Sunday, September 18, 2011

Peter Dinklage Becomes First LP To Win Emmy; Thanks Dogsitter, Not Matt Roloff

Peter Dinklage won the Emmy award tonight for his role in HBO's Game Of Thrones. In doing so, he became the first LP to win the Emmy.

His nomination and the content of his acceptance speech was a hot topic on our site:

Some Matt Roloff fans felt that Peter Dinklage should thank or acknowledge the Roloff family or more specifically -- Matt Roloff for his contribution towards LP awareness and acceptance.

In his actual acceptance speech, Dinklage made no mention of Matt Roloff. He acknowledged his fellow nominees and thanked his dogsitter before expressing his love for his wife.

Jen Montzingo, who has also been criticized by some folks for apparently not acknowledging Matt Roloff for her current career in Hollywood as an actress, posted Peter Dinklage's speech.


Dana said...

Was that a joke? It was classless. His dogsitter..? Give me a break.

His speech was very telling about the kind of person he is. He doesn't care to give credits to others or about paving the way for LPs

Brandon said...

Way to go Peter! Haha, I love it. Matt snubbed for the dog sitter! ;)

Lynn C said...

Dana, I whole heartedly agree with you.

He had a chance to make a special speech, something memorable, and instead of using to advance the place of LP and give thanks to people that have contributed to the struggle and opportunities for people with dwarfism like himself, he goes and thanks a dog sitter?

Not very class, imo.

Judy B said...

Hmmph. Matt would have given a much better speech than that. I'm not impressed.

Cookie said...

LOL at you Dana & Lynn C(aka as Matt or Amy or some other Roloff staff member) ~ chances are very good that Peter doesn't give one rip about who either of you are or what you think about him. I'd also venture a guess to say he's never heard of Matt Roloff who clearly didn't do one thing to assist, help or aid him in his career. I would almost bet that if he did indeed know who Matt Roloff was, that he would wish he and his entire family of sponges would go away or at the very least stop whoring themselves on reality TV shows--makes all little people who strive and work for a real living look needy. Kinda like the old adage 'one rotten apple spoils the whole crate' sorta thing. To put it bluntly, Matt's an embarrassment to little people. Of course, he's not an embarrassment to the 10 or 20 people he's made a difference for--I think they're related to him or dating his adult baby boys but that's splitting hairs isn't it.

Obviously Pete's dog sitter watched his dog so he could work. Key words here Dana & Lynn: WORK. ACT. WIN AN EMMY FOR HIS WORK. Not to mention, he probably heard through the reality TV grapevine that if the Roloffs' dog sat for him, that his dog(s) would be either dead, shot or missing when he returned.

Pete's a class A actor and now an Emmy Winner. And wow, he also managed to do it without "unknown to the majority" Matt Roloff's help or guidance. Can you imagine that?

As an aside--why would he mention dwarfism or LP? After all, aren't people, regardless of their stature, per Sir Matt Roloff, just people?

I would suggest that Peter proves you can indeed be successful and applauded in life regardless of how tall or short you are. The key word here is successful. Success Dana and Lynn is not whoring yourself and your family out to a reality TV show that requires no acting talent. Big difference.

David said...

Matt is acting like he's happy on facebook. I wonder if Amy will still snip about the emmys being discrimatory against Lps because she was not invited as a presenter.

M said...

Does Peter even know Matt personally? If he doesn't then why should he. Just because Matt does something good for a cause doesn't mean everyone dealing with it has to thank him. If Matt thinks he should be thanked by everyone he is doing it for all the wrong reasons!

Rap541 said...

And the nasty hating begins :)

How *classless* of certain people here to expect a five minute "EVerything I am is due to Matt Roloff who had a reality show AFTER I became an actor".

I am curious, Dana, Lynn, Judy B - why should Peter Dinklage make his personal achievement all about his disability? I mean aside from the classless observation that even Matt Roloff Himself won't make, that all little people who are successful owe Matt Roloff?

Nice to see the Christian crowd first here with the hate! For the Love of Matt Roloff and in Jesus's Name, Hate Peter Dinklage, right ladies?

Frankly, considering the *60* seconds he was alotted to speak, I was impressed with how he made the point to his fellow competitors that it had been a very competitive field. Thats having some class and being a good winner.

But let's get back to the Christian crowd hating because Matt's ass wasn't kissed. After all, Matt is king of the little people, and all little people past present and future will forever owe Matt everything. :)

Rap541 said...

Oh and Christian? Judy B, Lynn, Dana?

Please explain why you have the right to judge anyone as you are not God, and yet are pointedly and hatefully judging Peter Dinklage's walk with Jesus?

Are you perfect? To quote Amy Roloff - whats wrong in *your life* that you are judging someone else? Do you know Peter? :)

BeckyM said...

Congrats Peter!

Hope to see your new movie!

Vic Rattlehead said...

Good for him.

It's always nice to see someone who is genuinely deserving of praise and accolades for their hard work receive the recognition they rightfully deserve.

To those sycophants who say he should have "thanked Matt" for being a no talent media whore who sold his family to the highest bidder so he could become "famous" without working hard I have one thing to say: GET A LIFE.

