Saturday, July 9, 2011

Reports About the Roloff Family At Little People of America National Conference in Anaheim

In the years that we have maintained this site, Spiritswander: Keeping Up With the Roloffs, we've had the pleasure of becoming connected to many people within the LP community.

One of the nice things about our site after gaining a respectable reputation for being "real", is that many different people will give us the scoop on their experiences when it involves the Roloffs. Friends and the people that know the Roloffs realize that the sites that come from Matt himself and the LPBW image of the Roloffs are "fluff" so sometimes they appreciate a site that goes beyond the fluff.

We can confirm the legitimacy of the people we are in communication with -- they aren't anonymous people that we have no idea who they are. We know who they are and we know they attended the LPA conference in Anaheim. Obviously, opinions and perspectives belong to individuals. The way our site works is that we relay what is going on and pass the "buzz" onto you -- the fans and people who are interested in the Roloffs so that you have an idea of what is really being said by people there.

This is stuff that you're not going to hear (for obvious reasons) on Matt's Facebook or by people on their payroll/staff.

So what are the Roloffs like at this years LPA National Conference in Anaheim? What are people that were there are saying about them?

We have heard from multiple people and the stories have all been very similar and sadly, it's not very positive.

First of all, the Roloffs were telling people that they're doing more TV with TLC, but nobody saw the cameras at the actual LPA conference.

One of the elements people might find interesting -- the Roloffs were not the big deal anymore. The guy from Pit Boss - Shorty Rossi, showed up and he was very much the center of attention. Apparently cameras circled around him with the Roloffs about 20 feet away.

As for the Roloffs as individuals, what might come as a bit of a shock for readers of our site is that the biggest indictments and the Roloffs that people at the LPA were commenting on the most in a negative sense were about Amy and Zach. It varies, but as readers of our site would know, Jeremy and Matt usually have the most negative stories/opinions about them out of the entire Roloff family. However, not on this trip (well, more so for Matt -- we'll explain about Jeremy).

Matt is Matt, but people say Matt was social and cordial. People within the LPA weren't coming away with a negative impression of Matt (keep in mind, a lot of these people have known the Roloffs for years and years -10, sometimes 20 years).

However, the same cannot be said for Amy. The reports we got were that things are just so different. That Amy is so different. The phrase "Diva-like behavior or attitude" was used to describe Amy. There are people that Amy has known for over 20 years that she was sort of blowing off and people find themselves asking, what is up with the Roloffs?

The second or perhaps we should have listed this as the first thing that caught attention was Zach's behavior.

Before we get into this, one thing you should know that we haven't even done an item on yet -- is that Zach has a girlfriend back in Hillsboro. She's an average height girl named Tori that has worked for the Roloffs during pumpkin season.

Anyhow Zach's behavior was catching attention. Some people are saying it's like he's a totally different person. People have reported that Zach was stumbling around drunk on the dance floor. People in attendance are saying he was trying to hook up with random girls and in general his behavior with girls is catching attention -- especially of some of the parents that are observing how he's acting. That people knew Zach has a girlfriend back home was not making some observers too impressed with his behavior.

If you're wondering, that was not Zach's reputation at all in the past. Back last year for the CoDA basketball game in Michigan there were accounts of some of the "Statesmen" players getting so drunk that they were passing out in the hallway of the hotel. Anyhow, the person that reported that said Zach was not that way and actually heard him say that he didn't like it when they get stupid (drunk) like that.

Anyone that has visited our site in the past knows what we say about the Roloffs wholesome squeaky clean family image vs reality. This kind of behavior for Jeremy is nothing new, he's been the same way for many years, but it is a big change in Zach and people that are used to Zach at the LPA were surprised.. In fact, as shocking as it might sound, we've been told by multiple people that Jeremy and Mueller were mild in comparison to how Zach is acting at the LPA this week.

However, that's not to say Jeremy and Mueller weren't seen partying. Some said the Roloffs spent a lot of time in their suites and apparently some of the people that were drinking with Jeremy and Mueller were putting out the word that they wanted to see how Jeremy was the next day after his "rough" nights.

