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Molly Roloff's You Tube Videos

Thanks to Tegan713 for passing these along. Molly Roloff apparently has a You Tube channel (one would assume -- mojoro2...aka MOlly JO ROloff). It's not clear if these were school projects or their idea of entertainment, but there are two videos.

The first one primarily features Molly and her friends Sarah and Paige. The credits say Zach filmed and Jeremy did the editing. Jeremy, Jacob Roloff, Mueller and Zach's girlfriend Tori are in the video briefly as "the rescue crew". It's filmed on the farm and in Matt's office. They named the 'doctor', "Doctor Hemp".

The 2nd video was previously, briefly, on Jeremy's channel but he deleted it once people began commenting on the part where it looks like the Roloff friend tries to give Rocky a little shove off the hill -- and that set off comments about the Roloffs animal abuse and treatment of cats -- then Jeremy deleted it. But this is the same video. It's basically 2 minutes of their friend Christian running around Roloff Farm. Jacob Roloff is a bystander watching.

This will illustrate between our site and the official Roloff sites. If you're wondering who Christian is, if you read Amy's official Facebook fan page, Christian is the polite young man who was playing with Jacob in the Roloff pool (Amy posted the picture). A great kid.

If you read our site, you'll best remember Christian as the underage friend (around Molly's age) who was doing shots of Jack Daniels in the Roloff garage with Jeremy, Zach, and Mueller in the video by the french girls -- it was removed shortly after we posted about it.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Jeremy Roloff Update August 2011 -- New Girlfriend, New Vehicle and Leaving For College Soon

Zach and Jeremy with their girlfriends, Tori and Audrey

So there's a bit of real news about Jeremy Roloff that we can pass along. We've said before when the Little People, Big World "Update specials" were announced that at that point nothing had really changed at all with the Roloff family. The series finale plots were just make believe, drama filled story lines to give them a plot in hopes of ratings. Matt and Amy weren't getting divorced and they weren't selling the farm.

When the LPBW specials were announced, the most significant happening in the lives of the Roloffs was something that is unlikely (honestly, at least) to be covered on LPBW -- and that was Jacob Roloff being expelled from Faith Bible Christian School. As astute people have pointed out before - one of the dynamics that the casual LPBW viewing public aren't really aware of when the Roloffs publicly say that the show is real and 'warts and all' is that the main producer on site that has a lot of control over what was or wasn't filmed -- producer Chris Cardamone -- is very close personal friends with Amy and all of the Roloff kids. It is true that there are some people that believe he long ago crossed the line of professionalism regarding becoming personal friends with his "subjects" if Little People, Big World was to be taken seriously as a documentary style/real reality franchise. Obviously the final product from a producer whose goal is to capture and portray people honestly is going to differ from that of a producer who cares deeply about his friends on a personal level and is concerned with how they are portrayed and their reputations.

Anyhow, nothing else had really changed at all since viewers had last seen the Roloffs on TV. Matt was still being Matt -- promoting pumpkin season attractions, Amy was still trying to develop the Amy Roloff brand separate from Matt and increase her public profile via her charity foundation.

Zach was still working at the Indoor Soccer place. Still living at home, sharing a room with Jeremy. Still hanging out with Jeremy, Mueller and the DBU a lot.

Jeremy still was living at home, hanging out with Mueller most hours of every day going on different kinds of "adventures" and without a real job -- aside from occasionally popping in to get paid by Matt to help with his dirt project with Intel as a dumping ground. People 'in the know' advise, as usual, not to believe Matt's spin. Jeremy was not working like a dog most days, in fact he was hardly working -- he's spent a (another) summer of play, adventure after adventure.

So really, not much had changed at all. Not that some of this would ever be discussed on the show, but one of the shifts in dynamics with the Roloffs is said to have been around Zach's 21st birthday. Zach, who previously was said to honestly dislike the party/obnoxious drunk scene, has explored his wild side as our reports from the LPA and Zach's drunkenness on the dance floor and behavior with girls indicated. Zach also got a girlfriend named Tori, a girl that works for the Roloffs during pumpkin season.

Now there are some 'real' updates about Jeremy that some will be interested in.

#1. New Girlfriend

We'll start with this only because it has been a popular Roloff related search for many, many years....Jeremy finally has an official girlfriend. Jeremy has a whole horde of girls that he "hangs out" with that people often start thinking are "more than friends', but friends in Hillsboro say it's safe to share the fact that Jeremy has an official girlfriend.

Her name is Audrey. The interesting thing that some people have noted is that it was obvious to some that some of Jeremy's interests and likes were shaped by what Audrey likes. That's notable only because it's unusual with the dynamic that involves Jeremy -- usually it's other people trying to like what Jeremy likes to impress and that sort of thing.

