a Rockstar Hat that he got from a Roloff freebie.

Timothy said...

I feel sorry for the people who haven't figured out that the Roloffs lie through the teeth.

Michael P said...

Youth shouldn't believe the lies. There are young people that don't drink. Not everyone does it. Culture wants you to believe that there are no kids with a sense of right or wrong, but there are.

Just because Jeremy and his group made a joke out of it doesn't mean all kids do.

Kathryn said...

Maybe Matt's getting a guilty conscience and that's why he was talking about having beer parties at the campfire.

Paul said...

Matt has said their home has been burglarized. Anybody think if any items went missing it was the drunk kids themselves and their friends taking or using the missing items during their drunkeness?

Catherine said...

I don't get it. If Jeremy and Mueller want to do all that and they obviously do, why do the pledge devotion to such a conservative Church? There are other options that aren's so strict. And why blatantly lie to people?

They have no character or decency.

Ellen said...

Jeremy is 21 and is not breaking the law by drinking.

Tricia said...

Do Mueller and Jeremy do anything except drink smoke, be cruel to animals and play?

They really need some real jobs to stop acting like little boys.

Rap541 said...

Ellen, Mueller and Christian are NOT 21 and are breaking the law....

Ellie said...

how do those girls know jeremy and mueller?

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

Matthew, There ARE differences when most bloggers on this site turn the camera on their own children drinking while underage, if at all.
They DO NOT claim allegiance to the Solid Rock church and their strict code of conduct based on their interpretation of the laws as set forth.
They DO NOT profess to ultra-conservative lifestyles, constantly asking Jesus for guidance.
They DO NOT go to great lengths to ensure their reputation and image is above all reproach.
They DO NOT put their lives in the public eye for the sake of money and fame.

They are simply human beings who don't pretend to be perfect, don't pretend to be saints and don't pretend they can do what they want and are above the law. That's all.

Rap, there are some supporters I've not seen write in. There will be excuses. Dismissals from the one simple truth that gets adhered to beyond all else. I too, patiently wait for enlightenment.

I wonder what the big MR's reaction is going to be to this?

Chloe said...

I know one of the girl. Don't know when part in the garage was filmed but she recently turned 21.

The girls are 21. Jeremy Zach are 21. The only persons that aren't is Jacob M and the other boy?
Is it really bad for a 20 year old friend not to have some drinks when everyone is 21 in the safety of their own home?

Samantha Starns is right. In France, in Europe kids drink very young. Its only America that make it 21.

They are doing what Matt wanted for Jeremy. They are living having fun loving life. Who wouldn't want to do all those fun things when you were 21? They wont have regrets

Brandon said...

Well said Podge/Rodge.

Nadia said...

I've written the Solid Rock church about their congregation followers and the Ushers they embrace drinking and getting drunk.
They don't care. They just want to be the cool church that 20 somethings and recent high school grads will think is cool. The lead pastor's brother is friends with Jeremy.

What a joke :(
Some churches are so clueless. They aren't honoring God at all.

Angie said...

It's easy to understand why Jeremy tries to stay disconnected from fandom.

The image he needs to maintain is ridiculously fake and far from the truth.

Rap541 said...

And to hell with the law, huh Chloe? Better to drink up and have no regrets and have fun than show any respect to the law! Christians do what they want and just say "whoopsie jesus!" because well, screw the law, if its fun, do it, and to hell with anyone else!

Its just a LAW, and Christians don't need to obey man's laws! Jeremy can share booze with his underage pal Mueller because Jesus WANTS him to and to hell with Solid Rock Church, right? Its FUN, and church is a hospital for sinners and Jeremy would rather be hospitalized for sinning while grinning than actually *obey the law*. And god bless him for violating the law, right Chloe? Your pastor tells you to give booze to the underage because you as a Christian need to live life and have fun and have no regrets? Chloe? Is that what your pastor tells you? Go drink with underaged people?

I KNOW thats not what John Mark Comer tells Jeremy because I've heard the tapes and had everyone tell me how Jeremy loves the teachings. But apparently Christians just make the rules, and they don't have to live by them, and when they get caught out, well, its just ridiculous for anyone to expect a Christian man like Jeremy to not have his underage pals drink at his house because having fun is much more important than living for Jesus.

