Thursday, July 7, 2011

TLC Confirms Little People, Big World And Roloff Family Will Return For 4 Specials

TLC has finally officially confirmed that they are bringing Little People, Big World back for 4 specials.

The 1st special will air in early October.

For anyone that doubts our sources or information, we will kindly point out that we first reported this way back in April. The plan was for *4* specials.

[["So this is the Spiritswander take on the issue after consulting with our sources that are connected with the show on the latest:

People that have been lead to believe by Matt's hints that the *series* is returning, fans who are now posting excited comments such as "Season 7 will be the best ever" might be disappointed.

We are told a handful of specials are being talked about, probably about four or five specials. The idea is that they'll quickly film and produce them in lightning quick speed by LPBW standards to get them ready for air by the summer. It was stressed to us that it's a few specials and *not* the series returning for an entire season (typically a LPBW season was 40 episodes, split into two parts). It was also stated to us in terms that were not official or definite quite yet."]]

At that time, we were told that the original plan was four specials to be shot, produced quickly and was to air in the summer. We then were told it was delayed because of how difficult Matt was being in negotiations -- demanding a full season's payment for the 4 specials and the Roloffs were trying to get TLC to give them a grand vacation. According to our information, TLC wasn't receptive to Matt's hard line negotiation tactics and weren't willing to grant them the luxury vacation the Roloffs were angling for -- instead only willing to go for something more local. And that's why things sat idle for a couple of months.

Interesting to note -- our sources stated that contrary to what Matt says publicly -- it was definitely Matt that pursued TLC for the specials, rather than TLC begging the Roloffs to come back as Matt has been suggesting for months. I think wise people understand that what is said publicly between television stars and the network is not always an indication of how things really are behind the scenes.

For people that haven't kept up and truly wonder how the Roloffs are doing, the irony about these update specials is that really -- not much has actually changed with the Roloff family.

Of course, the finale left off with rather contrived cliff-hangers plots. Leaving some viewers thinking Matt and Amy were on the verge of divorce and that the Roloffs might sell the farm. Obviously those things didn't happen.

And not much has actually changed. There are always promises of change in the future, but with the Roloffs, things that are talked about don't always happen. Example -- TLC used the promo for Season 5 of Jake Roloff talking about how he would miss Jeremy and Zach when they moved out -- that was almost 2 years ago and they are still living at home.

So there really isn't a lot of "real" things to update. Jeremy and Zach still live at home like they did before. They still spend the majority of their days playing with friends like Jacob Mueller as they did before (don't expect Jeremy and Mueller's cat tossing to be featured in the specials no matter how 'real and raw' Matt and Amy used to claim the show was ;-) ). Zach is still soccer obsessed with soccer and works at the Indoor soccer place. Jeremy still doesn't have a job except to be paid by Matt to help him 'around the farm' and with his projects.

There's a lot of talk about Jeremy likely headed to Brooks in Santa Barbara, California -- a photography school - yet he hasn't and doesn't need to officially commit. A few people that know the Roloffs told us as recently as this week that they still have doubts that Jeremy will actually follow through and leave Oregon -- but it could happen.

Molly is still doing well in school and is the only Roloff kid that has stayed out of trouble and away from these little scandals that pop up every few months with the other members of the Roloff family .

The most significant *real* thing that happened in the lives of the Roloffs which is very questionable if they'll actually address in the TV specials is the fact that their youngest son, Jacob Roloff, 14, was expelled from Faith Bible School -- the school that has been prominently featured on LPBW as the Roloffs have sent all of their kids to the school their whole lives. Faith 'kicked' Jacob out in mid April.

Zach Roloff has an average size girlfriend named Tori that has worked for the Roloffs at pumpkin season. But again, as viewers of LPBW know, one of the changes between LPBW the early seasons and the later seasons were how less centered the show became about their real personal lives -- instead focusing on more contrived plots -- readers of our site will remember the "Story line cheat sheet" slip-up.

