Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Jeremy Roloff Update August 2011 -- New Girlfriend, New Vehicle and Leaving For College Soon

Zach and Jeremy with their girlfriends, Tori and Audrey

So there's a bit of real news about Jeremy Roloff that we can pass along. We've said before when the Little People, Big World "Update specials" were announced that at that point nothing had really changed at all with the Roloff family. The series finale plots were just make believe, drama filled story lines to give them a plot in hopes of ratings. Matt and Amy weren't getting divorced and they weren't selling the farm.

When the LPBW specials were announced, the most significant happening in the lives of the Roloffs was something that is unlikely (honestly, at least) to be covered on LPBW -- and that was Jacob Roloff being expelled from Faith Bible Christian School. As astute people have pointed out before - one of the dynamics that the casual LPBW viewing public aren't really aware of when the Roloffs publicly say that the show is real and 'warts and all' is that the main producer on site that has a lot of control over what was or wasn't filmed -- producer Chris Cardamone -- is very close personal friends with Amy and all of the Roloff kids. It is true that there are some people that believe he long ago crossed the line of professionalism regarding becoming personal friends with his "subjects" if Little People, Big World was to be taken seriously as a documentary style/real reality franchise. Obviously the final product from a producer whose goal is to capture and portray people honestly is going to differ from that of a producer who cares deeply about his friends on a personal level and is concerned with how they are portrayed and their reputations.

Anyhow, nothing else had really changed at all since viewers had last seen the Roloffs on TV. Matt was still being Matt -- promoting pumpkin season attractions, Amy was still trying to develop the Amy Roloff brand separate from Matt and increase her public profile via her charity foundation.

Zach was still working at the Indoor Soccer place. Still living at home, sharing a room with Jeremy. Still hanging out with Jeremy, Mueller and the DBU a lot.

Jeremy still was living at home, hanging out with Mueller most hours of every day going on different kinds of "adventures" and without a real job -- aside from occasionally popping in to get paid by Matt to help with his dirt project with Intel as a dumping ground. People 'in the know' advise, as usual, not to believe Matt's spin. Jeremy was not working like a dog most days, in fact he was hardly working -- he's spent a (another) summer of play, adventure after adventure.

So really, not much had changed at all. Not that some of this would ever be discussed on the show, but one of the shifts in dynamics with the Roloffs is said to have been around Zach's 21st birthday. Zach, who previously was said to honestly dislike the party/obnoxious drunk scene, has explored his wild side as our reports from the LPA and Zach's drunkenness on the dance floor and behavior with girls indicated. Zach also got a girlfriend named Tori, a girl that works for the Roloffs during pumpkin season.

Now there are some 'real' updates about Jeremy that some will be interested in.

#1. New Girlfriend

We'll start with this only because it has been a popular Roloff related search for many, many years....Jeremy finally has an official girlfriend. Jeremy has a whole horde of girls that he "hangs out" with that people often start thinking are "more than friends', but friends in Hillsboro say it's safe to share the fact that Jeremy has an official girlfriend.

Her name is Audrey. The interesting thing that some people have noted is that it was obvious to some that some of Jeremy's interests and likes were shaped by what Audrey likes. That's notable only because it's unusual with the dynamic that involves Jeremy -- usually it's other people trying to like what Jeremy likes to impress and that sort of thing.

If you're wondering what Jeremy's new girlfriend is like, perhaps one thing that will shed some light, is to say that she, like Jeremy, is a big supporter of the Solid Rock Church in Portland and lists John Mark Comer (and his Mother who has a Ministry for women) as one of her personal heroes and inspirations. That's one of the reasons why I always found it ridiculous when certain anonymous posters tried to deceive the public by calling us liars when we first reported that Jeremy loved John Mark Comer's church. Roloff PR image aside, anyone that has any inside knowledge of the Roloffs knew that was a solid fact about Jeremy and that he was proud to support that Church because the friends that he hangs out with love it too.

Jeremy's girlfriend, Audrey, has a public (well, as of right now ;-)) blog that she did with her best friend over the last year or so. It was one of those "Get To Know Me" challenges where a person posts a picture or writes about a given topic each day.


These are the things that WE 143 (aka love according to Bobby Brackins)
Stand By Me
McDonalds, and Helvatia Tavern, Rock Creek Tavern, Pine Tavern
Singing (but we suck)
Dancing (but...)
Bend, OR
Young Life
Driving/our cars
Pizza (crust with honey), Cinnabons, Pink Stars, Panacakes (thick vs thin), Peachs, Naan bread, fruit snacks (hard), batter.. of all sorts, Holly's pantry, POG, sunflower seeds, Skyline milkshakes, Starbucks breakfast sandwiches, Pazookies, Special K Red Berries, scrambles eggs with cheese and ketchup, cobbler, Hansen's soda, day old 69 cents maple bars from Safeway, blackberries, Coke in a glass bottle, Chili bread bowls at Mt. Bachelor, Iced Milky Way's, samples (Costco), Pine Tavern rolls with honey butter... ok maybe our first blog should have been about food..
Playing catch and baseball
The Goonies, Finding Nemo, Sandlot, and Love Actually.
The Last Song (book)
Solid Rock and John Mark Comer
Phil Whickam, Taylor Swift, Rascal Flatts, Needtobreathe,
Making and wearing bracelets
Sunset High School
Coffee at The Way
Malibu, Wildhorse, Breakaway, and soon to be Castaway
Sunrises, sunsets, and stars
Punchbowl Falls
Sleeping outside (tramp/fort)
The Brown Couch
Boys that love Jesus, dress good, hunt, boat, ski, and are awesome.
Piano in songs
Our Weddings
Our Families
The GS
XC camp
The Old Mill
The Spot
Bike Rides
Exploring and adventure
Playing cards
The Dancing Board and Painting
Loaded Questions
Isaiah 40:31
quoting Dane Cook
Warren Miller and his voice
Porch Swings
Train Tracks
Boy clothes
Perfume and nailpolish
Jack Purcells
The Bible, Velvet Elvis, The Shack
Napping when life's got ya down
Prineville Reservoir
Oregon and trees
Brad Anderson
Writing on our hands
Our rings
God's love, grace, and truth


Something We Love...Jesus Christ

"And so we know and rely on the love God has for us. God is love. Whoever lives in love lives in God, and God in them." 1 John 4:16

"Love the Lord your God with all your heart
and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind; and, Love your neighbor as yourself." Luke 10:27

A picture of something we STRONGLY DISLIKE (no hate)

Rule #76. Play like a Champion.. No Excuses.

