Sunday, August 14, 2011

Rap's Roundtable Guest Column: Is Money More Important To The Roloffs Than Their Christian Faith?

In this weeks edition of Rap's Roundtable/Guest Column discussion, on the heels of the Video items regarding a Roloff friend, Jen Montzingo - discussing her Christian faith in detail and her views on social issues open and honestly -- Rap makes the argument that money is more important to the Roloff family than Jesus and their Christian Faith.

The following are Rap's words and opinions:

To be honest, this is one of those topics, Religion and the Roloffs, that in some respects is simply guaranteed to generate debate, because there are people on both sides who feel strongly about their views to the point that they aren’t going to see anything but their side. I may be among those people, but it may shock you to know that I do re-evaluate my opinions. I’m going to start with some bullet points, things that there really aren’t any disagreement on.

1. TLC has no problem depicting the Christian religion. Frankly, even back when TLC was still The Learning Channel, it was obvious that *someone* involved in programming was of the Christian faith. They used to run endless documentaries about the Bible (Ancient Mysteries of the Bible, was the name of the series, I think, and it was their go to fill in whenever things got slow). There’s a variety of shows that depicts families with very conservative Christian religious beliefs, and I am NOT just referring to the Duggars. They showed Kate Gosselin speaking in a church at what was clearly a pro-life gathering, My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding was all about glorfying a rather conservative Christian lifestyle, Toddlers and Tiaras constantly has praying to Jesus and discussions of whether pagents are Christian or not. Most of the giant family shows are about Christian families.

2. The Roloffs have some control over what is depicted on the show. Let’s stop pretending they don’t. Per the Roloffs themselves, they put filming at their church off limits. There are obvious incidents, covered previously, of things that clearly weren’t allowed to be depicted.

3. No one in the Roloff family has ever committed to agreeing with the belief that homosexuality is wrong, can be cured, and is against God. This belief is *often* attributed to the Roloffs, but as yet, no Roloff has officially endorsed this view.

Now, I was once a casual fan of this show. That was when I picked up Matt’s first book… and that’s where I started to get a little twinge. If you haven’t read it, it is really rather interesting. If I had never seen the show, I would have assumed that Matt Roloff was deeply religious. But… after watching the show, I have my doubts.

Not that the Roloffs are professed Christians, but rather how important that view is to them.

Here’s the reality folks. After the Little People Big Dreams opener, the Roloffs very much downplayed that they were staunchly Christian and they’ve rarely acknowledged their conservative Republican leanings. Without looking around for extra information or reading Roloff books… the general viewing public would NEVER think the Roloffs hold such conservative views. After all, they’re basically wealthy, liberal, permissive parents who let their kids do whatever they want. They rarely even have dinner together, let alone have the traditional sit down, pray and eat sort of dinner that is the mark of a Christian family. Sure the kids attend a private Christian school, but frankly, that’s not the red flag one might think it is - a lot of wealthy liberal parents send their kids to private Christian schools. Jeremy and Zach, and later Molly and Jake? All mouthy kids who disrespect their parents. I mean, this doesn’t shock me in a liberal, permissive home at all. It does surprise me when I am told the Roloffs are conservative Christians with conservative values and honestly - they are so not. I mean, folks, my parents, Republicans both, and both raised in fairly conservative Christian faiths in the 1950s, would NEVER have tolerated Zach’s lip at fifteen. My mom watches the show and thinks the Roloffs are hippy liberal sorts because of the back talk, and disrespect, and the kids doing whatever they please. Classic example…. Had my brother ever called my dad a “dick” the way Jeremy “I am a christian and respect my father always with my great big loving Christian heart” Roloff did… especially after needing to be taken to a hairdresser because he’d already scored detention for disrespecting school rules… He sure wouldn’t have been getting his license any time soon after it. Another example that screams liberal permissive and not traditional conservative Christian is Amy’s little fit over Molly’s strapless gown for eighth grade graduation. Please remember, Amy felt the school was being too conservative there and argued the point before caving. So it always surprised me that the Roloffs were held up as conservative Christian examples because they’re so not.

