Friday, July 1, 2011

Matt Roloff Facebook Fan Page Updates - July 2011 and Beyond

Aug 25
A great day today.. Jer got off on his new adventures.. Zach and I laughed and cried together.... Well ... zach laughed, while I cried.. Zach immediately took over Jer's garage bay.. He loves it.. Even if it is only for a few months.. Zach has big (but very different) plans in the works too.

Aug 25
Jeremy packing his VW bus for the trip to his new home in Santa Barbara.

Aug 24
Jeremy moves to California tomorrow to start photo school. He'll be back to visit and help during pumpkin season... Roloff Farm will never be the same again. I'm happy and sad at the same time. :) :(. You can take the boy off the farm.. But you can't take the farm out of the boy. That makes me happy.

Aug 24
Ahhh. Always so nice to be home. For those that didn't know I flew to NY and met up with Bill and Jen from the Little Couple... With other little people friends we all chatted with the folks from ABC's Extreme Home Makeover.. Who are building a custom home for a family with a young LP daughter. It was a lot of fun... Sooo many incredible volunteers helping to build that home.. Btw-- I did feel the quake!

Aug 23
Film all day... Race home back across country

Aug 22
Great day today. I was blown away by the energy compassion and excitement from everyone involved in this makeover. I'm honored to be even a small part of the project.

Aug 21
Had to leave jeremys going away party a little early to catch my flight to NY. I'm too old for red eyes ... But its the only way to get it all done. My back is screaming.. "don't do it"! Oh well. Here we go anyway.

Aug 20
Travel blitz on. I'll be waking up in current times zones next several days. Sorry can't discuss where I'm going .... Clandestine mission! Lol. Really.. Not kidding.

Aug 20
Spent most the day in the studio.. Then chased pigs around town for a few hours. Love my life! So much variety :). So much spice

Aug 19
Got some New little pigs today. Tried to make friends with them but they promptly escaped our pen and are now on the lam. Oh no..

Aug 18
All the kids out playing soccer under our night lights.. Such a great summer evening..

Aug 18
Maybe I'll just lay low for a spell... Probably not!

Aug 17
Back to filming more LPBW tomorrow. Fun fun

Aug 16
Food for thought... “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” Eleanor Roosevelt.

Day in... Day out... Pounding away at to do list. Prep for pumpkin season big focus now.. Some huge developments in the works.

Aug 14
Can you tell now what it's going to be? :)) I'm like a kid in a candy store when it comes to my projects. Amy doesn't even bother rolling her eyes anymore. She just smiles and shrugs ..... Sort of. :)))))))

Aug 14
My friend Tobi.. Her Dad.. and brother Spencer came to visit us from Dallas TX for the weekend. We showed Tobi the Roloff Farm inventory cage. Apparently, she's been collecting every color and style t-shirt we've ever offered. :))

Aug 12
Hey... I've been so preoccupied with the dirt site and new projects around the farm... I forgot to celebrate with you all .. a major milestone.. I said a few months ago I was hoping to hit 50,000 friends before my 50th birthday on Oct 7th.. Looks like we made it! (Isn't that a song?). A huge thanks to everyone. Now you can turn the channel.. :)))

Aug 12
Here I go again

Aug 11
I watched the movie "officer an a gentlemen" the other night. I gotta admit. I was balling like a baby at the end... And it was the 3rd time I've seen it. I'm just like my dad .. I cry at the drop of a hat. And just like him .. I'm not afraid to say it. :)). Or show it.

Aug 10
Having some fun with Jacob.

Aug 9
The Goatel (see prev post) didn't even make a dent in our wood supply. I've collected old barn wood for years.. every single stick of wood is like my little babies. Only problem is .. wood goes bad when it's stacked forever. Wood needs air.. so using it.. is often the best way to preserve it. The wood shed in this photo is only part of all the wood stored on our Farm. Building this shed was featured on an old episode of LPBW.

Aug 9
Presto a Goatel

Aug 9

This the biggest heaviest rock on Roloff farm. It weighs approximately 35 tons. According to the guy who drove the truck that brought it in. It anchors the zip line. Notice the cables wrapped around the base .. It took all my dozers and excavators connect like a train to pull it off the lowboy... And yes. Jacob is 'enjoying' the view from atop .. Errrr

Aug 7
My mom just sent me some cool Quotes: This is the first one-- I'll put the others in the comments to this post.

“The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience , but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.” Martin Luther King

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” Eleanor Roosevelt

“Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world.” Harriet Tubman

“Life is either an daring adventure or nothing.” Helen Keller

“You can never cross the ocean unless you have the courage to lose sight of the shore.” Christopher Columbus

Aug 6
Sometimes I get so caught up in what I'm doing. ..or distracted by my problems and life chaos... I forget to stop and count my Blessings. Everyone has Something to be thankful for.. even amongst your grief, loneliness or despair you can find something good if you try. I'm blessed with an Amazing, supportive family... and a deteriorating little body that still accomplishes things I never expected.. What are your Blessings? What are your Hopes?

Aug 5
My best buddy Pondo, took me to the Portland Timbers game game a few nights ago. Zach was soo jealous... Oh well, Pondo's already taken him several times before.. It was my turn! Timbers beat the Galaxy 3-0 :)) So much fun!

Aug 5
Finally I got all my name shout-outs listed. (from my post on Tues at 10:53pm) Sorry it took a bit longer than excepted. Been unbelievably busy past few days. So many things going even cover on FB. But i'll try. One little bite at a time. :)

Aug 5
Had a great time tonight with Amy at the street of dreams block party to support her charity ARCF. Fun times!

Aug 4
Amy, Molly and Jacob home safe and sound. One of several surprises was getting Amy a new couch she liked From ethan Allen. :)). Hence the EA hint a few days ago. Still working on last nights name list. :)).

Aug 3
Decided the perfect thing to use the round poles for... Perfect addition to our pumpkin patch.. But something else is much much bigger news.. Hope to announce it soon. You're gonna want to come visit us this October. Trust me.:)

Aug 3
Who's posted the most times ..that I haven't been able to give a shout out too yet? Sometimes I loose track of where I'm at. Figuratively and literally

Aug 3
Do you ever have one of those weeks where you get so much done that you can't believe it was possible?? Is it really only Tues? Amy, Molly and Jacob coming home tomorrow. Can't wait! Missed them all so much last few weeks.

Aug 2
Have a large stack of round poles that I've had from a barn we took down some years back. I'm thinking about building a cool frontier style fort. Some many ideas.. So little time.

Aug 2
Nothing like having my favorite salami sandwich at mad Greek deli after a long busy day.

Aug 1
The real Roloff Farm work fleet. It takes an army of these bad boys to keep things on the move. Here they are All lined up for their annual shots... Errr I mean oil change. Getting ready for pumpkin season

July 31

Now 'she' feels at home... With her new name painted on.. Was going to say 'Roloff Coach Express'. But decided Helvetia was just to cool name not to use.

July 31
Thanks for everyone's comments and likes. Even when I come in completely exhausted from the day.. I always enjoy hearing from you all .. Worked on some cool surprises for Amy today.. Can't tell u about them until after she gets home on wen. :)).

July 29
Per our schedule... We'll be back to filming next week,.. Lots of exciting activites, events and developments to show you all via upcoming LPBW shows. Bing, bang, boom... See you soon!

July 29
Too much going on ... to even keep track of any of it. :). Busy busy little man.

July 29
My friend from high school.. Gail.. Posted this... "Stupid Cancer!! We all wish to have a new car. . . A new phone. . . Freedom. . . A person who has cancer only wants one thing. . . To survive. Put it on your wall in honor of someone who died from cancer, survived, or who is fighting against it now."

July 28
I don't normally talk politics ... But... I read something that caught my attention.. "maybe no more paychecks should be issues to politicians until they find a solution". I wonder how fast the budget issue would get solved? On our dirt project.. We've had to deal with 14 government agencies. Countless permit fees and government red tape. Makes you wonder if we could do with some trimming?

July 28
Todo list is not leaving much time to Facebook... Gotta oversee building a road tomorrow.. For more dirt. ...and still keep everything else in moving forward.

July 26
know I've shown this before.. But was doing a tour today and drove past this cabin we built deep in our forest for Jacob some years ago. Totally dig this little structure. :))) All built from logs grown on our property when I thinned the forest way back when.

July 26
It doesn't get any better than this. Photo taken in Maui a year or so ago...

July 25
Let the fun begin!

July 24
Mission garage clean ..Success! For those of you wondering why the lights are different color tones ... We have over 44 light fixtures in our garage. All controlled by 2 switches. One turns on the white lite for day time filming. The other a yellow tone for evening nite filming. I had them both on for cleaning :))

July 24
Jer, Zach and I deep cleaning the garage. I love things uncluttered .. Especially my garage.

July 24
Went to Home Depot and Lowes today with Camerino.. while Jeremy weed wacked.. Got tons of supplies to do a long list of maintenance items while Amy's gone. We were there for 3 hours..

July 24
Amy, Molly and Jacob left today to go visit Amy's family in MI for a week. Jer, Zach and I gonna' hold down the fort.. ...well....
sort of.

