Friday, August 19, 2011

Molly Roloff's You Tube Videos

Thanks to Tegan713 for passing these along. Molly Roloff apparently has a You Tube channel (one would assume -- mojoro2...aka MOlly JO ROloff). It's not clear if these were school projects or their idea of entertainment, but there are two videos.

The first one primarily features Molly and her friends Sarah and Paige. The credits say Zach filmed and Jeremy did the editing. Jeremy, Jacob Roloff, Mueller and Zach's girlfriend Tori are in the video briefly as "the rescue crew". It's filmed on the farm and in Matt's office. They named the 'doctor', "Doctor Hemp".

The 2nd video was previously, briefly, on Jeremy's channel but he deleted it once people began commenting on the part where it looks like the Roloff friend tries to give Rocky a little shove off the hill -- and that set off comments about the Roloffs animal abuse and treatment of cats -- then Jeremy deleted it. But this is the same video. It's basically 2 minutes of their friend Christian running around Roloff Farm. Jacob Roloff is a bystander watching.

This will illustrate between our site and the official Roloff sites. If you're wondering who Christian is, if you read Amy's official Facebook fan page, Christian is the polite young man who was playing with Jacob in the Roloff pool (Amy posted the picture). A great kid.

If you read our site, you'll best remember Christian as the underage friend (around Molly's age) who was doing shots of Jack Daniels in the Roloff garage with Jeremy, Zach, and Mueller in the video by the french girls -- it was removed shortly after we posted about it.


Helen said...

I'm glad Rocky held his ground. What is wrong with these sick freaks? Rocky would have been really hurt if that idiot had pushed him down the hill. He's an old dog and can't make it down a steep decline like that.

Timothy said...

Dr Hemp....well, that's very wholesome Christian of them.

I'm starting to drift over to the side of people that are skeptical that Molly is "the good Roloff".I'm starting to doubt she can spend as much time around her brothers and their friends and not have been infected by them.

Chris Linton said...

They joke because they're a bunch of pot heads. Nooooooooooo, it can't be! Not the sweet Roloff kids that are always referencing pot! Noooooooo! Stop this ridiculousness! Bad self!

Natalie said...

What was the point of Molly's video? Or both of them for that matter.

Jeremy is such a ham.

Greg said...

Oh my, they talk about Jeremy like he's Martin Scorsese...whose editing? Jeremy. "Oh good!" will Jeremy cope with hopefully being surrounded by people in California that aren't in awe of his every breath?

Lacey said...

I like the Molly video.

But you can tell that the boys are not very nice people.

Kyle said...

Is it any wonder that Jacob Roloff got kicked out of school? Look at the much older kids he's hanging out. Only an idiot would be surprised that by his bad attitude problems.

Porcupine Pie said...

I think "Dr. Hemp" could benefit from some orthodontic treatment. Christian isn't the sharpest tool in the shed, is he? Birds of a feather flock together!

Jerome said...

You would have to be high as a kite to find anything interesting in either one of those videos.

Timothy said...

Interesting comment from Molly. So much for her being different from the other Roloffs. This is definitely Roloff logic at work.

Funny how none of her brothers or their friends mean spiritedness bothers Molly. It's only wrong when others are judging their 'walk with Jesus'.

Kerderler: Dr Hemp...that's very wholesome Christian of you folks.

Poor confused young Christians. Maybe one day you'll realize that true followers of Christ don't need to alcohol or drugs to have a good time (and won't lie about it either).

mojoro2: @kerderler true followers of Christ would know that other true follows of Christ aren't perfect and wouldnt post nasty comments tearing them down. True followers of Christ would do their best to build up the body of Christ in truth and in love. so why do i feel so much hate in your comment? Dont ever judge my or my brother's/friends walk with Jesus. You don't know what youre talking about.

Burr Dee said...

Porcupine, Christian is a dime a dozen for Roloff friends.

Another filthy rich kid spoiled beyond belief and is as much of a brat as the stereotype implies. He's another Roloff friend that was given a car for his 16th bday and promptly crashed it without punishment. I don't even want to tell you how many Roloff friends have done the same thing.

Greg said...

Oh God, Molly is just as demented as the rest of them.

Don't you dare judge Jeremy and Mueller, but they say horribly nasty things to people, lie, and get drunk, but don't you judge them, but we'll call everybody creepers and losers! But you're judging us!

Rap541 said...

True followers of Christ would do their best to build up the body of Christ in truth and in love. so why do i feel so much hate in your comment? Dont ever judge my or my brother's/friends walk with Jesus. You don't know what youre talking about.

Good lord.... if thats true, then why do so many Christians applaud Jeremy's "faggithole" remarks? If being a Christian means you need to do your best to build up the body of Christ, then why is it ok for Mueller and Jeremy's friends to tell a fan of the show to kill herself? If Judging is wrong then why is Molly judging the person who commented by saying she feels hate in the comment? Really, Molls, smoke up that hemp and listen up. Your comment amounts to "No one who claims to be Christian should ever judge us, and as a Christian, I judge you as a HATER and will look down on you accordingly." I can't be the only one seeing the contradiction. Or the hypocrisy

Brandon said...

