Saturday, August 6, 2011

Jen Montzingo Video On Social Justice And Often Discussed Roloff Topic

Over the years we have passed along items from friends or people that were on Little People, Big World or that were about topics that get discussed on our site because of the Roloffs.

One of the often discussed and most controversial topic is about the Roloffs views and beliefs about gay marriage or gay rights. Due to the Roloffs message on LPBW about acceptance and the direction of Matt and Amy's speaking engagements, some see this topic as the Roloffs being massive hypocrites -- people that support one thing in their real private lives but are hush hush about it publicly because the truth could jeopardize one of their income streams (Diversity Speakers/Advocates).

Others, usually fellow Christian fans of the Roloffs -- are proud that the Roloffs are "anti-gay" and "stand for the Bible".

For the record, although not surprisingly, Matt and Amy have never said exactly what their position is or isn't (and Jeremy -- even at age 21 -- doesn't speak for himself publicly about anything), it is a fact that the Roloffs have supported a number of organizations that are notoriously famous for being "anti-gay" in the name of God.

It is indeed true that Amy at one time linked Focus On The Family on her official website -- FOTF is arguably most known for their opposition to gay rights -- When Amy founded her Amy Roloff Charity Foundation she removed the Focus on The Family link and replaced it with the ARCF link.

The Roloffs are vocal supporters and have held fundraisers on their farm for Oregon Senator Bruce Starr who has been described as the most anti-gay politician in Oregon.

And then the thing that has really drawn focus to the whole subject was in the last year or two -- Jeremy's pure enthusiasm and support of a Church in Portland which is led by pastor John Mark Comer. We always hesitated to actually name the church, but Matt Roloff did go ahead and say on his Facebook Fan Page that Jeremy is a volunteer usher at the Solid Rock Church and absolutely loves it. And that is true. Friends of Jeremy's have proudly told us for quite some time that Jeremy is completely wrapped up in the Church. He usually attends on the weekends (the weekend sermons with John Mark are geared towards the age range of 18 - 26) as much as he can. He's very vocal in recommending the Podcasts to all of his friends. He often quotes parts of John Mark Comer's sermons. Jeremy and many of his close friends that attend Church with him list John Mark Comer as one of their most inspirational and most respected people.

The entire Roloff family followed Jeremy to the Solid Rock Church for Christmas service this past year. Molly is also following Jeremy's lead and is getting more involved in the Solid Rock church. Matt noted on Facebook that Molly went with Jeremy to attend the Church's two day "Loveology" seminars this year which is geared towards Christians who are around the college age.

Anyhow, the Solid Rock church and John Mark Comer are very outspoken that gay people will not enter the Kingdom of Heaven and they are active in promoting the idea and practice "gay therapy" or advocate praying to Jesus to cure gay people of their "perversion" or "brokenness" (words from John Mark Comer). We have linked the the actual podcasts many times before. It actually was part of the Loveology series that Jeremy and Molly attended. And it is true that Jeremy did like the video/podcasts and has recommended them to many friends. For people that know Jeremy and the Roloffs it's not a secret at all about what they believe. The majority of the Roloffs friends, especially the Hillsboro friends all share the same beliefs.

In a Live Coffee Chat earlier this year, 10 minutes after Amy said she was giving a speech entitled "Being an individual tree among the forest -- how to accept your difference and the differences of others " -- Amy was put on the spot and confronted about the anti-acceptance/pray to be cured message of Jeremy's church that Amy has also attended. Amy waffled and didn't say what she thought one way or the other. Maybe, sometimes you might attend a church and you might not agree with every message but maybe you might not throw out the whole message because you might, possibly, maybe, disagree with one thing.

A couple of months later, another person confronted Amy with a series of questions including: "Jeremy and Molly supporting the very message that Matt and Amy are so-called speaking advocates for about acceptance of differences. Why do you not accept gays? Do you think they have a disease?"

Amy again avoided giving a definitive answer: "We do advocate for acceptance of people but also have the right to whatever our personal opinions and beliefs may be."

The Solid Rock church also has some rather controversial views on a woman's role in the world -- basically that a woman's role in life is to serve her husband -- she is to defer to her man and if she has questions about the Bible, a woman is to only ask her husband for the answers and that kind of thing -- the church is also quite firm on the issue of drinking or getting drunk which is why the topic of Jeremy and his friends escapades with alcohol always garners a lot of attention also.

Anyhow, because of the divide in the LPBW audience -- many of the Roloffs loyal fans are also very conservative Christians -- the Roloffs views on the gay issue always gets quite a bit of attention and discussion.

We have occasionally in the past linked Jen Montzingo's videos and blog. Readers of our site are familiar with Jen from her past videos and blogs. She was a friend of the Roloffs mostly seen on the show earlier on in the series - Season 1, 2 or 3 mostly. As readers of our site know, there were rumors in the past that Jen and Zach were dating although both of them denied it and now Zach has girlfriend in Oregon named Tori that works for the Roloffs during pumpkin season. It might be worth mentioning though, according to some of the people we heard from that attended the LPA conference last month in Anaheim - Jen was there and people said she and the Roloffs rarely spent any time together. Whether that's a reflection on the state of their friendship these days or or just the way it worked out -- who knows.