Then I read the second book Matt wrote, Little People Big Values, and I got more suspicious. Look, I am not saying the Roloffs are secretly pagan, they obviously identify Christian, but… really, does that Big Value book reflect what you know about the Roloffs?

Here’s what I think. I think they are religious as long as it doesn’t require any real effort. The truth, folks, is that its rather easy to be Christian. I had this discussion with a friend recently, and let’s be honest. All you have to do is show up to church occasionally. With the Roloffs, it is even easier. You don’t have to show yourself doing or saying anything religious. You don’t have to depict yourself as even reasonably devout. The reality, folks, is that Jeremy Roloff has never discussed his faith on tv.

It’s important I think right now to remind everyone how TLC has no issue showing strongly devout Christians and that the Roloffs have more than a little control over how they are depicted. No one at TLC is stopping a 21 year old man from discussing his religion.

No one is stopping Matt and Amy Roloff from standing up proudly for their faith and clearly stating what they believe about homosexuality. No one. You want to cite non disclosure agreements, here’s my answer to that. Who is forcing Matt and Amy to sign those agreements?

Who? Please tell us who is *making* Matt and Amy hide their faith. We *know* that Matt controls Jeremy and Zach and these two 21 year old *boys* aren’t allowed by Daddy Matt to stand up for Christ, but why are Matt and Amy willfully choosing money over Christ?

Oh there we are. The money.

See, here’s the problem. The Roloff *brand* is NOT that of a staunchly conservative Christian family. Oh, its there, but really, the “TV Roloffs” are a decidedly liberal family. They’re permissive and they stand up for disabled minorities and their kids are allowed to do as they please with no boundaries or standards.

The "Book/Online Roloffs" seem to be a made up fantasy. Partly by the Roloffs, and partly by their not so helpful friends and fans. Point - an important point - I’m not the one who set Jeremy Roloff up as a paragon of Christian values. That all started with the book Little People Big Values and the ghostwriter who tagged Jeremy with the “I don’t drink as it does not please God” stuff. It was about the time of the book that the “Jeremy is an amazing Christian boy started” started with the fans.

The truth, unfortunately, is a completely different thing. Ironically, the most outspoken and most demonstrative of Christian values in the Roloff family is Zach. But he’s not good looking, and kinda mouthy, and I understand from the “cool Christians” that actually acting Christian is lame and Jesus kinda hates the goody two shoes who do the right thing. And by the way, I don’t consider Zach some sort of super Christian, either. He’s just the only one who has had the willingness to discuss his faith, and to at least try to display his Christian home training. And his reward is to be mocked by certain Christian fans as a goody two shoes.

Do the Roloffs believe that homosexuality is a sin that can be cured? I don’t know. Their Christian fans insist they do, but the Roloffs don’t have the courage to give a statement of belief in this respect. I think, again, that it comes down to money. I’m pretty sure the Roloffs do hold the belief that homosexuality is wrong, and I am certain, based on their actions and lack of actions, and comments, that if money wasn’t involved, they’d have more to say. But money is involved, and more important than Christ.

Jeremy's (privately) enthusiastic support of John Mark Comer's Church in Portland
that teaches that homosexuality should be prayed away and cured makes some believe the
Roloffs know this news would be bad for their Public Speaking careers as Diversity Advocates

I think Jeremy would certainly call himself Christian if asked. I don’t think he’s got a particularly deep understanding of his faith. He’s certainly never been asked to do anything difficult for his faith, and it shows. Folks, its very *easy* to be Christian when you’re applauded for nothing. Jeremy and Mueller call someone a cross eyed downie? Oh but he’s an usher at church so bless him. He drinks despite his pastor saying its wrong? Oh but church is a hospital for sinners, not a place for saints so lets all applaud him drinking with his underage buddies. I mean really, when the bar for being an awesome Christian is set so low…. Is it really accomplishing anything for God if being an awesome Christian requires nothing but lip service?

