Saturday, July 23, 2011

Matt Roloff On TMZ - Video

There's not really any point to this video, but TMZ did a quick clip with Matt when he was in Los Angeles. They joke that there is a "secret society" of Little People.

For the record, this is the type of thing that we have referred to here at Spiritswander: Keeping Up With The Roloffs regarding the Roloffs, the media and news/interview items. More mainstream media outlets and pop culture/gossip sites like TMZ don't really know anything about the Roloffs other than the bare basics (if that sometimes). When they "catch up" with Matt, they ask about the pressing subject of a secret society of LP.

As a result, the Roloffs never really receive any detailed questions and interesting interviews are pretty much out of the question. When Matt or Amy want to discuss certain details or subjects, they mostly interview with themselves (meaning their staff - employees and friends that follow Matt's orders). Occasionally they'll interview with a pop culture/gossip site that are familiar with the Roloffs and are capable of asking some interesting questions, but that's rare.

Anyhow here is the TMZ video with Matt Roloff:


Erica said...

I agree, I posted that in a comment. TMZ is weak.

The problem with big business news is that it's all political and connections. If someone on the staff knows someone that works with a celebrity, then they are going to be soft.

Like Amy and her E channel host friend Jason Kennedy that helps Amy with her charity foundation.

Justin said...

Well, that was a waste a 1:08 seconds. Thanks TMZ.

Ronald said...

Matt is so brave...

Shelby said...

Erica, that's so true. I don't like him, but look at what happened with Perez Hilton.

Lets face it. Perez Hilton got popular for being mean and showing no mercy to celebrities. Then once he got so popular, he became a celebrity himself and pals around with the celebrities he's supposed to cover. Then everything becomes fluff because they're friends.

Like Harvey at TMZ...that's why Matt is sucking up to him.

Kind of like when producers of so called reality shows become best buddies with the stars...the show becomes nothing but fake garbage. Chris Cardamone anyone?

nyc said...

Wow, such "celebrities." When you have to rely on the likes of TMZ, Perez Hilton & Facebook, you have reached the point of being BELOW "z-list."

BeckyM said...

This is how entertainment media works.They have to suck up to the "stars" or the stars refuse to provide access. It's well known in the journalism community and it's why I don't bother reading or viewing these types of outlets.

Media will only expose a scandal that has already broke - for example, Travolta's true sexual orientation was known but not exposed to the general public until certain photos were finally published.

I highly doubt that Tiger Woods and his stable of women was a well hidden secret - it was just not talked about.

Blogs such as this provide a real service to people who don't want just the PR spin. Kudos to Spirits!

Jocelynn said...

So true, BeckyM.

Tiger Woods was a good example. ALL of those women and no one in the media knew before? Doubtful.