Chloe? Have I summed up your "whoopse Jesus" faith correctly in that Jeremy can drink, and allow his underage friends to drink and all he's gotta do is grin and say "I was sinning! Whoopsie Jesus, I'm sorry, now Christian do another shot!"?

Because really, why have rules for living at all if you can knowingly break them and still be lauded for standing up for Jesus?

Pidge - considering the massive legal issues involved in Mueller and Christian being served alcohol on his property, I'd like to know what the Big MR thinks about how his home is where you can get drunk underage. Oh right, wasn't he all "Woo Beer parties!" recently? Who wants to bet he acts like an adult and doesn't let Mueller drink?

Allie said...

I didn't know Zach had a girlfriend??

Sara said...

I feel sorry for the people that actually believed their image and thought that Jeremy and his friends did have fun in ways that pleased God and avoided alcohol and drugs.

I agree thats one of the reasons why they avoid fans.

Chris Linton said...

Cut the Roloffs some slack everybody!

Maybe it's one of Matt's new ideas he's always talking about. A new interactive Pumpkin Season attraction.

For $30 you can enter the garage and have a shots of Jack Daniels in the garage with Jer Bear and Muels?

Matt hire me to brain storm some great ideas for you!

Rap541 said...

How about a Drunkin' Punkin' Rave Party for Matt's birthday since he's all about the beer parties by the campfire now that Jer-Bear (and not Jer's friends but WHO CARES IF ITS FUN, SCREW THE LAW, right Matt?? I mean, its JUST YOUR HOME WHERE UNDERAGE KIDS ARE BEING SERVED ALCOHOL) is of age.

samanthastarns said...

Myndi, I completely agree, I just thought I'd point out the fact, that's all. Seems like they just don't care, it's so sad. Don't Mueller and Jeremy want to be better people and make a difference in the world? Apparently not :(

samanthastarns said...

Michael P, I just want to attest to your "not every underage person drinks" statement. I tasted wine/alcohol in the safety of my home under the eye of my parents. Not a big fan of alcohol so I don't drink it. When people go out and party, if I go, I order a soda or water. Tastes better anyway :)

CO said...

Everytime I see or hear about Jeremy and his friends drinking it pisses me off because I know Jeremy looked people in the eye and said he does not drink and that he and all his friends were really good kids that didn't do any of that stuff.

Lying in the book is bad but could be excused if he was forced to say that or if it was just credited to him and he never said that.

But for him to actually lie to people's faces, he has no conscience, no character. Somehow he fools himself into thinking he's being Godly and Christlike?

He's a big liar and scam artist like Matt.

Vic Rattlehead said...

"I like your christ, but I do not like your christian's, they are so unlike your christ"
~M, Gandhi

Leigh said...

I think the Roloffs are always about lying to people. They have no morals. They think because they're on tv that they're special and don't need to have any moral decency or respect for people.

Jack said...

They're not that unusual for 20/21 year old guys. I don't know why they pretend to be so straight and narrow and clean cut. Bunch of fakers.

Has anyone ever thought they might be faking the whole "I love Jesus" stuff to meet and pick up Virgin girls that are waiting for marriage to have sex so they can high five when they deflower the girl?

BeckyM said...

Did you know that as a parent if you allow underage children in your home to drink that legally you are liable for any damage they do? That includes if they kill someone while driving drunk?

People who have hosted parties at their house have learned the hard way when they ended up in jail or losing their life savings.,2933,276178,00.html

But then again Matt thinks drinking and driving go together right?

My problems:
1.) Hypocrisy. Amy and Matt are selling themselves as speakers and role models to college kids. Jeremy promotes a right-wing Christan Church and it's ethics.

Some facts about the costs of drinking in college students which leads to rape, property damage and death.

2.) Jeremy has already had one friend potentially die due to his abuse of alcohol/drugs. At the very least the friend was an abuser; friends report that alcohol is commonly used and abused by Jer and his buds.

There are "addiction personalities" IMO and Jeremy who hangs out with a questionable group of losers, has had a claim to fame at an early age, has no job, is on the 10 year plan for a 2 year degree, and has parents with pathetic parenting skills is heading downa dark road.

3.) The attitude that all kids drink and abuse drugs and if I don't believe that I am naive. What I believe is that drinking and drug abuse gets headlines. Kids who don't cause trouble don't get into the news.