We just wish more people were down to adventure with us and seize opportunities, instead of staying in their comfort zones and justifying their laziness. BUDlife doesn't stick to thesame ol song and dance since 89
, "if you wanna keep up your gonna have to bleed to do it."


#2. Another Vehicle

Jeremy bought yet another vehicle ...a blue VW van.

#3. Leaving for California in the next week or two

After much talk (considering Jeremy was originally accepted to Brooks in November of 2009)...Jeremy is finally set to leave Hillsboro and will head off for Santa Barbara, California where the Brooks Institute of Photography is located. Jeremy is set to leave before the end of August.


Christine said...

She likes guys that hunt. I guess that helps explains why she isn't bothered by an animal abuser like Jeremy.

In that warped church they go to, animal abuse by a man is seen as a good thing, as manly.

Natalie said...

Wait, how long has Jeremy known Audrey? For some time I'm guessing if they went to the church together.

He's leaving the state maybe next week and now gets into a so called real relationship for the first time in years? That's kind of weird.

Greg said...

I'll take the guess that she/her family is rich and she doesn't work.

Greg said...

It's easy to be all about "adventure" when you don't work and mooch off other people/your family like Jeremy does.

Dana said...

Well, I am very happy for Jeremy. I definitely approve.

He showed a lot of maturity, waiting for a the right girl after his last relationship and the horrible mistake he made in choosing his first girlfriend, but that happens with first girlfriends.

As John Mark Comer said in one of the Podcasts I listened to, how much you love Jesus is reflected in your mate. If you love and serve Jesus, you'll marry a person who also loves and serves Jesus. If you don't and put Jesus on the back burner, that's the type of person you'll end up with. I looked over her blog and am very pleased by what I see. Loving Jesus is her top priority.

Congratulations to Jeremy on all the positive changes in his life. Some of us, and Matt, always knew Jeremy would accomplish great things. God bless him.

samanthastarns said...

Natalie, you have an excellent point, maybe she's just a "friends with benefits" sort of thing?

Ashley said...

But Samantha and Natalie, if that's what it is, why would he supposedly officially have a girlfriend when he's about to move to another state?

Despite some of the rumors about Jeremy and Mueller (I agree their relationship is weird, I just don't thin it's that) Jeremy seems like a man whore to be honest.

I think there's a reverse standard in society. If Jeremy was a girl he would be known as a slut. He goes on a cruise and hooks up with a pretty rich girl. He goes to LPA conventions and hooks up with a girl for the weekend. Throw in all of these other girls around Portland that is always talked about, he obviously likes all the attention.

I'm surprised at the timing. Unless she is going with Jeremy, he's going to be alone in California girls and now won't pay any attention to them (like he does towards fans!) because he has a girlfriend back home? I doubt it.

Timothy said...

Well, I don't know anything about Jeremy's girlfriend, but the fact that she also claims to be living for Jesus and quotes the Bible, yet chose Jeremy as her boyfriend speaks to her lack of understanding of what it means to be "a follow of Jesus" and her own lack of character.

Chris Linton said...

"Adventures of 2010....One Year of Celibacy"

Hmmmm. Obviously like Jeremy she believes the church is a hospital for sinners, but doesn't forget to point her finger at the icky gays!

She and Jeremy might be perfect for each other after all.

Anne said...

Congratulations to Jeremy. The appear to have a lot of common interests. Among them are their religious beliefs and that is the most important one.

Susan Coles said...

"We just wish more people were down to adventure with us and seize opportunities, instead of staying in their comfort zones and justifying their laziness."

That's intriguing considering her choice of a boyfriend.

Staying in a comfort zone? What do you call a 21 year old that was still living at home, without a job, still wasting his days playing with the same friends he's had since kindergarten? Spoiled rich lazy 21 year old men that live with no responsibility and play all day is not my defintion of getting out of your comfort zone.

What has Jeremy done that was outside his comfort zone?

Sasha said...

Face it Jeremy is just a terrible human being and any girl that dates him can't have any morals of her own.

Kayla said...

Hey Spirits, I suppose Matt has already got to Audrey? Any chance she'll do an interview??? :)

Carol said...

It's crazy that all these people think that they are living for Jesus when I'm hard pressed to think of a thing that Jeremy does that Jesus would approve of. He doesn't know how to treat people which is near the top of the list.

William said...

Matt has raised kids that treat others shamefully unless there is something in it for themselves. Matt should be ashamed.

Megan said...

Spirits, thanks for the update. I hope Jeremy will mature now that he's finally moving. Hopefully he will grow up and become a better person. He needs a lot of work for how crappy he treats people and for his horrible understanding of his faith.

Nicole said...

I've never understood it. If Jeremy was as Christian as he apparently thinks he is, wouldn't it show in how he treats people? In how he interacts? Wouldn't he want to reach out and show people what it means to live for Jesus through kindness?

Here, through no doing of his own, he is given the gift of having people who are willing to listen to him, to be influenced by him, but what does Jeremy do?

At best, he ignores them unless they are pretty or has money. At worst, he insults them with his friends to feel superior.

How in anyone's right mind do they think that is being a follower of Jesus?

Reydau said...

Jeremy buys crappy cars

ryan said...

What does that other girl want to do with that dwarf?