By the way, Jeremy is 21, so there's absolutely nothing wrong with it that way -- it's just it's not the image that the Roloffs and TLC have sold fans. I think most people familiar with our site are well aware of the statements the Roloffs put in their wholesome Christian oriented book "Little Family, Big Values" that Jeremy was credited for saying he wouldn't drink or do any of that bad stuff teens do because Jeremy only pleases God.

Whenever this issue comes up, especially regarding Jeremy, I think some people are confused about why it gets attention. It's more about the lies and hypocrisy from Jeremy and the Roloffs about it rather than the actual behavior. A 21 year old drinking/partying hard at a LPA convention is not shocking or unusual at all.

The thing fans need to understand is that for people within the LP community (or for that matter, any people) that have known the Roloffs is that Jeremy has been like that for many years -- people that know him say that he gets drunk and all "that stuff". Personally, I don't really care if adults (and Jeremy is an adult) choose to drink, I just find it to be such a paradox from someone who is as vocal as Jeremy is about "living for Jesus" and he legitimately spends most weekend nights at a church with his friends who are very much the same way -- listening to John Mark Comer deliver messages such as that people that go out and get hammered are drunkards and won't enter the Kingdom of God. To me, if you're going to be like that, if that's what you choose to hear and say you love hearing it, maybe you want to tone down how you're serving Jesus all the time with your actions and if you're going to legitimately listen to church sermons about how that kind of behavior will keep you out of the Kingdom of God. If that's what he's into -- then maybe wouldn't some of that actually kick in and you'd cut it out? However, that's just my personal opinion on the matter, I know many people that say most people in the Christian culture are the same way as Jeremy -- say one thing, do another, listen to how something is bad - praise Jesus for the message - then go out and do the "bad" things. Then come back next week - say Jesus is great because Jesus forgives and do it all again -- and some feel that's just the way people in the Christian culture are and Jeremy's not the exception to being a hypocrite if you want to call it that.

Anyhow, that's getting off track. The point is, that kind of behavior is nothing surprising from Jeremy, however that wasn't what the buzz has been about this week. It was that Zach was the one that was really catching people's attention for being even more like that.

So that's the talk. That the Roloffs are very different. That people are sort of asking each other 'what's up with the Roloffs'. People think they've burned a lot of bridges within the LPA and perhaps Roloffs will come back down to earth in another few years.

On a final note about the LPA convention as a whole this week -- people were saying that apparently attendance appeared to be down compared to past LPA conferences. People think that it's become too expensive in this economy and that prevents a lot of people that would like to attend from going.


Carol said...

It's a shame about Zach. It sounds like he got completely sucked in the celebrity role and now he's a Jeremy and Mueller clone.

I always held out hope for Zach that he would be a decent person if he got away from Jeremy and Mueller.

It never happened and this is the result?

Austin said...

Jeremy is a massive hypocrite in many ways.

Ashley said...

It sounds like Zach is acting the way Matt wanted him to act like 5 years ago.

Dana said...

Those people are probably just jealous of the Roloffs.

Jackie said...

Zach's girlfriend will probably let him do what he wants.

Jeremy seems to have a new girl that he's interested in every week and the old girls keep coming around.

Agnostic said...

That Solid Rock church is a complete joke. It's true Chistians are hypocrites. Everything Jeremy does is a contradiction.

God doesn't like it when people get drunk.
I get drunk.

Midget is hurtful, don't say it. N (word), f*g this, f*g that.

Their whole act for the show. They are jokes.

Rebecca said...

It's a shame to hear what happened to the Roloffs. I used to think they were a nice family and good people.

Ruined by fame and money.

samanthastarns said...

Rebecca, I completely agree. It is also interesting to note, like Ashley said, this is sort of how (although probably not this intensely) Matt wanted Zach to act several years ago.

Mike P said...

I kept this to myself because it seemed, perhaps, unfair and extreme. But maybe it is alright now to say it.

For a long time, I wondered where I had seen Amy before. Something about her was so familiar.

Then it dawned on me: She reminds me of Miss Piggy.

Really. And I'm not making fun. The diva-like airs (like those reported above), the obvious sense of unearned superiority, the grandiosity of the piddling charity. And the grunting displays of temper. Miss Piggy.