If you're wondering what Jeremy's new girlfriend is like, perhaps one thing that will shed some light, is to say that she, like Jeremy, is a big supporter of the Solid Rock Church in Portland and lists John Mark Comer (and his Mother who has a Ministry for women) as one of her personal heroes and inspirations. That's one of the reasons why I always found it ridiculous when certain anonymous posters tried to deceive the public by calling us liars when we first reported that Jeremy loved John Mark Comer's church. Roloff PR image aside, anyone that has any inside knowledge of the Roloffs knew that was a solid fact about Jeremy and that he was proud to support that Church because the friends that he hangs out with love it too.

Jeremy's girlfriend, Audrey, has a public (well, as of right now ;-)) blog that she did with her best friend over the last year or so. It was one of those "Get To Know Me" challenges where a person posts a picture or writes about a given topic each day.

These are the things that WE 143 (aka love according to Bobby Brackins)
Stand By Me
McDonalds, and Helvatia Tavern, Rock Creek Tavern, Pine Tavern
Singing (but we suck)
Dancing (but...)
Bend, OR
Young Life
Driving/our cars
Pizza (crust with honey), Cinnabons, Pink Stars, Panacakes (thick vs thin), Peachs, Naan bread, fruit snacks (hard), batter.. of all sorts, Holly's pantry, POG, sunflower seeds, Skyline milkshakes, Starbucks breakfast sandwiches, Pazookies, Special K Red Berries, scrambles eggs with cheese and ketchup, cobbler, Hansen's soda, day old 69 cents maple bars from Safeway, blackberries, Coke in a glass bottle, Chili bread bowls at Mt. Bachelor, Iced Milky Way's, samples (Costco), Pine Tavern rolls with honey butter... ok maybe our first blog should have been about food..
Playing catch and baseball
The Goonies, Finding Nemo, Sandlot, and Love Actually.
The Last Song (book)
Solid Rock and John Mark Comer
Phil Whickam, Taylor Swift, Rascal Flatts, Needtobreathe,
Making and wearing bracelets
Sunset High School
Coffee at The Way
Malibu, Wildhorse, Breakaway, and soon to be Castaway
Sunrises, sunsets, and stars
Punchbowl Falls
Sleeping outside (tramp/fort)
The Brown Couch
Boys that love Jesus, dress good, hunt, boat, ski, and are awesome.
Piano in songs
Our Weddings
Our Families
The GS
XC camp
The Old Mill
The Spot
Bike Rides
Exploring and adventure
Playing cards
The Dancing Board and Painting
Loaded Questions
Isaiah 40:31
quoting Dane Cook
Warren Miller and his voice
Porch Swings
Train Tracks
Boy clothes
Perfume and nailpolish
Jack Purcells
The Bible, Velvet Elvis, The Shack
Napping when life's got ya down
Prineville Reservoir
Oregon and trees
Brad Anderson
Writing on our hands
Our rings
God's love, grace, and truth

Something We Love...Jesus Christ

"And so we know and rely on the love God has for us. God is love. Whoever lives in love lives in God, and God in them." 1 John 4:16

"Love the Lord your God with all your heart
and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind; and, Love your neighbor as yourself." Luke 10:27

A picture of something we STRONGLY DISLIKE (no hate)

Rule #76. Play like a Champion.. No Excuses.

We just wish more people were down to adventure with us and seize opportunities, instead of staying in their comfort zones and justifying their laziness. BUDlife doesn't stick to thesame ol song and dance since 89
, "if you wanna keep up your gonna have to bleed to do it."


#2. Another Vehicle

Jeremy bought yet another vehicle ...a blue VW van.

#3. Leaving for California in the next week or two

After much talk (considering Jeremy was originally accepted to Brooks in November of 2009)...Jeremy is finally set to leave Hillsboro and will head off for Santa Barbara, California where the Brooks Institute of Photography is located. Jeremy is set to leave before the end of August.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Rap's Roundtable Guest Column: Is Money More Important To The Roloffs Than Their Christian Faith?

In this weeks edition of Rap's Roundtable/Guest Column discussion, on the heels of the Video items regarding a Roloff friend, Jen Montzingo - discussing her Christian faith in detail and her views on social issues open and honestly -- Rap makes the argument that money is more important to the Roloff family than Jesus and their Christian Faith.

The following are Rap's words and opinions:

To be honest, this is one of those topics, Religion and the Roloffs, that in some respects is simply guaranteed to generate debate, because there are people on both sides who feel strongly about their views to the point that they aren’t going to see anything but their side. I may be among those people, but it may shock you to know that I do re-evaluate my opinions. I’m going to start with some bullet points, things that there really aren’t any disagreement on.