Well said Rap.

Dana said...

Bravo Molly! I am very happy to see Molly mature and defend Jeremy.

Jocelynn said...

Rap, that's always the response of Roloffs and their friends. Never do they acknowledge that they did something wrong (that's what was so refreshing about Dan's interview with Spirits). They always resort to "people aren't perfect" when they know something is true and they can't deny it or "you're evil and bad for saying we're wrong".

Rap541 said...

And btw if you are going to make the public point that you walk with Jesus, yes dearie, people will expect you to at least *try* to walk the walk and not drink up while knowing its wrong and then smile, say "whoopsie Jesus" and declare that church is a hospital for sinners so you better get sinning!

Point - I don't find the Dr. Hemp routine all that terrible, but it certainly does tell me that the Roloff kids aren't naive podunks who ain't never seen no pot. Makes me wonder what gets passed around at Matt's Bonfire Beer Parties - especially now that we know alcohol and minors ain't no big thang to these Christians walking with Christ. Eff Man's Law! Right Molly? Judging is Hating Unless You're A Roloff!

Rap541 said...

Dana - so HATING is Christian?

I mean, you do understand you're defending references to illegal drug use?

Dana? What about the underage drinking we have photographic evidence for? As a Christian, please stand up for the Roloffs on that.

Please. Have *something* to say about the Roloffs walk with Jesus that includes breaking the law to drink up for Christ! :)

Rap541 said...

JOcelynn, I hear you. It's just hilarious that the party line is
"We're not perfect and we have NEVER said we are perfect but anyone who criticizes us is a HATER and wrong and judging and so very very wrong so lets all talk about how WRONG that is and not about the wrong thing we did."

I mean really, how are we supposed to take the Roloffs seriously? When in all seriousness, Matt is openly nasty and judgemental toward bloggers. If I said "Hey Matt, you're judging me and judging is hating, how dare you judge my walk with Christ?" does anyone seriously think Matt Roloff would say "You're right, I was wrong"

Really? Matt would concede he was wrong to openly judge someone?

And keep in mind, Roloff lovers, there's MANY comments of Matt judging others... who is Matt Roloff or ANY Roloff to judge anyone and why do they get to judge anyone else when no one's walk with Christ is to be judged?

Christians? Please explain why the Roloffs have he right to judge per Jesus the Lord while the rest of us need to bend over and take that judgement up the ass as the haters we are. Hating is judging unless you are a Roloff, right? Per Christ the Lord, the Roloffs get to judge and hate and their hate is blessed so everyone better respect it!

Hating is Christian per the Roloffs! Hate! FOr the love of Matt Roloff, HATE!

Btw, seriously, if you think Molly's little 'tude is bringing anyone to Christ, guess again... She's another shining example of "Don't judge me! I'm a Christian, I am better than you, and you're lower than me, you piece of crap hater!"

This is why people are leaving the church.

Christine said...

Well, I guess this answers the question for people that were doubting Molly's reputation. She drinks the same koolaid as the other Roloffs.

What an attitude. Don't ever judge me or my brothers? Whatever you say Molly, don't judge people as they lie, ridicule others, be abusive to defenseless animals and are hypocrites all in the name of God?

It's the whole issue with how the Roloffs reacted to Jeremy's racist and homophobic slur scandal. It's never Roloff behavior that's wrong. It's people who dare say a Roloff was wrong.

Austin said...

Someone needs to tell Molly that making a conscious decision to get drunk multiple times is not the equivalent of "not being perfect".

Like it was said before, I'm not the one that attends a church that preaches that drunkards (people that drink for a buzz) or that underage drinking defies Jesus. Jeremy and Molly are the ones choosing to attend that church. They should be expected to hold up their so called principles.

Rap is right. I think the Roloffs only definition of being "Christian" is judging gay people as being sinners.

Jerome said...

Now your comments on her you tube videos need "pending approval" before they are posted. I guess she is trying to keep out the people who are going to tell it like it is.

Vic Rattlehead said...

So what else is new?

Jeremy is an idiot.

Zack is still a filthy unkempt little pig.

Molly despite her obvious intellect has been brainwashed into believing that John Mark's "church" is good.

And their friends (Christian) are spoiled rotten brain dead idiots.

Just another day in the life of white trash with money.

Justin said...

Jerome, that's the Roloff way. "Followers of Christ" have a lot to hide, you know. They need to censor comments from stating the truth.

Ashley said...

Molly got all offended over a comment that said people of God don't need drugs and alcohol to have fun??

Timothy said...

Yet another one becomes unviewable after Spirits posts :)

The Molly and friends video is now listed as "private" which is the same as deleting it since her You Tube channel doesn't have any friends.

Christine said...

Well Timothy, unfortunately what we learned out of Molly's video, is that she is just as demented with the "Don't you dare judge us while while we judge you, lie, are hypocritical and mean spirited, but don't judge us!" attitude as the rest of the Roloffs.