We came across this video that Jen Montzingo made recently where a few different topics that have been discussed on our site was mentioned. She's very vocal in her support of gay rights in talking about the documentary about country singer Chely Wright. Jen touches on her opinion of being a Christian re: gay people. She also has an interesting take in comparing her own passion for hoping to see more exposure in the media for people with disabilities or differences to this issue (this topic was touched on in the discussion on our site about Amy's comments about the Emmy awards and Peter Dinklage's recent Emmy nomination).

Another reason why I wanted to pass along Jen's video was that she mentions receiving some critical messages from Little People, Big World/Roloff Fans that said she only became more liberal in her views to fit into "LA/Hollywood". That sounds very similar to a lot of comments that have been made about Jen from some regular posters that are very pro-Roloff that post on this site.

Here are some of the parts in the video that I thought some of the readers of our site might be interested in because of the frequent topics here on these issues because of the Roloffs.

3:10 -- "I am a fan of memoirs. Especially the topic of Faith and spirituality and Chely is an open Christian and someone who is in the industry - so I can relate to what that's like. Also being a Christian who doesn't hate gay people -- I'm pretty liberal in terms of my views on social justice, and wrestling with those things.

I've gotten some emails from fans of Little People, Big World suggesting that I'm now liberal because I moved to Hollywood -- well, that's really not the case. I grew up in a more conservative family, but then I also spent my later years in a free Methodist Church where they are very open on the issue of social justice and civil rights for all. So it's not Hollywood that changed me, it's that I believe that Jesus Christ would fully embrace gay people...

4:40 -- "I have to admit, I was feeling a bit selfish these days. I am so so passionate about people with disabilities having access to the media because the media is American power. In America, the media states who is cool, who is smart, who is beautiful -- unfortunately it is sort of the voice of a lot of people. But I've been feeling selfish. Who am I to fight for people with disabilities in the media when homosexuals don't even have the basic human rights of getting married -- that's a basic human right - for me to be on TV is a luxury, that's a gift.

10:15 -- "Often times people that are critical of the human rights movement say "Oh Jen, you must be a lesbian and that's why you are so interested in this. Just think about it -- I am straight, but the Kinsey scale is very fluid, it's not like us VS them, straight VS gay. Even so, the way it's said "Oh she must be gay" that supposed to be an insult? Because I don't find it to be an insult. If I was, I would embrace it. Why is that even relevant, can't we just be an advocate for basic human rights?

Also, Jen is shooting a new television show that is apparently currently in production. Jen and some of the cast was on a segment of 'LA Today' to talk about it. Jen is on at 4:20 of the video. Congratulations to Jen!

i.CTZN Launch @ OC Fashion Week Interviews for LA Online from Scott Bethell on Vimeo.


Christine said...

The Christian crowd might not be happy with her, but at least Jen gave an answer and stated her opinion! The gutless Roloffs could learn something.

Carolynn said...

I think it's human nature to conform to your environment. I don't know Jen personally, but I think it would be incorrect to say that the pressures of being in LA and working around more gay people in the entertainment industry had nothing to do with her liberal social views.

That goes the other way too. I think someone like Jeremy is apparently as vocal as he is about Jesus and his anti-diverse views because the people he chooses to hang around with all subscribe by the same views.

If what that gentleman from Brooks (Mike?) said is true and there are quite a few gay people at Brooks and it is Liberal, I will guess that Jeremy won't be as vocal to praise Jesus and spout off about gays needing to be cured as he does when he's surrounded by like minded people.

Brandon said...

Hats off to Jen for saying she's not insulted that people have said she must be a lesbian because she supports gay rights. There's so many ignorant people!

The only offensive thing when people say someone must be gay because of their beliefs is the fact that the person saying it is intending to use it as insult, not that it is an insult.

Dana said...

I have two things to say.

#1. I could see that Jen was losing her morals years ago. In my opinion, she chose trying to be popular to gain friends in LA instead of staying with God and the Word in the Bible. Standing for Jesus sometimes means sacrificing being seen as "cool" or "popular".

I have no concerns at all about Jeremy moving to California because he has proven that he has a much stronger relationship with Jesus than Jen had. Jeremy is not going to forget the principles in the Bible in an attempt to impress new friends. The greatest glory comes from living for Jesus. That's something Jeremy understands much better than Jen.

#2. I will try not to judge too harshly because she only spoke for a second, but based on the fact that she did write a blog entry and her past sentiments in the video about Zach and comments…..lets just say I think Jen has lost her morals in a lot of ways. It shows in how she shoves God into the background for popularity with her LA friends and it shows in the lack of appreciation she expresses for Matt Roloff.

Just like Peter Dinklage, or even more than Peter Dinklage, if Jen is talking about getting a role on a tv show personally I think it is classless for her not to pay tribute to Matt for all that he has done. Face it folks, Jen would not be getting a pay check in LA if it wasn't for Matt Roloff unless she was playing an leprechaun or an oompha loompa or something else demeaning.