Since the season finale (actually officially filed in court the day the finale aired in Dec 2010) the Roloffs filed a lawsuit against Washington County for the 'trespassing/inspection of the ark' that was filmed by the LPBW crew and featured on the show. However, the Roloffs have been reluctant to bring any attention to the fact that they filed a law suit -- neither Matt or Amy has ever referenced the law suit on their many Facebook updates or on any of the other sites that Matt has his staff operate. People note that Matt and his staff delete fan comments that even reference the lawsuit -- so that might be an indication that the Roloffs are trying to keep the fact they sued the county for $200,000 for emotional distress allegedly suffered by Amy because of the incident, under wraps.

Other than that, not much has really changed and nothing really significant has happened with the Roloffs at all.

Anyhow, this is the Hollywood Reporter article:


Lindsey said...

I'm boycotting TLC. Supporting animal abusers. They are disgusting. F U TLC!

Diana said...

The Roloffs are so greedy.

Anne said...

Great news! Thanks Matt and the Roloffs. I will enjoy see the Roloffs back on tv.

Timothy said...

Can you imagine how bad these episodes are going to be? A reality show that films for a short period of time? The show was already as fake as can be when the crew hung around them for a lot longer.

Now they drop in to film something specific. Yeah, that's going to be real.

Jocelynn said...

I think it's kind of sad that the Roloffs whole lives revolves around being on tv.

Look at what it's done to Jeremy and Zach. They still haven't grown up.

Laura said...

Wow, way to force your kids to be on tv, Matt and Amy! That's great parenting!

Amy admitted that Molly and Jacob didn't want to do the show.

Paula said...

Great news! If people don't like the Roloffs, why do they watch?

Roger said...

The Roloff kids will never mature and move on with their lives as along as they keep doing this show.

It's a pity to see how dependent they are on fame.

Allison said...

TLC needs a new creative team obviously. Same old, same old.

David said...

"If after last year’s Little People, Big World series finale, you were concerned about the state of Matt and Amy Roloff’s marriage, or if they decided to sell the farm`...The first special will address some of the cliffhangers in the series finale.

In other words, the first special will be about how fake and misleading the show had become.

Make it look like they were going to divorce. They didn't.

Try to make it look like they will sell the farm. They didn't.

Try to make it look like Jeremy and Zach will grow up and become adults with responsibilities. Still hasn't happened.

samanthastarns said...

Diana and Roger, I agree with your comments. It's a shame.

Nancy said...

I agree too Samantha. I thought the Roloff kids would only become better people once the show faded away and they got away from being infected with the ego-filled stuff that comes with being "famous". Instead they are grasping to keep it going.

BeckyM said...

I'm thinking ratings will be about 1.3 million or less per special. It will be interesting to see how many turn out to watch a whole lot of nothing.

Justin said...

I agree Becky. What is the point? Is TLC that desperate? That network is a joke.

Chloe said...

Prediction. Most boring worthless episodes ever.

Leigh said...

The show is so fake. Don't bother.

Chris said...

Hilarious. People who are curious if Matt and Amy divorced, if they they sold the farm, if Jeremy and Mueller have ever spent a day apart or the measurements on how high they threw the cat should just get an internet connection instead of waiting for the Roloffs to present that info in October. LOL!

Randy said...

All you people on here are saying how dumb it is they're coming back, how stupid the shows are going to be, how fake and scripted they'll be. That may all be true, but you know you'll clear your schedule to make sure you can watch it.

Greg said...

Randy, are the shows going to be good? Are they going to be real? Or will it be scripted and fake? Please tell Randy

Matt Flynn said...

All of the Roloffs except for Molly are incredibly obnoxious.

Carolynn said...

Matt has said they wouldn't film like they did before. Meaning that they won't film for any length of time.

How the heck do you film a 'reality show' if cameras are not around very much.

All reality shows have bad reputations for good reasons, but the only good reality projects are true documentaries. Actually some things like HBO specials and the ones they do for sports when they travel with a team for an entire season.

It wouldn't be as bad if the Roloffs and TLC didn't promote that they give so much access. That's what the article about them coming back says. It's not the way it is.

Timothy said...

Variety did a good job with the story. They are the only major outlet that knows the show was actually CANCELLED. Must read Spiritswander :)

TLC orders 'Little People' specials
Reality show was cancelled in 2010
TLC has ordered four "Little People Big World" specials for 2011, with production starting this week. The unscripted show was canceled in 2010 after six seasons, and the net says that the specials will resolve viewer questions about the welfare of the Roloff family. The first is tentatively set to air this October.