But maybe it's just me.

Kayla said...

Wow, I'm surprised about Zach. Like Spirits said, I expect Jeremy to be like that, but not Zach.

I wonder if the pressure from them finally got to him. It must be hard to be around Jeremy and Mueller all the time and not act like they do.

Too bad.

Cindy M said...

That's really a shame.

Zach should have stayed himself. Someone should have told him there is value in staying yourself and not being who other people want you to be.

I agree with others that the way Zach was described is how Matt and Jeremy always wanted Zach to behave.

I bet hitting on other girls with a girlfriend is a way to be cool in the eyes of Jeremy and Mueller. I can almost see them high-fiving him, "you dawggg!"

Jocelynn said...

I'm sure the Roloffs won't like hearing that, but there will come a time where they have to look in the mirror and comes to grips with what people think of them and why.

It's not easy to deal with celebrity and fame and not let it go to their heads. They need to really analyze how they are acting and how they are treating people.

The problem with most people like that is that they surround themselves with 'yes men/women' instead of real friends that will stand up and tell them when they are getting out of hand.

Rachel said...

Not surprised about Amy being a diva.

Surprised people didn't mind Matt!

Sad about Zach behaving like a Jeremy.

Totally agree with what Spirits said about Jeremy/God/Drinking. Whatever you believe, be authentic in it. That's all I ask of people. Jeremy isn't at all.

Ruby said...

I don't like the Pit Boss guy. I like the Roloffs more.

Jeff said...

Thanks. Interesting to hear. But what was said about Molly and Jacob Roloff? Was Jacob as much of a terror as he sounds? Does he hang around Jeremy, Mueller and Zach when they are drunk?

That kid is doomed I think.

Lynn C said...

Mike P, that's a terrible thing to say and very immature.

Rap541 said...

Its as immature as Jeremy letting his buddies call a fan "the creeper" right Lynn?

Or do Jeremy and Zach and Mueller get a free pass since they are still little *boys*, boys who can't be expected to act with the maturity of adult men?

Greg said...

I'm wondering if the reason why Matt and Amy are always using Jacob for their Facebook pictures is because Jeremy, Zach and Mueller are always too hungover looking to post pictures of. Although Jacob is looking kind of haggard too in Matt's latest picture.

Sharon said...

That's very disappointing to hear, but I'm not surprised.

Scott C said...

"I know many people that say most people in the Christian culture are the same way as Jeremy -- say one thing, do another, listen to how something is bad - praise Jesus for the message - then go out and do the "bad" things. Then come back next week - say Jesus is great because Jesus forgives and do it all again -- and some feel that's just the way people in the Christian culture are and Jeremy's not the exception to being a hypocrite if you want to call it that."

That is right and that's why Christians (and Jeremy) suck. There are very few Christians that I respect.

Their reputation is well earned. Bunch of self righteous hypocrites.

BeckyM said...

BTW Shorty's Pit Boss show? TOTALLY SCRIPTED. I saw an ep where he took one of his dogs to a photo shoot and got into a fight with the photographer who wanted to show the dog *mean.*

10 minutes searching on the internet revealed it was an actor and the whole thing was scripted.

FAKE like all these real reality shows are. Don't fall for it people.

Donna said...

The entire family is worthless (well, maybe not Molly) and I think they will lose everything one of these days. Zach drives like a bat out of hell and I hope he won't be drunk and kill a carload of innocent people and they'll sue the Roloffs for everything they've got. The Roloffs are hypocritical jerks IMO. I wish they'd just go away.

Megan said...

I used to like Zach more than Jeremy for that reason. I thought he was more thoughtful and had better sense while Jeremy was louder and more obnoxious.

This goes to prove that when you don't change the atmosphere that you put yourself in, you become the same as the people around you.

I hope Molly realizes that and gets out before it's too late for her too.

Emma said...

Molly hangs out with Jeremy and Mueller sometimes. I really do wonder what she's REALLY like...

Ashley said...

Emma, I wonder the exact same thing about Molly. I also picked that up about Molly hanging out with Jeremy and Mueller.