Rap541 said...

Someone needs to tell Molly that making a conscious decision to get drunk multiple times is not the equivalent of "not being perfect".

This. Christians, Molly and the Roloffs especially. When it gets to the point that underage kids are in your house drinking and feel so secure that they are taking pictures of themselves getting blasted on liquior in your home....this is a bit way beyond curiousity, peer pressure, and trying something. This is knowingly and willfully doing something you know is wrong.

Like it was said before, I'm not the one that attends a church that preaches that drunkards (people that drink for a buzz) or that underage drinking defies Jesus. Jeremy and Molly are the ones choosing to attend that church. They should be expected to hold up their so called principles.

Another excellent point. You can *say* you love Jesus all you want, but if you look at the rules of your own church that you profess to love and say "well, it doesn't matter if I'm told not to drink, because if I do, as long as I say I am sorry to Jesus afterward, then I can do whatever the hell I want!" then really, you're using Jesus as your get out of jail free card.

If you attend a church that openly says its wrong to drink, and you wilfully choose to do so, then yes, Roloffs, people are going to judge you by your stated morality. I'd love to know what John Mark Comer thinks of the photos of the 17 year old Christian and 20 year old Jacob Mueller being provided alcohol by 21 year old Jeremy "I walk with Jesus and the Solid Rock Church HOW DARE YOU JUDGE ME!" Roloff.

Jer-Bear, Molls? Here's a clue. People are going to judge you, Christian or not, when you openly profess to be *better* than others and then break the law and do things your church openly forbids. I've heard the speeches of the blessed John Mark Comer, and he does NOT say "Go break Man's law" - he says the exact opposite and when his followers break man's laws... guess what? The law don't care if you're walking with Jesus if you're breaking the law.

I know, I know, the Roloffs are *little people* and *they have money* so they can piss on the law and be praised for loving Jesus when they have their Beer Bash Bonfires for the underaged kiddies....

After all, Christians can eff the law and eff their own rules... all you gotta do is *nothing* and you're walking with Jesus!

Natalie said...

@Rap, Very well stated!

Fame has really went to the Roloffs heads or maybe they were always like that, but it's clear they can't look at anything objectively with common sense.

Anonymous said...

i never heard molly say she was better than anyone else. just an excuse for people to justify there judgements.

Greg said...

But Tegan, you did see Molly say that no one has a right to judge her or more specifically, her brother and his friends, no matter how nasty they are to other people, no matter how wrong their behavior is (like being mean to cats), no matter how much they lie (like Jeremy saying he didn't drink), no matter how big of hypocrites they are (like attending a church that says getting drunk is wrong and then Jeremy and friends doing just that) or no matter how much Molly, her friends and her siblings name call and insult the fans? Those "creepers" otherwise known as smiling supportive fans of LPBW that are excited to see the Roloffs.

It's ok for Molly and her siblings to insult and spread the love Christ by acting and condoning that kind of behavior, but Lord help us when people actually expect the Roloffs to "walk the walk".

Anonymous said...

have you ever seen molly call a fan names. the video wasn't even about jeremy and people were bashing him. god help molly for defending her brother what a horrible thing to do.

Rap541 said...

Tegyen - I ask this in all seriousness - if she doesn't think she's *better* than the rest of us, then by what right does she insist no one has the right to judge her family?

I mean, this game "WE ARE THE ROLOFFS DON'T JUDGE US YOU HATERS WHO HATE!" gets played all the time by the Roloffs and by their fans and I am tired of it.

So do explain... if the Roloffs aren't implying they are better, then by what reason to the Roloffs have the right to say "Don't judge us!" but then to also openly judge others themselves?

Molly is clearly playing the "Don't you dare judge my family!" card.... when did she earn that right?

Her daddy calls people names all the time, the teacher's at Jake's school are "screwballs" - Tegyan - how DARE Matt Roloff judge anyone?

Right? Judging is *hating* right?

Amy point blank proudly namecalled "Weiner Whiner" in her coffee chat? How DARE she judge anyone? Right?

You are *affronted* by the Roloffs openly judging others and therefore HATING, right? Tegyan?

Hey what about the Roloff kids calling fans creepers? Judging is hating and god bless the Roloff kids hating!


Or is this a "Everyone shut up and say nothing but praise for the Roloffs and the Roloffs will bless you by snickering how you're a creeper!" situation?

The Roloffs are proud to be praised for standing up for Jesus, they just don't want to be bothered with all the fussy rules... Please see the kiddies getting trashed in the garage, and Matt's proud bragging about the beer at the bonfires... after all EFF the law, Christians can just EFF the law and then stand up and say "How dare anyone judge us!!!"

Since being Christian means you get to look down on everyone as trash and claim to be offended when you get called on acting like trash.

Rap541 said...

You know, Tegyen, I feel like I am being harsh, so I am just going to ask some questions.