1. TLC has no problem depicting the Christian religion. Frankly, even back when TLC was still The Learning Channel, it was obvious that *someone* involved in programming was of the Christian faith. They used to run endless documentaries about the Bible (Ancient Mysteries of the Bible, was the name of the series, I think, and it was their go to fill in whenever things got slow). There’s a variety of shows that depicts families with very conservative Christian religious beliefs, and I am NOT just referring to the Duggars. They showed Kate Gosselin speaking in a church at what was clearly a pro-life gathering, My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding was all about glorfying a rather conservative Christian lifestyle, Toddlers and Tiaras constantly has praying to Jesus and discussions of whether pagents are Christian or not. Most of the giant family shows are about Christian families.

2. The Roloffs have some control over what is depicted on the show. Let’s stop pretending they don’t. Per the Roloffs themselves, they put filming at their church off limits. There are obvious incidents, covered previously, of things that clearly weren’t allowed to be depicted.

3. No one in the Roloff family has ever committed to agreeing with the belief that homosexuality is wrong, can be cured, and is against God. This belief is *often* attributed to the Roloffs, but as yet, no Roloff has officially endorsed this view.

Now, I was once a casual fan of this show. That was when I picked up Matt’s first book… and that’s where I started to get a little twinge. If you haven’t read it, it is really rather interesting. If I had never seen the show, I would have assumed that Matt Roloff was deeply religious. But… after watching the show, I have my doubts.

Not that the Roloffs are professed Christians, but rather how important that view is to them.

Here’s the reality folks. After the Little People Big Dreams opener, the Roloffs very much downplayed that they were staunchly Christian and they’ve rarely acknowledged their conservative Republican leanings. Without looking around for extra information or reading Roloff books… the general viewing public would NEVER think the Roloffs hold such conservative views. After all, they’re basically wealthy, liberal, permissive parents who let their kids do whatever they want. They rarely even have dinner together, let alone have the traditional sit down, pray and eat sort of dinner that is the mark of a Christian family. Sure the kids attend a private Christian school, but frankly, that’s not the red flag one might think it is - a lot of wealthy liberal parents send their kids to private Christian schools. Jeremy and Zach, and later Molly and Jake? All mouthy kids who disrespect their parents. I mean, this doesn’t shock me in a liberal, permissive home at all. It does surprise me when I am told the Roloffs are conservative Christians with conservative values and honestly - they are so not. I mean, folks, my parents, Republicans both, and both raised in fairly conservative Christian faiths in the 1950s, would NEVER have tolerated Zach’s lip at fifteen. My mom watches the show and thinks the Roloffs are hippy liberal sorts because of the back talk, and disrespect, and the kids doing whatever they please. Classic example…. Had my brother ever called my dad a “dick” the way Jeremy “I am a christian and respect my father always with my great big loving Christian heart” Roloff did… especially after needing to be taken to a hairdresser because he’d already scored detention for disrespecting school rules… He sure wouldn’t have been getting his license any time soon after it. Another example that screams liberal permissive and not traditional conservative Christian is Amy’s little fit over Molly’s strapless gown for eighth grade graduation. Please remember, Amy felt the school was being too conservative there and argued the point before caving. So it always surprised me that the Roloffs were held up as conservative Christian examples because they’re so not.

Then I read the second book Matt wrote, Little People Big Values, and I got more suspicious. Look, I am not saying the Roloffs are secretly pagan, they obviously identify Christian, but… really, does that Big Value book reflect what you know about the Roloffs?

Here’s what I think. I think they are religious as long as it doesn’t require any real effort. The truth, folks, is that its rather easy to be Christian. I had this discussion with a friend recently, and let’s be honest. All you have to do is show up to church occasionally. With the Roloffs, it is even easier. You don’t have to show yourself doing or saying anything religious. You don’t have to depict yourself as even reasonably devout. The reality, folks, is that Jeremy Roloff has never discussed his faith on tv.

It’s important I think right now to remind everyone how TLC has no issue showing strongly devout Christians and that the Roloffs have more than a little control over how they are depicted. No one at TLC is stopping a 21 year old man from discussing his religion.

No one is stopping Matt and Amy Roloff from standing up proudly for their faith and clearly stating what they believe about homosexuality. No one. You want to cite non disclosure agreements, here’s my answer to that. Who is forcing Matt and Amy to sign those agreements?

Who? Please tell us who is *making* Matt and Amy hide their faith. We *know* that Matt controls Jeremy and Zach and these two 21 year old *boys* aren’t allowed by Daddy Matt to stand up for Christ, but why are Matt and Amy willfully choosing money over Christ?

Oh there we are. The money.

See, here’s the problem. The Roloff *brand* is NOT that of a staunchly conservative Christian family. Oh, its there, but really, the “TV Roloffs” are a decidedly liberal family. They’re permissive and they stand up for disabled minorities and their kids are allowed to do as they please with no boundaries or standards.