Parents who are not involved or who promote the idea that is okay (Matt) have a higher chance of kids who drink and abuse. As a parent, I do not promote drinking, drugs or tobacco abuse by doing it myself or turning a blind eye.

Click on the bottom hyperlink "Why Youths Don't Drink- Leading Influences"

It irritates me when people don't get their facts straight.

**The Roloff parents promote underage drinking in their household. There has been plenty of times Matt has spewed this fact himself.

**Amy and Matt will be held legally liable if anything happens during these incidents. That's the law.

**Through poor parenting, Amy and Matt encourage Jeremy's addiction. We already know that Matt and Amy are permissive to the point of non-involvement.

Nothing new or surprising here. Obvously Jer-Ber wants to break away from his parents and showcase his bad behavior to seek further ho-stardom.

Alicia said...

Jeremy is the type of person that you would never guess he is Christian or supposedly cares about God or anything bigger than himself because he sure doesn't act like it.

He lies. He parties. He lies. He insults. He's a snob. He's mean to people and animals. He lies. He's a hypocrite.

Michael P said...

Samantha Starns, thank you. I am the same way. Soda tastes much better anyway and doesn't give people an excuse to act like an idiot and blame it on their behavior on the drink!

BeckyM, I totally agree with all that you said.

I think "all kids do it" is perpetuated by the kids that are getting in trouble and parents that want to make themselves feel better.

Katie said...

Why are Jeremy and Mueller always hanging around this guy Christian? He is 17 like Molly? What 21/20 year old wants to hang around 17 year olds?

Rap541 said...

What parent wants an unrelated 17 year old doing shots in their garage?

Matt and Amy Roloff apparently. After all, its just illegal... and god knows Matt loves being able to brag how he's the Big MR of the Beer Party Bonfires....

Mallory said...

I used to think Jeremy seemed like a nice person. How wrong was I!

I wonder what Jeremy would have been like as a person without any of the tv stuff and attention.

Would he have still been arrogant, stuck up and basically a jerk or would he have been a good person?

Luz said...

Guys seriously you dont have anything else to do but criticize ? There's no perfect family or no perfect person. And this is not your business. And I think you should look at yourself before saying all these things. Go get a life, seriously and let them live.

Rap541 said...

Its my business if they are letting underage kids drink. It takes a village after all. Should I just shut my eyes to law breaking since it isn't my business?

I mean, they are posting photos of underage drinking... Luz, should we cheer them on with "YAY ROLOFFS! GO DRINK UNDERAGE! GIVE BOOZE TO KIDS WHO AREN'T RELATIVES!"

When one of these kids kills or paralyzes some innocent party, we should all tell the victims to mind their effing business since Roloffs gonna drink, praise Jesus! Its JUST THE LAW AND ROLOFFS JUST EFF THE LAW!

Right Luz? Lawbreaking ain't no one's business, and anyone who has a problem is a hater who hates so lets see how DRUNK the kids can get... it aint no one's business so lets get roloffing drunk! Get a llife and get roloffing drunk because it ain't no one's business who gets drunk under the Roloff roof and Praise Jesus Widdle Matt and Widdle Amy aren't responsible since they're little anyway so pass the booze and lets see who gets trashed first?

Oh and the look to yourself first arguement. Yeah, theres no teenagers posting pictures of themselves getting drunk in my house illegally. Matt and Amy Roloff CANT SAY THE SAME. Now, explain why VIOLATING THE LAW IS OK LUZ.


Hank said...

Roloffs are bunch of drunks imo.

Rap541 said...

Well, here's the thing.

If Matt Roloff is gonna brag on his facebook about his beer parties, and his kids and their dumb friends are going to post photos of the illegal underage drinking in the garage - and btw the law really doesn't care that Christian (17) and Mueller (20) are doing the blessing of Matt Roloff in living life by drinking booze - then Matt and Amy are going to need to face the negative consequences of providing alcohol to minors or "having no idea their adults sons were providing alcohol to minors on their property".

Does everyone understand that no matter how cool it is for a 20 year oold or a 17 year old to drink is, its still against the law and happening on Roloff Farms?

Makes you wonder what *other* laws are winked at if Matt wants to live life and have fun, doesn't it? Since he and Amy clearly don't give two craps who get drunk at their beer party bonfires and in their garage.