Aidan said...

I see absolutely no reason why Peter should have mentioned the Roloffs in his speech. He has been acting for far longer than LPBW has been on.

Do the Roloffs even know Peter Dinklage at all?!? Or is the only link that they're both LPs and in the same industry. If that's the case Dinklage owes the Roloffs nothing for they haven't paved the way for LPs on the screen.

Yeah thanking the dog sitter was odd, but he won the award because he's a great actor, not because he was a LP. Not everyone feels the need to be the champion for their minority group. He didn't feel the need to make a point of it or be the leader of a social movement to usher in a barrage of LP roles on TV and I respect him for his decision.

Jason said...

Actually, I think it was refreshing that his speech wasn't a big speech about LP advancement.

Like others have said, what makes him a great actor is that he's an actor that happens to have dwarfism. He's not an actor because of dwarfism.
His speech was that of any other actor. Good for him.

Joe said...

Too bad Peter is such an ass to us other "Dwarfs" that have the displeasure of working with him as his stand-ins. At Least Matt is cordial.

Cindy M said...

That's interesting Joe.

I've never heard that about Peter before.

I think Matt's reputation with other "dwarfs" is very mixed.

Rap541 said...

Yeah, I hate to be all "actual proof" but lets see some LPs willing to stand up and say "this is my real name and Peter Dinklage treated me like ass on this shoot as his stand in".

Since you know, the point is to stand up for Matt Roloff, I assume we're going to see a lot of LPs willing to proudly state what an ass Peter Dinklage is in comparison to Matt Roloff.

Terry Knowles said...

Cindy, I don't know about Peter, but Joe is right about Matt. There are people in the LP community that attend the conferences and see Matt at other functions who are not Matt's best friend, but even they acknowledge that Matt is always cordial.

Don't take just my word for it. Even Spiritswander reports the same thing!

Look at Spirits report about LPA Anaheim. While people had negative things to say about Amy and the Roloff twins, even Spirits reported that people were saying that Matt was very friendly and personable to all.

Dana said...

Joe, thank you.

I am not surprised in the least to hear that. His character really shone through. He doesn't have much.

Peter Dinklage seems like he is only looking out for himself, while Matt is an advocate for all LPs and people with disabilities.

Rap541 said...

Dana is a hater :) :)

Dana - do you have any idea what Peter Dinklage's character is?

I mean, he's not using the "n" word and I know that is a "God bless" issue for the Roloffs... Please explain your reasons for HATING him.... In Christ's name, I ask it. After all, you're a Christian publically judging someone you *don't know*... so as a Christian... stand up and provide facts for us to join you in your hate :)

Megan said...

"I would like to thank my dog sitter, his name kitty, for taking care of my dog, Kevin.

What? lol? Is his dog's name kitty and the sitter is Kevin? Or is there a cat in the mix too?

Dana said...

Who said anything about hate? I am expressing my opinion. I have a very low opinion of his character.

Rap541 said...

And if I said " I have a very low opinion of jeremy roloff's character" - would you proudly say "You're not a hater"?


Hey Dana... what IS your opinion on Matt Roloff and Amy Roloff openly condoning a 17 old kid named Christian doing shots of whisky in their garage?

Dana? There's photos so its true. Please offer an opinion and if you need a link to the publically available photos please say so... We all want to hear your Christian opinion of Jeremy and Zach Roloff getting drunk despite the love of the teachings of John Mark Comer, and then offering their pals Christian who was 17 and Jacob Mueller who was 20, both legally underage and breaking man's law, alcohol, and also how you feel about Matt and Amy the home owners who are legally liable for the drunk teens, having nothing to say about the illegal alcohol consumption in their Christian Jesus loving home. :)

Come on Dana...

Aidan said...

Care to elaborate Joe?

I work in casting for tv and movies and unfortunately if they don't want to, the actors don't need to acknowledge the stand-ins/body doubles/photo doubles at all. You do your job and they do theirs. You might as well be one of the grips or craft service members just another piece of a massive puzzle that makes everything work together. Yeah plenty of actors can say hi and exchange quick pleasantries but just because you're both dwarves doesn't mean that you're automatically going to be buddy-buddies.

So was it him not acknowledging his SI that make him seem like an ass (which I could totally understand) or is there something more?

Kyle said...

Dana, how can you judge Pete Dinklage's character from a 60 second award speech? Plus, we don't know the whole story about Joe's individual experience? Peter could have been focused on the scene ahead or having a bad day in general or not feel the pressure to be forced to chat up someone else who is in his same minority group. Not excuses, just examples that we don't know what went on.

I don't know him or claim to know him but from a 60 second snippet of him talking I'm not going to pass judgement on his character or how he is only looking out for himself because he didn't proselytize about dwarfism!

Anton said...

LOL at you Dana & Lynn C ~ Matt is a manipulative little liar and a consummate hypocrite. He loves to smile in people's faces and then stab them in the back as soon as he can..

CC said...