The "Book/Online Roloffs" seem to be a made up fantasy. Partly by the Roloffs, and partly by their not so helpful friends and fans. Point - an important point - I’m not the one who set Jeremy Roloff up as a paragon of Christian values. That all started with the book Little People Big Values and the ghostwriter who tagged Jeremy with the “I don’t drink as it does not please God” stuff. It was about the time of the book that the “Jeremy is an amazing Christian boy started” started with the fans.

The truth, unfortunately, is a completely different thing. Ironically, the most outspoken and most demonstrative of Christian values in the Roloff family is Zach. But he’s not good looking, and kinda mouthy, and I understand from the “cool Christians” that actually acting Christian is lame and Jesus kinda hates the goody two shoes who do the right thing. And by the way, I don’t consider Zach some sort of super Christian, either. He’s just the only one who has had the willingness to discuss his faith, and to at least try to display his Christian home training. And his reward is to be mocked by certain Christian fans as a goody two shoes.

Do the Roloffs believe that homosexuality is a sin that can be cured? I don’t know. Their Christian fans insist they do, but the Roloffs don’t have the courage to give a statement of belief in this respect. I think, again, that it comes down to money. I’m pretty sure the Roloffs do hold the belief that homosexuality is wrong, and I am certain, based on their actions and lack of actions, and comments, that if money wasn’t involved, they’d have more to say. But money is involved, and more important than Christ.

Jeremy's (privately) enthusiastic support of John Mark Comer's Church in Portland
that teaches that homosexuality should be prayed away and cured makes some believe the
Roloffs know this news would be bad for their Public Speaking careers as Diversity Advocates

I think Jeremy would certainly call himself Christian if asked. I don’t think he’s got a particularly deep understanding of his faith. He’s certainly never been asked to do anything difficult for his faith, and it shows. Folks, its very *easy* to be Christian when you’re applauded for nothing. Jeremy and Mueller call someone a cross eyed downie? Oh but he’s an usher at church so bless him. He drinks despite his pastor saying its wrong? Oh but church is a hospital for sinners, not a place for saints so lets all applaud him drinking with his underage buddies. I mean really, when the bar for being an awesome Christian is set so low…. Is it really accomplishing anything for God if being an awesome Christian requires nothing but lip service?

The irony is that while I think Amy is into the more hard core faith, the more hard core fans laud Matt Roloff for his Christian beliefs. The reason I find that hilarious is that its clear that Matt is the mastermind behind the restrictions on how the Roloffs’s religion is NOT depicted. Matt is probably the only Roloff who is savvy to how being seen as liberal and pro-diversity is going to score them some long term money on the public speaker circuit. You can’t speak about diversity and endorse the “gays can be cured by loving Jesus more” party line and Matt knows this. At the same time, Matt clearly courted the Christian market with his two books and he and Amy both are careful to not tick off the more conservative folks by again, making a definitive statement on their views on homosexuality.

I suspect the truth is this. The Roloffs are liberal, permissive parents who pay lip service to Christian values for the sake of the show. Do they believe in Jesus and God? Sure. Are they mostly laughing at their Christian fans who proclaim them to be near perfect. Are they politically conservative? Yes unless you’re a reporter or doing an interview. Then they shut up about it because the TV Roloffs are NOT politically conservative and acknowledging the real Roloffs’ views hurts the TV Roloffs’s brand.

Bottom line, its about money. And the love of money is why you’ll never hear a Roloff discuss how their love of Jesus leads them to feel that homosexuality is wrong.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Jeremy and Zach Roloff's Friend Childhood -- Daniel Meichtry Gets Married Today

We wanted to send out a public congratulations to Daniel Meichtry and his bride Erica on their Wedding today.

Dan is one of Jeremy and Zach's friends since kindergarten that has been on Little People, Big World many times. He is one of the 'DBU' - the name of their club. Dan is the first one to be married. Things are changing for the 'DBU' -- Dan getting married today and Jeremy is supposed to head off for Santa Barbara, California -- where Brooks Photography Institute is located by the end of this month.

In our interview with Dan in May of 2009 -- he mentioned that his then girlfriend Erica would be moving to Oregon that summer. Then they got engaged and now the wedding today.

In dealing with Daniel to set up the interview (which was before -- and obviously what prompted -- Matt's directive to the Hillsboro friends that they can't mention the Roloffs or speak with us - Dan was honest and expressed regret for some things that happened in the past -- that's evidently not how the Roloffs choose to deal with certain topics/behavior) -- Dan was first class. No topics were off limits and he had the character to answer them all -- which included some tough questions and uncomfortable subjects. Personally, I have the utmost respect for people that don't duck the hard questions.