After all, this is what a 17 year old visiting the Roloff kids can expect. Shots of Jack Daniels in the garage. And its just a law, Matt and Amy don't have to abide by *laws*.. they just have to do whatever Matt wants to live life!

Sweet Caroline said...

Well, here in California, it's called " Contributing to the Delinquincy of a Minor" (p.c. 272) Matt could lose his precious farm if he's ever busted. And I have a high school sophomore and HELL to the NO would I turn I blind eye to underage drinking. There are a few responsible parents left! I am no longer friends with my neighbors because of this very issue.

Maria said...

Where did the video go???

Justin said...

FYI, the video has been removed...

Greg said...

Roloff censorship strikes again.

Too late though. At least people know the truth about what goes on at Saint Roloff Farms.

Victoria said...

What was the video about, I didn't see it in time?

Christine said...

More Roloff cover ups!

Who wants to be that Jeremy yelled at the girls to take it down because it showed the real Roloffs?

Valley said...

Someone should do a real reality show documentary about what life is really like at the Roloffs, not the bullcrap phony image.

I wonder how many passed out 20 year olds and teenagers you'd find at 5am after their drinking parties ( fires)

Brandon said...

Count another video that has been deleted/censored because it's too real for the real and raw Roloffs.

Marianne said...

It must not be fun to be a friend of the Roloffs. The France girls can't even put up a video of their trip because the Roloffs are in it?

BeckyM said...


Timothy said...

Gee, you know that you're truly living for Jesus when you have so much to hide....Jesus was all about living in a way that you have many truths that you need to hide....

Diane said...

Could the Roloffs be any scuzzier? There are so many true things they need to suppress to maintain their fake image and load of lies.

Peter said...

Deleted! Again!

Emily F said...

Jeremy and his friends are such deceitful souls.

Chris Linton said...

Praise Jesus!!! <3

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

Well, it appears I got my answer re: the big MR's reaction to the video.

Brandon said...

It's classic Roloff reaction Podge.

They are so fake there is so much for them to hide, delete, censor.

Jared said...

TLC should be ashamed. Stuff like this shows how fake LPBW is.

Where are the teenage drinking parties in the garage on LPBW?

TLC used to advertise themselves as real life unscripted. What a laugh.

Anne said...

Are you people really that upset or shocked if a 20 year old has an alcoholic drink?

Rap541 said...

Anne, did you notice the 17 year old Christian? How do you feel about that?

Anne? Are underage friends of your kids welcome to do shots in your garage? After all, you're not upset or shocked so I assume you have no problem with it... since you're chiding everyone who does have a problem with the Roloffs providing alcohol to minors. Oh, and if you're going to play games, guess what?

It doesn't *matter* if Matt or Amy say they didn't know a seventeen year old was getting drunk on their property. See, Matt and Amy own the property and are LIABLE if Jeremy and Zach grin and sin and encourage their underage friends to party with alcohol at say, Matt's Bonfire Beer parties (that matt has mentoned himself) or at the garage parties (that we have pictures and videos of)

Anne, do you understand liability, and creating an attractive nuisance? I mean, I get it, if Matt provides the booze, or the blow, you're going to defend it, but really, Anne, hand on the Bible, do you serve minors alcohol?

Rap541 said...

Oh and Anne, you do understand that this whole little bit of nothing - providing alcohol to minors - is a violation of the law? Matt Roloff is above the law? Anne? Are the Roloffs above the law?

I'd like an answer. Christians are supposed to follow the law of the land and you incessantly insist and hold up the Roloffs as extraordinary Christians and they are violating the law of the land... please explain how *breaking the law* is now ok...

And spare me the "look to your own house first". I have,... no drunken kids in my garage and yes, that DOES make me better than the law breaking Roloffs sinning and grinning at how they can do as they please because they think they're too good to abide by the law.

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

Well Anne, pursuant to my remarks of July 31, 3:49 PM to the same idea presented by Matthew Flack, I will attempt to clarify the intent of my comments.
Professed Christians DO NOT break the law.
Christian supporters DO NOT break the law.
Roloff supporters choose THIS issue to put forward minimalist doctrine after all of Jeremy's Christian hypocrisy, the fallacy which is the Solid Rock church, and the misdirection of delinquents by the same people who so strongly adhere to the teachings of Christ?