July 24
Don't you feel terrible when you miss a friends Birthday? Happy (late) Birthday Nichole.

July 22
When I was in LA earlier this week... TMZ spotted me and did this crazy little piece. Talking to those guys is like playing with fire... But Harvey is a great guy so they had some fun at my expense.. In case you missed it...

July 22
How was everybody's day?

July 22
My Felix-The-Cat-Bag-of-tricks impression. Loved that show

July 22
I've said it before... There are a lot of kind, wonderful people in this world. This is a friend of mine since Jr. High school. What a great soul.

July 21
The only tool I ever really needed

July 20
What's Matt Roloff up to now??

July 20
Can almost feel the rat pack sitting on my balcony back in the day

July 19
You know you're in LA when there's one of these on every corner... Come to think of it.. Maybe my nose could use some work

July 18
Touchdown ... sunny city of Angels. Couple of quick meetings then off to the beverly Hilton. Never stayed there before. But heard it's got lots of history. Meet me there

July 18
It's funny how your children can take such wonderful but different paths.. Jeremy the visual artist . And soon to be photographer.. Zach the ultra successful sports enthusiast, coach, mentor and teacher!

July 18
Took this photo of Jeremy's now mostly deserted Swamp Fort. Ahh the fun they had. Every parent is sad to see their kids move on from childhood.... But happy to know that you gave them all that life has to offer.. Jer.. I'll keep you're beloved fort alive for our Pumpkin visitors to see forever. :)

July 17
Green Grease Meeting. look it up

July 17
Another day bites the dust... I mean sand.. errr I mean mud.. OK... so it's dirt

July 17
Our old West Town needs a Stage Coach.... Oh Yea.

July 16
Almost Finshed our road widening and parking lot for the new agritainment center off the freeway. Project is ahead of schedule but still not planned to open until 2012

July 16
Oregon weather really a bummer this summer.... I feel a trip to the Bahamas coming on... Wonder if I have some miles in my account?? have a working travel blitz this week on the west coast first ...before I can even think about that idea.

July 16
Hangin with my friends Daniel and Pam at the trestle. This things a monster

July 15
Finally... figured out how to get us on the same page. I know..I know.. video is corny... but at least you have Matt Roloff to pick on again. lol lol​=KDAY9gWVUmU

We want to make a Giant Walk-in Pumpkin. ...Does anyone know someone in the spray-foam... or maybe Fiber glass bus?? or ...who can work with any 'material' to create a 10ft high size pumpkin play house??

July 14
It's amazing how fast they grow up

July 14
A perfectly good ... Big boys bed. ... But No! Rocky llikes what he likes. Spoiled old goat

July 13
The ole boy has taken over ms June bug's bed.. He doesn't even realize it's not the right size... What a baby huey!

July 13
Anybody ever had a torn meniscus? My knee has been torturing me when I move it a certain way.. errrr

July 13
So many wonderful people in this world. I love my extended family of Little People friends. ... And facebook friends too

July 12
Life is good

July 12
Every once in awhile I like to take timeout from my crazy updates to Welcome all the new folks that have Joined us recently. ....soooo without more ado... A big Welcome.. to all those that have joined us since the last time I welcomed everyone. I hope to eventually shout out to each of you via my wall post comments.

July 12
Got the ok (encouragement) from TLC to make a video announcement from Amy and I about upcoming LPBW shows. Now that we're back ... and caught up a bit... on farm, dirt and bills.. Try to work on putting something out over the next few days

July 10
We made it home ... Saw lots of incredible scenery but nothing as incredible as Helvetia. Our own farm. Kids all had fun even Jacob said the trip was great! I had lots of time to think... Oh boy.. Now I have a zillion new ideas to get on... first thing in the am.

July 10
I've said it before... And I'll say it again... "Sometimes you're the windshield and sometimes you're the bug".. Today I guess I'm both.

July 9
Cool old Santa Barbara light house.. Gone pizza parlor. The kid shows it well!

July 7
After months and months of planning ....

July 6
Statesmen silver medal in basketball. Congrats to all!! Great games.

July 6

Rough day on the court.. But it's not over yet.. They're still in the hunt. but doesn't look so great Fingers crossed

July 6
Crazy busy...having a blast. See Roloff World for update

July 5
The winning is great... But you know what I'm the most proud of with zach and marty ?? Ever since they founded this team some years ago. Im proud of the way they have brought new players on and included new people. The statesmen is a very classy team with great sportsmanship. Congrats to zach marty and all the statesmen

July 4
Zach medal count. At 2011 dwarf nationa Football: gold, volleyball: gold, soccer: gold, tomorrow: basketball.??

July 4
Eddie, one of the statesmen, showing me that they've made it in the gold medal round for soccer finals... Wish us luck !! Fierce competition Take nothing for granted.

July 3
Jacob such a comedian.

July 2
Zachs team , the statesmen, won the gold medal in flag football. Very competitive and very exciting. I hope they didn't wear themselves out for the big soccer matches.

July 1
Amy making lunch at 60 mph. For those wondering who the young man is in the back. That's CJ. Zach is sponsoring him to attend his first ever little people sports events. I'm very very proud of zach becoming like a'big brother' to this young person. You may remember him.. We first met CJ when CODA (marty and my non profit ) did the custom bike give away

July 1
Shasta area


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Brooke said...

Jeremy looks nice there but the Roloffs are so disenginous. They smile for a Facebook picture for Matt or Amy to post but they really call the fans creeps or call them losers.

Ashley said...

Is anyone else starting to wonder about Molly? Is she as good people think she is or is it more Roloff fake reputation image?

If she spends a lot of time around Mueller, Jeremy, Zach and Jacob I think their influence must rub off on her. I have a hard time thinking she's far above their morals.

Sheila said...

I know the reason for doing more filming with TLC is all about money and the need for attention the Roloffs want, but I think it's sad actually.

Sad that the Roloffs whole existent is dependent on being on tv.

Ironically, that's why the show went downhill and ratings dropped. At the start of the series people liked it because it seemed like it was just people living their lives, then TV and being celebrities became their lives.

Chris Linton said...

I dare Matt Roloff to post pictures of Jeremy and Mueller drunk at the LPA parties!

Be real Matt!

Shed the fake corny image that non sheep can easily see through!

Brenda Drake said...

Every time I look at Jeremy know I think "fake".

Every thing the guy does when there's a camera around for something going to the fans or whenever they say something, well Matt or Amy because Jeremy doesn't talk for himself, but I always think "fake fake fake".

Fake smiles, fake everything.

David said...

I have to chuckle at Matt and his staff.

His staff is now saying the Roloffs are doing more filming "because the fans asked for it".

What a load of you know what. They are filming it because, as others have stated, the Roloffs crave the money and need the attention to make their lives seem worthwhile.

Kaitlynn said...

Give it up Roloffs!

We know the kids trash the fans IN REAL LIVE. All these fake hamming for the camera for the Fan Facebooks are so contrived.

The Roloffs did learn something from their fake show with the producer specializing in fake storylines.

Troy Porter said...

Is Chris Cardomone going to be producing this next batch of filming?

If so, everything that will be shown on camera, has already been pre-determined. That's real reality folks.

Carol said...

I agree with you, Rap.

For people that are supposedly being stalked by scary obsessed individual, the Roloffs sure don't mind blasting their whereabouts to everyone they can reach.

That's now how people who have truly been stalked operate.

I think they demean the whole issue like the Roloffs demean many other noble issues when they use them for self-serving reasons.

I'm still disappointed that Matt attempted to use the outcry over the bullying that led to suicides of all those teenagers that were gay to try to get attention for himself by ridiculously comparing a public figure's reputation to the bullying that was in the news.

"Me me me" is the Roloffs moto.

Greg said...

Is Matt capable of ever saying something without trying to make the Roloffs sound like saints? I bet he's not under-privileged at all..

Brandon said...

Well, regardless of the real story, it is nice that there is an actual LP going with the Roloffs for the change instead of all the non LP friends that come with the Roloffs and invade the LP territory. Mueller is there too obviously, it's one and one?

Carol said...

Jeremy resurrects his himbo role!

Susan Coles said...

Matt's constant need to thump his own chest is revolting.

Anonymous said...

When are Jeremy and Mueller getting married?

Adriane said...

Mueller looks like Tom Brady with the hat.

David said...

Isn't it interesting that the huge dirt deal that Matt is said to be making millions on and is taking all of his and Jeremy's (cough cough) time is suddenly put on hold for a week or two long trip the moment TLC comes around.

Abby said...

It looks like Jeremy is wearing two pairs of sunglasses in Matt's picture. That's not very safe!

Trent said...

Jeremy and Jacob need to start modeling.

Greg said...

It's funny how "Zach's team" of elite LP athletes keep changing every event.

There are at least 4 guys in that picture that weren't on the team before.

James said...

Let me get this right.

TLC is filming the Roloffs on an RV trip, destination LPA conference in Anaheim.

What is the point of an update special when nothing has happened?

They haven't even been off the air for a year.

Have the twins got firm employment? No.

Have either Jeremy or Zach moved out? No.

Have either of them showed any signs of maturity yet? Going by Jeremy's antics with

Have Matt and Amy divorced (finale cliffhanger)? No

Are Matt and Amy selling the farm? No.