So once again, Congratulations to Dan and Erica!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Jen Montzingo Responds To Roloff Christian Fans And Other Comments

Some of the comments in the last item about Jen Montzingo's video about social justice/disability rights got somewhat passionate.

One of the things we have always attempted to do on this site is to be fair to all involved when people make comments about an individual. For anyone who thinks we are unfair to the Roloffs - that's simply not the case. The Roloffs -- Matt, Amy (whose representative arranged an interview and then Amy backed out of it), Jeremy and Zach all have an open invitation to have their say on anything said on our site. The offer stands to any other friends that are discussed, most notably Jacob Mueller. All we can do is offer -- that they don't accept is not something we can control.

Anyhow, when the comments in our last item were getting a bit personal, I did decide to contact Jen Montzingo herself to let her know that she was being discussed and gave her the opportunity to respond if she wanted. She graciously agreed to respond personally to many of the comments to our first item:

Carolynn said...
"I think it's human nature to conform to your environment. I don't know Jen personally, but I think it would be incorrect to say that the pressures of being in LA and working around more gay people in the entertainment industry had nothing to do with her liberal social views."

Jen Montzingo: You're perceptive about the tendencies of human nature. My father was raised in the Free Methodist denomination, which I later worked in, which greatly informed my beliefs on this issue. The "Free" in "Free Methodist" pertains to 19th Century Christians who wanted to confront specific social ills: renting/selling church pews and slavery, to name a few. So, I come from a long line of people who are social activists! :)

Dana said...
"I have two things to say.

#1. I could see that Jen was losing her morals years ago. In my opinion, she chose trying to be popular to gain friends in LA instead of staying with God and the Word in the Bible. Standing for Jesus sometimes means sacrificing being seen as "cool" or "popular".

I have no concerns at all about Jeremy moving to California because he has proven that he has a much stronger relationship with Jesus than Jen had. Jeremy is not going to forget the principles in the Bible in an attempt to impress new friends. The greatest glory comes from living for Jesus. That's something Jeremy understands much better than Jen.

#2. I will try not to judge too harshly because she only spoke for a second, but based on the fact that she did write a blog entry and her past sentiments in the video about Zach and comments…..lets just say I think Jen has lost her morals in a lot of ways. It shows in how she shoves God into the background for popularity with her LA friends and it shows in the lack of appreciation she expresses for Matt Roloff.

Just like Peter Dinklage, or even more than Peter Dinklage, if Jen is talking about getting a role on a tv show personally I think it is classless for her not to pay tribute to Matt for all that he has done. Face it folks, Jen would not be getting a pay check in LA if it wasn't for Matt Roloff unless she was playing an leprechaun or an oompha loompa or something else demeaning.

If Jen does a longer interview or more promotion I would hope she would pay tribute to Matt, but I'm not holding my breath."

Jen Montzingo: In regards to Statement #1:
Wow! You really have a knack for observing what I have lost. If you "find my morals", would you kindly mail them back to me? I don't know how an intellectual, spirited discussion means I am now immoral. But I'll be sure to note your observations and don't worry-- I've never been too "cool.". That's something Jesus and I have in common. ;)

Also, I couldn't even begin to analyze your personal relationship with God as you have compared Jeremy's and mine. I wish I had your talents for assessing something deeply private and complex and then being able to compare them! :). You must've done very well on the SAT's!

In regards to Statement #2:
Of course, Matt Roloff has contributed a lot to the world, particularly in the area of people's perceptions of LP's. So, if you have ever wondered, here is my very public THANK YOU. I have never doubted his contributions. I also owe a world of thanks to every single person who is just out there living their lives as LP's with grace and integrity. You are also changing the public's perception.

I didn't know that until LPBW there were only demeaning acting jobs. In case you want to see his earlier, critically acclaimed mainstream work-- Peter Dinklage has been in the business for over 15 years. Also check out Ian Michael Smith's performance in the film, "Simon Birch." Brilliant!

If this is me shoving Jesus in the background, let me also say, I put my faith in His grace. And thanks again to Matt Roloff ;)

Paula Y said...
"Jen should read the Bible closer. By definition, a Christian must believe that the Bible is the Word of God. It states throughout the Bible that homosexuals are sinners. God intends for there to be one man and one woman.

In my opinion, Jen had a weak understanding of faith and God to begin with. Jeremy and the Roloffs are on much better path. Perhaps Jen should have went to hear John Mark Comer with Jeremy when she was in Oregon.

I will pray for her that she finds her way back to God."

Jen Montzingo:
That's why there's so much beauty in a multitude of denominations among Christians. As "iron sharpens iron" I have so much to learn from people of faith all around me. Also, as my biological parents live in Israel, I am blessed to learn from others across the globe!

Thank you for your prayers.