If Jen does a longer interview or more promotion I would hope she would pay tribute to Matt, but I'm not holding my breath.

Jocelynn said...

Congratulations Jen on the new show! I always liked Jen. She always seemed much more mature than the Roloffs. I'm not surprised at the vast difference in their beliefs.

Paula Y said...

Jen should read the Bible closer. By definition, a Christian must believe that the Bible is the Word of God. It states throughout the Bible that homosexuals are sinners. God intends for there to be one man and one woman.

In my opinion, Jen had a weak understanding of faith and God to begin with. Jeremy and the Roloffs are on much better path. Perhaps Jen should have went to hear John Mark Comer with Jeremy when she was in Oregon.

I will pray for her that she finds her way back to God.

Anne said...

Dana, I agree. Would it really have hurt for Jen to thank Matt on her blog about getting cast on a show? Who knows, maybe she did privately, but some public kudos would have been nice.

Paula Y, well said.

Kayla said...

Way to go Jen! Best of luck!

Ashley said...

I totally agree with Jen.

Can I ask a question though? Is it just because the Roloffs are skewing my perception or am I just wrong?

Is Jen Montzingo one of the only LP that is liberal and pro-gay?

The Roloffs are right wing religious conservatives. Marty Klebba is very loud about hating liberals.

The Manuels, Bill, Adam and most of the other guys on the Statemen are all Conservative Republicans.

I thought it was strange since sometimes it's more Liberal people that care about equality and diversity rights, but it's something I noticed with a lot of LPs.

Erica said...

I disagree with what she is saying. The Roloffs and Jen having dwarfism is not a choice. Choosing to be in a relationship with a person of the same sex is a choice. There is no comparison between the two. One is an issue of human rights, one is an abnormal choice. Jen is confused. The Roloffs have it right.

Austin said...

It's nice to see someone with some common sense and ability to look past themselves and their own issue. Ahem!!! The Roloffs should pay attention since the Roloffs aren't about diversity or acceptance at all. Good job Jen.

Craw said...

Jeremy should send Jen some of JMC's podcasts and what the Bible says. Go Jeremy!

Connie V said...

Jeremy has a better grasp about God and the Bible than Jen does. Dana is right. I think Jen is just trying to impress gay people in Hollywood. Maybe a director she is trying to get a job from is gay and she wants to suck up for job security.

Rap541 said...

Dana - again, please explain how Matt doing a reality show in 2005 led to Peter Dinklage being a successful actor in 2002, with award nominations and critical roles?

In fact, its people like Peter Dinklage who broke the ground that Matt now walks on, by going to Hollywood and not settling for Ewok parts....

As Christine said, Jen has the courage to state her opinions, *unlike Matt and Amy and Jeremy Roloff* who do not stand up for their beliefs in a definitive fashion.

Dana? You do understand that Matt Roloff will *never* say "gay people are an abomination per my Christian beliefs" and Jeremy will never be allowed by Matt to say "I think gay people are wrong, and going to hell unless they get cured", right?

And do you know why those definitive statements will never be said, Dana?

Because Matt Roloffs prefers dollars to standing up for his supposedly strongly held beliefs. Queer money spends so he doesn't say what he really thinks... And isn't that Jesus Praiseworthy? ;)

Timothy said...

Ashley, I think it's because that's who the Roloffs are friends with. The Statesmen are basically Zach's and Marty's friends. They are friends with people from rich families, little people or not. Look at Jeremy's friends. Most of them are wealthy. As a rule, people that are rich are Republican or Conservative.

I think Jen was friends with the Roloffs when they were all young and it seems like Jen isn't as close to the Roloffs as she used to be now that she has a better understanding of what she believes. The Roloffs like having rich 'gays are icky, praise Jesus" type friends.

Justin said...

Jen has the logic that the Roloffs should have. Maybe Jen should replace the Roloffs on the speaking circle because the Roloffs make a mockery out of a noble cause.

Rap541 said...

The Roloffs and Jen having dwarfism is not a choice.

Limb lengthening corrects their malformed bodies.

Technically deformed people, per Leviticus, are not welcome in the house of God. Since its in the bible.... oh wait, Christians just pick and choose what rules they follow. Never mind. ;)

Lauren said...

I agree with Jen. I'm disappointed the Roloffs don't support what they claim to support unless it's their one issue. Jen sees the whole picture. Roloffs see only themselves.

Judy B said...

Does Jen also support incestuous relationships? It's moral. It's not a human rights issue.

I am glad there are strong people of God like the Roloffs, like Matt, Amy and Jeremy that are not afraid to stand by God and The Holy Bible. They hold onto their beliefs even when they are dealing with the perverted Hollywood morals.

Brenda said...

Ashley, I was wondering the same things about the little people community. I was surprised too.

Thank you Jen for your video and proving that not all little people are like the Roloffs.

Dustin said...

I don't understand why there aren't more people with dwarfism like Jen opposed to the Roloffs.

I'm gay and I think one of the things about being a minority is that it should make you more aware of the challenges and discrimination that other groups of people face.

