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Matt Roloff States TLC Has 40 Days A Year For Filming Little People Big World Specials - Interview

As Matt Roloff posted about on his Facebook page a few weeks ago, he has done several interviews with Internet Blogs in the last month.

Due to Matt and/or his staff often erroneously suggesting that the Roloffs are open to all interviews and don't duck interviews; we still receive inquiries from readers asking us the status on our interview invitation to all or any of:

Matt Roloff
Amy Roloff
Jeremy Roloff
Zach Roloff
Molly Roloff
Jacob Mueller

The answer is absolutely nothing has changed. None of the people listed above have taken us up on the invitation for an interview. Feel free to call that ducking interviews if you wish.

However, we do feel the need to point out that whenever Matt or his staff go to great lengths on their own to stress that the Roloffs are open to doing all interviews and are open to 'tough' questions -- you should know that they are being deceptive with those statements and they simply are not true. Even to the point where Amy Roloff broke promises and agreements after her representatives had arranged an interview for her with us and we had already fulfilled our end of the agreement.

Of course, in fairness to the Roloffs, it is totally their prerogative to do interviews with whom they wish or to avoid whatever interviews they want. However to keep on making statements that they do not duck interviews and are open to all -- is deceptive and not truthful.

Anyhow, one of Matt's interviews appears on the site Technorati. I don't believe they have covered the Roloffs much, if it all, before this interview.

Anyway, here are some of the things discussed in the interview:

*Matt states that TLC has 40 days in a one year span to do the specials. In the article it refers to the "new season", but as we were first to report, it is actually 4 specials that are planned to be spread out over the next year or so.

*Matt talks about buying the farm next to their own farm, after the owner passed away. He states that some of the benefits are that it gives the Roloffs plenty of room so they won't annoy one another and more parking for pumpkin season.

*Matt was asked about any events coming up; Matt discussed pumpkin season and $2.00 parking. Matt states it's only $0.50 cents per person for a family of four. The parking charge was something that was new last year after previously being free. The added charge ruffled a few feathers with customers and Matt and his restaurant owner friend, referred to on Facebook as Pondo, mocked the money conscious Roloff customers as "cheap bastards" in a series of posts directed at each other on Matt's Facebook Fan Page.

*Matt was asked about the kids growing up with the pressure of being on television. Matt obviously says his kids are amazing and have done incredibly well. He says they ignore fandom. That part is somewhat true. The Roloff kids don't acknowledge fans for the most part (other then to privately call them "creepers" with friends like Jacob Mueller) -- with some notable exceptions -- some regular readers of our site will be familiar with the Mackenzie family. They were fans of the show that purchased some of the auction items at Amy's first charity event. We have been told by objective sources that they are nice people, however they are very wealthy and have offered members of the Roloff to join them on free vacations. So it could be fair to say that some Roloffs don't ignore fandom if the fans are wealthy enough to make it worth it to the Roloffs.

On another note about the specials: Some have asked us about the kids feelings on the specials. We can tell you that friends of the Roloffs have recently told us that Jacob absolutely hates the show and says he wishes it would end permanently. That shouldn't really come as a surprise to people that follow the Roloffs closely. Shortly after the show was cancelled, Amy did an interview with a "Mom blog" where she was asked how the kids felt now that the show had ended (before the specials were announced) and Amy admitted that Molly and Jacob were glad that it was over and just did the show because "that's what mom and dad said we're doing".

However, we thought readers would like to know what we have been told recently -- Jacob definitely hates LPBW and wishes it was gone forever - at least that's what he tells people. That does contradict what Matt has said in some of these recent interviews, where Matt says the entire family were happy with the limited/40 day filming. No, that's not what we're told, we have it on good authority that Jacob tells people he wishes LPBW was permanently dead.

While Matt has said in some recent interviews that the entire
family discussed it and is happy doing the new LPBW specials,
friends of the Roloffs have reported to us that Jacob has made it
well known that he hates LPBW and wishes it was permanently

*Matt is asked to describe the new season (which it isn't really -- 4 specials that are planned to be months apart) in a sentence. He describes it as emotional and transitional.