Austin said...

Amy was ranting about tv networks rewarding bad behavior. What a hypocrite.

Rap541 said...

You know....

What I find interesting is the rather lackluster response all around to the specials. Matt has 954 likes for his announcement... but to put it in perspective, his announcement that Molly was home on June 28 got 1425 likes.

No buzz over at Twop, just three or four comments, hardly any reaction on matt's forum, and the roloffworld blog has two comments...

David said...

Whatever happened to good reporting? The Hollywood Reporter article quotes Matt and Amy Roloff talking about Matt and Amy Roloff and the "over-whelming" response from fans.

The Hollywood reporter just takes their word for it? They don't put it in perspective? Or offer comparisons? Or point out the fact that the show was cancelled in part due to ratings that had declined.

Considering that other TLC stars have double, triple and in some cases, over a million MORE fans than Matt has on Facebook, I think Matt teasing his fans by saying "TLC wants us back, should we" and fans commenting "yes" should be put into perspective, rather than the Hollywood reporter repeating it as fact as though Matt and Amy Roloff have any degree of honesty or objectivity.

Katie said...

It's not really right to say the show is coming back. It's only 4 episodes. Some people on Matt's facebook think it's another season.

Sam J said...

Who are all these people dying to know the outcome of the "cliff hangers? Are there that many idiots out there in tv land?....that don't know what the internet is??

Krystal said...

TLC is terrible. They film more of a show that the stars are hypocrites to their own message and the stars are on record laughing at people that believe the show is real.

TLC has the nerve to advertise TLC programs as "life unscripted" when they televise a show that the stars laugh at people that think it's real.

Wilma said...

The Roloffs are so desperate to keep their 15 minutes of fame.

Gawd Roloffs. Move on with your lives. Life time accomplishment? Being involved in a fake reality show.

Eli said...

@Becky M, I agree. 1.3 if that. TLC will need to get creative (lie) to entice people to watch. Why do you think they did plots like they might divorce or they might sell the farm?

The Roloffs aren't willing to show their real personal lives, they gotta have something to show if there's no arrests, deaths.

There just isn't a lot of references about the Roloffs. Matt's 40,000 facebook fans won't be able to push it to a good rating.

Vic Rattlehead said...

The Roloffs (matt/Amy) claim an "overwhelming response" to the news.

I saw a far more overwhelming response in 1994 when Kurt Cobain killed himself and there were thousand of people at the Space Needle for his memorial service never mind the spontaneous candlelight vigils that sprung up all over the country.

By the way Kurt Cobain (who has been dead for twenty years nearly has many many many more "likes" (on the order of millions) on his official memorial facebook page.

Suck on that Matt/Amy Roloff, a dead man is more popular than you two vultures are.

Arthur44413 said...

Way to soon to do specials. Wait 5 or 10 years then do a "LPBW: 10 years later" episode. That's all anyone needs. Just like many of us will want to see the sextuplets from "Jon & Kate plus 8" like when they are ready to drive. Lol. Twins are so not exciting.

Mike P. said...

Yep. Ten-year update goes like this:

Peter Dinklage STILL has never thanked Matt for his success as an actor.

After the bankruptcy (the farm, the house and all the equipment sold at auction), Matt and Amy live in subsidized senior housing, where they quarrel with their jealous neighbors.

Molly is married to a Duggar son, and has 7 children, with another on the way. She wears a Duggar-daughter hairstyle and goes barefoot, except on Sunday.

Zach pursues his soccer career at the soccer place, which he is responsible for getting open in the morning. He turns on the lights, empties trash, restocks the candy counter, counts change, checks toilet paper. He drinks Mountain Dew; he has false teeth. He is not married.

Jeremy is in alcohol rehab, for the second time. Out of rehab, he is a photographer for Olan Mills, where he "knocks every shot out of the ballpark," according to Matt.

Jacob has legally changed his last name, and refuses to divulge his new name. He left for college and never returned. He graduated with honors and is presently in a PhD program at a prestigious eastern school, studying economics. He is not seen in this update.

Rocky is either still farting, or he is dead. It's hard to tell.

Anonymous said...

what happen to their youngest son jacob..he is never on tv with his parents..wonder why