Saturday, August 13, 2011

Jeremy and Zach Roloff's Friend Childhood -- Daniel Meichtry Gets Married Today

We wanted to send out a public congratulations to Daniel Meichtry and his bride Erica on their Wedding today.

Dan is one of Jeremy and Zach's friends since kindergarten that has been on Little People, Big World many times. He is one of the 'DBU' - the name of their club. Dan is the first one to be married. Things are changing for the 'DBU' -- Dan getting married today and Jeremy is supposed to head off for Santa Barbara, California -- where Brooks Photography Institute is located by the end of this month.

In our interview with Dan in May of 2009 -- he mentioned that his then girlfriend Erica would be moving to Oregon that summer. Then they got engaged and now the wedding today.

In dealing with Daniel to set up the interview (which was before -- and obviously what prompted -- Matt's directive to the Hillsboro friends that they can't mention the Roloffs or speak with us - Dan was honest and expressed regret for some things that happened in the past -- that's evidently not how the Roloffs choose to deal with certain topics/behavior) -- Dan was first class. No topics were off limits and he had the character to answer them all -- which included some tough questions and uncomfortable subjects. Personally, I have the utmost respect for people that don't duck the hard questions.

So once again, Congratulations to Dan and Erica!


Ashley said...

Congratulations Dan!

David said...

I hope it works out. They're young, but sometimes it does. Times are hard though.

nyc said...

I am happy for Dan & his fiance. Dan's done things the others have not--*matured* and became responsible.

Anne said...

"Personally, I have the utmost respect for people that don't duck the hard questions.``

For the record, in Amy's coffee chat, I did hear her say that she was open to being asked tough questions and told people to fire away.

Rap541 said...

And for the record she was asked a direct question about her views on homosexuality and wiffle waffled about not liking "some things" about her church.

Thats called "ducking a hard question".

Kinda like how you keep ducking this one, Anne. As a Christian, how do you feel about the underage drinking happening at the Roloffs?

Jocelynn said...

Anne, I don't think that's a fair example at all.

Amy's coffee chat was very cheery. She said go ahead and ask her tough questions.

A guy that said he was gay asked her the very valid question about Jeremy's church and the church she has attended being anti-diverse and for people with a difference to pray to be cured while Amy and Matt market themselves for $ as diversity speakers delivering the message "Accept yourself and others".

I saw that coffee chat. Amy was very uncomfortable once she understood the question. Amy's friend/Lisa seemed to ask her if she should ban the person asking the questioned. Amy didn't answer the question directly. The rest of the chatters were very unkind to the person that asked the question calling him rude . That was the last time Amy ever said she is open to tough questions.

I don't think it's fair to say she takes on tough questions when the one time she asked for it, she dodged the question, was visibly unhappy that she received a tough question and has never said she is willing to take tough questions again.

She also cancelled the interview with Spiritswander after it had been arranged.

Jocelynn said...

Congratulations to Dan!

I'm not opposed to people being married young. Many marriages that have lasted are married young. It all depends on the people. It looks like they waited 2 years to see if they were right for each other and obviously feel they are ready.

I also have lots of respect for how Dan handled Spirits interview. It's too bad the Roloffs didn't follow Dan's example, but then again you can't force people show character they don't have.

Natalie said...

Someone asked Amy what friend was getting married and if it was Mueller? Ha! Mueller and Jeremy spend too much time together for them to ever get married to other girls!

Is Mueller moving to California with Jeremy? I can't imagine that they will be apart.

Good for Dan for showing that he grew up some and has a life outside of Jeremy and the Roloffs unlike Mueller.

Kayla said...

Congratulations Dan!

M said...

Congradulations Dan!

BeckyM said...

Congratulations Dan! I hope you and Erica have a lovely life together. It will be filled with challenges, but those are what build the strength of a couples' bond.

I was impressed by your interview responses to Spirit and it's obvious you are mature and grounded. You are bound to go far in your profession and relationships.

Willie said...

I can't wait until Jeremy and Mueller tie the knot in Canada.