Leigh said...

Will Jeremy's girlfriend like playing second fiddle to Mueller?

But I agree it's strange that they waited until Jeremy was leaving the state. He will be gone most of the year right?

Maybe it's just for appearances.

Rachel said...

Anybody that thinks Jeremy is attractive as a person and is dating material can't have a lot of human decency. Must be one of those 'I'm in the cool club so F how the rest are treated'.

::Shakes head at how these people think they're representing Jesus...::

AJ said...

The whole lot of them are jerks. Grade A Snobs.

Rap541 said...

Well, I have asked before but none of the "GOD BLESS JEREMY FOR HIS RESPONSIBLE CHRISTLIKE ACTIONS" crowd will ever detail what actions of his are Christian. Except of course, for his proud stance that homosexuals are going to hell... that as a man, Jeremy hasn't had the balls to say.

Dana - I'd have more to say to you except really, your opinion is that of a hypocrit. I've asked you repeatedly how you feel about Jeremy pointedly breaking the law and providing alcohol to his underage friends, one of whom was 17, while you know, dating a french girl (during a time, I might add, that he was wooing his new lady). I asked what you thought about Matt and Amy as Christians, condoning the law breaking.

You sat silent. When Christians are caught out acting badly, that is the pattern. They say nothing and ignore it. Some, like your buddy Anne, profess to suddenly find it no big deal, as tho the christian set hasn't for years held up Jeremy and Matt as paragons of virtue.

So Jeremy, a couple of weeks before leaving home for the first time decides he's now in a relationship....

I have theories on that.

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

So, what about all the tuition, time etc. for two years at PCC? No release about the results? From all that has been written, brooks is much more of a grind than the (productive??) playtime at PCC. I'm concerned about that.

I will still believe it when actually does go. AND stays. By himself. As a service for those who disagree, I'd like to offer excuses, pardon me reasons, in advance for a return in a semester or two:
It's not his cup of tea.
Jeremy has many other options besides Brooks
Brooks wasn't treating him (??) right.
How was he to know it was so expensive?
The course load is impossible. Jeremy doesn't have to put up with that.
Jeremy was homesick. And all by his lonesome.

Remember, you read it here first!

Ashley said...

Rap, what are your theories on that? I'm curious what you think.

Chris Linton said...

Yeah Rap, don't leave us hanging.

Theories? He knocked her up and she's pregnant with Jer JR. Like a good Christian, he decides they better get into a committed relationship before the baby is born? :)

Jason said...

I don't think Jeremy is gay or else he wouldn't be so involved with the anti gay, gays are the boogeymen type church/crowd.

But it does make me wonder.
Is Audrey moving with him to Santa Barbara.
Deciding a week before he leaves to officially be in a relationship gives him an excuse not to get involved with girls in his new city.

Keith said...

I read some of her blog and stuff.

Jeremy and his friends don't get it. They aren't "building God's Kingdom". They are making people turn away from it with their hypocrisy.

A person that is truly trying to expand God's kingdom can recognize that it all matters

Abby said...

When did this Chris the producer really start taking charge? Because in my opinion, the show went downhill after the second season. It didn't even seem like it was real after that and it became much less personal. For a so called reality show, it's garbage if it isn't personal. Cancel it if they're not prepared to be personal.

Btw, I looked Chris the producer up on IMDB. He was the producer of that show Brat Camp. Maybe that prepared him for working with the Roloff kids ;)

Brandon said...

Podge, here's a few others I can think of. Want to bet Matt already is planning the excuses just in case Jeremy falls on his face is back home in a semester.

No matter what happens, Matt will never say the truth. That Jeremy just couldn't hack it. That it required work that Jeremy couldn't handle. That Jeremy didn't have the discipline to be responsible for himself and still accomplish something. No, Matt will never say that. He has to excuses at hand.

Here's possible excuses that I think could be used.

*Matt needs Jeremy helping him on the farm because of his deteriorating health (oh whatever happened to that back surgery Matt was required to have in 6 months, two years ago??). Lets ignore that Camerino and Matt's hire hands does the work while Jeremy hikes, camps and plays with Mueller and his girls. But it sounds good and noble for Matt to say Jeremy came back to help him.

*Filming. TLC's contract forced Jeremy to be back home for filming.

*Jeremy is a "farmer" that loves the country and California just wasn't right for him. Matt will probably toss in a few stories about how much more he loves Hillsboro than S.F and how Jeremy is just like him.

*The girlfriend. Jeremy loves his girlfriend (that he didn't get into a relationship with until he knew he was leaving) and can't bear to be apart
That's a better sounding public excuse than 'I can't live without Mueller'.

I'm also curious about what kind of living arrangements they have managed for the Jer Bear. Could he truly be on his own? I find that hard to believe. A friend of someone's will be his 2nd mother shaking him out of bed? He's moving in with a gang of friends that he knew from Faith Bible? I can't see Jeremy completely on his own.

Jessie J said...

They're a bunch of jokes. Jeremy is a drunken frat boy wannabe that convinces himself that his live is centered around Jesus.

I do actually know someone through a mutual friend who is sort of in their group. A guy named Jake that is friends of Dan's older brother. He was at the parties they had for Dan and at his wedding.

I've seen the pictures and comments. Jeremy and this friend Jake talking about how they don't remember a thing from this night and that night.

If you want to go get trashed, say you're getting trashed because you like the booze and need it to have a good time. Don't go around with an attitude convinced you are better than others because you're getting trashed in the name of Jesus.

That's exactly what Jeremy does. He's a joke.

Rap541 said...

Ashley - Brandon nicely caught the theory I had - that "couldn't be away from the *girlfriend*" has now been set up as an alternate explanation for Jeremy not spending the next two to three years in California (Brooks doesn't have summer breaks in the traditional sense)

Personally, I think its good that he's going away, even if it doesn't work out.

Rap541 said...