It's like that Poem "And then they came for me"

David said...

Very good video by Jen.

I would like to see the Roloffs have the guts to take a stand whatever they believe. They are cowards. Plain and simple.

Lynn C said...

I don't think Chely Wright has anything to complain about.

If you want to appeal to religious Christians, than you must present a Christian message. That's why the Roloffs get support from the Christian community.

Fraser said...

Liberals are kooks. How is 2 dudes choosing to have sex with each other when the Bible says one man and one woman a case for human rights.

But I agree the Roloffs should make what they think known. They would find lots of support among REAL Christians.

Nancy said...

I totally agree with what Jen is saying.

Peter L said...

The Roloffs are bigots that care only about themselves. They aren't advocates. They are only advocates for themselves. When it benefits themselves.

Laura said...

Jen needs to attend church with Jeremy to get grounded again and away from all that hollywood garbage.

Lynn C said...

Rap, then maybe Jen should follow the Roloffs lead and stop being vocal and isolating herself from a large group of people and maybe she could have got a reality show like the Roloffs.

Greg said...

I think Jen has always been a lot more worldly and mature than the Roloffs.

The Roloffs are close minded and always have been.

Greg said...

Btw, you forgot to mention one of the obvious signs about the Roloffs opinion of gay people....Jeremy use of the word "faggot" and no apology to this day.

David said...

Rap, you're totally correct.

"Dana? You do understand that Matt Roloff will *never* say "gay people are an abomination per my Christian beliefs" and Jeremy will never be allowed by Matt to say "I think gay people are wrong, and going to hell unless they get cured", right?

And do you know why those definitive statements will never be said, Dana?

Because Matt Roloffs prefers dollars to standing up for his supposedly strongly held beliefs. Queer money spends so he doesn't say what he really thinks... And isn't that Jesus Praiseworthy? ;)

Rap541 said...

Lynn - I am going to be honest. I really have no idea what your point is. I don't mean that disrespetfully.

Rap541 said...

PS - as to kissing ass to the gays.... funny how a)I have it on good authority that gay people may have been involved in the production of LPBW and b) Heh, the Roloffs sure don't stand up publically with their beliefs, now do they? Guess they don't wanna piss off the Hollywood queers and end their little gravy train. I mean, please point me to Matt Roloff and Amy Roloff taking a stand on homosexuality and saying they are against it because of their religion.

Oh bless us, no, they can't do that... after all they might lose the Hollywood queer money that they love sooo much, it shuts their mouths about their *deeply held* beliefs.

Someone please explain how Matt, who supposedly feels homosexuality is wrong, is standing up for that belief by *never speaking out*?

Rap541 said...

Judy B - what exactly is your point about incest? People who are pro-gay must disagree with all morality?

Believe it or not, non Christians don't generally say "yay! Murder! Murder is cool!" either. Non Christians follow the law of the land just like Christians do.

Except you know, when you're Matt and Amy Roloff and you want to be the cool parents who allow your kids's underage friends to drink alcohol on your property... then its Christian cool to break the law!

Right? Dana? You support the underage drinking at the Roloffs? Judy B? You raised the morality point - please explain wther you support the breaking of man's law in the Roloff garage.

I'd love to know the opinions of all of the Christuan crowd but I am pretty certain these "Proud to stand up for Jesus and Matt" sorts aren't going to share how they feel about Matt's beer parties and Jeremy's 17 year old pal Christian doing shots at the Roloffs.

Ellen said...

I hope that if Jen ever comes back to Portland Jeremy will take her to listen to John Mark because she needs an education.

John Mark Comer@ 4:32:" Notice a couple of things. One. Homosexuality is a sin. Contrary to lie of liberal church culture, homosexuality is a sin. Homosexuals will not inherit the Kingdom of God."

The lies after lies of liberal church culture. He might be talking about people like Jen.

Rap541 said...

Ellen - I thought judging the level of Christianity in others was wrong?

When Jeremy leaves a church speech by the sainted John Marks Comer and proceeds to get drunk... shouldn't he get himself back into church and actually *get educated*?

I mean, I know the answer is no, poor widdle Jer is in that hospital for sinners so he doesn't HAVE TO TRY... all he has to do is say he's a Christian and he's free to get drunk! But no one dare call him a liar or a bad Christian! He wilfully ignores his pastor's teachings and that.... is not to be spoken of. He's still an excellent Christian living godly... even though he isn't but since judging is wrong, Jeremy, the poor precious widdle boy who wilts at a harsh word, must never ever hear anything but praise...

But Jen is a bad Christian and needs to be publically called out as a bad Christian, even though its been established that judging is only for God.... Apparently God is a woman named Ellen, right Ellen?

Kathy said...

I'm surprised Jen was ever friends with the Roloffs. She seems a lot more mature and nicer than the Roloffs.

Doreen said...

I totally agree with Jen. People like Dana and the Roloffs need to go back to the dark ages.

Rap541 said...

Doreen, the irony is that in the dark ages, people like the Roloffs were deemed to not have souls and were usually the property of royalty. Because you know, of what the Bible said, and if the Bible says something, its the word of God... except you know, when its not.