Has Molly even committed to a college? No.

The only significant thing that happened and since when has LPBW ever been honest about what really happens, is Jacob being kicked out of school.

The trip they're filming is the been there, done that, LPA conference? What is different this time? Jeremy is still bringing his security blanket (Mueller).

What's going to be different this time? Maybe they'll film Jeremy drunk this time? Naw, this is LPBW after all and fake.

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

James, thank you. you've summarized very well. The only one I could possibly add is:

Have the low opinions of ANY of the family members (Jacob M. included) towards their fans changed at all? No.

David said...

Right on, Podge and James.

What kills me is the Roloffs are acting like they are filming (according to what Spirits reported, was Matt demanding big $$$) all for the fans. Because the fans "asked" for it.

Matt lying and saying "TLC is begging us to do more shows...should we?" His fans saying yes, is his fans demanding it.

When you really observe the Roloff family, you can see what they do and how they manipulative people and situations perfectly for themselves.

Joan Morganette said...

In my opinion, it is sad to see the Roloffs clinging to whatever TLC will give them. As if their lives depend upon being on tv.

Amy's words of wisdom used to be don't allow tv to become their lives. That's exactly what happened.

The moment it disappeared, the Roloffs didn't know what to do with themselves.

Mike P said...

I think that if any ACTUAL filming is going on, it's Roloff doing it himself. And that he hopes afterward to sell it.

I think that the film crew he had for his pumpkin movie (a crew he recently had back for additional shots) could easily be hired to work on a second project. But considering Roloff's charmless and self-infatuated storytelling skills (seasons 5 and 6 are examples), there's no reason to think it will air.

Vic Rattlehead said...

Matt is like Cobra Commander from the old G.I Joe cartoons.

He thinks he's a great schemer who can create the most intricate plans to achieve his "goals" yet he is in actuality a buffoon blowhard who's plans are incredibly simplistic and doomed to failure from the second he thinks them up because he lack the patience to actually do anything that doesn't provide immediate results.

Christine said...

You can tell Jacob is going to be as obnoxious as Jeremy turned out to be.

Funny that Jeremy has suddenly disappeared from Matt's pictures suddenly. Maybe because he's too busy getting drunk with Mueller in the name of Jesus! What a joke.

Brenda said...

Is Jacob holding a beer????

BK said...

Brenda, you have to trust me. Jer is drinking enough for all the Roloffs at the LPA so far :))

Kayla said...

The Roloffs and especially Jeremy are such frauds!

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

Brenda, I'm not sure. Who knows what other products are put in brown twist-top bottles with foil labels. Some higher-end sodas, like Jones' are bottled in tall long necks, some fruit juices maybe, but if not, Hey. it's noon somewhere!

Brandon said...

Podge, that's right and in here, I doubt it's beer, but overall, I think the Roloffs (esp. Jeremy and friends) have relied on the "oh it just looks like alcohol" a few too many times...

Christine, honestly I think that's a reason why the filming of the LPA events became scarce. Even when the crew were with them in Detroit for the summer vacation, there was almost no filming at the 'conference'. It was mostly at the sporting day they do the sports.

I think it became harder and harder to cover up the hardcore "partying" that goes on there. I would be surprised if there is a lot of filming going on.

Greg said...

No disrespect to dwarf sports, but it's hardly the fierce competition the Roloffs build it up as. The Statesmen win everything, every year because they're the only ones that care?

Do the other teams even know who each other are?

Forgive me if I'm not cheering for spoiled rich celebrities with their fancy uniforms.

Chris Linton said...

DAAA day gives Jeremy a much needed few hours of rest and relaxation to recover from all his long the name of Jesus Christ! **wink wink**

Austin said...

Chris, I think it would be cool if Jeremy invited John Mark Comer to LPA conference (

Jeremy is such a hypocrite.

Jason said...

Forgive me, but that's not much of a professional chart/tournament.

The team "the Statesmen" are playing in the "finals" appears to have been added out of nowhere.

Melissa said...

I think the real reason why Jeremy takes Mueller with him for the LPA is because Jeremy and Mueller always party together and because Jer gets slammed at LPA, he wants Mueller there to fully enjoy the experience.

Nadia said...

I find Jeremy's "God" stuff grating. Shut the hell up if you're not going to live it.

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

A little help, bloggers please. What was the name of Marty Klebba's team that always won at "soccer", until Zach formed and captained the "Grasshogs" to vanquish his most daunting and horrible psychological nemesis (not saying Matt and Amy know how to over-dramatize!)? I realize Marty went to Northern Ireland as a Statesman, but he still has his friends in L.A. that usually got together for the convention/festivities. I didn't se Marty in the Statesmen "football" picture. Thank you.

Expressed said...

Podge, Marty's team was the LA Breakers.

I think last year in Nashville, some of the guys that played on the Statesment in Ireland were either on the Breakers or the East Coast Express.

I think it was the guy with the mohawk that Rap likes :)

Rap541 said...

mmmm.... That Eddie is *fine*. Yum!

Expressed said...

oh Rap!! There's no accounting for taste! :P You don't think Jeremy is hot but Eddie is?? :)

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

Thank you, Expressed. I remembered after I thought of other business and let my sub-conscious bring it forward.
By the way Expressed, there have been blog submissions claiming that Jacob M. is HOT. Hotter than Jeremy yet!
Have you any words of remonstration for these poor, deluded and obviously visually impaired LOL souls?

Expressed said...

Hey Podge! Yes, I'm familiar with those poor diluted visually impaired souls. lol.

Looks are a matter of personal opinion, but I'm right and they're wrong! lol. Jeremy is much better looking! :) Always was and always will be :)

You've probably seen this video that is slanted towards Jacob just because there are more pictures of him at that age.

They're wrong! I think Jeremy was cuter than and will be when you compare Jacob at 16 to Jer at 16, and Jacob at 21 to Jeremy at 21.

People compare Jacob as a little boy to being cute like Fred Savage on the Wonder Years. Do people know what he looked like by the team he was late teens or early 20s? Not anywhere as a hot as Jeremy!

I wish there were more pictures of Jeremy around the time he was working on the first hovercraft. There are a few pictures but he has safety glasses on and is looking down.

Matt, if you're reading :), please post more pictures of Jeremy when he was 13/14, that way the poor souls can be educated that Jeremy is and always the best looking Roloff :)

Expressed said...

Edit *time not "team", by the time..

Rap541 said...

I like his look. There's no accounting for taste, I know, but Eddie is a good looking man to me. He is right there on my list of pretend boyfriends along with Gordan Ramsey, Charlton Heston, and that guy who plays Eric Northman on Trueblood. Mmmm.

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

Oh and Expressed, I was going to mention edit "deluded" not "diluted", but you might have meant it that way! Silly me.

Expressed said...

Podge, I'm obviously more defensive about this subject than I

I didn't read your post correctly. I saw the name Jacob and thought you were talking about Jacob Roloff and all those confused people that think Jacob Roloff is/will be the best looking Roloff.

After correctly reading your post, you said Jacob Mueller.

Yeah, it's personal taste, but for me, no way! Mueller isn't bad looking, but I think some girls just like super tall guys.

Jeremy has everything including that "it" factor! What "it" is.

Imo, based on attractiveness/hotness, it goes

1. Jeremy Roloff
Then a very large gap...
2. Scott LeSage
3. Jacob Mueller

I curse TLC for not doing that rumored spinoff with Jeremy, Zach and friends.

But I probably would have been disappointed anyway if producer Chris was the producer...he would probably film them going to soup kitchens instead of being real.

REAL adventures with Jer and friends would be a good show. But that means acknowledging that Jeremy is a real 21 year old guy and not the fake TLC image.

Expressed said...

To my last point, do you know how many people would love to party with Jeremy? How many people would like to see how Jeremy acts when he's drunk? Like it or not, it would make for a good show! :)

That's what TLC had had their disposal for all the LPA party conventions.

Instead the only thing they show of Jeremy during the LPA week is sitting on the sidelines watching Zach's soccer team. Talk about a waste of opportunity!

Anne said...

Jeremy is of legal age, but why are so many people sure that Jeremy is currently getting drunk this week? Just because he CAN drink, doesn't mean he is. It certainly doesn't mean he's getting DRUNK.

Carrie said...

Expressed, Jeremy and Mueller are o.k, but I think your order is mixed up...Look at that body! :) Sexy!

Abby said...

Nice picture, Carrie! :)

What blog is it from? I don't remember seeing it here! A hot guy in nothing but shorts is hard to forget :)

Dawn said...

Very nice picture Carrie!

Spirits, how about a Scott interview?? Or an article with lots of picture like the one on Mueller?

Carrie said...

Thanks Abby and Dawn, but Scott deserves the credit!

It's from the Scott blog :)

Sorry but it's private unless we know who you are. Scott is a cool guy and real!

We asked if we could share it with Spirits, that way more people could learn about Scott. I think Scott asked Matt and Matt said no.


Abby said...

That sucks! Go to hell Matt!!!!! Control freak.

Timothy said...

Matt is a modern day Nazi, isn't he?

David said...

