Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Matt Roloff Audio Interview With A Fatherhood/parenting Blog

Matt did an radio/audio interview with Jim Higley who has a blog called Bobblehead Dad.

You can listen to the interview:


It's a 30 minute audio interview, so we summarize it.

*Matt explains the end of the show. Matt still claims they talked to TLC about taking an extended break. He says he thinks TLC decided to announce or cancel it at the end because the Roloffs were talking about wanting to take a break and they didn't know how long that would be, and the contract was expired, so it was easier to just say it was cancelled instead of people asking what's going on, "so it was either to say the show was stopped or cancelled or whatever". It bears noting that this is the first time Matt has ever used the word "cancelled" as it relates to the end of the show.

**Again, Matt's version is not what our sources say. Declining ratings were a factor as well as the Roloffs being difficult to work with (our sources report that a prominent producer was let go because of a dispute with a Roloff) and the Roloffs increasing demands both financially and in wanting more and more control of editing, Matt and Amy having producing credits were a factor - everything became a fight re: editing because the Roloffs wanted control over how they were portrayed)**

*Matt says since the announcement of the cancellation was made, they were in frequent talks for some specials. **Again, our sources made it clear to us that it was Matt that approached TLC and initiated the talk about the specials. **

*Matt says it's kind of like when someone retires and decided that they miss what they did.

*Matt said after it was cancelled TLC had some ideas about different formats.

*He says the show was stressful on the family and they started to lose perspective on who they were and their relationships.

*They talk about the heavy filming schedule through the show's history. Matt explains that filming was going five to six days a week and a crew of two 12-hour shifts. A crew would come in at say 7am and then they would overlap with another crew that would go until midnight. That was a constant cycle. They did that 11 months a year. They were doing 48 episodes a year and an average episode takes 2 weeks of filming content.

*Matt talks about how he had a full time job at the beginning of the show. He says the funny thing was he took another job during the break between seasons because they needed to wait to hear if TLC wanted another season.

*Matt's asked about his fans. He says even the fans that hate them are intrigued by them. He says "some fans are smart but some don't understand that they mature and will talk about things that happened six years like 'I remember the time when Jeremy talked back...'...yeah but I haven't seen that in years".

*The host talks about how they originally watched for the dwarfism factor but that went away so quickly. Matt says that's what they are proudest about.

*He says the fans are so committed to us. He says his Facebook is bigger than ever. Matt says it's frustrating when people pick apart their mistakes and warts, but that's part of life. He says what is frustrating is if they capture on camera you scolding your son or daughter, and then later you have a tender moment, sometimes they don't show both moments. So the audience is only judging half of the story.

*Matt states the going forward they've told TLC they can have 40 days of filming in a one year span. So TLC is picking what days they want to film. Matt says he thinks when he's doing something with Jacob, he finds himself thinking, "This would make a great scene, they should be filming this!" then he thinks 'Matt, what are you thinking!?!'

*He's asked about the kids and an update.
*Jeremy has left the farm. That's the first episode. It's very dramatic. Matt says he had such a hard time. Matt says he kept bawling talking about Jeremy leaving the farm. He hopes TLC will be kind to him in the editing and only show a few tears. But Matt says the reality is that Jeremy leaving was very difficult for Matt, but in a happy way. Matt says it's a huge milestone.

*So Matt says the first episode is all about Jeremy going to photography school in Santa Barbara an "we got him set up in a little apartment and it's about him getting squared away there", and packing up and leaving some stuff at home, knowing he can come back, but at the same time it will never be the same.

*Zach still lives at home and has a steady girlfriend. Matt says Zach is picking up the pieces and helping out. Matt also says Zach is stepping out of Jeremy's shadow because now he has all the friends coming around and now they come over to see him as opposed to coming to hang out with Jeremy. Zach is still going to PCC but Matt says Amy is pushing Zach to transfer to a 4 year college.

*They talk about it being amazing to see new parts of their kids personality. Matt says they think it's amazing how God worked it out that Jeremy would leave first to give Zach the chance to live without the shadow of his brother. Matt says is was very valuable to have Jeremy all those years as inspiration and know Jeremy has stepped away to let Zach have his place -- whether it's 2 months or a year or 2 years.