You can read the entire interview here:


Judy B said...

Why is Jacob always disgruntled? He's old enough to understand the benefits.

I love Matt, but Jacob is spoiled and should be more like Jeremy.

I never heard reports like this about Jeremy whining.

David said...

Spirits, Matt is all about lying.

His ego can't take people thinking that he hides from the tough question. Thus, he has no choice but to lie and convince people that he's willing to take on all questions when really it's only staff or people with limited knowledge of the Roloffs.

Laura S said...

I don't know why Matt or any of the Roloffs are so against doing an interview with Spirits.

Spirits said they would have a chance to say whatever they want about the subjects that people already discuss.

Why not have their say?

The only thing I would be concerned about in not doing an interview with a site is if I was afraid they would be dishonest and or not post or edit what I said.

Since Spirits did the interview with Dan and Dan thanked Spirits for it, I don't think that's a concern.

I also think it would be interesting to see how Jeremy would handle himself.

Is he human? Who wouldn't want to speak for themselves for once especially a 21 year old instead of having his father or staff do it for him.

Ray said...

Jacob is just a complainer. If the show ended for good and they didn't have the same amount of money he would complain about not having this or that.

Burr Dee said...

Mueller can't do an interview with SpiritsWander because Matt won't let him.

Mueller needs money and the Roloffs food and a place to crash. Mueller is always broke.

A.Schoenherr said...

You say that a scheduled interview was cancelled and that the Roloff's refuse your interview requests. Have you spoken to the Roloff's PR firm and submitted the appropriate request forms with an outline of your request along with your name and contact information?

Rap541 said...

Judy B - Jake is also old enough to understand that he's now the only one in the family who doesn't get a seperate check... and considering the show's ratings, unlike Jeremy, Zach, and Molly, he'll never be paid to be on this show.

Matt is paid for Jake's participation and Matt controlls the edit and considering that Jeremy can call people the "n" word and have it make the National Enquierer but NOT the show while Jake can say "Molly effed me" and get a half hour spectacle aired on how Mommy disciplines him....

Btw Judy B, you're rght - Jake is of an age where he should understand the benefits of the show. He's the same age Jeremy was when Jeremy was name calling fans and mocking fans and yes complaining about the show. I know you'll claim you've never heard this but Precious Jer Who Never Complains About Anything actually got his jollies saying fans suck the unsuckable. Thats an allusion to well, lips on male genitalia, Judy, in case you claim its not offensive. I trust you'll agree that Jeremy at fifteen should have shown the discipline and attitude that you claim to expect from Jake?

And please remember, we're now comparing the two about behavior that occured at the same age.

My sources say that for all that Jeremy professes to love the show, he was always the one allowed to skip out to friends houses as the delicate overemotional spoiled little hothouse flower who wanted his way.

BeckyM said...

I guess being a minor child who has had his whole life filmed for our public consumption should be no reason why Jacob should complain?

Once again the mass ignorance of people not understanding the damage of "reality" television in a person's life baffles me. There is more evidence emerging all the time of the dangers of it: divorces, suicides, children unattended while they get burned (while the cameras roll, thanks MTV!), encouraging child porn (TLC favorite Toddlers and Tiaras as well as filming the Gosselin kids naked), the list goes on.

Delude yourself all you want, but JMO Jacob will be the one to break from the Roloffs when he achives adulthood, and write a tell-all book that will show a very dark side to what Matt and Amy continue to hide behind their phony facade.

Just placing my future bet, the specials will bomb, esp. the second one when people realize there is nothing new.

Spiritswander said...


We have discussed this many times which you can find in the archives.

Actually, the way it usually works is the Roloffs PR and Marketing people contact internet blogs asking if they would be interested in interviewing a Roloff. Many bloggers that have interviewed either Matt or Amy, were quite open and honest about how the interview came about.

However, yes, as stated before, we were approached by Roloff PR people and we did indeed discuss an interview with a Roloff. They proposed a deal which included an interview if we would promote a Roloff event. We agreed. We fulfilled our end. All that was left was for the PR person to get back to us on a good time for the interview. After about a week, they apologized and told us it was okay to remove our promotion of the Roloff event (which was our end of the deal which we already fulfilled - because our word does mean something).

