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Misleading Or Neglected Facts From The Little People, Big World/ Roloff Family Update Special

The television episodes of Little People, Big World often makes the viewers curious for more information. As a result they take to the internet to search for more information on what was presented in the TV episode.

So for the benefit of those people -- we have compiled a list of certain things shown or presented on the Little People, Big World update special that aired Oct 2nd, 2011.

Since in our time covering the Roloffs, we have sort of developed a reputation for "Keeping them Honest" regarding the Roloffs and letting followers of the Roloffs know the untruths people are told and/or what the story really is -- here is our list.

Matt and Amy Roloff have often promoted the show as being "real and raw" and "warts and all" That's not true of course.

So for people who might not follow the Roloffs closely and were out of the loop -- the "update" special did not contain many real events in the lives of the Roloffs since they were last on TLC and several things were not the way they really happened.

In no particular order, here is a list of things that were shown in the episode that were misleading or things that were neglected completely. Many fans often thank the Roloffs for sharing their lives and seem to think of themselves as friends or distance relatives and viewed the "Update special" in the same way that an old friend that you see again might tell you what has been happening with the family. That's the way some fans think, but not reality - as many things were not mentioned.

Keep in mind, that the special was actually mostly filmed during the summer of 2011, granted it was a day or two here and there.

*Jeremy receiving his acceptance letter to Brooks Photography -- That of course was a staged scene. First viewers should know that Brooks is a for profit school - so the reputation is that if you pay, you are in. However, to the point, Jeremy was actually accepted to Brooks in November of 2010. And the truth might surprise you. Friends report that Jeremy was originally luke warm on the idea originally. Jeremy took a long time to commit. But he was indeed accepted in Nov 2010 after the show had been cancelled and filming had wrapped up for Season 6. Obviously the scene of Jeremy going down to the mailbox, breaking the news to Amy and the subsequent "breaking the news to the family" at dinner was all staged for the benefit of the cameras.

*The final "emotional" scenes of Jeremy driving off the farm with the rest of the Roloffs standing on the driveway waving goodbye and Jeremy shown unpacking by himself in Santa Barbara.

Once again that was staged and misleading,As many others have noted, Amy documented the real sequence of events on her public Facebook page as it occurred. Matt is sticking to a story that says "Jeremy did drive off by himself, Amy joined him later that evening" -- you can decide for yourself how plausible the logistics of that notion is (that Jeremy drove off for Santa Barbara on his own...only to somehow stop and wait for Amy to join him in the VW bus for the rest of the trip...) but the point is Amy's Facebook on the actual day tells a different story from the misleading episode. A viewer watching the episode thinks Jeremy drove from Roloff Farm to Santa Barbara by himself. He did not. Amy was with him. She Facebook posted about their trip. About stopping in a Super 8. About riding in Jeremy's VW bus. Amy said she was there to help get Jeremy settled and cooked him his first meal in his new place. None of this was alluded to in the episode. Viewers were left with the impression that Jeremy did it all on his own.

The following were some of Amy's public Facebook Fan Page posts while it was happening.

Aug 25
Road tripping with Jer down to Santa Barbara for college. He's going to do great!

Aug 27
Leaving Redding CA. After long drive, VW van stalled over heated, got over the mountains late, arrived 2:30am. One hotel full, another full ... Really? Fun fun road trip.

Aug 27
Yes, at 2:30am who cares, it's a bed! :). On the road again .... To Santa Barbara

Aug 28
Jers first dinner in his apt! I love to cook. Love that boy!

Aug 29
Just got back to Hillsboro or. I had a great time with Jeremy and hoping I started him off to a good start in his apt. Will miss him! Now it's time to see how my other kids - including Matt :) - are doing.


So as you can see, the TV audience that believe what the Roloffs portrayed on the show to be the truth were indeed fooled. Jeremy did not make the trek from Hillsboro to Santa Barbara on his own as a reasonable person watching the episode would conclude when they watched the family -- including Amy - wave good bye to Jeremy. He did not arrive and unpack alone in Santa Barbara. As per Amy - she was with him the whole time, helping getting him settled and cooking him his first meal in his apartment.

Whether this is significant or not is up for debate, but the fact is what was depicted was not reality and there were several different times in the episode where the Roloffs were indeed flat out acting for the camera.