It's mind boggling why this conversation is even happening. Dinklage and Roloff don't know one another. Just like most black women around the country were elated that Hally Berry won best actress, other dwarfs can be happy Dinklage won. Why do some people think you have to put down one to elevate the other. There is room for accolades all around.

Rap541 said...

CC, there lies the problem. Some people seriously believe that since Matt did a reality show for personal profit - because folks, while I have no issue with the Roloffs making a tidy profit on LPBW, lets make no mistake about it, they didn't do the show purely for the love of LP awareness and suggesting it was all for others is pretty laughable - that did promote the trials of little people, that going forward, any little person who is a success owes Matt Roloff and needs to publically kiss Matt's ass as the one who *really* accomplished anything.

That's part of what makes this "Peter Dinklage was classless because he should have given Matt Roloff props for his success" nonsense so ridiculous. The other part being that by all reports, including Matt Roloff's own words in 2006, they've never met.

The real problem, CC, is that Peter has actually shown Matt up. Matt's success in the field of entertaining has been to be on a reality show where his job to essentially play Matt Roloff the *little person*. Thats Matt's identity. Peter Dinklage won an Emmy for being a talented actor. Frankly, if you look thru the preceeding Emmy coverage, you'll notice that he was not the favorite, it was a competative field, and most people assumed he wouldn't win because fantasy shows like Game of Thrones rarely get the Emmy.

Peter won for his acting, not because he was a little person. Matt got a tv show not because of Matt's talents but because TLC likes to exploit (Folks, they had a show about the lobster clawed anchor woman at one point, and currently have shows about people who can't stop eating toilet paper. Its not about talent on TLC)

Someone on Twop summed up how Matt enlightened them to LP awareness. "I learned from watching this show that little people are assholes, just like everyone else."

Matt did the show for money, not charity.

Mike P. said...

If you check IMDB, you'll find that Dinklage's resume as an actor begins in 1995, and that he has worked steadily in his profession since then.

In 1995 and thereafter, Roloff was still quarreling with his employers, looking for slights, suing or threatening to sue, and otherwise compiling a spotty employment record.

It seems to me that if anyone paved the way for dwarfs as capable and responsible people, it is Dinklage. Roloff owes him thanks.

CC said...

Rap541, Are you trying to make some point about the merits of opining endlessly about others misguided viewpoints about Matt Roloff, especially in the context and comparison to other little people? It is absolutely a useless conversation. And by making your points broadcasting assumptions and opinions from Roloff fans yet attributing them to Roloff himself illustrates the wayward behaviors that negate the conversation in the first place. As for the difference between professional actor and reality television personality...apples and oranges.

Rap541 said...

CC - I do ramble on :)

Are we in agreement that Peter Dinklage, by dint of being a little person, is under no obligation to thank or even acknowledge Matt Roloff in his accomplishments?

And that Peter Dinklage is under no obligation to make "being little" even a talking point if he so wishes?

3-10.5 said...

MikeP- "Capable and Responsible"? Sounds like you're talking about a teenager trying to get the family car for the night. All LP accomplishments are celebrated and have helped advance the cause. The Roloff's, Peter, Shorty, Bill and Jen and many others have ALL been important. Getting an LP out of heavy prosthetics and the stereotypical leprechaun costume has been a triumph. The sheer number of LPs on television in the past 10 years has been incredible. We are now seen as people, with families, living normal lives, with ups and downs, conflicts and flaws. Being accepted as a fellow human being and given respect is the victory. Shame on anyone who is trying to defeat those accomplishments by reporting fictitious jealousies or creating competition where there is none.

Lark said...

I'm confused: Why would any LP have to feel obligated to thank Matt Roloff? It's not like he brought them into the world.

Rap541 said...

Dana, Lynn, Anne, Judy B? Lark is asking you why Peter Dinklage, as a little person, owes Matt Roloff praise because Matt Roloff lifted Peter Dinklage up out of the scum that little people reside in and made Peter a real person.

Come on Christians! You had no problem proudly standing up for Matt and Jesus Christ and calling Peter classless... you're being asked why. Step up and explain your *hate* and why your *hate* is Christians being positive :)

We're waiting :)

Mind you, history has proven that our proud Christian crown shuts up when they have to do better than screaming insults... explain your hate kids. Hating and judging, and you *are* hating and judging, isn't even Christian per our offenders so I am waiting to hear how Jesus came to them all in a vision and said "I give you the right to hate and judge for the love of Matt Roloff".

Here's what I have learned from the Matt Roloff fans. If you're Christian, you can crap on people and call it Christian :).

I'm sure Jesus loves THAT message.

Anonymous said...

I dont get it. What has all those things got to Do with eachother. Dinklage is a good actor. Thats why he won. He doesn ' have to thank any activists. Then, if he' s not a Nice person to work with, well thats his problem. Good to know that short people comes in all sorts of rolemodels :-) even if they don't aspire to, actors, christians, pleasant or unpleasant.

MomoSan said...

Pete is a terrific actor who happens to be little. It informs but doesn't define him. Dana -- you are totally clueless. "A low opinion of his character?" He happens to be a really nice and gentle soul. You on the other hand sound really angry.