Common sense makes it very clear what happened. The Roloff PR people set up an interview with us and a Roloff, yet when the Roloffs found out they would have none of it.

None of this is incredibly surprising, since Matt - as per his own staff (paid or unpaid, I don't know, but people that follow Matt's orders on Matt run websites) Matt implemented a rule that the name "Spiritswander" could not be spoken by anyone on Matt Roloff controlled sites.

As stated, it's the Roloff prerogative to avoid interviews with whom they wish -- however, it is deceiving when they go out of their way to state they are open to all interviews and don't duck interviews -- when that's simply not true.

Judy B said...

I was talking about Jacob's whining about the show.

To my knowledge, Jeremy has never complained about the show. Even in the very beginning. I recall in the early seasons that Matt said only he and Jeremy were in full support of the show while Zach and Amy were not happy.

Eventually, Zach and Amy came around and saw the benefits of the show.

Rap541 said...

Judy B - tut tut tut.

Funny how now when it's valid to compare behavior at the same ages, you don't have the rightiousness to say Jeremy at fifteen was wrong to be rude to fans.

You are clearly judging Jake bad for behavior you tolerated in Jeremy. Calling fans names is not Jeremy proudly saying he's in full support... Its *whining*.

Jeremy whines and you applaud him! Jake whines and you HATE. Both are the same age and you crap on one for the same behavior you excuse in the other. Thanks for the Christian lesson in hypocrisy Judy :) I knew we could depend on you to display the ugly double standard yet again :)

PS in case you care, yes I do think Jake needs to understand the show is where his treats are coming from... but his rude whining at ffteen is his displaying the same behaviors Jeremy and Zach did at that age and all three should be judged accordingly, not one singled out as wrong and Jeremy singled out as a innocent blameless little boy who was so naive and innocent he can't be ever held accountable for any words that pop out of his innocent boy mouth. :) Same age, same behavior - *both* are wrong and *both* deserve your ire.

Brandon said...

Schoenherr, c'mon, everyone knows why Matt won't interview with Spirits or why Matt won't let anyone else that he controls interview with Spirits.

The Roloffs have a lot to hide. A lot of taboo topics that the Roloffs don't discuss because it exposes their hypocrisies and isn't good for the Roloff brand image.

Matt knows Spirits would ask about that.

That's why they won't interview with Spirits and instead interview on non Roloff blogs instead of the main one.

Judy B said...

Rap, you're only trying to cause trouble.

It is not the same behavior.

As per Spirits, Jake is telling people he wants the show gone.

"Same behavior" would be Jeremy at the same age saying he wanted the show to be done.

Did he? No.

It's not the same behavior.

Rap541 said...

And I am telling you Jeremy said fans "sucked the unsuckable" at Jake's age... Judy B? They're the same age and Jake is emulating Jeremy's behavior. Shouldn't you be praising him for being like Jeremy?

Its the same behavior and you won't say a word, will you? Since you have to concede Jeremy was wrong and bless us all, you won't be saying that will you?

Judy B - you're a fan and Jeremy said you suck the unsuckable. Please tell us how you love it :)

Rap541 said...

Oh I don't think the specials will bomb, Becky. I think this first one will do quite well in the ratings. I am VERY curious to see what TLC does in these episodes. In some respects, I think the specials have the opportunity to be more interesting in that the cameras are being called for significant events. A guess? This upcoming one is a quick "no we didn't get divorced, we're all so happy, here's a preview of the new crap on the pumpkin farm, and look at amy take jer-bear to his new school". The next? will be the obviously staged for cameras "matt's birthday beer bash down on the farm" that the public is so graciously invited too (funny how traditionally Matt and Amy are usually on important cruises for his birthday). The next two? Just a guess but Christmas/possible vacation and Molly's graduation from high school. So more interesting events are easier to film, versus you know... episodes about Matt and Amy arguing about why there's a stupid playset in the garden.

However, the reality (heh) is that there's just not that much going on. I personally can't wait... the scent of utter desperation is already on the wind.