Thank you for your comments. You might consider reading "The Year of Living Biblically" by A.J. Jacobs. It chronicles one man's year-long journey to following the Bible as literally as possible. To be fruitful and multiply and not wear clothes of mixed fibers are just a couple of Biblical mandates. I'd be curious as to what you'd think.

Respected Biblical scholars have not even come to just one consensus on the issue of homosexuality in the Bible. One must read the Bible in historical and cultural context, as well as one whole book -- not just picking individual verses. Most New Testament letters were written to specific churches facing specific issues, for example.

Craw said...
"Jeremy should send Jen some of JMC's podcasts and what the Bible says. Go Jeremy!"

Jen Montzingo
Humbly speaking, John Mark Comer is not the authoritative Word of God or definitive voice of the Bible. There are many Christian leaders who would not prescribe to his teachings. No disrespect intended. I am not putting him down by any means but the church I spent most of my years in is a 150 year-old church housed on a university campus and doctrinally they do not align with JMC's teachings. I do not follow one person, I follow the life, work and teachings of Jesus Christ.

Rap541 said...
"The Roloffs and Jen having dwarfism is not a choice.

Limb lengthening corrects their malformed bodies.

Technically deformed people, per Leviticus, are not welcome in the house of God. Since its in the bible.... oh wait, Christians just pick and choose what rules they follow. Never mind. ;)"

Jen Montzingo:
Well stated. And Amen.

Lynn C said...
"Rap, then maybe Jen should follow the Roloffs lead and stop being vocal and isolating herself from a large group of people and maybe she could have got a reality show like the Roloffs."

Jen Montzingo:
Thankfully, and thanks to (again) Matt Roloff has already done a fabulous reality show. I am not aiming to steal his thunder. At this time, I am not interested in starring in my own reality show. Why try to copy something that was already done successfully? ;)

Rap541 said...
"PS - as to kissing ass to the gays.... funny how a)I have it on good authority that gay people may have been involved in the production of LPBW and b) Heh, the Roloffs sure don't stand up publically with their beliefs, now do they? Guess they don't wanna piss off the Hollywood queers and end their little gravy train. I mean, please point me to Matt Roloff and Amy Roloff taking a stand on homosexuality and saying they are against it because of their religion.

Oh bless us, no, they can't do that... after all they might lose the Hollywood queer money that they love sooo much, it shuts their mouths about their *deeply held* beliefs.

Someone please explain how Matt, who supposedly feels homosexuality is wrong, is standing up for that belief by *never speaking out*?

Jen Montzingo:
The only thing that I can speak to is that there were wildly talented homosexuals involved in all elements of LPBW-- from entry level to VP's at TLC.

Roxanne said...
"I like Jen and what she said but there is something I saw someone on another site say once and it could be a tough question.

If Jen is outspoken for gay rights and against gay bashing, why didn't she say anything when Jeremy was saying "f*ggot" to her? I remember some of Jeremy's comments in the National Enquirer.

Anybody else remember? Jeremy's comment about his soccer game and how he didn't want to sound like a gay bragging f*ggot?" That comment actually started out " hey jen, the soccer game was rad. i dont want to sound like gay bragging f..."

I'm just saying if Jen let that slide without saying anything, isn't that sort of wrong? I did a high school project on Maya Angelou and she says it's hard but when someone uses language like that you need to make it known in some way that it's not ok. If you aren't strong enough to actually tell them it's not ok, then you should get up and leave or say you have to be going. Eventually people will stop talking that way around you.

I'm not trying to be mean to Jen because I think she's a good person but itis something that occurred to me when I was watching her video."

Jen Montzingo:
This thoughtful observation deserves a thoughtful response that I will do in the next couple of days. Thank you for pointing out what could be construed as hypocritical and inauthentic. I will say, I did speak with Jeremy about this privately and he was very open to what I had to say. He was ignorant to using that loaded word so casually and did not come from a place that intended to hurt others. That was years ago - I'm not sure as to what his thoughts are now. But I promise to respond to this more further, if desired, and truly thank you for raising such a fair question.

Lisa Z said...
"Rap, Dana is right. Has Jen ever said thank you to Matt or given the Roloffs their due? Would it really hurt for her to pay homage to the Roloffs and want the Roloffs did.

I remember when Jen posted on Matt a long long time ago. She said she wished there was a show like LPBW when she was growing up. Why hasn't she said that lately?"

Jen Montzingo:
You're absolutely correct that I said that and I still believe the same thing. So I'll say it again: Thank you.

Carla said...
Rap, has Matt ever been asked that question in an interview?

I don't care. I stand by what I said. It is impossible to be a Christian and to be gay.

Jen Montzingo:
I'll stand by this. God is a God of the impossible. How is it any different than being a Christian and _____ (fill in the blank)?