The Roloffs sure know how to be humble...

"Zach medal count. At 2011 dwarf nationa Football: gold, volleyball: gold, soccer: gold, tomorrow: basketball.??

What a bunch of arrogant blowards.

Timothy said...

Stiff competition obviously...not

curious said...

Carrie, if Matt said no then why did Spirits say they were invited to Scott's blog? Is Scott still friends with any of the Roloffs?

Spiritswander said...
"Blog site authors and creators can choose their visibility/privacy settings. Our site is open to all readers. Some blogs choose to be visible only to selected people by sending an invitation via email.

The Scott LeSage blog site chooses to select their readers by email invite only. They sent an invite to

It is the admin team's choice on that blog to be available only to people they choose.

The email for the Scott LeSage blog is

You can try emailing to express your interest.

However, we have no control over who another site permits to read their site.

Good luck!"
May 11, 2010 6:03 PM

Carrie said...

Curious, It's two different things. Me and two other girls I know started the Scott blog because we all liked Scott the most and wanted to know more about him.

Scott was and is really cool and totally down to earth. Scott even invited us to hang out with him if we wanted, unfortunately we live on the other side of the country! :( But how cool is that?!?

We kept it on the private invite only setting to keep bashers away and to be honest with you we were afraid that if Matt found out then Scott would stop being cool with us and turn into, well, Jeremy and the way he is with fans (it amounts to being non existent!). It shouldn't have mattered because it about Scott and not the Roloffs anyway but they came up a few times and there was at least one interesting thing about Scott and Jeremy's history that I didn't know. But we didn't want it to be about the Roloffs, the whole reason for our blog was to know more about Scott, not Jeremy or anyone else.

We invited Spirits to look at our blog with the promise that Spirits wouldn't post our stuff without our permission. We read Spirits all the time. It was only fair to let Spirits see and I wanted to know if Spirits knew about something we found out about Scott's and Jeremy's friendship.

The bad part about being private is there aren't new people or comments. It can't grow.

Scott was so cool to us that we wanted more people to see it. I asked him if I could tell Spirits it was alright to post some of our stuff for the other Scott fans because I know Spirits gets a lot of people that search for Scott and Spiritswander gets a lot more attention than my blog can ever get.

I think Scott said he had talked to Matt & the producer they like. He had to say no to letting it on Spirits blog because the Roloffs freak out about Spiritswander.

Yeah we let Spirits look at it because we trusted Spirits not to post our stuff and Spirits didn't. I didn't ask Scott for permission for Spirits to look at our blog. I asked Scott for permission to let Spirits post or link us and we would go public. The way I understand it, Scott asked Matt and the producer, they said no. Scott told us sorry no. We would never screw Scott over after he was so cool with us. We told Spirits no.

Yeah, I think Scott is still friends with the Roloffs. He's living in Corvallis, that's where Oregon State is. It's a few hours from Hillsboro. I assume he's not NOT friends with the Roloffs but he's not like Mueller with Jeremy 24/7 if that's what you're asking. When you go to college and live in a different part of the state, it doesn't mean you aren't friends with the people you grew up with, but you don't hang out with them like you used to.

Deb said...

Thanks Carrie. Matt has control issues. Get a grip. Sheesh!

Greg said...

Wanna make a bet that the Statesmen win in basketball too. I think Matt is getting into LPBW style of "it's going to be a disaster!" and then everything works out perfectly just in the nick of time.

Maybe Matt realized that people are tiring of the arrogant Roloffs going around like big shots saying they're so awesome because Zach's celebrity team wins everything.

Greg said...

I'm starting to think the reason why Jacob is Matt and Amy's Facebook model is because Jeremy, Zach and Mueller are always too tanked.

Timothy said...

Don't get me wrong, I think Jacob can be a brat, but Matt can't be anymore transparent in what kids he favors.

*Even* Jacob had a good time? Kind of like, *even* Zach and Amy supported him on the dirt deal.

Matt's Golden boy Jeremy is the only one he doesn't pull out the "even" stuff for.

Natalie said...

Matt had a lot of time to think? It would be nice if he would think about how phony he and his family are and reflect on how to become better people that have some integrity. They have none now.

Chris Linton said...

Anybody keeping an eye on Matt and driving these days??

Where is everyone's sense of history?

Does everyone forget that Matt's last DUII arrest came right after he returned from a long RV trip?

Chris Linton said...

Now Jeremy is old enough to join him at the bar. Family bonding :)

Carolynn said...

Does that mean TLC isn't doing their own promotion for the specials?

How are Matt and Amy going to do an announcement about the shows? See if we're divorced...? Uh...See if we sold the farm...uh?

I think Roloff type reality shows that are 4 months behind are outdated in this age of the internet. Especially when they are as phony as LPBW.

David said...

Hmm. The stars putting a You Tube video out isn't the way TLC usually goes about advertising for a special.

A bigger deal to the Roloffs than it is to TLC?

Christine said...

Well, I hope if Matt and Amy do a video together that will mean they are on the same page and will keep their stories straight for a change! lol

Timothy said...

Matt trying to show that he was Mr. popular at LPA

Brandon said...

It's how amazing how deceptive the Roloffs are. They try so hard to convey to their fans that they are kind to animals when the reality is their "boys" are cruel, kill and are get a kick out of being mean to animals.

Gee Matt, why don't you be real and raw and post those pictures of Jeremy and Mueller throwing the cat?

Christine said...

Yeah, jacob is so grown up. He's already been kicked out of one school. Matt is so proud.

Kathy said...

Jacob is the rudest of all the Roloffs and that is saying a mouthful if you've ever met Jeremy or Zach.

Kayla said...

Poor Matt. He's been a week and a half without a vacation.

It makes me wonder how happy Matt is at home when he needs a vacation every second week.

David said...

I have to admit Matt is fun to decode (aka...sorting through the BS)

ie.Matt angling for a Bahamas trip is most likely him either hoping TLC will give them that freebie for another special or him hoping that another set of wealthy fans like the Mackenzie family will pay for the Roloffs to vacation.

That's obviously why he's throwing out the air miles reference, because Matt hates it when his cheap side shows and people point out that the Roloffs get everything in life off somebody else's dime.

Dj said...

Is a stage coach that much of an attraction?

Brandon said...

The grease makes its return! Maybe Jeremy can throw a cat in the ad? What a great spokesman!

Expressed said...

I don't think that's a recent picture. Probably a while ago when Jeremy and matt went to LA when he looked at Brooks the first time.

Chris Linton said...

How long before the Big M.R. uses his trusty old line that he's been using for 6 years....another trip to the Bahamas might be the last Roloff family vacation ever! He been saying that for 6 still has never come true because Jer and Zach are still infants...well, infants that party for Jesus! :>

Anonymous said...

I'm going to approach TLC with a new show: Average Height People, Busy World.

My family does the same stuff, occasional family road trips, take the kids to sports practices, go to school, grocery shop, cook dinners, oh and my sons have annoying friends who seem to spend way to much time at our house too.

I sure can use the $$$$.

David said...

It's almost sad to see how desperate Matt is to portray Jeremy and Zach as successful.

The 21 year old men that still live at home totally dependent on Mommy and Daddy to do and pay for everything in their lives.

Jeremy has moved on from childhood? Uh, Matt. Whatever you say.

Diane said...

Zach is an "ultra successful" sports enthusiast! Hey, it's good that Zach one upped Jeremy and got a job from someone besides Matt, but the criteria of "ultra successful" has changed if Zach qualifies.

Jeremy still lives like a little child, just throw in some booze, smoke and prejudice.

Carol said...

Matt's uncalled for bragging about his kids is irritating. A lot of parents actually do have the common sense to tone it done.

Matt is such a braggart that Jeremy and Zach are the best, most successful at everything...even though the reality is they haven't actually accomplished anything worthy of the slightest bit of praise at all.

Zach at least go a job, any job, apparently on his own that Matt didn't orchestrate for him. That's something, but Matt ruins that with his bragging. "Ultra successful" Give it a rest Matt.

And Jeremy....enough said. He had so much opportunity from living of his family member's disabilities and has done nothing with it. Still shows no responsibility. Still lives as a child. Still relies on Matt to arrange life for him and Amy to do it for him. He's self centered, bigoted and shows no character or honor.

The worst part of all about the both of them is that they aren't even decent or kind people. Unmotivated and lazy young people are acceptable if they at least treat others with kindness and respect. Jeremy and Zach fail at that in all the different ways that we've read about on here over the years.

Susan Coles said...

Carol, I think Matt is too full of himself and his family to realize that his crowing about how they are the best, most successful kids ever, make them all the more likable....and Jeremy especially doesn't need any help in being unlikable.

Deanna said...

How can anybody respect the Roloffs when they are so two-faced?

Greg said...

Matt looks so desperate with all his teasing about how he important he is.

Look at how long he hinted about a tiny LPBW special and what a big deal about it. But some of his fans, think he's getting a show with ABC? Ha!

Plus TLC has all the Roloffs rights. Think smaller!

Debra said...

How can anyone stand this man's ego? The whole family is the same way. They have no humility. It's all about boasting and lying and puffing one's own chest.

Kathy said...