I think if she was as good and as sweet as everybody thinks she is, she wouldn't be so comfortable hanging out with them.

Z to the Zee said...

Emma, I can tell you that Molly's friends also calls the fans "creeps" just like her older brothers and their friends do.

Crawford said...

What does Molly and Jacob do during all this partying? I agree with the comment about Jacob headed somewhere bad. If he's not part of it and I wouldn't completely rule that out either, I would bet that he's in the suite when his heroes Jer and Mueller and Zach are wasted.

This is the kind of behavior he's exposed to. It shouldn't come as a shock to anyone that he was kicked out of school.

Krista said...

I think they've been stuck up snobs for a long time. Maybe their friends are just starting to realize what the rest of us knew a long time ago.

Vic Rattlehead said...

I've met real celebrities:
Robin Williams,
Al Pacino and musicians:
Bruce Dickinson from Iron Maiden,
Rob Halford From Judas Priest,
Lars Ulrich Kirk Hammett and James Hetfeild from Metallica,
The Guys from both Def Leppard and Whitesnake and everyone from AC/DC,
the prince of darkness himself Ozzy Osbourne and the late great Ronnie James Dio and none of them put on airs or acted superior in public because they are respected and have genuinely earned their fame through decades of hard work not just from scoring a "reality show" on a cheap third rate network like the Roloffs have.

Genuine celebrities worked very hard to get where they are often making huge sacrifices in their lives (living in their cars, eating rice and beans or KD for months on end while struggling to make it) which is why they often show great appreciation for their fans (because without them they'd be back to waiting tables at Denny's)unlike reality show attention whores like the Roloffs.

Vic Rattlehead said...

Mahatma Gandhi once famously said of the christian faith: I like your christ but I hate your christians.

What he was speaking of was the blatant hypocrisy of some religious people who scream as loud as they can about how "faithful" they are (like Jeremy and the Roloffs do) yet do not follow the very teachings of the god they profess to love so much.

Sandie said...

Their own Scripture addresses this way of thinking that all will be well, no matter what you do, because you are always forgiven (it's really really frowned on):

3 John 1:11 Dear friend, do not imitate what is evil but what is good. Anyone who does what is good is from God. Anyone who does what is evil has not seen God.
New International Version

Romans 6:1-23 (it's long, so I'm just putting the gist of it here):
1What shall we say, then? Shall we go on sinning so that grace may increase? 2By no means! We died to sin; how can we live in it any longer? 3Or don’t you know that all of us who were baptized into Christ Jesus were baptized into his death? 4We were therefore buried with him through baptism into death in order that, just as Christ was raised from the dead through the glory of the Father, we too may live a new life.

11In the same way, count yourselves dead to sin but alive to God in Christ Jesus. 12Therefore do not let sin reign in your mortal body so that you obey its evil desires. 13Do not offer the parts of your body to sin, as instruments of wickedness, but rather offer yourselves to God, as those who have been brought from death to life; and offer the parts of your body to him as instruments of righteousness. 14For sin shall not be your master, because you are not under law, but under grace.

19I put this in human terms because you are weak in your natural selves. Just as you used to offer the parts of your body in slavery to impurity and to ever-increasing wickedness, so now offer them in slavery to righteousness leading to holiness.

Sorry, it's still rather long..... I wanted to point this out because it's my understanding that the Christian way of life focuses on living as righteous (not perfect) a life as possible; it's the attitude of being humble and at least trying to become better, having more godly traits, dying to sin. There are good Christians out there doing this.... it's just that, in my eyes anyway, the Roloffs are not among them. It makes me sad to see it; and a bit angry they try so hard to convince others that they are.

I'm not seeing much repentin' going on :0

Anon10 said...

Zach and Jer aren't bad or evil for drinking and partying, they are 21 and free to do whatever.

Molly an Jacob aren't bad people but I'm sure all of you have been 'brats' or 'annoying' when you were young.

So why bash on the Roloff family when 1). They won't read this 2). You will come off as no-life bloggers 3). You will come off as pricks.