Laura Lynch said...
If Jeremy R has recommended John Mark Comer's speeches to his friends, does this mean he has provided access to Jen M, but she refused to listen? If so, then that says a lot about Jen's own narrow-mindedness in refusing to listen when answers are being provided for her.

Jen Montzingo:
I am open to growing and learning from others but I do not find him doctrinally sound. He has gusto and passion though! To say that one man (JMC) provides all the answers is a pretty scary concept. Following one man blindly can lead to many problems. I do not want to disrespect JMC but I do not think all of his doctrine is that black and white. Thankfully, there are many denominations.

Valerie said...
I'll just throw this out there. She said it in the video, but she might be gay.

Like Jeremy's John Mark pastor has said, 9 times out of 10 people that are confused about their sexuality are confused because they had a bad relationship with their father. For a girl that would be with their mother? I think I've seen Jen say she was adopted. If she has issues like that it could be a possibility about why she is trying to make it seem ok when she knows God doesn't approve.

Jen Montzingo:
I am not gay. I am not confused about my own sexuality. But, nice psychological assessment! I too enjoy thinking deeply about things and can tell you do as well. :)

JoAnna said...
Jen is very confused imo. She should find solace in God and the Bible instead of power in Hollywood. You cannot be serving God and be helping destroy God's plan for human sexuality.

Jen Montzingo:
Thankfully, as one person I do not have the capability of destroying God's plan for human sexuality. Even if I wanted to. But I don't. God is a great big God and I am only 4'2". :)


Thanks again to Jen for taking the time to respond personally.

This was the original video that sparked the comments:

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Jen Montzingo Video On Social Justice And Often Discussed Roloff Topic

Over the years we have passed along items from friends or people that were on Little People, Big World or that were about topics that get discussed on our site because of the Roloffs.

One of the often discussed and most controversial topic is about the Roloffs views and beliefs about gay marriage or gay rights. Due to the Roloffs message on LPBW about acceptance and the direction of Matt and Amy's speaking engagements, some see this topic as the Roloffs being massive hypocrites -- people that support one thing in their real private lives but are hush hush about it publicly because the truth could jeopardize one of their income streams (Diversity Speakers/Advocates).

Others, usually fellow Christian fans of the Roloffs -- are proud that the Roloffs are "anti-gay" and "stand for the Bible".

For the record, although not surprisingly, Matt and Amy have never said exactly what their position is or isn't (and Jeremy -- even at age 21 -- doesn't speak for himself publicly about anything), it is a fact that the Roloffs have supported a number of organizations that are notoriously famous for being "anti-gay" in the name of God.

It is indeed true that Amy at one time linked Focus On The Family on her official website -- FOTF is arguably most known for their opposition to gay rights -- When Amy founded her Amy Roloff Charity Foundation she removed the Focus on The Family link and replaced it with the ARCF link.

The Roloffs are vocal supporters and have held fundraisers on their farm for Oregon Senator Bruce Starr who has been described as the most anti-gay politician in Oregon.

And then the thing that has really drawn focus to the whole subject was in the last year or two -- Jeremy's pure enthusiasm and support of a Church in Portland which is led by pastor John Mark Comer. We always hesitated to actually name the church, but Matt Roloff did go ahead and say on his Facebook Fan Page that Jeremy is a volunteer usher at the Solid Rock Church and absolutely loves it. And that is true. Friends of Jeremy's have proudly told us for quite some time that Jeremy is completely wrapped up in the Church. He usually attends on the weekends (the weekend sermons with John Mark are geared towards the age range of 18 - 26) as much as he can. He's very vocal in recommending the Podcasts to all of his friends. He often quotes parts of John Mark Comer's sermons. Jeremy and many of his close friends that attend Church with him list John Mark Comer as one of their most inspirational and most respected people.

The entire Roloff family followed Jeremy to the Solid Rock Church for Christmas service this past year. Molly is also following Jeremy's lead and is getting more involved in the Solid Rock church. Matt noted on Facebook that Molly went with Jeremy to attend the Church's two day "Loveology" seminars this year which is geared towards Christians who are around the college age.

Anyhow, the Solid Rock church and John Mark Comer are very outspoken that gay people will not enter the Kingdom of Heaven and they are active in promoting the idea and practice "gay therapy" or advocate praying to Jesus to cure gay people of their "perversion" or "brokenness" (words from John Mark Comer). We have linked the the actual podcasts many times before. It actually was part of the Loveology series that Jeremy and Molly attended. And it is true that Jeremy did like the video/podcasts and has recommended them to many friends. For people that know Jeremy and the Roloffs it's not a secret at all about what they believe. The majority of the Roloffs friends, especially the Hillsboro friends all share the same beliefs.