Your tone has changed completely, Anne. All of a sudden the issues and the law of the land are being deflected away from the facts that Jeremy Roloff was involved and responsible for anyone underage drinking in his parent's garage, which, by your tone, seems almost to be a non-entity now. In your past comments over the years, every little thing that Jeremy has done is praised to the highest, at the expense of others (including his siblings) but now it sounds like "Oh well, in this particular instance, boys will be boys. Jeremy has done nothing hypocritical, or against the Solid Rock church, or anything that tarnishes his squeeky-clean image in the slightest".

I've made my position known. You've made your position know. I'm waiting for others to weigh in and say they never say the video, so how can anyone point fingers at the good Christian Roloffs? Time will tell.

Lisa said...

Rap/Podge Rodge,

Were you perfect when you were 20 or 21? Were you rock solid on your religious beliefs when you were that age?

Amy explained it in one of her coffee chats. Just because a Roloff attends a church, doesn't necessarily mean they believe with every teaching that comes from the Church. It's the overall message and atmosphere that they like. It does not mean they need to be identical to John Mark Comer's personal beliefs.

Can you really judge Jeremy and Mueller so harshly if they are a little immature in their faith and what they believe is right and wrong at their young age?

Rap541 said...

Podge, no worries, I made a copy of the video from Youtube. If anyone needs to see it, it can be provided.

Whatever happened to how Jeremy, as a Christian! never ever sullied himself with alcohol as it does not please God?

Oh right, jeremy would rather sin and grin in the sinner's hospital since being a *good* Christian is too hard, and there's utterly no downside to sinning. He can sin, and say "sorry Jesus" and never stop the cool partying that is "living having fun loving life" and "doing what Matt wanted for Jeremy".

Ain't that sweet? matt wants Jeremy to drink up and party with the booze since only losers follow the law. Screw the law, be Christian and do whatever you like!!

Rap541 said...

Lisa - were my parents prividing the booze and the roof to drink under? No. Were my parents allowing my 17 year old friends to drink on their property? No.

And the reason they weren't allowing it is because they understood that it doesn't matter if their kids weren't perfect - its still AGAINST THE LAW and they would be LEGALLY LIABLE if any of the 20 year old sweet little perfect christians who must never hear "thats wrong" but just "oh, you musn't be judged, you're just a little boy blameless and its all so cutesy! Bless you for drinking under age! We pick and choose our faith and therefore screw the law and drink up youngster!"

Jeremy is 21. He's old enough to go to jail for providing alcohol to Christian, the 17 year old innocent who is free to get trashed at the Roloffs. Mueller is old enough to understand he's breaking the law and playing "I'm a widdle boy who had bad parents poor me".

Really, if they are big enough men to talk the talk how they are Christians, then its about time they lived it instead of sinning and grinning and then WHINING when people expect them as men to act like the men they profess to be.

Its breaking the law - Jeremy is 21,Zach is 21, Amy is what, 46?, and Matt, of the "i'm having a beer party with my boys!" is 49. Do you get it? Even if the twins are forever children, too mentally challenged to ever be real men (and since they are over 21, the law ain't gonna care if they are a lil immature) Matt and Amy are STILL LEGALLY LIABLE FOR THE UNDERAGE KIDS DRINKING.

Lisa - what about 17 year old Christian? He's 17... please explain why its ok for a 17 YEAR OLD to be drinking in the Roloff Garage?

Do you get that if Christian rolls his car, no one is gonna care about how immature in their faith the Roloffs are?

Oh and for the record, still no underage kids drinking in my house. The Roloffs can't say the same. Please justify Matt and Amy ignoring the law.

French girls. said...

OMG STOP seriously you're so wrong on everything, you really need to stop talking about people, their lifes, and even more when you don't know them in real life.
Everything we're reading right now just chocked us, we mean, they are not even 5% of what you think they are... WHATEVER, we're just disappointed by americans attitude, we got to know such really great people who made us love our stay here and appreciate american life BUT thanks to most of you we got to know the bad side of stupid geek people who have only one thing to do, saying gossips, ruining poeple's life and memorable moments.
So thank you guys, we appreciate your brilliancy. Bravo.

Brandon said...

French Girls,

I'm serious, why don't you enlighten us.

What is gossip? Why do we need to know them in "real life" to know that what they are doing and judge them on their lies and hypocrisy?