*Neglected -- Some television viewers believe that the episode did as it promised -- caught them up to date on what has been happening in the lives of the Roloffs since the show went off TLC airways in December of 2010. If you are one of those people that haven't kept up with what has really been happening (and in fairness, there hasn't been very many significant changes -- any big changes didn't happen until the last few months). But here are some significant happenings in the Roloffs lives that they neglected to share with the TV audience.

*Jacob Roloff being expelled or in Amy's own words on a coffee chat -- "If you want to say he was kicked out, fine, yes he was kicked out" of Faith Bible Christian school. The trusting television viewers that don't research online would assume that nothing major happened with Jacob since about the only time in the episode he was discussed or featured was in the discussion about names. By the way, this is something that both Matt and Amy discussed themselves on their Facebook pages and Amy in her live coffee chats that she did on Fridays during the spring.

However, we can tell you that since the airing of the episode, more and more people have heard the news as "Jacob Roloff Expelled" has been a hot keyword topic for many months. Jacob was expelled in April 2011. It left Matt and Amy scrambling. First, they both expressed anger towards Faith Bible for actually following through and "kicking" Jacob out of school so close to the end of grade 8. Matt then vented on Facebook that he has always hated "that school" (Faith Bible -- Molly currently attends). After originally saying they were going to home school Jacob, they had Jacob take a state test that determined it was alright for him to begin in 9th grade in September if he improved slightly in some areas. He went briefly to a local tutoring facility for a few hours a day for a month or so. And now he attends a large public school in the area. Some students at the school (keep in mind that now that he goes to a public school, some of the students were viewers of the show) have said the sentiment seems to be more that people think it's cool to have a famous person going to the school than kids tormenting him about the show.

*The lack of Jacob Mueller -- Except for a brief shot of Mueller at the party and swinging with Jeremy on the tire -- the lack of emphasis on Mueller's involvement with Jeremy and the Roloffs in general was notable. As others have pointed out, Mueller went with the Roloffs in the RV from Roloff Farm to Anaheim, California as this picture depicts.

Television viewers were left to believe it was a Roloff family trip only -- and from Roloff Farm to Brooks. It was not. The majority of the trip was spent with the Roloffs partying at the LPA National Conference in Anaheim (feel free to search our archives for reports from the LPA conference re: the Roloffs behavior). At the end of the week, Mueller went off to visit family in California and the Roloffs zipped down to Santa Barbara to film them visiting Brooks Photography Institute. Amy and Jeremy had already visited Brooks previously, and readers of Matt's Facebook page might recall Matt posting about his trip with Jeremy to California quite a while ago. So the filmed visit to Brooks was not the first time the Roloffs had been to Brooks.

It is true that Mueller and Jeremy spent most summer days with each other. The lack of Mueller in the special does not depict reality. Even viewers of Amy's coffee chats in the summer are aware of that, since Mueller was either seen or referenced as being at the Roloffs or with Jeremy several times. Television viewers aren't left with any clue about just how involved Mueller is with Jeremy and the Roloff family.

*Neglecting to mention that Zach and Jeremy each have a girlfriend. Tori and Audrey respectively. Fans are always interested in stuff like that. However, real life personal relationships is an area that the Roloffs clamped down on several seasons ago. Both girls were at the "Going away party" for Jeremy that was filmed for the episode, but they were far in the background and there was no mention on the show of them being girlfriends. If you want to get to know Jeremy's girlfriend and an idea of what she's like -- she has her own public blog where she's doing one of the 'Get to know me' Challenges.

*Jeremy's enthusiasm for the Solid rock Church and their lead Pastor John Mark Comer. Jeremy's (and to a a slightly lesser degree - Molly) affection for the rather controversial, very "traditional" and conservative church in Portland -- which among other controversial stances - teaches that gay people are sinners going to Hell unless they pray to Jesus to be cured of their "perversion". This church has been a major part of Jeremy's life (and the entire Roloff family has attended, although Jeremy was the driving force) -- over the past couple of years but has never been alluded to on the television show at all. Cynics conclude it's because the beliefs they support are in direct contrast to the overall message of acceptance for people with differences which often are the organizations and group that pay money to Matt and Amy Roloff in their roles as paid Diversity Speakers and the "equality" message is what TLC has used to promote LPBW in the past.