Btw is it just me or are these photos not exactly Jer looking fine?

BeckyM said...

Can we have a betting pool on when Jeremy quits school?

Here is an interesting article that states a trend that less women are going to church then ever... probably because most Christians like women to stay home, be pregnant and making dinner for their man:


Of course an expert from Waco TX disagrees (LOL!)

Jerome said...

Wow. It might sound rude but I am kind of shocked at how attractive Zach's girlfriend is. I can honestly admit I am sort of jealous because I have never dated a girl that good looking and I am of above average height...

Good for him.

Shelby said...

Rap, it's just you. Jeremy is still looking fine :) But he looks better without his shirt.

Timothy said...

BeckyM, if you can stomach it, you should listen to some of John Mark Comer's sermons.

Listen to some of the podcasts on ajesuschurch.org

For as much (and deservedly so) Jeremy's church gets attention for their radical intolerant and archaic views about gay people, they are just as controversial about gender roles and women.

I listened to one where a person asked John Mark Comer if it's ok for a man to be a stay at home Dad and take care of the kids if the woman has a career. He said absolutely not. The church's view on it is that it's the man's duty and responsibility in life to provide for his family and he's not providing if the wife is working.

John Mark spoke about it was his goal in life to earn enough money so his wife wouldn't work and he would provide her with enough money for her to go shopping and buy nice clothes to look good.

They go in depth about how it's the woman's role in life to be a servant to her husband and help her husband on God's plan for HIS life. If the wife has questions about religion and faith, she is to ask her husband for the answers.

That's why I was a little surprised and disappointed to hear that Molly is a big fan of this church as well.

Apparently Jeremy's girlfriend has resigned herself to being Jeremy's servant.

Greg said...

Jerome, not to be rude because I don't judge or insult people based on appearance. Zach's girlfriend isn't ugly, but in my opinion, she's very average looking. By that I mean you can walk down any street, into any store or restaurant and see girls that look like her.

Greg said...

Rap, being a guy that isn't gay, I've long thought that much of Jeremy's appeal physically is based solely on the fact that he's on tv and girls think he has lots of money.

If Jeremy had never been on tv, I venture to guess that there wouldn't be a lot of "Jer is so hot" comments about him.

I also think TLC make up artists spent a lot of time with him. Proof? Look at the close up shot in the TLC Beautiful life commercial a couple of years ago and compare it with a "real" picture of him.

Hannah T said...

Jeremy has a new girlfriend? She's clearly not the cutest of girls but whatever works :)

BeckyM said...

Hi Tim - no thanks on the videos. I would probably puke.

The family was watching Mystery Science Theatre and a 1950's black and white sf show has the woman going with the astronauts to COOK.

Gawd if I had been a woman in the 1950's, I would have killed myself.

Jerome said...

Greg: point well taken...everybody has their varying definitions of attraction. And I do agree you can walk down any street and into any store and see a girl like her....but how often do you see one with a little person? That was the real comparison I was trying to make.

Kish said...

Jeremy's values are in the dark ages.

Kasey said...

Sorry for the off topic, but where is the Scott Lesage interview? I read the Dan Meichtry interview (very good btw) but can't find the Scott interview?

I think it will be good for Jeremy to leave his family and friends in Oregon. He's way too stuck. Will he buckle down in California? That's the question.

Sandie said...

I was looking at Jeremy's new girlfriend's blog. It's a co-blog, by her and her best friend. Amused me that it mirrors Jeremy's relationship with Mueller.

Brandon said...

I noticed that too, Sandie.

Josh said...

She likes Stand By Me. That's a plus. Quality movie.

No offense to all the Christians, but I find all the constant Jesus stuff hard to stomach. She obviously doesn't live with actions or she wouldn't be dating Jeremy Roloff. In that case, shut up with all the Jesus references and Bible quotes.

Lynn C said...

Sandie, now that you've read her co-blog, aside from her having a best friend since childhood, what is your impression of her?

Rap541 said...

Hey Lynn, since we're asking questions - whats your opinion of adult Jeremy Roloff laughing and taking photos of himself drinking with Jacob Mueller, age 20 and Christian (age 17) in the Roloff Garage?

God Bless the Under Age Drinking?


God Bless Matt and Amy for being so cool about the underage drinking?


Do you let your kid's friends who are underage break man's law in your home because eff the law, you're a *Christian!*?

I am so AMAZED at the number of Christians who have nothing but praise or nothing to say over the Roloffs breaking the law! God Bless The Roloffs for being SO DAMN COOL! EFF THE LAW FOR CHRIST, right Lynn?

Sandie said...

Lynn C, my impression: ernest, sheltered, privileged, untested by life, living in a black and white world.

Dana said...

Sandie, why would you think Audrey is sheltered and untested by life? Because she has tremendous faith in God? Because she is an optimistic positive person like Jeremy? They are able to be like that because Jesus gives them strength and they are fully appreciative of all Jesus has provided and sacrificed for them.

Nothing she wrote would make any rational person think she is privileged or sheltered.

Rap541 said...

Heh.... she aint a virgin but whoopsie Jesus, right Dana?

Btw you STILL have no opinion of the underage drinking, why is that Dana? Do you as a Christian condone the Roloffs breaking the law? :)

Tell us how its ok to serve underage kids alcohol and that its ok at your home because you're Christian, Dana.



We all expect you as a Christian to have an opinion on the Roloffs openly and clearly per photographic proof, not following the way of the blessed John Mark Comer.

Rap541 said...

BTW - I have no issue with Audrey but since Dana made the point that Audrey is well tested by the world and unsheltered from reality, lets look at her blog posts for hints of whether she's sheltered or not.

Just looking at the list of things she "143's" aka loves, lets just list the things that involve money.