CindyM said...

I think a lot of Christians do you use the Bible as they please to look down on others and feel superior. I've always thought Jeremy has that belief although in the book he said he's not better than other people "just different" because he has Christ living inside of him....hmmm.

Vic Rattlehead said...


Please go sit in the corner and think about the absurdly stupid things you have written.

Jen is obviously an intelligent young woman who is smart enough to see that apartheid of any kind be it racial like in the years of Jim Crow in the deep south the outright evil that was apartheid in South Africa or the christofacist based intolerance of Jeremy's ultra fundie "chriastian" beliefs against people who are gay of a different religious belief (Jewish/Muslim)or who otherwise don't fit their very narrow parameters of what is "normal" is incredibly ignorant selfish and evil.

She acknowledges that she is living in the 21st century where moral absolutism is no longer a relevant belief system and objectivity/acceptance is more important that worrying about things that are none of her business like what two consenting adults of the same sex do in the privacy of their oen bedrooms

Terry said...

Gays get more exposure and more acceptance than people with physical disabilities like dwarfism. I think Jen is just trying to be martyr.

There's gays all throughout Hollywood. Lots of movies about gays. Academy award winners are about gays all the time. Where's the same acceptance for dwarfism and disabilities. That's what Matt and the Roloffs fight for.

Is "midget" treated the same way as "f*ggot"?

Roxanne said...

I like Jen and what she said but there is something I saw someone on another site say once and it could be a tough question.

If Jen is outspoken for gay rights and against gay bashing, why didn't she say anything when Jeremy was saying "f*ggot" to her? I remember some of Jeremy's comments in the National Enquirer.

Anybody else remember? Jeremy's comment about his soccer game and how he didn't want to sound like a gay bragging f*ggot?" That comment actually started out " hey jen, the soccer game was rad. i dont want to sound like gay bragging f..."

I'm just saying if Jen let that slide without saying anything, isn't that sort of wrong? I did a high school project on Maya Angelou and she says it's hard but when someone uses language like that you need to make it known in some way that it's not ok. If you aren't strong enough to actually tell them it's not ok, then you should get up and leave or say you have to be going. Eventually people will stop talking that way around you.

I'm not trying to be mean to Jen because I think she's a good person but itis something that occurred to me when I was watching her video.

Michelle said...

Great job Jen. Too bad that Roloffs don't see it the same way.

Timothy said...

Roxanne, in fairness to Jen, she is more mature now. Maybe she would react differently if Jeremy said that to her today. I guess only she knows.

The same could be said for Jeremy, but considering years have passed by and Jeremy never once has said he was wrong or regretted it, I'm not going to just give him a pass.

Lisa Z said...

Rap, Dana is right. Has Jen ever said thank you to Matt or given the Roloffs their due? Would it really hurt for her to pay homage to the Roloffs and want the Roloffs did.

I remember when Jen posted on Matt a long long time ago. She said she wished there was a show like LPBW when she was growing up. Why hasn't she said that lately?

Rap541 said...

Because there's a lot fewer dwarfs than gays, Terry. Because there's no law against dwarfs or people with disabilities marrying. Because the American Disabilities Act protects people with disabilities so that when someone who looks like Matt Roloff gets laid off, they can sue and make the company prove it was for cause and not due to their status of being disabled.

The reason the Roloffs as disabled people have rights and aren't second class citizens is because they have legal protections.

I'll accept your whining about "midget" when Matt sues the Oregonian for the the article where he bitches about his neighbors and he's referring to himself as a "farming midget".

Here's the link

And here's the quote from Matt:

"Everything I do is legal," Roloff counters, pressing his small hands into the mountain of documents on his desk. "They're constantly trying to get somebody, some agency, to come pick on us."

"You hear all the crap about the schools not having any money? Well, why is Oregon chasing down a farming midget... when they could be funding schools?"

Apparently it's not offensive to Matt when he's using it to elicite pity and to suggest he's being hated on.

Also... pretty certain Matt's on record saying midget isn't so bad....

Vic Rattlehead said...

Listen not to ones who preach, those who feel you're a freak and everything about you is wrong and say
"You must be sick and you don't belong"

My father said to me one day, "worry not what they say
use your mind and your own free will
In a time when everyone follows
ignorance can kill"

Truer words have never been spoken.

Shelby said...

What would Jen believe if she lived in Texas?

Rap541 said...

Lisa Z - How much due are the Roloffs due?

Dana is also on record that Peter Dinklage needs to praise Matt and thank Matt for his successful career that started well prior to Matt's reality show. How many thank yous are enough before a dwarf isn't a piece of dirt owing Matt Roloff everything?

I mean right now, ALL LITTLE PEOPLE need to kiss Matt's ass or be deemed scumbag ungrateful haters. So how much ass kissing does Matt need from every little person ever?

Lisa Z? I think Jen was very nice in what she said... you clearly think its not enough. WHen will Jen be allowed to say "I earned this on my own" since clearly right now you believe she owes Matt everything? When will Peter Dinklage be allowed to say "I earned this on my own" and not "I'd never be anything without Matt Roloff holding me up, all my accomplishments are due to his sacrifice"?