*The Roloffs lawsuit against Washington County -- The Roloffs are suing Washington County for $200,000 in damages for alleged "severe emotional stress" suffered by Amy Roloff regarding the "inspector/ark incident that was filmed and aired in a Season 6 episode of LPBW. The Roloffs have been very quiet publicly about the lawsuit and it was never mentioned on the update special.

Live Feed Of Roloff Farms For Matt's 50th Birthday Celebration

As promised, Matt has a live feed (Saturday afternoon/evening October 8th) showing Roloff Farm during the celebration of Matt's 50th birthday. It's a silent camera just showing the field where people buy pumpkins.

Streaming Live by Ustream

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Frequently Asked Question Recently

This isn't related to the Roloffs, but just a quick post because some readers were asking just to make sure, or for anyone interested, since we have frequently reported on some of Jen Montzingo's on blog topics that are discussed here and Jen was kind enough to respond to comments and some rather nasty criticisms of her by some posters to our site a couple of months ago.

So yes, that is indeed Jen Montzingo's brother, Peet on the new show with Simon Cowell -- X Factor USA.

In one of her videos explaining that she was always interested in becoming an actress or a career in Hollywood, she referenced that one of her brother's had no interest in it, while the other shared her dream. That brother is now on X Factor -- Peet Montzingo.

In this clip about his audition on X Factor, they discuss Peet being the only average height member in his family.

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Little People, Big World Special -- Roloff Family Returns To TLC: Review

Our guest reviewer Rap541 will review the episode of Little People, Big World. All opinions and statements are that of Rap.


So when last we met, the twins were twenty and had decided to live at home rather than move out because well, it was easier. Matt and Amy were considering selling the farm and didn’t. Kate Gosselin and Sarah Palin were still popular.

It’s actually over a year later. Hurrah! Rumor has it that TLC insisted that any filmed specials be aired soon after filming which is a significant difference from before. Watching this rerun where Jer blithely ignores dad’s resume advice… ah what a spoiled mess. And Matt’s nicely negative about how the twins are spoiled messes but only in hay bale confessionals. Watching Matt lecture Jer and Jer be all “whatever” is hilarious. So is Jer-Bear whining about everything being online. Jer looking at the camera and bemoaning not having his SSN and why does anyone need that? HAHAHA Jeremy is such a go-getter!

And Matt spends most of these reruns bitching how irresponsible the twins are! And Jer telling Matt how he doesn’t need him… so respectful and its 2010 :D. Oh and Jer telling his mom to trot her ass to the kitchen and its 2010 and Jer telling his mom he’s not gonna stop disrespecting her while Matt says nothing! Oh YEAH. Matt? Amy says “her poor twenty year old boy….” *you* said all the occurrences of Jer snotting off on camera took place six years ago. Matt? Hand on the Bible… is your wife a *liar*?

One of the most amusing aspects of the rerun is watching Jer manfully talk about getting a job in 2010 when we all know he was still jobless, oh forgive me, “working for daddy” before his big man move to Cali.

Oh man, my friend has freshly made ravioli that she just brought in and she’s offering it to me but I am here and the new show starts and by the time the show is done, there will be no fresh ravioli for Rap! AND I am missing Animation Domination! Oh wait, Blue Crow is offering to hold some of the ravioli back for me! Woo! So there will be a review after all!

Wow the last episode was kinda cloying. Still like the words to the song tho.
New Special!

Btw I like how the rare commercials are mentioning that the perfect never have problems Roloffs were indeed considering divorce.

And we start right off with DIVORCE talk. Amy notes that it came up a LOT in the last five or six years that oddly enough seems to run concurrent with the reality show. Amy? There’s this Kate bitch who needs a new man…. Also didn’t Matt tell a completely different story about how happy they are?

Matt hay bales how everything is great, they aren’t selling the farm and he’s buying property. Amy notes how he whines how he is going to die early. Yes Amy, we’ve all picked up that whine too. As I recall, he was going on in 2009 that he would need spinal surgery within six months and was probably going to be in a wheel chair so take it as you will, Amy. You live with him after all.

At the same time, this scene in the mule on the farm seems very carefully staged. As in something thought very carefully about how they were going to chat on the mule.

New Credits. Not really that different. More shirtless Jer.