Molly gets far too much praise on here. Sure she gets better grades than the boys, but she's not that special or great.

She spends a lot of time with Jeremy and Mueller. How sweet and nice do you really think she is if she likes hanging around those two?

Wake up people.

Anonymous said...

Did Matt just call himself a tool?

Dale said...

Matt (and the entire family) surrounds themselves with sycophants. That says it all.

Greg said...

Matt probably called TMZ himself...

I don't know what is more pathetic. TMZ not doing their job or Matt and his staff posting his own TMZ story, like "Look at me! I was on TMZ!".

This is what the Roloffs live for. And to think they used to get on their high horse telling everybody they didn't want to be celebrities.

David said...

@Greg, the humorous part to me is how insistent Matt is at trying to promote his staff's blog.

He posts on Facebook that he was on TMZ. Instead of posting the link to TMZ, he posts the link to his staff's blog that says he was on TMZ...the point?

Chris Linton said...

Matt should be more careful about saying the words "Jeremy" and "weed" in the same sentence. I think there's a bit too much truth in a sentence like that for the Roloffs. . . ;)

Brandon said...

So in other words, the big man, 21 year old Jeremy, still isn't doing anything this summer except getting paid by Matt to a chore here or there around the farm. So nice of Jer to take a break from his summer of doing nothing but play to get after the weeds when Matt hands out the cash...

BS image and PR stuff aside, I wonder if deep down, Matt will ever realize how far it has set Jeremy back in life by never making him have a boss that wasn't his daddy.

Brandon said...

Chris, to be honest, I was amused at this comment by Matt tonight on Facebook...

"Beer party around our campfire. Sounds like a plan for one of the nights.. what about the other 7 nights"

It's just amusing to see how quickly Matt is willing to abandon the squeaky clean wholesome Christian image. Is it getting hard to keep under wraps because Jeremy and Zach have been so public with their drinking since their 21st?

Jocelynn said...

Brandon, I agree with you. Considering their image and Matt's history with alcohol and the rumors, I'm surprised at how forthcoming and almost eager Matt is to talk about having a "beer party" around the campfire with "the boys" aka. Jeremy and Zach and their friends (many of whom aren't 21, btw).

Not only the one you quoted but

"Leann: have fun bros! don't get into too much trouble! maybe have a beer night?? haha just jvin! :)-"

Matt: Leanne, That's definitly got to happen."

jacknorey said...

Jeremy and Zack are the toxic twins.

David said...

Speaking of beer and alcohol, anyone else suspect that Matt might have been drinking and Facebooking last night?

Really, Matt admitting that the bonfires at the Roloffs will be big beer parties is quite shocking, 1) Given their image 2) Given Jocelynn's very valid point that most of Jeremy and Zach's friends are not 21.

Rap541 said...

That was my first thought, David, and considering that most of the DBU is still under age....

Mind you, I have been pretty certain for some time that minors at parties at the Roloffs don't exactly get carded.

Wanna bet though that beer parties around the campfire are NOT filmed but the precious innocent Roloff boys will wax poetic on how they are blameless lil babes while Matt goes on about how extraordinary they are to have spent two years in community college without degrees to show for it....

Maybe a lil more study and a little less Daddy sanctioned alcohol would make the twins a lil less infantilized? I mean, does anyone believe Jeremy isn't out playing and having adventures this summer?

Timothy said...

I wonder how much Matt paid his 21 year old adult sons to clean the garage (with Camerino I notice that Matt didn't mention in his "Jeremy, Zach and I") because we all know the big boys don't do anything without getting paid and Jeremy needs some spending money since he doesn't work.

Seriously, I cleaned out the garage with my dad when I was 11...

Cathelitou said...

Did Matt delete his post about the camp fire because I can't find them anymore!

Christine said...

@Cathelitou - no, it's still there.

"Matt Roloff Beer party around our campfire. Sounds like a plan for one of the nights.. what about the other 7 nights?"

It's one of Matt's responses in his post "Amy, Molly and Jacob left today to go visit Amy's family in MI for a week. Jer, Zach and I gonna' hold down the fort.. ...well....
sort of."

Rap541 said...

Cathelitou - you have to be logged into facebook to see it. I ran into the same problem.

Leigh said...

It seems like Matt either goes to Hawaii or posts pictures of Hawaii every third week.

Greg said...

Shocking, but I agree with Matt's "politics" post. Well, I guess it's safe to be disgruntled with the government incompetence. Who isn't?

Roger said...

Matt is 100% right about the government. They stick their hands in where it doesn't belong and can't even do what they're supposed to do.

Rap541 said...

Greg, its interesting because I do agree that the first people to suffer a paycheck loss should be the senators and representatives who aren't getting the job done.

On the other hand, I think Matt's just whining as usual because he's not allowed to do whatever he pleases... I kinda wonder sometimes just what Matt would do if he could just accept the waste of any one who wanted to pay.

More importantly, I imagine Matt would change his tune about government interference if he had the wit to understand that it was government interference that ended the practice of selling dwarf children to circuses... yeah pretty sure Matt can and has used various laws and government regulations about discrimination... funny how when Matt is getting what he wants, he's not complaining, but when the government requires him to have permits, poor poor widdle put upon Matt whines.

Mike P said...

Talk about government "stick(ing) their hands in where it doesn't belong." Matt Roloff's ultra-right politics would insert government oversight into personal life, while removing restrictions on public behavior of persons like Roloff himself.

If I were a Roloff neighbor, I would thank God for the land-use restrictions on which I could rely for SOME protection against him and against his unjustified ego.

Brandon said...

Rap, what gets me is the idiots that say Matt should get into politics.

He is way too much baggage!

Hell, look at even the stuff that Spirits has brought to light, racist, animal abusing kids with radical social beliefs that counter the pro-diversity sham of an image. Couple that with Matt's own DUIIs and imagine what it would be like if there was an enemy politician campaigning against Matt.

Rap541 said...

Yeah. I have to admit that whenever Matt talks about politics, all I can think that is that it would shock the hell out of me if it ever happened. The DUI issue alone is tough, and frankly so is Matt's near hysterical drama whenever he or the family is criticized. It would be amusing as hell to watch.

Jason said...

I wonder, if someone else referred to Matt as a "busy little man", would Matt be offended? I bet he would if he could get something out of it.

David said...

Matt means they got the Story Line Cheat Sheet/script.

Anybody that believes there is any reality going on is a fool.

Vic Rattlehead said...


Matt's not so much a "busy little man" as he is a "busy little idiot" running about flapping his arms like a headless chicken while accomplishing nothing.

Greg said...

Matt says cool surprises for Amy because it opens up a chance for him to promote the pumpkin season.

The real cool surprise? More liquor for the kids to get drunk on in the garage?

Chris Linton said...

Well, Greg, now you know why Matt wanted the garage cleaned....Jeremy is a lightweight y'know! Vomit on the garage floor stinks! **wink wink**

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

I know I'm posting this a bit premature, as it is regarding the stagecoach picture. I see he named it HELVETIA Stage Lines. Now, I do not know, that's why I'm asking for a learned and informed ruling on this from bloggers with legal experience.

Is there any kind of licensing issues or "brand" copyright connected with the use of "Helvetia"? I'm sure the Helvetia Tavern had to ask permission from the town/village/hamlet of Helvetia, OR since that name is registered with Lands and Titles or whatever the County/State dept. is called. There are other states in the Union that have urban places named Helvetia (Arizona and Wisconsin, eg.), is there even a form of copyright on the name? Again, I'm not sure, so I'm putting the question.

Suppose, just suppose, the town/village/hamlet of Helvetia, OR did not want their name connected with something material or suggestive enterprise associated with Matt Roloff?

I used my last name when I incorporated my business, but two of my friends tried to use their (our) hometown when they tried to incorporate, and the Central Registry flat-out refused, as the town had exclusive use of the name. They could have applied to the town for a release, but used another name.

Just curious.

Bonnie said...

Look at all those unnecessary machines, most of which the Roloffs didn't even pay for.

Every thing the Roloffs do is about money and self promotion.

Ron, Peg, Gordon and Pat should be very ashamed at the adults their children turned out to be and now they pass it along to another generation of selfish kids that are all about themselves.

Mike P. said...


It's perfectly legal to name a business, or anything else, after a town. I've never heard of such a restriction.

If you incorporate, a name might be refused if it is too similar to an existing name, or is otherwise problematical (obscene, for example). But the city name is fair game.

(I am Mike P, not the new Michael P, btw.)

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

Thanks for clearing that up, Mike.

Greg said...

It's August. Did Jeremy ever go to work for that Portland Yacht Tour guy that was on Amy's coffee chat?

Too much work for Jeremy 'Slacker' Roloff?

Sweet Caroline said...

Well, it's nice to see that Rocky is still alive......

Ashley said...

Does anyone else notice that it seems like Roloff charities are really nothing but the Roloffs asking other people to give money while the Roloffs get the credit and attend party after party?

Greg said...

Trust me, Ashley, I've noticed. That's what they are. They shame the word charity and people that actually do charity work.

Hank said...

The Roloffs never pay for anything. What a bunch of moochers. They have no self respect or pride. People with character take pride in earning and paying for things on their own instead of having their hands out for freebies. Even for the Timbers!