The irony is that while I think Amy is into the more hard core faith, the more hard core fans laud Matt Roloff for his Christian beliefs. The reason I find that hilarious is that its clear that Matt is the mastermind behind the restrictions on how the Roloffs’s religion is NOT depicted. Matt is probably the only Roloff who is savvy to how being seen as liberal and pro-diversity is going to score them some long term money on the public speaker circuit. You can’t speak about diversity and endorse the “gays can be cured by loving Jesus more” party line and Matt knows this. At the same time, Matt clearly courted the Christian market with his two books and he and Amy both are careful to not tick off the more conservative folks by again, making a definitive statement on their views on homosexuality.

I suspect the truth is this. The Roloffs are liberal, permissive parents who pay lip service to Christian values for the sake of the show. Do they believe in Jesus and God? Sure. Are they mostly laughing at their Christian fans who proclaim them to be near perfect. Are they politically conservative? Yes unless you’re a reporter or doing an interview. Then they shut up about it because the TV Roloffs are NOT politically conservative and acknowledging the real Roloffs’ views hurts the TV Roloffs’s brand.

Bottom line, its about money. And the love of money is why you’ll never hear a Roloff discuss how their love of Jesus leads them to feel that homosexuality is wrong.


Jackie said...

Did Rap just call Matt smart?

Rap541 said...

I've sure never called him dumb, Jackie. Lacking principles and cheerfully willing to lie for money, yes, but I have never said Matt wasn't smart.

Shane said...

The Roloffs THINK they're Christian. They think they have morals. Jeremy and Matt are the worst of the bunch but they're all bad.

Jeremy has no guilt. That says a lot about him. He goes around with his cool friends calling people names and retards and then scores vacation with rich fans that are majorly into a campaign to end the word Retarded.

A person with a conscience in Jeremy's position would have some guilt but he doesn't. It's sickening.

BeckyM said...

*Shrug* Matt and Amy don't strike me as liberal. They strike me as the typical hypocritical Christian you can find today in any church in America.

They are the typical right-wingers who want to run everyone's life and have only one viewpoint. They would fit right into a certain time in Germany.

I'm a liberal. My kids don't to talk to me like the Roloffs do to their parents. My kids aren't underage drinkers, smokers or killers of defenseless animals. My kids don't have to worry about the cops showing up. My kids have a 3.5 to 4.0 GPA.

It's always Blah-Blah-Blah talk from these people but no living by the code.

Ted Arthur Haggard

Check out the 7 here

Reality? Most likely Matt and Jeremy are homophobic because they are uncomfortable in one way or another with their own sexuality. Amy is just full of BS and has a fat head.

And obviously they hide their politics because they would lose money. Duh!

Timothy said...

I gotta agree with Becky, Rap.

Rap541 said...

I may be using the term incorrectly, Tim, and Becky - I view a *conservative* Christian family as one that would not allow the level of disrespect we see.

Also frankly, I think most of what we see on tv is forced moments. As much as I don't like the Duggars... if someone told me they were conservative christians, based on the show, I would believe it. I wouldn't believe, based on the show, that the Roloffs were staunchily conservative christians with intolerant views towards homosexuals.

I find the hypocrisy hilarious, that they clearly skip Jeremy quoting the bible and discussing his love of Christ on camera for soccer ball tossing, and then when not on camera play the "we so Christian, bless us and Praise Jesus" game.

In the end, my point is that the "Christian" Roloffs don't exist. I think Matt and Amy enjoy being *praised* for their conservative Christian lifestyle... I just don't think they do anything other than nothing to earn that praise.

Vic Rattlehead said...


Don't Forget:

Jimmy Swaggart: called Jim and Tammy Faye Bakkar "cancer's on the body of christ" and then got caught not once not twice but three times in three different cities with hookers (including the last time in San Diego California when he propositioned the hooker for the services of her 8 year old daughter).

Jim Bakkar: used "chruch funds" to live an extravagant lifestyle and pay off his mistress, he eventually went to the slammer for twenty years on tax evasion and fraud charges and Tammy Faye became a punchline for bad stand up comics until she appeared on "The Sureal Life" a few years ago.