Why is it ok for Molly to tell people that she "feels hate" in their comment and that no one is to ever judge her brothers in their walk with Jesus?

Because true followers of Christ should never post nasty comments? But isn't that a judgement? And is Molly's comment about how she feels hate her judging and indeed, making a nasty comment of her own?

Molly is judging someone, and she's telling that someone to not judge her family.... if she doesn't consider herself better then what gives her the right to do that?

Likewise, isn't calling fans "creepers" making a nasty comment and driving people from the body of Christ? Is that ok? And WHY is it ok for Roloffs to act one way, and then insist that they be treated better than how they themselves treat others?

To dredge up the language example, I understand, because I was raised to not be rude, that its wrong for me to call someone of short stature a "midget". Therefore I would never call a member of the Roloff family that name. Yet, many many fans, most of whom claim to be Christian, applaud Jeremy as "a good Christian boy standing up for Jesus" because he calls people faggitholes and the n word. By demanding that Roloffs be treated better than Roloffs are willing to treat others, they are stating by their actions that they think they are better than us.

Which, ok, if they want to think that... but people are going to call them on it because at last check Matt isn't actually God, and Jeremy isn't Jesus Christ.

Sandie said...

I had hopes that Molly would be an anomaly in her family; I'm sad, but not exactly surprised, that she embraces the Roloff family dark side.

TC_Anon said...

And now good MoJoRo2 has set the Red Puke (Dr. Hemp & company) video private and unviewable to the public, and the Christian Moriarty video hidden (no visible links, but still viewable).

Christine said...

Tegan, you've probably never heard Jeremy, Zach or Mueller call fans names either? It's true whether you've heard it or not.

The Roloff kids are mean to fans. They do mock them with their friends. They do call fans "creepers" including Molly and her dear friends Sarah and Paige.

Anonymous said...

do you have proof molly and her friends call fans creepers and sometimes fans can be creepers

Christine said...

Tegan, I've seen it myself.

A guy that used to go to Faith Bible said he watched LPBW last night and said he loved it, it was hilarious. It was on Molly's friends wall that was public at the time and Molly was involved in the conversation. He told Molly that, that he loved the show, watched it and it was funny.

Molly and her friend told the Faith Bible guy that they actually knew, that he sounded like a creeper fan that was trying to talk to Molly.

The horror. Do you get it? They told him he was sounding like a "creeper fan" because he said "Molly, I love your show".

Tegan, don't you realize that when everybody says the Roloff kids and their friends insult the fans that they are talking about the "nice" fans? The fans that say they love the show? That are excited to see the Roloffs? It's not the fans that are supposedly hiding in the bushes. They're type of fans that Matt sucks up to on Facebook that are fooled into thinking the Roloffs aren't actually jerks that are insulting them behind their back.

Kind of like the example about Mueller and Zach making fun of some young girl that asked Zach for a picture because she was excited to see him. Mueller and Zach took the pic too, posted it and called her a creeper.

Funny how "don't you dare judge us", "Christians build others up through truth and love" Molly Roloff doesn't say a word about that when it's her, her brothers and her friends being mean to other people.

Rap541 said...

"sometimes fans can be creepers"

Ironically, I don't disagree with this remark, but in saying it, Teygan, you do understand that you are abrogating God's right to judge, correct?

Teygan? How DARE you judge anyone's walk with Christ. As a Christian, you should apologize to everyone here - you as a Christian are to NEVER judge anyone.

Now, realistically, you're not going to apologize, because you're one of Molly's pals, and right now you're in a naive place in your faith where you really don't understand that the rules do apply to you as well as others but let me explain.

When you or Molly trot out the "Don't judge us!" response, that in itself is a judgement against the other person. When you name call people "creepers" (and you did so man up to Jesus and admit it, even if only to yourself) you are passing judgement on others. People who pass judgement on others don't get to say "I'm a Christian, I never judge you so don't judge me".

Do you understand why?

Anonymous said...

calling someone you know that and making fun of s stranger are different.

i'm sure molly's gotten a few perverted messages
from fans.

and molly tries to avoid fans, so i don't see her going out looking for people to be mean to.

Brandon said...

Tegan, saying to a friend "you sound like a creeper fan" for saying he likes the show, IS insulting fans. They are referring to the people that are pouring their hearts out on Matt and Amy's Facebook saying "I love your show!".

And what about the teenage fan that Zach posed for a picture with? Are they spreading God's love when they the Roloffs and their buddies post the picture and call the smiling fan "the creeper"?

Brandon said...

"ronically, I don't disagree with this remark`

Rap, I think the point Christine is making, that I agree with, is that the Roloffs and their buddies are insulting fans that are kind to them. Not people that are stalking them in the bushes or (no offense!) people like me or you, who are critical of them.

If you told one of the Roloffs what you think of them, while not exactly a Christ like response, I think people would understand if they were less than kind because you were critical.

The point we're making is that the fans that the Roloffs mock are the adoring nice "The Roloffs are really cool", "I love your show" fans.

Rap541 said...