Timothy said...

Geez, Matt can't help it, huh? Even his attempt at motivational Facebook posts are covered in patting himself on the back.

He's amazed at what he accomplishes. Yes, we know think you're amazing, Matt.

A Roloff showing a dose of humility would be something to be amazed by.

Anonymous said...

he just jealous of avrage heights. aint it obvvious?

Anon6 said...

Hank, Kindly try to get your facts right straight.

Brandon said...

I agree with Hank.

Anon 6th, I think Hank's latest point on the Roloffs not paying was that it's kind of obvious that the Roloffs aren't paying for the Timber tickets. Like they don't pay for a lot of things.

Hank said...

Anon6, oh, I'm wrong am I? I don't suppose you have Matt's receipt for his purchase of the tickets, do you?

You're a fool, Anon6. Most of the things the Roloffs get or do, are not things they have earned themselves or provided/paid for themselves. They mooch off other people and the Roloffs always have their hands out for freebies.

Rap541 said...

I'm just noticing that yet again, we all need to be reminded that Matt is deteriorating and we all need to know that he's just doing it all despite HIS CONSTANT PAIN!

I guess Matt needs to hear what an awesome little champ he is, to bravely face the constant pain of his deteriorating body AND NEVER ONCE SPEAK OF IT.

Except, you know, when he's reminding us all how much he's suffering. I have long understood why Amy rolls her eyes at his health issues. Say, wasn't Matt supposed to have spinal surgery in 2009 or 2010? I kinda remember an episode pity party about skiing one last time....

Cookie said...

To quote Matt in his latest FB post: What are your Hopes?

Here's my hopes Matt: That you and your entire family go away. Never to be seen again on any public forum again--meaning TV. Coffee Chats. FB posts or Amy's ridiculous self-serving charity.

That's my hopes. Can you make that happen Matt?

Z to the Zee said...

Matt lies so much about Jeremy working.

Jeremy has been spending one day partying after the next for most of the summer.

Anonymous said...

What was the point of Matt buying Amy a new Ethan Allen Sofa? I remember back last year on their show he tried to get rid of the nice pretty brown Sofa set and Amy refuse because they had only had it about maybe two years.

Now all of a sudden he buys Amy the Ethan Allen Sofa she had been looking at and wanted as a surprise while she, Molly and Jacob where on vacation.

That was no surprise for Amy, that was all about Matt having his way while she was gone.Matt never did like the brown sofa Amy had pick out for their family room once the entire house was remodled for the tenth time.

Matt always wait for Amy to leave for a few days or a week or two to undo the things that she has pick out for the house because he wants it to always be about him.

I really think that it is sad for Matt to be that way towards Amy I find it to be so disrespectful of him to disrespect her that way by undoing what she has contribute to the family home.

I always wonder what happens to all the furniture and tv sets they have in their house once Matt decides to chsnge things out while Amy is away?

Justin said...

Notice that the Roloffs are getting new furniture the week that filming is back? What would the cheapy Roloffs do without freebies? The Roloffs have some in common with the welfare crowd.

Christine said...

Oh sure, Matt can play around with goofy pictures but he's too afraid to face serious subjects about his hypocrisies.

Timothy said...

Anybody else suspicious about matts post always cries?being called a macho ho
homophobe ... now he always cries...when mike died and Matt gave the speech didnt all the kids and Amy say it was so weird because Matt never cries?

Timothy said...

Matt is too much. Who celebrates their number of Facebook fans? Really. Especially when it's not that much by comparison to other TLC celebrities.

Monique said...

I stopped like Roloffs when I realize they're only friends with rich folks. Who watches their show? Normal people that aren't loaded! They use us and then are friends with the rich.

It's true. You should look at Amy's new friends. They are designers that spend $100,000 on commercials for their products.

Jeremy's only ever nice to fans that are rich and buy him stuff and all of his and the rest of them friends are rich rich rich.

They use real working people to step on to hang out with rich folks.

Nancy said...

It's sad how the Roloffs entire lives have boiled down to centering around being on Television as stars of a fake reality show.

Kathryn said...

Hm, wasn't Matt the guy that was claiming he ended the show because he had enough. Now he's calling filming "fun fun".

He also said the family were happier not filming, especially the kids.

But now it's "fun, fun" Hm.

Brandon said...

Matt's at it again. It's amusing. Trying to crank up this wholesome family image BS.

Kids just spending the night playing soccer wholesome and innocent

What about the underage drinking? Nothing about Jeremy getting too trashed at the campfire to remember anything?

David said...

What I notice is that Matt's big status posts are very misleading about filming. He announces that they are back to filming LPBW. Some people probably think it's a big undertaking.

But if you read the comments carefully, he told someone that "filming went great".

One day of filming and that's it? I wonder how many people thought it would be one day of filming from Matt's status update? Matt knows how to lead people on.

Kayla said...

Oh great :/ More animals for Jeremy and his friends to mutilate.

Rap541 said...

You know, I try not to overreact to Matt's cutesy comments but really... he got chickens and coyotes got them. He comments in early episodes how his dog wanders off and is fed by neigbors, he snickers how the turtle for the petting zoo got loose, and now he is snickering how he took responsibility for some pigs and they promptly escaped his custody.

Yay Matt! You're irresponsible and ignorant animals have to pay for your inability to take care of them! You're so Christian with the animal abuse!

Please, Christian fans, tell me how Matt's contant laments how he mistreats animals is Jesus Loving Christian Awesome!

And then I will show you Matt's "I want to have Rocky SHOT by my son because I am A FARMER and that trumps giving my dog a gentle death!"

Brandon said...

With the way Matt loves teasing, can anyone imagine how annoying Matt must have been in grade school? He's never grown out of "Nah nah, I have a secret but I'm not telling!!!!"

Btw, I think it's obvious. They are off to Santa Barbara to unpack the Golden Boy at college because the Roloffs are all about drama with Jeremy and this is akin to him going off to war.

William said...

What the hell is the point of having a facebook if you're not going to be honest about anything? He's not even going to mention on Facebook that Jeremy is leaving for college because it's so secret? Then why even have a Facebook page? The point of Facebooks and twitters is to keep people updated.

Rap541 said...

Brandon that does sound about right - particularly if they are driving down.

I assume the secrecy etc is because widdle Jer-Bear is prolly being filmed taking his first big boy steps without Mommy and Daddy checking his dipee for him.

Mind you, even if it wasn't being filmed, I can't see Jeremy being man enough at 21 to manage on his own even though most of his age mates are required to. Poor widdle Jerry-Berry still needs Mommy and Daddy, he's too widdle to really be a man... best let mommy and daddy speak for him, call him "wonder BOY Jeremy" and support him as a BOY (and not a man, NOT EVER A MAN, Jeremy is a boy who can't ever be accountable as a MAN because Daddy Matt and Mommy Amy say so) and of course, although he isn't perfect and never claims to be, anyone who judges him is a hater so someone get the boy a beer as he walks with jesus and sins his way into the hospital fr sinners.

AFter all... only goody two shoes TRY to act right... real Christians get down in the dirt and SIN AND SIN AND SIN because YOU GOTTA SIN TO SAY WHOOPSIE JESUS!

Ain't that right, Christian crowd? God bless sinning! The whole point of having rules in the Bible is to never try to live right, you must SIN for God to let you into his hospital for sinners. People who don't sin are wrong! SIN FOR JESUS! DO AS THE ROLOFFS DO AND SIN FOR GOD!

tay said...

matt did mention jeremys going away and party.

The Truth And Nothing But said...

I have a feeling Jeremy will only be going off to college from August thru December just to say that he left home for a few months, then he will transfer to the college in or near down town portland Or come January.

Who knows he might stay on campus once he move back to Portland also. But still in all I can not beleive he is actualy leaving home and leaving his belove boy toy Mueller. lol

Brandon said...

The Truth...I think Matt is probably already mulling over possible excuses. They've already mentioned an Art Institute in Portland.

If Jeremy sinks in California, I'll bet that Matt spins it that the Portland Art institute was begging Jeremy to bless them with his presence there.

David said...

Why exactly is Matt needed for Extreme Home Makeover? He's not contributing money. He's not building. Why is he involved? To get exposure and the glory.

It's also hilarious that instead of simply posting the link, he links to his staff's blog who then posts the link.

Rap541 said...

Have you ever seen the show, David? I don't mean this disrespectfully. There is often an adult guest who suffers from the same problem as the targeted child.

He shows up and its sweet. Thats sorta the point of the show

David said...

Thanks for the information, Rap. No, I haven't actually watched a full episode. From the snippets and clips I've seen, I thought the point of the show was to re-build a home for a hard-luck family. I had no idea it was a common for a celebrity to ride in on their white horse and serve no real purpose?

Rap541 said...

It doesn't happen all the time but yes, its not uncommon for a celeb with a similar problem or background to turn up to cheer the family in question on.

Its nice press for the celeb and the family usually gets to know the celeb showed up. Randy Travis for example, does benefit concerts for families to help cover costs.