Judy B said...

Rap, you're being dense.

Jacob is reported to be wishing the show was over, done with, finished.

Did Jeremy say that? Was that ever reported about Jeremy? No.

That is NOT the same behavior.

Rap541 said...

No Judy... you're proving a point :)

Do you agree with Jeremy, that as a fan, you suck the unsuckable? :)

I mean, I know he was a child, at 15 or 16 when he said this... are you excusing his mouthiness because he was a child?

Funny Jake is what? 14? Yet his petulant comments are those of an adult, and he is judged, by you quite harshly, for behavior you excuse from Jeremy.

Judy? Care to explain why Jake is accountable for his behavior at fourteen while Jeremy is not at 15-21?

Please be sure to call Jeremy a "boy" when you do. ;)

Timothy said...

Matt won't interview with Spirits because he's a control freak that can't handle not having control over the questions.

He wants to have his cake and eat it too. He wants to be known as tough and courageous, that's why he lies about being willing for interviews.

Jill said...

I don't understand why Matt doesn't just have his say on the subjects.

I get that Matt's afraid of Jeremy or one of the kids saying something wrong, but I don't get why Matt is so opposed to it.

It would be interesting. You have to admit a lot of the interviews with the Roloffs are same old, same old.

Rap541 said...

The obvious point on interviews comes up.

Point me to the hard hitting interview where someone asks Matt and Amy about the National Enquirer article. Or to the interview where they are asked about their views on homosexuality versus Amy's support of Focus on the Family?

Or an interview where someone asks Matt if he feels responsible for the trebuchet accident or the interview that addresses Matt's use of the "M" word when it suites him?

Where are these hard hitting interviews?

Liz said...

What's going on with Matt and Amy? Maybe that's why they don't want to let Spirit do an interview...the 'tough' questions. I saw Matt at Helvetia Tavern having lunch with two hotties the other day. His assistant Karen and another brunette woman. Maybe something is going on there and Matt does not want to answer divorce questions or talk about the cute girls he hangs around with.

Anon23 said...

I think the Roloff's are regular people with the same issues and thought processes as the rest of us.

I'm sure they appreciate their fans and what the show has done for them, but have a right to make personal choices on things such as interviews and will get caught making comments that aren't exactly flattering. It happens to us all. But with most of us, no one outside our personal circles really cares because we are not in the limelight.

Jocelynn said...

Anon23, the point about interviews has been made very clear.

Matt or any Roloff, won't interview with Spirits. That's their choice.

But because he won't, he doesn't get to go around saying "I'll interview with anybody, I don't hide from the tough interviews" and that's what Matt and his staff/friends like Dallah on Matt's blog does.

Matt wants credit for doing something he won't do.

Sarah T said...

I think they bought the other farm because it will allow them to live separate lives, but they'll still officially be together.

Why go through the hassle of divorce when being together means so much financially to the Roloffs? This way they can all do their own things and never need to speak to each other in a day.

Justin said...

Liz, I think it's much more about the hypocrisy the topics Spirits would ask about that is the reason why Matt is afraid of an interview.

The Roloffs would lose some of their broad appeal if the tv audience knew that they aren't really pro-diversity.

A lot of people are appalled by diversity speakers that teach that gay people should pray to be cured.

A lot of people are appalled by what the Roloffs favorite church teaches about a woman's role.

Matt wanted to be known as a speaker on bullying, but the Roloffs support Focus on the Family, the continually makes press releases SUPPORTING bullying in school, because they think anti bullying laws are "pro-gay".

Then the obvious, Matt doesn't want more people to know that his precious sweet kids use the N word, "faggot" or call fans creepers and losers that suck the unsuckable or only associate with rich fans.

That's why Matt opts for interviews with his own staff or with people that will believe anything Matt says because they don't know jack about the Roloffs.

Carolynn said...

Are the Roloffs that addicted to fame and money that they would do more filming even if their child hated it?

The Roloffs should evaluate why their existence depends on being on tv.

Rap541 said...