Peter Popoff: was unmasked as a fraud on national TV after a skeptic attended one of his "prayer revival" shows with a radio receiver and discovered that his "communications with god" were actually coming through an earpiece from his wife who was reading off of audience questionnaires.

I could go on but there are too many to list.

Mike P. said...

I don't know what to make of this conglomeration of statements, but I'm sure that the Roloffs as "liberal" parents is not a conclusion I will ever share.

The Roloff's indifference to the development of spines, brains and independence in their children is not "liberal," it is the result of being on the make. Believing oneself exalted, grasping for money and fame are time-consuming. Something has to give, and the Roloffs sacrificed responsible parenting.

To equate the Roloff slapdash and indifference with liberalism is an insult to those of us who are, in fact, "liberal" parents.

A couple other things that ring false. Perhaps wealthy parents do send their children to private Christian schools, but not to Faith Bible. I repeat, NOT to Faith Bible (or any place like it). Wealthy parents buy private education because they want their kids to be educated, to learn to think for themselves, to hold their own and to succeed in the world. That is exactly the opposite of what Faith Bible offers its "students" (and their parents).

Finally, I don't believe for a moment that the Roloffs are "wealthy" or even rich.

There are many definitions of those terms, and the Roloff couple may fit marginally into one or two of them, but in the sense of financial depth and wisdom, and the sustaining wealth that results, the Roloffs don't come close.

The Roloff couple are just like any other pair who won a lottery and, unfamiliar with money, are blowing it right and left. They will soon be living with an empty bank account and handfuls of past-due bills, changing their phone numbers to avoid collectors' calls.

Yes, I believe the Roloffs made lots of money--a few million--from the show. But I'm equally convinced that Roloff himself, who never had money and had no idea how to handle it, spent it as fast as it came in. That's obvious.

And I'm also convinced that the abrupt cancellation of the show caught him VERY short and created a gigantic financial crisis. Which, of course, he does all he can do to cover up.

In short, Roloff is the village fool who gets a one-time winfdfall and spends it all before the sun goes down.

Ginna said...

I have to agree as well. I don't understand why "liberal" and "permissive" would automatically go together. I too, would be labeled as a liberal, if one must label me. But I am far from permissive. Just ask my kids lol. Your political leanings (whether a facade or not) doesn't necessarily determine your parental style (or lack of).

As far as the Roloffs. Are they Christians? I don't know. Do I really care? Not really. Am I surprised by their hypocrisy? Absolutely not. There are people that "praise God" whenever its politically correct to do so, but generally don't live their life as a real Christian. Its smart business wise to reach a larger demographic. Yet, these same smart people also know its not politically correct to "gay bash" in anyway. Therefore they avoid as much as possible the "extremists" being attached to their image.

As far as their parenting style. Well, I'm not really one to question others choices as parents. God knows its a tough job. But with that said, I'm glad they aren't my kids.

samanthastarns said...

I think Matt and the Roloffs seem to be Christian, like Becky said, but they shy away from the typical "conservative" views in order to have a wider public appeal. But that's putting it simply. Rap, you have an excellent point.

Rap541 said...

And just to touch on the honesty aspect... who approached who on the specials?

If Matt Roloff was approached BY TLC... shouldn't he be proud to say so?

The Roloffs are awfully noncomittal on who approached who on these specials... Spirit says Matt approached TLC first.... If that's not true... why isn't Matt a proud Christian standing up and saying Spirit is lying?

Matt... stand up and tell us who approached who on these specials. Prove all us "haters" wrong and describe how you didn't want to do the show but TLC CAME CRAWLING to you and begged you. :)

Tell us Christian Matt!

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

Rap, that's the point of Mike P.'s that Id like to take a little further. I remember Matt crowing that the show would be on for (at least?) another two years, and with his financial strategy(?) mapped out, TLC's cancellation was for him, certainly abrupt.
Despite the fact that Matt wanted an ENTIRE SEASON's worth of money for four one hour specials (which one supporter wrote, "Matt knows what the Roloffs are worth, he's a good negotiator) that is a pretty hard desperation move to cover up.
Rap, thanks again for all your work. I'd personally like to contribute to a different topic in the future, so I'll throw it out in a Podge/Rodge groupie ponderous poser:
a): When will the BS end and the TRUTH be told?
b): Which family member is going to tell it?