I'm not a HUGE fan of the Extreme Home Makeover Crew in that they don't seem to provide a lot of post production support but on the other hand - its nice that a family with dwarfism.

ON the third, alien hand, seems a bit sad that the Salman family wasn't put up. Or Russell's famiy for that matter.

Brandon said...

I still think it's good that Jeremy is going, good for him to get away from the same old atmosphere that enables him to live like a child, but he's coming back for pumpkin season?

That doesn't bode well. Most college students find coming back home for the weekends take a toll on their grades and that can be when they only live a few hours away in the same state.

Jocelynn said...

We won't really know (because the "show" and everything the Roloffs put on the Facebooks are fake and for PR) but I'm interested to see how the dynamics change now that Jeremy is leaving. I think it will be good for all involved. The whole family seems to revolve around Jeremy and that hasn't been good for Jeremy's ego or his lack of responsibility.

Tucker said...

Matt, I hate to break it to you, but Jeremy does not even come close to being a real farm boy. Jeremy would be crying for Matt and Amy after one day on a real farm.

Jason said...

I have to admit, I really hope Jeremy fails miserably. A smug arrogant jerk deserves to eat some humble pie.

Pam said...

Oh my. Matt just said Jeremy turned out perfect and well balanced.

A well balanced lazy egotistical prejudicial lying jerk.

Greg said...

Of course Matt doesn't talk about the little fact that just about anybody would get accepted to that photo school if they have the cash.

Christine said...

Ya Jeremy is such a swell young man. Outside of Matt's own PR, what is Jeremy known for? Google him.

A racist, homophobic liar that is a prick to his own fans that provided him with a charmed lifestyle that he used to live like a little boy.

That's a lot to be proud of...

Chris Linton said...

LOL. With the way they're going on and on, I thought Jeremy was being deployed to Iraq or Libya....or was going in for a triple bypass surgery and might not live.

Oh wow, he's going to college (but will be home soon!). The Roloffs know how to make everything into a much bigger deal that it is.

Timothy said...

Matt should rephrase what he said. Jeremy isn't leaving for college tomorrow, right? The family is going with him. I agree with previous posters. How long are they going to drag this out for? He's not even making the trek himself? Amy already went shopping for him.

Jeremy's first strides of independence aren't going well...

Ashley said...

I think there should be a pool started about how long everybody thinks Jeremy will last at Brooks.

No matter what happens, Matt will BS about it, but how long will Jeremy actually stick it out?

I honestly don't think he will be able to handle being away from all his friends and family that treat him like he's a God and I don't think he will be able to balance being on his own for the first time with a new school.

If Mike from Brooks was right about the school, Jeremy is going to need to put a lot of time and effort into it. I don't think he's prepared for that. Amy has already said he was more interested in the beaches of Santa Barbara.

Judy B said...

Congratulations Jeremy! And please do note who was the first Roloff to move out. Does anybody still want to attempt to make Zach sound superior because of his soccer job?

Melanie said...

How weird is it that Zach and Jeremy are 21 and this is going to be the first time that they won't share a room together? I wonder, is Jacob going to move into Zach's room?

Trisha said...

I don't normally wish bad things for people, but Jeremy is not a nice person, I hope life teaches some tough lessons.

Austin said...

Yes, it's hard to drum up well wishes to a bigoted liar that still hides behind his daddy.

Monica said...

I agree, I hate to see a person like Jeremy do well in anything. It might sound mean, but it sends a bad message to the rest of the people, good honest people that treat others well and have kind hearts and earn things on their own.

DJ said...

The hypocrite Jeremy is probably stoned and drunk right about now, just my guess! :)

Michelle said...

I can't stand cat abusers. I don't wish Jeremy success in California.

Rap541 said...

Judy B - is Jeremy working? If not then who is paying for his apartment? :)

Judy B? Who is supporting Jeremy, a grown man?

Judy B - please explain how being employed by someone other than your daddy is LESS respectful than NOT working.

SInce, you know, you're here to judge and hate. Whatever happened to only God judging Judy B? Oh right... you only want it to stop when Jer-Bear is abusing cats and high fiving about how he's not a faggot. Then its all "JUDGING IS HATING!!!" :)

So lets explain to the few who aren't aware of Judy's odd contention.

Judy thinks Zach is dirt compared to Jeremy. WHen its pointed out that at least Zach is willing to leave the farm and seek employment doing something he enjoys, while Jeremy plays with his buds down on the farm, Judy does nothing but bray like an ass about how she thinks Zach's job is a meaningless piece of crap.

As opposed to Jeremy's job which is well... no job at all. I me

Also, moving out for big boy college at 21 means Jer is totally behind his peers. Judy will attempt to suggest the economy is to blame but let us all remember Matt Roloff's refrain on he's *rich*.

Judy B - since you're here to judge, the gloves are off - what do you think of the Roloffs contributing to underage drinking?

Or *as a proud Christian* - someone unafraid to say nasty things about Zach Roloff - will you join your proud outspoken Christian peers who proudly say nothing when it comes to the Roloffs breaking man's law and letting 17 year old Christian do shots of whiskey in their garage? Jeremy was the adult there, and Zach - should we applaud Jer fr openly disregarding the law and the teachings of his mentor John Mark Comer?

My bet? You're gonna be one of our proud *silent* Christians... after all Jer-Bear must never hear he's wrong.

Bonnie said...

The fact that Matt even pretends that Jeremy is a good person says a lot about Matt. He's treated other people so badly. He's earned nothing on his own merit. He has rode the dwarfism of his family and the show Matt set up to a spoiled life and showed no responsibility for it.

David said...

Bonnie, while I think it's normal for a parent to lack total objectivity about what type of person their son or daughter really is, the most telling thing about how Matt really thinks about Jeremy is the fact that Matt won't let Jeremy do an interview without Matt having his fingerprints all over it.

Matt doesn't trust his 21 year adult son to either do it without screwing up the Roloff brand image or without offending even more people than he already has with his lies, hypocrisies, slurs and cruel behavior to people and animals.

Jason S said...

Rap, Why do you take it so personally that Jeremy is just now moving out at the ripe old age of 21?

Or that he hasn't had, in your opinion, a "real" job?

Honestly, your position and how you behave come across like a jilted, vindictive wanna be girlfriend.

I'm personally not a Jeremy groupie, but cut the guy some slack and relax already. And give other people a break too. You really don't need to attack everyone all the time.

Does it ever occur to you that Jeremy has his own money from working on the show and that he has been contributing to his parents financially all along?

And if you are inclined to say 'why does he not speak up and say so'...Why? Why would anyone believe he is obliged to share how he handles his finances? If so, I invite you to post your financial statements and explain your income and spending habits. Ray Romano didn't move out of his parents home until he was 29 years old, and many years of that time he didn't have a "real" job. Even after he moved out (to get married) he still struggled and his wife basically supported the family. Now he holds the Guinness Book of World record for being the highest paid television actor on a sitcom. I think it's time to get off your high horse and move on.

Greg said...

Jason S, there is nothing to respect about Jeremy.

Most people that stay at home into their 20s are doing it for financial reasons. You're admitting Jeremy has money...all for playing himself and being a hypocrite and a walking contradiction in many different ways.

He stayed at home and lived like a wee child playing with Mueller because it was easy and his parents enabled him.

Now he's going to a college that he got accepted to because he is (or Matt and Amy) paying the money. What is there to praise about that honestly?

Oh come on. Common sense for anyone that knows the slightest thing about Matt and Amy's parenting style knows that Jeremy and Zach aren't paying for a thing of their own at home.

Jeremy has goofed all summer without a job and you want people to respect him?

Allen said...

I think Jeremy is going to fail big time. He has no discipline and is used to having his ass kissed and used to being coddled.

David said...

Jason S, you're acknowledging that Jeremy is making money, good money from the show.

What do you think of Jeremy's completely lack of responsibility?

The fact that at the age of 21 he's still not able to handle an interview outside of Matt's control? That he can't speak for himself about anything. It goes far beyond discussing his finances.

Dan could speak for himself at 18 and unlike Jeremy, he wasn't getting paid for the show.

There Jeremy was, making, according to you, enough money to afford multiple vehicles, the insurance on them all, an apartment in expensive Santa Barbara (it's not a cheap place to live) and he never was adult enough to speak for himself and his interaction to the people who were basically paying his salary (the fans) amounted to at best ignoring them, at worst, insulting them and behaving like a mean spirited jerk with his beloved Mueller and pals.

He does deserve some scorn for that.

Maria said...

I find myself wondering how much trouble Jeremy is going to get in when in California. I think because of the Roloffs raised profile in Hillsboro it allowed Jeremy, Zach and there friends to get away with more law breaking than they would if they weren't on tv. It's not going to be like that in California where being on a reality show in california is more of a thing of shame than it is a big deal.

Austin said...

I hope the people at Brooks hold Jeremy accountable for being a religious bigot.

Susan said...

I think of all the nice young fans Jeremy and his friends demoralized behaving like cruel punks while being protected by Matt and TLC.

A follower of Christ? RIDICULOUS.

Christy P said...

Don't worry Susan. It may seem like only the Roloffs matter and regular people don't but that can work against them too.