Tell us, what is gossip? That wasn't a 20 year old Mueller and a 17 or 18 year old Christian drinking Jack Daniels in the Roloffs garage?

Do you know that Jeremy attends a Church that he spreads the word about that is strict conservative and that church says as per Jesus and the Bible, underage drinking keeps a person out of Heaven?

Christine said...

French girls, if you really are the French girls from the video, Jeremy and Mueller are jerks and they've proven it again and again.

I'm so sick of their friends trying to say that people are wrong about them being jerks because they're nice to you. You know that if they treat other people like jerks, they are still jerks?

Are you even aware that Jeremy lies about drinking? But you know what a big lie that is.

Chris Linton said...

French Girls, do tell. Do tell.

Are the rumors true? Jeremy is a major lightweight?

Diane said...

Jeremy and Mueller are terrible people with no character. It says a lot about your character if you think they're so great.

Rap541 said...

Well, first, French girls, no one is ruining your memories. You had fun, and you'll notice that no one is judging you for any adherence or lack thereof to US law. You had fun, thats great.

Since I can see photos of two underage kids drinking in the Roloff's garage, guess what? Its not *gossip*. The problem here is that Matt et al have spent years selling the brand of "We're a sweet Christian family, our kids are innocent and don't do the things that bad kids do because we're just good, down on the farm country folks", all the while engaging in the same sort of cynical bad behavior that they say they are above.

Point - between you and me and the wind, if Matt and Amy were just *honest* about the fact that they don't care if the underage kids have alcohol, that perhaps they feel the age rules are draconion (I do) or that they feel its better kids know they can drink at home, where its safe and that its not a big deal.... I might not agree, but at least they're taking a stand.

But that is soooo not what the Roloff Brand is about. Thats why the video got pulled - *I* sure didn't report it - The Roloff Brand is that the Roloff *children* are innocent little lambs and certainly aren't providing their underage friends with a place to party and drink. Thats why this has to be *hid*.

It affects dollars and we know Matt likes his dollars.

jacknorey said...


If you really want to see the lives of average americans who didn't get filthy rich by doing nothing of any redemptive value take a ride through any working class neighborhood in the greater Portland area where the people actually have real jobs that entail more than just "being famous" for nothing.

The people who live in those neighborhoods are the teachers office workers cops (gendarme) firefighters service industry workers factory workers and all the other blue collar workers who make the country run, they are the "real americans" that actually work very hard to survive pay their bills and taxes and take care of themselves without the help of TV networks.

They by and large are decent people unlike the Roloffs who are famous\ in this area for being rude demanding arrogant clowns who abuse and threaten to sue anyone who doesn't cater to their "special needs" because have money and "fame" for doing nothing of any value.

And by the way Jeremy and his friends are very sleazy people.

BeckyM said...

Hey French Girls, when I told my kids (age 17 and 13) you spent two years touring Oregon they asked WHY????????

roflmao!! They sure didn't find that the most exciting place to check out in the United States. What about NYC? DC? Yellowstone? Black Hills? Hollywood? nope....?

Tazar said...

Seriously you have to stop this non sense.

They are just teenagers, and they live in a country where you can drive a car at 16, buy a gun or go to a strip club a 18 BUT you can't drink until you're 21... talk about some stupid law.

But even if stupid, I agree that a law is still a law, but seriously, as long as it is in the privacy of their home, not causing any trouble, I really do not see what the big deal is. To me it's just a bunch of teenagers having fun.

And please, no need to pull all that religious crap on me here; if you want my opinion, I think they really don't give a damn about all that and that they just want to enjoy their teen life before it runs out.
I even think they go to church because they are told to and that's just how they were raised. And even if they truly believe in Jesus and all, I really don't think that a few shots of Jack at 20 represents any kind of deadly sin or whatever you want to call it.

And finally... don't judge people when you don't know them from anything other than TV or gossips; being with some people on a regular basis and getting to know them and enjoy their presence is completely different, I don't think that's a big secret.
This kind of attitude is despicable really. Even I don't do that, and that's saying something ;)

And if after all that you still are convinced that they are horrible persons, then just stop following their lives and spitting on them whenever you get the chance ! Please.

Rap541 said...