Brandon, I know, but I am just heading off the "We meant the scumbags who stalk" arguement. I am more than willing to concede there are bad fans. However, you're correct in that the nasty, judgemental hatefilled "We're Christian so EFF YOU" attitude seems to be expressed at perfectly nice people who are just being nice.

Lets use the cited example. Tegyen - explain to everyone why the person who asked Zach for a photo deserved to be mocked on the Roloff kiddies facebook as "the creeper"? As a Christian, please justify the Roloff kids ungrateful behavior? What did this person do that deserved the facebook humilation?


Is that the point? is that what the Roloffs *think*?

And Molly is about 2 weeks away from needing to nut up and be an adult about this. She hates the show and hates the fans, like Brother Zach and Brother Jeremy? Then Adult Molly needs to refuse the filming and the *money*.

Adult Zach and Adult Jeremy take the money and act like little boys about fans. Guess what *boys*? Don't like the creepers, grow a set and tell Daddy "we hate fans too much to do the show and we're adults so NO MORE".

Soon to be adult Molly wants her cake, like Adult Zach and Jeremy, and the right to act like a little baby child namecalling the people who ultimately provide her lavish lifestyle... but they're just "creepers" so bless her Christian judging.

Anonymous said...

if she is refering to people has creeper fans. i'm asuming she talking about the people saying molly your hot and things like that. but again there's no proof she said anything like that.

people think because her brothers say things like that she says them to. her brothers are terrible at school so by that logic she should be terrible at school. but she's not so i think we should be careful to lump everyone together

Rap541 said...

Tegyen - look at the example Christina cited. The person said they loved the show, not that he was hot for Molly, and Molly said he sounded like a creeper fan.

If the definition of "creeper" is saying "I love watching LPBW" - then who isn't Molly and her buds namecalling for the crime of liking the show?

The "creepers" sent Molly on several funfilled vacations. Boo hoo, people dare say they love her family... how creepy! How *deserving* of her scorn. Zach and Jeremy likewise. Boo hoo, they occasionally get asked for pictures... thats certainly giving Zach the right to post a photo of himself with a fan calling the fan "the creeper". I mean, how day the fan, huh? We should all justy shovel money onto the roloffs, but never ever acknowledge why because the Roloff *kids* (two adults, and one shy of adulthood by a few weeks) shouldn't ever be put out at all since they are tiny babies, little kids who can't be expected to have manners to fans.

The "creeper" issue and Matt and Amy's "DOn't you DARE judge our kids! They are doing the best they can, you CREEPERS! Now where's our tradeouts!" attitude about it says a whole lot about how the Roloffs love money.

Justin said...

Now that Molly is going to be a legal adult in about 3 weeks, I think it's time the kid gloves come off.

The Roloff kids are such a bunch of sheltered snobs.

Is there a bigger indictment on what being on tv has done to them than they way they interact or don't interact?

Look at Molly's YouTube. She turned her videos private or removed them because she can't handle people saying something she doesn't like and I notice she has disabled sending your a You Tube message, likely for the same reason.

It's no surprise that the Roloffs are all so arrogant and stuck when the only people they surround themselves with are suck up sycophants.

Diane said...

Molly is no better than her brothers. Just a spoiled little princess who is rude.

Rap541 said...

Diane - I'm going to be honest. I consider this more a commentary on what Matt and Amy think about fans than anything else.

Its called having manners and having respect, and Matt and Amy don't care how rude and entitled their brats act. No one in the Roloff home is sitting down with the "kids" and saying "Jeremy, Zach, Molly, Jake, we saw your namecalling on on your facebooks and as your parents, we want to know whats wrong in your life that you need to judge fans of the who just say nice things about you as "creepers"?"

Really, does anyone think the Roloff kids ever hear a word of criticism from Mom and Dad? Whenever the namecalling is mentioned to Matt and Amy, at best we get excuses and at worst, we get "Look to yourself first and only peopel who are *perfect* are allowed to judge us!!"

The kids - ALL of them - are of an age where they know they are being observed by the public and that their *income* depends in part on how they are seen in public. Two are old enough to say no to filming, one is soon to be old enough to say no, and Jake is old enough to know namecalling is wrong and also could effect the bottom line.

So the *kids* can call the fans names all they want... the more Matt and Amy defend it with "LOOK AT YOURSELF FIRST AS ONLY PERFECT PEOPLE CAN JUDGE OUR PRECIOUS ANGELS" then the more we know how little Matt and Amy care. As long as the "kids" are going to get the "kid free pass" then Matt and Amy as parents need to own their rude little brats behavior... and they don't.

David said...

Nicely summed up, Rap.

All of the kids are of age to know right from wrong and display some manners, especially if they are going to play the "True Christians" card.

Jeremy, Zach and now Molly are of age where they should be taking some responsibility for the decisions they make. Assuming all of the specials aren't filmed and aired before mid September, Molly is making the choice on her own to accept money for appearing on Little People, Big World. It's time she stops acting like little child brat regarding the fans.

krisa said...