Carolynn - the reality is that until one of the kids is old enough to talk without Daddy Matt's permission, we'll really never know. Matt and Amy will never say "Jake hated it but we did it anyway" because it makes them look like monster parents... they don't even take responsibility for the trebuchet accident (anyone calling me a liar please take a look at the episode where Matt makes the point that they're not discussing blame lest Jake feel bad and Amy sitting on the haybale letting us know that perhaps now nine year old Jake will understand he's just not old enough to handle a trebuchet)

The Roloffs are like Kate Gosselin... they'll need to be dragged off tv kicking and screaming.

BeckyM said...

@ Rap - the last few Gosselin shows did not pull in the expected ratings despite the many hyped Harpy Moments of Khate.

The Roloffs recieve a LOT less press then Khate Gosselin (has Matt and/or Amy been on the Today show? The View? interviewed by Anderson Cooper? Hung out with Whoopi or BaBa Walters? Not that I know of). If Khate can barely make 2 mil in an audience, I really doubt that the Roloff special will go Wow! Look at them der Ratings!

The public is fickle. They want the next freak show that TLC can produce, not the same old freaks with the Clown Car Wombs, Christian nuts who want to keep having babies and letting their teenagers raise them, fat multiple wives whining over their below average husband, and yes, the Roloffs.

2nd special - definitely less then 2 million views. I'll lay a guess on the pool at 1.4 mil. and not in the favoered young people's age group.

kp said...

"We have it on good authority that Jacob tells people he wishes LPBW was permanently dead."

I were too if I were him. He's a freshman in High School, and is bound to be taunted and tormented by others who know about the show. Poor kid.

Lisa said...

KP, Matt says his kids have very thick skin and don't care what people say about them.

Rap541 said...

Agree on the low ratings for Khate, Becky, and the lack of promotion for the new special. I was writing this afternoon and I like to have the tv on as background noise so I put it on TLC (they were running murder mystery documentaries which tend to have soothing monotone voices) and funny... lots of commercials about Sister Wives and the new psychic show that starts next sunday... lots of Cake Boss ads, a few Little Couple ads... and no mention of Little People Big World coming on next sunday.

Oh and it is next Sunday. I know Matt and Amy are both playing "oh we're so disconnected from the show we don't *even know* when it airs... maybe Oct 2?? We don't know, we're just simple lil folk living down on the farm, we ain't got no ideas about these big deals we've only brayed like asses about for months"...

Lil hint, Matt and Amy... I'm so not buying you never watch the show and have no idea when the show is airing. And FYI.... TLC is NOT currently pushing it at all so you may want to stop playing dumb and admit that the special airs Oct 2. A lot of your facebook fans (you know the ones, the ones you mock) could use exact instructions if you expect to get the ratings :)

Brandon said...

Rap, I agree Matt's pretending that he had no idea when the special airs was ridiculous, but typical Matt. He wanted all the Facebook responses to be "Oct 2nd Matt!"

I haven't seen the preview on tlc either. I was looking at the schedule on TLCs website.

They squeeze LPBW in between a Cake Boss marathon and episodes of Sister Wives.

It's funny to read the previews because anybody with an internet connection already knows the answer to their big suspense storylines. lol.
Little People Big World - Off to School

"The Roloffs are back, and after a tumultuous year, the family deals with a dramatic change as one of the twins finally moves off the farm and out of state. Matt and Amy come to terms with the state of their marriage. marriage and the future of Roloff farm.

Wow, I wonder which twin moves out of state and wow, I wonder if Matt and Amy got a divorce and I wonder if they sell the farm.....the suspense is killing me! ;) It's a good thing Matt is bound by all those very serious confidentiality agreements. It would ruin everything if people knew the answer to these burning story line questions!

Christine said...

I wonder how they're going to present the Roloffs buying another farm or expanding their own farm without their own show look worse than they already have with the bogus "we might sell the farm crap!"...instead they expand on it.

In other words, the ratings were dropping, that led to the cancellation, they were desperate for anything to keep interest so they dreamed up dramatic plots like "oh no! The Roloffs might sell the farm! Tune in next time to see if they will!"

Allison said...

Is Molly now getting her own pay check for the specials?

Rap541 said...