But even if stupid, I agree that a law is still a law, but seriously, as long as it is in the privacy of their home, not causing any trouble, I really do not see what the big deal is. To me it's just a bunch of teenagers having fun.

And if it was just Roloff kids drinking in the garage, I'd agree with you. Seriously. If the senior Roloffs want to make the choice that in their house, and on their property, all four of the kids can drink up - thats fine.

There's two problems. Jacob Mueller isn't a Roloff, and Christian isn't a Roloff, and the senior Roloffs, Matt and Amy don't have any parental right to condone *other people's kids* drinking on their property.

The second problem is that while you may not like the Christian arguement, the reality is that "The Roloffs are CHRISTIANS! Matt is a CHRISTIAN AND ONLY SPEAKS TRUTH! Jeremy IS A CHRISTIAN AND IF HE SAYS HE DOESN'T DRINK, HE DOESN'T AND ANYONE WHO SAYS HE DID IS A JESUS HATING LIAR!" has been the attitude for years.

And I have never seen a Roloff disagree when the Christian crowd insists every word out of Matt and Jeremy's mouth is God's truth. The fact is, the Roloffs use "We're Christian" as a club to bludgeon others - when they are breaking the law of the land and providing alcohol to minors, they need to explain themselves instead of hiding the evidence and being all "Look to your own house! Judging is hating unless its a Roloff judging!"

I mean, after a while its kinda hard not to see these people as arrogant snobs when their only response to any criticism is "No one can judge us unless they judge themselves first."

Rap541 said...

Tazar - its also duly noted that as usual, if we see a Roloff doing wrong, the morally right thing to do is turn away and say nothing.

Matt Roloff allows underage kids to drink on his property... well, since saying anything is "
follwoing their lives and spitting on them" lets just all ignore it and bless matt. After all, he's a Roloff and he's above the law and anyone who says different is just a jealous hater hating on a good Christian father and his kids' good Christian underage friends drinking alcohol on his property.
Its just the law and if you're a Roloff, you don't have to give a crap

Christine said...

Tazar, 3 things.

1. Like Rap said, the Roloffs and Jeremy hold themselves up as being better than others. You do know that Jeremy said he was better than those bad kids that were drinking and doing "bad things"?

2. The "religious crap"'s Jeremy that brings the religious crap into it. He's the one that loves the conservative Church that says you're going to Hell if you drink to get a buzz. What do you call someone that listens to that and says he likes that and then gets drunk (with his underaged friends.)

3. You have it all wrong. People that read this site are NOT judging the Roloffs by their BS image or from TV. We judge them based on real things...The real Jeremy plays all day, gets drunk with his underage friends, insults his own fans, uses offensive slurs, and abuses animals.

Jocelynn said...

Tazar, if you don't know, it is because people realize what they are like person...their image is fake and I've never seen them display any likable traits or character.

They're liars, the "kids" are mean spirited and they are selfish to the bone.

Rap541 said...

I'm still waiting for the Christian crowd to explain how Matt and Amy are excellent Christians for disregarding the law of the land.

I'm also highly amused at how hypocritical people who claim to be Christians are... sure seems like "Not drinking" was very very important but now that we know the Roloff garage is the Roloff Bar... all the Christians here are doing the "its cool to drink, do you really have a problem with underage drinking..."

Funny that.

And I am also struck by how certain regulars have sat silent on how they feel about the Roloffs allowing underaged minors to drink on their property...

Pikespeak said...

I'm so not shocked by this, haha.

It was obvious, at least by watching the show, that Jeremy is up to a lot more than met the eye.

I wish I could have seen the video.

Anonymous said...

All of you people who judge with your unsolicited comments need to get out more. I strongly believe that all of this negativity that blogs like these perpetuate stem from jealousy. Get a life, watch something else, and take a good look in the mirror before you judge others. It's a t.v. show...if you don't like it change the channel you narrow-minded, low class simpletons.

Rap541 said...

Yes I want to be rich but crippled and in constant pain :)

And its classy and high minded for Matt and Amy Roloff to have Mueller and Christian doing shots in their garage while underage! :)

Right Anon? The Roloffs don't have to obey the law and anyone who says they do is JUST JEALOUS OF HOW THE ROLOFFS ARE ABOVE THE LAW? :)

Timmy said...

Can anyone re-up the video?

Anonymous said...

Just saying hello. Here from Texas