It's called karma, what they did coming back to haunt them and people can make it happen by using the voice God gave them. A person can write Brooks and people at Brooks to tell them all about the truth about Jeremy.

If he eventually gets a job or internship with some company, you can write the company. He eventually will need the public in some form, make your voice heard. It will at least be uncomfortable for him.

I did that with Mueller. He used to work at the gym I go to. I sent emails and hand written letters to them telling them what I thought of them employing a cat abuser and how morals wouldn't allow me to attend the gym anymore when they employ such a person.

I don't know whether it had any effect or not, but he wasn't working there very long after that.

Rap541 said...

Jason - why should I personally respect and laud Jeremy?

I mean, I'm a LIAR and a HATER for saying the precious Christian drinks... and when I was shown to be right.... I am still a LIAR and a HATER because well, Jeremy James is living life and drinking for Jesus, praise God!

Point out that the big *boy* has spent the last two years of his life piddling at community college and not graduating with a 2 year degree also means I'm a HATER and Jeremy is EXTRAORDINARY and deserves to be held up as an example to others.

I've been called a "Jesus hater" for not following the party line of "Jeremy Roloff is a fine boy (not a man not EVER a man) who is living an Extraordinary life that should be emulated".

Because I think its not very Christian to call Mexico that "beaner place" - therefore I hate Jesus. I think taking pictures of a cat being thrown is wrong... Jeremy doesn't and he's held up for his Christian decency and people here have the actual gall to suggest he shouldn't be criticized for animal abuse because thats God's business.

Jeremy's job is an issue for this reason. He is 21 and has never mustered enough ambition in his life to get a job where his daddy runs the show. Zach, whose job isn't much better, at least has had the gumption to get out from under Daddy's thumb and find a job - and he gets vilified by the Christian set for it. Likewise, every time Zach shows some of his Christian morals, he's called a crybaby suck while Jeremy is lauded for wanting to see whores in Amsterdam as a "great Christian loving life".

Yes, I am well aware that Jeremy was getting a paycheck for having fun and playing with friends and going on vacation. Being a reality ho isn't that hard, you know.

Since no one is lauding me (and in fact I'm called a Jesus hater) I see no reason to provide my financial statements - especially since Jer-Bear isn't being required to do it first. However I will say this - I live entirely debt free and I am pleased with my savings. I hope, when Jeremy reaches my age, that he will be able to say the same... I just have my doubts.

in the meantime, I will get off my high horse when I get an apology from the Christian crowd for calling me a liar and a hater when Jeremy clearly loves the booze, and I will also get off the high horse when people start acknowledging that moving out at 21 after wasting two years in community college to attend a for profit art school with no portfolio requirement isn't extraordinary and worthy of praise.

Sandie said...

Good for you, Christy :)
I could be totally off about this, but I don't think Jeremy is actually going to Brooks. I think it's a ploy to have something to tape for the special, and that he will just continue playing in Santa Barbara.... oooo maybe Mueller will conveniently show up and become his roommate! But actually going to school? fending for himself? It'd take a lot to convince me that's what's happening.

Rap541 said...

Jason S - I'm also going to point out the unpleasant game you're playing here... since I suspect we've conversed before.

Its called "For the Love of the Roloffs! Hate!" and it goes like this.

Someone says something critical about the Roloffs.

Someone, typically with no identifying information, then, rather than actually address the crticism, says something nasty about the person posting. In your example you name call me with "jilted, vindictive wanna be girlfriend". Since the standard line from the Roloffs is this, I now apply it to you, Jason.

Jason, whats so wrong in your life that you're hanging out on a message board saying nasty things about people talking about a tv show? Shouldn't you be looking at your own personal flaws and fixing those?

Now, let me be really honest - I get your agenda. Jeremy's not that accomplished so you really can't answer when you're asked what are we supposed to be respecting. So instead of listing out examples of things that make Jeremy extraordinary and deserving of praise, you make a personal attack.

If you don't understand why its babyish and immature for a grown man Jeremy's age to need his daddy's permission and prescence in order to speak publically, then you have potentially bigger issues than I thought, but let me spell it out.

If I am supposed to respect Jeremy as a *man* then he needs to act like one. A man speaks for himself. A man pays his own bills and supports himself. A man doesn't piddle his time away for two years at community college, failing to earn a degree, not working (except to be paid to vacation by TLC) and sucking off his parents. A man, when discovered to have taken unpleasant photos of a friend torturing a cat, speaks for himself, and doesn't hid behind his mommy.

Without namecalling, explain to me what accomplishments Jeremy has that have earned him the status as "an extraordinary man".

Carol said...

Jeremy...a Himbo to the very end :)

Sandie, I don't think it's a hoax. I just question how long Jeremy is going to last. Brooks has a high drop out rate as it is. I don't think Jeremy will survive needing to fend for himself without his usual bunch of suck-ups and enablers.

Dana said...

I hope certain people that think Jeremy hides his love for Jesus notice what he wrote on his VW bus... "THANK YOU JESUS"

Chris Linton said...

Dana, the thank you Jesus bit is probably to say thanks as they smoke up in the bus....smoking up and sex is what a VW ride is perfect for!

Peter said...

Is Jeremy leaning like that because he's in a drunken stooper? :)

David said...

Jeremy isn't even going alone. Mommy is going with him. Daddy too? Amy posted a picture too.

Rap541 said...

Dana - so the *important* thing to God is lip service, according to you.

If I say "I love Jesus" - you will laud me as a fine Christian, correct?



Dana? Dana? Please have an opinion, FOR ONCE.

Right now, your idea of Christianity is that "I love Jesus" overrules all wrong acts.

When Jeremy Roloff smiles and gives his under age buddies alcohol (17 year old Christian, and 20 year old Jacob Mueller) you have NOTHING to say about Jeremy Rolof breaking man's laws, and ignoring his beloved mentor John Mark Comer who says a christian should NOT break man's law.

Why IS that, DAna?

Dana? DAna?

AS a proud outspoken Christian, standing up for Jesus and Jeremy, you need to have an opinion ON A WRONG ACT.

Or else your silence speaks volumes about how you *really* feel.

A real Christian would stand up fr Jesus and have an opinion on the wrong act.

Dana is silent, after being repeatedly asked to have an opinon on the underage drinking that is expressly forbidden by John Mark Comer.

Dana... You're why people leave the church. Your silence speaks for itself.

Sandie said...

Thanks, Carol.... but Imma need to see a certified letter from the Dean! (is there a Dean?)

I don't get Jeremy's pose... is that...usual?
I'm also squicked out by Amy's photo, not sure why. They certainly appear thrilled with themselves :)

And? I've been to Santa Barbara... I'd love to see the look on the faces of the locals when they see his Thank You Jesus bus.... classy!

Timothy said...

Sandie, I'm with you. I don't get the pose either. Honestly, I'm sure the kids know when Matt and Amy intend to post a picture on Facebook and Jeremy likes the "Jeremy is so hot" comments, hence why he's shirtless draping himself over the "Thank You Jesus" bus.

Timothy said...

You can never believe a thing Matt says as the truth, but when I saw him say Zach took over Jeremy's garage space but only for a few months, I thought that was the cue to set up Jeremy bailing out soon.

I'm very skeptical that Zach has big plans. While I applaud Zach for getting a job where Dad isn't his boss, even with the money from the show, a career at Indoor Goals isn't going to support the kind of indulgent lifestyle Roloffs are used to and frankly I don't think Zach has the grades to go anywhere but PCC.

David said...

Timothy, always know that Matt has an agenda. The agenda is to keep people interested in the Roloffs, to act like big things are happening.

Let us not forget that they played the "last family vacation card for 4 friggin years...seriously! They played the "twins are moving out card" for the last two years". With these specials planned out that Matt is obviously hoping for big ratings that will lead to more opportunities ($) they need to keep people thinking that there's a lot happening.

The truth is the more that actually happens, like the kids getting their own lives instead of being Reality TV whores as their career, the more they need to kiss the attention goodbye and the Roloffs can't handle that because their lives revolve around receiving attention.

Marlene said...

Jeremy is nothing to be proud of. He's a racist, bigoted animal abuser whose life has been mooching off his parent's and his brother's disability while disrespecting and judging everybody who he sees as being "uncool". He's a spoiled brat who hopefully will be in for a rude awakening now that Dad can't control everybody Jeremy comes in contact with.

Rap541 said...

Btw who wants to make bets on whether "I love you Jesus!" is blocked out or not?

Cathelitou said...

People don't know the real Roloff. Look at some comment I found on Matt's latest post..

I think the fact that Jeremy has a USED VW van, and not a brand new care from mom & dad, says A LOT about what fantastic parents you are, Matt. Doesn't it seem strange that he's "leaving" home? Wow, they grow up fast. good luck Jeremy.

Isn't it ironic! We all know Jeremy and the Roloff have a Lot of money and a lot of Cars!!! Lol!

KG said...

hes sure not going to be the "hot shot" like he thinks he will be in Santa Barbara, thats for sure

Brandon said...

Cathelitou, people on Matt's facebook are like old ladies dealing with a sleazy used car salesman....they get taken for a ride and to the cleaners because they're so naive and believe he's an honest man. Therefore, they get hosed.