In a Live Coffee Chat earlier this year, 10 minutes after Amy said she was giving a speech entitled "Being an individual tree among the forest -- how to accept your difference and the differences of others " -- Amy was put on the spot and confronted about the anti-acceptance/pray to be cured message of Jeremy's church that Amy has also attended. Amy waffled and didn't say what she thought one way or the other. Maybe, sometimes you might attend a church and you might not agree with every message but maybe you might not throw out the whole message because you might, possibly, maybe, disagree with one thing.

A couple of months later, another person confronted Amy with a series of questions including: "Jeremy and Molly supporting the very message that Matt and Amy are so-called speaking advocates for about acceptance of differences. Why do you not accept gays? Do you think they have a disease?"

Amy again avoided giving a definitive answer: "We do advocate for acceptance of people but also have the right to whatever our personal opinions and beliefs may be."

The Solid Rock church also has some rather controversial views on a woman's role in the world -- basically that a woman's role in life is to serve her husband -- she is to defer to her man and if she has questions about the Bible, a woman is to only ask her husband for the answers and that kind of thing -- the church is also quite firm on the issue of drinking or getting drunk which is why the topic of Jeremy and his friends escapades with alcohol always garners a lot of attention also.

Anyhow, because of the divide in the LPBW audience -- many of the Roloffs loyal fans are also very conservative Christians -- the Roloffs views on the gay issue always gets quite a bit of attention and discussion.

We have occasionally in the past linked Jen Montzingo's videos and blog. Readers of our site are familiar with Jen from her past videos and blogs. She was a friend of the Roloffs mostly seen on the show earlier on in the series - Season 1, 2 or 3 mostly. As readers of our site know, there were rumors in the past that Jen and Zach were dating although both of them denied it and now Zach has girlfriend in Oregon named Tori that works for the Roloffs during pumpkin season. It might be worth mentioning though, according to some of the people we heard from that attended the LPA conference last month in Anaheim - Jen was there and people said she and the Roloffs rarely spent any time together. Whether that's a reflection on the state of their friendship these days or or just the way it worked out -- who knows.

We came across this video that Jen Montzingo made recently where a few different topics that have been discussed on our site was mentioned. She's very vocal in her support of gay rights in talking about the documentary about country singer Chely Wright. Jen touches on her opinion of being a Christian re: gay people. She also has an interesting take in comparing her own passion for hoping to see more exposure in the media for people with disabilities or differences to this issue (this topic was touched on in the discussion on our site about Amy's comments about the Emmy awards and Peter Dinklage's recent Emmy nomination).

Another reason why I wanted to pass along Jen's video was that she mentions receiving some critical messages from Little People, Big World/Roloff Fans that said she only became more liberal in her views to fit into "LA/Hollywood". That sounds very similar to a lot of comments that have been made about Jen from some regular posters that are very pro-Roloff that post on this site.

Here are some of the parts in the video that I thought some of the readers of our site might be interested in because of the frequent topics here on these issues because of the Roloffs.

3:10 -- "I am a fan of memoirs. Especially the topic of Faith and spirituality and Chely is an open Christian and someone who is in the industry - so I can relate to what that's like. Also being a Christian who doesn't hate gay people -- I'm pretty liberal in terms of my views on social justice, and wrestling with those things.

I've gotten some emails from fans of Little People, Big World suggesting that I'm now liberal because I moved to Hollywood -- well, that's really not the case. I grew up in a more conservative family, but then I also spent my later years in a free Methodist Church where they are very open on the issue of social justice and civil rights for all. So it's not Hollywood that changed me, it's that I believe that Jesus Christ would fully embrace gay people...

4:40 -- "I have to admit, I was feeling a bit selfish these days. I am so so passionate about people with disabilities having access to the media because the media is American power. In America, the media states who is cool, who is smart, who is beautiful -- unfortunately it is sort of the voice of a lot of people. But I've been feeling selfish. Who am I to fight for people with disabilities in the media when homosexuals don't even have the basic human rights of getting married -- that's a basic human right - for me to be on TV is a luxury, that's a gift.

10:15 -- "Often times people that are critical of the human rights movement say "Oh Jen, you must be a lesbian and that's why you are so interested in this. Just think about it -- I am straight, but the Kinsey scale is very fluid, it's not like us VS them, straight VS gay. Even so, the way it's said "Oh she must be gay" that supposed to be an insult? Because I don't find it to be an insult. If I was, I would embrace it. Why is that even relevant, can't we just be an advocate for basic human rights?

Also, Jen is shooting a new television show that is apparently currently in production. Jen and some of the cast was on a segment of 'LA Today' to talk about it. Jen is on at 4:20 of the video. Congratulations to Jen!

i.CTZN Launch @ OC Fashion Week Interviews for LA Online from Scott Bethell on Vimeo.