Stand By Me - not expensive but costs moeny
McDonalds, and Helvatia Tavern, Rock Creek Tavern, Pine Tavern - eating out, going out costs money

Nike - Nike stuff costs money
Boating - ever done either of these? Pricey hobby for a frugal Christian girl

Longboarding - requires equipment
Driving/our cars - does she have a job or does Jesus aka her parents provide the car?
Pizza (crust with honey), Cinnabons, Pink Stars, Panacakes (thick vs thin), Peachs, Naan bread, fruit snacks (hard), batter.. of all sorts, Holly's pantry, POG, sunflower seeds, Skyline milkshakes, Starbucks breakfast sandwiches, Pazookies, Special K Red Berries, scrambles eggs with cheese and ketchup, cobbler, Hansen's soda, day old 69 cents maple bars from Safeway, blackberries, Coke in a glass bottle, Chili bread bowls at Mt. Bachelor, Iced Milky Way's, samples (Costco), Pine Tavern rolls with honey butter... ok maybe our first blog should have been about food.. - she eats out a lot for a 20 year old who provides for herself... or is this mommy and daddy's money?

Playing catch and baseball
The Goonies, Finding Nemo, Sandlot, and Love Actually.
The Last Song (book) - books, movies and recreational sports cost money, where is her money coming from?

Phil Whickam, Taylor Swift, Rascal Flatts, Needtobreathe,
Making and wearing bracelets - these things cost money to enjoy...

Coffee at The Way - a restaruant that costs money
Our Weddings - nothing screams priveledged like a future bridezilla

XC camp
The Old Mill
The Spot
Bike Rides
Exploring and adventure
Fishing - and who is paying for all this eqipment and fun? Jesus? Or mom and dad?

ATVs - Any idea how much an ATV costs? Its kind of a lot, actually.

Playing cards - isn't this forbidden in the bible?

Warren Miller and his voice
Porch Swings - and again these things cost money to enjoy and I kinda suspect lil miss thang isnt required to pay for a lot.

Trespassing - Jesus loves it when upper class white girls skirt the law, eff the law for Jesus!

Perfume and nailpolish
Jack Purcells
The Bible, Velvet Elvis, The Shack
Napping when life's got ya down - Realy, I don't recall perfume and nail polish to be anything but um.... priveledges. Likewise literature.

Our rings - material things.

Dana - just by running down her list, I can spot where she is living a priveledged and wealthy and sheltered lifestyle. I don't dislike her for it, in some respects I think she just doesn't understand the world of immense priveledge that she was born into, but yes, priveledged, and sheltered seem very fair, particularly after thumbing thru her blog.

Lets not act as though her crack addled mother sold her for sex at age 12 and she spent her teen years shooting black tar heroin on the streets of Portland when she openly presents herself as a middle to upper class 20 something who has lived a life of monetary privledge.

Sandie said...

Dana, Lynn C. respectfully asked my impression, and I replied accordingly. It's my impression, unique to me, nothing to debate, really. What seems rational to you is not always rational to me. For instance, I notice your need to passionately defend what you see as others' faith (or lack of) and it seems to disturb you when anyone approaches you with critical thinking. You're entitled. I'm of the persuation that we are all working out our own salvation with fear and trembling.

Clarifying a little what I said, I think Rap spelled it out very distinctly and thoroughly. I would add that I am not against the girl either; I just find her very naiive, as I do most people her age. I found no indication of a great faith; in my world no one develops such a strong faith without being tested; it's very easy to wax poetic when life is mostly fun and centered on the self (I mean no disrespect - unless there are challenging/dire circumstances, those that test your very belief stystem, how can you know what you are made of, what you really have faith in?) All my own opinion, of course. I do have to say that one thing I did find annoying and that was when she said what bothered her was when other people didn't go out and live, who stayed home, didn't go on adventures.... easy enough to say if you are healthy, wealthy and supported.

I don't know anything about her by her actions, and I wouldn't know her struggles. I don't know if this applies to her, but I do believe that it applies to the Roloff family:
some people hide behind God: learn the right lingo, encourage each other to look down on others so they can create/live in an atmosphere of being on the inside, being the ones who know the "right" way to live, all at the expense of others. Generally I think it's none of my business what belief systems others have, except when the end result causes intentional pain to/for others. Then I feel a need to say something.

Christine said...

Great post, Sandie.

I think you summed up perfectly the Roloffs and their friends belief system and they way they use God. It is a way to feel superior to others, like they are the specials one.

The thing that always annoyed me about Jeremy, something I can tell is the "real Jeremy" is how offended he got when someone asked him if he ever gets down or depressed and he launched into ridiculing rant like he so offended. There's two kinds of people in the world, positive and negative, and the person that asked him that question, he thought, was trying to bring him down.

It's easy to be "positive" and "happy" if you live a totally sheltered life, have no responsibilities like Jeremy, and just play everyday because you have nothing else to do. I think it's a very ignorant (to the real world, the plight of others) attitude to have. Typical Jeremy.

Jeremy's girlfriend seems the same way with what she said about adventures. To top it all off they have a belief system that allows to think that whatever they are, they are the special and blessed ones.

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

Wonderful comment, Christine. I never knew how to portray it accurately. "Their belief systems and they way they USE God as a way to feel superior to others like they are the special ones." (use of upper case mine).

We have many regular posters that live by these beliefs. It is very clear in their hypocritical entries on any subject but the ones the are defenseless or downright wrong in. Or the ones they will cannot answer with their self-righteous arrogant empty blather.

However, there are a few posters whom I do have an amount of respect for. It is hardly mentioned from them because they are actually walking the walk. They know how hard the path is, and they made the decision to transverse it modestly, humbly, with a deep-rooted serene calm that is possible only with a quiet confidence and trust in the self.

Those people know what they are talking about. Because they live it. Day in, day out. Not when it is a convenience, not at select times for select reasons, select subjects and/or select people.

The others are full of empty talk, arrogant, mindless, and just I'm just plain tired of them all.

Aaron said...

Jeremy is not a good person

Emma said...