Lisa? Does Jen on the Little Couple need to say "matt roloff is owed my medical degree"? Are there any dwarfs who don't exist merely as reflections of Matt Roloff?

This is why being a little person right now must suck. Average height people declaring your accomplishments aren't earned and that your every accomplishment belongs to some reality whore.

Johnny Reb said...


I'm pretty sure that if Jen lived down Texas way like I do she'd certainly think that Governor Rick Perry is a moron who sucks up to religious extremists and pulls absurdly idiotic statements of "fact" out of his ass like the whole "Texas can succeed from the union because of a clause in the state constitution that I invented which doesn't actually exist" thing he did a couple of years ago.

And I'm sure she would also think that the religious right is destroying our state with their pathetic attempts at introducing biblical law and rewriting the school curriculum to reflect neo-conservative and neo-fascist propaganda talking points that would have made Hitler and the Nazi party wet their pants with glee.

I hate living in Texas so very much not because I can't stand self righteous fundie christians but because every small town and rural area is populated with those mouth breathing knuckle dragging neanderthals.

Jenna said...

I agree with the comments that Jeremy should take this opportunity to show Jen the light and take her, if she is willing, to listen to John Mark spread the word of God. He is powerful. It's a win for the Holy Spirit. Jen sounds like she needs some spiritual counselling. Solid Rock is great for that.

Rap541 said...

Jenna - and yet, Jeremy, soldier for Christ, does nothing.

And says nothing.

He could be winning for the Holy Spirit... but money in the pocket is apparently more important so he shuts up and lets someone go to hell.

How *Christian* of him.

Oh wait, Daddy Matt *forbids* Jeremy to speak out. How Christian of Matt to stop the power of Jeremy's holy calling.

I guess its more important to let the underage kids drink in the garage. I kinda thought John Mark Comer had something to say about that as well but I guess it was easier to sin and grin and say whoopsie Jesus, right?

I notice none of our Christian set will share their thoughts on the photos of youngsters breaking the law and drinking alcohol on Matt Roloff's property.

Diane said...

Ashley, about LPs being religious conservative I have wondered if it is because they believe they were born with dwarfism for a reason, as part of God's plan and that's the basis for why they are drawn to religion.

Or it could be as simple as someone else said. The Roloffs are friends with the well off and rich and a lot of their group are rich conservative Christian Republicans that don't like gay people or anything different.

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

I checked just before this entry, and see that you have not made any comment on the preceding blog entry regarding the positive evidence of underage drinking and total lack of morals in plain sight on the Roloff property. Rap541 made a copy of the video so you can view it if you like.

Per Rap541's blog entry of August 2, 2011 @ 12:38 PM, What confuses me is the idea that idealogies are used only in a selective context. You've made no bones about the fact that you feel Jen is lacking in morals, but you fail to mention the lacking of morals with Jeremy and his playmate re: contributing to delinquents and general disregard for the rules that the Roloff parents had set out, if at all.

Why is it not fair that your (or anyone else's) comments on an blog item that you decide to make be taken in exactly the same context as your LACK of comments on a blog item that you decide NOT to make.

I'm trying to be fair here. I was upset when people picked at Molly for looking at western colleges in MT and WA when she could out east. We don't know what's she's studying or if these schools could provide it. I've defended Jacob simply because the way his parents vilified him on national television. When Jeremy does something worthwhile, I'll write about it. To myself, it's the whole package. The good and the bad. I get dizzy on a pedestal, and my eyes can't focus either.

Carla said...

It's impossible to be gay and be Christian.

Rap541 said...

Carla - if you're correct, why doesn't Matt Roloff proudly say that?

Do you consider him a strong Christian?

How do you feel about him *not* saying that because it would affect his status as a diversity speaker? Money over his Christian values is Christian?

Mitch said...

I agree that Jen needs to ask Jeremy for some help to understand how to truly serve Jesus.

Carla said...

Rap, has Matt ever been asked that question in an interview?

I don't care. I stand by what I said. It is impossible to be a Christian and to be gay.

Rap541 said...

Carla - why would he need to be asked? I mean, again, if you're correct, wouldn't he want everyone to know?

Mitch - why shouldn't Jeremy reach out? Jesus wants him to wait to be asked? Really?

And is Jeremy serving Jesus well when he allows his underage friends to break the law in front of him? Or as a Christian, do you, like many many others, have no comment on the photos of Mueller and Christian drinking shots with Jeremy in the Roloff garage. I seem to recall Pastor John Mark Comer saying something about how Christians have to obey man's law....

Tracey said...

I think what she said is very wrong and misguided. Jeremy knows what he is doing.

Rap541 said...

Tracey - and your views on Jeremy allowing his underage friends to drink while in his parents home? Breaking the law? Again, funny how the stand up for Jesus crowd just... doesn't want to comment on the underage drinking. ;)

Johnny Reb said...