And it isn't against God's law to drink. It is however against his law to make people uncomfortable when you are drunk or drinking, Jer is fully living for God because I'm one of his best friends. All of you are hypocrites if anything for saying any of the Roloffs are jerks, read your own comments. Deuces

Brandon said...

Anon10, you're typical of a Roloff friend.

People on this blog are jerks for expressing opinions on the Roloffs hypocrisies, but Jeremy is "fully living for God"??

Are Jer and Mueller living for God when they call fans losers, creeps and b*tches? Are they living for God when they say N (the N word) and F (the gay slur).

Spirits explained the drinking issue well.

If you're really one of Jeremy's best friends, then you must go to Solid Rock with him? Shouldn't you already know this?

Why aren't you listening to John Mark? You and Jeremy don't understand him? How hard is it to understand? Right after 5 minutes of the video...

"Drunkards...Some of you maybe are planning on going downtown, somehow you got roped into going to church on a Friday night, but you are not getting your Friday night without going downtown, getting slammed, doing your thing....You it is written will not inherit the Kingdom of God."

What is hard to understand about that? You're playing word games to excuse Jeremy's drinking? Getting "slammed" is getting "drunk".

What you're trying to say is almost funny. Your interpretation for what John Mark said is that it's ok to get drunk as long as you're a happy drunk? It's almost humorous how some Christians will alter what is said to fit with what they want to do.

Jeremy is a hypocrite and a phony. You sound like one too by how you're trying to justify him. He will pretend to worship Jesus in front of John Mark, but doesn't even love God enough not to get "slammed".

Chantelle said...

The Roloffs regardless of what they think, have no understanding of God or what it means to strive to be Christ-like.

They have no humility. They aren't humble. They are greedy and live to accumulate personal glory and money. The scriptures say if your enemy asks for your shirt, you should give him the jacket off your back. The Roloffs charge people $350 for 30 minutes! Do they think Jesus charged people $300?

Jeremy is a joke. He doesn't treat people with kindness. He insults them. He lies. He disrespects everybody by blatantly lying.

He doesn't follow the scriptures. I think Jeremy only says he likes the Christian faith because he thinks it gives him a feeling of superiority that he is "saved" because he said "I love Jesus" even though he's not willing to show it in how he lives.

Brandon is right about Anon10 if they are really a friend of Jeremy's. Friends always come in saying people are jerks for holding Jeremy accountable for all the crap he does and all the lies he tells, then the friends say people are judging Jeremy...what do you think you're doing?

Jane P said...

The Roloffs need to do some soul searching.

Molly seems like the only one that even has a hope of being a good person. I hope that isn't a phoney image too like Jeremy's has proven to be.

Lauren said...

I have to think karma is going to come back to haunt the Roloffs for how badly they treat others.

Maggie said...

It's too bad to hear what has happened to Zach. I thought he was going to be a better person than Jeremy. They both turned into obnoxious jerks.

Dominique said...

I think this is just a sign of things to come. Reality will eventually hit them one day and maybe then they'll realize what terrible people that they've become.

Rap541 said...

Anon10, I think I can put it simply for you.

You're a friend of Jeremy's and you're clearly stating he drinks. I'm fine with that. Really, particularly now that the twins are 21, its perfectly legal for them to get trashed.

What is often offensive is the holier than thou way the Roloffs are presented. You're doing it yourself, Anon10. Really, you know them and they are so perfect that you have to defend them with " All of you are hypocrites if anything for saying any of the Roloffs are jerks"... They're that perfect, Anon10?

Tell me, is Jeremy better than you? And why are you hiding as an Anon when all you are doing is saying how awesome and better than everyone else the Roloffs are?

Are you one of the inner circle that is forbidden by the Roloffs to comment publically on the family?

Jeremy lives for God? I ask this seriously. Please give examples of what Jeremy does to live for God. I'm honestly curious as to what he is doing that cancels out the fact that he's wilfully ignoring his favored pastor's injunction against drinking. (Sorry, but if he's genuinely into the teachings at Solid Rock, why isn't he living for God by NOT drinking as is suggested by the Solid Rock church)

So we know he doesn't "live for God" by not drinking... so what does Jeremy do to live for God?