One of her favorite movies is Love Actually? She gets tons of brownie points for that! That movie is amazing!

Ryan said...

Jeremy has good values and will attend a great school.

Vic Rattlehead said...


Jeremy's "values" are corrupt and weak.

I just can't understand how or why anyone would think that a spoiled egotistical man-child who has had an incredibly sheltered and coddled life since the day he was born, has no understanding of the real world beyond the meaningless bleating of a self righteous "pastor" who spews hate and intolerance from his pulpit and calls it "religion" and his very limited/highly controlled interactions with the general public, who so obviously lacks the most basic human emotions like empathy compassion and conscience never mind his stunning lack of intelligence could be considered a "good person".

The things he has been taught to value by mommy and daddy (money/possessions/social status) are all shallow meaningless things that only matter to people who have a deep seeded problem with self esteem and need to hide their weaknesses/inadequacies by flashing fist fulls of c-notes in front of total strangers driving around in fancy cars and wearing designer clothes all in a misguided effort to seem "happy" with the ugliness that hides just below the surface.

I repeat: those are simple values for simple minded people.

BeckyM said...

Vic you aren't my brother Daniel are you???

And if you aren't him, would you be my internet-brother?

Samantha P said...

I can't believe how judgmental some of you are! You don't even know Audrey yet you're calling her "sheltered" and privileged" and untested by life. You don't know anything about her life.

I suggest you read this entry from Audrey's own blog before you go around making judgments about her. She likes the simple things in life and loves Jesus.

Are some of you jealous because she and Jeremy have a relationship based around their love of Jesus and you wish you did?


Timothy said...

Well, Samantha that's a pretty fancy house in the country....how much would property like that go for? $500,000 and Million?

It's easy to like sipping tea by the train tracks while watching the moon when you're privileged and have nothing else to do (like a job or responsibilities) like Jeremy or seemingly, Audrey.

Rap541 said...

With respect Samantha P, I think Audrey is lucky to have lived a sheltered, priveledged life. Do you understand what "tested by life" means?

I'd like to see your definition of it as it pertains to your pal Audrey before we go any further. Why? Because I honestly think you don't know what being tested by life means.

As for being jealous of their relationship thats based on their love of Jesus? Samantha, isn't that suggesting that people who love jesus are better than people who don't? A sort of *judging*?

You're Christian right? Samantha? Isn't that judging someone else's walk with Jesus? I thought, per Molly Roloff, that no one was to judge anyone else's walk with Jesus, and yet here you are, a Christian proudly telling us lower people how much better and above us Jer and Audrey are because their walk with Jesus is *better*.

How does the ranking of the walks with Jesus work, Samantha? Since we've established that it is perfectly acceptable for Christians with *better* walks with Jesus are allowed to look down on the rest as "jealous of their relationship with Jesus"?

Lynn C said...

Samantha P, well said. I think some people dislike her simply because she cares for Jeremy and because of her religion.

I will say I have no idea what she is like because I've never met her but for some people to dislike her based on nothing isn't fair.

Rap541 said...

Oh Lynn. I won't speak for Sandra, but really, is saying she's sheltered and priveledged disliking her now?

Is saying that a 20 year old woman who has loving parents who provide her a lifestyle few in this world will ever see is untested really "disliking" her?

Lynn, since you're passing judgement on others, hand on the Bible, do you consider Audrey worldy and well tested by God?

Lynn C said...

Rap, I think that only someone that knows Audrey would have enough information to accurately determine whether she has been "tested" in life.

There are many different ways someone can be tested in life. I believe I heard that one of Jeremy and Zach's friends on the show lost his mother when he was young. Is that person "tested" by life? Do you think having a parent die or being dirt poor is the only way to be tested in life?

I think there have been unkind things said about this Audrey and I doubt the people making those claims have any knowledge of her except for those two things I mentioned.

I do think Sandie's description of her is not flattering.

Rap541 said...

Lynn, I know who that person was and yes, I would say he was tested... especially by his DBU friends who did something so childish and cruel that it honestly appalled me when I heard it about it.

With that said, is there any suggestion that Audrey isn't sheltered and priveledged? I mean, I know how morally wrong some people think it is to look at her hand typed blogs about her life and have an opinion based on her freely given words - after all her own words aren't *enough* apparently - but are there any hints that she, like poor Mueller with his "horrible" home life needed to be rescued by a Roloff?

Lynn C said...

No Rap, I didn't hear about the friend's DBU friends doing anything childish. What are you talking about? From what I know the friend I am referring to is still very good friends with the Roloffs and Mueller. Whatever you think happened couldn't have been that bad.

Who said anything about Audrey needing to be rescued by a Roloff?

I think Sandie's description of Audrey is luke warm insulting. I don't know how many people would be happy being called privileged, untested, naive and living in a black and white world.

My point is I doubt that you or Sandie or knows enough about Audrey to come to those conclusions. I haven't seen anywhere on her blogs where she reveals her deepest, most personal feelings. Just because someone writes a blog doesn't mean you know everything that is going on or did happen in their lives.

Diane said...

Rap what did the friends do?

Colleen said...

Can someone fill me in? Who is the friend with the mother that died? Mueller?

That might explain somethings...

tay said...

what is rap talking about? who died and why is rap acting like jeremy did something cruel??? to a friend???? i dont believe rap.

David said...

Rap, the friend is Bryan Roth isn't it? I didn't hear what they did though. That's surprising to hear.

RIAI said...

Don't believe anything this Rap fool says! Bryan is STILL great friends with the Roloffs and all of the DBU! He would tell you they helped him alot!

Jason said...

Is there nothing else for the Sheriff's office to do there except help the Roloffs locate their animals that they're stupid to keep from losing?

Diane said...

They lose Rocky. They said neighbors used to bring him back.

Rocky comes back injured.