BeckyM said...

HM well there are probably many different ideas of "liberal parents" as there are "conservative parents." I think perhaps Rap you are interpretating "liberal" as open and WITHOUT rules. That is not how my household is run. We are not a hippy commune of love and brotherhood, smoking weed and talking about the Mystery of the Universe.

As a liberal parent I believe:
* Children should be taught to think
* Should learn consequences for behavior
* Realize freedom has responsibilities
* Laws and rules are made for safety and security of everyone - breaking them means you take responsiblity and suffer the consequences.
* You have a right to protest and neogtiate but in the end, as a parent, I have the ultimate veto
* You don't like my rules, move out of the house.
* Punishment is the removal of privileges, not physical.
* I am open to listening to your side of the argument.
* Respect differences.
* Even respect people you disagree with
* If you see something wrong, you have a right to protest it. Do so passionately and respectfully.

Unfortunately, while I may think "conservative Christian" means strict enforcement of rules (probably more seen in the MTV's show about kids who go live with other parents to be straightened out), in real life of being among a city full of Christians who mouth the words of Jesus but don't follow them - these types are very permissive in their parenting - just like the Roloffs.

My horses were boarded at the same stable where Richard Roberts kept his own horses. He was so full of BS it was not even amusing even to a non-Christian like me.

My two Christian bosses had two sons - both enrolled in a private Christian school. One was a drug abuser (and seemed sub-human in intelligence), and both were irresponsible - setting fire on the stable grounds, driving the farm vehicle into a quagmire and abandoning it (so I was accused of stealing it) and I won't get into how they were cheating the IRS and lying to the government to ensure they kept their wealth...

Yep, the psuedo-Christian is alive and well in America. My Southern Baptist grandmother would have told them very politely, but firmly, that they would be going to hellfire and damnation - and wouldn't have wasted a second thought on them.

BeckyM said...

Vic and Ginna would you please move to my neighborhood!!!????

Rap541 said...

Becky - I would consider you a conservative parent. Not at conservative as some, but yes. You have rules, and consequences and expectations.

What I would expect in a conservative Christian home are parents who have rules and who enforce those rules and who yes, at least attempt to live by the Bible.

Enforcing rules and expecting one's children to follow the rules is part of that whole "Honor thy mother and father" thing. So is teaching your children some manners... I personnally question how many of the Christian defenders of the Roloffs actively wish their sons and daughters spoke to them with the level of disrespect that all four of the Roloffs use.


I know none of the Christian defenders will address the underage drinking, but really? That's what conservative Christians endorse? And I still don't see any of the defenders praising Matt and Amy for the twins using their property for underage drinking with their lady friends... and I don't see any of the Christian crowd proudly standing up with "I let my sons and daughters drink and their underage friends too since alcohol isn't forbidden".

Amy wanting her eighth grade daughter to be allowed to wear something more skimpy than the school dress code allows? Matt praising Jake for disrespecting his teachers and failing to hand in work to the point he was expelled?

Oh, but on rare occasions when the cameras are on, they have a famiy dinner where they pray, and therefore they are a praiseworthy conservative Christian family. WHy?

Oh right, the most important tenet of the Christian faith is to spend one's life looking down on homosexuals. The Roloffs hate - I mean forgive me - they firmly believe they are going to heaven and are loved of Christ and they firmly and proudly believe (unlike you ask them to say so and then they *shut up*) that homosexuals are NOT Christian and are going to hell and they endorse prayer cures for gays (except that no Roloff is allowed to admit that) and since they are judging queers good... all the rest of the rules to being a Good Christian can go hang? Respect your parents? Why do that when you can call someone a faggot and be heaped with praise for standing up for Christ.

Phillip said...

Just wondering why, not to be insulting (really) why you write these intelligent, specific, and well-written chronicles of these peoples lives if you are this
passionate about how disgusted you are by them, just wondering? :)

Rap541 said...

Because this reality show amuses the hell out of me.