Oh, and FYI - tossing off Bible quotes and saying "I'm a christian!" while admirable, is also well... not exactly washing the feet of the lepers, if you get my drift. You're designating your pal Jeremy as "living for God"... I'd like to know exactly what that means to someone in the Roloff inner circle.

My guess? It means saying "I'm a Christian", and not much else.

Reba said...

The Roloffs should have stayed grounded. They didn't.

They're all about fame and money.

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

Anon10, I have a few questions.
IF "1). They won't read this" as you so staunchly claim, why does Matt forbid Scott from openly allowing access to a blog, created by others, to Spiritswander? Why, if Matt "won't read this?"

IF "1). They won't read this" why did Amy back out of an already accepted appointment to do an interview with Spirits, after consulting with Matt? What difference does it make, Anon10 if they won't read it anyway?

IF "2). You will come off as no-life bloggers" I'm sure you will see yourself as just as much a no-life blogger as the rest of us for your enlightening entry to this blog. Unless of course, you arrogance and conceit has blocked your mind to the point where that is impossible. Merely stating a possibility, not an accusation.

IF "3). You will come off as pricks." Cause you to make the statement that we all are hypocrites and doing your "holier-than-thou" judgement? That, in the eyes of a person fully in control of their own minds and destinies, make you just a big a prick as the rest of us.

Lastly, Anon10, I agree with Rap541, back up your indentity. I've made no bones about the fact that, before I made ONE blog entry, I emailed Spirits ALL my personal contact information, including profession and all contact links and phone numbers, and made this known to all the bloggers on this site. Why do you not stop hiding behind your anonymous name and send Spirits you name and contact info? You are the same as other members of the Roloff family when it comes to making disparaging comments and slinking away without confirmation. You did not claim you were fully living for God, and the little we think of your comments is proof.

Vicky said...

I used to like the Roloffs but they've changed so much. Or who knows, maybe they were always jerks and it just took time for it to come out.

But I think Amy used to keep the family grounded and now she has lost it, maybe even more than Matt.

Brandon said...

Podge, you're awesome! :) Well said.

Btw, I think it's fine for people to not reveal all of their details about their lives in order to post on the internet.

My issue is that Matt only vents about that when someone is critical of him or the family. As long as people are praising the Roloffs, Matt doesn't mind people posting anonymously.

It would be good if these friends of the Roloffs would say who they are because why not? Wouldn't the Roloffs be proud of them for slapping the "haters"? Or is it confirmation of what Spirits reported, that Matt has forbid friends from talking about them, even if it's to defend them because Matt doesn't trust a friend from slipping up.

Naomi said...

Podge, what is this about Matt and Scott and another blog? What did I miss?

Naomi said...

Sorry I pressed post too soon. If it's a question if Spirits should do something on Scott, I say yes and include pictures! :)

Rap541 said...

I'll be honest, I am more with Brandon on the issue of anonymous posters. Its only an issue because Matt Roloff makes it one.

Why isn't Anon10 PROUD to stand up for his pal Jeremy with his or her real name?

Because people who talk about the Roloffs publically are *cut out* of the inner circle.

Why doesn't anyone with a real name have the balls to say "I know Jeremy Roloff and he lives for God!" - I mean, its not a bad thing, right? So why not have the friends say their names and proudly stand up as Christians? Why must Jeremy's friends hide?

Why can't Scott do an interview? Oh right, because Matt Roloff forbids him to speak about his life as a friend of the Roloffs.

Ashley said...

Rap, the way I understand it and I could be wrong, is that Scott already did an interview with a blog that people made about SCOTT. The interview was about SCOTT. Then the people that did the interview with Scott was going to let Spirits post the interview with Scott because Spirits has a larger audience and that's when apparently Scott said Matt told him he's not allowed to have anything on Spiritswander.

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

I'd best clear up what I meant exactly. I, too an an anonymous poster. No one but Spirits knows who I am and knows my real name. I simply thought it would be fair to trust Spirits with my personal info. In this manner, Spirits can get in touch with me personally if my comments contradict the rules of the blog, or if Spirits requires further info. I've no problem with that.