I don't even want to think about the cats they've gone through considering what we know about how Jeremy and Mueller treat cats. I saw a picture about a year ago of Jeremy with an all orange cat (not the one Matt says lives in the office, this was a pure orange kitten)....I don't want to think what they did with that poor thing.

They lost pics.

They lost sheep.

They hens and chickens were allegedly slaughtered by coyotes and wolves.

The turtle "ran away" and they lost that, according to the Roloffs themselves.

Now they more animals go missing.


These people at these animal shelters that loan the Roloffs animals for pumpkin season should be ashamed of themselves.

Clint said...

Diane it's an open range farm. Animals get out. Would you rather they be caged or chained? Unless you're a rancher/farmer you wouldn't understand.

Sandie said...

@Samantha P and Lynn C -
Aw, c'mon, guys! Please reread my comment regarding Audrey. How could I dislike her? I don't know her, as I clearly stated. An impression is not the same as a judgment. It does make me wonder, though, Lynn C, why you asked me in the first place.

Rap541 said...

Clint - we're talking about emus and a turtle. And pigs. The dog and chickens.... that kind of thing I think is overblown, but really.

We're also talking about a 34 acre farm where the animals are *attractions* not sellable meat. Roloff Farms is not the open range and the turtle from the petting zoo is not a steer going to market. The Roloffs do have a poor track record with animals.

Cathelitou said...

It was Scott's mom whi died years ago I think... Am I right?

Rap541 said...

Oh please.

Bryan Roth lost his mother at a young age. NOT Mueller.

The pals at Faith Bible thought it was wicked funny to stage a mock funeral for Bryan, because, you know, its wicked funny to make fun of your friend who lost his mom. This didn't happen at young ages either, the kids were 17 and 18, staging a mock funeral for Bryan on the anniversary of his mom's death.

God bless those Christian tykes for mocking their friend's loss, right?

Tay, feel free not to believe me... I don't really care. I think Bryan is a very forgiving person considering how callous and cruel his friends are, but I applaud his ability to forgive.

I doubt, if a Roloff child had been treated like a Roth child, that people would be so forgiving.

Z to the Zee said...

Rap is correct.

Bryan Roth's mother died of kidney disease when he was 13 after she spent years of suffering from it.

Rap is also right about Faith Bible staging a pretend funeral for Bryan on the anniversary of his mother's real funeral. It was tasteless. Bryan is not one to freak out, but he did not think it was funny.

His mother's illness is the reason why Bryan volunteers at the ER of the hospital. He's the only decent one of the bunch, imo.

Vicky said...

Rap, I'm equally appalled at what Bryan's "friends did! That's horrible.

What kind of "Christian" school is Faith Bible? I would have suspended every student that participated in the "joke".

If they allow that kind of repulsive behavior at Faith, it makes me wonder what Jacob Roloff did to get expelled?

Rap541 said...

Vicky - nasty,isn't it?

And funny how our Christian friends have *nothing* to say about how the kids at Faith Bible treated their friend over a very sensitive topic.

Funny... no one is running to say "How dare you judge their walk with Christ! Those kids were loving Jesus and spreading his love when they staged a mock funeral for Bryan on the anniversary of his mom's death and he and you should *bless them*!"

Its kind of like how all the braying over how proud everyone should be that Jeremy loves the teachings of John Mark Comer stopped when it became clear that Jeremy was just "talking the talk and not walking the walk" - professing to love the teachings but knowing and willfully breaking man's law by providing his underage buddies alcohol.

Its sad, really, how none of these law abiding folks are willing to say "Jeremy was wrong." Nope, Jesus loves it when you get trashed, church is a hospital for sinners and Jeremy is sinning and sinning is Christian loving! God Bless him for violating Man's law! And God Bless Matt and Amy for willfully providing a crash pad for law breaking!"

The silence in deafening especially when its contrasted to the self rightious judgement placed against Sandie for her calling Audrey sheltered and untested.

But back on point. Vicky, I think there'd be HELL to pay if the Faith Bible kids staged Jeremy's mock funeral on the anniversary of Mike Detjen's death. I think if it happened to Jer, the fans here would be calling for the heads of the offenders, not silently sitting on their hands and saying nothing.

Noah said...

As an Atheist, I gotta say the greatest and hilarious thing ever is seeing all these dumb Christians talk about how they spreading the word of God....and then they all have private twitters and call strangers creepers.

You nitwitts! The whole point of stuff like twitter is to be to blab your every thought to the world. What is the point of having a twitter to have it private? Just tell your damn friends what's on your mind in person.

Nothing like 'spreading Jesus' while not reaching anybody new. LOL!!!!

Jeremy and his "Jesus girls" are such a hoot. LOL!

Alicia said...

Jeremy's girlfriend is a typical upscale Christian snob that you'd expect for Jeremy given his history with snobbery.

Brenda said...

How is the weird co-dependency thing working out between Jeremy and Mueller now that Jeremy is in California. Are they surviving without seeing each other, like every 4 hours?

David said...

Brenda, I suspect they've been saved by technology. You are correct, in the old days they wouldn't know how to cope.

However, now there are things called Skype and Video chats.

That, combined with the fact that according to Matt and Amy's facebooks, Jeremy has already been home twice last month, and I assume again for Thanksgiving, should make the pain of being separated from each other easier since through technology they can talk and see each other and they are together in person about every 2nd or 3rd weekend anyway.

Jeremy hasn't quite grown up yet.

christine said...

im honestly disgusted after reading the way everyone on here is judging these people whom they do not know. yes, you may think you know soooo much about someone via television, blogs and the media...but there is no way you know exactly what they do and why they do them or the kind of people they are.
and all this talk about how good of a christian someone is or isn't. God is the only one who can judge them and, of course, themselves. they are humans, they make mistakes just like you and me. for everyone on this page judging them, you are no better than they are!

Rap541 said...

I trust you feel the same way about Matt calling people "negative nellies" and "silly bloggers" and agreeing with his pal Pondo that people who complain about Matt's prices down on the farm are "cheap douchebags"?