That I find the show entertaining does not mean I must find the people on the show to be nice people. Point - I enjoy Hard Core Pawn as well.

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

Philip, I'll try to answer, from my viewpoint, as best I can.
Matt Roloff is getting rich by making a mockery of the general populace. I personally liken his use of propaganda second only to Adolf Hilter and Josef Goebbels. He was not the salesman he claimed to be, if you read the judgement of his discrimination suit vs. SAP America where they ranked him 51st out of 51 solution engineers before any layoffs took place. His oversensitivity to the truth and the actual facts has been displayed time and again on national television, as well in the method of handling the b;logs only he controls, and the total taboo he has placed on all close to him to even say the word "SpiritsWander".
Phillip, part of my amusement is in his complete insecurity with the world that he cannot control, although he makes every attempt to. What does NOT amuse me is the attitude he and his family have towards their fan base. Their children have been evidenced in ridiculing fans behind their backs, Matt takes a certain perverse glee in the likes and remarks left on his FB page by misguided but otherwise well-meaning fans, remarking how he can always "put one over on them". He is fearful of the regulars on this website, referring to us as "the crazies" and delights in laying what he feels are traps of misinformation on his FB page.
In short, Phillip Matt has made a great deal of money off other people through lies, deceit, mis and un-information and his own over-inflated ego. Granted, if people want to worship him, spend money in their online store buying dirt, and believe in so-called christian ethics he never has openly professed to, well fine and dandy. I feel at some time the truth must be told and simple honesty reign supreme. Adolf Hilter repeated his lies so often that the German people could not help but begin to believe it. I feel someone has to step in to prevent Matt Roloff from ever believing he can control the world, or even his and his family's part in it. Sadly I feel Matt will go to his grave believing his own lies. I'm not concerned about him. I'm concerned about the people he is taking advantage of NOW, whether they are able or desire to think for themselves or not. I have not problem standing up to this twisted little demagogue. What would have happened if nobody stood up to the demagogues of the past?
I'd like to think we all rail against people who do not come about their money honestly. To me, Matt is one of those people.

Anonymous said...

Phillip, The people on this blog are obsessed with the Roloff's, as am I.
Intriguing family.

Brandon said...

Great explanation, Podge.

Agreed about the Roloffs and their attitude towards the fans. It's just one more thing that makes the Roloffs revolting. It's all so fake. They get on their public Facebooks and pretend to be all "we love the fans, thank you so much", when in real life the Roloffs insult the fans all the time.

Phillip said...

Awesome' I can see what you mean, rap, and I respect all of you for your honesty, thanks for answering...oh, and I watch hard core pawn, too!!! Haha.

Phillip said...

Sorry, podge, somehow I missed your comment. I do agree, from what I've seen that they are really ill-equipped and even quite immature about their response to their fan base. Also, you are probably more savvy to Matt's business decisions and/or how he makes his money than I am, so I cant really comment there. I did see the insecurity you are talking about... I mean if there was ever a case reported of little mans syndrome that was this cliche, I would laugh myself to death! Lol But, Adolph Hitler and Joseph Goebbels? I don't think he's trying to take over America with his propoganda and then kill all the average sized people!!! But your FUNNY!! Lol or are u mad? Either way, I do applaud your desire to stand up for simple honesty, good for you!

Robert said...

Podge, how far are you willing to go to *prevent Matt from believing he can control the world*? Maybe *Crazies* is not too far off. Why get so worked up about your speculations on what the roloff's believe or don't believe?

tay said...

"That I find the show entertaining does not mean I must find the people on the show to be nice people"

but alot of your criticism is about jeremy. why don't you think jeremy is a nice person?

whether jeremy is working 4 jobs or paying his own bills has nothing to do with how nice of a person he is right?

Rap541 said...