Jer’s on the mule, unshaven. On the hay bale he is clean shaven. Nice to see that TLC will never fail to mess up continuity this way. He lies to the camera that he’s waiting on his acceptance and then stages a scene about receiving the acceptance letter that he got in November of 2010. Wasn’t this filmed in August 2011, almost a year after Jeremy’s acceptance? He and Amy hug. Amy whines about the empty nest., Jeremy is ready to party. Was it really necessary to lie about this? I mean, it actually is rather unusual to get your acceptance letter “weeks” before you head off to school. It just adds an unnecessary extra moment of fake to the whole business.

Now we have a family dinner where Jeremy announces his acceptance. Again, its obviously staged to where even Amy notes his flat affect. Zach expresses surprise. Matt notes publicly on camera that Jeremy will fail and cry for his mom. Amy turns this all into “What is Zach doing” which is kinda assy. Btw I think this is the first family dinner that had Jeremy and didn’t have Mueller that we have ever seen on this show. Interesting.

Matt worries that the farm will quiet down without Jer. Now another staged scene where Amy and Matt sit on the porch and discuss it. I mean really, on the one hand the hay bales come off a bit real, with people expressing emotions but the actual “real scenes” seem fake… especially Matt’s “We did it!”. None of the Roloffs are actors, and yes, it shows.

So now we’re going on an RV trip that was actually in what, July? Wasn’t this to the LPA Con? Didn’t Mueller go? Why present a lie? Matt makes nice to the dog. Matt’s office and really the whole house is a total sty so nothing has changed. I wonder if they let the maid go since there’s been no filming.

No scenes of Jacob Mueller who was on the road trip with them because Jeremy has issues being away from his male friends for any length of time but since this is “the big boy going to away school“ I guess focusing on the codependency is a lil too real.

The green shirt Jeremy wears while driving is very girly… I wonder if Mueller picked it out. Also the 20 questions game seemed staged for the cameras.

Now we have Santa Barbara…. It seems nice. Jeremy expresses his love of playing on the beach. Matt does another weird fake shout “Welcome home!”. They stop at the beach to play Frisbee for the cameras. Matt pointedly asks Zach his opinion of Jeremy leaving and Zach is totally disinterested and walks away. I think since the entire point of this line of questioning is to point out what a loser he is and to push him to get the hell out too, I suspect he’s just embarrassed. This line of questioning is repeated constantly. Amy expresses her plan to freak out and walk away as well. Matt hay bales how they will rediscover themselves and there’s a family photo op. Is rediscover code for divorce? Because for a loving couple who were awesome per Matt, these two don’t seem like love birds.

Still no Mueller. Now Jeremy is on tour with his family at his new school. Jeremy hay bales how he’s learning his craft. Amy does most of the talking and notes she thinks his ideal job is to work for National Geographic. Jer hay bales a lot of nonsense about photography. He notes how if it all doesn’t work out he will live in his new van for two weeks - as opposed to his two BMWs.

Now they look at a studio apartment. Jeremy notes how Zach must be sad and thinking about his future. Personally I think Zach was bored as hell. Also its rather hilarious how Matt and Amy keep asking Zach how he feels about Jeremy leaving… I mean honestly I kinda don’t think Zach much really cares one way or another. He looks like he wants to gnaw off his leg as Amy interrogates him.

Oh the Madonna Inn. I bet they were comped. Its cool, but its not the Bahamas. Its not even the Gobbler. Guess the budget didn’t go too far!

So we get an extensive tour of the Inn. Amy and Matt have steaks and stage a scene for us. Now Amy goes on again about the kids being around. Now we get the kids staging a scene for us as well. Honestly this is like watching paint dry. Zach does note that they are behind the curve. Jeremy notes that he’s totally happy with living like a lump at home for two years. He does not think he’s behind the curve at all. Well, you keep thinking that, Jeremy!

Back to Matt and Amy, and Amy whining about her empty nest. Again. Matt wants to rediscover her. Matt openly prods her to describe memories for the camera and she does. Amy hay bales how she’s probably still considering divorce but not saying it. They force a kiss. The Madonna Inn is so delightfully tacky!

Amy yells at Jeremy and he snits back to her, probably because she’s a woman and he knows better than a woman. Jeremy notes its too much for his pretty little head to deal with and manfully rubs his brow. Jeremy then shovels hay and tells us about the third car he wants to buy.

There’s a party being planned on camera. Amy and Matt argue about work. Matt notes how they all suck at driving as he’s never crashed a mule. Oh hey, we need to kill some time so we’re staging a race on the mules like you know, on a sitcom. Perhaps in the next special, Amy and Matt will put masking tape lines on the floor to separate the house during their trial seperation.

