Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Matt Roloff Audio Interview With A Fatherhood/parenting Blog

Matt did an radio/audio interview with Jim Higley who has a blog called Bobblehead Dad.

You can listen to the interview:


It's a 30 minute audio interview, so we summarize it.

*Matt explains the end of the show. Matt still claims they talked to TLC about taking an extended break. He says he thinks TLC decided to announce or cancel it at the end because the Roloffs were talking about wanting to take a break and they didn't know how long that would be, and the contract was expired, so it was easier to just say it was cancelled instead of people asking what's going on, "so it was either to say the show was stopped or cancelled or whatever". It bears noting that this is the first time Matt has ever used the word "cancelled" as it relates to the end of the show.

**Again, Matt's version is not what our sources say. Declining ratings were a factor as well as the Roloffs being difficult to work with (our sources report that a prominent producer was let go because of a dispute with a Roloff) and the Roloffs increasing demands both financially and in wanting more and more control of editing, Matt and Amy having producing credits were a factor - everything became a fight re: editing because the Roloffs wanted control over how they were portrayed)**

*Matt says since the announcement of the cancellation was made, they were in frequent talks for some specials. **Again, our sources made it clear to us that it was Matt that approached TLC and initiated the talk about the specials. **

*Matt says it's kind of like when someone retires and decided that they miss what they did.

*Matt said after it was cancelled TLC had some ideas about different formats.

*He says the show was stressful on the family and they started to lose perspective on who they were and their relationships.

*They talk about the heavy filming schedule through the show's history. Matt explains that filming was going five to six days a week and a crew of two 12-hour shifts. A crew would come in at say 7am and then they would overlap with another crew that would go until midnight. That was a constant cycle. They did that 11 months a year. They were doing 48 episodes a year and an average episode takes 2 weeks of filming content.

*Matt talks about how he had a full time job at the beginning of the show. He says the funny thing was he took another job during the break between seasons because they needed to wait to hear if TLC wanted another season.

*Matt's asked about his fans. He says even the fans that hate them are intrigued by them. He says "some fans are smart but some don't understand that they mature and will talk about things that happened six years like 'I remember the time when Jeremy talked back...'...yeah but I haven't seen that in years".

*The host talks about how they originally watched for the dwarfism factor but that went away so quickly. Matt says that's what they are proudest about.

*He says the fans are so committed to us. He says his Facebook is bigger than ever. Matt says it's frustrating when people pick apart their mistakes and warts, but that's part of life. He says what is frustrating is if they capture on camera you scolding your son or daughter, and then later you have a tender moment, sometimes they don't show both moments. So the audience is only judging half of the story.

*Matt states the going forward they've told TLC they can have 40 days of filming in a one year span. So TLC is picking what days they want to film. Matt says he thinks when he's doing something with Jacob, he finds himself thinking, "This would make a great scene, they should be filming this!" then he thinks 'Matt, what are you thinking!?!'

*He's asked about the kids and an update.
*Jeremy has left the farm. That's the first episode. It's very dramatic. Matt says he had such a hard time. Matt says he kept bawling talking about Jeremy leaving the farm. He hopes TLC will be kind to him in the editing and only show a few tears. But Matt says the reality is that Jeremy leaving was very difficult for Matt, but in a happy way. Matt says it's a huge milestone.

*So Matt says the first episode is all about Jeremy going to photography school in Santa Barbara an "we got him set up in a little apartment and it's about him getting squared away there", and packing up and leaving some stuff at home, knowing he can come back, but at the same time it will never be the same.

*Zach still lives at home and has a steady girlfriend. Matt says Zach is picking up the pieces and helping out. Matt also says Zach is stepping out of Jeremy's shadow because now he has all the friends coming around and now they come over to see him as opposed to coming to hang out with Jeremy. Zach is still going to PCC but Matt says Amy is pushing Zach to transfer to a 4 year college.

*They talk about it being amazing to see new parts of their kids personality. Matt says they think it's amazing how God worked it out that Jeremy would leave first to give Zach the chance to live without the shadow of his brother. Matt says is was very valuable to have Jeremy all those years as inspiration and know Jeremy has stepped away to let Zach have his place -- whether it's 2 months or a year or 2 years.

*Molly's grades are incredible. Matt says Molly is receiving letters from the Dean's of Harvard and Yale, etc, encouraging her to apply. She's a leader on the volleyball team.

*Jacob - Matt says Jacob was going through a rough time, but his mom (Peggy) says if this is Jacob's roughest time you've got it made, because you should have seen your roughest time. Matt says they got him out of the old school and into a public high school. Matt says in the last 6 months Jacob has matured and grown, Matt says he has never seen a kid evolve in such a good way so quickly with a change in the environment he's in and the friends that he's around

**Actually friends tell us Jacob still spends the majority of his time with the 20 something friends of Jeremy and Zach and the high schoolers that are Molly's age -- some readers of our site are becoming familiar with Christian (the friend that was in the video doing shots with Mueller in the Roloff garage) hangs out with Jacob a lot too. **

*Matt claims that Jacob is excited and ready to go back **Again that is the exact opposite of what we're told...**

*Matt says Jacob is doing amazing and his grades are amazing.

*The host says he attributes to Matt and Amy stepping back and taking a hold of their lives. Matt says that's how they feel.

*Matt feels enough people will tune into the specials that want to hear the continuation of their story and Matt thinks they'll be really pleased. They get back to being normal people. Matt says they don't have a desire to be actors and take acting classes.

*Matt talks about his 50th Birthday on Oct 7th. Everybody is invited. They're having free parking.