Matt says his kids have very thick skin and don't care what people say about them.

In fairness, Matt says a whole lotta things that are gross exagerations and even not necessarily true.

Point - people who genuinely don't care what is said about them don't namecall back. I believe we all know that the Roloff kids like to call fans "creepers". Thats not the reaction of people who don't care what's being said.

Likewise Matt's own reactions belay the idea that he has a thick skin and doesn't care what is said. He deletes negative comments on his facebook (its not a democracy, he has every right, but lets not act like its being thick skinned) he forbids mention of this blog at his forum and over at roloffsworld blog, have you *seen* the list of posting rules there? And lets not fuss about who runs that site. There's also Matt's reactions where he's so above it all... but never ever hesitates to point fingers and use babyish cutie pie insults "silly bloggers" "Crazies" "negative nellies" and "screw balls". I mean really, its *Matt* of the thick skin who has said he sends his staff out onto the internet to gather negative comments about him so he can merrily slam them in his tell all book.

Lil hint Lisa. You might want to let Matt know that's not the action of a thick skinned person who doesn't care what is said. ;)

krisa said...

It is all about money. I imagine the Roloffs made a ton of money overall and Matt likes to spend it. you can't be too rich or too thin.-- according to Wallis Simpson

Tiffany said...

I don't think it should come as a surprise that Jacob doesn't like the show because he has shown his feelings about it on the show itself. Remember when Jacob was younger and Matt asked him to sit with him in the kitchen and discuss his day at school (maybe because Jacob wouldn't do a formal interview about it) and right in the middle of talking he got a look on his face like "what the heck? This is stupid " and got up and walked out the door while they were filming. I'm sure there were many more examples but that to me was a reflection of his feelings towards being on the show.

Imagine being his age and having to deal with that on top if not being able to hang out with your friends when you want. That would suck.

I know one of one of Jacob's friends wanted him to go to their house this weekend to play video games but Jacob said he couldn't because they were filming this weekend. So just imagine being his age and having to say that to your friends.

Ren said...

Jacob has a right to his to feel this way. There is no one to take his side other than his compromised parents. It is rather sad. He has no advocate. And certain people are calling him a spoiled brat for having an opinion. He has been involved in this eendeavor since he was a tender child and now that he his older his opinion in his own involvement is still not valued. Would he give back any of the material things he got for the show? Who knows? He never will, as it is still not his decision and yet he is still judged by it.

Giles said...

My opinion isn't popular, but I've said it before and I'll say it again.

The kids, all of them, from precious Molly to bratty Jacob, would be the first ones to whine and complain about not having the newest, coolest video game system, or complain about not going on a cool vacation.

Oh my God, Jacob can't play video games at a friend's house every day of the week because he has filming once in a while? Is that really different than a kid that lives on a real family farm?

What about the people that own the local pizza place I frequent? Their kids are Jacob's age or not much older and they seem to work there most days.

People are too quick to play poor spoiled kids when tv is involved.

They would find something else to complain about.

Isn't it funny that Zach reportedly hated the show but once he had a legal choice, which also meant his own money for it, he (and Jeremy) kept on signing the contracts and are still doing it?

Human beings like to complain. When the show is going on they complain. If they needed to give up the lifestyle it provides them with, they would complain about that too. I have no doubt.

Tiffany said...

Giles, I'm not playing "poor kid" with anybody...I was simply speaking the truth. And FYI...Jacob doesn't go to his friends houses everyday to play video games but that's besides the point here.

Now, I don't know the family that runs the pizza place you go to but I'm willing to bet if they asked their parents to go do something they had planned with a friend, their parents would give them permission to go without any consequence.
My point was that sometimes Jacob especially..but yeah all the other Roloff kids as well...can't do what other teens get to do on a regular basis because of filming the show..and maybe that's what pisses Jacob Roloff off the most about it. All his friends are going out and he says "I can't because we're filming again."

Sacrifice. That's what Jacob is doing while his friends are tolerating. Jacob sacrificing spending time with his friends to film the show and his friends tolerating the fact that he has to.

Rap541 said...

