Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Frequently Asked Question Recently

This isn't related to the Roloffs, but just a quick post because some readers were asking just to make sure, or for anyone interested, since we have frequently reported on some of Jen Montzingo's on blog topics that are discussed here and Jen was kind enough to respond to comments and some rather nasty criticisms of her by some posters to our site a couple of months ago.

So yes, that is indeed Jen Montzingo's brother, Peet on the new show with Simon Cowell -- X Factor USA.

In one of her videos explaining that she was always interested in becoming an actress or a career in Hollywood, she referenced that one of her brother's had no interest in it, while the other shared her dream. That brother is now on X Factor -- Peet Montzingo.

In this clip about his audition on X Factor, they discuss Peet being the only average height member in his family.


Ashley said...

Ah too bad. Maybe he could be the host of the show. He has some nice charisma.

Roxanne said...

I remember seeing Peet and Jeremy comment each other on Myspace a loooong time ago.

I don't remember the exact details, but I remember Peet was talking about the LP convention and his parents said something like he wasn't apart of it and Jeremy was telling him that they were wrong because he's apart of it because he was born into their family.

Abby said...

I gotta say I love Jen's black dress!

Greg said...

Roxanne, that's interesting. It might have been harsh for parents to say that but too bad Matt and Amy didn't tell Jeremy the same thing.

Maybe if they did, Jeremy wouldn't still be invading LP conferences when he's 21 and bringing his 6'5" friends with him.

Kayla said...

He was nice. I didn't think his singing was as bad as the judges made it seem. He kind of seems like a broadway performer though.

Rap541 said...

I dn't think his singing was awful (it was certainly better than mine) but I wasn't shocked he didnt get the golden ticket. He's more of an actor than a singer.

Dang Papa Montzingo is tall for a dwarf!

Lynn C said...

I think this is where Matt and Amy deserve some credit for their parenting.

As per Mrs. Montzingo, her average height son wanted to be a dwarf because he felt out of place being average height because he had LP parents and LP siblings.

I've never heard Jeremy say that. Instead he was content being who he was and embraced his LP family.

Good job Matt and Amy.

Rap541 said...

IN fairness, Lynn, has Jeremy ever been allowed to speak for himself without Mommy and Daddy getting editing priveledges? :)

I personally would love to see the Jer-Bear speaking without Daddy or Mommy present, in an interview that Daddy and Mommy didn't get the final edit on. He's not man enough, to risk it, I think.

He's certainly not allowed to speak without his parent's permission, thats for certain, which means Peet at 20 is considered much more of a man than Jer - since Peet is allowed to stand up and speak for himself while Jer is a little boy who needs Daddy to allow him to speak to the media.

Peet's a man out there making his own way, making maybe dumb mistakes but he's a man and owns them. Jer still hasn't left the safety net of needing his parents permission and he's OLDER than Peet.

Rap541 said...

In case its not clear Lynn, the Montzingos trust their son to walk out into the world. The Roloffs do not trust their older son to do the same. Yes, indeed, it does say something about the parenting.

Carly said...

Wow, the assumptions being made about other people's children and parenting is incredible. Rap541 may believe they're all knowing but it is always the ones who constantly brag how much they know who really don't know squat.

Brandon said...

What assumptions is Rap making, Carly? That Jeremy doesn't speak for himself? That Matt doesn't allow Jeremy to speak in any venue that he doesn't control?

Because that's not an assumption, that's a fact.

Lynn was clearly saying Matt and Amy were superior parents to the Montzingo's because she has not heard Jeremy say he wanted to be a dwarf.

Rap's point was that at least the Montzingo's have a son that is grown up to speak for himself. Jeremy is not.

Rap541 said...

Carly - this has nothing to with parenting. I believe Matt Roloff is on record that he speaks for his family, including his adult children.

Point me to an interview of Jeremy James that Daddy Roloff wasn't present at and that Daddy Roloff didn't arrange or have editing control of and I will cheerfully admit my error.

Where are the links of Jeremy in an interview that his daddy and mommy disapproved of and didn't give him permission to do?

trixie said...

Why would jeremy want to be an LP? He was 3 when his sister was born. He can't possibly remember being the only non-LP in his family. When jacob was born, the average sized kids outnumbered the LP kid 3-1. ZACH was the odd man out in a lot of ways. Apples and oranges, here, with peet and jeremy. As for the parenting being responsible for the kids feeling good about who they are? Didn't matt and amy say they were disappointed jacob wasn't an LP?

David said...

@Trixie, very good point.

Matt and Amy have both said they wished Jacob had been a LP to give Zach an LP sibling.

Cathelitou said...

WoW! Peet looks like Matt Saracen in Friday night lights! Anyone notice that?

Nancy said...

Cath, I thought that too. I knew he looked like someone I've seen before. Then I finally figured it out. You're right.

IGC said...

Roxanne, Jen says on twitter that what you said their parents said was not true.

Roxanne said...

IGC, I might have the exact wording wrong, but I am sure that was his sentiment. I remember it.

Maybe Jen never heard it. I bet Peet would remember what I'm talking about but probably doesn't want any drama.

Peet said something about his parents saying he didn't belong there and that's what he was venting to Jeremy who told him that he was part of the dwarf community because they were part of his family.

Vic Rattlehead said...

Lynn C:

Matt & Amy are quite clearly lousy parents on so many levels they've taught their kids (especially the twins) that the world "owes them" just because, they've taught them the mediocrity is better the success and worst of all they have totally sheltered them from the world leading to a severely warped sense of self (which is most prevelant in Jeremy) and didn't bother teaching them any responsibility for their actions.

In contrast just yesterday over in Suzuka Japan 24 year old Sebastian Vettel (yes he is only three years older than Jeremy) became the youngest double world champion in Formula 1 history and he did it through discipline extremely hard work (he was drafted into Red Bull Racing's young drivers academy at 15 graduated to GP2 at 17 and F1 at 19 with Red Bull farm team Torro Rosso before being moved up to Red Bull's main team at 21 and winning his first title at 23) and an intense desire to achieve greatness.

He credits his parents with teaching him the value of hard work perseverance and determination rather than just assuming that things would be handed to him like the Roloffs have taught their kids to expect from life.