The Roloff's have problems like everyone else. None of us are perfect. It would be difficult to handle celebrity at any age but especially when you are young. Jeremy has his beliefs which shouldn't be Matt and Amy's problem. Jeremy is an adult.

Brandon said...

Krisa, the problem is the show that makes Jeremy money and his lifestyle possible is centered around the message of accepting people who are different from you. Ever see the promos TLC used for LPBW? Because that's the message.

Matt and Amy fully support Jeremy, but give speeches about acceptance. Amy had a chance and Matt had the chance to distance themselves from Jeremy's church and they didn't. Matt sounded pleased when he mentioned it on facebook.

I agree Jeremy is entitled to have whatever beliefs he wants to have. The problem is when he's benefiting from a cause that is in opposition to his beliefs. Matt and Amy make their money off of a diversity acceptance message. They should take a stand and if they don't it destroys a noble cause because they are wolves in sheep clothing.

Just from a person having integrity, if Jeremy is going to love this church so much and the church spouts off different beliefs from JMC such as getting drunk will keep you out of God's Kingdom then people will expect Jeremy to abide by those beliefs or else he'll be seen as a joke, another Christian that doesn't walk the walk of what he says he believes.

Gina said...

"The Roloff's have problems like everyone else."

In my opinion only, I think Jeremy's problem is probably pot and he shows signs of being addicted to the booze.

It will be very interesting to see how Jeremy living on his own in a party town like Santa Barbara, CA is going to go.

krisa said...

Brandon, I don't understand religions which profess homosexuality to be a sin and it can be prayed away. I believe we are born the way we are, not choosing our sexuality. So, to condemn people for being gay, deny gay people a family life is wrong and barbaric. However, discussing diversity doesn't always include accepting the gay lifestyle as being okay if it goes against religious beliefs. I think our culture has come a long way but we still have a ways to go as evidence by praying away the gay.
The Roloff's have changed since their first show. When I watched that episode I could not believe the filthy house, the sassy kids. Amy worked two jobs and they were all complaining about Matt. Poor white trash came to mind.

Brandon said...

Krisa, I partially agree with you, but it is a contradiction. They are DIVERSITY speakers about ACCEPTING differences. It's a blatant contradiction for the Roloffs to support anti diverse agendas. This wasn't years ago. This is current. The church Jeremy attends, the speaker Jeremy promotes teaches people to "pray away the gay".

In the very same coffee chat that Amy was asked a direct question about it, she said she was getting paid to give a speech called "The tree among the forest...accepting yourself and the differences of others".

It's a contradiction.

Like Rap has said many times, why don't the Roloffs have the guts to make a concrete statement? Because they are wolves in sheep clothing. They aren't advocates for diversity. They are advocates for themselves. They know that making a concrete statement about what they support would cost them money and some of the speaking jobs.

Anonymous said...

Rap did you see molly make that comment, one person can say they saw anything,

making a youtube video private beacuase you don't like what people are saying is not a roloff speacilty., people do it all the time

i'm sure matt and amy have the control were all the special money goes and maybe the twins have some input too.

and people feeled way to entitled beacuase they watch the show.its like i watch your show. i pay your salary you better kiss my butt when you see me.

i've watched the show since day one and i'm not any poorer for it.

Rap541 said...

Teygan - with respect, you're making the "bad things about the Roloffs are always LIES" arguement.

Honestly, yes, I've been privy to some communications of the Roloff kids including Molly, to know its not a lie.

I'm looking at her quoted comment "true followers of Christ would know that other true follows of Christ aren't perfect and wouldnt post nasty comments tearing them down." Tegyan - if she's a *true follower of Christ, she would never say this because its increibly rude andmean to disrespect someone else's walk with Jesus.


But Molly is a Roloff so she is perfect and can judge others and not be held accountable.

But she's NOT perfect!

But she is never rude! And she has the *right per Jesus* to stand up and judge someone else!

But she's not saying she's better!

But she IS! And her judgements are always correct and she's never wrong!


See the problem tegyan?

Also teygan - the problem is yes, the fans do pay Molly's salary. Guess what? If she wants to call them "creepers" there is nothing stopping her.

But it sure isn't fair for her to expect, to be entitled to comments like "Molly is always respectful of fans". Like it or not, biting the hand that feeds you is kinda rude and Molly isn't in diapers, she's what, two weeks away from being a legal adult. Old enough to know she's not going to be praised as a cutie pie for name calling, right?

Or is this a "She's a Roloff so she gets to treat people like dirt! But the Roloffs aren't acting like they're better! But they are and they have the RIGHT to name call!" situation?

Lark said...

The Christian Moriarty video....what is wrong with him? I've never seen anyone that age act so....inexplicably dumb! It's not funny, it's really pathetic!

Anonymous said...

rap i would take the respect if you spelt my name right.

i've never said everything bad said about roloff's are lies. i've been on molly roloff's facebook and i've never seen her say anything bad or good about fans. so we'll have to agree to disagree on that

i'm not very religous so i don't really care who follows christ best.

molly said she wassn't perfect, and her comments were no more ruder than the posters comments.

just because she's a roloff she shouldn't respond to a rude comment.