Whether Spirits knows who, say, Rap541 is or how to get in touch in immaterial to me and it's really non of my business, anyway. My point was I have no qualms about letting the owner of this blog know who I am, as I mentioned, I trust Spirits with my personal info.

In calling out Anon10, I was encouraging Anon10 to verify their identity with Spirits, in the certainty that no one, including Matt himself, knows who it really is. I had written that Fascism is not dead in the USA, and I still maintain the proof is out in the real world for all to see.

Speaking of which, does anybody else think or believe that the reason Matt is happy ALL the children are still at home is to have some sort of hold over them? The threat of being on their own and without subsistence is earth-shaking for someone who has not and cannot move out to live on their own? Or am I just a sick and twisted no-mind blogger?

Sweet Caroline said...

The Roloff's are what you would call "Carnal Christians." They see nothing wrong with drinking and it has always been present in one form or the other (Matts DUI, many wine bottles in the fridge, counter, etc.) And while it is perfectly LEGAL for Jeremy and Zach to drink, since Jeremy said drinking would displease God, then MORALLY and SPIRITUALLY therein lies the problem.

Jamie said...

Jeremy Roloff is a lying piece of crap.

DJ said...

Its proof of how the Roloffs are big shams and TLC is a disgrace.

Grace said...

Jeremy, or any of the Roloffs, have no understanding of what it means to have a relationship with God.

@Sweet Caroline, I agree.

Natalie said...

Anon10, at least all of us aren't hypocrites to the greatest extend like your pal Jeremy. I hope the both of you mature to the point where you realize how Jeremy makes a mockery of God.

Being a follower of Jesus isn't easy. Whenever there is a choice between having fun or being selfish and Jesus, Jeremy chooses selfish fun every time no matter how it displeases God.

Donna said...

I don't think that any of the Roloffs (other than Molly) display any Christian behavior. Jeremy may talk the talk, but he doesn't walk the walk and for that he will have to answer to God. If you want to party, drink, etc. then do it, but don't pretend to be a Christian while doing it. That just makes you look like the hypocrite that you are. It makes you look especially stupid when you do it in front of a national audience. Let's just tell it like it is, shall we? IMO:
Matt's an egotistical, lying ass with a probable alcohol and/or narcotic addiction.
Amy's a co-dependent, lying slob who has failed miserably at being a competent mother (re: Jeremy, Zach and Jacob. Molly has escaped by pretty much raising herself.)
All of the children, save Molly, are egotistical assholes with a horrible attitude.
I don't think the show made the Roloffs this way, but I do think the show exacerbated the bad behavior. I have no respect for any of them.
I also think that they are doing 4 more episodes because the family needs the money and Matt's a famewhore.

John said...

Could it be that people were taken aback by Zach drinking at the convention because nobody has ever seen Zach drinking before and is not typical of Zach's behavior?

If somebody you have known for years suddenly has a few drinks and makes a some noise or creates a bit of a spectacle after years of being quiet and unassuming; their behavior is going to be magnified in the eyes of those who are used to him being a quiet, shy and not very outgoing guy... especially if that person has been on 200 episodes of a television series.

Cut Zach some slack. If he was acting a little crazy, it's probably exactly because he is not a frequent drinker - and got a little out of control. It's not necessarily a bad thing, considering the microscope he's been under most of his life.

Also - the LPA convention is A CONVENTION. Every convention I've ever been to has included lots of drinking by a majority of attendees.

LPA supporter said...

Having known Billy Barty (the diminutive actor and founder of LPA), having friends who have worked with Billy, and a friend who has dated one Billy's children, I'll bet that Billy is rolling over in his grave seeing how the Roloffs are "furthering" the cause.....this is certainly not the behavior that Billy projected.

Nonnao said...

Why are you all so cruel about this beautiful family...they have been such a source of fun and inspiration for the people of this country...their show is wholesome and something I love to watch with my fact my husband and I are hoping to go to their farm one me they are remarkable...ESP Matt and Molly..Amy is a little hard on Matt sometimes but a fine fine person...the boys may act out sometimes but what child doesn't..I challenge anyone to show me a teenaged boy who doesn't cause a little ruckus sometime! They are a precious family..