*Molly's grades are incredible. Matt says Molly is receiving letters from the Dean's of Harvard and Yale, etc, encouraging her to apply. She's a leader on the volleyball team.

*Jacob - Matt says Jacob was going through a rough time, but his mom (Peggy) says if this is Jacob's roughest time you've got it made, because you should have seen your roughest time. Matt says they got him out of the old school and into a public high school. Matt says in the last 6 months Jacob has matured and grown, Matt says he has never seen a kid evolve in such a good way so quickly with a change in the environment he's in and the friends that he's around

**Actually friends tell us Jacob still spends the majority of his time with the 20 something friends of Jeremy and Zach and the high schoolers that are Molly's age -- some readers of our site are becoming familiar with Christian (the friend that was in the video doing shots with Mueller in the Roloff garage) hangs out with Jacob a lot too. **

*Matt claims that Jacob is excited and ready to go back **Again that is the exact opposite of what we're told...**

*Matt says Jacob is doing amazing and his grades are amazing.

*The host says he attributes to Matt and Amy stepping back and taking a hold of their lives. Matt says that's how they feel.

*Matt feels enough people will tune into the specials that want to hear the continuation of their story and Matt thinks they'll be really pleased. They get back to being normal people. Matt says they don't have a desire to be actors and take acting classes.

*Matt talks about his 50th Birthday on Oct 7th. Everybody is invited. They're having free parking.

*What is Matt thinking as he's at 50? He doesn't want to leave any projects unfinished and how many more he can do. He wants to evaluate what else he can accomplish in life. Matt says he has 10 more really good healthy years, so he is trying to plan the rest of his life out.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Matt Roloff States TLC Has 40 Days A Year For Filming Little People Big World Specials - Interview

As Matt Roloff posted about on his Facebook page a few weeks ago, he has done several interviews with Internet Blogs in the last month.

Due to Matt and/or his staff often erroneously suggesting that the Roloffs are open to all interviews and don't duck interviews; we still receive inquiries from readers asking us the status on our interview invitation to all or any of:

Matt Roloff
Amy Roloff
Jeremy Roloff
Zach Roloff
Molly Roloff
Jacob Mueller

The answer is absolutely nothing has changed. None of the people listed above have taken us up on the invitation for an interview. Feel free to call that ducking interviews if you wish.

However, we do feel the need to point out that whenever Matt or his staff go to great lengths on their own to stress that the Roloffs are open to doing all interviews and are open to 'tough' questions -- you should know that they are being deceptive with those statements and they simply are not true. Even to the point where Amy Roloff broke promises and agreements after her representatives had arranged an interview for her with us and we had already fulfilled our end of the agreement.

Of course, in fairness to the Roloffs, it is totally their prerogative to do interviews with whom they wish or to avoid whatever interviews they want. However to keep on making statements that they do not duck interviews and are open to all -- is deceptive and not truthful.

Anyhow, one of Matt's interviews appears on the site Technorati. I don't believe they have covered the Roloffs much, if it all, before this interview.

Anyway, here are some of the things discussed in the interview:

*Matt states that TLC has 40 days in a one year span to do the specials. In the article it refers to the "new season", but as we were first to report, it is actually 4 specials that are planned to be spread out over the next year or so.

*Matt talks about buying the farm next to their own farm, after the owner passed away. He states that some of the benefits are that it gives the Roloffs plenty of room so they won't annoy one another and more parking for pumpkin season.

*Matt was asked about any events coming up; Matt discussed pumpkin season and $2.00 parking. Matt states it's only $0.50 cents per person for a family of four. The parking charge was something that was new last year after previously being free. The added charge ruffled a few feathers with customers and Matt and his restaurant owner friend, referred to on Facebook as Pondo, mocked the money conscious Roloff customers as "cheap bastards" in a series of posts directed at each other on Matt's Facebook Fan Page.

*Matt was asked about the kids growing up with the pressure of being on television. Matt obviously says his kids are amazing and have done incredibly well. He says they ignore fandom. That part is somewhat true. The Roloff kids don't acknowledge fans for the most part (other then to privately call them "creepers" with friends like Jacob Mueller) -- with some notable exceptions -- some regular readers of our site will be familiar with the Mackenzie family. They were fans of the show that purchased some of the auction items at Amy's first charity event. We have been told by objective sources that they are nice people, however they are very wealthy and have offered members of the Roloff to join them on free vacations. So it could be fair to say that some Roloffs don't ignore fandom if the fans are wealthy enough to make it worth it to the Roloffs.