Giles, I don't think your opinion is unpopular. I think we're just talking about two different things that occasionally converge. Yes, its obvious that the Roloff kids are spoiled with material goods and frankly have no idea what being a "farm kid" is actually about. They're also unmannered brats, all of them, and arrogant, and honestly, based on the Roloff parenting style, I think the kids would have turned out this way regardless of the show.

The issue of being on tv is that Matt and Amy have chosen to humiliate their kids in public for money. As much as I don't care for Jeremy, for example, how embarassing is it for everyone to buy dvds of you failing in school and your parents dropping you off at summer school? Or your various inabilities to speak correctly showcased. Or Zach's inability to hear well turned into a running gag? Or Jake's every childish tantrum from 9 to 14 aired and analyzed by adults? In normal, non tv show scenarios, who thinks most of America would know that Jacob Mueller didn't graduate high school?

I mean, if we believe Matt, its not even as though he was paid very much to strip his children of all privacy and display their failures on tv.

I'm not overfond of the Gosselin kids either (because they've been raised to be entitled brats) but like the Roloff kids, I can feel sorry for them without endorsing how rude they act.

BeckyM said...

Reality television = screwed up kids.

TLC continues their pattern of exploiting children's pain to fill their television schedule. But Matt and Amy are okay with that - after all Jacob needs to suck it up so mummy and daddy can have some cash rolling in.

Mike P. said...

@Ren 9:50--

Said as well as has ever been said. "He has no advocate." I agree with you entirely. My heart has always gone out to him.

Jake effectively lost his parents and family life at age 8, a fact that the many bashers here--from the Christian shrews to the voluble regulars--choose to ignore. This loss has shaped his life, shapes it to this day, and his reaction to it is both rational and completely his right. I say more power to him.

BeckyM said...

@ Mike P
Well said. It's obvious that these bashers don't get that Jacob has lost his childhood. It was sold down the river by his grifting parents.

It does not surprise me if he has anger issues. And it won't unfortunately be surprising if all the "children" as they attain adulthood and live out their lives, continue to have issues with relationships, drugs, alcohol, authority and living a normal life.

krisa said...

Mike, well said.

Giles said...

When do people start putting responsibility onto Jacob himself?

I'm not a Matt and Amy all out fan supporter either.

Contrary to the belief of some, 14 year olds do know right and wrong.

As others have said, he is a mouthy, rude, spoiled 14 year old.

At what point does it turn from "poor Jacob" to where you shift the responsibility on his behavior to the person himself? When he's 25? Never?

I still say Jacob would be the first one to complain if he lost any of the perks the Roloffs have gained from his show. After all, isn't one of his idols, Mueller, big hardship and tough life based around his parents not being as rich as the rest of the Roloff friends?

You feel bad for him because he's sometimes filmed on tv in a staged reality show.

I imagine a kid like that needing to live in a small crowded house or an apartment because the family can't afford luxuries, let alone the mansion and all the goodies and cool farm.

He would think he was every bit as bratty and as hard done by as he is now. I have no doubt.

BeckyM said...

@ Giles...
I don't excuse Jacob's poor behavior or Jeremy's or Molly's or Zachs. But all four were raised under the glaring eye of the television camera, and Jacob the most. You don't think that will effect them? Probably for years if not their entire life?

Do you believe TLC was benevolent in their filming? Do you believe TLC stuck to the filming hours required by law for CHILD ACTORS (btw documentation shows they did not). Do you believe these people, when children, had an amount of money put aside for them in trust which is required for CHILD ACTORS? Nope - didn't happen with the Gosselins until it went to court and then it is 15% of the TOTAL given to all the kids (split 8 ways).

In reading about the Sister Wives - they moved away from Utah to Las Vegas because they were being investigated due to TLC filming practices. Now their children are being filmed without any sort of protection or regulation at all. These are MINOR children.

In Penn. the family court judge said it was okay for the Gosselin children to miss weeks of school, start school late, etc... to FILM - and went out of state/ out of country without an appointed advocate on set that CHILD ACTORS are required by law.

And it's so obvious that a few of those kids are behind their peers scholastically already as well as two being kicked out of their private school (hmmm ring any bells?)