The beauty of belonging to a "nondenominational" evangelical church is that there is not set church doctrine like in say Catholicism Protestantism Methodism or Eastern Orthodox Christianity Islam or Judaism, the "preacher" can literally make the "church doctrine" up out of thin air according to whatever his warped version of "faith" is and can then use said doctrine to justify saying the most evil hateful things

For instance John Mark Comer basically says that women "should be vessels of their husbands seed" or that they should also and I'm paraphrasing here "sit down shut up and let the man of the house treat them like garbage because the only requirement in marriage is that the man is always right" and that "gay people are broken souls that embrace evil who just need to pray away the gay".

What Jeremy believes is not true Christianity but a hideously toxic bastardization of the faith.

There is a good reason why none of the real christian chruches have any respect for these dens of hate that operate in gods name.

BeckyM said...

Fact: Amy and Matt preach diversity but then do not believe it. They sell themselves as diversity speakers but in reality only believe that dwarves should receive special privileges and consideration.

Fact: Jen states up front her beliefs. In America, she has the freedom to do so.

So what if Jen expanded her beliefs after moving to LA? Maybe she met more people and it gave her a larger perspective. My experience is people move to areas where they feel comfortable - btw my brother is an Atheist Moderate who has lived in Texas for over 20 years - I guess the right-wing crazies haven't converted him yet.

My Atheist Conservative sister has lived in Dallas for over 30 years - still not a Christian.

I am a Liberal Atheist living in the heart of Oral Roberts land and Rhema Bible College for the last 15 years. Guess what? Still not converted and still know that a lot of Christians mouth their Bible but then don't walk it.

Our parents taught their five kids to actually THINK... not to swallow some BS spouted by a church leader who then has his second family and uses church funds illegally (my brothers first father-in-law who was a preacher).

The difference between two adults of the same sex having sex, is that it is CONSENTING. So please stop waving the incest flag about. And let's talk facts again - most pedophiles are HETROSEXUAL!

I applaud Jen for stating up front her beliefs and not avoiding the subject or waffling. Whether you agree with those beliefs or not, is not really any concern because we still have free speech in this country...

...though if the Roloffs could change that so only dwarves could receive that privilege I'm sure they would do so!

BTW Dana I thought it was HILARIOUS that you never responded to the hard-drinking Jeremy blog post. ROFLMAO!!!

You are such a tool! Your posts are so ridiculously funny and show clearly how inane the typical right wing Christian is. Make sure there is absolutely no logic or reasoning in any of your posts -it makes them more fun to read!

Lark said...

I never realized how completely deluded Roloff fans were until I read these postings. It must be sad to live the way you do and to try desperately to believe the way you do. Funny thing is, you can't even live up to your own standards for others.

"I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ." --Mahatma Gandhi

Lawrence said...

This Jen seems smart enough but she needs an education about the Bible. Another liberal LA looney. LA is not real.

Jocelynn said...

Well said BeckyM, I agree whole heartedly.

Trish said...

The Roloffs are better for Christian values than Jen. Especially Jeremy. It's good to see a nice young men in touch with God and the Church. Jen is lost and needs to reconnect before she leads more people astray with her broken family values.

Samantha P said...

I am confused why Jen uses the word "hate". Jeremy does not hate homosexual people. I don't hate homosexuals. John Mark doesn't hate homosexuals. Just because we don't buy into the lies of liberal church culture and don't condone immoral behavior, doesn't mean we hate anyone.

Angela said...

Did the Roloffs stop being friends with Jen because she supports gays?

Petra said...

Perhaps Jen Montzingo could replace the Roloffs for speaking events. The Roloffs are faux speakers that don't actually support the cause they are being paid about.

KG said...

Standing O for you, BeckyM!

and i find it funny, like rap said before about those regulars who have nothing to say about the underage drinking but, as soon as something like this appears about someone else, theyre right there to bash them

Laura Lynch said...

If Jeremy R has recommended John Mark Comer's speeches to his friends, does this mean he has provided access to Jen M, but she refused to listen? If so, then that says a lot about Jen's own narrow-mindedness in refusing to listen when answers are being provided for her

Gina said...

I want to know what Jen Montzingo thinks about Jeremy's pastor. The links are here! there are no excuses. I want to know.

Valerie said...

I'll just throw this out there. She said it in the video, but she might be gay.

Like Jeremy's John Mark pastor has said, 9 times out of 10 people that are confused about their sexuality are confused because they had a bad relationship with their father. For a girl that would be with their mother? I think I've seen Jen say she was adopted. If she has issues like that it could be a possibility about why she is trying to make it seem ok when she knows God doesn't approve.

Rap541 said...

Still waiting for everyone praising the Roloffs for their stance on homosexuality (a stance, btw, that no Roloff has ever actually verbalized or committed to in public, they're so brave to sit silent for Jesus) to actually have an opinion on the photos of underage kids drinking in the Roloff garage.

I believe the sainted John Mark Comer said breaking man's law was sin. Come on now, Christians who support the Roloffs - do Christians do as the Roloffs and let underage kids who aren't even family get trashed for Jesus on their own property?

Or is it just Cutesy Christian Cool at the Roloffs?