Oh let me guess... Matt "makes mistakes" so you forgive it... but you sure point that judgemental finger here, now don't you?

If Matt is allowed to "make mistakes" with his nasty behavior with no outcry from Christine that Matt needs to remember only God can judge, while the rest of us must be judged by Christine... isn't that the epitomy of hypcrsy?

Matt can freely *hate* and bless his every cry of "negative nellie"! Everyone else better bend over and take from Matt cause he's not to be judged but he DOES have the right to judge and namecall in Jesus's name AMEN, huh Christine?

Christine? Do you feel Matt has the right to namecall and judge? Because he does and I don't see you complaining :)

My Guess? Christine will not see the irony of her judgemental post on how judging is only something God may do, so she judges the rest of us as very wrong. :)

Rap541 said...

Other examples of Roloffs judging for Jesus include:

Amy pointing fingers at "Weiner Whiner".

Amy on her high horse over Kim Kardashian's marriage.

The Roloff kids using the term "creepers" to describe fans.

Explain to us, Christine, your view on the *Roloffs* judging others? Is it ok?

Since you're clearly in the group of Christians that Jesus has given the right to judge, can you explain to the rest of us, who in Jesus's name must never ever judge but also must accept judgement from special Jesus blessed sorts like you and the Roloffs, how did you get on the special "Jesus gave me the right to judge" list? :)

Richard said...

Yeah, it's been said before, but these Christians like Jeremy's girlfriends and Jeremy himself crack me up. It's hilarious.

I checked her twitter out. All her taglines and everything is all about how she is giving her life to Jesus and her only purpose in life is to spread the Kingdom of Jesus to as many people as possible.....all from her private Twitter (which has always cracked me up because that was the complete opposite of what twitter was designed for, lol).

From all indications all her friends are the same has she is - privileged wealthy and spouts off to Jesus surrounded by only like minded people.

Way to spread the love Jesus Auj! Yep Jesus was all about hanging out with hot rich kids! LOL!

Jane said...

I found this article about Jeremy's girlfriend. By the sounds of it, Audrey was more successful with her sport (cross-country) than Jeremy was with his.


Anonymous said...

I think that they are perfect for each other and I'm very happy for him but still I'm kind of sad about it... Do u guys know what I mean?? And yes I'm jealous for her but still I hope best for them.
Do I sound like totally idiot?

Timmy said...

Maybe just leave them alone. They're not that much different from lots of others, they're just on TV so you see it. And a lot of it's all made up anyway. And I think Molly's cute.

Vic Rattlehead said...

Jeremy & Audrey are a perfect fit for one another.

They're both spoiled over privileged brats who've had everything handed to them by their rich parents, have no real responsibilities and have no understanding of what real suffering in life actually is.

Lynn C said...

Vic, do you know Audrey? Probably not.

How can you reach those conclusions about her?

Vic Rattlehead said...

Lynn C:

All you have to do is read her blog and it's pretty clear that she's an upper middle class spoiled brat who has had everything handed to her has no worries and doesn't have to worry about life ever getting "hard".

Rap541 said...

Are we back to "If you are not within the Roloff inner circle, you do not know ANYTHING about the Roloffs and must confine yourself to "god bless them, they're awesome"?" again?

Because I am pretty sure Lynn, you have NEVER said "Matt Roloff doesn't know those people he laughed about as cheap *douchbags*, he was wrong and should remember he should not reach any conclusions about anyone he doesn't know".

likewise when Amy was on her namecalling "Weiner Whiner" tear - not a peep from you on how wrong Amy was to speak of anyone unkindly if she has not even MET them. Likewise, you do NOT like it when Jeremy is judged harshly for his judgement of the fans....

WHy, Lynn, are Roloffs allowed to say hurtful insults without any "HOW DARE THEY SPEAK OF PEOPLE THEY DO NOT KNOW?" but we are all very bad people indeed for doing as the Roloffs do?

Lynn? Why are you and I less deserving to speak freely than the Roloffs? why do you stand silently by when a Roloff says something insulting?

Dana said...

I've said it before and I'll say it again. I couldn't be happier in Jeremy's choice for a girlfriend. He showed his wisdom, by choosing such Godly young woman.

It's heart-warming to see young Christians this connected to God as Jeremy's girlfriend Audrey. I have bookmarked her latest blog posting.


Rap541 said...

I know you won't answer, but I will try, Dana.

Why is it godly for Audrey to get her jollies trespassing?

I mean, ignore everything else. Audrey is out looking for something to do, and sees some land that looks interesting and is posted "No Trespassing". She decides the sign has no meaning and trespasses, and violates the privacy of a fellow Christian.

Does the person who posted the signs have the right to be angry? Or do they have to grit their teeth and say "Audrey is a Christian and even though I want my privacy and took precautions to make it clear to everyone that I wanted privacy, I don't really have any rights when a Christian decides to do as they please"?

I'm not being silly here, I geniunely don't understand why Audrey and Jeremy are not required to follow man's laws when as Christians, thats sort of a requirement, and I don't understand how their being Christian trumps following the law.

Christine said...

I follow Jeremy's Instagram and from that I see his girlfriend's Audrey.

No one here will be shocked that she's liking pictures and captions commenting about how awesome Chick-Fil-A is.

Wow, what a shock! I wonder why. Funny how Jeremy is always connected to these ultra right wing, anti gay things.

Dennis said...

It is priceless that Jeremy and his girl friends type about loving everyone in the name of Jesus, making everyone feel loved and not bullied...and then in the next tweet will refer to people as creepers who need to get lost.

SNL could have a field day making a sketch out of them.

Anonymous said...

Jeremy is a animal abuser and any girl that dates him can't be much better than him. What is the profile of serial killers????? Doesn't it say they start out abusing animals? Hmmmmmm, seams like someone should wake up and do something now. Just saying......