Rap541 said...

Tegan, is that better?

I mean I don't want you to completely disregard what I say because your online nickname is misspelled.

Can you look at what I wrote now?

Do you understand that when Molly says something rude to someone and questions their walk with Christ, she's doing the same thing they are doing?

Do you understand that she's living a life few achieve because of the fans she openly disdains?

Do you understand she's two weeks from being a legal adult so if she HATES the creepers so bad, she needs to tell daddy and mommy she's an adult now and doesn't want to be on their reality show?

I know my misspelling your fake online nickname is very very important to your ability to respond to any question so I openly beg your pardon. Tegan. Tegan713... is that what's on your birth certificate?

Anonymous said...

rap do you not think the poster comment wassn't rude. so molly can't say something rude back.

and how many people don't appreaciate what they have. espeacily young people.

i'm pretty sure molly has no imput on the speacials. do you think matt going let anything get in his way on this even his kids.

and yes both tegan and 713 our on my birth certificate.

i try to respectfully give my oppionon.

Jocelynn said...

Tegan, the comment that Molly responded to was not that rude.

The comment basically said that people who are really true followers of Jesus don't need drugs or alcohol to have a good time. Is that really so controversial?

Rap541 said...

Tegan - No, I don't think the comment Molly responded to was rude.

Like it or not, Molly, Jeremy, Zach, and Jake are celebrities. Considering how the Roloff kids love of Jesus is touted, by their parents on facebook, yes, its fair to comment on the questionable content of Molly's video and on the Roloff kids tendency to say one thing and do another.

Molly is acting like she thinks she's better than others when she publically judges someone "true followers of Christ would know that other true follows of Christ aren't perfect and wouldnt post nasty comments tearing them down" as not being a good enough or real enough Christian and then in the same passage forbids that person from commenting negatively on her family. Molly is a true Christian and is better and therefore can judge as she pleases, but lesser, bad Christians in Molly's opinion, must shut their mouths as Molly has rights as a true follower of Christ that they do not.

"Some fans are creepers" Yes. I can easily concede this is true.

"Some Roloffs are rude and hypocritical" HOW DARE ANYONE JUDGE MOLLY'S FAMILY. SHUT UP JESUS HATER!

See the problem? Roloffs are better than us and can namecall because Christ has blessed them with the right to be nasty... all us dirt people who lie beneath the Roloffs have to look at Molly and say "Bless you for making inappropriate drug references! You're a Roloff, Molly Girl, so you must never be criticized, and you feel free to criticize anyone who says anything negative about you because you're a Roloff and Roloffs are ABOVE the regular people."

Rap541 said...

Jocelynn - I agree it wasn't that rude, and Molly's response is another example of why Matt and Amy really aren't helping these kids by providing bad examples and apparently no guidance.

Here's what I would say to a Roloff kid posting online.

1. Remember that its permanent, everything you post.

2. You are famous and on a tv show. People are going to want to get to know you. If you don't want that, tell them no. Or don't respond.

3. If you tell someone who is a fan that you hate fans and hate the show and just want to be left alone.... there will be consequences, possibly consequences you didn't want or expect.

4. Its not entirely the fan's fault if you behave rudely and get caught since if you're old enough and intelligent enough to post on line, you're old enough to keep your temper and be polite.

5. Posting things that hurt the *brand* is not a good idea. It may suck that you can't feel free to post photos of yourself killing animals, drinking while underage, saying racist things, or behaving in an all around stupid teenage manner, but you need to remember that you have a job. A job on tv, that depends in part on your image. If you damage that image, you will lose money

If a fan is saying "mean things" about the family - ask yourself these questions before you respond in an angry fashion.

1. Is it true?
2. If not, is it worth arguing over with someone who doesn't know you?
3. Will my response, even if I believe I am right, reflect badly on the family, the show, and the brand?

The Roloff family acts like putting out the squeeky clean Christian image means no one is ever allowed to comment on them. WHen, really, the squeeky clean image means people are much more likely to notice it and comment when the precious good girl posts a video with cutesy drug references and people vomiting colored puke.

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

In the first place, when Rap541 asked you if Tegan713 is what was on your birth certificate, it was obvious to us that it was NOT separated, but appeared as your name on your birth certificate. I fail to see how you could miscomprehend the question. But you did.
Second, I'm a little aghast at your extreme sensitivity over the spelling of your name. Rap541 has misspelled Podge in the past, and everyone who had mentioned myself has NEVER used my full name, most do not give any credit or mention to Podge's twin brother. At least now I can hold you up as an example when I ask that due respect be given me and the correct spelling of my name, in the name of Tegan713. Thank you for that.
Third, in your comment marked Aug, 25 at 6:11 AM you made the statement that, "making a youtube video private..........people do it all the time" hardly sounds like a respectful giving of an opinion. You mentioned trying to respectfully give your opinion, while making statements that you refuse to back up with facts, names or numbers, proving only that it is completely empty and not worthy of any serious consideration form anyone.
You EARN respect from other people, Tegan713. You don't sit there and DEMAND it.