Funny how its so easy to say homosexuals are sinning but I don't see ANY of the Christian crowd even suggesting the Roloffs should put a stop to the blatent breaking of the law on their own property. I guess its "eff the law, praise God and drink it up kids!" at Matt Roloffs Beer Bonfires :)

JoAnna said...

Jen is very confused imo. She should find solace in God and the Bible instead of power in Hollywood. You cannot be serving God and be helping destroy God's plan for human sexuality.

Rap541 said...

Joanna - and your opinion of the Roloffs providing their garage for the twins's underage friends to do shots?

I mean, since you are judging Jen, despite not being God, you must have an opinion of adults providing alcohol to underage kids.

Judy B said...

In My opinion, Jen's brand of Christianity is damaging to the whole church. Some things just aren't to be accepted. Homosexuality is one of them. You can't put a nice happy bow on everything and say it's all ok.

I would strongly suggest the next time she's in Oregon she ask Jeremy if she can go with him to his church.

Rap541 said...

Judy B - And *your* opinion of the underage drinking going on in the Roloffs garage?

Should Jeremy perhaps tell his pastor? Or just grin as he is heaped with praise for being the awesome Christian providing the booze to Christian, age 17, and Jacob Mueller, age 20.

And since its Matt and Amy's home... got any opinion about what their personal liability is if 17 year old Christian gets caught drunk driving after having some shots of alcohol, all cheerfully videoed so that the memory can be shared?

I am just *amazed* at the number of judgemental Christians who feel Jen needs a lecture but have NOTHING to say about the Roloffs providing alcohol to minors on their property.

I *wonder* why none of the Christian crowd has an opinion on that.

Craw said...

Rap, stuff it. Gays are a bigger more important than a kid sipping alcohol.

Rap541 said...

Craw - I believe John Mark Comer defined it as a sin.


Talk to your pastor or hey, listen to John Mark Comer.

Oh but you want to be cool, so eff it, huh? Thats how much you care about God's law. Don't make any effort not to sin, sin all you want, be coolio for Jesus, mock kids as "goodytwoshoes" (which is of course hating and judging. also a sin) and then grin and say "sorry about that sin, Jesus, now someone get me DRUNK!"

You've argued John Mark Comer speaks the truth and he says underage drinking is as much of sin as being gay. Don't you DARE tell me to shut up the moment your professed faith gets too hard for you, Craw.

Thats been your defense - John Mark Comer says, and Jeremy follows that! - so treating gays as less is ok. But Jeremy likes to drink so lets all act like John Mark Comer DIDNT say to obey man's law.

After all, Christians don't have to follow any rule that's hard, right Craw? Getting drunk for Jesus is coolio Christian :)

Rap541 said...

And to clarify to the Christian crowd since Crsw in her Christian way LIED (think thats a sin too but Christians don't apparently have to follow rules)

The video showed Christian, age 17 and Mueller, age 20, doing shots in the Roloff garage, not "kids sipping alcohol" and Jeremy and Zach - adults under the law, were not stopping the underage drinking.

Now we have Craw's comment -which is that apparently the ONLY rule in the bible that can't be ignored is don't screw same sex. Any one else planning to justify the underage drinking?

Kyle said...

Why are homophobes obsessed with sex? Being gay is about relationships, love and companionship.

Is the best marriages that you know in your own lives based on sex? Probably not. It's on two people loving each other. Love is way more than sex.

Vic Rattlehead said...


Just ignore Craw.

Craw is just an insignificant uneducated child who likes to pick fights rather than engage in thoughtful discussion because it's arguments are juvenile it's reasoning is flawed and it wears it's ignorance on it's sleeve like a badge of honor.

Craw used to post long verbose nonsensical hero worshiping tripe at IMDB proudly boasting about how great Jeremy is because he's "popular" and "cool".

Craw's opinions about the world are irrelevant because it has no life experience in the real world.

Rap541 said...

Vic - its not an issue of ignoring craw. There's variety of people here, Judy B, Dana, Samantha P, Craw, Anne, Lynn C, Carla, Tracey, Mitch, in this thread who are holding up a 21 year old who willfully broke the law by giving his underage pals alcohol (and photographing it, A+ smarts there, Jer) as a fine Christian.

The pastor of this fine Christian has made it very clear in his online audio speeches that breaking man's law is sin, and drinking to excess is sin. Matt and Amy are held up as fine Christians as well. Again, its their property the sin is taking place on, and I have a pretty good feeling Matt isn't checking id at the beer bonfire parties. (He is certainly welcome to correct me on that point).

Sin is sin. Being gay is sin, ok. Breaking man's law is sin, per John Mark Comer. Christians holding Jeremy up and holding Jen down, especially those saying Jeremy should be Jen's guide to John Mark Comer's ways... why isn't Jeremy vilified for his open sinning? As Jen is being vilified? I mean, if your answer is that "oh we all make mistakes" then why isn't anyone saying that to Jen?

Just ignoring Craw's ignorance is a moral wrong. And the continued silence on the Roloffs providing free time with alcohol for the underaged on the part of the professed Christians here is *telling*.

And sad.