On another note about the specials: Some have asked us about the kids feelings on the specials. We can tell you that friends of the Roloffs have recently told us that Jacob absolutely hates the show and says he wishes it would end permanently. That shouldn't really come as a surprise to people that follow the Roloffs closely. Shortly after the show was cancelled, Amy did an interview with a "Mom blog" where she was asked how the kids felt now that the show had ended (before the specials were announced) and Amy admitted that Molly and Jacob were glad that it was over and just did the show because "that's what mom and dad said we're doing".

However, we thought readers would like to know what we have been told recently -- Jacob definitely hates LPBW and wishes it was gone forever - at least that's what he tells people. That does contradict what Matt has said in some of these recent interviews, where Matt says the entire family were happy with the limited/40 day filming. No, that's not what we're told, we have it on good authority that Jacob tells people he wishes LPBW was permanently dead.

While Matt has said in some recent interviews that the entire
family discussed it and is happy doing the new LPBW specials,
friends of the Roloffs have reported to us that Jacob has made it
well known that he hates LPBW and wishes it was permanently

*Matt is asked to describe the new season (which it isn't really -- 4 specials that are planned to be months apart) in a sentence. He describes it as emotional and transitional.

You can read the entire interview here:

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Peter Dinklage Becomes First LP To Win Emmy; Thanks Dogsitter, Not Matt Roloff

Peter Dinklage won the Emmy award tonight for his role in HBO's Game Of Thrones. In doing so, he became the first LP to win the Emmy.

His nomination and the content of his acceptance speech was a hot topic on our site:


Some Matt Roloff fans felt that Peter Dinklage should thank or acknowledge the Roloff family or more specifically -- Matt Roloff for his contribution towards LP awareness and acceptance.

In his actual acceptance speech, Dinklage made no mention of Matt Roloff. He acknowledged his fellow nominees and thanked his dogsitter before expressing his love for his wife.

Jen Montzingo, who has also been criticized by some folks for apparently not acknowledging Matt Roloff for her current career in Hollywood as an actress, posted Peter Dinklage's speech.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Jacob Roloff In Public High School -- Video

There is a very random and brief video of Jacob Roloff walking in the hallways of the public high school he now attends. As for action in the video, well, nope, that's pretty much it -- Jacob walking while another kid asks him "what's up?"

Apparently kids at the new school took video on their phones and posted it as proof to their disbelieving parents that a Roloff from Little People, Big World now goes to school with them.

Jacob is the first Roloff kid to attend a public high school. It marks a change in dynamics for the Roloffs. At Faith Bible, most of the kids had known each other attended since kindergarten or for many years, so there was never the 'fame aspect'. Everybody pretended like they never watched the show or cared and were very quick to ridicule fans (with encouragement from the Roloff kids themselves). Now Jacob is going to school with people that obviously were fans/watched the show and aren't shy about admitting it.

If you missed the story a few months ago, last April Jacob Roloff was expelled from Faith Bible Christian School. Matt and Amy were left scrambling to ensure he would not be held back and made to repeat the 8th grade. They immediately talked of home schooling, but settled on a tutoring facility for the duration of 8th grade. He took some state tests and was allowed to start Grade 9 this September.

With Faith Bible (the only school all of the Roloff kids have ever attended) out of the question after their decision to wash their hands of Jacob and with Matt publicly declaring that he never liked that school that they currently send Molly to for her senior year and sent Jeremy and Zach their whole lives, the Roloffs opted for one of the large public high schools in the area.

Some of the Faith Bible crowd have told us they don't think it's fair, because public high school that Jacob now attends has implemented a balanced grading system which means grades are as follows:

A = 80 to 100%

B = 60 to 79

C = 40 to 59

D = 20 to 39

F = 0 - 19

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Jeremy Roloff At Brooks Institute of Photography -- Orientation Day

Just thought we would pass along this photo of the new Brooks students during orientation.

I'll assume most people can spot Jeremy in this picture.