*What is Matt thinking as he's at 50? He doesn't want to leave any projects unfinished and how many more he can do. He wants to evaluate what else he can accomplish in life. Matt says he has 10 more really good healthy years, so he is trying to plan the rest of his life out.


Greg said...

Has Matt's favoritism towards Jeremy ever been more blatant???

Judy B said...

Great interview! I can't wait to see Matt's interview about Jeremy. That has always been my favorite part of the show. Matt and Jeremy are the best.

Timothy said...

What I find funny is that every one of Matt's kids are always doing amazing according to Matt.

They are better than ever. Happier than ever. Troubles are always behind them. More successful than ever.

And he's still trying to sell the line that they are a regular family? What kind of family always has every kid doing totally amazing all the time?

David said...

Timothy, that is true. Whenever Matt speaks about something negative regarding the family, he ALWAYS speaks about it in the past like it is long gone and everything is rosey peaches now.

Christine said...

How predictable is it that the criticism Matt used gave him the chance to defend his favored golden boy Jeremy?

Nancy said...

It shouldn't be surprising if Jacob's grades are up this year with that pathetic grading scale!

But then again, I remember Matt saying Jeremy and Zach were doing great at PCC about a month into it and that doesn't seem to have been true.

The Roloffs love to brag (isn't that so Christ-like?) and never let a moment pass that gives them a chance to brag and he's never mentioned the PCC grades again.

Brandon said...

Rap, the thing I wonder about these specials, is how much control the Roloffs have over editing?

If Matt approached TLC, did TLC agree only if Matt and Amy's interference would be minimal or did they allow the Roloffs and best buddy Chris do whatever they want with how they're portrayed?

Greg said...

From the guy that conducted that interview, I found this:

"As for me, as someone who considers Matt a new friend, I'm happy to hear about another family who's found their balance."

...that's precisely what is wrong with "journalism" and media today.

That's what Matt doesn't get.

The purpose of an interview is not for the interviewer to become pals with the person they're interviewing but that's why the Roloffs choose certain people for interviews. It loses all credibility when the purpose is to for the interviewer and the subject to become pals.

Ashley said...

I find it hard to believe that Harvard and Yale are begging Molly to come to their schools.

M said...

God Jeremy just went away to college. He didnt die!
Way to throw zach under the bus, Matt! Makes it sound like he had no damn friends before.
Do deans really write high schoolers letters? That seems very far fetched.

Everything seems good and happy go lucky on the Roloff pumpkin farm!

Jocelynn said...

M, that's exactly what I was thinking!

SnapTwo said...

I don't see Matt praising his kids publicly as a bad thing. Any parent whose child plays sports talks about how great they are and blames losses on others. It's just human nature. I also would want some kind of editorial input in any show about my family because it would be possible for editors to hit a real sensitive nerve with some family without ever seeing how because people have quirky sentiments.

Timothy said...

SnapTwo, then how about you don't do a reality show at all?

Although the Roloffs wanting control over editing isn't unusual. It's the Network executives that allowed it to happen that I find fault with.

The reality show genre is sketchy as it is, to allow the stars creative control over how they are portrayed or to have the other influential producers lose their professionalism and become best buddies like Chris Cardamone is a grave mistake that makes the show a joke and instantly kills any credibility whatsoever.

I agree with M and Jocelynn. Matt needs to cool it with the "we are the Roloffs and everything is always perfect (although he says they aren't perfect, that's actually the picture he paints) and every single member of the family is always excelling! It gets tiresome.

Rap541 said...

Oh Matt really is a master of spinning, isn't he?

I mean, he really does it quite well, diverting and obfuscating and since he constantly repeats certain things, some people believe him.

Lets assume for a moment that I buy that the family wanted "a break" in Nov 2009. Why sign a contract for two years with TLC if that was the case? I mean, Matt *did* tell people the show was going to be on for two more years in May 2010, which a) was just a little bit after this contract was signed, and b) actually makes sense if he was planning on TLC making all 80 episodes and c) seems like a really ODD statement to make if he was wanting the show to be done.

So he futzes around, claiming the family wanted it etc and then quietly concedes it was canceled. And it was, folks. If you don't believe me, then believe TLC's track history. They screwed Jon Gosselin to the wall because Jon was under contract and walked away. There's no way the Roloffs signed on the dotted line for a maximum of eighty episodes, said NO afterward, and TLC WANTED all these episodes but just let them walk away. The show was canceled by TLC.

Or hey, take Matt's obfuscating Jeremy's smart mouth with the patented Roloff excuse "it happened six years ago! Silly bloggers see episodes where Jeremy was fourteen and think he's still fourteen. They're so silly and dumb!". So lets take a hard look at that.

The most recent string of "My God Jeremy has the manners of an illbred ass" comments occured after the airing of an episode called "Twins at TWENTY". Matt? We know you read here, so pay attention. In this episode, Jeremy completely disrespected Amy in front of Matt and Matt didn't say boo to the big boy telling his wife her place was to shut her mouth while the men were talking and tend to the kitchen. That incident on camera of Jeremy being a rude little spoiled snot *at twenty* (or possibly 19, but certainly not 14) led to people discussing the many other incidents of Jeremy acting like a spoiled snot. However the catalyst that prompted the discussion was not an episode from six years ago but in fact the most recently aired episode when Jeremy was *twenty*. That he was rude at 14 just means he STILL hasn't changed the behavior.

I really don't understand why so many of the Christian set laud Matt for never lying... he pretty clearly does it very well. Also, I do find it amusing that even Matt is now towing the "We're not perfect but our lives are completely flawless and nothing is ever ever wrong" party line so openly.

Mary Ann said...

Um...every high school student who signs up for a college's mailing list can receive letters from the dean. It really doesn't mean anything.

So ridiculous...