Tay, because he uses racist words and doesn't apologize. Because he takes pictures of his buddy throwing his pet cat. Because he prats about the Bible and when he's called on his non-christian behavior, he says church is a hospital for sinners and makes no apologies and certainly no comment about the photographic evidence of himself breaking man's laws. Jeremy is an adult man with no reported health issues stopping him from getting a job and yet he chooses to mooch off his handicapped parents. He accepts praise for his accomplishments, yet anyone with any self respect and intelligence would understand that as an unemployed 21 year old who spent two years in community college without graduating and whose only claim to fame is being average height in a family of little people, isn't accomplished at all. The only time Jeremy is nice to fans is when he *wants* something. When he isn't getting a treat, then fans suck the unsuckable and he gets his jollies laughing as his buddies tell fans to "eff off" and commit suicide.

While Jeremy acting like a 10 year old and accepting praise for being a hard working man when he can't get work unless Daddy shakes him out of beddy bye and makes him go to workies with Daddy doesn't make him "not a nice person"... its all part of the rich tapestry of why I don't think someone who takes pictures of cat abuse is nice.

Does that help clarify why I don't find Jeremy to be a nice person?

Christine said...

Good explanation Rap.

Tay, are you serious?

All the stuff Rap said, but insulting the fans with his friends and Zach tells the whole story about how "nice" Jeremy is or isn't. Except like Rap said, if the family is loaded rich like this Mackenzie family that takes him on free trips, he's a complete jerk and mean spirited towards the fans with his buddies.

Rap541 said...

Phillip, no problem.

I've never understood the black and white mindset that gets tossed around here, that the only way someone can enjoy watching the show is if they love Matt and the Roloffs unconditionally. I mean, I LOOOVVVVEE me some Battlestar Galactica, but that doesn't mean I don't have a series of articles on why season four was awful. (and in fact, I often find it hilarious when people go on about how I am obsessed with the Roloffs... trust me... LPBW is a little sideline)

The family on Hard Core Pawn is in some ways much more morally repugnant (its a pawnshop in Detroit, and they like to insist how its not bottom feeding) but I've seen Les pull the same morally questionable crap that Matt pulls. Why don't I have to love Les? I mean... as much as the "IF YOU DON'T LIKE IT DON'T WATCH" crowd cries about it, I have yet to see any of them say they intend to emulate Matt in all ways or that the Roloff lifestyle is something they intentionally replicate in their homes.

BeckyM said...

BTW more on the Reality TV newsfront:

Bravo Housewives husband commits suicide due to fear of how the show will portray him (among other issues)

WE show keeps filming the kids asthma attack even when dad asks them to stop:

BTW I just cancelled my cable for several reasons:
1.) cable is dominated by reality shows that I have no interest in supporting;

2.) cable has become even more sexually trashy and I simply don't want my kids having ready access to this viewing;

3.) at $80 a month for basic and I watch two shows a week? Whats the value to that?

Goodbye cable, hello Netflix and Hulu

Phillip said...

Rap, yes I think that your points make sense... Honestly, I don't think anyone agrees with anyone 100% or even should. Eventually sometimes our objectivity can become overwhelmed. I mean I don't agree with the degree of hatefulness some people escalate to on this blog, but they have a right to their opinion just as I do.

I agree you don't have to love it all unconditionally, though. That's funny I love the crap out of Battlestar Gallactica as well!! You know if we didn't hold our television dramas to a standard, they might take it for granted and start to suck..
The only thing I have to say is that on a reality tv show people have the tendency to do the obvious and thing about you as a "real" person. We even relate to actor's characters as though they are real sometimes.

So, I say if ur not prepared for that than when u do a reality tv show, you'll end up being pretty upset at your reception....

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

Phillip, the only comparison I was making between Matt and the Nazis was the comparative expertise with the use of propaganda. I seriously concede Matt's rank as a "Spin Master", and others have made a likewise comment in previous blog entries. Matt, however needs to work on his constant spaced repetition in order to wash any more brains than the free and right thinking people left in the country. The Ultimate Propaganda Master, in my opinion and mentioned in my previous post, merely eliminated the "spaced" from constant repetition, making it impossible for right and free thinkers of that era and nation to stop the acceptance by their subconscious minds, leading to belief.
Happily, only a handful of believers will ever be taken in by the twisted demagogue from Oregon. Regardless of how hard he tries.