MTV watched several Teen Moms abuse their children (one got burned playing with the sink water - one woman beat her boyfriend in front of her child) and just kept on filming. Yeah Reality Television is the kind old grandma looking after those kid's interest!

BTW no money has been set aside for those babies on Teen Mom either as far as I know - link to newsarticles to prove me wrong - do you think the babies signed a waiver to participate???

The "reality" of television is that it screws your mind. Just now people are starting to see the fallout and wait another 15 years and it will be documented by the many people who have twisted lives after their stint with reality stardom.

Do you think CHILDREN should be filmed without a set advocate? Skip school to film? And do whatever hours TLC sets for them? Do you think their bottoms, their poop, their genitalia, their vomiting should be filmed? Do you think Jacob enjoyed his accident during pumpkin season being filmed?

Personally, I just consider the whole situation sad, that the people who should have been protecting their children (Matt and Amy) did not.

Figuratively, while their kids were drowning in the bathtub, Matt and Amy were too busy on their computer, phone or taking a nap to Wake The F*ck Up! So yeah I do put more blame on the ADULTS who had legal custody of all four of these children then when they were children.

trixie said...

I think Jacob does have a lot of problems and is very spoiled. However, I think there is nothing wrong with him saying he hates the show and doesn't want to do it. Point 1: Having your life on a national tv program is very different than working the family farm. I'd hate it too and would never consent to it. He's a child and doesn't have that option. Point 2: I grew up in farm country and some farm kids hate working on the farm. They tell the people around them that they hate it. The difference is that Jacob's words travel from his friends all the way to boards like this one and total strangers bash him for them (see Point 1). According to Matt, he's rich and successful, making piles of money on his dirt project. So Jacob's quailty of life shouldn't be impacted by NOT doing the show, so the whole 'he'd complain if he didn't have all the perks" is moot.

Vic Rattlehead said...

The fact that TLC put the special in the same time slot as the season premiere of The Simpsons (which has more or less owned the 8:00 Sunday Night time slot for most of the last twenty years) shows that they really don't care about the Roloff's anymore and are just producing them to fulfill contractual obligations not because they want to or care to.

The Simpson routinely gets ratings in the high three's and Futureama wich follows the simpsons usually does somewhere in the low three's so I predict that Sunday Night's Little People Big World special will get lousy ratings.

Rap541 said...

I don't know that I find it THAT suspicious, Vic - what I find odd is that Sunday is typically when TLC puts on its somewhat less family friendly fare. Sister Wives, Hoarding Buried Alive, and that new psychic show.

I must admit, I don't think LPBW will do that well compared to new episodes of Fox's Animation Domination

Vic Rattlehead said...


Sunday night at 8:00 has traditionally (since the mid 90's) been the time slot where pay cable networks like TLC bury shows they want to get rid of because they know that the audience will be watching Animation Domination on Fox The Amazing Race on NBC or any one of four or five other big deal Sunday night shows.

They're going to get killed in the ratings by a huge margin.

Matt thought he pulled one over on TLC by getting then to do the specials but doesn't realize that they returned the favor by scheduling the showing of the special on a night where no one will be watching.

Lynn C said...

Vic, I think you're dead wrong. TV viewership is varies dramatically.

The audience for The Simpsons is not the same demographics for LPBW.

IRRC, several successful TLC shows air on Sundays. Love or hate her, Sarah Palin's Alaska show was huge ratings by TLC standards. That aired on Sunday. Sister Wives gets good ratings, they are on Sundays.

I think the specials will do good.

Vic Rattlehead said...

Lynn C:

Do you know which demographic determines what the family watches on TV?

The answer is: It's not the 50 year old christian spinsters or the 65 year old retirees who watch TLC's silly "christian values" trash programing but youth between 14 & 34.

The vast majority of Simpsons viewers are in the demographics of 14 to 34 or 45 to 55 (those are the demos that determine advertising buy rates)not the 60+ crowd who watch safe non threatening "family TV" like the Roloffs.

tiffany said...

Btw...let me just jump in here again and say BeckyM, thank you for writing what you did. Love it!!!!!! ;)