This is so cheesy. So they race, Molly does not rip off her top to start them properly. Amy wins and Matt immediately whines.

Oh look the prep for one of Matt’s Beer Bonfires. Jeremy and Zach stage a scene at the fire. About how weird it will be to spend more than ten seconds apart. No beer? But the twins are twenty one! Jeremy who is afraid of and who hates computers admits texting every day. The nattering between them would be interesting if I wasn’t entirely certain they needed a scene here. “Pray for me” is perhaps the first time we’ve heard anything religious from Jer. I am wondering if we’ll get to see the Jesusmobile’s front or not.

Oh the tear filled tire swing scene. Matt thinks Jeremy should be packing tools to take. He notes how important it is to rehang the tire and how deep it is and Matt weeps for the cameras while Jeremy looks on with dead, bored eyes. Honestly if you can’t remember why it was taken down, it wasn’t that important to you. Matt wanders off, weeping, Jeremy looks like he wants the whole business to be done and checks the box with a “love you”.

Zach on the mower! The DIXIE MOWER! Now we’re having a party to send Jer off to Iraq.

There’s a symbolic rehanging of the tire swing that was probably taken down because the kids were all too old to play with it but we needed a deep family scene to show Jeremy reconnecting with his family for ONE LAST TIME. Since you know, he’s dying and the Roloffs love drama. We get Matt’s philosophy that the tire swing was his entire inspiration for the entire farm… even though he has no idea how or why it came down but gosh darn it it’s the most important thing ever!

Matt gives an endless speech to the crowd. Then Amy. Amy makes it clear she wants all the kids to continue playing at their house despite Jeremy being gone because it makes her feel cool. Jeremy looks bored. Now we have a scene of Frisbee shirtless to provide the T&A. Amy waxes on how it’s a good way to end, to have a great last memory because Jeremy is apparently also dying. Geez…. Its not like he’s not coming home for Matt’s filmed birthday, the next planned special. I think perhaps one of the Roloff family’s problems is their tendency to over dramatize things.

So Jeremy needs mommy to wake his ass up out of his filthy bedroom. Because, you know, he is a twenty one year old child who still can’t figure out how to use an alarm clock or plan ahead. Mom is making him breakfast because well, she’s his servant. Amy hay bales how she hides her emotions and portrays herself as tough. Jeremy is “pumped”. Amy takes pictures. Apparently everyone needs to have their picture taken.

Jeremy waxes philosophically on how he wants to be a good person. Jer, a little hint - it involves actually acting decent, not just saying you’re a Christian. Another hint? If a friend suggests photographing cat tossing, people will think you’re an asshole if you actually take pictures. Another hint? Just because you’re white and Christian, its not ok to slur Jews, Mexicans, African Americans, Asians, the mentally challenged, homosexuals, or any other group you have less than amusing names for.

We get more and more pictures and hugs. And its staged as though Jeremy takes off into the great big world by himself but in fact Amy went with him. “Thank you Jesus” on the van was, much like Mueller’s presence in the RV, or Amy’s presence IN THE VAN (folks she face booked the whole trip) was nicely kept hidden.

Matt weeps that his major-me is gone as we get more staged driving scenes. Matt breaks down as he will never see his son again. Amy hay bales that she loves her kids. We get a montage of Jer vacationing. Funny how the cameras totally hid the fact that Jeremy took his mommy with him on his manly drive into the future. Why is that? I mean, in reality, Amy rode down with Jeremy to Santa Barbara… why was that hidden?

So to sum up, Zach was thrown under the bus repeatedly, the Roloffs per Amy *were* considering divorce, Jeremy openly faked a scene receiving his acceptance letter in summer when it’s known that it was November of 2010, Jake’s expulsion wasn’t mentioned, the beer bonfires weren’t mentioned, and for some strange reason Matt and Amy and Jeremy lied out right about Jeremy driving down to Santa Barbara by himself.

Nicely done, Roloffs! Now for fresh ravioli and Terra Nova on DVR.

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TLC's Preview of Little People, Big World Roloff Family Special: Moving Out

TLC has posted a clip from the special that airs Sunday Oct 2nd at 8pm on TLC. In this clip, Matt and Jeremy get emotional over Jeremy being on the verge of leaving home for the first time (to go to College at Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara, California.