Anonymous said...

again we'll have to agree to disagree on the poster comment being rude.

if someone would posted a comment like that on anyone else youtube video. they would have got nasty comment back.

and she was responding to one poster not the entire planet.

and the video was a school project that was not attended for anyone to see.

which was my fault for sharing the link. i didn't see any offense in the video.

and i've never seen molly say she was better than anyone else.

and i think she gets alot more critizied than she critizies others.

Rap541 said...

Really? "Dr. Hemp" is how Faith Bible rolls?

Tegan - by her comments Molly is defining herself as better, don't you get it?

She doesn't want people to say mean things about her family... and yet she is free to be mean and say mean things.

I've been told repeatedly that questioning somene's faith based on how they act is rude... yet Molly is openly doing the same thing. Why is it ok for her and not for the rest of us if she's not placing her own behavior "above" the rest of us?

heh - I think Molly gets the lion share of the praise, but then, she is a Roloff so apparently they aren't to be questioned or critized. Not claiming to be better, but ALL CRITICISM IS HATING LIES! The Roloffs aren't "above" anyone BUT IF A ROLOFF DOES IT, THEN ITS ALWAYS RIGHT!

I assume thats why none of the Christian crowd will comment on Matt and Amy's legal liability for the drinking onsite the Roloff farm by underage kids.

Anonymous said...

i am not religous' so i'm not going to even try tell you who's walk christ path best.

molly only replied to someone elses comment on her youtube page. she didn't go looking for this person to say i'm better than you.

it just seems alot of people are making molly out to be a terrible person. when she's never called anyone the n word,or f word or told someone to go kill them selves. or been caught drinking or driving.

and if matt and amy are allowing kids to drink underage at there house,if they get caught they should have to pay the consiquences.

Jocelynn said...

"it just seems alot of people are making molly out to be a terrible person. when she's never called anyone the n word,or f word or told someone to go kill them selves. or been caught drinking or driving"

Tegan713, the point is Molly is defending that behavior. People say that doing the stuff you mentioned is wrong and not an example of someone living for Christ (in addition to the drugs and alcohol issue) and Molly comes out with the "don't you dare judge" attitude.

Lori said...

The Roloffs are so full of themselves they don't even realize that they aren't follows of Christ at all. Posting Bible quotes doesn't make one
"Christian". The Roloffs actions and attitude is the ultimate cursor of how much or little they are actually "living for God".

Eyeroll said...

They're kids having fun, that's all! Don't you hyper Christian folks have a bit of fun once in a while? Are the Roloff's not allowed to believe in the same god as you without having to be fanatical about it? Seriously, get off your high horses already! All three kids are nice people and will grow up to be nice people without having to interject the word "Jesus" and "lord" into every second sentence. And the dog didn't appear to be injured or even in slight danger of being hurt. It didn't even look scared!

Brandon said...

Eyeroll, actually one of the problems is that Jeremy, Molly, their friends (like Jeremy's girlfriend Audrey) DO inject Jesus into every second sentence. Jesus I live for you. Then make a post about how she loves to trespass on other people's property.

I live to bring people into the Kingdom of God....then the next thing they do is call some girl a creeper that should kill herself or mock her appearance.

It was very fair to someone to comment to Molly about the drug reference for people to claim to always be guided by Jesus.

Rap541 said...

eyeroll, I have been told repeatedly that Jeremy is a fine Christian boy and his behavior is so exemplary, he is a shining example to us all that God lives in his heart. People who saw Jerermy drink as an underage team and reported it were called *liars* by some of the Christian posters here because Jeremy is a Christian and does not lie ever and therefore anyone speaking ill of Jeremy is an unChristian hater lying as Jeremy has said he does not drink as it does not please God.

And funny how the Christian crowd shut up when the *liars* provided pictures - no apologies of course, Christians don't have to *act* Christian and btw now? Jesus drank wine so Jeremy can woop it up with the booze for Christ, and anyone with a problem about it is just being a hater *again*. The important thing apparently is that Jer-Bear is a Christian so he can pretty much justify any nasty behavior, much like how his participation in cat tossing at age 20 is a "young boy who didn't know kitty cats land on their feet and had to experiment as a CHristian boy!" and anyone who says its wrong is just hating on a *boy*. Boys who love Christ toss cats, boys who love Christ never lie, and if they do lie, the person catching them in the lie is SOOO WRONG, the poor boy's lies are blessings from Jesus.

Oh and also, Matt Roloff as a Christian also NEVER lies and anyone who points out factual differences in Matt's words? Is a JESUS HATER!

Eyeroll - my point here is the vehement defense while ignoring the facts is just making the defense of the Roloffs look like a bunch of jerks who do exactly what they accuse us of doing. Namecalling with hate on their lips.